NHL Rumor Mill – August 16, 2018

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Possible options for the Oilers to replace Andrej Sekera plus the latest on the Leafs in your NHL rumor mill.


EDMONTON SUN: With Edmonton Oilers defenseman Andrej Sekera sidelined indefinitely with a potentially career-threatening torn Achilles tendon, Jim Matheson examined possible options to replace him.

A promising youngster such as Evan Bouchard or Ethan Bear could get an opportunity. Free-agent possibilities include former Oiler Brandon Davidson, along with Toby Enstrom, ” Luca Sbisa, Paul Martin, Jason Garrison, Alexei Emelin, Kevin Bieksa, Kyle Quincey, Cody Franson and Johnny Oduya.”

Matheson feels Sbisa is the best of that group but could be expensive to sign. The Oilers have around $4.9 million in cap space with restricted free agent Darnell Nurse still to be signed.

Could Boston’s Torey Krug be a possible replacement for sidelined Edmonton Oilers defenseman Andrej Sekera? (Photo via NHL Images)

Matheson took to Twitter to bet $100.00 the Oilers bring back Davidson on a professional tryout offer. 

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples also weighed in on the Oilers’ option to replace the sidelined Sekera. In addition to suggesting many of the same players as Matheson, Staples wonders if they might pursue Carolina Hurricanes rearguard Justin Faulk.  He carries a $4.8-million annual average value and is a right-shot defenseman with great offensive skills.

With Sekera out, it frees up cap space to absorb Faulk’s contract. He also might not cost much, as the Hurricanes recently shipped winger Jeff Skinner to the Buffalo Sabres for a prospect forward and three draft picks.

NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty wonders if Sekera’s injury might renew the Oilers’ interest in Bruins defenseman Torey Krug. While the Bruins don’t want to trade Krug, they still need a top-six sniper. He wonders if a strong enough package featuring Krug might be enough to pry away Ryan Nugent-Hopkins.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli will likely keep his ears open for reasonable trade proposals. I suspect he’ll try the PTO/free-agent route before considering a trade.

While the Hurricanes didn’t get much back for Skinner, his status next summer as an unrestricted free agent and his no-movement clause was the main factor behind the swiftness of that deal. They didn’t want questions over Skinner’s future hanging over the club this season. The Sabres were among the few destinations he was willing to accept.

Faulk, on the other hand, is signed through 2019-20 with a limited no-trade clause so they’re not under pressure to move him at this time. Given their blueline depth, they can afford to be patient and wait for a good offer for Faulk, be it from the Oilers or another club in need of a top-four defenseman. They’ll also have more trade options with him than they did with Skinner. 

As for Krug, there was speculation earlier in the offseason linking him to the Oilers and several other clubs. Since then, it’s gone quiet. Doesn’t mean he won’t be traded but the Bruins aren’t in any rush to make that move. They’ll likely evaluate their roster during training camp and the early part of the season before deciding if they need to swing a big deal for a scoring winger. That move might not come until the trade deadline and could be a rental player.

And no, Krug as the centerpiece of a trade pitch isn’t enough to land Nugent-Hopkins. The Oilers love the chemistry he has with superstar center Connor McDavid and they don’t want to tamper with it. 


TSN 1050: Earlier this week, The Athletic’s James Mirtle discussed possible moves by the Toronto Maple Leafs prior to the start of this season. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if management kicked the tires on some potential moves for a defenseman. He leans toward them landing a depth blueliner as a top-pairing guy would be expensive and there aren’t many available. He also felt they might bring in a fourth-line center.

Regarding a new contract for RFA forward William Nylander, Mirtle believes that could get done before training camp opens next month. He thinks bridge deal or term is what’s being discussed, suggesting a seven- or eight-year deal could be too expensive for the Leafs right now. He also feels Detroit Red Wings center Dylan Larkin’s five-year deal ($6.1 million per season) could have an effect upon the discussions.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The performance of the Leafs defense during training camp and preseason play will be a factor in determining whether the Leafs try to add a top-four guy or perhaps go the PTO/free-agent route for a more affordable addition. Carolina’s Justin Faulk was linked to the Leafs earlier in the offseason. As Mirtle noted, however, he could prove too expensive to land at this time.

As for Nylander, the Larkin contract is likely to have an effect upon his negotiations with the Leafs. Term might not be as much an issue as the annual average value. With hefty new deals on the horizon for Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner, Nylander’s new salary could effect the Leafs’ cap space (and how much they can afford to invest in Matthews and Marner) well beyond the coming season. 



  1. There ya go LeafsAdvocate, Cucumber Kid and bob – now fill us all in on your inside wisdom of the Leafs future plan. Don’t be shy.

    • Land a dman that actually knows how to play defense would be a start!

      • Ha-ha!

        Doesn’t Hainsey know how to play D? Zaitsev & Reilly are learning but still have more to learn especially Zaitsev having only played 2 years in the NHL his 1st in an offensive role.

        I pretty much agree with you though but not as easy to accomplish just ask Edm. Tor certainly needs to sign or trade for a safety net for Dermott before the season starts.

        Tor’s speed, puck possession game is going to hide a ton of defensive deficiencies at least until playoff time if not addressed.

      • IF Andersen doesn’t have an off year. Goalies can be prone to that “good season – bad season” carousel.

      • Zaitsev will never be a good dman he’s been playing hockey along time if he hasn’t gotten better by now it isn’t happening

      • I’m not judging Zaitsev as an NHL Dman based on his play in Russia. The KHL May have a few better teams than the AHL but still no where near the NHL.

        His development curve for me changes little so I will reserve judging his development until my markets have been met.

        We will revisit in 3 years. His age excellerates it nominally simply due to physics & mental preparation.

      • Hainsy is garbage he needs a guy like Dumoulin to carry his useless carcass and make him look like he doesn’t suck. Hainsy thinks a break out entails blasting the puck around the dasher and hoping like hell a player from his team retrieves it. He’s an antiquated joke that the leafs bought because they are determined to let the cup drought hit 6 decades.

      • Whoa.

        No Hainsey isn’t there to drive offence or make beautiful outlet passes but in his brief stop in Pit & virtually every team he has played for as a decade he’s played solid defensive minutes & as long as he gets that puck out of danger that’s his role.

        He helped your team win a cup playing huge defensive minutes. Solid 2nd pairing anchor for a young or offensive Dman.

        Yes Father Time has reduced his effectiveness but he is still solid defensively. His game is built on smarts & sound positional play.

        With out Hainsey Pit probably doesn’t win 2 cups in a row.

      • Striker,

        Knowing how to play defence and being able to do it are two different things.

      • That’s a laugh, maybe you should actually watch a couple games before telling actual fans of certain teams who did what? The Penguins won despite having to haul Hainsy out every game not because of him. He is the most useless Penguins defensman since Rob Scuderi. I don’t care about offensive numbers at all but I do care about simple controlled breakouts and entries which Hainsy is incapable of. If not for a very underrated Brian Dumoulin playing way above his head Hainsy would have been a disaster. Why do you think the Penguins didn’t re-sign him and instead signed Hunwick(who is also useless)? It’s because they saw first hand how inept a player Hainsy is.

      • Hainsey did his job and the pens might not have a cup without him. Don’t tell someone else about watching games when it’s obvious you didn’t. No one hauled his ass up and down the ice. Sorry he doesn’t fit your narrative but don’t rewrite history.

      • I actually did watch every game and Hainsy was a disaster. I’m not rewriting anything clown, Hainsy was terrible and they could have won with almost anyone playing in Hainsys place. They had great goaltending and clutch goal scoring. I haven’t missed a game in years and Hainsy was on par with Rob Scuderis second tour with the team. If Hainsy was such a vital piece why didn’t they re-sign him? He would have signed for the same deal Hunwick did. Hainsy had one good shift the entire playoffs.

      • Deee I don’t what you saw but Hainsey was arguabley Pitts best defenseman during that cup run. Not a Hainsey fan but got to give him credit.

      • Hainsy was not Pitts best dman it was Dumoulin, Shultz and Maatta. Cole was great and Daley rose to the challenge. Hainsy got walked and worked at every turn. He can’t make a simple breakout pass. Everything is blasting the puck around the boards out of the zone. He was flat out bad, saying he was the best dman that year is an insult to guys like Dumoulin and Shultz, they were the backbone of that cup run. Dumoulin is like a young Seabrook in terms of effect on the game he is playing in but he gets zero credit.

      • Caper I totally disagree, hainsey was not 3ven close to the pens best dman

      • Aaaannndddd the true colors come out. Sorry deee. Wilsonites need not apply. I also watched every game and you are full of dinggleberries. At the time hainsey was a solid addition. The objective facts speak for themselves. Hainsey top 4. Pens cup.

      • I don’t agree with Wilson almost ever, but these are 2 relevant blogs that were written at the time and not after the fact. You obviously don’t know a dam thing about hockey if you think the Pens could not won with any other right shot dman. Hainsy dragged down Justin Shultz for years and was the dumpster on the Penguins. Hainsy is a guy that part time fans pube for because he played 20 mins a game during that playoff run. The truth is that if they got someone else the path to the cup would have been much smoothe. Ask the Sens who they wanted on the ice when they were in the offensive zone. It was Hainsy all day. Again, why didnt the Pens re-sign Hainsy it he was so great? It was because the Pens front office was sick of grinding their teeth every time he was on the ice worried about getting lit up:

      • Wow sorry I meant Justin Falk, wow when you get used to a names that follow Justin as a dman you get tunnel vision.

      • ^^^^ point made! You can see how he responds when he knows he’s wrong

    • Fixing the Leafs is the most overdone topic on boards. They aren’t a perfect team, they have a hole on the right side of their D. People are typically divided into “Stanley cup favourites” hype brigade, or “Leafs can’t win without a #1 D”.

      Reality is they lie somewhere in between. The Leafs, along with Tampa, Winnipeg, Pittsburgh and Nashville are amoung the few teams that have strong enough pieces that they always have an edge in some area. So it will come down to their ability to mitigate their weakness and exploit that edge to maximum effect.

      To me, Winnipeg is the most complete team in the NHL, and Nashville is a team with a massive strength with no real weaknesses. But teams like Tampa, Toronto and Pittsburgh all have at least one area of strength over those teams (Deeper Centers or better offensive depth), and if things go ok, and any of those teams can come up a good series where they force the style of play to favour their strength, they can win.

      For those saying the Leafs D “Can’t” win, well Pittsburgh’s two cups beg to differ. Also forget about arguing the Leafs D versus Pitts D, the fact remains that the Pens took their D minus Letang against Nashville’s D and won. That gap in talent on the blueline is just staggering, but that series was proof it can be overcome.

      • Danny Pittsburg had Crosby who was/is the best player in the world , and Malkin one of the best playoff performers of all time in there primes . Tavares and Mathews are a cheap knock off . Mathews not in prime yet and Tavares playoff record or lack there of speaks for itself . Kessel also raised his game didnt disappear . When the benches get shorter and competition tougher in the playoffs Pittsburg had THE best center combo in the league clicking in prime . The leafs don’t have that , will never have that with John exiting prime as Mathews enters and this season is there best chance to win before adding half the marlies team so they can keep the 3 kids including letting there best d man the last couple years walk for nothing (gardiner) and Hainsey who led the league in PK minutes .

      • The Penguins have Malkin and Crosby nuff said

      • Also that “cheap” knockoff will be the highest paid center duo in the league next season .

      • Again, moot point. Crosby Malkin at the best, are no doubt better than Tavares and Matthews.

        However Tavares, Matthews, Kadri, Nylander and Marner make the argument that the Leafs forward group going into this season is as good as just about any since the lockout era.

        The point is the Leafs are another team in a long line of teams who enter the fray as a flawed contender that will be flagged with the moniker of not built to win until they prove that incorrect. Drawing some arbitrary line of what they don’t have based on what another team who won does have, while ignoring things they do have that past winners didn’t, is just pointless in a league where every team is imperfect, and every team will have that imperfection talked about at length if they don’t win.

        Winnipeg is the most complete team in the NHL with elite players at every position, and they lost to an expansion team who in turn lost to a team that had been dubbed by many as a team that didn’t know how to play playoff hockey.

        If Winnipeg doesn’t win this year, chances are we will start hearing about their lack of a really good #2 Center, or how guys like Laine and Ehlers cant get it done in the playoffs.

        The point isn’t that the Leafs are going to win, they are more likely to lose than win, just like every other team is more likely to lose than win, and chances are any team that beats them will be because they exploited their very specific weakness.

        The point is that their construction does not guarantee they can’t win, and they certainly aren’t built to take one shot at it and then break it all up. So all the talk about how they NEED to trade Nylander or Marner right now for a top D, or how there isn’t one available right now so therefore they never get a cup, is just not based in logic. If along the way of the next 5-7 years that they will be icing extremely offensively gifted and competitive teams an opportunity presents itself, or the right guy develops into something more than expected, they are better off being patient than thinking they need to go crazy to get something done in short order.

      • The Penguis defense is And was much better than the Leafs current d corps. Even without Letang the Penguins d is much better top to bottom than the current Leafs crew. I am kind of tired of hearing that the Penguins won with a bad d corps. Guys like Dumoulin, Maatta and Shultz are very underrated and Daley and Cole played very well under pressure. They always had one dman that just stunk like Hainsy and Lovejoy and now Jackass Johnson but at this point I’m used to it and it doesn’t really hurt anything.

      • Yes Crosby and Malkin are still better than Mathews and Tavares and when you throw in Kessel, Brassard, Guentzel, and Hornqvist, it’s better than the Leafs group and much more accomplished.

    • Lmao George…

      • You’ll notice, Streamfisher, that the Terrific Trio have yet to weigh in on a day when the Leafs are part of the topic. What they do do, however, is scream “troll” or “Leafshater” or “whiner” if and when anyone other than a devoted Leafs fan dares to offer an opinion that they view as undue criticism. Sad, really.

    • Future plans are to be the team that finally manages to bring the Cup back to Canada, since nobody else could get the job done….What they do about the D will depend on what is/ becomes available in the next 3 seasons or so…The Leafs “window is only just starting to crack open, there’s lots of time to let the D in the system develop, if they have to.

      • Crack open ?
        Next season they have Tavares 11
        Marleau 6.25
        Kadri 4.5
        Nylander 7 roughly
        Marner 7 roughly
        Mathews 12 roughly
        Hyman 2.1
        Brown 2.2
        = 52
        Reilly 5
        Zaitsev 4.5
        = 9.5
        Fred 5
        Total = 66.5
        6 forwards
        5 d men
        1 backup
        16.5 million to fill 12 spots .
        Johnsson has arbitration rights , kapanen needs to be extended .. gardiner hasn’t been signed or replaced yet ?
        Hainsey and his league leading pk minutes gone . How do you fill in those blanks ? Trading Marleau ?? Lol the default leaf nation answer ? Sure he will accept a trade to a bottom feeder to close out career . Kadri ? Reading one of your best value contracts to help cap situation? Zaitsev ? For a bag of pucks and promote another marlie ?

  2. Bringing in Enstrom would cost nothing, where Krug would cost them either high draft pick or top 9 skater. Similar players. The former oft injured.

    • try top 6

    • I think Enstrom would make a solid acquisition to play on the 3rd pairing with Benning & provide some decent depth until Sekera can get back up to game speed.

      What team can lose their top 3 Dman for as long as Edm did last season & have any hope of competing!

      2 years no NTC nor NMC at or near 2 mil per so Edm can move him at any time if so inclined.

    • could be worse you could have chia running the show

    • I tried pointing that same issue out before Craig, but it seems high math is not one of their strong suits. They’ll just come back with “the cap will rise to $90 million and everything will be as sun-shiny as the PMs office. Needless to say, the current economic dark clouds hanging over North America is also lost on them.

  3. Leafs have defencemen. Enough already with a top pairing guy or the stud. Who are they and where are they? Tavares, Matthews and Kadti. Somewhat like Crosby, Malkin and whoever. I think that brought them 2 cups, with no stud defenceman.

    • Letang missed 1 of those 2 cups due to injury but I believe he qualifies as a stud Dman, well at least for me he is. An injury waiting to happen but when he plays he’s an elite level offensive Dman who isn’t a trainwreck defensively. Even with all his injury’s he still sits tied for 14th in scoring for NHL Dman having played only 297 games over that time frame on average playing 100 fewer games than the 13 players in front of him.

      • Letang couldnt check a hat. Decent offensively but injury prone and a defensive liability.

        Definetly not a “stud”.

      • Letang is a great offensive defenseman, but was terrible defensively in the games I watched last year (10-12).

      • It’s funny leaf fans always want to compare their defense too pitts defense when they won the cup, the sad part is the pens defense was a whole lot better than what the leafs have

      • Letang struggles last season no doubt but again not a train wreck defensively. He’ll never be confused with Doughty, Sutter, Weber etc. But he isn’t being paid to be a shut down Dman but a transition Dman pushing the envelope to help drive the offence.

      • Yeah Letang is so bad defensively that he plays on the 1PK and plays almost 25 minutes a game. His skating alone makes him elite. He and Dumoulin together are the Penguins shut down unit. And their track record speaks for itself. Letang is a top 10 talent.

      • They apply the same knock on Karlsson Deee – i.e., his high-octane offense does not make up for his alleged defensive weaknesses.

      • I agree George I think Letang and Karlsson are painted with the same brush. Letang is not quite as great as Karlson but both are excellent defensive players and play big minutes in all situations. Letangs biggest knock is he can’t stay off the dl, When he is healthy he is an elite top 10 talent. This year the Pens d is already set in stone and Letang will play lower minutes accross the board. This should bode well for the Penguins cup aspirations.

  4. Without Nugent the Oilers do not have much to offer unless it is Bouchard and Yamamoto but they do not free up any salary relief.
    Good luck
    I would think Larkin is a decent comparable for Nylander.

    • Except that Larkin played C & Nylander RW. Larkin played as Detroit’s #1 C last season edging Zetterberg out by 0:21 TOI/GP at 19:51 playing on the #2 PP & PK units. Nylander played almost 3 mins less per game & also saw 2nd unit PP time but didn’t kill penalties.

      Now Nylander may be a C 1 day but not anytime soon with Tavares signed long term, Matthews soon to be & Kadri having 4 more years on an incredible contract.

      C’s get paid more than wingers & if I had to choose between these 2 players I take Larkin as he has been trained & is being developed to play as a 2 way C not compromising defence to generate offence.

      • All true Striker but Larkin doesn’t have that whole Leafs “he’s the best thing since sliced bread” media hype around him. That’s worth an extra mil easy 🙂

      • Larkin is a solid 2 way C in the making. He may well enter the conversation as 1 of the leagues best in another 3 years. He is already in the 2nd tier with the likes of ROR, Little etc. & he’s just a kid. He just turned 22 on July 30th. By 25 he should be putting up 75+ points & be solid defensively well doing so. What great value for Det as this contract plays out.

        The unfortunate part is it makes him a UFA at 27.

    • Why do they need relief ? IF they added Krug or a similar d man it’s with the sekera 5.5 moving to ltir . Can also now re assess nurse long term . I hope they add a 2nd pairing guy either expiring or pushed down another teams depth chart for cheaper . Put an established d man Beside nurse and allow bear Bouchard to force there way in to the lineup . Russell benning on last pair .

      • I would maintain Russell on his offside where he partnered with Sekera when healthy on the 2nd pairing. Move Nurse to that pairing Benning plays with ?on the 3rd pairing. I’d like to see Enstrom signed to a 2-year deal similar to Hamhuis in Nas although being 2 years younger for nominally more money, maybe 2 mil per no-trade protection nor NMC.

  5. no worries oil fans, Chiarelli will fix this … bwa ha ha ha ha … at least it isn’t Don Waddell making your decisions …

    • Chiarelli was hired on April 24th, 2015. He has done several good things some bad but I’m not gauging his ability to fix the mess the assumed in Edm in 3 years nor can he be blamed for injuries last season to Sekera, Klefbom & Larsson.

      Like Ott the worst thing to happen to Edm was playing so well in 2016-17 where virtually everything went right followed by the exact opposite last season for both these teams.

      I’ll give Chiarelli the customary 5 years to right this ship & then grade him on what he has accomplished the season following that. the 2020-21 season.

      • Peter Chiarelli is responsible for some of the worst trades of the decade (Wheeler, Seguin – THE worst one – Hall for Larsson…), signing Lucic too; I wonder how the man still has a GM job… I hope he does it again and trade RNH for relatively small package around Torey Krug – like, Krug and Cehlarik

  6. Let’s see, so Chiarelli traded away the winger (Maroon) that had the best chemistry with his superstar, because he overpaid for another slow forward (Lucic) similar to him. PC overpaid Sekera, who always seems to be hurt, and needs to replace him (again) in the lineup. The coaching staff finally finds another winger (RNH) with some chemistry with McDavid, and now everyone has him traded for a small d-man. Nevermind that would remove another skilled fast forward from the Oilers depth, making them even SLOWER up front.

    tell me, how does Chiarelli still have a job?

    • I won’t address all those issues & you missed Chiarelli’s worst deal paying a 1st & high 2nd for G. Reinhart. That person who sold him on that trade is now unemployed.

      Chiarelli inherited a complete mess in Edm, not the least of which was a D that couldn’t stop a beach ball in the ECHL never mind the NHL.

      Edm was in worse shape than Ott is spiralling into. He paid the price to completely restructure that D.

      Again I will judge Chiarelli based on what Edm accomplishes in the 2020-21 season. That gives him 5 years to restructure this team to his liking. If Edm isn’t a sold playoff contender by then he’s toast.

      That said trading for G. Reinhart was almost grounds for immediate termination. This is a great example where you don’t want to look at what those picks actually are becoming as it really makes it look way beyond brutal. 1st round pick was used to draft Barzal, the 2nd was flipped with a late 2nd to move up & draft Beauvillier.

      • Don’t forget trading Eberle just for the sake of trading him… oilers could have used his 20 goals last year…

        He should have been given a chance to rebound and it would have made way more sense trading him this year. I’m still miffed why he was rushed to be moved..

        Probably could have done something along the lines of Eberle for Faulk right about now…

      • Oh I wrote it down & was going to address every trade & signing in his 3 years but to much ink & to what point.

        Eberle was partly moved for cap reasons & Edm fans wanted his head in a silver plater after his playoff run & that got what thetime wanted.

        I hated that deal for Edm as well. Never made sense to me at that time.

        Again I’m not defending Chiarelli specifically, I’m simply reserving judgement until he’s been given a fair & reasonable time to fix the mess he inherited. For me that is 5 years & if I. Year 6 it isn’t working I sack him.

        Again the G. Reinhart trade for me is totally unacceptable & he’s lucky to have survived that brain fart. I don’t care if he bought a bill of goods from someone else in the organization unless it came from above if below the blames on him.

      • Yep I totally agree striker it was done for cap reasons. But PC could have waited until this summer to do it as now the cap room is a big deal.

        They had plenty of space last year before shipping off Ebs…

        Honestly I’m just happy he hasn’t made a trade this summer so far!!!

      • Perhaps but trading away a solid top 4 dman in Shultz for a third round pick doesn’t help much. Yes playing for the Oil beat his confidence almost to the point of no return. That team is a wasteland top to bottom. Every player that has escaped that black hole has improved a great deal. Shultz, Hall and Perron off the top of my head have all had their games improve significantly since getting getting the hell out of Edmonton. The Oilers have been awful drafting and even worse at developing players. That whole organization needs to be purged and start over. If you look at the last 30 years of the NHL McDavid is a top 6 talent and his most productive years are going to be wasted playing for a team that is flawed from the front office down to the coaching staff.

      • Deee

        Schultz was one of the major reasons Eakins got fired. And Mctavish for that matter. They completely misused him and its too bad PC didn’t notice that :/

      • Dee you may want to take a look at Chiarellis work at the draft since joining the oilers and which prospects he rushed ? Kailer was sent down in position of need last year , so was Jesse the last two years … who did he rush ? It’s clear you didn’t look in to this prior to your comments so I’ll give time for you to search .. no team can seamlessly get by with 3 top d men from year prior injured for large chunks together . Coupled with mcdavid early sickness , Leon concussion and talbot injury things never got on track . Talbot of course will struggle behind that . Pete can’t be blamed for much past not replacing sekera coming off the seasons klefbom talbot Larson we’re coming off and nurse to soak up some of sekera minutes . That was never able to take place , a healthy d alone will change the outlook this season . Pete has to replace sekera this time , preferably on short term

  7. Edmonton PP is already good with McDavid but adding Krug to that mix on the PP, you best stay out of the penalty box.
    Taking RNH out of the equation, what player(s) or package works?
    PC is the one who signed an undrafted Torey Krug and it was an A++++ signing for an undrafted player, so he knows and likes the player would that play into a decision to make a trade and for the cost of acquiring.
    Would PC trade Puljujarvi (straight up) or Strome + a 2nd for Krug?

    • Strome + a 2nd is a bad deal for the Bruins, Sweeney will never make this trade. Krug for Puljujarvi as a BOS fan I’d take in a heartbeat, but it’s a HUGE risk for PC: if Pulju has his breakthrough season with us and becomes what he was projected to be – and Chiarelli traded him for PP specialist… Boy oh boy!)))

  8. Adding Krug is a pipe dream isn’t happening Oilers wouldn’t move RNH and I’m not sure Boston would want a small often injured winger. I could see the Bruins moving McQuaid but looked at the Oiler lineup and don’t see a fit would need to be a pick.

  9. Toby Enstrom is probably their best bet for acquiring an NHL calibre defenseman without giving up any assets. The Oilers cannot really afford to give up young prospects, or developing pieces without getting a high quality Dman in return. Ive mentioned it before, but ill reiterate, that maybe they go after Erik Karlsson. They can fit his cap with Sekera out no problem, and could likely resign him (if he’s willing) to an extension if they move out some salary. I do not know exactly what the trade would be, not even sure where to start. Perhaps their 1st round pick, Yamamoto, plus plus? Seems Ottawa needs to get a maxed out return for EK, and Oilers desperately need a Dman. Thoughts?

    • I really don’t see a fit between Edmonton and Ottawa. Nurse would have to be in the package from Ottawa’s perspective, and that isn’t happening without a Karlsson extension unless Chiarelli has lost his mind. Bouchard, Yamamoto and Puljujarvi are interesting young players, but I don’t see them as being centerpieces in a Karlsson trade. If Ottawa really liked Bouchard, they could have picked him instead of Tkachuk.

      I was surprised Bouchard and Dobson fell as far as they did this year, but nine teams passed on both players despite the difficulty in finding top 4 defensemen.

    • I sincerely doubt Edmonton is on Karlsson’s list of OK destinations.

      • It seems like there is only one team that Karlson will sign an extension with and I don’t blame him. Lowest taxes, no snow and to play with a close friend on a top 4 team. Those are good enough reasons right there.

  10. I really think Karlsson would go to Edmonton to play with mcDavid

    • Not – a – chance. Yeah, McDavid is there. But it’s STILL Edmonton.

  11. Edmonton is on EK,s no trade list so that is like 99% not happening. It could possibly happen he could change his mind and try a season with McDavid but I would say its 100% not re signing. I’m a die hard oilers fan but long term this would not be a good deal for the Oilers. Unless there was a sign and trade.

  12. Dr Mr Sweeney.

    I sure hope Haggerty is just blowing smoke up his own A–. Please don’t trade Krug but get him extended next summer long term so he McAvoy & Carlo can be Bos’s future D for the better part of a decade.

    Lifelong Bruins fan.


  13. Edmonton have interest in Jonas Brodin from MN? He is solid defensively, doesn’t panic, and is decent moving the puck. Before the Hall trade, there were trade rumors involving him going to Edmonton back then. The Wild have a little more depth this year on D and Brodin’s salary isn’t ungodly high. Not sure what assets the Oilers would offer in return though.

  14. Chiarelli lost his mind when he traded Hall…

    • He paid a huge price to get a shut down young 1st pairing Dman in a great contract. He loses that trade but a that was the cost to help fix a huge hole on Edm’s roster.

      Why hasn’t Tor or almost every other team not been able to get the quality of Dman they want & need? They simply aen’t Prepared to pay the cost. Edm did & now almost all complain about it. I don’t I simply accept it not like it.

      • When Hall demands 11 mil per for 8 years next summer how would Edm have fit that cap onto their roster?

        Larson may get 5 possibly 5.5 in 2 summers on his extension at far less than 8 years.

        People may not like the hard business choices teams are forced to make but they exist for everyone sooner or later in a cap world. You can’t keep everyone.

      • That was just a bad trade by PC it had nothing to do with the salary cap. It was a bad trade when it happen and it’s a worst trade today.

        Trade for Krug

      • How has Toronto not been able to get that caliber of a dman you ask? Well getting the choice between Scott Harrington and Brian Dumoulin in the Kessel trade and picking the wrong guy by a mile is one example. Teams make bad moves and dumb choices. The Oilers trading the pick that became Barzal for a useless Griffin Reinhart is another example. You never really know what you have until that player gets an actual chance.

  15. Late to the board again — day packed full of meetings. Doh!!!

    Can’t see EK in ED

    Can’t see Nurse moving from Ed

    Krug would be a nice ED fit but IMO a long shot as the price to pay Bos might be too steep and PC is recently proceeding with trepidation.

    PC must do something but it does not have to be immediate (this week). PTOs might be the best option now— can do a back-up plan via “starting” conversations of a potential trade in parallel with PTOs

    I’m still sticking with ….Toronto must must must do something re: D— As positioned now on Leafs roster and upcoming Marlies… I just don’t see them built to win cup.

    Built for sure to do massive damage in reg season. Can see them vying for Div lead maybe even Conf lead; but playoffs are a different game altogether and I don’t see them designed for the whole enchilada yet.

    That’s just my reoccurring bugaboo.

    If (and again it is an IF) TBay gets EK— Leafs IMO would need catastrophic injuries in TBay to have an expectation of at least getting to an ECF let alone SCF… then winning.

    That’s just the old curmudgeon in me.

  16. To Toronto:

    Depth Blueliner=Gunnarson or Bortuzzo

    4th line center=Sundquist or Barbashev

    To Blues: Draft Pick (2nd)

    • Hi Iowa Boy

      I know StL has to free up $’s to get Smaltzy signed and I like Bartuzzo but D depth and fringe NHL centres (Sunquist) is not what Toronto needs

      For StL …. even though I like Bouwmeester … he is mid 30’s now and has Cap hit of $5.4M…. that might be the avenue they need to take to free up $’s…. spitballing here …. but IF (long IF) they decide to move JB …. do they make a call to Chiarelli ? With some retained $’s ???

      I don’t know???

      Per Cap Freindly they already have 24 NHL contracts (w/o Smaltzy) and if I’m reading it correctly , only Dunn can go down w/o having to clear waivers

      Something’s got to give….and it won’t be Arz to the rescue as they’re at 50 contracts already with an RFA yet to sign

      StL will also prob want to give Kyrou and Kostin a sniff

  17. The Oilers do not need Faulk. They needed a right shot defenceman who could provide offence and defence, a well-rounded player, and they got that in Evan Bouchard. I would be surprised if he doesn’t make the team this season. Either way, if the Oilers trade for Faulk, they would have him, Larsson and Bouchard as right shots, and are any of them really third pairing defencemen?

    The Oilers obviously need a winger. Well, several.. On the right side, they have good prospects in Puljujarvi and Yamamoto, but a stop-gap and short term reliever would be nice. If only they could have grabbed Grabner to try and match McDavid’s speed on a rush up the ice.

    If the Oilers would be able to land a true top line right winger, maybe it would be Mark Stone. It would cost the Oilers’ first round pick in 2019 plus more, conditionally of course, in case it is a top pick. Not even Chiarelli would be that dumb….right? Or is Mark Stone signed long term worth a top 10 overall pick? Let’s say between 6th and 10th overall, if Stone agrees to sign long term.

    • The other point was Lucic sucks and should obviously be replaced with a younger, more competent left winger.