NHL Rumor Mill – August 28, 2018

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Updates on Jacob Trouba, Wayne Simmonds and Josh Leivo in your NHL rumor mill.


WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: Mike McIntyre reports defenseman Jacob Trouba isn’t ruling out signing a long-term contract with the Winnipeg Jets. Last month, he was awarded a one-year, $5.5-million contract via arbitration, fueling speculation the Jets might trade him rather than face another difficult contract negotiation with him next summer.

Trouba said going through the arbitration process didn’t bother him, calling it part of the process. His camp reportedly sought $7 million from an arbiter while the Jets countered with $4 million. McIntyre suggests a trade is still possible though he doesn’t see Trouba being dealt during the coming season. The earliest the Jets can open contract discussions with the blueliner is Jan. 1.

Defenseman Jacob Trouba isn’t ruling out signing a long-term contract with the Winnipeg Jets (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t doubt Trouba would accept a long-term contract with the Jets as long as they’re paying him what he wants. I daresay he’d leap at the opportunity to sign a seven- or eight-year contract worth $7 million annually.

Jets management, however, seem disinclined to invest too much for too long in a defenseman who’s been hampered by injuries for most of his career. They must also re-sign Blake Wheeler, Patrik Laine, Kyle Connor and Tyler Myers next summer but won’t have enough cap space to keep everyone.

Depending on how the coming season shakes out, Trouba could become the odd man out. He’ll attract plenty of interest if he hits the trade block next summer. 


NBC SPORTS: During a recent assessment of the Philadelphia Flyers for the coming season, Joey Alfieri wondered what the future holds for winger Wayne Simmonds. He’s eligible next summer to become an unrestricted free agent and there were rumors around last February’s trade deadline that the Flyers were willing to move him.

The addition this summer of James van Riemsdyk might not leave much room to keep Simmonds, who’s coming off pelvic surgery. The Flyers could be reluctant to re-sign a player who’s soon to turn 30 and has had his share of injuries. It seems unlikely that they’ll move Simmonds during the season if they’re in the playoff hunt but they also can’t risk losing him to free agency for nothing.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see Simmonds going anywhere for now as the Flyers could take a wait-and-see approach here. If he plays well I expect they’ll do all they can to re-sign the popular winger. If his performance declines they’ll try moving him though they probably won’t get as much interest. If he plays well but they’re out of the postseason race by next February they could seriously entertain trade offers if they feel they can’t get him under contract before the trade deadline.


TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby recently reported winger Josh Leivo hopes to see more playing time with the Maple Leafs this season. “Word was Leivo’s handlers were pushing for a trade late last season, but he intends to make it harder than ever for general manager Kyle Dubas and coach Mike Babcock to ignore him in the coming weeks.” The offseason departures of James van Riemsdyk, Tyler Bozak, Matt Martin and Tomas Plekanec could open up opportunities for Leivo. 



  1. Sorry Lyle, I realize business now sucks on the Rumor side of Hockey since so few trades happen anymore, but how was that an update on Wayne Simmonds? Maybe you have a future as a Real Estate agent. They can be just as misleading to get you to look…

    • It’s claerly stated that there was recent assessment of the Flyers roster and Simmonds may be the odd man out.
      Will he get moved? Will he not? For how much? = rumor.
      Simple really

    • Did you read the excerpt in a mirror and fail to understand? The only ones who know Simmons’ future – or any other players’ future – are the teams GMs.

      Even Bob McKenzie, a highly credible “insider,’ regularly states hockey reporting is almost always speculative.

      If you want certainty read tomorrow’s news, today.

    • Hey badcowboy, if you don’t like the column, don’t read it.
      Personally attacking the author says a LOT more about you than about the author that we all enjoy.

      • I didn’t personally attack the author, nor would I. Keep your false, accusations and your ignorance to your self, you’ll sound more intelligent. I simply stated the obvious (to some of us) fate of the rumor business in the new NHL. I respect Lyle, and the column, but that was clearly a reach for something that hasn’t already been stated (and repeated again and again…).

      • A day late, but Bad, when you suggest someone has a future as a real estate agent as you complaining about the writer’s column, how is that not a personal attack?

        So Steve has it right, and you lack the courage to own up to the words that YOU typed.

    • Have to agree with cowboy Dan, very few trades happen, and the rumours are almost always wrong, sorry to say. Lyle definitely has some insight and knowledge but it’s a dying business.

    • ive been reading this site for 5 years daily—its the best on the internet

    • What a joke of an comment.

      First, Lyle reports on other people’s stories then adds his own observation so direct the non-rumor rumor nonsense on Joey Alfieri, if at all. There’s the first indication that you’re wrong and kind of dumb. Second indicator is your obvious lack of understanding of how Lyle relies on rumors for his “business”… like this blog pays his bills. Third, what the hell is this comparison to a real estate agent, which is also unnecessarily capitalized? No one considers realtors deceptive. Lastly, how is anything here misleading or deceptive here?

      The last two points you made are clearly a veiled attack on his character and trying to say otherwise means you’re socially inept… you wouldn’t say that to someone’s face without expecting them to be insulted.

      The only impressive feat in this is how you piled on several fallacies in such a small paragraph.

  2. Relax….

  3. Wherever Wayne Simmonds plays, he will be a valued asset to his team.

    Yes I am a bit biased in that I’ve watched him since he was a kid and he grew up not very far at all from us. However, his play on the Flyers impresses (and I expect will continue to impress) me.

    Phi should not let him walk as a UFA. If they don’t have future plans for him; trade and get assets.

    IMO, no trade (if at all) happens until trade deadline at the earliest.

    I have a really strong feeling that Phi will be one of the tightly bundled “bubble” group at trade deadline time… making a decision on WS that much more difficult.

    • To clarify — IMO Phi has (at this time) just as much possibility of finishing 3rd in Metro as finishing just out of last Eastern WC spot.


      • Agreed. He played virtually the entire season with his pelvic injury finally having it repaired this summer. Would love to see him in a bruins jersey but hope Philly can get him locked up for another 5 or 6 years.

      • Striker..if the Bruins got Wayne Simmonds..wow and philly needs defense may e tori Kruger? Boston is really deep on defense!

      • Yeah or they could sign Freddy Kruger for free. If Hextall traded Simmonds for Krug he needs to be fired. The Flyers young D is the best in the league and they don’t need to trade talent at forward for a little mighty mite.

  4. Flyers need some goaltending In front of a young defence. The forward group is a definite

    Trouba should be 5.5 for two -6m for two -and 7 for the last three for a total of 44 m for a aav of 6. 2. Byfuglien is on the back nine and maybe go through another arbritation next year to buy time

    • I highly doubt Winnipeg goes through the arbitration process with Trouba next summer. He will be one year from UFA status and they’ll lose a lot of their trade value if the new team can’t negotiate a long term deal right away. My guess is Trouba gets traded at the draft or right after free agency begins if he can’t come to terms with the Jets on a long term deal.

      • He’s going to Edmonton for Nurse

    • FLyers have needed goal tending since Parent and Hextall.

  5. Totally agree Van. I see a long term deal with Trouba happening somewhere, but honestly not in Winnipeg. As a Jets fan I would love that 6.2 mil per deal, but I do not see his camp signing for that. They will want a Marc Edouard Vlasic contract, which the Jets should walk away from. Hopefully they can recoup a couple assets or at least a good 1st rounder at the draft.

  6. Simmonds may get injured but he plays through them. He has missed 24 games in his 10 year NHL career. If I’m Philly I’m looking to lock Simmonds up for 5 or 6 years in or around 5.5 per.

    • He won’t last 5-6 years. He is a PF. The last 2 years of that contract Wayne will be a drag on the team.

      For the record, I grew up in Voorhees, NJ and there isn’t a bigger WS fan in this conversation.

  7. I don’t know what Babcock doesn’t like about Leivo but he simply only plays him if he has absolutely no choice. That got Leivo into 16 games last season.

    I don’t see his situation improving in Tor this year either. On many NHL teams, Leivo would easily be given a role as a depth scoring winger on a 3rd line but not in Tor.

    • Completely agree, Striker. Leivo has shown offensive upside when he actually plays. I find it puzzling that Toronto hasn’t given him a real shot yet.

    • I think we’ll know for sure about Leivo’s future with the Leafs on opening day.
      I have Hyman, Marleau, Johnsson and Leivo lining up on the left side and will be surprised if its any different.
      I still don’t understand how Martin was protected in the expansion draft and Leipsic left exposed – crazy

      • I assume Ennis is in the mix at LW as well but he can play any forward position.

  8. Mike McIntyre isn’t completely accurate. Win can start negotiating with Trouba whenever they want they just can’t sign & file the contract until January 1st at the earliest.

    • If I’m WPG and can’t sign all of the group mentioned above by Lyle, I let Wheeler go. Not that he isn’t a great player and leader it is simply the business side. His age, the $$ and term he will demand and get from somebody.
      The Jets are deep up front with more young guys who will continue to improve. With Buff also aging and the time it takes D to develop, I can’t see the logic in having Trouba be the odd man out, and as Lyle states, they can’t afford them all. That is assuming he is willing to sign a long term deal in WPG. If he takes 8 X 7, I do it.
      Tough decision, but you would rather walk a year or 2 early from Wheeler as opposed to 2 or 3 late and WPG has the depth to do it.

      • Ray.

        I don’t disagree with your take specifically but I’m not convinced Trouba wants to be in Win. Even if they pay him what he feels he’s worth. Maybe I don’t really know I just have an inkling.

        That said I do think they should be working to extend Myers if Trouba does want out & with all the contracts coming the same issue is still in play for me whether Trouba is their or not. Can Win afford the future contracts of Ehlers, Laine, Connor, Myers, Wheeler and soon you can Morrisey and Roslovic to the dynamic.

        I assume Morrisey will be bridged most likely the same for Roslovic 2 summers out but that just buys a little wiggle room. Not enough cap space to keep everyone & I think Win is going to be forced in there within next 3 years 2 lose 2 of these players, not just 1.

      • Hey Striker,

        Your assuming players won’t take home town discounts to stay in the peg 🙂 ? Considered one of the less desirable locations for a long time I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those players like winning enough that they actually consider it.

      • That is very possible Striker depending what the cap does.
        I just don’t do it on the blue line, same reasons I mentioned.
        Depth up front including prospects, time to develop on D vs forward, Buff is 33.

  9. I dont see Philly moving Simmonds unless they are out of a playoff spot which barring a rash of injury I dont see happening.

    • Hextall will make a mess of the Simmonds situation, philly won’t be contenders with hextall in charge

      • Bigbear, I am curious which moves of Hextall’s have encouraged your position on his management of the Flyers. Besides the goaltending, which I admit looks rather messy in the short term, it appears as if he has assembled a fantastic group of young talent that has championship core potential. On defence they have Provorov, Gostisbehere, Sanheim, Morin, Hagg and Philippe Myers (on the way), and up front they have van Riemsdyk, Couturier, Patrick, Konecny, Oskar Lindblom, Jordan Weal, with veterans Giroux, Voracek and Simmonds (for now), and have Isaac Ratcliffe and Morgan Frost in the system.

      • What’s the issue you have towards Hextall? There are coaches & GM’s I can’t stand also but not quite so brutal about my distaste for them.

      • He’s in actuality rob brown?

  10. Wheeler will resign in Winnipeg; Trouba is saying all the right things and hopefully we signs long term in Winnipeg.

    • Curious if you give wheeler 7+ years caper. If he wants that term he will have multiple suitors in the open market that will give him it.

    • So who do you trade/not resign Caper?
      You could let Myers walk I guess, still be tough to fit what’s left as Striker alluded to.
      All that said, good problem to have.
      And what would Wheeler get on the open market? He will be 33 when next season starts.
      5 years at 7?
      Not sure I sign up for that if I am WPG.

      • Not just one but several teams would offer him 7 years. I guarantee!

    • Here is my prediction Wheeler 5yrs at 6.5

      • Mark Stone gets $7.5 from an arbiter and you think Wheeler settles for $6.5 over 5 years? I doubt that very much.

      • So why does wheeler give peg a hometown discount? I am sincerely asking. Not trying to be a butthead.

      • I don’t see Wheeler leaving a lot of money on the table. Winnipeg got a 5 year bargain on his current contract. He will get long term, very lucrative offers on the open market and will likely want Oshie term or $7.5M+/year for 5 years.

      • Sorry Caper, I agree that he’s worth that, but unfortunately it will be closer to ten mil, a sad state, and the fans are the ones paying for the outrageous coin, and if you’ve been to many games, we aren’t getting our money’s worth

  11. Blake Wheeler will be 31 this season. Winnipeg could end up stuck with a “legacy” contract that respects Wheeler’s current impact on the ice, his past impact on the ice, his leadership, his community influence, and a few more years of solid first line hockey. If he signs for 7 or 8 years, or even 6, at $7,000,000 or more per season, I fear the Jets will be saddled with a contract that prevents them from affording enough complementary young talent to remain in contention for a long time. There was an article in The Hockey News about the Blackhawks and Red Wings recently detailing how expensive, long term contracts for older players have come to punish them.

    This may just be the way things go these days though. Blake Wheeler in Winnipeg seems similar to Iginla in Calgary, or Zetterberg in Detroit, or Seabrook in Chicago. These players meant so much to their teams and communities that it was impossible not to treat them to expensive veteran year contracts. Ultimately, they need to exist in order to attract young talent to your organization, to show that your commitment as a player is reciprocated.

    Just, damn though, wouldn’t it suck for Winnipeg to have to trade a top-tier young player in order to stay under the cap because a 33 or 34 year old with emotional ties to the team and declining abilities is earning too much.

    Players at his age should be awarded four year contracts, at modest raises if deserving a raise. By the time a player is 34, you can judge how the next few years will go and pay him 2.5-3 million over 2 years to round out the ol’ career.

    Players union, kudos I guess. You can single handedly wreck a team’s future by signing an insane contract that pays you like a prime player when you’re 36. Guaranteed Benjamins!

    (MC’s I squash and disgrace,
    It’s all about the benjies,
    So why your bills got Washington’s face?)

    • Damn right kudos. You want to fix this then teams should start actually paying players before their mid twenties. Wheeler paid his dues and should walk off with a massive pay day.

      • That’s a great point Chrisms!

        If teams are insisting on bridge deals until a player is in his mid twenties, then why wouldn’t the player expect to receive his just rewards until his retirement.

        I still think it handicaps teams in the cap era, but I hadn’t thought of that part of it Chrisms.

  12. While I agree that contracts to vets can handcuff teams as the aforementioned seabrook, or zetterberg, etc. Wheeler has pretty much gotten better as he’s aged. He may be 31 but his last three seasons have been his strongest. I really don’t think a 5 or 6 year contract is going to hurt the team. And it’s not like they’re signing him solely on leadership or character like a Backes or Foligno, he’s arguably their best player. So potentially losing Connor or Ehlers isn’t detrimental when they probably will never amount to Wheeler numbers anyways.