NHL Rumor Mill – August 15, 2018

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An update on Erik Karlsson plus the latest on the Sharks in your NHL rumor mill.

Contract talks have grown quiet between the Ottawa Senators and captain Erik Karlsson (Photo via NHL Images)


TSN: Brent Wallace reports contract talks between the Ottawa Senators and defenseman Erik Karlsson have gone “eerily quiet” since general manager Pierre Dorion pitched a contract extension offer in early-July.

Karlsson hasn’t spoken publicly about the issue, nor about the allegations of cyberbullying his wife Melinda leveled at the fiancee of former teammate Mike Hoffman earlier this year. Wallace said he was told the Senators captain won’t speak to the media until training camp opens in early-September.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s believed Dorion’s offer, reportedly similar to the eight-year, $88-million contract extension signed in late-June by Los Angeles Kings blueliner Drew Doughty, was rejected by the Karlsson camp. There followed several reports in early-July claiming the Dallas Stars and Tampa Bay Lightning were in trade discussions with Dorion about the superstar defenseman. At one point, there was talk a deal with the Lightning was close but nothing came of it.

As the calendar flips to September and training camp approaches, speculation over Karlsson’s future in Ottawa could ramp up again. Wallace’s report doesn’t bode well for hopes of a contract extension. 


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Kevin Kurz stated his belief the San Jose Sharks wanted to more than they did this summer, based upon their failed pursuits of John Tavares, Ilya Kovalchuk and Max Pacioretty. He reminds us that big trades rarely occur in the first three months of the season, so the Sharks roster we see on opening night could be very close to their roster come Christmas. 

Asked if he sees the Sharks trading Tomas Hertl, Kurz believes that move would only take place if it’s a “blockbuster-type deal for a top-six center.” Otherwise, dealing Hertl doesn’t make sense.  He’s also established solid chemistry with Logan Couture. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kurz also reminds us that Sharks GM Doug Wilson likes to say the roster isn’t set until the trade deadline has passed. He has a long history of swinging significant moves near the deadline, with his steal of Evander Kane last February from the Buffalo Sabres the most recent example.

Wilson could surprise us with a big move before the season opens in October but I believe he’ll wait and evaluate his roster needs from training camp until early-January and then do his usual big-game hunting in the weeks leading up to the Feb. trade deadline. Maybe Hertl could become trade bait but, as Kurz noted, it’ll have to be for a significant return. 



  1. A lot said yesterday on Ottowa situation. Seems like after Duchene trade, Sens almost have to get big return on Karlsson trade. And there lies the problem. Karlsson was given permission to talk new contract with other teams. If trade market is limited to said teams (Tampa?) and they couldn’t make a deal, who’s to say those teams aren’t just waiting to next summer when they already know he wants to play with them and they won’t have to give up anything. Tampa is right up against the cap and will have 3 right D becoming UFA. Fitting him this season seems to be the hold up. They can wait this year out and let younger guys like Foote develop. They still have a team just as good as any other. If Ottowa has any chance of signing him to a new contract they should give him whatever he wants. There’s no way they’re going to get a good return in a trade. Not if Karlsson doesn’t want to re sign with a team.

    • Also, about yesterday’s comments. Seems ridiculous for people to say Ottowa almost going to finals was a bad thing. Seems like most here are more into talking about teams futures than anything else. Teams should be looking to put rosters together to win games. IMO, Sens could be a bubble team if they came together and all signed on. EK to me is still best dman in east. Off season surgery, losing baby and Hofmann gf bs…. and he still had over 60 points. Seems everyone has already anointed a handful of teams as contenders and all conversations are about building for future. There’s guys here already talking about 2020 draft!!

      • Great time to try & provide some clarity as I don’t want my comments regarding Ott making the playoffs & going to the conference finals to be perceived as a bad thing, it’s a good thing. My point was it lead to false expectations.

        Ott played great in that playoff run & everything that could go right pretty much did right down to route to the conf final.

        The current situation is bad & it’s going to be for at least the next 2 years but the prospect system has some great players coming what happens after the next 2 seasons will determine of Ott turns the corner quickly or we are looking at an Edm, Buf, Arz, Car type situation where it may possibly take years to build a competitive team.

        We can’t even determine where they are going until we find out what is going to happen with the 4 pending UFA’s next summer, Karlsson, Stone, Duchene, Dzingel & the summer following in Ceci.

        This is today & a ton of the future if signed, if not the assets returned for all of them are.

      • There is no chance that the sens are a bubble team.
        Anderson would need to have a carey price Hart trophy winning type season.

        Have a look at their top 6.
        Duchene, Stone, Bobby Ryan, Dzingle, JGP,Tkachuk??, – other than the first two there is no clear top 6 player here. Bobby Ryan could maybe be good enough.

        On Defense Chabot – Karlsson and then more question marks.

        If you compare that to the other teams in the east, there really isn’t much there on paper, let alone all the other distractions in Ottawa.

      • I don’t mind the forward group in Ott it’s not stellar currently but it isn’t destitute & a ton of help is coming, those prospects need to be sheltered & mentored by some form of veteran leadership, the concern is the majority of that leadership could be lost no later than the trade deadline in Karlsson, Stone & Duchene. Dzingel isn’t a leader for me yet but he is also a UFA this summer but this is a solid developing player, Ottawa hit a homer drafting this player in the 7th round in 2011, 23 goals, 19 at ES last season & using my development markers this should be his breakthrough season. Talk about beating the odds, what a great story.

        Look past next summer to the summer of 2020 & only 3 players are signed currently in Ryan, Gaborik & Smith. That’s a bizarre contract structure & almost every player currently on Ott’s roster is a UFA except for Chabot, White, Harpur & Wolanin according to CapFriendly, not counting the prospect coming obviously. Tkachuk should be on that list but CapFriendly doesn’t currently show him but that doesn’t mean he won’t be playing for Ott this season.

        Again the prospect cupboard is solid, 1 of the best in the league but youth takes time to develop your not just turning this whole team over to kids as if you do you will be bad for 5+ years just like the teams I mentioned above.

        Again this always reminds me of Babcock’s comment at the World Cup that went something like this.

        “I love watching team North America play, great, young, skilled, exciting hockey, I just like winning more.”

      • Ottawa playoff run did not mask anything.

        They didnt make the playoffs as a top seed.

        They got in amongst teams in a week division.

        Nothing was masked.

        What they had in the playoffs and didn’t at season open the next season is the explanation.

        MacArthur – who played in the top 6.

        Method- who paired as top 2.

        Karlsson coming off surgery.

        They played a system that requires everyone to buy into and do their part.

        It isn’t easy to maintain year to year as Bouchers record attest.

        I suspect Vegas will have similar issues this season. Vegas was playing Gallants system perfectly. They were fast and had consistent puck pressure and every player knew where the other guy was to be and he was there. That isn’t easy to maintain after a summer off. If Vegas struggles a bit players will lose faith in the system and start doing things individually like Ottawa did.

        Ottawa also had locker room drama we did not know of until revealed after the playoffs.

        Amidst this they move Turris a popular and well liked player. Duchenne came into the mess.

        Losing methot hurt because Dion and Borocop struggled to maintain Boucher’s system which called for them to press up on their side and make hits to funnel the opposition to the right where guys like Stone and Karlsson could turn the puck over.

        Stone got hurt Karlsson missed training camp and Dion and Borocop could not do it the amount of game time needed to do it. The loss of Method who played it perfectly and had the good O hip check to fall back on is a big factor.

        Though MacArthur did not play the season his addition for the playoffs was big in allowing this mid level team to push the champs to the brink

        You all talk as if the Ottawa team which made the conference finals was the same as the one which played last season.

        Missing a top 6 forward. Having one of your top D recovering from surgery and the other gone doesn’t hold well for most teams.

        Add the locker room drama. Melnycks mouth and moving your top centre mid season and you get disaster for a team which plays a rigid system that every year needs to be properly aligned and well oiled.

        It’s hard to I.agine the team.being better next year with the roster as is. But they have some good you g talent so time will tell.

    • Even if Karlsson is traded as a rental, the return would still be significant as 10-15 teams would get into the bidding. Karlsson is a put you over the top type player. There’s no way they repeat the Islanders mistake with Tavares.

      Multiple rumblings around Ottawa are that the Sens offered as much or more than Doughty on an 8 year deal, but the contract was short on signing bonuses. Not surprising given Melnyk’s cash flow. I agree with Slick62. Get this contract signed if possible as you can’t replace this player, especially at any kind of discounted trade.

      • i agree… resign ek and youhave a shot at
        duchy although i just dont get that guy…wanted out of col and once he was gone most key avs players like landy, mack, and e johnson said good riddence…and avs played much better without him…..im not in the room so have no clue what was going on……

      • To give you an idea of where the Ottawa media is:
        A couple of months ago the rumor was that Tampa is offering Point, Sergachev, two firsts and prospect for Karlsson. The local media in Ottawa was saying ‘That’s not enough’

        It really depends on what the everyone considers a ‘fair’ return for Karlsson.
        Needless to say in my opinion, the above is a massive over payment.

        If Karlsson stretches to deadline without an extension, I see the price being 1 x A prospect, 1 x B prospect and a first rounder at a minimum – obviously the deal will not have a roster player unless its a salary dump of sorts.

      • Take what Was paid for Shattenkirk at the deadline & double it. Trading Karlsson at the deadline would pay well but Ott needs to maximize the return & more should be had today as a 1 year rental than a stretch run playoff rental but the monies & UFA status are a serious wrench in getting a suitable deal done.

        The best return obviously is if he agreed to sign long-term but how many teams can really afford a 10+ mil Dman & get Karlsson in under the cap this season that he would be willing to sign with? Your talking about a handful of teams today. We also have the tagging issue to consider.

        If Karlsson signs an extension now the team signing him I believe can only be 10% over the cap in the following year. Not positive that’s the # but there is a tagging rule & I think it may match the same 10% as is allowed over the summer like Det is now.

        Making Karlsson’s contract work for teams that may wish to acquire him is exceptional challenging especially if Karlsson has 1 team in mind to play for past next season.

        It’s starting to look like Ott should have potentially moved Karlsson at last seasons trade deadline but what’s done is done. For me, the best case scenario now may be to get him extended in hopes that gets players like Duchene, Stone, Dzingel & Ceci interested in staying as well.

      • Taz: Karlsson is great, but Ottawa are idiots if they turned that trade down. I highly doubt that was offered by TB. Point, Sergachev and a 1st/prospect would be a solid return.

      • @Van I don’t think that was actually offered. Dorion would be insane to turn that down – I’m simply pointing out that radio/edia personnel in Ottawa are saying on the radio that the suggested return is not enough.

        @Striker – Shattenkirk was a different story – the Blues were playoff bound and the sens won’t be. The price for Shattenkirk would be higher than he was worth and for EK could be lower given how the next 6 months play out on and off the ice. We’ll see, lots of variables here that make the two situations incomparable.

      • Agree that they won’t make the same mistake the Isles made. Of course Karlson isn’t actively trying to stab them in the back by claiming undying loyalty, asking them not to move him at the deadline etc while planning to jump ship the second it doesn’t cost his new team any assets.

        I’m actually convinced that JT knew he was going to the Leafs long before he announced it, perhaps at least a year or more before.

      • Avsattack2001. The added defensemen that played well rounded out that roster.

      • Taz if you look at ottawa roster how couldtheir not be a roster player involved in the karlsson trades. It must be a must for ottawa and teams deali g with them must realise that Ottawa will want to shore up their roster.

        Add in the expense of resigning Karlsson and teams will want to move a player.

      • jeff noel–well said–agree–ott-missed methot-karlsson was not himself till 2nd half–stone out 20 games,duchesne started out slow-but good 2nd half—locker room problems-think handled–Chabot will get better–2 colors(white and Brown coming into fold,glad they never gave #4 up -next yrs pick will be lower than that.

    • Ottawa going to the finals isn’t a bad thing at all, but it’s all about how you react to it. Ottawa had an identity as “scrappy” and “pesky”. To read between the lines, that is a team that is more competitive than their record or payroll implies they should be.

      That is a great type of team, but management shouldn’t be throwing around 1sts that don’t have total lottery protection for marginal upgrades when that is the type of team you have.

      The protection they did add was not well thought out.

      Here is a big part of the problem. Apparently Ottawa didn’t want to go long term on Turris because they didn’t want a big commitment past when Karlsson’s deal until he re-signed. That makes sense on it’s own. However, if that’s the case, then they must at least be considering doing a re-build if they can’t re-sign Karlsson this summer, but they made a trade that could see them have to give up a 1st the summer after deciding it’s time to rebuild.

      So the logic behind the trade is just bad from Ottawa’s perspective.

      To be clear, make the playoffs or not the year prior, they didn’t have to make this trade. The trade seemed to be partially motivated by the fact they may need to rebuild if Karlsson leaves, but the same trade also put the first important pick of that potential rebuild at risk. That makes no sense, and regardless of what that pick turns into, it’s enough reason to condemn the trade.

      • yeah giving up 6 first rounders for 2 players is real pesky 3 for bobby ryan and 3 for duchene

    • Ithink the hold up in Karlsson deal is that Ottawa does not have a first rd pick this draft. If they trade Karlsson and finish last, they could be giving up Hughes a generational talent. So they will start the season with him, unless he refuses to play. Then a trade at the deadline.

    • There have been plenty of teams that have gotten significant returns for rentals at the trade deadline. Not sure I buy that the Sens can’t get a decent return if Karlson doesn’t agree to sign. They may just be aiming higher than other teams are willing to pay right now.

    • Talking about the 2020 draft because the Sens sold off their 2019 pick and Jack Hughes is the next Patrick Kane but Alex Lafreniere is the next Crosby. Who would you rather have? The Sens are going to suck this year and the are going to be an abomination after they lose Karlsson, Stone, and Duchene for possibly nothing since none of them will re-sign(yes I actually spelt re-sign correctly.) This is the time for Ottawa to start thinking 4 seasons ahead. If only they could trade their owner for a conditional 6th round pick and 5 grand. Not that any other team is dumb enough to make that trade but that is what Melnyk is overvalued at. Lafreniere going to the Habs or the Sens will save either franchise and make them relevant again/

  2. Either (1) trading EK now or (2) trading at deadline or (3) extending him— Ottawa’s long term future much better than the bleak perceptions rounding the net.

    They will either get a great return for Karlsson or re-sign him and have the benefit of his play and leadership for an additional 8 years.

    If they get trade pieces coming back— these will be great building chips.

    Ottawa had some recent downturns (all teams have some ebbs). Add to that the internal crisis (EK’s wife harrassment and subsequent emergency sale [below market value] of a key contributing player) and perceptions worsen.

    Yes the trade (so far) to get Duch was costly. If he continues to gel and perform well and they re-sign him — all good. If they trade—- assets for the future.

    I’m certainly not saying that things will be great immediately. They won’t. Ottawa likely to struggle for a bit. Long term not as dire as I believe most are making it out to be.

    The issue I believe is not so much Dorion, but that he has his hands tied with the owner.

    If Melnyk sells to a local (or locals)— long term future is bright. If new building plans finalized shortly; long term plans are bright.

    Re: Keeping EK: Under Melnyk (refusal on skewed SB laden contract) an extension not likely.

    I still believe that the best option is a trade as long as substantial assets come back.

    Yes, it seems that EK is gung-ho on Tbay almost exclusively; and could force the issue of a rental trade to one of many teams in Feb…. unless something can be worked out now.

    The hold up in Tbay is somewhat a negotiating ploy but really it is the necessity of TBay to offload Callahan.

    I’ve posted before that the trade can go forward without including (directly) a third party to take on Calahan.

    Ottw not bound by Cap issues. All concerns are actual $’s.

    Serg would have to be in the deal.

    Ottw takes Call, Serg and Girardi— EK goes the other way… Ottw cash flow for next year only increases by about $900K. Call owed $4.7 next two years. Girardi done after 18/19. Dorion could even retain %50 on Call and flip— aquiring team gets him for $2.35 per season— has to be worth at least 3rd rounder.

    Outside of cashflow— Ottw basically nets up and coming D in Serg for EK— plus more (see below)

    Tbay—who is under Cap crunch but much less concerned re: actual $’s… now would rid Cap of $5.8M for 2 yrs (Call); and $3.9 M extra 18/19 (Girardi and Serg)— and brings in Cap of $6.5 (EK)… cap savings this year $3.2M to bring up a prospect or 2 or even option of UFA one year contract— good options

    What is this benefit to TBay worth— and what will have to be demanded by Ottw— it starts with First rounder (’20) and at least one of Raddysh/Katchouk

    Tbay fits in Cap; gets EK— basically has the 4 horseman of the Apocolypse on D – the 3 Swedes and McD… would have to be one of top 3 cup favs for next 3 years

    Ottw loses EK— $’s not an issue — gains in Serg, 1st, possibility of 3rd (flip Call) and at least one of Raddysh/Katchouk(SP?)

    It’s doable.

    Will it happen — Nyet— too complicated and on top of that— it was an idea I had — they don’t come true.

    Summary— Ottw’s long term future not as bleak as it seems.

    Let’s all move on from Melnyk and have a great day. 🙂

    BTW— again my true hopes and wishes (as a Pens and Leafs fan) w.r.t. EK— is that he goes Westward

    Looking forward to the season 🙂

    • I don’t think anyone is overly concerned about Ott’s long-term future other than how long it may take to have one. It’s where they are now & how they got here being debated & discussed.

      Trying to project what might happen to a team in the short term the next year to 3 is hard enough never mind looking well past that timeline but you certainly have to.

      I was listening to NHL sat radio driving this morning & they quoted Lou Lamerillo. To be an NHL manager you need a 6-month plan, a 1-year plan, a 3-year plan & an 8-year plan & you need to be ready to pivot & change that plan immediately if required.

      1 significant long-term injury, a player hold out leading to a trade demand or refusal to sign an extension & your plan is dead.

      That is where Ott somehow got to today, driven primarily by Melnyk’s constant penny-pinching ways & what appears to be a lack of a plan. Some teams have set up great contract structures, Ott’s is brutal they got here by choice having made far to many bad business decisions, player trades, signings; primarily Ryan’s contract, etc..

      On the player development side, drafting etc. they have been killing it but what happens down the road if a new building isn’t brought online when all these great prospects are coming out of their ELC’s & want to get paid?

      • Agree Striker

        Ownership/new arena— biggest concern for Ottw.

        NOTE: I didn’t , and I think most didn’t (at the time of signing); see the BR contract to be the Albatross it has turned out to be. I saw it on the hefty side but did not at that time see the massive drop in production that has happened— Ouch!!!

        BTW….I’d like to announce a Trade rumour—

        Melnyk for Peter Pocklington and an autographed picture of Yollanda and Harold

        Thoughts? LOL

      • Ownership/new arena— biggest concern for Ottw.

        NOTE: I didn’t , and I think most didn’t (at the time of signing); see the BR contract to be the Albatross it has turned out to be. I saw it on the hefty side but did not at that time see the massive drop in production that has happened— Ouch!!!

        BTW….I’d like to announce a Trade rumour—

        Melnyk for Peter Pocklington and an autographed picture of Yollanda and Harold

        Thoughts? LOL

      • Sorry missed typing “concur Striker, to me” before:

        Ownership/new arena— biggest concern for Ottw.


      • I believe Ottawa is going to get a new arena, Melnyk isn’t selling although he may take on a partner retaining majority control.

        Ottawa will survive but it is going to be interesting to see if the attendance continue to spiral & to what level? Here are the attendance figures according to ESPN since coming out of the 201-13 lockout.

        2012-13 19,408.
        2013-14 18,108.
        2014-15 18,248.
        2015-16 18,084.
        2016-17 16,744.
        2017-18 15,829.

        That’s a ton of lost revenue, empty seats don’t pay for parking, food or alcohol & that’s paid attendance. I haven’t been to a game live in Ottawa but I assume they may be similar to Vancouver where we see 3 to 5 thousand paid tickets for games over the last several seasons going unused.

      • Striker: I agree Ottawa’s contract structure is brutal right now. You can’t have your 3 best players UFA at the same time plus a good secondary player in Dzingel. Many here are theorizing this is in place because a sale is imminent and it gives new ownership the opportunity to structure the team how they want immediately. I’m not buying it. Melnyk has repeatedly said the team isn’t for sale and wouldn’t the team be more valuable with Karlsson, Duchene and Stone signed long term?

        I hope I’m wrong. A deep pocketed owner in Ottawa would be great.

  3. Yay, another Karlsson bit of news

    • Yeah. I mean, everyone knows that the world is waiting with baited breath for the next bit of earth-shaking news from the self-proclaimed center of the universe. We should be talking about Nylander or Marner or Matthews or Rielly should we not? Even if there’s nothing to discuss.

      • Usually we would, but today’s topic seems to be “Dumpster fire teams”…which is why we’re discussing Ottawa.Don’t worry, when the site gets back to the matter of a REAL hockey team, this site will be full of Leaf comments again, don’t you worry.

      • A men George

      • Oh, I’m not worried. Not in the slightest. After all, we have to be lenient with fawners who have been frustrated for over half a century’s worth of not even making it to the finals, let alone winning anything of consequence. It’s only fair I guess. Mind you, anyone who was 35+ when they last won the cup is, most likely, deceased. So what we’re seeing is the next generation brought up in a culture of losing.

      • 🍿

      • what a cry baby what has ottawa ever done

      • i guess i will get an aunt in basement answer now

      • At first when I saw some of your posts bob, I put you down as something of a wit. Alas, now I see I was only half-right.

        Oh, and what has Ottawa ever won? Zilch. Nada. But what has that got to do with the thread?

        I could mention that they have reached the eastern finals – and been to the Cup finals – more than Toronto in their 25 years of new existence. But I won’t.

  4. I’m trying to picture a Karlsson to Tampa trade and I’m not seeing it. Tampa’s D is loaded and they all have NTC come October and Ottawa would have to take on another bad contract to make a trade (on top of Ryan, Boedker, Gaborik, MacArthur and retained Phaneuf money). There would have to be some miracle deal with a third team involved. Besides, Tampa needs a bigtime forward before they need him. Ottawa’s MO recently is to do the unthinkable, and so if they treat Karlsson in line with that then they will let him walk July 1.

    Wow, looking at that list, I don’t think even the leafs had that much bad money on their cap.

    • Ryan and Gaborik are brutal contracts, but MacArthur can be placed on LTIR and Boedker’s deal is far from bad. He’s slightly overpaid cap wise, but the deal has 2 years left at $3M/year in actual salary. That isn’t bad given he should get 40-50 points this year.

      • Ott has no cap issues what so ever. That’s not even a concern if Karlsson stays. CapFriendly shows them with 23 players signed 14 F’s, 7 D & 2 G’s 1 being McArthur he will be headed to IR on opening day & his contract placed on LTIR if they are so inclined. Many teams not up against the cap delay until necessary.

        Their roster though doesn’t include Tkachuk currently but he will be given every opportunity to make this roster meaning at least 2 forward are waived initially Carey & McCormick until Mcarthur & Gaborik are placed on IR, LTIR or Gaborik is fit to play. Both returning after the business side with IR & LTIR are addressed. Nor does it include any of the other prospects who may get a shot, several that are very close to starting their NHL careers.

        Here are 23 players not currently accounting for Gaborik who we have no info on at present moving them around any way you want. All teams are limited to a 23 man roster unless players are on IR or LTIR freeing up roster spots.

        Boedker, Duchene, Stone.
        Tkachuk, Pageau, Ryan.
        Smith, White, Dzingel.
        Paarjarvi, Carey, Pyatt.
        Spare. McCormick.

        If Gaborik is fit to play where does he slot in & how is the line up juggled to accommodate such? In that scenario, if Tkachuk is close but not fully ready wouldn’t Ott be better served to send him to the AHL so he can return when Gaborik does get injured again? He can’t stay healthy to save his life, or does Tkachuk go to the OHL & Brown, Batherson or Formenton become the 1st call-up?

      • Wanna make a wager? I bet he finishes below 40pts. $100. If you like him that much, here’s your chance to have him lol.

      • MacArthur will be go on LTIR for the next 2 seasons. My bet is Gaborik will also go on LTIR at the start of the season while he recovers from back surgery. Ottawa will likely have to live with Ryan’s contract for this season.
        I still see Colorado as a dark horse to land Karlsson at some point during the season they have a pile of cap space next year to get him signed long term. Something like Barrie, one of Kerfoot, Jost or Compher, plus Colorado 2019 1st ( not the pick they received from Ottawa) and a prospect.

      • Arnie.

        Are you talking about Boedker?

        I’ll take that $100.00 bet with 1 caveat, he has to play at least 75 games. If injured more than 7 games then not a chance.

    • Arnie

      See my post above for how it “could” be done

      Won’t happen tho … to complicated and was my idea (those ideas don’t happen) !!

      • “Too” complicated not “to” complicated

        Dang single finger typing

  5. Dear Mr. Dorion.

    Could you please trade E. Karlsson soon or extend him so we can stop talking about him & move on. I would be very happy if you could garner a huge return setting Ottawa up for the next decade.

    Thank you in advance.


    Ps. The same for Duchene, Stone & Dzingel who are sitting in the same boat as Karlsson today. Could we please not go through this in the summer of 2019 with Ceci & Pageau as well. Who puts themselves in a position where almost their entire team today can become UFA’s in less than 2 years?

    • Anyone else think Ottawa is going to burn this thing down and start from picks & scratch?

      • It appears they may have no choice as all these UFA’s hold almost all the power now & with each passing day once the season starts their leverage to do & go where they want increases.

  6. Devils have cap space for EK-not sure they have the assets or on EK’s approved list.
    EK, Vatanen, Butcher be nice puck moving trio back there

    • ds

      Concur that EK, Vatanen, Butcher would be a great back end but don’t see the assets that Ottw would demand

      Also can’t see EK signing in NJ for 8… so it would be a rental situation if on trade destination list

      • NJD players can easily live in Manhattan or a pricey NJ suburb. Could appeal to EK.
        The Devils could still be a playoff bubble team but does anyone see them being a force for the next 5 seasons? No one would be surprised to see them and the other NY teams at the bottom of the Atlantic division for the next few seasons either

    • NJ have the prospects and cap space to get it done but as you mention would Karlsson veto going to NJ. I would be asking for 2019 1st, McLeod, Wood, Severson as a starting point.

      • Hi Fergy

        Ottw is looking at Heisk/Theo/Serg from Dall/VGK/TBay respectively as the key up and coming D prospect required to be coming back as part of the bigger package…. I’m not up to date on the NJ prospects. who is the comparable in NJs prospect pool?

      • Pengy: Butcher or Severson could be considered for a one year rental and would definitely be on the table if Karlsson was extended. I doubt Karlsson would want to sign there long term though. IMO, I’d rather have any of Sergachev, Heiskanen or Theodore though.

        Ty Smith is NJ’s best prospect defenseman and Santini has potential. Zacha and Mcleod are their best young forwards other than Hischier, who is highly unlikely to be included in any trade.

      • Van

        Unfortunately I don’t think Ty Smith Would cut it

        Yes, Zacha and Mcleod are great prospects

        Hischier is not being moved IMO

  7. Pengy, nothing in the same caliber you mentioned D prospect wise in NJ. But McLeod is very highly touted and Wood has already established himself as a young up and coming power forward who can score. It may come down to take the best haul offered and trade with someone else for D as required.

    • Fergy22,

      You’re right … should always take best offer. However , my gut instinct is that if he is traded …. it will be an up and coming excellent D prospect as the main piece coming back; plus a first and more of course ….in the realm of:








      • To clarify …. those are the kind of values I’m thinking if he is traded pre season…. less if rental.

        Receiving team has to have reasonable belief in being able to sign EK long term

        Most likely destinations (IMO) if traded pre season ; lies with TBay and VGKs

      • Still can’t see Tampa making it work this year.Sergachev only roster player you’re moving and he’s on elc. EK will put them over cap. As I said before, good chance they’ve talked and Tampa can wait it out and not give up anything. I’m hoping he extends with Ottawa. Dallas could fit him this year but would need to sign Seguin. I get the feeling that all teams mentioned had offers in and nothing got done.

  8. I agree with you Streamfisher, Ottawa will get blown up, as it should, and start from scratch. Melnyk will force kids to play (because they’re inexpensive) and pinch his pennies again until the team gets better. That being said, Ottawa needs to rebuild quite honestly. They have had moderate success over the last decade interchanging veteran players in and out while adding some developing players like Karlsson, Stone, Turris, Dzingel, etc. While never winning a cup but having fairly frequent playoff appearances. Ottawas fanbase shouldn’t really be griping. The loss of a pick next year is bad, and due to a lack of foresight. Obviously management did not think they would miss the playoffs last year. That Duchene trade was going to turn the season into a winner. A poor gamble that did not work out. At some point every single NHL team ever will go through a rebuild. Its just Ottawas time. Delaying it will put the club back another 3 to 4 years.

    • Striker,Steamfisher, DC

      The more I think about it … the more I’m on board with you re sell sell sell now for the future

      Ottw not playoff bound for next 2 years regardless of any extensions or trades … so with that logic …. extending and keeping those vets …. 2 years down the road …. they would then be under new contracts at higher $ levels and 2 years older when a team is hoping to be on the rise; but with less prospects/youngins than they would have had (if traded made now)

      …. doing a “Shannahan”-type move (divesting vets for upcoming young roster players, prospects, picks) has them with a bucketload of (hopefully) burgeoning talent around for year 2 of a new arena…. hopefully

      New arena in better location with blossoming talent …. that should spell a massive increase in interest , thus ticket sales ….. revenue

      OK … you’ve sold me

      George …. what’s your take — tear down/rebuild or stay the course?

      • I tend to adopt the “wait-and-see” attitude when it comes to kids like Brown, Batherson, Formenton, Wolanin, Harpur, Jaros (and how Gustavsson does in his first year in the AHL) coupled with the results of some significant time under their belts by White and Chabot. Ryan needs to understand that he MUST be fitted with proper gloves that afford protection (all his injuries have been to the hands), and, of course, both Anderson and Condon need to have decent rebound years because, as I’ve said many times already, enough of their losses last season could be laid squarely at their feet that, better performances similar to the previous year would have had them a lot further up the standings.

      • I should have added that the coaching staff has to play the kids more rather than older crocks like Pyatt and Gaborik and that way they (management) will know soon enough how things are developing (or not). If their falling all over themselves as the season reaches late November, then the fire sales will commence in earnest.

      • “they’re” not “their” – damned spell-check

      • George

        I abhor the auto-correct and spell check crap on my phone as well … drives me nuts

        Concur re playing the yougins

        BR needs his grandfathers gloves —LOL

      • Yeah. Someone should point out to him that Rocket Richard and Gordie Howe managed to pot 1,455 goals (including playoffs) while wearing gloves that would befit the knights of old.

  9. We need Luke Richardson back to develop our kids. Especially the defense. The farm is a mess. All fine and dandy to have reasonable prospects. Gotta develop them proper.