NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 2, 2018

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Mark Stone and the Senators are far apart approaching arbitration, Coyotes to retire Shane Doan’s number, the latest notable contract signings and more in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

OTTAWA SUN: Ken Warren believes the Ottawa Senators must avoid going to arbitration with forward Mark Stone at all cost. The two sides are $4 million apart as Stone’s hearing approaches on Friday, with Stone seeking a one-year, $9-million contract and the Senators countering with $5 million.

If Stone gets an arbiter-awarded contract, he’ll join Erik Karlsson and Matt Duchene for eligibility next summer for unrestricted free agency. Warren believes the Senators must re-sign Stone as they cannot afford to risk losing their top forward in a year’s time.

With arbitration approaching, Mark Stone and the Ottawa Senators remain far apart. (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As Warren points out, Karlsson already has one skate out the door. If Stone’s future is uncertain, what incentive will Duchene have in re-signing with the Senators? 

ARIZONA SPORTS: The Coyotes will retire former captain Shane Doan’s No. 19 on Feb. 24, 2019 versus the Winnipeg Jets. Doan began his NHL career with the original Jets and moved with the club when it relocated to Arizona in 1996. 

NBC SPORTS: The Philadelphia Flyers re-signed defenseman Robert Hagg to a two-year contract worth $2.3 million. 

BSN DENVER: Adrian Dater reports a source says the Colorado Avalanche will avoid arbitration with defenseman Patrik Nemeth and announce an agreement on a new contract. Nemeth’s hearing is slated for Saturday. 

CHAMPIONAT.COM: Former NHL winger Jannik Hansen will reportedly sign a one-year contract with CSKA Moscow. 

TORONTO SUN: Dominic Moore’s annual Smashfest table tennis tournament involving current and former NHL players has raised over $700K for research into rare cancers and concussions. For the fourth straight year, Anaheim Ducks winger Patrick Eaves was the tournament champion



  1. Lyle, sometimes I post one comment and then another and I get the message that I am posting too quickly and my comment doesn’t show. Today I don’t have any comments and again I got the message that I am posting too quickly? All about reducing SPAM but Akismet may need to make some changes.

    Anyway, I was saying that Ottawa should look to lock up Stone 7.5M – 8M for eight years. If they lose Stone, they might as well move to the AHL

    Maybe Akismet didn’t like my snarky remark?

    • We don’t know for sure what the team’s offer is but it’s interesting to note that, in 4 full seasons, he’s potted 91 goals and 150 assists for 241 pts – or an average of 23g 37a 60 pts while missing 44 games due to repeated injuries (24 games lost in last year’s dismal season. Those stats are roughly the same as Nazem Kadri’s and for his efforts he got a multi-year deal costing the Leafs $4.5 mil ff the cap. And you think Stone should get 8 years at $7.5 per?

      It’s also interest ing to note that, so far anyway, Vegas is taking William Karlsson to arbitration and all he did was lead them to the finals with 43 goals and 35 assists while chipping in with 7g 8a in the play offs.

      Maybe you’re right and that 4 year total of Stone’s warrants that big contract or his own demands of $9 mil – but I have my doubts. If that is what it is going to cost for stats of that nature then Ottawa should be the first of a number of teams to re-locate to U.S. centres where there are no arena cost and taxes levied against teams or players. To try and compete with that is ludicrous.

      • Good points George.
        The Leafs got a great deal on Kadri. However, when Kadri signed that deal he was a guy trending downwards. After a great lockout shortened season he didn’t quite build on it – until the last two years. I blame a lot of that on his deployment as a winger and moving him anywhere from line 1-3

      • George , Kadri’s numbers improved post contract signing.The 3 years prior to signing his 4.5 AAV he posted 199 games and 133 points for a .668 ppg average. As you pointed out the last 4 years Stone is at .84 ppg
        Also take into consideration market value has risen from 2016 when Kadri signed.
        I have no reason not to believe that 7-7.5 for 8 years is not reasonable. 7.5 in years 5,6,7,8 of the contract will look like a deal if he stays healthy and keeps producing at .84 ppg or better.

        Not to mention the leadership qualities he brings which you cannot put a price tag on.

      • Jonathan Toews has “leadership qualities” out the yin-yan … and little else these days. would you be happy paying $10.5 mil of your cap for 5 more years for that?\

        Be careful what you wish for.

  2. what does Toews have to do with this discssion? comparing Stone’s stats to Kadri’s is not a good comparison. JVR signed for 7x5yrs and Stone’s ppg avg is better the past 4 seasons.

    • He brought up “leadership qualities” as a main factor – so I compared that to Toews who also has those qualities in spades. But I ain’t paying $10.5 mil for 5 more years for that alone. Just because someone else was dumb enough to pay JVR that kind of money over that term doesn’t mean Ottawa should give in to Stone’s demand for 9 mil – which, if he sticks to his guns – means he too wants out of town. If that is indeed rhe case – and internally they’ll know the full score – then he’ll be gone long before the next trade deadline.

  3. he asked for 9 because Ottawa low balled him @ 5 million. I posted the other day that if the Senators muck up the Stone deal coupled with the Karlsson debacle Melnyk will have good reason to sulk because the fans will stay away in droves. Ottawa sports radio hosts are already up in arms with the way the Stone deal has been handled. Nothing but sour grapes comes out of arbitration hearings.
    I am not pro or con Dorion but he wears the goat horns as the GM but we all know he is getting his direction received from above.