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Latest on the Red Wings plus a look at Kevin Hayes’ future with the Rangers in your NHL rumor mill.

Is this goaltender Jimmy Howard’s final season with the Detroit Red Wings? (Photo via NHL Images)


DETROIT FREE PRESS: In a recent mailbag segment, Helene St. James was asked if the Detroit Red Wings’ recent signing of goaltender Jonathan Bernier means Jimmy Howard might get moved by the Feb. 25, 2019 trade deadline. The 34-year-old netminder is in the final season of his current contract. If he plays well, St. James speculates he could get a two-year extension.

If the Wings get a decent offer for Howard they could move him at the deadline and attempt to bring him back next summer as an unrestricted free agent. She adds the Wings know what they have in Howard, they like him and he’s played well for them over the last two years.

MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan recently examined what the future might hold for Red Wings forward Gustav Nyquist. Like Howard, Nyquist is slated to become a UFA next summer. He hasn’t blossomed into the 30-goal scorer he was projected to become earlier in his career.

Khan believes the Wings will use the first half of 2018-19 to evaluate Nyquist’s performance. “With several skilled forwards in the pipeline and the high cost of signing Nyquist, they might opt to move him before the trade deadline,” said Khan. “He has a no-trade clause, but he would probably agree to waive it to join a playoff-contending team.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The respective performances of Howard and Nyquist will determine if they have futures in Detroit beyond 2018-19. Both players could interest playoff contenders come late-February. 

If Bernier steals the starter’s job from Howard, the latter could end up on the trade block come February. Cap Friendly indicates he lacks no-trade protection for this season, giving the Wings wider trade options.  If there’s no noticeable improvement in Nyquist’s offense, he’ll be a goner if he’s wiling to waive his no-trade clause. 


THE ATHLETIC: Shayna Goldman recently examined center Kevin Hayes’ future with the New York Rangers after he agreed to a one-year contract worth $5.175 million. He had sought a five-year deal worth $5.5-million per season, but the Rangers appeared reluctant to invest that long in a center who would be 31 when his contract ended, especially when they have promising young centers in their system.

Hayes is due to become a UFA next summer. While the Rangers can open contract talks on Jan. 1, Goldman said it’s unclear if either side wants an extension. With Hayes closing in on age 27 when the coming season ends, the club could be unwilling to invest a long-term deal into a possibly declining asset. While the Rangers could see how Hayes performs under a new coach and new teammates, it’s possible they could also explore moving him by the trade deadline for either future assets or a player that can provide immediate help. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Even if Hayes has a career-best effort in the coming season that might not be enough to guarantee a longer stay in New York. That apparent reluctance by management to invest long-term in players getting close to age 30 could ensure Hayes’ departure regardless of his performance. 



      • I agree with you. If he wanted to stay & Ottawa wanted to pay him they would have got a long-term deal done at slightly better than fair market value as convincing players to stay through the rebuild requires such.

        Stone will get 7 mil + on a 6 to 8-year deal easily depending upon if signed by the team he’s traded to or is signed by the team that owns him at the point of signing.

        The going rate for this player may well be pushing 8+ by next summer & that would mean to get him signed in Ott would require probably closer to 9.

        The best hope is Ott exceeds expectations, especially mine, so some of these UFA’s want to stay.

      • I agree that it could be very likely, but I have thought ever since the Hoffman trade that things may not be all that bad….

        I know, but hear me out. If Ottawa could have gotten picks for Hoffman, which Doug Wilson’s interview indicated, then why bother getting players unless you’re trying to keep your team ‘competitive’. I don’t think Ottawa is as good as 16-17 or as bad as 17-18 when the wild variation in Craig Anderson’s play dictated their level.

        If Karlsson goes and the team is a wreck by the deadline, then it HAS to be a fire sale. But if Melnyk opens the wallet and makes amends…IF, they can manage to convince Karlsson to stay (offer him $11.5 with some level of signing bonuses) then I think they keep everyone.

        Stone signing for 1-year seems to be very much about seeing what is going to happen with the team. If they are going full rebuild, I don’t see him wanting to be part of it; he’s 26 and in the best position to go to a competing team and get paid. If Ottawa is tearing it down, why would he or Duschene stick around?

        Everything in Ottawa revolves around what they get done with Karlsson.

    • I really hope he goes back to BU. Let him be the man and develop his scoring

    • George it’s the dog days of summer speak to whatever you wish although a rumour site & thread we discuss hockey here not just current events. Ha-ha!

      It always it strikes me as odd that people choose to see & hear what they wish. I assume Tkachuk will return to college but hope he chooses to stay as the #2 LW spot would be his & he would help today. He’s physically ready.

      I also said that Ott has 1 of the best prospect cores in the NHL my exact words were, “well above average” & that didn’t count Chabot & White who I said for me are full-time NHL developing players now.

      Let me be totally clear. I hope Tkachuk signs & plays, if not ready in Oct. I hope he chooses to go the AHL so he can join the team sometime in the new year and start his NHL career as soon as possible.

      As always great to have you back.

      • “George it’s the dog days of summer speak to whatever you wish although a rumour site & thread we discuss hockey here not just current events. Ha-ha!”

        When did Lyle retire?

      • It’s not that I don’t think he’s ready. He’s physically a strong guy but I think going back to Uni, being the leader, the go to man, playing in all situations can only help his development. Challenge him to improve the point total. He would get more ice time per game too. All while playing against older players as physically mature as he is.
        In Ottawa there are guys above him on the depth chart that will get more chances and more ice time. And I feel it’s a lot to ask out of a kid who, especially on a team as volitile as the sens. But hey, at the end of the day, only Brady knows the best thing for his development and we should be finding out soon enough

      • Ha-ha! I don’t believe he has but we are certainly in the minority following hockey during the dog days of summer.

        I have been following Lyle for longer than some of the people that post here have been alive well over 20 years now.

        1 of my priority stops as hockey isn’t only in season but 24/7/365. I’m a freak as are many here I assume.

        The best chat room on the net. Wouldn’t miss it & wish I had more than just mornings to participate.

        I could care less what you choose to discuss as long as it is hockey related, even some of the other subject matter that appears here often is interesting I just rarely choose to engage in it as I don’t have the time nor inclination to here as I do on other social media platforms.

      • Yeah no doubt, Striker seems to think that people are seeking out his permission to comment on Lyles site. Can’t wait to never visit strikershockey.net.

  1. More and more remarkable that in hockey a 27 yr. old is considered a “declining asset” (Kevan Hayes et all)

    • He’ll basically be 26 for this whole year! That plus the fact that he’s a bit of a late bloomer (22 first year NHL) is a little crazy. Yet here we are where a 31 year old Karlsson is going to get 11 mill per year on a 7 year deal till he’s 39.

      • He will be 29 when his contract expires

      • That won’t be happening.

        If Karlsson can hit 30 goals & 65 points next season he will get 6.5 give or take a mil on a 6 to 8-year deal. The shorter the term the higher the cap hit, the longer slightly lower.

        He is only 25 turns 26 on January 8th, so an 8 year deal would have him playing the 8th year of that deal at 34/35.

        I think both Vegas & Karlsson want to get a deal done the issue is the history. If he plays anywhere near last seasons level & centring Vegas’s 1st line should allow for something very similar he will be signed to a long-term extension right after Jan. 1.

      • Striker I think he meant Erik not wild Bill.
        But if WK has a strong season, not as strong as last, but still productive. I think he will get 7 plus using the #1 Centre tag. Heck even Johansen got 8and I thi k I’d rather have Karlsson over him down the middle

      • Thks Cmac I thought we were discussing Wild Bill. Nor do I think E. Karlsson is getting Doughty monies 11 mil per for 8 years nor should he.

      • Striker, damn those same last names lol.
        Well maybe he shouldn’t but good luck convincing EK of that haha

  2. I think this is a show me year for Hayes. The Rangers will sign him for 3-4 years if he proves that he can emerge as an offensive leader on this team. The Rangers are ne of the youngest teams in the NHL and they will need some leadership next season.

    • As noted above Hayes was late to the party coming out of college. He is also a monster of a man & those players develop physically along the lines of Dman. For me, that is 400 NHL regular season games. Hayes has played 310.

      He will post a career year but his real breakthrough won’t come until the 2019-20 season.

      He will be extended shortly after Jan. 1 ideally. It would be a shame for NYR to lose this player who used his UFA option coming out of college like Vesey to pick NYR.

      • Like Mcdonagh was signing a 7-8 year extension? You were kind of right there, just wrong team

      • I didn’t see NYR making this change of direction. I have adapted to the choice although I didn’t like it as it was happening I have simply come to accept it now.

        I really like what Gorton has done for the most part. A very interesting restructuring on the fly. Not even remotely happy with the Giradri buy out & Smith signing but whatever, I have let it go.

        I honestly believe this team may be able to compete for a playoff spot next season even though they haven’t been structured to do so. I’m interested to see where I rank them when it comes time to submit my Standings pool choices before the drop of the puck on Oct. 3, 2018.

        I like this team.

      • Well call the Rangers, get Jimmy Dolan on the phone, striker has now agreed to support your long overdue rebuild. So much so that he thinks they are a playoff contender in the strongest, most competitive division in the entire league. The Rangers are in because they are better than the Penguins(nope), the Capitals(nope), the Blue Jackets(nope), the Flyers(nope), the Devils(nope), the Hurricanes(nope), the Islanders(maybe but likely nope), the Rangers(yeah they can beat them). So all the Rangers have to do to get into the playoffs is hope literally every other team in the division suffers catastrophic injuries and low shoot pct. You’re right it seems very likely the Rags are a lock for the post season this year.

  3. Hayes is a slow skater and that will not improve with age.

    • I couldn’t possibly disagree more. His skating isn’t an issue he’s 6’5″. His best years are yet to come.

      2018-19 30 to 35 goals, 55 to 60 points.
      2019-20. 35 to 40 goals, 65 to 70 points.

      • 40 goals for Hayes? YOu are reaching there Striker. Happy to put money on that if you want

      • He scored 25 last season 19 at even strength not seeing a lick of PP time until late in the season playing the shutdown role with mediocre wingers for the most part.

        Can he hit 40? I placed him in that range assuming he’s still with NYR. Not knowing where he will be in 2019-20 today would be stupid to bet him doing so as if he chooses money over opportunity he may never do so.

        What I do know is he is still 1 full season away from being fully developed regardless of age. Next summer lets readdress & if we can figure out how cash trades hands I may bite.

  4. Hayes could play on my team. Size center and offensive touch. Not old at 26 and in fact within prime years of 23-28

    I assumed Stone signed a one year deal to see what things look like in several months.
    Players have to be part of the solution . If not they are part of the problem

  5. interested in seeing if the Wings move a salary to sign Larkin under the cap or they wait until the season starts to sign him when Franzen and possibly Zetterberg go on LTIR. Too many players with NTC on the Wings.

    • Makes the signing of Vanek even more of a question mark.
      Why sign Vanek when you need to sign Larkin.

      Kenny is past his best before date.

      • Amen on both. Horrible influence on young guys. You can play in this league without playing defense.

    • Agreed. Franzen can be declared prior to the start of the season just at a different rate. I assume Franzen will be moved out once Larkin’s cap hit & term have been settled but before he actually signs.

      I have no idea what’s going to happen with Zetterberg. I somehow missed the information until just the other day that he had surgery this summer. I had no idea I & couldn’t understand in previous posts why people felt he may not play.

      Rotoworld which I rely on for such info doesn’t have anything about him having surgery this summer anywhere on his thread & I can’t even remember where I read he had.

      Did Zetterberg have back surgery this summer?

      • no confirmation of back surgery only team concerns regarding how many games missed last season due to chronic back issues. At his age, turns 38 in October, almost 1100 games played and a couple of cups it does not make sense to risk having surgery to try and play a couple more seasons. No shame in hanging up the skates at this point. Especially since the Wings are invested in icing younger players at this stage.

      • Getting Larkin signed will not be an issue.

        $6.7M available.

      • Z played every game this season if I’m not mistaken and a pic of him playing golf this summer with some fellow Swedes. He had surgery 2-3 years ago. Hope he plays. He’ll be a great influence on Ras and Z2.

  6. Z should retire. Great career for a late round pick. Vanek will take some of that salary.
    Trading Tatar was a good move and return. Next is Nyquist one way other the other. Retain salary,trade or buyout.
    Larkin and Mantha are the future of the Wings.

    • The return on Tatar borders on larceny. The only problem was that Holland needed to make three more trades like that one.

  7. Detroit, if smart, will move Nyquist and Howard. If also possible, Kronwall and maybe Vanek. Draft picks and prospects. Hold half salary on two if needed to get the best return.

    Maybe they can land another 1st rounder with these somehow. Continue the rebuild.

    Maybe they can find a new home for Ericcson and Helm.

    • The only gm dumb enough to take Howard would be hextall! Howard isn’t a starter anymore

      • He is excellent backup protection and is still very solid in net.

      • You related to Chelios?

      • Why make such inflammatory ridiculous comments?

        Phi made the playoffs last season, did you have them too when the season started last year? They will be even better this season.

        Howard has been Detroit’s starter for years and still is. He has played well considering the squad in front of him except when battling injury issues costing him his job briefly.

        Do you ever have anything positive to offer or you just like to troll & be negative?

      • Striker if you don’t like my opinions don’t respond. Hextall will never make that flyers team cup contenders, you obviously don’t follow their prospects they are way overhyped. And as far as Howard goes he is not a starter in today’s nhl. Everyone is allowed to post a comment on here and you don’t have to respond with your non sense every single comment, a lot on here would like you to not respond to theirs comments just read today

      • Not a Hextall fan & never will be. Too much hype & very little results. Prospects are heavily overrated with a few being very good.

        The Flyers are scaring nobody now or soon.

    • I assume you will get your wish at or near the trade deadline.

      Det will find a way to get Larkin’s cap hit on to the roster.

      • Probably when Zetterberg goes on LTIR.

      • Wings Cap Space + Franzen LTIR = $6.7M

        Getting Larkin signed is not an issue.

      • Wings are a mess & have been for years & not looking to change anytime soon.

  8. Maybe Rangers and MTL can swap Hayes for Patches? NY would have to give more then Hayes I beleive tho. Like a 2nd or 3rd rnd pick would be enough.
    For those who will argue NY is in rebuild and don’t want a soon to be 30 winger, then MTL could pitch yound center Ikonen (2nd rnd pick 2017), goalie Primeau (looks good even though he’s a late draft pick), a 3rder or 2rnder in 2019 and Sherback or Cale Fleury

  9. Thoughts on Elias Pettersen & Adam Gaudette as C’s?
    Ceilings & suitabke linemates now or in the future?


  10. Lyle, would love your take on the LRkin signing. Kenny seems to have overpaid for him by about 750k per season imo.


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