NHL Rumor Mill – August 25, 2018

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Latest Erik Karlsson speculation plus a look at possible Islanders trade candidates in your NHL rumor mill.

Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson denies a report claiming he won’t sign with a Canadian team as a free agent. (Photo via NHL.com)


SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman reports Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson denied a story claiming he was unwilling to sign a long-term contract with a Canadian team when he becomes an unrestricted free agent.

OTTAWA SUN: Wonders if Karlsson’s comment means the Vancouver Canucks might be a trade destination for the superstar blueliner. Earlier this week, a report indicated the Canucks had looked into inquiring Karlsson but general manager Jim Benning denied it. Maybe it’s a sign Karlsson still believes he can re-sign with the Senators.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Jared Clinton rounds up the week’s Karlsson speculation, including rumors he could be dealt to a Western Conference team. The Vegas Golden Knights, Dallas Stars and San Jose Sharks are considered the most likely western destinations, with the Golden Knights and Stars possessing the salary-cap room and depth in promising assets to make a deal happen. Clinton doesn’t rule out the Tampa Bay Lightning as a suitor, though they’ll have to shed considerable cap space to take on Karlsson’s current $6.5-million cap hit for 2018-19.

Clinton also noted Benning’s denials regarding his club’s rumored interest in Karlsson, as well as the defenseman denying a report claiming he wouldn’t sign with a Canadian team.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Karlsson’s apparent willingness to sign with a Canadian team opens up the possibility of inking a contract extension with the Senators or another Canadian club like the Canucks, though both scenarios seem unlikely at this point. Karlsson rejected an eight-year contract offer from the Senators in early-July. The Canucks appear unwilling to part with any of their good young players.

I believe the Golden Knights, Stars and Lightning remain the front-runners for Karlsson in the trade market. While I don’t doubt the Sharks’ interest in the Senators captain I don’t believe they have the depth in available assets and sufficient cap space to pry him out of Ottawa. 


NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien recently looked at several “interesting, prime-age” players whose futures with the New York Islanders remain unclear entering the coming season. Among them is winger Jordan Eberle, who might not want to be stuck on another rebuilding team. He’s due to become an unrestricted free agent next summer and currently carries a $6-million cap hit.

Winger Anders Lee, center Brock Nelson and goaltender Robin Lehner are also due to become UFAs next summer. Lee has to demonstrate he can still be a prolific sniper without John Tavares, while Nelson and Lehner are on one-year “prove it” contracts. 

O’Brien believes the Islanders will evaluate the performance of the team and where those players fit. He feels many of the aforementioned “could command some really nice trade assets”. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Isles are well out of playoff contention when the calendar flips to January, general manager Lou Lamoriello will likely start quietly shopping some of those pending UFAs. Of course, it depends upon their performances. Any who play well and are willing to re-sign will likely be retained. Those who struggle or wish to test the free-agent market could be on the move by the February trade deadline. Lee and Eberle could have the most value as rental players for playoff contenders. 



  1. That tweet to Friedman underscores how wrong it is to jump to conclusions based upon an unsubstantiated rumor.

    • Well TSN dog days are just that.
      Clueless hacks most often.

      Its not in EK’s best interest to go out on a limb. That’s obvious.

      • You mean like the limb he climbed onto early last season when, asked by a reporter if he was looking ahead to his UFA status NEXT YEAR, stopped acting like a team captain and, instead of just saying “I don’t discuss contract until the time comes, chirped that he would not be signing for any home-town discount and wanted top dollar over a long term.

        After that I think he might have been pretty lonesome out on that limb insofar as team morale was concerned.

      • Agreed, which is why I think Ott should have retained Hoffman. If Karlsson is a goner couldn’t Hoffman have stayed?

        Maybe the issue wasn’t Hoffman’s girlfriend but Karlsson’s?

        I think your comment above in reference to Freidman sums up that situation perfectly.

        “underscores how wrong it is to jump to conclusions based upon an unsubstantiated rumor”

      • No, for a team to unceremoniously dump a Hoffman there had to have been some substantial evidence that the charges were true. They were likely told by the police – who are STILL examining all the evidence to see what, if any, charges can be laid – not to say anything publicly until they make their decision. This is SOP.

      • I don’t believe it there is SOP at the police department to reveal details of an investigation to any party unless that party safety requires it.

        But perhaps the police blabbed

    • If Melnyck.decides to front load the contract with dig ing bonuses then Karlsson will sign with the Sens. It seems to be a big concern with the up.coming CBA negotiations.

  2. Toronto should be all over this. Regardless of in division they could offer up a decent package. EK on D would put Toronto up with TB. Salary cap is next season worry. Go get him Toronto.

    • Offer up who?
      I don’t see it even remotely possible.

      • Oh it’s possible – maybe not probable by any stretch – but certainly possible. Bottom line: Dubas doesn’t have anything in the minors that would entice Dorion, so to get Karlsson he would simply have to give up too much from his current NHL roster to make it worthwhile.

      • Zaitsev, Johnsson, Nylander and 1st for Karlsson and a 2nd. The swap in draft picks potentially 5 spots down for leafs.

      • I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of Timothy Liljegren … one guy in the Leafs farm system that every team would want.

      • Lilly might as well be a forward the guy is terrible in his own end, and don’t give the striker “ dmen take time” because when you watch this kid he isn’t learn defense

      • Of course I’m aware of Liljegren – but at this stage of his development he’d be a toss-in in any deal for Karlsson – not someone Dorion would covet in the same manner as, say, Miro Heiskanen of Dallas.

        In Ottawa, Liljegren would join a host of other D prospects like Harpur, Wolanen, Jaros, Englund, some of whom are much farther along in their defensive development.

      • Bigbad your talent evaluatations are slightly off considering your a Leafs hatter not surprised. The player bbb things is awful is an 18 yr/old playing D in the AHL. 1st, that’s not common for 18 yr olds to do and before that he played in pro leagues in Europe. Surely bbb is correct that a kid who’s been playing alongside men since he was 17 is nothing special. I on the other hand rather wait and see what this kid because before I make dumb claims on someone who clearly is still developing in every way.
        Have fun cheering for your team who will again get swept in their season series with the Leafs.

      • Dorion can covet Heiskanen all he wants but Dallas isn’t trading him. He’s a ROTY prospect for this coming season and will rival Dahlin as the best rookie dman that started this season. The Leafs have Liljegren and the also have Rasmus Sandin who looks like another future top 4 puck mover. I hate admitting that because I live in the middle of leaf land and I got used to leaf bashing. The Leafs have actually done some pretty good drafting the last 4 years. Now I have to throw up.

      • Ron Moore instead of talking about something you know nothing about, try actually watching Lilly and the supposed defense he plays. And unless my memory is gone we knocked out your leafs in the first rd? Enjoy watching the leafs get put out in the first rd with that terrible defense and very soft non playoff performances

      • I’m not judging a 19-year-old Dman, he just turned 19 in April, who was drafted 17th overall in 2017 yet. That sets his pedigree as does his making the highest level of team at every age group he has played at so far internationally, U16, U17, U18, & U20.

        A Dman drafted this lat in the 1st round probably doesn’t even see a cup of coffee in the NHL for at least 2 years after being drafted. In year 3 he may get a chance to play the odd game as an injury replacement. Perhaps seeing sheltered minutes & starts as an NHL regular in year 4, 12 to 14 mins a night playing 45 to 50 games. By year 5 he progresses to a full-time role on a 3rd pairing then it’s almost 400 games to full development in or around 25 or 27.

        Just like the path, Dermott is somewhat following today, he’s actually ahead of the curve by a year, but the fast majority of Dman follow the same path Liljegren is on.

        No one has any idea what Liljegren may be in 6 or 7 years at 25 or 26 but being a 1st round pick he is going to be given every opportunity when NHL ready.

        A solid A class prospect rated 33rd in THN’s 2018 Future Watch the best prospect publication money can buy & easily the most accurate.

      • How many full games have you actually watched Lilly striker? It’s pretty easy to tell an offensive dman compared to an all around if you want to talk about the leafs just look at gardiner and Reilly both were known as puck movers when thy were coming in and both of them haven’t improved their defense one iotta and they should have by now

      • Maybe if there was a rule book and everyone followed it to the letter you might be right striker. There is absolutely no reason that Liljegren doesn’t get a couple of games on the big team this season. He might even make the team out of training camp, he’s that talented and the leaf defense is that bad. Olli Maatta was drafted at number 22 and he played his way onto a better defensive group at the age of 18 and has been there ever since. Yes he’s had all kinds of weird injuries and ailments but he’s still effective and if he works on his skating he will be very effective. Age and draft position should have no effect whatsoever on a players chances of being on NHL rosters. The only thing that matters is talent and the execution of that talent.

      • Wow you talk about a bunch of people who know nothing. Liljegrin played as an 18 year old in the AHL last year with the Marlies. In the playoffs he averaged almost 18 minutes a game and he was a plus player. I`m willing to bet none of you guys have ever seen him play at all. George is comparing Liljegrin to bunch of guys that are 3 to 5 years older and he`s better than any of Ottawa`s prospects including Chabot whose 2 years older. Not only that this kid missed almost an entire year to mono and an injure as a 17 year old. Plus he was the number 2 rated prospect for that draft before he got mono. Is he ready for the NHL probably not, needs to improve his physical strength another year in the AHL would be in his best interest right now, but he`s not too far away from an full time NHL spot

      • Wow yogi you have no idea what you are talking about! If you throw him into the nhl he would get eaten alive, I’ve seen him play around 30 games and he has no clue how to play defense! I know you’re a leaf lover but bet realistic

      • Better than Chabot?? Just like that. Holy crap!

      • And I have to add, there was obviously as reason Liljegrenb tumbled so far in the draft, and it wasn’t the hockey gods smiling on the Leafs as some in the TO media would like us to believe. There were 5 D that went ahead of him – Hesij\kanen 3rd to Dallas, Makar 4th to Colorado, Foote 14th to TB, Brannstrom 15th to Vegas and Valimaki 16th to Calgary. I suppose all are automatically better than Chabot by virtue of being picked ahead of Liljegren?

      • Liljegren may never be a defensive Dman I have no idea. I haven’t seen Liljegren play except in the WJC’s last season and against his peers his age he looked fine.

        Again I’m not judging a kid who just turned 19. In fact I’m going to assume that the scouts that had him selected 17th & those that evaluate for THN Future Watch know what they are talking about more than you or I.

      • I never claimed he was as good as Chabot. I never even mentioned Chabot but let’s address the 2 as a comparison. Chabot was drafted 2 years earlier in 2015 than Liljegren, 2017, 1 spot later at 18.

        Chabot is now 21, 22 in January 2.25 years older than Liljegren. He split his 1st NHL season between the AHL & NHL, Wideman’s injury opened up a full-time spot for him & as Ott’s D is so bad he is being fast-tracked to the NHL as what choice does Ott have, his defensive play is seriously lacking currently. No sheltering Chabot as they will need him to play as Ott’s #3 as a bare minimum depending upon what comes back in the Karlsson trade eventually. Tor doesn’t have that issue, Liljegren won’t be rushed but developed properly, slowly methodically.

        Chabot started 62% of his ES shifts in the O Zone last season. This in no way is to disparage Chabot. He is just a kid himself but 2 years further along in age & development than Liljegren.

        I will wait until Liljegren is 25 to try & determine what he is. Nor does he have Chabot’s offensive abilities. Chabot may be an extremely offensive Dman, what happens defensively who knows at this point.

      • You gotta read the whole thread Striker. Not everything is about you. It was Yogi who suggested he was better than Chabot.

      • yes since the marlies are better than the sens why would toronto want anything from ottawa check out the highlights on you tube and watch your favorite player trying to stop players old fart

      • Yeah, I’m old bob – by your lofty standards anyway. So what’;s your point? it’s a crime to grow old now? If you’re real lucky you might reach puberty.

        Ahh, but what the hell, here I am exchanging insults with someone with the IQ of a kumquat.

      • @George at this point and time Liljegrin is ahead of Chabot plain and simple. As an 18 year old he played in the AHL which is miles ahead of what Chabot has done and the best part is he`s proved he can play at that level. Chabot as a 21 year has played a handful of games in the AHL. While he has done good offensively especially on the powerplay he has struggled badly defensely so far and I have managed to see Chabot play on AHL live. Liljegrins play has improved a great deal thanks to the fact he played a full year with the Marlies. Texas in the calder cup finals tried hard to run him out of the rink with no success at all. Liljegrin has 2 years worth of develop over Chabot too. Striker`s right about one thing Chabot`s being fast tracked by Ottawa and it`s hurting him big time. Chabot needs to stay in the AHL for a whole year let him learn to play. I like Chabot, he may yet turn out and meet expectations, but I think Ottawa`s well on the way to ruining him. BBB you`re either a bigtime Leafs fan or the biggest bull…ter of all time. I`m going with the later

      • I know when someone says Lilly is better than chabot he knows absolutely nothing about prospects! Geez I honestly can’t believe someone said something so stupid

      • intimidation doesn’t work with me i don’t come on here believing i’m right all the time and tell people off because you think your something special if you think your so right become a gm

      • Hey George… what does an old fart smell like anyway? I once changed an old mans colostomy bag and he colostofarted near my face.., it was atrocious… but I attributed that to not traveling all the way thru the system and hospital food.

      • Ask bob, he brought it up. But don’t intimidate him.

      • Do even old men like you enjoy their own brand? Or is it just rotten. Bob?

      • good one real mature guys look in the mirror

      • Really? And her I thought it was you who started this exchange by calling me an old fart! Silly me – must be an aging thing. Geez, I can still remember what it was like to be 13.

      • intimidation

    • @ Caper

      NO THANK YOU ….The Leafs have so much offense right now through 3 lines the last thing they need is another gaping hole on the back end …Karlsson is a 2 – 3 D man at best when he is on the opposite side of the puck.

      The Leafs need a BIG shut down D man with an edge who plays responsible and see the whole game with a really good first pass battles in the corners and in front but has a good hockey IQ ….Manson in Anaheim would be great ..or Brayden McNabb in Vegas.

      I think its buyer beware on Karlsson …as I have said before this guy has had SERIOUS SERIOUS injuries on his ankles …when his offensive game is gone in 3 years of an 8 year deal …he will be nothing but dead weight when his foot speed is gone

      …as you guys mentioned a few days ago about 50 / 50 hined site on Bobby Ryan …I see the same thing here with Karlsson …as everyone says about Murray signing Ryan to that long term deal Iam putting it out there that this will be the same thing …its a Phaneuf situation waiting to happen.

      In closing the Leafs also need a big body winger or they wil go no where and get pushed around like Vegas did by the Cpas in the playoffs ….a team that really beefd up with size and skill on the wings this year is the Blues …they finally have that size factor to compete as a legit contender balanced with a deep D core and finesse players.

      For what a Manager would have to give up to get Karlsson Its way too much …I think its like buying a new car ..in 3 years you see the scratches…and all the new models look really nice and you want to trade it in.

      A solid #3 D man big body hi hockey IQ and a solid Big Body Winger is what the Leafs need thats it…DONE!

      Oh yea and get rid of the worst 2 D in the league in Zaitsev and Gardiner …TERRIBLE and to put those guys together is a JOKE!!

      • Karlsson is the new matt duchense. just trade him already..please tired of daily Karlsson rumors..they know if they can sign him and probably would have do e it already…

    • “No, for a team to unceremoniously dump a Hoffman there had to have been some substantial evidence that the charges were true. They were likely told by the police – who are STILL examining all the evidence to see what, if any, charges can be laid – not to say anything publicly until they make their decision. This is SOP.”

      You have made this all up. Here’s a just as likely as explanation:

      “No, for a team to unceremoniously dump a Hoffman there had to have been some substantial evidence”

      They had to split them up and Karlsson is a bigger star so they dumped Hoffman. Also, trading him was not going to get their fans as upset. At the time, and maybe still do, hope to sign Karlsson

      “STILL examining all the evidence to see what, if any, charges can be laid – not to say anything publicly until they make their decision. This is SOP.”

      Or maybe there is no evidence to examine. Or maybe it supports the Hoffman’s. Aren’t they the ones calling for it to be made public.

      It’s scary how many people are so quick to judge with absolutely no first hand knowledge. I was just watching the “Oxbow Incident”. You would have fit right in with the lynch mob.

      • Not really. Mine was an educated guess based upon known police work. None of your bloody business why I know that process. Yeah, your take could also be plausible – highly unlikely though. And no one is jumping to any conclusions.

    • Toro to would have to extremely over pay to get Karlsson. Who is already expensive.

  3. My Canucks simply are in a state of transition & EK although a great add the timing is not right. In 1-3yrs maybe. Sens would need to drop the ask if Ryan has to be invkuded & i cannot him making sense to almost every team.

    • As I posted yesterday (or was it the day before? lol) that Ryan-must-be-included crapola dated back some months to a blog article and NEVER has anyone associated with the Sens even intimated that that was a necessity. Dorion – and Melnyk – have their faults, to be sure, but neither is an idiot. They know as much as anyone that hitching the two together hamstrings them severely in any potential trade.

      • ***Both are idiots. Ottawa has been a tire fire for longer than a one or two off mistake/issue, and its way past any learning curve for both of them.

      • Melnyk doesn’t have to “learn” anything, much less take lessons from us. He’s a multi-millionaire and can do and say what he damn well pleases as the owner.

  4. Why are the Devil’s not a possible suitor for EK?

    They have the cap space now and next year to add him and extend him at $10-$11m per. They have some nice young players too that they can offer up!

    Would a Bratt, Santini and Mueller package get it done? All of the trio should be opening night starters, all are under the age of 24 and all will be RFAs at the end of their current deals. Adding EK to Severson, Vatanen and Butcher would be AMAZING! The NJ PP would be stellar and wingers like Hall would have a field day with the outlet breakouts from their defensive zone! Would make NJ an exciting team to watch for sure!


    • I have brought this up a few times as well. EK gets NYC area. Just not sure Devils have enough of a team to contend the next 5 seasons for EK.

    • You really think NJ could add a 2-time Norris winner and D-man always in the 70+ point range for a coupe of average D-men (of which Ottawa already has a bunch) and a F a bit on the diminutive side? For starters they’d have to include Butcher back to Ottawa

    • Bratt one of those two a 1st plus another asset

  5. I would say NJ would be a good option. They have the room a and need to add to their top 6 wingers.
    Without some adjustment I do not foresee them making the playoffs again but actually taking a step back.

    so perhaps

    To NJ: EK & Ryan
    To OTT: Severson, Zacha 2 1sts and a prospect.

    Ott gets a right hand D on good term along with a young upcoming center who can play wing. They also add 2 1sts while dumping Ryan.

    NJ gets their proper upgrade. EK plays with Greene on the top pair and Vat and Butch round out the top 4.

    Win for both sides….

    • If NJ has to take Ryan’s contract (they can fit both EK and BR’s cap hit under their cap) then they won’t be trading both Severson AND Zacha.

      A team taking BR will reduce the prospects they’ll have to give up.

      I could see a Severson/Bratt or McLeod/1st rounder being the deal. Sens fans would say that’s enough, but it’s the cost of business for having Melnyk insisting teams taking Ryan’s bad contract.

      it would line up nicely, Ryan could play with Zacha/Johansson while Palmeiri could move back to play with Hall/Hischier, where he has his best numbers.

      Karlsson would obviously improve the defense and round it out better. Mirco Mueller could play with EK while Butcher would pair with Vatanen, and Greene’s minutes could be reduced (badly needed) on a pairing with Lovejoy or Santini.

      even everyone’s favorite rumor monger is saying that the Devils may be offering the best deal from an Eastern Conf team

      • Show me exactly where Melnyk has insisted that any deal involving Karlsson must include Ryan. And I mean a direct quote – not what some blogger dreamed up months ago maybe because of a personal dislike of Melnyk.

      • @George….

        I add Ryan in just because I think he actually improves NJ top 6 over some options currently…. Not bc of the rumors of Melnyk insisting.

        Too senile here to quote anyone =)

      • Actually, ihatecrosby, I was directing my comment to mikeP’s post

    • IMHO Devils do not make the playoffs again with their current roster. For Ottawa trading EK to the Devils for a 2019 1st is probably is still a higher pick than any of the teams in the West will end up finishing IF they added EK.
      Devils would need to offer 2 1st round picks, Butcher or Severson + Zacha or Bratt.

      If I was a GM I would be trying to get EK+Stone in a deal and extend them both(Stone cannot be extended until jan1 though right?)

      • To add – Butcher is great on PP but should be sheltered on 3rd pairing. Severson sometimes looks like a solid 2nd pairing D and other times last season had speed issues- does he have a knee issue?

    • I had same deal in mind… but if BR is coming along that 2nd 1st needs to be a 2nd rounder

  6. Man the Leafs are so Great they do not even want to take a run at EK. I really think the team that gets him is the Oilers, they have been waiting all summer to do something.

    • Except that it would likely cost them Larsson or Nurse as part of the package and when the dust settled, they’d be no better off defensively than Ottawa is now.

  7. “That tweet to Friedman underscores how wrong it is to jump to conclusions based upon an unsubstantiated rumor.”

    It’s just a wrong to take any statement that Karlsson or any other public figure makes at face value. It is completely in Karlsson’s best interest to say this even if he has decided not to sign with a Canadian team. The more teams bidding, the higher the price and he avoids a lot of hate from Canada.

    • Very true. Except in THIS case we know that Karlsson actually said something to someone with some credibility in the rumor mill – not what some blogger, with no more bona-fide “contacts” than any of us in here, intimated.

      • You really think it matters who he says it to? Come on.

      • You really think it doesn’t? You’ve just accused me elsewhere in this thread of jumping to conclusion and her you are doing the exact same thing. Who died and elected you King S*^t Of Turd Island?

    • I doubt Karlsson cares about hate from Canada nor is it in his best interest to get ott a better return as that weakens his new team.

      • Exactly.

  8. Karlsson is grabbing all the headlines but I find Panarin situation interesting
    Zuccarello and 3 three assets- another roster, prospect, and draft pick.

    Karlsson will move for the same amount to one of the teams that can afford him – 2 roster, prospect and draft pick. A little higher quality of course

    • I could see Torts asking for Kreider in a deal. As many have stated the Rangers do not need Panarin this season… no reason to pay the market right now

  9. To me, the sleeper in this whole Karlsson soap opera could very well be Lou Lamoriello. He just lost his franchise player, he’s a guy who likes to make a big splash, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him step up in the next week or so. The $64,000 questions are, could the Islanders be on Karlsson’s no-go list, and what would Lou offer in return?

    • Damn George, that is an interesting thought. I have always liked the idea of pairing Karlsson with Duchene in a trade, and I think that would work well for the Islanders. To have Barzal and Duchene as your top 2 centers is not a bad thing.

      To NYI: D Erik Karlsson, C Matt Duchene, D Christian Jaros, C Tom Pyatt

      To Ott: D Noah Dobson, D Johnny Boychuk, C Kieffer Bellows, C Casey Cizikas, L Michael Dal Colle, 1st Round pick

      The risk here for New York is that they still suck and give up a high draft pick.

  10. All this talk about potential Karlsson to New Jersey trades! Ray Shero played it cool this off season. He admitted to having “lost out” on Patrick Maroon and one other player, whose name I can’t recall right now. But instead of going out and single-mindedly signing the next best available player in an attempt to have done something, he did almost nothing. He will keep living up to the Ray Hero moniker he was given when he traded for Taylor Hall, and build the New Jersey Devils through the draft and their own system. And simply taking players like Taylor Hall from lesser GMs. He did try and grab a player or two to beef up the offence via free agency, but it would have been a nice extra, not a necessity.

    I don’t think Shero believes the Devils’ cup window has even opened, he is just beginning to assemble the pieces. So to send young talent away for players at or right near the age of 30, coming from one of the most toxic places in the NHL, makes little sense for what the Devils are trying to do.

    • Understand your viewpoint and respect it BUT we are talking about EK, a top 5 D-man in the league. He carried OTT to a series win over NYR on a broken foot. Won 2 Norris Trophys on an anemic OTT team along with 4 nominations. It would be in his teams long term east interest to add him to their young core to solidify a playoff spot and their next 6 years.

  11. To All,

    late to the forum today— great banter, prognostications, kudos to those pontificating pro/con on EK to different teams.

    on board with George— I’ve not seen anywhere that Melnyk has insisted on BR moving in deal. These are media speculations heavily regurgitated by HNC, TSN,SN, etc.

    Do I believe it is something he might say — yep. Would it benefit Ottawa to move BR– yep. Would the return in the deal be less with BR included — yep. Will he be included in deal— who’s offering and what is the over-all net return—- so many different speculative parameters.

    My gut— not a financial fit in T.O. and what is required to be given up— not logical

    IMO Vanc is a stretch on many fronts

    NJ– location, fit on team, available $’s and space- yes. I just can’t conjure a deal that has more likelihood than from other teams (see below)

    My gut agrees with the posts above that consider it a 3 way race: VGK, Dall, TBay.

    All logic tells me that Theo/Heisk/Serg (from them respectively) plus a first is a starting point. Note Tbay 1st would need to be in ’20 as 1st in ’19 is contingently gone.

    All three teams have the lowest tax hit (best take-home advantage) of the entire NHL save for Panther’s and Nashville.

    Before I get bombarded with a tirade that $’s is not everything— I’m on board with you here. Absolutely. But it does weigh in on decision. For instance — an 8 * $11M after tax in Toronto is slightly less than a 8 * $10M in Dall, VGK and TBay.

    Karlsson (when deciding on who he will eventually sign an 8 year extension with) will also weigh the probabilities of Cup success on teams acquiring him (given his addition less the trade subtractions). IMO, TBay after trade would have the highest probability of SC of all teams. Not guaranteed but a strong probability. With this in mind, IMO, he would have the highest likelihood of signing for 8 with TBay. Again, not guaranteed— just a higher probability than the other teams.

    What else to give up in trade:

    Up and coming prospect and likely late rounder. The late rounder is likely an add on and all 3 teams have them

    Propsect likely coming from VGK is Suzuki (Dorion likely to ask for Glass). Tbay — Raddysh or Katchouk. Dall has a few good prospects but I’m not as familiar with their prospect pool; but I’m sure they can package something similar to Suzuki/Glass/Raddysh/Katchouk.

    It has been speculated that VGK would be willing to take on BR contract. They’d be tight to the cap but it would just fit in (after some 1st day temp moves and after putting Clarkson on IR)— could be done. Gives them more flexibility on return and might ensure in any potential trade that it is Suzuki and not Glass and that it is a very late rounder in ’20 or beyond (if at all) vs. say a required 5th/6th in ’19 from TBay or Dall.

    Tbay is stuck in Cap cruch…to acquire they’d need to move Callahan. The speculation thrown around has been that Stevie Y would need to bring in a 3rd team (NYR????) to take on Call and would have to pony up an asset as an incentive.

    I’ve posted before, that at third team does not necessarily have to be involved directly in the trade.

    Tbay could offer up Serg, 1st (’20), Raddysh OR Katchouk, 5th (’19), Girardi for EK. Dorion could then take back 50% on Call and flip for a 3rd (’19) as receiving team would get him for 2 years at only $2.9M. Ottw financially is about the same after dust settles but has Serg, 1st, 3rd, Raddysh or Katchouk AND use of Girardi for one year.

    Tbay actually gains Cap this year; has no Tag issues with so many unsigned (right now) for fall of ’19 and Stevie Y has a year to do magic for long term beginning in fall of ’19. What TBay mostly gains is that they’d have a top 4 Horseman of the Apocalypse type D (the 3 Swedes and McD) that will occupy the ice for 50 minutes of every game. The remainder of Raddysh/Katchouk can move up into roster (others shifting up) for the vacancy left by Call. This move IMO makes TBay the SC fave from EC.

    …. again all speculation. We are all armchair GMs here, and loving the bandying of speculative trades/moves/additions/contract values.

    Will this happen as above — not a chance — too involved, and I had the thought — these don’t come to fruition.

    I would not be blown away if some off the chart deal comes from a team that is really not on the main media radar… it will be exciting whatever happens.

    My only wish is that EK goes to the Western Conference.

    • just to clarify w.r.t. Call at 50%– receiving team would get him at $2.9M (Cap)per for 2 years; but only $2.35M per in actual cash — hence my speculation on worthy of a 3rd (’19)

    • That post gets two and a half strikers.

  12. EK is damaged goods, wants to much $, and seems like a pain in the ass.

    He is what don cheery calls, a swedish meatball.

    Although, in today’s penalty play nhl he’d probably win a contending team a cup but, then handicaps them for 8 years straight.

    • No argument from me on that score. 8 years is just too damned long at the cost he’s demanding. That’ll likely come as a shock to that deep-thinker bob who somehow has come to the conclusion that Karlsson is my favorite player. LOL. He clearly hasn’t been following events.

    • These type of Leafs fan comments give them the negative reputation they have around the league. Liljegren is a nice prospect, but better than Chabot?! Chabot was thrown to the wolves last year and lived up to his billing as third best prospect in Future Watch. 10 goals and nearly 30 points on that team is impressive by any standard.

      People on hear talk about Karlsson like he is almost done. They said the same after the Cooke incident and were dead wrong. He just carried a team to within a goal of the SCF and then had over 60 points on one good foot. He should be elite for at least 5 or 6 years and give a team a long window for the Cup. You aren’t getting that for average players/prospects and scraps. He would be the best defenseman on Toronto by a country mile for the next several years.

  13. Guys like Elliotte get two days work out of one made up story.

    • Boy, is there ever a lot of truth in that Possum! Actually, all of them do.

  14. Trade karlsson to the Leafs
    U can have Gardiner .worse game 7 – ever
    He will request 6M/yr …

    I am sure the Leafs can sweeten the pot

    • No thank you. We already have a giveaway artist on Parliament Hill.