Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – August 12, 2018

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Updates on the Lightning, Ducks, Oilers and Canadiens in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


THE ATHLETIC: Joe Smith recently took note of the Anaheim Ducks re-signing goaltender John Gibson to an eight-year contract ($6.4-million annual average value) and speculates Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy was paying attention. Smith suggests Vasilevskiy, a Vezina Trophy finalist last season  earning $3.5-million AAV, could more than double his salary when his current contract expires in 2020.

One agent suggests he could get between $8 – $8.5 million AAV or “Carey Price money ($10 million AAV)” if he “wins the Cup and MVP.”  Another agent feels it could depend upon the overall goalie market as more teams are paying for potential than past performance.

Tampa Bay Lightning goalie Andrei Vasilevskiy will be in line for a big raise in 2020. (Photo via NHL Images)

Smith also noted center Braydon Point is slated to become a restricted free agent next summer. The Lightning could go the bridge contract route or sign him to a long-term extension. Smith feels they’ll do a bridge deal similar to what Nikita Kucherov received (three years. $4.76 million annually) in 2016.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Point is the more immediate concern. Smith points out he lack arbitration rights. With the Lightning having over $66 million invested in 12 players for 2019-20 (stick tap to Cap Friendly), they hold all the leverage here. Point will get a two- or three-year bridge deal.

Vasilevskiy will be a restricted free agent with arbitration rights in 2020. Barring a decline in his performance over that period, he’ll be in line for a hefty raise.

The Lightning already have over $52 million tied up in just eight players for 2020-21. Still, general manager Steve Yzerman is a master at getting his best players to accept less than market value on long-term contracts. Maybe he’ll try to pitch a long-term deal next summer to the Vasilevskiy camp worth $7 million annually. 


THE ATHLETIC: Eric Stephens recently examined where a potential new contract for winger Jakob Silfverberg fits under the Anaheim Ducks’ current salary-cap payroll. Having re-signed John Gibson and Adam Henrique this summer, the Ducks currently have over $66 million invested in 13 players for 2019-20. Silfverberg is eligible for unrestricted free agent status next July. Re-signing current RFAs Ondrej Kase and Nick Ritchie could further chip away at that cap space.

Stephens noted Ducks GM Bob Murray raised the possibility of trading someone like Silfverberg rather than risk losing that player to free agency for nothing. If Silfverberg’s asking price is reasonable, however, Stephens feels there’s a chance the Ducks can keep him. He thinks they’ll try to get him just under $5 million AAV on a four-year deal. That also assumes getting Kase re-signed to a comfortable rate.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Stephens also mused over the possibility of the Ducks getting some cap relief if sidelined center Ryan Kesler is unable to play next season or beyond or perhaps buying out or trading Corey Perry. Either scenarios would free up considerable cap room for the Ducks and make it easier to keep Silfverberg.

Otherwise, Silfverberg’s contract situation could be worth keeping an eye on this season. His performance, as well as that of the Ducks, could determine his future in Anaheim. If the Ducks fall out of playoff contention, Murray could decide a rebuild is in order, meaning Silfverberg could hit the trade block by next February. 


NHL.COM: Edmonton Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli is exploring options for bringing in a 14th forward in time for training camp. He’s spoken to several players regarding professional tryout offers and he’s also keeping an eye on the waiver wire.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not many decent PTO options remain via free agency. The most notable names include Troy Brouwer, Kris Versteeg, Mark Letestu, Tommy Wingels and Daniel Winnik.




  1. If you commit much of your cap space to a core of players, you don’t have a crisis, you have a straight forward job of filling out your roster. Chicago did it their way to a couple of cups. The Lightning look to be committed to filling in with youth. They have a deep set of prospects, and have shown a willingness to actually play the kids. This assumes the money you are spending is buying you quality minutes. It’s not the big contracts per se that are the problem…it’s the big contracts that aren’t buying big gobs of quality minutes. The Lightning have fewer problems in that area than most teams, and don’t seem to obsess over the ones they have (Callahan?).

    • The big difference being Chicago won second and third Cups while Tampa has yet to win one. You have to reward your core, and TB was very fortunate their big impact guys were willing to be SO reasonable, giving the GM more $ to fill the “cracks.” Chicago had to launch an un polished Buff, Ladd who helped solve the left wing depth, and the departures continued year after year. I think they felt the Cap was going to go up dramatically and it didn’t.
      Now, you see teams who aren’t considered on the doorstep, but simply Cup challengers, facing Cap crunch.
      Quite a difference from that original six where the worker players were basically close to slaves and STILL got launched if they didn’t shut up and sign on the dotted line.
      Now teams, like the recent Arizona signing, are paying the youngsters with the hopes they have gotten themselves Mark Scheifele type deal by paying and projecting with these players aren’t even early first rounders.

  2. Possible future RFA signings are all well and good, but where are all the TRADE rumours? Where are the R. Nash signing rumours? This seems to me to be a VERY slow summer. Ever since the J.T. signing in TOR, there hasnt been anything HUGE happening, not even rumour of it,maybe I am just suffering from short term memory loss.

    • sounds like Nash is/was mulling retirement. If he does return, it might not be until December or later

      • Mike P (or anybody),

        What is the actual cut-off date for a contract to be signed so that a player (say Nash) can actually play in the 18/19 season? Is it the trade deadline date ? My foggy brain seems to remember Iggy hoping to sign just before trade deadline this year?

      • For unrestricted free agents, they have until the trade deadline to sign. It’s restricted free agents who have until Dec. 1 to sign.

      • @Pengy Nash can sign anytime he wants to, but to be eligible to play in next years playoffs he has to sign by the trade deadline day. Fisher did it last year

      • Thanks Lyle & Yogi

        With that in mind… can’t see Nash signing (if he does) until after New Year’s Day

      • I believe a player can be signed at any time regardless of UFA or RFA Status. Its what happens then that becomes an issue.

        ROR signed after Dec 31st, Feb 28th, 2013 was the day Colorado matched Calgary’s offer sheet. That was the 2012-13 lockout season though so dates would have been different I assume.

        Archibald in Van signed Feb. 7, 2018 & played 27 games following. Gionta, Fischer, etc. all signed late last season & played, college players both team property & UFA’s sign from March on, some play some don’t.

        If a UFA is signed after Dec. 31st he needs to clear waivers before he can join the team that signed him.

        If an RFA they can play the regular season but there is a cut-off date where they would be ineligible to play in the playoffs.

    • It’s this way every nd of summer.

    • It’s the dog days of summer I would say this is status quo.

  3. I posted on Morning Coffee portal but realize more appropriate for that post to go here:

    “Just wondering if McPhee is still considering a swing at EK and is waiting for one last offer/response to/from Dorion before finalizing Theo’s contract. No doubt in my mind that if there is a trade ; Theo is the key piece going East.

    Any more buzz re: Stevie Y still in talks for EK?

    • Word on the street, Nash is in Edmonton right now looking to sign.

      • TO Fan,

        Wow…. had no idea at all that he was considering Ed

      • cant see how Edm could afford Nash , they have under 5 mil in space and still need to resign Nurse

      • $10 on Nash to Chicago

      • I’m calling BS. Word on the street? Sesame Street maybe.

    • Nothing new on the Lightning’s rumored pursuit of Karlsson. When there is, I’ll post it up.

      • We’ll likely only hear more about Karlsson to TB if and when Yzerman climbs down from his high-horse and includes Mikhail Sergachev in the deal. I mean, he got him by giving up Drouin and I think Karlsson is just a valuable commodity as Drouin, albeit from a different aspect.

        Of course, Yzerman could opt to wait until next year when Karlsson becomes a UFA and then sign him without having given up anything and, as I’ve said before, I think that is the ONLY place Karlson wants to go. In that scenario, he could be dealt to some other organization at the trade deadline which sees him as, perhaps, the final ingredient in a successful cup run. But that would be as a rental only and since any such team will know that in advance, what Ottawa gets in return won’t be anything like a Sergachev. C’est la vie.

      • Many thanks Lyle


      • @George….

        Think OTT would take Tyler Johnson (if Yzerman convinces him to waive his NTC) in lieu of Sergachev?

      • Not in Lieu but as part of a package possibly if he would agree to waive. The question here for me is Johnson willing to make Ott 1 of the 11 teams he would be willing to go to?

        His job at C has been lost in TB, he is now a RW with players nipping at his heels for that lineup spot. Point took his job as the #2 C, Cirelli bumped him out of the 3rd line C spot & Gourde bumped him to 3rd line RW.

        This is a player TB no longer requires & his cap space would be useful. No rush to move Johnson, perhaps next summer as its a great luxury to have especially as a cup contender but Johnson could be moved if any one of the prospects is ready but again no rush.

        Karlsson to TB has never made sense to me financially but if it gave TB the final ingredient to win the cup the temptation to find a way to make it happen must be significant. There is no guarantee that Karlsson gets TB the Cup it just improves their odds depending upon the cost.

        The long-term cost though may preclude such a deal both in cap hit & assets moved to acquire.

  4. I know some may call it crazy but what if MB in MTL calls up Murray and offers A.Shaw and just a decent prospect for Corey Perry and a pick?
    Shaw is 3.9 for 4 more
    Perry 8.625 for 3 more

    MTL has the cap room…. Perry will be an upgrade (IMO) and would look good on Drouin’s wing. and if Perry bounces to his usual self…keeping Patches might be the right call to turn around their playoff hopes and make a solid top 6.

    ANA gets nearly 4million in cap relief to start signing Case, Ritchie and then Silfverberg.

    anyone like that idea?

    • I don’t see Anh making that deal this summer next season anything is possible.

      Anaheim is still a very good team & moving Perry now in a deal for Shaw doesn’t help today nor is the cap space that big an issue next summer. The cap will rise significantly yet again next season, 3.5 to 5 mil, Kase & Ritchie will both be bridged or if longer than 2 years 5 or 6 at very reasonable monies think like Rackell’s contract both would be better served long-term to bridge as neither has had the opportunity to earn even solid monies today.

      Silfverberg may or may not be retained. Murray shuffles the deck often so anything is possible here. I assume they would like to bring him back but only if the monies are fair & reasonable, if they are Anh can make it work, if not I assume Murray will turn him into something, much depends on how NHL ready Terry, Roy, Steel, Jones, etc. are.

      Apparently, Eaves is fit to play this season & if he actually is that creates some options as well.

      • so many ifs. will eaves be able to go a full season. same with a hab fan I would love to see a perry help crash the crease along with Gallagher.but its highly unlikely. both teams under pressure to produce this season.ducks a little less vocal perhaps, but murray has let it be known that he has a near zero tolerance this matter what, for me this has been one interesting off season.

  5. Price is not worth Price money. Can not spend that amount (including back-up) in net.

    If It is only Tampa for Karlsson, then he will need to be much less then 11m and maybe he is willing to do so.

    Both the Habs and Sens will have their sights set on Alexis Lafrenie in 2020. 11 points in 5games in the Helinka-Gretzky . 40 goals in the Q as a15yr. old

    • & how is Ott getting a top 5 pick next season to make that happen?

      Ott will get a 1st round pick, I assume several as they move out Karlsson, Duchene, Stone, Dzingel, Ceci, etc. but it isn’t coming from a team picking in the top 5 barring a miracle as the team trading for any of those players are most likely at a bare minimum playoff contenders. If they just miss it’s a lottery pick with a chance it could make it into the top 3, a very low chance but not impossible.

      • Lafreniere is in the 2020 draft, not 2019.

      • Thks Van. Well, that seems very possible then.

    • Silver Seven

      You got it … all eyes will be on Lafreniere in ’20.

      Only small sample (for me) of watching him; the kid was flying and great hockey sense and hands… if what I saw is truly indicative of his future …. to me he is a better prospect long term than Hughes

      BTW he had 6 points in 5 games not 11…. and Hughes had 12 in 7 … but Lafreniere was flying!

      …. but I’m only going on a small sample of watching him

      Born same year but Lafreniere is late BDay so will have extra year developing in Jr before his draft … and he is already considerably bigger than Hughes …. 20 Lbs and 3″ taller (1/2 year younger) and per TSN appears to be still growing . Hughe’s brother didn’t get any taller … same height now as when he was 17 …. so likely JH stays at 5’10” and prob still shy of 170 on draft day.

      Lafreniere now at 16, 6’1″ and 185; if we buy into TSN’s “still growing” then is likely to be 6’2″ or more and approaching 200 ; and having extra year to develop … better set to tackle full time NHL than JH…. hence my speculation (with noted limitations on watching the two play) that Lafreniere will do better down the road.

      Anything can happen … but from my limited (very limited) viewing of both of them playing … as at now I see Lafreniere being more successful down the road in the NHL

      Either way … both players should be exciting players to watch

  6. Tampa is likely OK hanging on to Tyler Johnson until Seattle selects him in the expansion draft. You have to give up a player. TJ has Seattle roots, and is actually a pretty good acquisition for an expansion team. Might have to send a prospect to Seattle to nudge the deal, that’s OK. Agree that if EK comes to Tampa, this summer, net Trade deadline, or next summer, he’s got to be looking at Hedman type money or he won’t fit. It’s still not worth losing Sergechev if ya don’t have to; the Bolts will be competitive from day one without EK. Leave a decent offer on the table and wait for Ottowa.

    • No one ever doubted they would be, not only “competitive” from Day 1, but odds on favorites to win the East. So, if that’s the case, does Yzerman think they’d be an even better choice to win the Cup with Sergachev in the line-up than with Karlsson? Kinda doubt that. Opportunities to win everything don’t come along often. Imagine a run with Stamkos, Kucherov, Hedman, Point, Gourde, Johnson, Karlsson and Vasilevsky?

      Neither Washington nor Pittsburgh can show 8 players of that quality in their recent cup wins – close, but not quite 8 of that magnitude. The temptation could win out over concerns about 2. 3, 4 years from now.

      • George, that’s quite the gamble. Currently Tampa has a little over 2 mil in cap space, so fitting EK this season would require moving some salary. Assuming they extend him, say between 9-11 mil, 2 of the guys you mentioned ( Pointe and Gourde) are free agents after season. So are Girardi, Stralman and Coburn and a bunch of others. If they come up empty this year, will be hard pressed to fill roster following season with anything but young guys on elc’s. Just can’t see a deal getting done. Have to figure they’ll lose some other top prospects in deal for EK and maybe in a deal to move Cally too

      • GMs who don’t gamble somewhere along the line seldom win anything of any consequence. And we’re not talking your run-of-the-mill D-man here but a two time Norris winner (AND nominated a few other times). Imagine him and Hedman forming a one-two punch on the top 2 lines (I doubt he’d play alongside Hedman). Few teams could even come close to having the personnel to neuter that combination over a series. I still think that’s where he winds up – either this season or next.

      • Georgie i agree that sergachev is a reasonable starting point for ek. I think “high horse” was over the top but if Tampa can work out a deal with chev the should. Ott in a straight deal would have to take back monies. Coburn maybe?

        Chev first coburn b prospect for ek? Maybe ott holds a bit of salary?

      • George, I totally agree about Karlsson. I think he’s great!! Would love to have him on Rangers, but we’re “rebuilding”. I suppose nothings impossible but would be really hard for Tampa capwise after this season.

    • Johnson in same boat for expansion as trade market. His ntc will make him automatically protected. He’s only going if he waives it.

      • Slick62: NTC’s don’t protect you from being picked in expansion. You’re thinking of NMC’s. Johnson has a NTC and he couldn’t block himself from being picked in expansion if TB left him exposed.

      • Is it a ntc? Or nmc? Big difference

      • players with NTC’s were eligible to be exposed players with NMC’s weren’t.

      • Thanks for correcting. I was unaware. After reading up, league and players came to agreement on framework…. there’s actually nothing specific about nmc and ntc as far as expansion draft in cba. Sure they’ll address in next one. No expert but guessing there’s no guarantee they use exact format as they did with Vegas. Doesn’t help now with Tampa’s cap space. Johnson still here for at least 2 seasons unless he waives

  7. Interesting point raised by the Gibson discussion. Carey Price. Given the money he earns and the fact that he has never been to the Stanley Cup Finals, then I think the assesment on Gibson’s future may be a little off. Either that, or Price’s contract continues to be one of the worst contracts offered by a GM. Likely past time that they could trade him and get significant return.

    • Gibson’s contract really sets the market for young starting goalies with reasonably solid numbers and true number 1 stud potential. It was mentioned that Vasilevskiy was paying attention to that signing and he is one goalie that fits the bill. If he can stay healthy and perform well over the next two seasons, Matt Murray will definitely seek 6.4 or higher. Further, if Juuse Saros can unseat Pekka Rinne with an unforgettable season, he could end up seeking big money too.

      • There are other examples although for nominal less term. Hellebuyck 6.166 for 6, Jones 5.75 for 6, Andersen 5 for 5, Holtby 6.1 for 5, Rask was 26 when he signed his 8 year deal, Quick was 26 when he signed for 10 years. Fleury was 23 when he signed for 7 years at 5 mil per in 08.

  8. Lafreniere and Podzolkin tied with 11points Suzuki at third with 8.