NHL Rumor Mill – August 10, 2018

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Latest Bruins speculation and an update on Mark Stone in your NHL rumor mill.


CSNNE.COM: In his latest mailbag segment, Joe Haggerty was asked if there were any deals in the works by the Boston Bruins to add a winger for center David Krejci’s line or a second left defenseman. Bringing in a winger for Krejci might have to wait until all clubs have a chance to evaluate their rosters during preseason. The addition of John Moore this summer suggests there’s no urgency to bring in another left-shot blueliner.

Is Boston Bruins defenseman Torey Krug still considered a trade candidate? (Photo via NHL Images)

Haggerty also said there’s an expectation the Bruins could move one of their eight rearguards. Torey Krug has been mentioned as a trade candidate if the Bruins can get a “blockbuster return” but Haggerty believes they’re reluctant to move him unless the deal is a win for them.

Regarding a possible sniper on the left side, Haggerty suggests Columbus’ Artemi Panarin is the only one who could be moved before the start of the regular season. However, the Jackets might not be as desperate to move Panarin this summer. There would be questions over his willingness to re-sign long-term plus the Jackets will want a significant return. Haggerty also thinks Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds would be a great fit if the trade price was right.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Months of speculation over Krug’s future with the Bruins has died down in recent weeks. While it’s possible he could be dealt for a scoring winger later this season it appears he’ll be staying in Boston for the time being.

I also think if the Bruins are looking to add a left winger they’ll prefer one under contract beyond the coming season, which could rule out costly acquisitions such as Panarin or Simmonds. I believe GM Don Sweeney will be patient and wait for an affordable deal, even if it means waiting until the Feb. 25 trade deadline. Given his club’s performance last season and their depth in skilled veterans and promising youngsters, Sweeney can afford to wait. 


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports forward Mark Stone says there’s plenty of time to work out a long-term contract extension with the Senators. Despite the negative reaction to his new one-year, $7.35-million contract, Stone said both sides were pleased to avoid arbitration and work out an agreement that buys time to work toward another deal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Because the Senators cannot open contract extension talks with Stone until Jan. 1, his one-year deal raised speculation suggesting he could be on his way out by next February’s trade deadline. While Stone’s not ruling out working out a new contract with the club next year, his name will likely keep surfacing in trade rumors this season, especially if the Senators have another horrible season as they did in 2017-18. 



  1. The one – albeit faint – ray of sunshine in that Garrioch article were these paragraphs:

    “If you buy into the theory that owner Eugene Melnyk is chopping dollars left and right while cleaning out the cupboards in preparation to sell the franchise – the speculation on that front never cools down completely – the Senators approach this summer makes a degree of sense.

    Should that be the case, a new ownership team would arrive with the freedom to make the big money decisions about the future of the squad. Maybe, just maybe, maintaining Stone as a franchise centrepiece would be part of that ownership’s grand plan.”

    We can only hope.

    • If that’s what Ott is doing & I don’t have any perception Melnyk is interested in selling this team that’s a terrible strategy. Deplete a team to nothing, drive fans away & let the new owner work to restore it? I’m not a rocket scientist but I am a businessman & that makes ZERO sense to me nor does it improve my desire to buy the product just the opposite actually.

      • That’s why I said “we can only hope” – I have no clue – nor do you – what goes through the minds of potential buyers – maybe there are those multi-millionaires who think buying a scaled-down roster of young prospects is the best way, intending to use the news of “fresh ownership” and “new management/coaching” to determine the roster make-up as the catalyst for bringing fans back into the fold. Especially if that new ownership is Laliberté – founder of Le Cirque du Soleil – who reportedly wants to get into the new downtown arena project which will encompass much of the Chaudière Falls section of the Flats.

        But who knows, really.

      • George, we agree essentially but Ott is making money, a new location will be found it’s not even that pressing. Mismanagement has lead to where Ottawa finds it’s self-today & that mismanagement starts with Melnyk’s penny-pinching ways.

        In fairness to Melnyk, he his also a huge part of why the Senators are still in Ottawa, nor is it his fault the team plays in the sticks. The NHL will eventually enter the fray here in Ottawa just like they do everywhere else when ownership is struggling to get taxpayer concessions so millionaires & billionaires can make millions.

        Melnyk may well take on a partner but I would be shocked if he gives up controlling interest. Life has only 2 absolutes as you know but the odds of probability exist. Considering Ott generates enough money to service his debt why would he sell?

        His team keeps increasing in value thanks partly to expansion but just simple economics. Seattle will have to pay 600 mil US just to join the NHL. Giving Melnyk another nice expansion cheque in the near future.

        Might I be wrong in my assumption? Absolutely just as always making an educated assumption based on what info is available. For the most part, I take everyone at their word unless my spidey senses get tweaked & I think they may be lying.

  2. Stone, a franchise centerpiece???? go back under your rock … that’s laughable fanboy …

    • Uh, hope that wasn’t directed at me – if so, you do realize that I was quoting an article and that I have been on record as saying I don’t think Stone is worth what he signed for and that I hope he’s traded at the deadline – if not sooner.

      • Furthermore, what I’m hoping for in relation to the article I quoted is that the team is sold to someone interested in competing.

      • That was directly at you. He was coming at you. Shots fired!

      • Then either he’s a clueless dip-s*^t who doesn’t know the significance of quotation marks … OR, you’re the resident s*^t-disturber.

      • It’s getting all summery in here. Tempers flaring. People bored.

        Why don’t you rabble rousers go get a date or something would you please? (Any zeise fans here?)

      • Chrisms, WTF is zeise?

      • Paul Zeise?

      • Paul zeise. Great radio host

      • For the record. Stone is awesome.

        I would of paid him 8 million for 8 years.

      • The universe is “awesome” – maybe the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls at first look. But not a hockey player. Please.

    • I would be happy to have Stone as ONE of my franchise cornerstones. You need far more than 1 to even be a playoff team.

      He has 4 full NHL seasons under his belt has scored 20+ goals in each of them scoring 60+ points in all but 1, 2016-17 as he has dealt with some injury issues the last 2 years, last season scoring 62 points in 58 games. No player in the NHL has more takeaways than Stone in those 4 years it’s not even close. Considering his skating was a concern coming into the NHL that’s quite surprising.

      Stone is worth every penny of his current deal & is 1 of the best 2 way RW’s in the NHL today, certainly top 10 & at 6’4″ 220 lbs with only 307 NHL regular season games to his credit the best is still to come.

      Considering where salaries are but more importantly going I would happily pay Stone 7.5 today for 8 more years. By next summer you may as well add another million & if he goes to UFA he will get more money on a 7-year deal.

  3. I don’t think player’s expense is that big a factor in the selling of a franchise within the cap world. Granted between the floor and ceiling are some dollars but you are talking about a hundreds of millions transaction.

    If a Melnyk was losing that much money you would sell. Above all else the best scenario for fans. Is new ownership. Whose to say the new owners however would not move

    • Ottawa isn’t moving.

      According to ESPN Ott drew 15,859 fans per game last season running at 85.3% of capacity. That’s more fans than Winnipeg’s & Barclay’s Center can hold at full capacity for hockey.

      What’s driven fans away is the on-ice product & the negative PR generated by the management of this team.

  4. Don’t want Krug traded. With Chara on the decline age wise the left side is a concern. With Mcavoy and Carlo on the right along with Miller and Maquaid I see that side all set for the future. As far as needing a forward we have plenty of young guys who could step up this season.

    • Dave, I maybe in the minority here, but I have no problem seeing Krug being moved for the right price. He isn’t an elite skater, he is a pp specialist and 3rd pairing dman, but maybe some team in need of a quarterback dman, will over pay for his services.

      • I only move Krug if he can’t be extended next summer at fair market value. Not a great skater? He appears to skate fine to me, how is he generating those 9 goals & 35 points at even strength?

        Krug is already an elite level offensive Dman who isn’t a trainwreck defensively. What’s better is with only 398 NHL regular season games under his belt the best is yet to come but the present is exceptional.

        If Krug can stay healthy next season & play at least 75 games he may well finish in the top 3 both in goals scored & or points for Dman easily top 5.

        Why would anyone want to move that asset now? Again I support moving him next summer if he can’t be locked up in some way. I’m not letting any player enter the final year of their deal unextended.

      • Oh Striker, you watch enough Bruins games to know Krug isn’t an elite skater, doesn’t know how to turn away from hits, and no he is not good defensibly and he has decent speed but isn’t fast.

        Krug offensive using your analogy would be replaced by McAvoy, Moore and Grzelcyk.

        Nothing for the Bruins to lose here, only gain if the right trade is made

      • Caper
        Krug I agree isn’t the best defensive defenseman but in Cassidy’s uptempo system he is the kind of defenseman you want. The offensive defenseman is the way the league is going and the reason Boston had such a good season.
        I like Chara shutting down other teams top lines and penalty killing but offensively brings close to nothing. His age and slow skating will probably start to show this year.
        Krug is a pretty darn good skater also.

      • As is very common Caper we agree to disagree, we could debate or discuss this endlessly but neither appears to be budging off their choice & that’s all good.

        I’m not trading an elite level NHL offensive Dman, I’m keeping all of them until I have no choice. Expansion in Seattle is looming, 2 summers away & Bos is losing someone, most likely a Dman as currently constructed but 2 full seasons years from now who knows.

        I don’t want Krug traded I accept him for what he is & that is a huge part of the Bruins ability to score 5 on 5 & on the PP. Again if he can’t be extended at fair market value & term than moving him next summer is my choice, if he can be he stays & HE, Carlo & McAvoy are my D protectors.

      • Krug is a decent skater but not elite skater, and he decent speed but does NOT have elite speed. He is simply a pp specialist and third pairing dman. Charlie MAC, and Moore can replace what he brings on the PP and them minutes he plays 5 on 5 will be better served by any other the other defenseman.
        Accept him for what he is, absolutely but it would be foolish of Sweeney if the opportunity presents itself to turn this asset into a better asset.
        We Know PC in Edmonton likes to over pay for a dman, maybe he’ll do it again.

      • Nor do I feel Krig is an elite skater but his skating isn’t an issue if it were he wouldn’t be able to generate the points he does especially at ES. He generates more production 5 on 5 than most Dman do who see PP time.

        Few Dman start more shifts in the Ozone than Krug. His job is to drive offence & he is elite at that. He will never be confused as a shutdown Dman nor do I want him to be but he’s not as bad as many offensive Dman at doing so & certainly, isn’t solely 1 dimensional.

        I’m bowing out of this discussion moving forward until he either gets traded or is extended as see no point in continuing the same discussion over and over.

        You would like to see him moved, I don’t & I sure hope I’m right. Again if he can’t be extended goodbye, enjoy your next stop but please keep putting up those points as I have you in 2 of my fantasy leagues & have had for years.

      • I’m curious striker what you consider fair market value. The way you value krug seems more than many others. All those stats you listed might imply he is a top d. Do you pay him 8+ mil? If not how can you stand by those statements below

    • With you Dave, unless the return makes it impossible to say no.
      They have options for the PP and have 4 NHL D-mem now on the left side and right side.
      Would prefer to see it next year so there is more clarity on Carlo’s injury out of the gate, McAvoy’s ability to drive more offence and run the PP, another year of development for Zboril, Vaakanainen, Lauzon to see who, if any of the group get progress enough to make an impact in the NHL.
      8 NHL D isn’t ideal as who sits? But if this team wants to compete for a cup, too many question marks on the blue line to make that move today IMO. Like McQuaid, but he seems the most expendable right now.

      • I would love to see McQuaid get a shot as a 4th line winger, rather than trade him. (Remember Shane Hnidy?)
        Boston got pushed around a bit by TB in the playoffs, so that size and toughness on the wing would be useful. McQuaid could still be used on D for penalty kill, and/or when the inevitable injury hits.

      • Hey, I would love for Bos keep all 8 of those Damn as well but McQuaid is the player that needs to move as he’s 1 year from UFA status & the least likely to see top 6 minutes if all are healthy.

        There is no room for McQuaid on the 4th line barring injuries. Nordstrom will be the 4th line LW & he is a willing hitter, with decent size well being a solid defensive specialist. He will replace Nash on the #2 PK.

        Ideally, McQuaid would be packaged with a pick or prospect to get what Bos really appears to need which to me is a solid 2-way #3 C. Not an easy asset to find & the best 1 potentially available may be Anisimov. He would fit perfectly between Heinen & Backes on the 3rd line.

        Bos doesn’t have to do anything really but the #3 C spot is the biggest concern for me. I assume if something doesn’t change before the season starts Backes will have to assume that spot. His ability to play C & or RW was part of his value when signed.

        Would McQuaid a 2nd & a forward prospect close to NHL ready like Fitzgerald or Cehlarik get the deal done?

      • McQuaid I don’t see as a fourth liner he would get a decent return for any team looking for some toughness; sad to say they got pushed around by Tampa who got pushed around by Washington. Need some grit.
        I hope Boston doesn’t keep both Krug and Grzelcyk, and hope they can move Krug for a decent return.

      • Agree Ray
        Have some pretty high pick defenseman in the system.
        Hopefully one or two will become solid players soon.
        I see Chara slowing down this year.
        Might be his last or one more tops.

      • By the time Bos played TB they were a far better team, no Carlo, a terrible trade acquiring Nash, the loss of Krug late in game 4 & that game lost in OT coupled with the below average play of Rask, McAvoy and the Bruins 3rd line being invisible was too much for Bos to overcome.

        I don’t feel they were pushed around per say but TB certainly played a far more physical game. Might injuries have been a factor?

        I want very little change in Bos for next season. The only thing on my wishlist is a #3 C & that’s only of nominal concern as Donato, Bjork, Frederic, ForsbackaKarlsson are all very close to NHL ready if not others.

        I would be very happy entering the season as constructed today letting Donato play with Krejci & Debrusk on the 2nd line.

      • Kevin Hayes, Mats Zuc, Steve Kampfer, + 2nd rounder for Backes and McAvoy. Rangers help rebuild with top young right D (NY native)and take on Backes contract for Solid 2/3C in Hayes (native Bostonian) Rangers leading scorer in Zucarello, 6/7 dman in Kampfer. Striker?

      • Striker, I think there will be a full on competition for 3C in BOS. Like you said, tough to find and expensive. Anisimov would be a good fit and it would depend on the forward prospect included in your proposal. Methinks camp will be interesting for that spot and I would add Kuraly to your list as a front runners and as a total long shot wild card throw Studnicka into the mix. Methinks he surprises and impresses in main camp. Depends how much strength he has added and what the B’s determine is best for his development.

      • Raybark.

        You & I are on the same page most of the time & I agree fully. I’m quite happy to just let it play out at forward but I would prefer to see Bos send a Dman out ideally McQuaid for even a reasonable pick as right now at least 1 NHL quality Dman if not 2 are sitting every night & that is a great luxury to have as injuries are inevitable but doesn’t seem like the best use of cap space to me, let’s free up that cap space & build a nest egg for the trade deadline or another trade if necessary down the road.

        I would prefer Goloubef be the #8 black ace barely playing & if injuries hit some of the kids get a cup of coffee if ready or he dresses for 25 to 30 games in a very limited role on the 3rd pairing if necessary.

        For the most part, I love what Sweeney has done but that Rick Nash trade ate up a ton of goodwill. You only get 3 of those for me & that was #1.

      • Ya, Nash deal seemed obvious from the cheap seats Striker, hard to believe he paid that much. Didn’t like the Backes or Belesky signings either but did like Moore and Halak this year, so a wash on the UFA’s.

  5. There is nothing to preclude Stone & Ott from negotiating a new deal prior to January 1st, it just can’t be filed & signed till then.

    Ott & Stone have had years to get a long-term deal in place. I’m not saying it won’t happen just that it appears very unlikely it will or it would have already.

  6. Larkin just signed at 6.1 for 5 years. Now Det is well over the cap. Happy with the term & cap hit but being forced to trade out of this position unless Holland already has a cap trade on the backburner is odd.

  7. Wayne Simmonds should be a target for the Leafs-hometown, I think, also lots of grit and ability, really would help with the defensive game and has goal scoring ability to supplement the Leafs weapons..what would that trade take? It will not be a Nylander or Marner, more likely Connor Brown, maybe Kapanen, perhaps a bigger package….Simmonds probably not worth taking out any of the current Leafs except maybe Leivo and Brown? One other thing: folks will start dropping out of this site if we can’t get more reasonable language of disagreements: “crawl back under your rock, fanboy” is not acceptable. I did not get the sense it was meant as a joke. I enjoy the comments because many of the folks here know lots of interesting stuff, and can express themselves without being fools.

    • Really can’t see the Flyers accepting Connor Brown and Kapanen for one of their better assets. That’s an underwhelming return.

      And realistically, the Leafs should be bolstering their blue line, not looking to trade for Simmonds, who they wouldn’t be able to resign after this season anyway.

    • I don’t get the personal attacks. Some here resort to personal barbs when they can’t make a sound argument.

      I have stopped going to several sites not the least of which is Eklund’s site. Like trying to have a conversation with my youngest who just turned 17.

      What do these personal barbs have to do with this discussion? Jon I hope you stay as this is the best chat group for hockey on the net & no 1 takes more flack than me but I accept it. I have lost it at least once & apologised to either BlacknGold or Bigbear as I lost my temper.

      George has called me some pretty nasty things a narcissist more times than I can count but whatever I roll with it as best possible. There are some great posters here & even though I don’t often agree with George I do on occasion & I enjoy his insight & perspective if not his sharp tongue directed at me personally.

      It is what it is & I often ask people to be civil, why the personal venom. I’m not forcing anyone to read or respond to my opinions. If you don’t like style not you just on topic stop reading & responding to them.

      I miss Shticky. He had some solid insight & loved the debate discussions we would have. Those discussions help me formulate my own opinions.

      • Shticky talked out of both sides of his mouth more than you do, and that’s hard to do!

  8. They need a LW in Boston?

    Who else but Pacc-man?!?!?

    It’s the perfect Bergevin trade.

    Maybe he can squeeze a 5th Rounder out of them.

    • Sorry hard to decipher your post. Are you being funny slagging Bergevin or do you actually believe Bos needs a LW?

      Marchand, Debrusk, Heinen, Bjork are all potentially scoring LW’s. Heinin could play RW he did last season, so can Donato who looks NHL ready right out of college he will play RW I assume. Cehlarik looks close but no room at the inn & other prospects may have to move to the wing to crack this roster as well.

      Nordstrom was signed for 2 years to be the 4th line checking winger & penalty keeper. The last thing Bos needs is another LW. No interest in patches in Bos what so ever.

      • Sorry, should read he did last season at times. Referring to Heinen playing RW but primarily played as a LW with Nash & Backes.

  9. “Haggerty suggested a sniper for the left side”, as per Lyle’s quote.

    I suggested Pacc, as 1) he plays the L and 2) he reportedly is available.

    I find the idea hilarious, myself – would love to see it and experience the in-city backwash.

    Maybe Pacc and Chara could be roomies on the road!

    Look, Boston is a great city.
    My older son has a degree form Berklee, my younger son is in year 4 at BC.

    I’m a big Celtics fan since I was 13.
    I love watching the Bruins lose.

  10. Perhaps Boston works out something with Vegas for Karlsson? Karlsson signed only a 1 yr deal and perhaps Krug goes back that way? Karlsson can play on Krejci line. Cap is the same.


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