NHL Rumor Mill – August 13, 2018

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Could the Bruins attempt to bring back Tyler Seguin? Why didn’t the Wild shake up their core this summer? Find out in your NHL rumor mill.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty took note of the fact the Dallas Stars had yet to re-sign Tyler Seguin to a contract extension. Considering they were among the teams attempting to woo John Tavares earlier this summer, Haggerty wonders if that suggests they might not end up re-signing Seguin, who’s due to become an unrestricted free agent next July.

Could there be a reunion between Tyler Seguin and the Boston Bruins? (Photo via NHL Images)

Should Seguin become available via trade or free agency, Haggerty ponders the possibility of a reunion with the Boston Bruins, whose previous management shipped the talented forward to Dallas back in 2013. While Seguin’s offensive skills and production are enticing, there’s also concerns about paying too much money for “a very-good player on a bad team” who puts up big stats “until the ice gets difficult to fight for and product.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Seguin trade was one of the worst moves in Bruins history and has paid continuing dividends for the Stars. Last month, Dallas general manager Jim Nill said he’s had continuing dialogue with the Seguin camp regarding an extension and advised Stars fans not to panic if the high-scoring forward wasn’t under contract when the season opens in October. There’s still plenty of time for the two sides to work out an agreement. 

While one shouldn’t fully dismiss the possibility of Seguin returning to Boston, especially with the changes in the Bruins’ front office and behind the bench over the past five years, I don’t believe that reunion takes place unless they intend to part company with Patrice Bergeron or David Krejci in the near future. That’s a scenario I don’t see happening anytime soon.

Cap Friendly indicates the Bruins have over $62 million invested in 16 players for 2019-20. Young defenseman Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo and forward Danton Heinen are restricted free agents next summer who could seek substantial raises. They’ll also have to re-sign or replace UFAs Zdeno Chara and Adam McQuaid.

Boston pundits believe one of the Bruins’ biggest needs is adding a physical scoring winger. If they go into the free-agent market next summer to address that issue, it could be to pursue someone such as Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds, who would be a more affordable signing than Seguin.


THE ATHLETIC: In his latest mailbag segment, Michael Russo was asked why Paul Fenton, the Minnesota Wild’s new general manager, failed to shake up the roster core or add a top-six forward this summer. He said it wasn’t for a lack of trying but Fenton didn’t receive any offers to his liking. The Wild’s biggest needs are for a right-shot top-six forward and a promising goaltender. 

Russo said there had been some trade talk regarding Jason Zucker (who recently re-signed with the Wild), Nino Niederreiter and Charlie Coyle and also believes Eric Staal, Jared Spurgeon and Matt Dumba (who also re-signed this summer) were among others who may have come up in discussion. 

Russo thinks the reason Niederreiter and Coyle weren’t moved was because of their low trade value. He also feels they didn’t want to move defenseman Jonas Brodin due to concern over the health of Ryan Suter, who suffered a season-ending fracture ankle in late-March. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Zucker, Niederreiter, Coyle and Dumba often surfaced over the past year as possible trade candidates. The recent signings of Zucker and Dumba, however, indicate Fenton feels they still have important long-term roles to play with the Wild.

Fenton didn’t rule out making a big move during his introductory press conference in May. However he and team owner Craig Leipold stressed their intent to tweak the lineup rather than make wholesale changes. I think Fenton wants to evaluate his roster in the coming season before making any major shakeups. Niederreiter or Coyle could be part of those changes if the Wild fail to improve. 



  1. You don’t make wholesale changes the first month on the job. The Wild roster is fine with a nice mix. Greenway should make the team this year and will add some size for the playoffs. Coyle will also bounce back from a broken leg who is also a playoff type. Now they just have to make the post season.

    • They were 4th in the west & 8th in the entire NHL last season playing in the hardest division in the NHL having sustained numerous key injuries to Coyle, Niederreiter, Parise & Spurgeon.

      This years team will be better than lasts no easy feat considering they put up 104 points. They may not best that but they will score more goals allow less & make the playoffs, although as their division is rediculously strong this year it may have to be as a wildcard team.

    • George prior to last season Hoffman posted pretty decent +/- #’s & he wasn’t seriously padding his offensive #’s on the PP as his 1st 2 full seasons in the NHL under Cameron, he barely saw the PP. He was 1 of the highest ES scores in the NHL especially by 60 mins played.

      He isn’t a total train wreck defensively just leans far more to offence like Seguin, really the role their teams want them to play. Teaching someone to check & play the hard minutes is far easier than finding players with these skills. Hoffman’s skating ability & release are extremely high end.

      • Sorry posted to the wrong thread. Will post again below.

    • The central division is NOT the best division in the NHL the Metro is. The Metro is so strong this year that any team other than the Rags has as good of chance of finishing first as they do outside of the playoffs. The Metro has won the last 3 cups and has been represented in 6 of the last 10 finals. Outside of Chicago the Central has been a regular season division and has won nothing. The Wild have done nothing of any significance.

      • That’s because they have to play each other to get out of the west.

      • It would also be how you wish to define the strongest division. For me, that is a regular season issue as in the playoffs a wildcard team from the opposite division could join the group.

      • I’m not saying NY is ready to complete. Honestly I don’t know what to think about them. Their defense is my biggest concern, primarily due to how young and inexperienced they are.

        All that said, the Islanders who finished 3 points ahead of the Rangers, lost Tavares and Dehaan are competitive enough to win that division?

      • Sorry I forgot about the Islanders just like the rest of the entire hockey world. Although losing DeHaan is not anywhere near as big if a deal as losing Tavares and Barzal is a pretty good replacement for Tavares. I meant Pittsburgh, Washington, Columbus, Philly, Jersey, And Carolina. Those are 6 legitimate teams and only 5 spots for the playoffs and that is if Florida underachieves which I don’t think will happen. That is 10 teams(Pittsburgh, Tampa, Washington, Columbus, Boston, Philly, Toronto, Jersey, Florida, Carolina, in that order) that are competing for 8 spots. It’s going to be much more competitive than the west this year and the west will be super competitive. It will be fun but the central is not the best division in the league and never has been.

  2. Tyler is a great talent Boston can’t afford him unless Krug and Krech are both moved. Any team signing Seguin will need to pay him Tavares money not sure that’s a smart move. Boston has some pretty good young talent that they need to play and develop.

    • I do not think Seguin will be back in a bruins uniform. From all the article I read about the Seguin trade, it was said that Don Sweeney was not in favor of moving Seguin. I say he resigns in Dallas.

      • Ya, Seguin back to Boston seems highly unlikely, although I am sure the Bruins would take him as he is an upgrade over Krecji.
        I have posted this many times, the Bruins have a 2 year window due to the age of Bergeron, Krecji, Chara. They have potential #1D in McAvoy and plenty of young guys that project to play in the top 4 on the blue line. Not sure they have any high end 1 or 2C’s in their prospect pool. I think it is fair to say that it would be a nice surprise if JFK, Frederic or Studnika developed into one. If that problem isn’t solved they won’t be contending in a few years.

      • I don’t share your concerns that the window is closing & I have no concerns about Bergeron nor Krejci’s age. Krejci will most likely be moved before this contract expires, his final 2 years his NMC becomes an NTC only being able to block 1/2 the NHL teams in trade.

        I have no issues with Bos riding him to UFA status as a cup contender potentially losing him for nothing.

        There is more than enough quality depth coming to fill Krejci’s #2 C spot 3 years from now & Bergeron may see his offensive #’s decline back into the 50 to 55 point range but his role as the best of the best as a 2 way C in the league may play out right through the remainder of his contract. His contract also becomes an NTC over the final 2 years he can only be shipped to 3 teams with out him agreeing to others but his actual salary drops 4.375 over his final 3 seasons.

        Bos’s contract structure has been very well laid out, the prospect system is solid, depth every where & Vladar is a monster physically as a goalie prospect but this is the 1 area of potential weakness but easy enough to find goalies in what will be a 32 team league. Bos also has a ton of trade options with their current depth & I assume at least 2 existing roster players will be moved before the trade deadline of 2019-20 for essentially rentals & futures. Players that may better help Bos short term playoff aspirations even in a checking role if necessary banking some picks.

        Not Nash type deals which may well have cost Bos a shot last season. I would have far preferred Krejci centring Debrusk & Spooner line had stayed intact.

        I don’t see the current cup contender window for Bos ending in the next 5 years as currently constructed.

      • Striker, I don’t share your opinion on the Bruins, as the bruins are presently structure today, they are not Stanley Cup contenders. Bergeron turned 33 in July and is the best 2 way center in the NHL, however he is still 33 and will have a sharp decline over the next 3 seasons. Krejci is 32 and is not as good as a two way center and the only way Boston should ride out his contract is if they’re Cup contenders.
        I most definitely don’t share your thoughts on goaltending, you vastly under appreciate the position and make it sound like any old middling goaltender can get the job done. If that was the case the Bruins would’ve had a cup with Rask as their starting goaltender.
        This year final 4 Holtby, MAF, Hellebuyck and Vasilevsky, that is not middling goaltenders.
        Boston at present does not have a two or three year window, presently their window isn’t fully open but that could change with Donato, Bjork among others, otherwise they’ll need to make an addition or two to be a contender this year and next.

      • As usual Caper, we disagree & as always we will get to see & watch how it plays out.

      • Striker, I’m not as concerned about Bergeron, although some decline is inevitable. Krecji I am concerned about, and yes his game has never been about speed or physical prowess, but his skill and his head. He hasn’t missed as many games as people assume he has, but he does seem like he is getting a little rickety and his lack of speed is becoming more exposed, especially on the d-side. The game is more and more about 200′ and speed all over the ice.
        Not his fault he slow, and he plays hurt, I think his time has come and they should move on, but they simply have no options yet.
        I am like most B’s fans and “hope” for the C prospects to develop into elite players, but so far there is not much to suggest any of them can become near point a game players in the NHL, with the possible exception of Studnika, which is far from a sure thing.
        Right now it seems like “hope” for that position and like I tell my sales guys “hope isn’t a plan”.

      • Is Bergeron really the best 2 way centre in the league? Because of his talents in the offensive end Crosby doesn’t get anywhere near enough praise for his defensive game and his proficiency on face offs. Crosby is a very effective player defensively and is beyond elite offensively. For 2018-19 McDavid is the best player offensively but Crosby has become the best all around player in the league. Crosby may not be Bergerons equal in his own end but the divide is minuscule compared to Crosby’s dominance over Bergeron on the offensive side.

      • Crosby doesn’t kill penalties. Never has really, he averaged 0:15 last season on the PK. Bergeron & Marchand man Bos #1 PK unit.

        Does Crosby deliberately get deployed against the other teams best forwards? I would say Sullivan looks to get more favourable matchups at home when able. Bergeron is deployed against the other teams best almost exclusively.

      • Ray.

        I don’t really disagree with any of that & said pretty much the same. Bergeron will decline offensively into the 50 to 55 points range primarily due to a decline in offensive opportunities.

        I essentially said Krejci will be traded as soon as Bos has a suitable replacement. I don’t expect him to complete his current contract in Bos but he may if 1 isn’t found in the next 3 seasons. It won’t be Seguin in my opinion nor do I want it to be. Not all players are impacted by their foot speed in the same way. They are if that’s their primary strength but players like Krejci, Thornton, etc. as you stated have a toolbox that allows them to overcome this minor deficiency for them.

        I love where the game is going & hope the NHL keeps cracking down & enforces the rules more black & white as written as opposed to the subjective nature they have forever. Last season slashing to the hands was supposed to be a penalty every time if the player had puck possession. It was significantly better than it has been in almost 2+ decades but still maybe got called 70% of the time infuriating fans with the inconsistency of it especially at the wrong time in close & meaningful situations.

        I’m very happy with Bos doing little to nothing. Let the kids play, build from within wean off the veterans as required.

      • Striker, to me they have a year of quality Krecji left, at best 2.
        3 years of play in your top 2 lines from Bergeron.
        If you are going to address it at the draft, do it now, but the B’s will likely draft at the bottom of RD 1, where #1C’s rarely get drafted (Ironically both Bergeron and Krecji were not top 15 picks).
        I would pay for Seguin as a UFA as IMO C is such an important position and will be one of need in the near future. I see Fredric and JFK as future 3C’s, with the big unknown Studnika.
        Not that Seguin will get to UFA status or sign in Boston if he did.
        Agree that goal tending is also a spot of prospect weakness of late, but who the hell knows with that position. One of the current guys could flourish and become the man.

      • Best all-round two-way player in the league at this moment in time is Kopitar. End of story.

      • I agree king, kopitar doesn’t get the coverage he should! The guy is dominating at both ends of the ice

      • Crosby has played against the other teams best lines since the Bylma days. He doesn’t play the pk because he plays 1:30 of every PP. Like I said Crosby isn’t quite the defensive player Bergeron is but Bergeron is also nowhere near the offensive player Crosby is. And if there was a way to measure the middle Crosby would be the better player all things considered.

      • I don’t know what Sid had to do to get respect but here’s 10 minutes of him being bad in his own end as striker has decreed. Let’s see highlights of Bergeron this good in the offensive zone. https://youtu.be/Go5b6ICH0CQ

      • What I’m saying is yes Bergeron has 3 Selke trophies and could win another but he’s never winning 2 Art Ross, 2 Hart’s, 2 Rocket Richards and 2 Conn Smythes. Crosby is talented enough to win a Selke and when he does he might finally get the respect he deserves. Kopitar has 2 Selkes and a Lady Byng and his highest points season was 92 this past season which is great but it’s also an anomaly until proven otherwise. The best 2 way player can’t be good defensively but mediocre offensively, that’s is flawed logic.

    • I have no interest in Seguin returning. 1 dimensional offensive player that has little interest in back-checking.

      • That is true today Striker, but he wouldn’t be the first guy to wake up to the fact that he has to change if he wants to win. Nor the first that never changes.
        Difficult to predict.
        B’s need to do something up the middle in the next year or 2 IMO, so if you can get a guy like him as a UFA next year, I think you give it a go.

      • Striker, I thought you liked one dimensional players, you defend Krug on here all the time.
        Ray i’m with you the quicker Boston reacts to the C position the better, can Trent Frederic, JFK or Jack Studicka be two of the three replacements? Not sure, but we’re going to find out.

      • All teams have them but I don’t want my #1 C nor #1 Dman to be such. I never said I like them I said I accept them, nor do I consider Krug 1 dimensional. He’s not great defensively but he’s not a train wreck either nor does he play small. He is paid to drive offence, has a green light to gamble if he thinks he can make the okay depending upon the situation. He’s not going solo with 57 seconds on the clock like Subban trying to be the hero in an incredibly important and meaningful game.

        Krug just completed his 398th NHL regular season game, that means he reaches full NHL development for me by the end of next season & then we get to see him in his prime being late to the party for the next 5 to 7 years. Hasn’t hit that’s 400 game mark yet, close & he still has upside not yet achieved both offensively & defensively.

        Krug will never be a #1 Dman nor see 1st pairing minutes really, he will play 2nd pairing being what ever team he plays on #1 offensive Dman. This isn’t a Shattenkirk, or Barrie type Dman who are solely 1 dimensional.

      • Seguin plus 12 Krecji plus 11

      • “1 dimensional offensive player that has little interest in back-checking.”

        You mean, like Hoffman?

      • Ha-ha! What telling #’s. Does Krejci play with Bos’s best 2 wingers? I think we all agree +/- is fundamentally flawed. I only use it within a team & even then semi-meaningless.

        Out of curiosity how much do you think it’s going to cost Dal or another team to sign Seguin & how long? For that matter why hasn’t he been extended yet as it certainly ties into the questions above.

        I’m going to say at least 10.5 to 11 mil per in Dallas for 8 years & if he chooses to test the UFA market & simply go to the highest bidder significantly more. I don’t want Seguin at that price point thank you. I’ll keep Krejci & his 7.25 over the final 3 years of his deal & if a Donato, Heinen, or 1 of the other prospects is ready in that timeline look move him then or not letting him walk as a UFA depending upon their play which I expect to be in the top 10 in the league comfortably over those 3 years.

        If not I’ll address as we get closer to the expiry of Krejci’s contract. I didn’t want Bos going after Tavares either. I don’t want that cap burden today. I want to try & follow the Nashville salary model as best able. Spreading the wealth over a far greater body of players till at least following the next lockout & national US TV contract.

        Following the addition of Seattle, I would be very surprised to see the NHL expand again to 34 teams for at least 5 years, probably closer to 7 & with the 1st real US national TV contract coming post-lockout the cap will be jumping substantially after the 1st season of its existence & these contracts will by then be the norm for almost every NHL team’s top players not just the leagues.

      • George prior to last season Hoffman posted pretty decent +/- #’s & he wasn’t seriously padding his offensive #’s on the PP as his 1st 2 full seasons in the NHL under Cameron, he barely saw the PP. He was 1 of the highest ES scores in the NHL especially by 60 mins played.

        He isn’t a total train wreck defensively just leans far more to offence like Seguin, really the role their teams want them to play. Teaching someone to check & play the hard minutes is far easier than finding players with these skills. Hoffman’s skating ability & release are extremely high end.

      • And with the “heart” of a mouse. You can toss out black-and-white stats till the cows come home but it will not change my opinion. I’m glad he’s out of town and could not possibly care less how well he does in Florida. I also believe San Jose saw the same “qualities” in him.

      • I am still curious striker…. with all the krug stats you site and your talking of him up he compares to top pairing d men…. what would you give him to extend? what if he wants 6+? 7+? and if you wouldn’t give him that why not? It would validate all the info you have put on here about him.

      • I agree on Striker takes for Seguin. He might not even be in the current top 20 forwards for me

      • Striker don’t use me as we all agree +/- is fundamentally flawed. Because other then goals all metrics have flaws.
        You may not like the +/- staff but as I said on here before over the length of a season it’s an indication of that players play.
        I’m not saying bring back Seguin, I was pointing out Sweeney was the only one who didn’t want him traded.
        As it stands today i’m not paying any player on my team $10m per season. Elite centers alone don’t win you the Stanley Cup, sometimes elite centers don’t even make it into the playoffs. I much prefer a more balance attack.

      • And the last team to win the cup without an elite center was….?? Drum roll

      • Yes, that is what I was trying to say Chrisms, you just said it much more succinctly. Bottom line is you don’t win cups without one very often.
        Carolina in 06 with Brind’amour and Staal?
        Or NY with Arnott and Elias.
        Depends how you define elite, I don’t consider those 4 guys as elite.

      • NJ not NY

      • San Jose made out great in that deal banked a ton of picks & reduced cap issues, so did Florida, the only team that didn’t was Ottawa. San Jose simply facilitated the deal, Ottawa may or may not have been aware that he was being flipped to Flo.

      • Chrisms.

        I haven’t said Krug is a 1st pairing Dman or ever will be I said he is a 2nd pairing Dman an 1 of the best offensive Dman in the NHL today & not a total trainwreck defensively like a Shattenkirk or a Barrie.

        Do you guys read this stuff or just extrapolate what you want? Show me where I said Krug is or will ever be a #1 or even a 1st pairing Dman.

        Nor is he fully developed for me as that for 80% of Dman is a minimum of 400 NHL regular season games played & even the other 20% those that hit peak offensive development sooner they still need those 400 games to get fully developed defensively for me with a few minor exceptions.

        You guys all love to live in the now, for the most part, I don’t I live but the #’s & what I see. I even look at the new stats but still sceptical to their real worth.

      • Striker: I honestly don’t get why everyone is bashing Ottawa’s return in the Hoffman trade vs. SJ’s (this isn’t solely directed at you). Ottawa got a good third line player, possibly depth second line player, that could get 40-50 points, a B prospect in Bergman who is a RD (sorely lacking in Ottawa’s prospect pool other than Jaros) and a minor drop in picks (5th for 6th rounder) vs. a 2nd round pick, 4th round pick and a pick increase of 7th round to 5th round for SJ. SJ got what they wanted by dumping Boedker’s contract, but 2nd and 4th round picks will likely end up being nothing if you look at expectations for what those picks will become. 2nd round picks only have an ~30% chance of making the NHL and 4th are 15-20%. 5th, 6th and 7th round picks all have a 10-15% chance of making the NHL, so swapping within those rounds has a negligible impact.

        Ottawa clearly didn’t get the return they would have for Hoffman without the cyber bullying fiasco. However, I’d take Boedker and a decent prospect that could be in the NHL in the next couple years vs. 2nd and 4th round picks. The 5th/6th and 5th/7th swaps have little impact and are basically a wash.

      • Striker… you never said he was a number one. I never said you did. But you talk up many of his stats saying they are top this or top that. You just said you believe this one of the best offensive d men is going to get better. Shat got over 6. I think. Don’t want to look it up right now. Carlson got what… 8 ish? Carlson is also a offensive d man who is less thrilling in his own end. My point is I doubt you want to pay krug what he’s worth based on your own posted observations of him

      • You’re dreaming striker if you think Krug isn’t a train wreck defensively!

  3. Not sure why the Wild are looking for help in goal. Dubnyk has been a model of consistency for the last three years and is only 32. He still has 4-5 years left in him
    I do agree however that they need a top 6 forward or maybe give Greenway a shot

    • Minny doesn’t really need to do anything, nor did they need a new GM. This is 1 of the best teams in the NHL that just hasn’t been able to get over the hump, injuries & constantly having to play the NHL’s best teams in the playoffs often in the 1st round due to this stupid bracket formula is what has ailed them.

      Which top 6 forward don’t you like that you wish to replace, hell which top 9 for that matter.

      Parise, Staal, Niederreiter.
      Zucker, Koivisto, Granlund.
      Greenway, Ericsson-Ek, Coyle.
      Foligno, Fehr, Brown,
      Spare. Hendricks.

      Suter, Spurgeon.
      Brodin, Dumba.
      Seeler, Pateryn.
      Olofsson, Prosser.

      Dubnyk, Stalock.

      This is 1 of the top rosters in the NHL & the prospect system is ready to help mediate the injuries better this season than last, couple that with the development of those players already full time NHLers & Minny will battle Nas, Win & StL not only for the division but western conference. They could finish any where between 1st & 8th & the swing in point may be less than 8 points in the standings. 1 semi prolonged losing streak could be the difference & if it happens be injury & schedule related.

      • Matchups in the playoffs are a weak excuse … if you are good then it doesn’t matter who you play, regardless of the round.

      • What a pile of BS. Who you play & your route through this bracket system is almost as important as anything. How can playing 1 of the NHL’s best teams in the league as opposed to the 16th best not be a factor? That’s impossible.

      • I really wish the NHL would return to the best team in each division plays the 8th best, 2 plays 7 etc. reseeding after each round.

        Are you telling me in that formula we are getting the same Stanley Cup winners since creating the current bracket formula coming out of the 2012-13 lockout?

      • Pardon me conference not division. Better yet I would prefer a crossover format so as to balance out the travel issues between east & west, 1 plays 16, 2 plays 15, etc. reseeding after each round but accept as much as I would prefer that the NHL will never do so.

        It would be the fairest to all but what in life is fair?

      • matchups are definitely a non-factor. if strikers argument is valid then the cups won by teams prior to the changes are less meaningful than the cups won recently, because teams play less talented teams to advance (shout out to LA though). The new playoff system is great. keeps the earlier rounds more entertaining and relevant and helps really highlight the best overall team in the playoffs by not watering down competition for the supposedly better teams.

      • Parise signed another 7 seasons age 33. Sounds like a great deal for wild 😜

      • A terrible deal for the wild but he’s well on his way to Robidas/Lupul/ Hossa & in 1 more year Zetterberg island. His back isn’t standing up to 7 more years.

      • Well you are in the minority of people I speak to hockey about. I have only met 1 other person other than you that likes the bracket formula.

        Lets do a poll. Who here likes the bracket formula the NHL has used since coming out of the 2012-13 lockout & who likes the traditional format of 1 plays 8, 2 plays 7 by conference reseeding after each round?

        I vote traditional.

        My reasoning is I don’t want to see 2 of the NHL’s best team play each other in the 1st or 2nd round. & if we are going to punish teams for regular season play why are we playing 82 games weighted heavily to conference play?

      • You should talk to more hockey people. In all honesty most people I talk to are indifferent about it. But the new format is far better for determining who is actually the best team in the playoffs itself. I can see the point about the regular season becoming less important… the best solution to that is to drastically cut games… but that won’t happen

  4. The Wild are one of those really good fringe teams who always seem to be lacking that one element that prevents them from winning when it counts.

    • Yeah like Gary Suter going into last seasons playoffs. No team is overcoming the loss of that asset come playoff time. That’s 1/2 the game of 1 of the best 2 way Dman to ever play the game not on the ice.

      • I seem to recall a team recently losing their number 1 d man, arguably better than suter, and winning the cup recently…

      • That Gary Suter – what a stud…….NO, I WON’T LET YOU GET AWAY WITH A SMALL NAMING ERROR!

      • Which team was that?

      • Sorry always been an issue for me. Ryan obviously.

      • Very funny striker. Your a real card.

    • “matchups are definitely a non-factor”

      Utter nonsense. Whom you play is critical.
      Teams have only so much energy, wear and luck in them. Playing a tough series or two greatly decreases your chance of going all the way. Only someone who has never played could possibly image the previous games have no effect on future play.

      • As usual… whoosh.

  5. I think 99% of Bruins fans hated the Seguin trade and would want him back.
    He would be the perfect center behind Bergeron and awesome on the power play.
    As far as cap space Chara won’t be resigned for 5 million again hopefully.
    Backes can be moved.

    • He can?

      • I think the NHL has shown any player can be traded just a question of compensation exchanged.

      • Fair enough. How high a draft pick does Boston have to give up to move him?

  6. With cap space think MB has an idea to pitch for Seguin if he becomes a FA? What prospects do they have to offer to entice a trade rather than wait?

  7. The wild have so many bad contracts and little space to add any top 6 forwards.

    • Not really sure if they have ‘bad’ contracts other than Parise.
      Zucker and Nino are at going rates for top 6 forwards.

      Their problem is that they don’t have enough youth to reduce the average salary. They have maybe a couple of years before they will be desperate for cap space with Granlund and Spurgeon needing new deals (after they extend Staal this year)

    • They don’t need a top 6 forward. No cap issues in 2019-20 the only player moving out is Staal & that loss could be handled internally by moving Coyle back to C but if Staal wants to stay he could probably get a 2-year deal out of Minny at or near 5, ideally about 4.5.

      Kunin will eventually start his career as a winger but will eventually be at the very least a #2 C in the NHL.

      With expansion looming in 2 more summers at least 1 salary is going to be lost. Minny has 11 mil in cap space next season again with all but Staal locked up. Tons of cap space.

  8. By far the biggest news this offseason for the Bruins is the retirement of jersey #16……

    • Cable, true that. Cheers to Nifty.

      • Didn’t really care for the trade when it happened but it turned out sweet…..wish the B’s can get a big goal scoring winger that likes to get dirty but they don’t grow on trees

  9. Seguin, is never going back to Bruins.

    Cam Neely was the main reason why he was traded