NHL Rumor Mill – August 30, 2018

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Latest on the Golden Knights, Senators and Red Wings in your NHL rumor mill.


LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: David Schoen reports trade rumors have linked the Vegas Golden Knights to Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson for some time. But with training camp opening in two weeks, they appear no closer to landing the all-star blueliner.

Schoen considers Karlsson a “perfect fit” for the Golden Knights’ fast-moving transition game. The blueliner is eligible next summer for unrestricted free agent status. All signs point to Karlsson not re-signing with the Senators, who can’t afford to lose their best trade asset for nothing.

Are the Vegas Golden Knights still interested in Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson? (Photo via NHL Images)

Schoen notes trade speculation has also tied the Tampa Bay Lightning, Dallas Stars, San Jose Sharks and Vancouver Canucks to Karlsson. He suspects the Senators’ asking price could be four pieces, including an NHL player, a top prospect and a first-round pick.

The Golden Knights were reportedly close to landing the two-time Norris Trophy winner at last season’s trade deadline but the deal fell through. They have the cap space to absorb Karlsson’s $6.5-million salary-cap hit and enough to re-sign him. However, the Senators could also be trying to unload winger Bobby Ryan’s contract ($7.25-million annually through 2021-22) in the deal. They could also want one of the Golden Knights top prospects, such as Cody Glass or Erik Brannstrom, or perhaps promising defenseman Shea Theodore.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Good synopsis by Schoen of where the Golden Knights stand in the Karlsson trade rumor chatter. While the Stars and Lightning are considered the front-runners by many observers, I would include Vegas among them.

Of the clubs supposedly interested in the Senators captain, the Golden Knights appear to be an ideal trade partner. They have plenty of salary-cap room, depth in quality prospects and promising young players, lots of extra draft picks and appear keen to bring in a true superstar. Their impressive inaugural season and Sun Belt location could make them a tempting destination for Karlsson, who holds a 10-team no-trade list. 


OTTAWA SUN: Ken Warren reports Erik Karlsson politely declined a recent interview request, saying he’d speak to the press when training camp opens on Sept. 13. Warren also expects Bobby Ryan will return with the Senators this season as his contract makes him almost untradeable.

Warren wonders what the future holds for 36-year-old winger Marian Gaborik. If he’s healthy, Warren believes the Senators could buy out his contract or perhaps explore a trade, perhaps by trying to include him in a Karlsson deal.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Last week’s resurgence in Karlsson trade speculation prompted some pundits to suggest the Senators could be trying to move Karlsson before training camp opens. We’ll find out soon enough if that’s the case.

As for Gaborik, unless there’s a different rule in the CBA regarding contract buyouts and players coming off injury, the Sens will have to wait until next June at the earliest to go that route. I doubt they’ll find any takers for Ryan or Gaborik, but then again, I didn’t think the Kings would be able to move the latter’s contract until the Senators came calling by offering up defenseman Dion Phaneuf. 


MLIVE.COM: In a recent profile of Detroit Red Wings forward Andreas Athanasiou, Ansar Khan noted his inconsistency made the winger fodder for trade speculation. If the Wings decide to trade him they’ll want a player who can help them immediately, like a defenseman. With Henrik Zetterberg likely headed for long-term injured reserve, the Wings could slide Athanasiou into their third-line center role. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This coming season could determine how long Athanasiou remains with the Red Wings. His speed and offensive skills are enticing but his lack of consistency casts his future in Detroit into doubt. They’ll assess his performance over the course of 2018-19. If he fails to play up to expectations they could shop him before the Feb. 25 trade deadline. 



  1. This has nothing to do with any of what you were talking about but I heard that Brad Treliving and the Flames were looking at long term goalie options and have had conversations with the preds about Saros. What’s your take on that?

    • Don’t see the Predators moving Saros. I believe they’re grooming him to take over from Rinne as their starter.

    • Where, exactly, did you hear that? Provide a link or a reference.

      • Why? To satisfy you? From now on whenever you mention a Senator please provide a link or a source.

      • Ooh, eddie – it took you almost a week to dream up that snarky remark> Don’t tax whatever brains you have left eddie, trying to hurt my feelings. It’s like being savaged by a sheep.

    • Paul

      That would be a very surprising move. Concur with Lyle … they’re prepping him for the longer term future.

      • 100% agree with you guys, I heard it on a radio show but I dont know why the preds would do it…I guess everyone has a price but I think it would have to be a huge deal for the preds to trade him.

        This is a great site I try to read daily, the comments get to be a but much though at times. George, there’s no reason to be a POS to people. I’m thinking more people dont post replies because of people like you and it’s bad for the site. Don’t reply to this as I wont be checking back, it’s more of a PSA.

        As for the sens, until they get a better owner and smarter GM, I think they’ll make deals that do t make sense and hurt their future but help them save money.

      • Paul, that was NOT my intent and I apologize if it came out that way. All you had to say was exactly what you said above – you heard it on a radio station. Was whoever was commenting indicating that he heard Treviling was interested in the Nashville goalie, or was it more like a suggestion that that is who Treviling should pursue. It does make a difference.

      • George’s response was not in the least snarky. Maybe you should get off your high horse Paul. It’s comments like that that make people less likely to post. Consider this a psa.

    • My take on it is that I once heard Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk pronounce Saros’ name as…


      …and that that’s a much better way to say it, IMO.

      Also, why do people think Saros is starter material? Not seeing it.

      • MG 2016-2017 Saros played 21 games 923sv% 2017-2018 26 games 925sv%; 2018 playoffs 4 games 952sv%
        Granted mush different being a starter playing 55 games plus; however them numbers will get him more opportunities.
        Pekka is a ufa at season ends and turns 36 in November.
        What will Nashville do with Rinne, resign and for how much? Will he get the $7m he is getting today?

      • Unless Rinne is going to take a pay cut on his next deal, Saros is probably the starter next season.

        I’m not too high on Saros either, reminds me of Jaro Halak.

      • Rinne will be extended for at least 2 years if not 3. He will continue to mentor Saros. Rinne will still be the starter this season, in 2019-20 they share the role with Rinne still seeing nominally more starts, in 2020-21 Saros takes over as Nas’s #1 if not sooner.

      • Striker

        I see similar; just thought it might not be JS as main guy until possibly one year after you’ve indicated.

        Regardless, mentoring/developing is the way to go.

        Starting goalie, being such a pivotal position; absolutely needs more attention to development (than other positions) IMO

      • Pengy.

        I think I good chance coming out of the expansion draft Saros will essentially be Nas’s #1.

        I was wrecking my brain regarding what we were discussing yesterday. Sign & trades. I would have to research as very rare. Heat key as mentioned, I believe Jeff Carter shortly after signing his last deal in Philly. I know there are others but jet lagged & exhausted after 16 day road trip.

        More common players are traded before extensions & or no trade clauses or NTC’s kick in but even then not very often.

      • Apparently striker has been hired as the new gm of Nashville. How can you say that so definitively? You have absolutely zero inside knowledge for that or any other franchise. Why don’t you preface your comments with something like “in my opinion” or “this is what I would do?”

      • Deeeeeeeeee

        Is it really necessary for me to put possibly, maybe, I think into every post?

        I have said constantly these are just my opinions or thoughts.

        Stop being personal & speak to the subject & keep the personal barbs to yourself.

        I’m not the GM, never will be nor are any of us. Is it so important to be so literal for you?

        I get you may not agree but speak to the subject matter. How can that have any relevance to the discussion?

      • I think therefore I maybe am? Possibly?

    • I find it amusing that last year the Flames’ fans were enraged about the thought of trading a couple of draft picks for Fleury. And they weren’t the only ones ho said he wasn’t good enough for them. They must feel pretty stupid after last season.

      • I was one of them. I think it’s amazing what he’s done. Aging goalie that historically relied on lightning reflexes losing the starters job raised some red flags for sure. Big fan now though, hard not to be.

      • I remember positing jankowski and a pick for maf and was derided.

      • Thought the rumour was the Pens wanted the 6th overall pick from the Flames

      • I have supported MAF endlessly. I had really hoped he would have ended up in Carolina.

        Vegas turned out to be a perfect solution not just for Vegas but it worked out well for Pit as well as it only cost them a nominal pick to retain everyone else to have Vegas take MAF.

        1st ballot Hall of Famer for me & elite goalies have shown they can play at top form to about 38 if not having serious injury issues.

      • Have been and will remain to be a Flower fan.

        Great addition to VGK, not only for performance but for teammates and fans.

        Looking forward to hopefully another great season from him. 🙂

      • Interested to see so many sudden Fleury fans. Personally, I’ve always that at his peak he was only slightly above average, although like most goalies who have been around he did have some ups (like against the Caps in 2017) as well as downs (most notably against TTTWBM – that “the team that won’t be mentioned”, for Pengy’s benefit).

        The more interesting thing about Fleury is how he ended up in Pgh. The Penguins were going bankrupt and finally figured out that that could not afford the high octane offensive players needed for Craig Patrick’s brand of fire wagon college hockey. Bye Bye Jagr, Kovalev, etc. They realized that defense was much cheaper – like the Devils. So they started goalie out. That’s why they traded up to get him. Also the publicity of having the #1 pick didn’t hurt.

        Fleury as probably a poor pick, even in foresight. He was originally a mid first pick until he had a spectacular WJC. Based on that he rating skyrocketed, but there was still a lot of doubt. Then he showed major signs of caving under pressure at his final WJC (like his monumental gaffe that cost Team Canada the Championship in 2004) and also in the AHL during the Wilkes Barre playoffs where he got benched two years running. He had some decent playoffs in the NHL, but he sometimes has shown the same tendency to crack under pressure in the Stanley Cup playoffs, as Penguins fans well know.

      • LMac go run the #s. NHL starts, wins, shut outs, SV%, GA Stanley cups. He’s far above average. He’s 1 of the best goalies of the modern era.

      • That was an interesting and partly accurate history lanny

  2. I’m sticking with my previous posts that EK to Van is a tremendous long shot.

    I still believe the 3 most likely trading partners (if it does go down) are TB, Dall, VGK; and of those, IMO TBay has a higher probability than the other two.

    In addition , if EK does start game 1 with Ottw ; I see very little chance he’s moved before trade deadline period.

    My preference remains with any team in the West.

    • Why do you post exactly the same comments every single day? They don’t become any better.

      • And what does your post have to do with hockey LMacdonald?

      • Agreed. Feel free to post what ever you wish Pengy as long as not to far a field. LMac No 1 forces people to read someone else’s posts so if you don’t wish to read them simply don’t.

      • “And what does your post have to do with hockey LMacdonald?”

        Like duh. The posts are about hockey.

        ” LMac No 1 forces people to read someone else’s posts so if you don’t wish to read them simply don’t.”

        What are you talking about? I simply asked a question. He he feels the need to post exactly the same thing every day.

        I still believe the 3 most likely trading partners (if it does go down) are TB, “Dall, VGK; and of those, IMO TBay has a higher probability than the other two.”

        “My preference remains with any team in the West.”

        Go back and look for yourself if you don’t believe me.

      • Just out of idle curiosity, when are YOU going to offer something about hockey other than snipe at everyone else? Practice what you preach.

      • Duh is my thing bozo!

    • Pengy, I agree with your comment about if EK starts the season in Ottawa. I don’t see a team making a blockbuster trade after the season starts, even at the deadline. It’s so much harder to make those kind of deals mid season because of $$$ and team chemistry. I’m starting to think there’s a team (TB) who probably knows they can get Karlsson without giving up assets in about 10 months. And I would be very surprised if anyone is willing to pay a kings ransom for a rental. If I was Dorion, I would be reaching out to interested teams to see if they could hammer out a deal before he ends up getting Johnny T’d….or Tavaresed (whichever you prefer)

      • NBLeafsguy – I’ll repeat what I’ve said here before – come deadline if Karlsson is still with the Senators, all those teams that think they have a shot at the cup next spring will also know only too well that both Karlsson and TB are just waiting for the day he becomes a UFO and from that point on they could be very tough to beat. So why not roll the dice for a shot in the spring by adding him to your team as a rental. He’s a pro and will do his best for whoever gets him and it just might be enough for that team to go all the way. The chances don’t come along that often – just ask Leafs and Blues fans who have been waiting half a century.

      • Not an unidentifed flying object – although there are nights when he can resemble one – but a UFA! 🙂

      • NBLeafs guy

        Yep — Dorion between a rock and a hard place on this.

        If it does get to Trade Deadline and TB hitting on all cylinders; they might just pass at that time with the expected (higher probability) that any team aquiring him at TDL would be “renting” with only minimal hopes of being able to extend him. TB , in that case, IMO would have a great shot at signing EK as UFA on Jul 1

        However, as these are my thoughts, and mine seldom come true — expect the unexpected — trade to a team not even on the media’s horizon at this time????? Who knows.

      • Sorry George,

        responding/posting in order read— was in meeting for a bit.

        Sorry to duplicate many of your thoughts.

        Concur 🙂

    • “Thought the rumour was the Pens wanted the 6th overall pick from the Flames”

      That was ridiculous even on the face of it. Never believed it. I heard rumors of two seconds, but that’s all they were – rumors.So who knows.

    • Pengy, I still don’t see how Tampa makes it work. I think that ship has sailed. Vegas has cap space and the illusion of a contender… I’d like to know how Striker says worse thing for Ottowa was almost going to finals, but doesn’t see the same scenario in Vegas. I totally disagree with Lyles assessment of Depth” of prospects and quality young players, especially if they deal them away. Dallas seems a good option, but what’s going on with Seguin? I’ll say again until he’s actually traded somewhere, don’t count out the Rangers!! My other long shot… Calgary

  3. I can see why the ‘Karlsson trade talks heating up’ story broke earlier this week. I imagine it’s because virtually every one of TB’s dmen (making $3mil+) are going NMC/NTC soon and Ott wants them in the mix. When exactly does that kick in? Is anyone else seeing this as a major problem with including TB as a trade partner going forward?

    • 3 of those Dman Stralman, Coburn & Giradi are all UFA’s at seasons end, leaving only Hedman & McDonagh; the final 3 season are a modified NTC, with such. If any were retained who knows what clauses NMC or NTC’s might be added to their contracts. If Karlsson joins the mix I assume it would be with an NMC for an extended period eventually moving to a modified NTC near the back end.

      • Even Hedman’s final 3 seasons are under a modified NTC. Yzerman has been doing this will all the contracts he has signed except for Stamkos. Allowing a ton of flexibility down the road.

      • “Leaving only Hedman and McDonaugh?” Ever heard of Mikhail Sergachev or Slater Koekkoek? I’m sure in 2 years when Sergachev is an allstar you will lecture us all on how you’ve always been a fan.
        If I’m Yzerman I’m not trading my premium assets for a player I am pretty sure wants to sign with my team next summer anyways and is a player that I don’t necessarily even need. No Sergachev, no Point, and no Foote.

      • Deee

        Can you read.

        The criteria was Dman making over 3 mil with NTC’s or NMC’s.

        Do Sergechev or Koekkoek qualify?

        I’ve had enough of your BS for 1 day & am going to respond in kind. Your clueless, apparently can’t follow a thread & are essentially a troll. Did your mom drop you on your head repeatedly?

        Sorry jet lagged but give it a rest.

        If you don’t have anything of value to add just keep it inside your head & stop already.

      • Good news Deeee.

        This will be the last time I waste my time responding to your dribble.

    • No, what I am saying is if they wait until the season starts to trade for EK they can’t include the players you mentioned (Stralman, Couburn, Girardi) because of existing clauses, meaning they could have $32+mil on their D. Typically a team doesn’t have a 7th Dman making $3mil.

      • Ott won’t want any of those Dman regardless. They will want Sergechev or Foote, picks & a prospect.

        I’m not convinced TB will trade for EK. They may wait to sign him for nothing more than cash next summer.

        It all depends on what EK’s plans are. Is he willing to sign long term in Vegas or Dallas? If not what either team is willing to pay for him will be impacted significantly.

        TB waiting till he is a UFA may make the most sense but adding EK would help their cup aspirations but Yzerman has been methodical in his building & structure of this roster both by talent & contract structure.

      • Yeah, I don’t think you fully get what I’m saying. But anyway, I think Tampa would want to dispose of a current rostered defenseman if they wanted to take on EK. However, they will have a hard time doing that once all of their NTC/NMC kick in.

      • I didn’t get your meaning at 1st but did after your 2nd post but if TB wants to dump 1 of those Dman & I’m not convinced they do keep all of them for their cup run it would be to another team not Ott.

        Ott will need to stay at the cap floor but all kinds of ways to achieve that. Go get Franzen’s cap hit but insured LTIR contract etc.

    • The reason that the trade talks are “heating up” is because the bloggers and press have to say something every single day, even if there is nothing new to talk about. So they rehash old stuff or simply make it up. This a perfect example.

      • They have to write something & the 1st preseason game is only a little over 2 weeks away meaning camp is even closer & we will finally have something else to discuss.

        You are aware this is a rumour site?

  4. The buyout window for Gaborik has closed for this season. If fit to play Ott will have to pay him or try to put him on Lupul island, burying his contract on LTIR collecting the insurance monies.

    The only other way out for Ottawa would be mutual termination of Gaborik’s contract but why would he ever agree to such & forfeit the monies still owed on the final 3 years of his contract. He wouldn’t, the LTIR option if the NHL doesn’t challenge seems likely potentially.

    I’m surprised the insurance companies aren’t pushing these claims as invalid on what appear to be some very questionable LTIR insurance claims.

    • I can only assume they are making a killing on the nhl and a few bad deals are the cost of doing business…

      • I agree.

        They are certainly turning a blind eye to it so I would conclude exactly the same thing as you have.

      • Another answer is that they actually do meet the criteria in the insurance contract to collect the money from the provider. What those are, I dunno, but it all depends on the specific language used, which may be what you boys are saying.
        I haven’t had much personal experience with insurance companies, but it is safe to say they don’t pay unless they are contractually obliged to do so. Even the odd ball Hossa allergy. It seemed to crop up at an opportune time.

      • In the real world disability insurers decline long term disability & force you to prove yourself worthy usually requiring a lawyer.

        My wife was dragged through the wringer for almost 2 full years by her disability career, she developed epilepsy, they forced us to have to file a writ to protect her rights & then literally days before we were to appear in front of a judge they ponied up. Never even reached out we just went to the mail box 1 day & 2 checks going back almost 2 full years were sitting in the mail.

        They paid before court date barely to eliminate wrongful duress liabilities.

        The Lupul 1 is the oddest for me as he was unfit to play but then deemed fit for the purpose of the expansion draft then returned to unfit following.

        This looks bad on the NHL, at least the optics of Robidas, Lupul & Hossa do.

      • Don’t get me wrong ray… if it was in the contact for the insurance company to get out of these deals they would. I postulate that the nhl teams and players want this language in the contracts and if the company refused then they would simply hire another company that will play ball

      • I don’t know how many underwriters work this market I assume many.

        I pretty much agree with you.

        The only player I know of that was denied coverage was Horton when he signed in Columbus as a UFA no 1 would insure his back. The reason Tor was able to get Clarkson off the books they took back Horton’s uninsurable contract.

  5. Testosterone is running high today eh. I hope Vancouver doesn’t go chasing Karlsson. Benning has done some questionable things but that would be the worst. I know the Avs have never appeared in the Karlsson rumors, but if I was Dorion I would be trying to get that pick back in a Karlsson trade. Any idea why the Avs have remained completely off the radar?

    • These personal barbs many choose to engage in here are unfortunate. Discuss, debate & if you do don’t agree & can’t do the above just say nothing.

      I take a ton of abuse I even lashed out once & had to apologize. 1 of our regular posters got me fired up.

      I don’t hold a grudge & even though occasional harsh & far to personal in nature, I like what those that slag me often have to say. I may not always agree or even occasionally but still respect their opinions, they sometimes alter my view or opinion.

      No better place on the net to discuss hockey.

      • Don’t forget.. this medium can often lead to jibes, gas lighting, friendly jabs, etc being misconstrued.

        There are certain posters that are so lost in their own trolling world they arnt worth conversing with at all. Others feel above a bit of friendly banter and that’s ok… but kinda boring. Others apparently take things way too seriously and can’t find the humor.

        There are only 1 or 2 posters on the site that are actually thru and thru nasty. And even worse than that… they are boring and non-imaginative.

      • A great many are way afield of a humourous response. Often significantly. Completely unnecessary.

        Not directed at you Chrisms but if someone can’t be civil & discuss & debate the merits or lack there of go to Ek’s Site & join the immature morons there.

      • not directed at me? Then you must find me constantly hilarious striker! The pleasures all yours! Nyuck nyuck nyuck

    • DC, like all teams EK would be an upgrade for the Avs. But I think Sakic likes where this team is headed. High end talent entering or in their prime with more talent coming.
      The early poop on next years draft is that it is good and it is deep with Hughes being described by some as “generational”. Methinks the Avs hang on to their 1st RD picks, especially Ottawa’s. Good time to be an Avs fan IMO. Cup contender in a couple years with only goal tending still a question mark for me.

      • I loved the Grubauer acquisition. For me 1 of the most NHL ready starters. Has been developed almost perfectly, really behind schedule by at least a year but he was blocked out in Was.

        Shared load with Varlamov this season, Colorado’s starter next season.

  6. Curious what the Red Wings could offer up for EK. Possibly AA, Erickson or DeKeyser, Cholowski (or other young D) 2020 1st rd pick maybe a 2nd in 2019? With Zetterberg going on LTIR the numbers could definitely work and opens another F spot for younger players. Still have 4 natural centers as well.

  7. Painting every fan of a team with the same brush, i.e. “Flames fans hated Fleury, I bet they feel stupid now” .. what a dunderwhelp. Not sure where he heard that, but I am a Flames fan who really wanted Fleury, and my Flames fan pals here and elsewhere did too. Smith was an inferior pick up.

    As to the rumour that Treliving inquired about Saros, he would be a great goalie to add to the system, I don’t want to have Mike Smith any longer than is necessary but Tyler Parsons won’t be ready for a few years, it wouldn’t hurt to have a solid reliable number one to replace Smith right away. This Flyers type goalie situation is a waste of Monahan and Gaudreau’s talent as they enter their prime.