NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – August 6, 2018

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Updates on Jonathan Drouin, Kris Letang, Tom Wilson and more in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

LA PRESSE: Montreal Canadiens forward Jonathan Drouin isn’t concerned about what position he’ll play in 2018-19. He thinks he’ll be skating at center again, adding that he’s more comfortable in that spot now. If he plays on the wing, he’ll be fine with that too.

Jonathan Drouin expects to return to center with the Montreal Canadiens in 2018-19. (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the Canadiens lack of skilled depth at center, they likely have little choice but to employ Drouin at that position again.

YAHOO SPORTS: Speaking of Drouin, he made his comments during his participation in Kris Letang’s second annual charity hockey tournament in Montreal. The event raised “$120,000 to help sick children at the Ste-Justine Hospital.”

NBC SPORTS WASHINGTON: Washington Capitals winger and North Toronto native Tom Wilson spent his day with the Stanley Cup at the arena where he played his youth hockey. Wilson posed for photos and took questions from the young players in attendance. 

NBC SPORTS: Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving could pay the price if his club fails to reach the playoffs next spring. Treliving’s made several risky decisions this summer, including replacing head coach Glen Gulutzan with Bill Peters, trading Dougie Hamilton, Micheal Ferland and Adam Fox to Carolina for Noah Hanifin and Elias Lindholm, signing 30-year-old winger James Neal and not adding a reliable backup for aging goaltender Mike Smith. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Treliving’s rolled the dice this summer with his bold moves. If they don’t pan out, it could cost him his job.  

NJ.COM: Chris Ryan proposes the New Jersey Devils waste no time next summer getting Taylor Hall, Sami Vatanen and Nico Hischier signed to contract extensions. The trio will be entering the final seasons of their respective contracts in 2019-20. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the three, re-signing Hall will likely be GM Ray Shero’s top priority. If the winger has another season comparable to his Hart Trophy performance in 2017-18, Shero must be prepared to pony up at least $12 million annually. 



  1. 12? For winger? Wow. I was looking at ten. Huh.

    • He’s got a Hart Trophy on his resume and was among last season’s top-five scorers. If he reaches 90 points again in 2018-19, the Devils will have to open the vault to keep him off the 2020 UFA market. $12 million per will be the going rate for players of that caliber.

      • Hi Lyle

        You are probably more in tune with this than I ; but I was thinking in line with Chrisms (10 per)

        Hall will want an 8 year contract and he’d be starting that contract at 29 (fall ’20) when play should be starting to decline.

        No argument that a projected 40G , 90 Pt player at that time is worth $12M but they would be looking at his likely declining potential 15 months out when signing an extension next July.

        I like Hall and kudos to him if he gets $12M for 8; but it would surprise me

        I’m interested to see what extension Seguin gets offered after a 40 G season

  2. Hall will become eligible for UFA status in 2020. If he keeps putting up big numbers next season and 2019-20, he’ll get $12 million per. If not from the Devils, then from another club via the UFA market. Never underestimate the ability of general managers to overpay for talent.

    • no doubt about that last line. but 9.5 for kucherov is the highest now… would the hart put hall 2.5 more? I dunno. I’d still put a 20 down on it being closer to 10 than 12 but it’ll be fun to watch

  3. As Lamoriello put it, you always overpay in free agency. I would be surprised if Hall signs for 12 million too, but the Devils will do what they have to do. Blake Wheeler kind of broke the mold on when he has peaked as a player, and Hall is not much different than him in regards to desire and work ethic so the Devils may not regret it as much as one might first think…

  4. Lyle, I have a hard time with any player making $10m per season and I don’t believe GM look long term they very short term sighted.
    I hear what you’re saying put $12m is too much, then again where will the cap be in 2 seasons.

  5. I don’t know why everyone is so surprised by my suggestion of Hall getting $12 million per season. How many times over the years have we seen players getting big bucks, especially those with a recent major NHL award on their resumes.

    Look, if Hall regresses next season, then yes, he’s unlikely to reach $12 million per on a long-term deal, but it’ll still likely come in at $10 million per.

    As I stated earlier, however, if he puts up big numbers again in 2018-19, he’ll be in line for $12 million per. That’s the going rate for one of the league’s top scorers who’s also considered an MVP candidate. If Hall puts the Devils on his back again in 2018-19 and carries them into the playoffs, he’ll be getting a raise worthy of an MVP.

    • My concern is that 12 s the going rate for centers… I don’t know if a winger will garner the same amount of money essentially as Mcdavid.

      • Left wing and three-time Hart winner Alex Ovechkin would’ve commanded $12 million per if he wasn’t under his current deal. And at the time he signed that contract, it was the highest annual cap hit in the league. Patrick Kane, a right wing who won the Hart in 2016, is earning $10.5 million per season, which at the time of his signing was (along with Jonanthan Toews) the highest annual cap hit in the league. If Hall has another MVP worthy season in 2018-19 (even if he doesn’t win the Hart next time), he’ll be in line to command $12 million per.

      • the kane deal I forgot. that does bend my mind a little upwards… still not to 12 though.

  6. Tavares was offered 13 and 12.5 which he rejected in favor of hometown Toronto. The reason I would be surprised is not because he wont get that offer in free agency, its more because I see him signing for a bit less to help an organization build around him.

  7. Unfortunately overpay is the way in most cases. Point in case Carey Price’s ludicrous contract. A goaltender with no cup appearances is making 10.5 mil a year!!!!!!!! We’re surprised Hall might get 12? At least they’re not the bonehead 5 year 45 million that Sather signed Bobby Holik to about 15 years ago; that would be an 80 mil comparable today.

  8. Remember Wade Redden anyone?

  9. Hall could fetch $12m
    Its only 12% of a cap that rises.
    Ppl soeak oflongterm but don’t factir in the rising cap & other contracts on a team. Hall drives the NJD bus & will hit tge jackpot

  10. Interesting comment on Brad Treliving. As a Flames fan, I know that some of his moves have not worked out (most noticeably Brouwer), but I think that overall he has done yeoman’s work as a GM the last 2 off seasons. Last year was a dissapointment because the strong team (on paper) that he assembled, underacheived. To me that is more on the coach. Given the dissapointment, he has once again improved the roster. I don’t think anyone can argue that his “risky” decisions have led to an improved forward group while also allowing for a strong d corps to largely stay intact.

  11. I was thinking $11M for Hall, similar to Tavares. I know they play different positions and all, but that’s my take on the going rate for players of that dominance. Maybe $11.5M to account for inflation over this season. Still, guessing closer to 12 than 10.