NHL Rumor Mill – August 2, 2018

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Recent updates on the Canadiens and Jets in your NHL rumor mill.

Should the Montreal Canadiens attempt to re-sign Max Pacioretty? (Photo via NHL Images)


MONTREAL GAZETTE: Brendan Kelly believes Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin is stuck between a rock and a hard place with captain Max Pacioretty. The 29-year-old left winger is eligible next summer for unrestricted free agent status. 

Noting the Canadiens GM’s reported efforts to move Pacioretty for months, Kelly believes Bergevin’s peers know he’s desperate to trade his captain before the start of the season. As a result, they’re offering less than fair market value because they know Bergevin has little room to manoeuvre here. Pacioretty’s trade status could become an unnecessary distraction if he’s not dealt before the start of the season.

Kelly’s colleague Pat Hickey reports some Canadiens fans believe the club should try to trade defenseman Shea Weber or goaltender Carey Price. The state of Weber’s health and his hefty contract makes that unlikely while few teams could have interest in Price’s expensive new deal after last season’s meltdown. That leaves Pacioretty, who Bergevin appears keen to trade despite the winger’s desire to re-sign with the Canadiens. As it’s doubtful Bergevin will get full value for his captain, Hickey proposes they attempt to reset their relationship and work out a new contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Re-signing Pacioretty would be costly (perhaps $7 million per season) and I don’t believe the two sides can work things out now. If there’s not a decent trade to be found before the start of the season, Bergevin will retain Pacioretty in hopes the market improves. He’ll likely point to the Colorado Avalanche starting last season with Matt Duchene before shipping him in mid-November to the Ottawa Senators in a three-way deal, noting how the Avs improved following that move. 


WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Mike McIntyre believes the Winnipeg Jets’ offseason has raised more questions than it has answered. With Paul Stastny having signed with the Vegas Golden Knights, McIntyre wonders who’ll fill the second-line center position. They do have several internal options, such as Bryan Little, Blake Wheeler or perhaps Jack Roslovic. They’ll also have to look at a new defense partner for Dustin Byfuglien with Toby Enstrom and the Jets having parted company. Tyler Myers was one option mentioned by coach Paul Maurice.

McIntyre also points out the Jets have limited salary-cap space with Blake Wheeler, Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor due new contracts next summer. Given Jacob Trouba’s one-year, $5.5-million deal awarded last month via arbitration, this could be headed toward a messy breakup. “As long as Winnipeg remains in playoff contention and Trouba is playing a big role, a mid-season move seems unlikely, ” said McIntyre. “But the issue isn’t going away and will have to be dealt with sooner than later.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets will look internally to address those questions before looking outside the organization for help. If they can’t find those fixes from within, they’ll dabble in the trade market or the waiver wire.

As for Trouba, unless the Jets face-plant in 2018-19 he won’t be moved by the Feb. 25, 2019 trade deadline. I think he gets dealt next summer, probably in late-June. 



  1. When (and I think it is much more likely now a “when” than an “if”) Patches moves to another team…. IMO, he will shoot out of the cannon … pressure off and back to just loving to play ; all with the added benefit of snubbing his nose at MB

    IMO , bidding teams are likely envisioning this same scenario and might start to soften their position (offer a bit more) and this deal could get done pre training camp

    For Patches sake … I hope this happens…, to where…. I’ve got no strong inclination/gut feeling

    I just think hockey in general is better off if he’s traded ( as a Leafs/Pens fan …. out west please)

    • Dallas I think is a good fit. Radoluv and PAcioretty had good chemistry together.

      If he ends up starting season in Montreal maybe Washington goes after him as a rental.

      I think he bounces back in a big way this season regardless of what team he plays on. He will help his new team greatly on the PK as well.

      • Would love to see him in Dallas …. no thanks to Wash…. 🙂

        … all Western teams welcome to have Patches … please and thank-you

      • Wonders if Patches might be that “veteran scoring presence” Bowman is looking for Chicago’s top six

      • Kinda Plaid

        Another move I’d welcome (as a Western club) 🙂

        …, what do you ponder re trade coming back from Chi?

      • Not much..Anisimov and a pick?

      • I think the way it may all play out with Patches is he plays in Mtl until the deadline, assuming a good deal can not be found. A better deal might be around at the deadline. If not, MB is fired then and the new GM with a fresh slate with Patches can then get a new deal done as Patches has been clear and consistent about loving Mtl. Geoff Molson (with Serge Savard in his ear) will makesure a deal for Patches is not a panic deal that will hurtthe Habs in the end.

        Weber will only have any trade value if he come back and is lights out. Not holding my breath. Webber is earning under his cap hit by almost 2 million dollars for the next four years and them it only gets better. Couple that with the Preds having to basically pay all the cap recapture if he retires early and he might not be as bad a bet as some think. Also I wonder what happens with expansion, just musing there.
        Price should and is not being moved this year, and should not be. Whatever your thoughts on his salary/value, no one is currently ready to take his spot and he does way out perform any goalies currently AVAILABLE. Anyone you think is a better goalie, they are no a realistic acquisition for the Habs.

  2. Chevy is definitely between a rock and a hard place…. just as the team is hitting on all cylinders these roster issues and upcoming potential “right up against the cap” nightmare happen… Chevy will have to be one of the hardest (if not THE hardest ) working of his colleagues in next 12 months

    I have a question that I hope someone can answer for me

    I believe Petan signed a regular one way contract for this upcoming year…, is that correct?

    If so …, where would he slot in ?

    Questions to those here who know the waiver rules (I have limited knowledge on this):

    CapFreindly is showing him below the line (minors)…. if he starts the season up then gets sent down … he has to first clear waivers … am I right?

    Same question re starting season down then when brought up … is that correct?

    If both above correct… and if he’s signed a standard contract …. does he have to clear waivers just B4 game 1 to start season in minors ?

    Thanks in advance for enlightening me

    • As for above. ..it’s my understanding before game one, no player needs to clear waiver to be sent down.
      Post game one, I thought age restrictions were still applicable.

      • Thanks KP

    • Petan has to clear waivers, to be sent down and he won’t; with that said he’ll have a tough time making the team. Two way contracts have no barring in waivers. Petan for a 23yr old has to been signed for 3yrs and played 60 nhl games, he has completed 3 season and has played in 95 NHL games.

      • Thanks Caper

        I know he’s small ; and he’ll have a tough time making the team because of who he’d have to replace (plus Winn never really seems to slit him in permanently/for extended periods…. but I do like him, and IMO has potential for more of an NHL contribution on another team ….and would think that some other teams in the NHL just might have a position for him at his $0.9M cap

        Thoughts on where he could fit in and what might come back in a trade?

    • Petan signed a two way contract which is a waste of his talents. That kid is an NHL regular stuck in a place he can’t make the big team.

  3. I attended McGill University back in the 1980’s at the same time as Brendan Kelly. We were in several classes together, though we were not friends. My advice is to pay no attention to what he says. He is, at best, a D level columnist who specializes more in sarcasm than real news or opinions.
    I have no doubt that Bergevin is listening to and soliciting offers for Pacioretty. As much as I like Patches, I believe that trading him for youth and picks is best for the team in the long run. Even if it puts the playoffs out of reach for a couple of years. But as Lyle (and others) have recently written, take all of these “reports” with a HUGE grain of salt.

    • Hab-it, you are spot on about Brendan Kelly. He was reassigned from (I believe)covering art and entertainment as a result of the Gazette letting other columnists go. He specializes in negativity and platitudes, has no insight and says it poorly.

      As for Patches, Buffalo got a good return for Evander Kane by being patient. Bergevin should exercise the same patience. I like 67 a lot, but he isn’t worth 7 million a season.

    • hab-it, LJ, I think both you clowns don’t know what you are talking about. BK is spot on MB, this guy has been in hockey forever and he couldn’t figure out simple things. . Like
      Hockey changed to fast moving puck moving d-men, trades one who was a NT winner and is 4 yrs younger for good but one who better years are behind him.

      Trades another stud D-man for a guy who scored less than 30 goals in over 2 seasons and then gives him a big raise infuriating 27, who has more goals and points than Drouin.

      The arrogance with 47 & 79!

      Signs ALNER-
      Trades 27 for Domi, never mind that Domi has scored 9 goals (including 4 empty net goals) in the last two years.

      Signs 31 to an 8 yr, $ 10.5 – contract – he best years are behind him and he can’t score –

      So Bk has been upfront in saying that MB has no clue in what he’s doing and I agree with him. The proof is also in the record.

      • JJ, I think you missed my point. I was not seeking to make excuses for GMMB, who certainly deserve much of the criticism he’s getting. I was simply saying that Kelly is a clown who is hardly worth taking seriously as far as his “sources” are concerned. As LJ notes, he really has no sports background. I doubt he has any connections. All of the speculation you read on the internet is invented. As Carl notes below, it is “ramblings of our bored press”.

  4. Bergevin is desperate to hit a homerun in any trade for Patches and all the other GMs know it. Asking for a scoring center a prospect and a high draft pick isnt going to get a deal done. Best case for Bergevin is a trade deadline bidding war when other GMs that have Cup aspirations may be willing to surrender more to bolster their roster.

  5. If Bergevin is having trouble moving Patches out then he has zero hope of trading either Weber or Price. Too many years at insanely high salaries for both, let alone the injury risk. Webers actual salary might be reasonable but the cap number is horrid.

  6. Locking up Trouba long term now would’ve been ideal for Jets. He missed nearly 30 games last season and over 20 year before, which keeps his value down a little. My guess is he didn’t want a long term deal. IMO,: Either him or Myers has to be dealt before seasons end. Cap wise, it might make more sense to extend Myers as Trouba will bring back the better return… and will cost more long term. With Buff and Poolman under contract for next 3 years, Jets need to weigh needs. They’re Definately a contender, but a few teams out west have made significant improvements (Calgary, Blues, Kings, SJ)while Jets have basically sat on their hands. Rangers could offer Hayes (Even though he’ll be UFA after next season, you’re going to lose Trouba eventually anyway.) Rangers have a deep pool of prospects now but aren’t deep at right defense. Hayes plus ????? Could help Jets win now while helping manage future cap issues of signing Trouba

    • I believe if your using the Rangers it has to be Brady Skjei and I don’t believe the Rangers would have a hard time extending Trouba.

      • Trouba at an age Rangers would be willing to part with prospects. It won’t be Skjei though. I mention Hayes only because thread is about adding a center. He’d be a good fit…As a swap for Trouba,… Jets can also get back a good prospect and possibly a 1st rd pick.

    • Unless the Jets start to falter cannot see Trouba not part of next seasons’s run. They can find a 2nd line center option that costs less than Trouba.
      If Jets say add Hayes that would be a pure rental

      • Little will slot back in second center.

    • Athanasiou plus maybe Ericcson in some sort of deal surrounding Trouba would be good. This is a starter to negotiations.

  7. I don’t perceive Win to have cap issues specifically. The issue is how much money is going to be spent at D, what’s going to play out with Myers & Trouba being 1 & 2 years from UFA status? 1 or both could be lost, obviously, Trouba returning something significant but what if Win won’t meet Myers demands nor Myers wants to stay? If Win is playing at the level we all assume next season that being a cup contender, do they retain Myers at the deadline & potentially lose him in the summer for nothing?

    If Trouba wants out as well that’s a ton of cap space created in the blink of an eye next summer & not 1 of the current 4 long-term contracts in play is over the 6.166 Helebuyck is making, the others being Scheifele’s, Ehler’s & Little’s.

    Win would have enough money to lock up Wheeler, Laine & Connor, the D would be getting younger & cheaper. Niku looks to have been a steal in the 7th round & will be NHL ready a year from now as may Logan Stanley. Poolman is NHL ready now.

    & Little will return to being the 2nd line C as he was when Stastny was acquired. Roslovic may eventually play C but for now, he is a RW. I assume on the 3rd line with Lowry at C & Perreault on LW.

    • Striker, you’re basically echoing my comment. I’m not saying they have cap issues at moment, but they do need to allot $ accordingly. As I said, I can’t see both Myers and Trouba in future. If Trouba plays a full season and has a break out year, he’ll be asking for 10 mil in arbitration next year! Jets will have a hard time signing all, and maybe right D isn’t as important going forward. They can sit tight now, but I don’t see them going further than last season. Besides teams I already mentioned, there’s still chance Vegas adds EK

  8. as a jets fan I hope Trouba stays. Trouba Morrissey pairing is great. Little will be 2nd line centre. Hopefully he bounces back after a down year. Love Lowry and that third line if its Lowry Perrault Roslovic. Chevy will figure out the contracts. Keep everyone but Myers is my hope.

    Would like to see Mark Stone in Winnipeg. Jets could offer Ehlers/1st?

  9. All this stuff out of montreal….they are not rumors. They are just the rambling of our bored press.

    Really worthy to post the assumptions and musing of reporters waiting for something to write about?

    • I 100% agree with this. Not a lick of this stuff is anything more then internet rumors so I take it all in with a big grain of salt.

      When MB says he’s trying to trade Max or Max himself says he wants to leave (and has actually said the opposite) I think something else.

      Dog days of ‘hockey’ summer folks. People need to yap something to sell papers.

  10. Habs need to target a partner that has a bonfire number one centre in Pacioretty deal. Best return value right now is Price Even because hefty salary. Habs have enough cap space to swallow part of it in a deal and get centre top 3 D prospect and some picks. Lindgren is ready to take challenge as a number one and Niemmi and McNiven are there to push him.

    • Bergevin should talk to Hextall, could probably get giroux and a pick for patches! Hextall might be the dumbest gm in the league

      • are you kidding? take a look at the state and future of the flyers compared to the habs and then tell me who the dumbest gm in the league would be

      • That was funny the first times you posted it. Time for some new material. Everyone knows the Flyers have one of the deepest and best prospect pools in the league with millionsvof dollars in cap space. All thanks to Mr Hextall. Now if you were commenting on previous gms for the Flyers (Holmgren) then I would have to agree with you.

        Youre not still mad about Hexys empty netter on your Bruins are you? You seem bitter.

      • That sounds like dumb and dumber

      • Why would you trade a 29 year old for the same thing? They are trying to obtain young players/assets for a long term haul , doesn’t make sense at all .MB had a great window before the draft to trade Pacioretty , he messed up and he knows it….could have got a 1st rounder from this draft along with young players , now for him to get want he wanted is going to be hard pressed . Au voir MB !

      • The flyers are in la la land stuck in between rebuild and barely making the playoffs, and dummy hextall just signed an anchor of a contract in jvr just plain dumb

      • & Hextall might be 1 of the dumbest GM’s in the league why?

      • 5 years at 7 mil per for JvR isn’t that bad & his addition will add a ton of goals & give Phi the ability to ice 2 solid scoring lines for the 1st time in a very long time.

        Hextall has drafted a ton of youth giving Phi a solid prospect pipeline. 1/2 of Phi’s roster next season will be 25 or younger, Hextall has rebuilt on the fly like most teams do & appears to have done so extremly well.

      • Sorry, should read 3 solid scoring lines, not 2.

      • Striker have you actually watched the flyers prospects? I bet you haven’t it’s like you writing off Vegas last yr you just read the stats of players but don’t really watch the player. As far as jvr we will wait and see like you always say knowing you won’t bring it up again

      • Neck & Neck between Dorion & MB & MB has been at it much longer.

    • Hi Andy

      Just seeking ur opinion …
      If there was an interest in Price at a reduced Sal/Cap ( I think a long shot in trade… but if) ….What is ur opinion on what the max $ MB would take back on the Price contract?

      Contract is heavily laden in SB… SB for this year ($13M) now paid… remaining $71M is $57M in SB; $14M Sal

      If MB takes back:

      25% — rec’v team pays just over $53M cash for 8 years (~$6.7M per year actual $’s and at Cap hit around $7.9Mish)

      30% – $49.7M; $6.2/$7.35

      40% – $42.6M; $5.3/$6.3

      50% – $35.5; $4.4/$5.25

      What are ur thoughts on price point (excuse the pun) takeback ; and who are the bidders at that take-back percentage?

      As an aside … Weber no SB left …. due $30 all in Sal … 50% takeback … rec’v team owes $15( avg at $1.9 M actual $’S for an avg Cap hit of $3.9M)

      • Teams on the cusp of winning may be interested. The Blues? The Coyotes? Stars? 25% could be an interesting kickback for buyers and deal could be modified based on percentage held back. Honestly feel it’s their best move to make. I think every team would kick the tires if Price was available

    • Andy, methinks you might be over valuing Patches just a tad. I wouldn’t trade a solid 2C for Patches with only a year left before UFA, let alone a 1C.
      Take RNH in Edm, for example. Middle of the road 2C, with 2 centers ahead of him in the lineup and the Oilers who need an upgrade on the wing. Seems like a match for need and availability. There is no way PC trades RNH for Patches.

      • RNH middle of the road 2C?


        Any GM wanting a top 2C for a winger is going to wait a long long time. That winger has to be something very special & that is not Patches.

  11. I don’t see the stars as a fit for a Patches trade. I don’t think they have either a good #2 center or a top 4 defenseman that plays on the left, which is what Bergevin hopes to get in return.
    I think Florida might be a possible option.
    To MTL: Bjugstad and 2nd rnd pick 2019
    To Florida: Patches and conditional 5th round pick 2019 (they have two from chicago and the oilers)
    * if florida resign patches it becomes a 7th rnd pick in 2019

    • Habs101

      If we buy into the media scuttlebutt… FLA wants Patches … and Patches would love to play in FLA… not sure of the Sundry/complementary pics on either side … but see ur proposal of key players as something that might work

      However … as already brought up by a few here … Media just chomping at the bit now to discuss something/anything wrt to a Patches trade and/or any MB move …. and it was only a short time ago there was media murmurs on GMJR talking Brass/Hags to Mon for Patches + ?????

      It’s a tired and dishevelled media corps grabbing at speculation; hearsay; Gypsy Tea leaves; and backyard beer pong babble to come up with “possible” Patches deals

      I don’t care where he goes … if it’s West… as I’m a fan of his play and can’t wait to see him blast out of the gate in a new jersey (crap …. had to type that and re-type that 5 times as my new enemy Auto-correct kept re-typing ” New Jersey”….. Ahhhhh 🙁

      …. Patches West….for whoever and whatever …. drop the puck … good to go!!! 🙂

      • I wouldn’t trade Brass or Haggy for Patch in a million years. There is no way the Penguins wouldn’t have to add Daniel Sprong in either case and that is non starter for me. Sprong is going to take the world by storm this year playing on a line with Jake Guentzel and some guy named Sidney Crosby. Aside from Jackass Johnson on the bottom pairing the Penguins have no weaknesses in their lineup, that’s not just homer talk that is a fact. They don’t need to make any more moves until training camp unfolds. Dom Simon has spent the summer training every day with Sid. He is going to come back a machine. Just look at what training with Crosby has done for Nathan McKinnon and Brad Marchand. Those 2 went from being ok players to absolute game changers. No more deals for the Penguins please.

      • Hi Dee

        Sorry … was not advocating for that …. just demonstrating that media seems to have a “new” “new” different trading partner, trade etc for Patches every day… and IMO most are fictionalized rumours based on hearsay aquired in informal discussions in out-of-the-way places after spitballing grandiose schemes hashed from delusional dreams and after a few drinking games…. poetically and in other words ….crap reporting

        …. Patches to the West please 🙂

      • Dee

        Forgot to respond re ur comment on JJ

        I’m taking the approach …. “please JJ prove my predisposed feeling/judgement (that you are a sub-par over-paid D waiting to prove a detriment to a great team) wrong”

        I really really hope I’m wrong…. really really hope!!!

        IF JJ performs at level he is being paid for …. Pens in good shape

        My gut still thinks GMJR will make another move tho

      • I don’t see a Rutherford making another move until training camp. He believes in Jackass which is a mistake but he has a deep forward group that is stronger than just about any other teams. Just like Scuderi they are going to play Jackass no matter how bad he is and that is scary but if he’s on the bottom pairing he will only get 11-12 minutes a game and they have the firepower to get the goals he gives up back.

    • I don’t see Flo giving up Bjugstad who’s signed for 3 more years at 4.1 for Patches.

      Nor does Flo need a top 6 LW they have Huberdeau & Hoffman.

      Is Patches a 3rd line LW now, is Hoffman or Huberdeau?

      Talon has said Flo isn’t done but the if they are doing something I think it’s for a 3rd line player, nothing as big as Patches.

      Ownership keeps flip-flopping around on monies they are willing to spend really screwing up this team. Florida is in a great spot going into next season. I think they bump NJ out of the playoff picture next season.

  12. 3 team trade that sends Patches to Columbus(they need size and to replace Panarin), Panarin to ‘Team X” and package to Montreal.

    I know the 165lb Panarin fits the Bergevin era forward-mode but imho something along these lines makes sense.

    If EK not moved by season’s start the Sens must be waiting for the first ‘contender’ to panic

  13. With Jeff Skinner being picked up by Buffalo for Cliff Pu and picks (confused by Hurricanes’ thought process, I thought they wanted players to help right away, Pu likely won’t even make the team this season..anyway..) the Sabres have the chance to try some interesting combinations up front. Sheary played well with Crosby, I could see the Sabres spreading out the offense by playing Sheary alongside Eichel.

    Sheary – Eichel – Reinhart
    Skinner – Berglund – Okposo
    Sobotka – Mittelstadt – Pominville
    Larsson – Girgensons – Wilson

    If Mittelstadt proves he can handle second line responsibilities in his rookie season, then Berglund fits way better on the third line. If the culture and atmosphere surrounding this team can somehow get rid of that dark cloud that hovers above everything they do, they are not that bad. Helps getting Dahlin of course.

    Dahlin – Ristolainen
    Scandella – Bogosian
    McCabe – Beaulieu/B.Hickey/Casey Nelson/Hunwick

  14. I give it a solid pu pu rating on behalf of Carolina

    • They got some future’s out of the deal, I would suspect there’s strong reason to trade Faulk now. That could upgrade Skinner.