NHL Rumor Mill – August 23, 2018

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The latest on Erik Karlsson, Artemi Panarin, Sergei Bobrovsky and Rick Nash in your NHL rumor mill.

The Vancouver Canucks reportedly expressed interest in Ottawa Senators captain Erik Karlsson (Photo via NHL Images).


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman took to Twitter yesterday claiming trade talks involving Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson had recently picked up. He said the likely destinations appear to be in the Western Conference, with the Vancouver Canucks joining those clubs with interest in the all-star blueliner.

Friedman’s colleague John Shannon subsequently reported Canucks general manager Jim Benning said there is no truth that his team has become involved in trade conversations regarding Karlsson.

Iain MacIntyre also weighed in on Benning’s comments, as well as his claim that he’s not trading young players and prospects such as Quinn Hughes, Brock Boeser and Elias Pettersson. MacIntyre also tweeted that if the Canucks had looked into Karlsson’s trade status it was likely due diligence, something Friedman agreed with. Friedman also believes the Dallas Stars, Vegas Golden Knights and San Jose Sharks remain the front-runners for Karlsson.

MacIntyre also noted Karlsson would have to agree to accept a trade to the rebuilding Canucks. They would also have to pay him something akin to Drew Doughty’s new eight-year, $88-million contract with the Los Angeles Kings.

THE PROVINCE: Even if the Canucks were able to land Karlsson, Ben Kuzma doubts he’ll do much to bolster their popgun defense. He believes it could take “a first-round pick, roster player and two prospects to pry Karlsson out of Ottawa.” Kuzma also reported that recent trade speculation linked the Canucks to Boston Bruins rearguard Torey Krug.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch also reported the Karlsson rumor mill has recently returned to life. Like Friedman, he believes the Golden Knights, Stars and Sharks have revisited their interest in the Senators captain. It’s not known if the Tampa Bay Lightning have re-entered the talks but Garrioch feels it would make sense if they did.

Garrioch said this recent uptick in trade discussions suggests Karlsson might be moved before the start of the season. He also noted Benning’s public denial about the Canucks’ rumored interest in Karlsson but that won’t stop people from speculating.

BSN DENVER’s Adrian Dater said he’s heard nothing regarding any possible involvement by the Colorado Avalanche in the recently reheated Karlsson trade chatter.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Benning isn’t going to publicly admit he’s interested in Karlsson as that would constitute tampering, something he got fined for two years ago. Nevertheless, I agree with MacIntyre’s assessment. If Benning did inquire, it was likely to “kick the tires” regading the Senators’ asking price. Ottawa GM Pierre Dorion would almost certainly want one or two of those young players Benning is unwilling to part with. I also have my doubts over Karlsson’s willingness to join a rebuilding club at this stage in his career.

As for the other clubs, I don’t think the Sharks have the available assets to pull this off. We know the Stars and Lightning were reportedly very interested in Karlsson earlier this summer, but the former is unwilling to part with top prospect Miro Heiskanen while the latter must free up sufficient salary to absorb Karlsson’s $6.5-million salary-cap hit. 

The Golden Knights were reportedly close to landing Karlsson at the trade deadline. They still have the depth in prospects, young players and cap space to make this happen. The question is, are they still as interested in getting him as they were in February? 


THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline reports the chances of the Columbus Blue Jackets trading Artemi Panarin appear slim. There was interest in the 26-year-old left wing earlier this summer but the offers were only for “futures” such as draft picks and prospects.

Panarin hasn’t provided the Jackets with a list of preferred trade options. There’s speculation the New York Rangers are his destination of choice but his agent denies this. Portzline feels the Rangers won’t swing a trade for a player they could sign via free agency next July. He thinks the Jackets could try to work out a deal with another club and then ask Panarin if he’d consider signing a contract extension with that team.

Portzline doesn’t rule out the New York Islanders as a possibility for Panarin, as he’s said to have high respect for Isles GM Lou Lamoriello. The winger’s purchase of a Miami condo raised conjecture the Florida Panthers could be a destination but it’s apparently over an hour away from the Panthers’ arena and is more of a getaway property rather than a permanent address. Still, Portzline feels the Panthers are the obvious trade target for the Blue Jackets. However, if the Rangers get involved, it could dampen interest from other teams.

Portzline also reports there’s been no recent active contract negotiations between the Blue Jackets and goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky, who’s due to become an unrestricted free agent next July. The gap between the two sides is significant, with Bobrovsky believed to be seeking “Carey Price money”, which would be an eight-year contract worth $10.5 million per season.

Given how the two-time Vezina Trophy winner has struggled in the playoffs, the Jackets could be reluctant to make him the league’s highest-paid goalie. However, Portzline doesn’t see them trading their starting goalie before the start of this season.

There’s a slim hope Bobrovsky and Panarin could re-sign with the Jackets this season. A solid performance by the club throughout 2018-19 could convince both to stay.

Portzline also reports Blue Jacket GM Jarmo Kekalainen and team president John Davidson met with unrestricted free agent Rick Nash last month to discuss his future and a possible return to the Blue Jackets. The meeting apparently went well, though the 34-year-old Nash has yet to reach a decision regarding his playing career due to an accumulation of injuries. If he does decide to return to action, Portzline suggests it could be with Columbus or another team with a shot at winning the Stanley Cup.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless a rival club is willing to step up with an offer of a young scoring forward who can help the Jackets now and in the long term, I doubt Kekalainen will trade Panarin before the season begins. However, he could be forced to reconsider as the Feb. 25 trade deadline approaches, especially if the Jackets slide out of playoff contention by that point. By that point, interested clubs could consider Panarin a rental player and could be unwilling to part with established talent to get him. If the Jackets are still holding down a playoff spot by then, they’ll likely hang onto him and take their chances.

Bobrovsky could also hit the trade block by the deadline if the Jackets are out of the playoff picture by then. Like Panarin, I expect they’ll hang onto him for the postseason and hope to re-sign him before July 1. But if he struggles again in the playoffs, the Jackets could start looking at other options.

As for Nash, returning to the city where his NHL career began and where he had his best seasons would be a nice way to bring his playing days to a close. Given his history of concussion injuries, It remains to be seen if this storybook ending takes place.  



  1. “Garrioch … also noted Benning’s public denial about the Canucks’ rumored interest in Karlsson but that won’t stop people from speculating.”

    That’s for sure – in the media, and here.

    • George, until he re-signs or gets traded they’ll have him going to any and every team in the league.

      Luckily, his contract isn’t long enough to turn this into another Louongo 20 year, daily “where’s he going?” That had to be the most painful rumor of all time in any sport.

    • So what? What’s wrong with speculation here and in the media? It’s a message board and makes the world go round … if you don’t like it then don’t comment.

      • There’s speculation, then there’s pipe dreams . Sure speculation is fun! But usually it turns into “ my garbage players that are overpaid, that no longer are useful for … Karlsson, “ etc.

        If you don’t like my outlook …. don’t comment!

        It’s not like anything you say here is useful or positive contribution anyway!

      • Practice what you preach eddie. And spend the spare time checking out facts before you comment – like yesterday. You never seem to respond when called out either.

      • I have no issues with Ed’s style we have far worse posters not the least of which is the troll Matt. Why get so snarky about another person’s opinions.

      • Read the effing thing again Striker. All I did was state the obvious and for that was advised “if I don’t like it don’t comment.” Does that not work both ways?

      • If you don’t like peanut butter chocolate ice cream don’t comment

    • George stay calm buddy don’t allow your blood pressure to rise so much.

      Why do you get so worked up & have to be so confrontational and personal? Effing? Really. I have had you call me some pretty nasty names not the least of which is your constant reference to me being a narcissist since you joined the group a few years back.

      Can we not just discuss & debate these matters civilly? I don’t always respond, most often as I don’t get a chance to get back & certainly try to end the discussion or debate just saying we agree to disagree but sometimes I don’t respond as I have nothing nice to say & the opinions differ so significantly I just stop as opposed to calling people names.

      If Ed wants to post, prod, troll or be a dickhead that’s his prerogative. Ed, I’m not saying your any of these things just on topic and not understand why your posts frustrate George to the point of being rude.

      • We’re all frustrated.
        Drop the puck!

      • I called you a narcissist ONCE. Two years ago. The fact that it still stick in your craw says a lot. No blood pressure problems here and I sure as hell don;t need your advice, On any subject.

        The point that seems to fly right over your head is in your statement that “If Ed wants to post, prod, troll or be a dickhead that’s his prerogative …” Of course it is. Just as it’s mine – which is why I advised him to “practice what he preaches.” I notice you didn’t say anything to him about telling others “if you don’t like it then don’t comment.”

      • You need to realize striker your posts come off frequently as condescending, haughty, and, well, narcissistic quite frequently… hence peoples occasional visceral reaction to them.

      • Here here! My favourite striker moments are when he tell fans of teams he never watches how much more he knows about their team than they do.

      • Lol. I have to agree!

    • I think Friedman is laughing his arse off as he is spinning around in his swivel chair from the outrage in the Vancouver market.

      That being said, I think Dorian is dreaming if he thinks he is going to get a 1st rnd pick, good young player and 2 top prospects AND convince a team to also take Bobby Ryan.

      Big difference between “the ask” and “the get”.
      Considering Benning got Dahlin for Burrows, and what Dorian coughed up to get Duchene, the fact that Karlsson is about to walk in a year and his recent ankle issues, Im thinking the return on Karlsson wont be much to write home about.

      Considering all of those factors, THAT is the reduced price Benning is looking for. If not then oh well.

      I have no problem with Karlsson joining the Canucks and heck, he might pick Edler, Eriksson’s spirits up. Could be a great mentor for Hughes
      But not at the expense of a possible lottery pick, Horvat, and 2 top prospects.


      • Tyler, the Ryan thing goes back to a February report in The Score which said “The Ottawa Senators have reportedly let it be known that superstar defenseman Erik Karlsson’s price in a potential trade could be discounted if their trade partner takes forward Bobby Ryan as part of the deal, according to TSN’s Bob McKenzie.”

        Now, while I have greatest respect for McKenzie, I somehow can’t see Dorion or anyone else in the front office (at that time) whispering in his ear. But OK, since he does have the “ear” of some high-placed execs around the league, let’s say that was factual. Bit it also says “Karlsson’s price in a potential trade could be discounted if their trade partner takes forward Bobby Ryan as part of the deal …”

        COULD BE – but not necessarily an absolute requirement – is the way I read that. Dorion knows most of the teams who’d like to add Karlsson simply do not have the required cap space to take him AND Ryan, so that otherwise obvious hamstring clearly is NOT the final word. Yeah, a Las Vegas could afford both, but the sticking point there is their reluctance to give up ANYTHING of any immediate consequence. So why would Dorion go there?

        I still think the best bet is a trade deadline deal when those teams who think they have a legitimate shot at a cup NOW might just take plunge as a pure rental – knowing he is likely headed to TB as as soon as he becomes a UFA, and that that make them a formidable opponent for several years to come.

    • Of all the teams mentioned in trade rumours for Karlsson, if I was Ottawa the Canucks have the most intriguing assets. Now I am not saying the Canucks would do this but if I’m Ottawa I would be looking at Horvat, Quinn, and their 1st in 2019. Vancouver would get Karlsson and Logan Brown

      • Why would Ottawa also give up Brown? He’s as good or better than Hughes.

  2. Good stuff this morning Lyle!! I’m surprised Calgary not in on Karlsson, although maybe he wouldn’t be interested in signing there. They have cap space now and future. Vegas also seems likely spot. At risk of getting beat up here, I still think Rangers would be a good fit long term. If, and this is key, Ottowa would take a return of roster players, (mainly Zucharello and Hayes) and NY wouldn’t have to give up too much future. Panarin I see as more a possibility of hitting free agency and again I can see Rangers in future. More a chance of dealing Hayes and Zuc there… as all are ufa next season. Colombia more likely to deal for roster players that help now. Nash back to Columbus makes a ton of sense for family reasons. He met his wife there and I’m sure she’d love to raise her kids closer to home

    • I don’t see Ottawa taking on 2 pending UFA’s for Karlsson. They already have enough of that problem, don’t they?

      We’ve had this discussion numerous times about numerous players. I don’t see Karlsson as a fit to a rebuilding Ranger team. Panarin, possibly as a free agent. Down the road, I certainly don’t see the point of giving up prospects for him now.I don’t believe NY has stockpiled all these picks and prospects to hand them over for Karlsson.

      Overall, I think they’re in great shape heading into the future, / expansion draft. This team could ice 11-12-13? (I’m Not counting Staal , Holland, etc. in that mix. ) First round draft picks in the next year or two.

      • I did say if mostly roster players. I ageee Karlsson a long shot. Panarin a different story. Columbus is going to lose him, he’s pretty much decided he’d nor signing there. They are a playoff team and would be looking for players to help win now. Good chance we can wait, but depends on who else he might be interested in playing for

    • Calgary has 2 resign & or promote 2 players to get to the 23 man roster 1 of which is Hanafin. Next season they have to extend Tkachuk & Bennett. What cap space Calgary has today & next season will be gone when these 3 players are signed essentially baring a trade if Gillies or Rittich are given the starting role next season which seems unlikely then Calgary may have some cap space next season but a better chance they bring in a veteran so either of these goalies can be an NHL back up for a few years 1st.

      • If Calgary is in on Karlsson the Hanifin would have to be part of the package going to Ottawa.
        Is this way Hanifin is not signed yet ?

        I think if Calgary offered up Hanifin….Bennett….1st 2019 and a few other pieces this could get done.

        Biggest question would be if he wants to play in Calgary.

      • I think Hanifin will be bridged although there is talk that they would like to sign him long term. The problem as striker mentioned is Tkachuk. His entry level is over this year and will probably get a long term contract in the 6 mil range. The only contract coming off the books is Frolik but it is still 2 years away so it is possible that Frolik May get shopped next summer so they can sign Tkachuk long term. There just isn’t enough money available to sign Hanifin long term. This line up is a pretty solid line up which could go a long way. I really like what Treliving has done to revamp the line up after last years poor showing. It looks like we will have a very good balance from the first line to the 4th line which was a problem last year as the 3rd and 4th lines contributed nothing. I think with this line up it is very possible for the Flames to win the Pacific division

      • Striker, you can say that about anyone who trades for Karlsson. Obviously there will be pieces going back, but looking at Calgary, all the big names are locked up with very manageable cap hits. Stop being such a narcissist

    • Rangers in a rare position where they can see what all these young players can do while waiting to see which teams struggle next season and be patient for the right deals.

      I am still very surprised one of Names, Hayes, Spooner not moved this summer.

      • I’m pretty happy standing pat. They really need to see what they have before making any moves imo. Namestikov was seeing a lot of 4th line duty with McLeod to end the seasons. Not exactly a way to showcase this guy.

        Hayes, may or not be a piece they want/need going forward. That depends on where Chytl, Andersson and Howden are in their development.

        Spooner is a versatile guy who played well in NY down the stretch. For now, he and Namestikov are keepers. They just inked extensions and I don’t see them moving anytime soon. At least until the deadline.

        Zuccarello is the only guy I’m shocked is still a Ranger.

      • I agree about standing pat but if ‘contender’ or bubble team needs a shakeup some more prospects and picks could come to the Rangers for Zuc, Hayes etc

        it is a nice spot to be as a Ranger fan. Winning draft lottery would be the coup but I still see Habs Sens and maybe the Isles below them

      • I’m with you. NYR doesn’t have to do anything today. I assume Zucarrello although only 31 in Sept will be moved. I assume they will try to extend Hayes shortly after Jan 1 but of unable he will be moved before the deadline as well.

        If both these players are lost Namestnikov & Spooner are probably going nowhere until the summer or as they approach the 2020 trade deadline.

        I really like how Gorton has structured these deals with the exception of Hayes only getting a 1-year deal it allows a ton of flexibility & Spooner & Namestnikov both has untapped offensive potential, neither has been given consistent offensive opportunities yet in their careers especially at ES. Spooner certainly has on the PP in Bos & he fit well in that role.

      • In a perfect world NY wins the lottery and Tampa wins the cup!

        However they’ll have plenty of competition to win the lottery. Don’t forget Buffalo! They’ve made sucking and being a bottom dweller into an every year thing!

      • Ha-ha! I’m not sure who’s perfect world that is it’s not mine. Ha-ha!

        For me, the perfect world would be Colorado winning the lottery; karma’s a bitch & I would like to see it pay in spades here, & Boston winning the cup although if TB were to win it I would be happy for them too & numerous other teams.

        I may be a Bruins fan but I’m a hockey fan 1st & like a ton of teams. I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised that a team we don’t perceive as a top 3 contender wins the.

        The bracket formula makes predicting Cup winners somewhat easier than the old formula, at least I have been far more consistent in predicting the final 4 teams since this format was introduced coming out of the 2012-13 lockout than under the old formula of 1 playing 8 reseeding after each round. Significantly so for some reason, luck always being a factor.

      • For me it’s a win win if Tampa wins the cup. I’m a bit of a lightning fan, and NY wins their 1st rounder in the process. Sign me up!

      • If Buffalo is not a bubble team its on Eichel(its his team 100%) or the front office.
        Buffalo could finish ahead of NYR,NYI, Habs, Sens,Detroit…maybe Canes…I see Devils missing playoffs too.

      • Idk, 3 out of the last 5 years they’ve finished dead last. Does Dahlin and skinner take them from the basement to bubble? I doubt it. I think this team has been hot garbage since Drury and Briere bolted in free agency. Have they made the playoffs once since then?

      • Striker, didn’t Namestikiv skate with Stamkos and Kucherov last year? I’d say that’s a pretty big opportunity

      • Buffalo is much improved, maybe not quite a playoff team but they have decent centre depth and their bottom 6 is much improved from last year. They would be best off to get another top 4 pick in 2019 but they are a team on the rise.

  3. I am sure the Sedins would give a good reference . You have some young Swedes in Pettersson and Dahlen.Old ones in Erickson and Edler.
    Worse places for Karlsson to relocate.
    Vrtanen Audette Pouliot and a first should check all the boxes.

    • If I could relocated and make the same income BC would be on my list.
      EK would change the dynamics there quickly

    • Ha-ha! Not a chance in hell EK is moving for that.

      • Too much or too little ?

      • Vancouver radio full of callers and their trade proposals.

        Sutter,Eriksson and Hutton for Karlsson. Moronic but a great laugh to listen too.

    • Waaa? No, maybe, hell no, and obviously

    • SilverSeven: That trade is laughably bad from a Sens perspective.

  4. Seems like teams thinking of trading pending free agents don’t have much leverage. Why trade a high quality prospect and other assets for a player seeking huge money that can be signed in a year for no assets just money.

    • I agree. Why not hold on to those cost controlled assets and have them AND a Karlsson or Panarin?

      The only case I would make for trading assets is Tampa for Karlsson. I believe Karlsson, and a couple of minor moves put Tampa over the top. They have the depth and prospects to cover the trade. And I can’t even imagine what havoc a Karlsson / Hedman duo would create. Followed by Mcdonagh, Sergachev, Stralman….

      • Yeah, Karlsson-Hedman as a pairing would be pretty comparable to Pronger-Neidemeyer. Considering Tampa would still have a great 2nd pairing in McDonagh-Stralman allowing Sergechev the luxury of developing in a third pair role (assuming he isn’t part of the package), that would be a scary prosposition. Tampa would likely usurp Winnipeg as the most complete team and could go into the season boasting a top 5 forward group, top 5 D-core, and top 5 goaltender. That doesn’t guarantee a cup, but I think that team would be as stacked as you could ever really get in the hard cap NHL landscape.

      • ” It’s not known if the Tampa Bay Lightning have re-entered the talks but Garrioch feels it would make sense if they did.”
        Unlike most teams, the Lightning can maintain secrecy. They do have assets to rade, Karlsson probably puts themn over the top, Yzerman combines great patience and determination and has a great record, and we’ll know when we know.

      • Have to agree there Nyr4life. But I believe others will see that come the trade deadline and they’ll know only too well that Yzerman could – and likely would – add Karlsson when he becomes a UFA, and with time to clear the cap decks before the next season starts, that that would make Tampa the odds on favorite for some time.

        So, looking at that scenario,those teams that think they have a shot next spring by adding Karlsson, even as a rental, may be willing to take the plunge before it’s too late. And so offer competing offers that may be better than Dorion’s getting now. Just a thought.

    • Yeah if I was Vancouver I wouldn’t trade any of my top 10 under 25 players for Karlson. The Canucks have zero chance of even making the playoffs even with Karlson for at least 3 years. In 3 years Olli Juolevi, Ben Hutton And Quinn Hughes will be more valuable than a 30 something year old Karlson. Horvat, Dahlin, Peterson, Vrtanan and Boeser should be non starters too. I’m no Canucks or Benning fan but Vancouver has a nice looking future team happening. Might even be better if they get a second Hughes brother in 2019.

      • I was in Van for a few days hanging with some buddies before heading to Chicago about next seasons draft in Van and they were lamenting Vancouver signing Beagle, Roussell & Schaller. Like almost every Vancouver fan I know they wish Van would just be bad & give themselves the best shot at Jack Quinn.

        Beers were involved & I said not to worry as even reconstructed as they are to try & compete I see know way they are making the playoffs so they will be in the lottery.

        If Vancouver is moving a 1st it won’t be 2019’s with them holding the draft, that would just alienate the fans even further.

        Yes, the prospect kitty is significantly improved now if the Canucks would just have made room for more of them to play. I have yet to meet anyone that likes how Vancouver is rebuilding.

      • Well you have yet to meet anyone who knows a damn thing about anything. Those 8 players I already mentioned plus Demko, Lind, and Gaudette should make any knowledgeable fan base excited about the future. Signing a bunch of noodnicks to fill the gap may not be the best approach but top 3 D and top 6 forwards as is in 3 years are going to turn some heads.

      • Who the hell is Jack Quin? Is he more of a bad a$$ than Jack Reacher?

      • Yes several O’Douls were consumed during that conversation it’s no wonder. I’m not really a simpsons fan but muscl memory makes me associate certain people with certain original characters. For example when I think of Melnyk I see mr burns and when I think of Dorion I see Smithers. If I try and picture Striker it’s Ned Flanders and sorry George but “So I tied an onion to my belt, which’s was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel and back in those days nickels had pictures of bumblebees on ‘em.”

    • Several reasons…

      The cup is actually won each year!

      Teams have a year to sell the person on the team… one year of not competing with 30 other teams

      The 8th year is a huge selling point… see Ellis.

    • There are plenty of reasons.

      1. There is no certainty that they will be able to sign him in a year.

      2. They want to win right now.

      3. They get the guy over close up to evaluate him and get a better handle on the risk and amount of money to sign him

      4. They have a big negotiating advantage. They have him to themselves, they can offer eight years instead of seven and the player wont’ have to move again for the second time in two years, so he’ll prefer to stay put if he can.

      5. Draft picks and prospects are
      drastically overrated, but people never seem to learn this.

  5. While I think it’s a long shot that Karlsson ends up in Vancouver, as there are quite a number of obstacles, it wouldn’t shock me if Vancouver was extremely interested.

    Not that I think they should be, but it could be the case that the ownership was pressuring for this kind of big add, which was completely at odds with where Linden saw the team being, and is part of the reason Linden left.

    If it is true that he left because ownership and GM saw the team as being closer to contending for a playoff spot than Linden did, I think there has to be something that they wanted to do that didn’t jive with Linden’s vision. I mean, if they just said, we think we are closer, but we will see I guess, that he could have sat back and nothing negative really would have come of it. If there was pressure to make a move he didn’t agree with though, I could see that as being a reason Linden decided to move on.

    I know it’s all speculation, but it’s August so it pretty much all we have.

  6. SJ has Burns & Vlasic signed for huge monies for 7 years at 8 mil per & 8 years at 7 mil per respectively. Karlsson going to SJ doesn’t make sense to me.

    If you look at SJ’s current roster structure & pending UFA’s & RFA’s needing to be extended or replaced if lost no way they are getting Karlsson’s contract onto the books unless 1 of Vlasic or Burns is being moved.

    Can any team afford to have 3 Dman on long-term contracts all over 7 mil with 1 over 10?

  7. Ill say it again, Karlsson to Edmonton. A package of Puljujarvi their 2019 1st rounder (unprotected) and perhaps Nurse(gasp! Queue the hate speeches) could probably pry away Karlsson from Ottawa.

    • No hate speech here. But how does this fit from a cap perspective? The oilers have approximately 4 million in cap space. Nurse isn’t signed so he clears no $$$’s. Puljujarvi makes 925k. That leaves the oilers with under 5 million in cap space to hold Karlsson at 6.5?

      Not to mention…. how does this work past this year when Karlsson is looking for 10-13 per?

  8. Sekera money when placed on LTIR clears this season. Just barely. But clears. Long term outlook is definitely murky and would need cap maneuvers for sure.

  9. I have to agree with Striker that it makes zero sense for SJ to pick up EK. They wanted a Center in Tavares, but dont need EK. It just doesnt make sense to me to have to pay 3 defenseman that much cash, while offering up top prospects you’ll need on the cheap ELC to fill the gaps and remain cap compliant. I understand the same argument can be made for my Edmonton prediction, but if any GM will swing a trade while not having the foresight for the future it is Peter Chiarelli.

  10. i think the sens are all done dealing with the avs

  11. word is out that Karlsson is not looking to sign an extension with a Canadian team. That being said he very likely won’t be traded to a Canadian club for one season only.
    Listening to Ottawa a.m sports today a good observation was made in that if Karlsson is not traded prior to training camp the next likely window is 15-20 games into the season. Cup favorites who are underachieving or contenders who have key hurts on the back end could up increasing the ante.

  12. Goalie Bob wants over 10 mil per? I think the Habs are already regretting paying that to Price. I’m not sure another team ponies up that kind of coin for a tender. I sure hope the teams I like don’t fall into that trap.

    Recent report on TSN (the Toronto Sports Network) that Karlson wants to sign in the US. If accurate move the Canucks, Oilers, Flames, Leafs out of the conversation.

    • Completely agree on the goaltending front. There are so many good goalies now that paying a starter even Lundqvist money ($8.5M/year) doesn’t make much sense, let alone the Price albatross over $10M. Hellebuyck and Gibson both just signed for under $6.5M/year and I think that is going to be the norm going forward for good starting goalies. I’d be surprised if Bobrovsky gets over $7-$7.5M/year on a long term deal.

      • What would the multi-millionaires in Russia throw at him to get him in the KHL?

      • Borscht?

  13. what about a fun amount of speculation on Karlson for Panarin. Unhappy guy for Unhappy guy.

  14. Andy Strickland from Fox News, not TSN. They just regurgitated it. Take it with a pound of salt.

  15. Not sure any team should be giving up young promising talent for an aging D man with poor feet. I love EK for the next 3 years after that I’m not so sure. He will demand atleast 11 million that’s to much in my opinion especially in the last 5 years. He is one great player right now but he is only going to slow down.