Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – August 26, 2018

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Updates on the Flames and Wild plus a new Erik Karlsson rumor for the final Sunday of August 2018 in your NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Kent Wilson recently suggested the coming season could be Brad Treliving’s last as GM of the Calgary Flames if the club fails to significantly improve. While Wilson acknowledges Treliving’s good work in re-signing players and improved drafting, he’s dealt away part of the club’s future for “dubious present-day benefits” such as Travis Hamonic, Mike Smith, Michael Stone and Curtis Lazar. Wilson considers Treliving’s inability to resolve the Flames’ shaky goaltending “the biggest blight on his resume to date.” 

This season could be make-or-break for Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving. (Photo via

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s not a certainty Treliving could lose his job if the Flames miss the playoffs next spring but he’ll certainly be on shaky ground. He made several significant moves this summer, shipping Dougie Hamilton and Micheal Ferland to Carolina for Noah Hanifin and Elias Lindholm, hired former Hurricanes coach Bill Peters as the Flames’ new bench boss and brought in veteran leadership and right-wing depth by signing James Neal.

The goaltending, however, remains their biggest question mark. If Smith can stay healthy throughout this season the Flames should reach the playoffs. If not, it could be a struggle to stay in contention. I think Treliving will keep a close eye on his netminders and on available goalie options in the trade market. 


STARTRIBUNE.COM: Michael Rand explains why the Minnesota  didn’t make any significant trades during this offseason, their first under new general manager Paul Fenton. Though he suggested he’d consider all options to improve his club, including big trades, Fenton did little to shake up his roster.

When asked why at a recent Wild fan festival, he explained there haven’t been any good deals to make because his rivals were trying to take advantage of a team in transition. Rand believes the February trade deadline could be Fenton’s best chance to swing a blockbuster move after he’s had most of the season to evaluate his roster.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Much of the trade chatter focused on defenseman Matt Dumba and forwards Jason Zucker, Charlie Coyle and Nino Niederreiter. Dumba and Zucker were re-signed to long-term contracts while the trade chatter about Coyle and Niederreiter faded throughout the summer. I concur with Rand’s take that Fenton will take most of the coming season to assess his roster’s strengths and weaknesses before deciding if a big trade is necessary. 


PUCKS AND PITCHFORKS: Nick Villano examines a rumor kicking around claiming the New Jersey Devils are offering up an attractive offer to the Ottawa Senators for defenseman Erik Karlsson. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Villano does a good job dissecting this one. Sure, anything’s possible, but I doubt we’ll see Karlsson landing in New Jersey via trade.



  1. I just can’t see an offer from NJ that would be better than the potential offers from Dall/VGK/TBay

    Personally I’m wishing for EK going west so I’m hoping against NJ

    I posted late yesterday quite a verbose diatribe on my rationale regarding the trio above being the most likely landing spots for EK in a potential trade:

    VGK/Dall/TBay, will offer Theo/Heisk/Serg + 1st + late rounder + prospects.

    Strength/quality of prospects/late rounders will depend on teams’ probability of getting EK signed to an extension.

    All 3 teams have serious tax advantages over entire league (save Nsh & FLA).

    Just like most players … winning cup is a high priority…. weighing probability of cup after EK acquisition and taking into account what would be lost in the trade …. IMO TBay has a higher prob of winning SC.

    VGK can take on BR (barely but can be done) and also offer up as a prospect, Suzuki (Dorion would ask for Glass)

    TBay’s prospect would be Raddysh or Katchouk

    Dall… I’m not as familiar with the values of their prospect pool but from what I’ve read , they have a respectable pool to pick from

    For TBay to aquire EK there would need to be some concurrent moves to fit him in… I laid out a possibility yesterday.

    In summary all 3 teams have a possibility of a very attractive offer and IMO a better offer than NJ can put together. These offers would be better (than NJs) IMO as I think they all have a better probability of signing an extension than NJ does

    My preference (as a Pens/Leafs fan)… Dall or VGK…. but my gut unfortunately is telling me he’ll end up in TBay either soon , trade deadline , or in free agency next July …. all scenarios NOT good for the East.

    I’m fully open to a shocker deal coming from ANY other western team …. please?

    • Not that I think EK is going to NJ as who would really want to if given other choices although NJ as a team has improved substantially but I find it unlikely TB, Dal or Vgs are willing to move these young Dman, if they were I think it would have been done by now.

      For Ott to move EK to 1 of these teams the deal will most likely have to be centred around other players & assets. The return is going to be substantial but may not contain any of these 3 Dman certainly not Heiskanen, Sergechev & Theodore are possible but it would significantly reduce the remaining assets moved in those possible deals.

      Heiskanen is going to step straight into the NHL this season in a top 4 role, 2nd pairing & play a solid 2-way game at 18+ mins a game. This is a stud Dman that every team covets & he is going to beat the curve by a mile being part of the 20% the exception to the rule. Having been chosen 3rd overall I expect no less. Think like a mini version of S. Jones although his advancement to stardom not blocked like Jones was in Nas.

      Shero has done an excellent job of restocking the barren roster Lamerello left & could easily put together a package that would benefit Ott greatly.

      The tax issue you wish to keep raising isn’t as significant as you make it out to be its a factor but nominal not even in the top 3 for most players. Playing opportunity, winning & lifestyle being the 1st 3 for me. When making millions I care more about the 1st 3 than if I’m taking home 8 mil or 6.5 per year after tax. Tavares just signed in Tor, 1 of the highest taxed teams in the league & other teams offered far more money & in lower taxed markets.

      • Taxes and lower cost of living mean a lot to those of us who live here on a pittance, but I agree that they are like less important if you income is in millions. Ordinary people have budgets, pay the bills, and think about money. Hockey players are young, highly compensated, and need to be really really focused on their jobs.
        What really differentiates markets is the culture; that immediately surrounding the team, and that of the community. Different players thrive in different areas; we often assume they all want to return to where they grew up but sometimes the opposite turns out to be true.
        One of the things a lot of players give up early on is personal freedom; and it is often an obvious shock to the system when a player is traded…something that doesn’t happen to most of us. This is why I attach great importance to the possibility that a player who gets to control his own destiny will do so, and money is not always going to be a big concern. There are reasons for a hockey player to love Tampa….and Dallas…and yes, New York. If EK has a yen for Tampa he has the ability to make that happen within the next year. If Ottawa knows this, they should make the best of it in a deal. Being stubborn will reduce their return. If he wants Tampa but would accept another market, perhaps under slightly different circumstances, Ottawa still needs to move and relatively soon. But they have the right to be stubborn, and deal with the consequences. Will they?

      • Hi Striker

        Heisk will be a great player no question . I see this as a sticking point in the Dall potential trade … but can’t see a deal with Dall unless he is in the deal.

        Playing time is irrelevant to EK for where he goes .,. It should all be the same regardless of where he ends up

        Possibility of a cup (noting addition less subtraction in trade) IMO lies highest with TBay… certainly not guaranteed but higher prob

        City/team/lifestyle etc … all very positive in the 3 cities

        NTC/NMC also part of decision

        As mentioned yesterday … $’S not the be all and end all … these players are making huge $’S anyway …. but it will have some impact on the decision. Just part of the over-all decision … but if a player basically has ALL ELSE in his mind basically balanced in terms of favourability … then offering an extra $8M in take home pay over term of contract will have an influence in decision. It would have to.

        Make up of contract …. front end loaded? Heavy on SB? … both also weigh in

        My gut still says that if traded pre season it will be along the lines of (using Dal/VGK/TBay as examples)

        First +
        Late rounder + prospects (depending … see below) +


        If all above … the most important to Ottw should be a young Defenseman that WILL play this Fall and will be top 2D

        With EK gone …. Serg and Theo would be 2D this fall and Heisk in ’19 most likely and chance this fall. All 3 impact Dmen

        Prospect return less of course if BR in deal …. Suzuki/Glass

        KatchoukRaddysh would step right in and the other would be on TBay roster (as space would be open — deal only happens with TBay by moving a higher contract forward (likely Call)

        Again … not entirely sure of Dal prospects

        I just truly believe that a pre-season deal will have 4 parts : young upcoming D slotted for top 2D; 1st and late; top prospect that could play starting this fall

      • Severson 1st McLeod

      • Right now I’d take that deal chrisms. That amounts to two 1st rounders and a decent D-man. The big question is, is NJ on Karlsson’s no-go list?

      • I don’t think EK to Dal even makes them a playoff team. Who are they beating out of Col, Cal & StL to make the playoffs in the west. I have the other 7 teams as locks baring a serious injury to a key player which is unpredictable but happens so maybe 2 spots open up for 1 of those 4 teams. Again Col, Cal, StL or Dal.

        As for NJ tons of postential options.

        Butcher, Zacha & a 1st. The 1 Chrisms suggests below & about a dozen other scenarios including other players like Santini, Coleman, Bratt, Wood with the players mention in the 2 scenario’s above in the mix as well.

      • Dallas has one of the best top lines in the league and with Nichushkin back they have a decent second line and they have a new coach that won’t choke out their creativity. If Bishop is healthy they are as good as, if not better, than all 3 of those teams. The Stars have a solid defense as well with Klingberg, Lindell, Heiskanan, Johns, Honka and Methot. Their bottom 6 isn’t spectacular but it is solid, even with Hanzal missing half the season like usual with a booboo here’s and an ouchy there. Why even play the season since YOU, a nobody, has 7 teams as locks for the playoffs? I’m sure YOU had Colorado and Vegas to make the playoffs last year right? Great and mighty oracles aren’t usually wrong more than 60% of the time.

      • Stroker, a year ago you said Vancouver shouldn’t trade Tanev for the 3rd overall and now that player is the next stud d-man? Weird

      • Richard. I fully agree.

        I have this inkling trouba wants to essentially go home to Det when a UFA & eligible to do so.

      • Deeee.

        As always time will tell. I’m not always right. Just an opinion. That #1 line in Dal has accomplished what?

        I do agree with you Hit chick chocked the life out of that team. I hate Hitchcock, his style & system. I hope it’s the last time we see him in the NHL as a coach.

        I have also said Dallas will be right there but the difference between the last wildcard & the team that misses could come down to a tie breaker or as little as a few points.

        Making the playoffs in either conference isn’t easy & good teams are going to miss.

      • Vadar.

        I certainly did not is Vancouver trading Tanev a solid 2nd pairing Dman with term left either.

        When everyone I respect comments on Heiskanen as a stud I believe them. Bib Mackenzie said he was the best Dman not playing in the NHL & he will step straight into the NHL this season on a 2nd pairing playing a solid 2 way role I believe him.

        There was a reason he was selected 3rd overall. Watch & learn.

      • Sorry that didn’t post properly. I certainly did, Vancouver not moving Tanev for a 3rd. I did say that & stand by it.

      • I have to strongly disagree…. Just because someone makes millions rather than 50-60-100 k doesn’t mean they wish to give a larger chunk away to Uncle Sam. That’s crazy talk. Rich people like to keep just as much of their earnings as the rest of us poor folk.

        If they thought like this , they wouldn’t remain rich for long.

      • “The tax issue you wish to keep raising isn’t as significant as you make it out to be its a factor but nominal not even in the top 3 for most players”(c)
        I disagree. Take a look at Ryan Ellis’ or Kucherov’s new contracts. I don’t see any chance they’d have taken the same money at some higher taxes market. Also, how do you know other teams were giving Tavares “far more” money? He only talked to three teams (besides TOR and Islanders), BOS and TB were surely NOT giving him more than TOR (simply because of the cap issues)

    • “VGK/Dall/TBay, will offer Theo/Heisk/Serg + 1st + late rounder + prospects.”

      Tampa and Dallas already said “no” to these trades. The odds of Theodore going anywhere is near 0.

      They do you keep posting exactly the same drivel everyday?

      • It would be nice if we could get this pending deal off the board so we could discuss something else but alas we play the hand we’re dealt.

      • LMcDonald

        The media has reported several times that Tampa and Dallas have rejected counter offers/proposals and have speculated on what the package counter/proposal is from Dorion …. but have not said specifically what was in those refused “asks”.

        It is not out of the realm to assume pieces such as package above … but again … all speculation.

        Even if they are bang on (huge stretch) for the exact content of a refused package; revisiting same offer is not out of the question.

        If EK is dealt pre-season … 4 pieces ( 1st, late, prospect that could slot in this year plus key piece of young D destined for top 2D)… not out of the question.

        Whatever deal … Westward please

      • Bang on Striker 🙂

        We’re like addicts waiting for something new to spike our interest

        Heading to Church in a few … join after

      • What do you care? Are you the non-elected scrutineer of daily posts?

      • That’s directed at LMacdonald by the way.

      • George.

        He’s just weighing in with his opinion.

        Is he not entitled to do so.

      • Not when he calls someone else’s opinion “drivel” – disagree by all means, but pengy’s posts are no more “drivel” than his
        (always on the lookout for allies eh Striker?)

      • “VGK/Dall/TBay, will offer Theo/Heisk/Serg + 1st + late rounder + prospects.”

        If I’m any of the above teams and could sign Erik Karlsson to a long term contract, I’d deal one of the above youngsters in a blink! Theodore might be a future star, but he’ll never be an Erik Karlsson; the same goes for Heisk/Sergachev. I’m a Bruins’ fan and it pains me to say this, but for gawd’s sake, Tampa, if you want a Stanley Cup, say “bye bye” to Sergachev and make the deal for Karlsson! Do those teams expect to get Karlsson for pennies? I agree that Heiskanan will likely become an excellent two-way D-man, but at the moment he hasn’t played a single NHL game. So, what, you won’t give this guy up for an elite player like Karlsson? If that’s the case, you mustn’t want to win a Stanley Cup any time soon. The same goes for Vegas, if they are making Theodore a sticking point in a Karlsson deal. C’mon, Vegas, go get Karlsson and make another push for the Cup.

      • Yeah. That was really odd striker. Your post could have been equally directed at lanny but you chose only to target George?

      • Heh. He did the same the other day with edvanimpe.

      • Laurie…. totally agree! Karlsson to me is a generational player. Has been noted here many times has been the cup winners are teams that have that elite talent. Sick of short sighted comments about this guy or that guy could be a solid player…. Karlsson is a proven elite player that when they become available, any team should want.

    • NJ is in as much of a rebuild as Rangers, they just don’t know it!! Barely made playoffs last year and their 2 bid deadline seals blew up in their face with both Grabner and Maroon bolting in FA…Dallas has Lindell and Honka as possible trade chips besides Heiskenan. Still think Vegas could be in and wonder if Theodore contract negotiations could be holding things up?

    • Not saying EK isn’t worth those trades, and it is worth it to push all in if your close but if I’m GM of the teams listed above I’m hesitant in trading SERG or heisk for more than likely one year of Ek… if it’s a sign and trade, and there’s salery going back as part of the trade that may work.

      cal Foote, Tyler Raddish and first and Callahan if it’s a straight trade and Ottawa wants to hold back some of EK salery.

      With stralman having UFA status after this year and big raises coming to Multiple lightning players it’s hard to invision them doing the trade.

      I think EK to the leafs, although they never trade ( exception to Phaneuf) makes a lot of sense.

      • I think Ottawa would get another significant piece in that trade, plus I don’t see Ottawa retaining salary on Karlsson if they take on Callahan. Callahan’s NTC is likely preventing this as well and why TB needs a third team.

        Assuming Callahan waives and no salary retention on Karlsson, swapping Sergachev for Foote and adding Raddysh or Katchoak could work. Remember, the first round pick will very likely be 25+ if Karlsson goes to TB.

        As an aside, Sergachev was a steal for Drouin. What a horrible trade by Montreal. If Sergachev wasn’t so good already and played under 40 games last year, TB would have gotten a 2nd for a 6th as well. I think most Montreal fans would much rather have Sergachev now.

  2. Making a GM change in Minny never made sense to me. Minny is a great team that last season finished 4th in the west playing in the toughest division in the NHL 8th overall losing to Win in the 1st round of the playoffs.

    They did this having sustained significant injuries & being forced to move Scandella pre-expansion draft as they were 1 of the worst teams facing expansion & will be again in 2 years when Seattle enters the league.

    I said when Fletcher was fired it didn’t make sense as this team is 1 of the NHL’s best teams certainly top 10 & a consistent playoff team for years, their prospect kitty is solid top 10 as well & their future assured. They didn’t need any real change & none was really made nor did I think there would be.

    All Fenton has done is change out 2/3rd’s of his 4th line in Fehr & Brown, brought in Hendricks to be the 13th forward and signed Pateryn a solid depth signing at the #5/6 slot. Flushed out the bottom end of his 23 man roster.

    The return to health of Coyle, Niederreiter & added the development of the young players on this roster plus the addition of Greenway all Fletcher player personal issues will make Minny better this season.

    This is meant to slight Fenton just that change wasn’t needed at GM. There is no shame in losing to a better team in the playoffs & Win was a better team the 2nd best in the NHL but most peoples choice to represent the west in the Stanley Cup. Minny had lost Suter 1 of the leagues elite 2-way minute munching Dman & Spurgeon was playing on 1 leg.

    • Sorry should read in paragraph 2 “1 of the worst POSITIONED teams facing expansion”

    • The situation in Minny reminds me very much of Bowman taking over for Tallon in Chi. Bowman got most of the recognition but was handed the team that won by Tallon & his people.

      I’m not saying Minny will win a cup but it will battle Nas, Win & StL for the Central Div this year & comfortably make the playoffs. Then have the misfortune to have to play Nas or Win in the 1st round yet again most likely. Again there is no shame in losing to a better team so much has to go right to even advance never mind win the cup & luck plays a huge factor when the league’s elite teams are playing each other, a few timely bounces often are the difference.

      The timely goals of Pageau & Ryan in their 2017 playoff run played huge in Ott getting to the conference finals.

      • I agree, Striker. Minnesota is a very good team with a high rnd prospect pool. Fletcher got screwed by being in an extremely tough division. No shame in losing to Chicago, Nashville or Winnipeg the last 6 or 7 years.

    • Parise and a top prospect to OTT for Stone lol…. Shame Parise has a NMC.

      All in hindsight though

  3. Who cares where EK will go, no 1 touches the Leafs in the East this year. Why is there never Leaf talk on here.

    • Hahahas – that’s hilarious. Wait … you weren’t kidding?

    • Who are the Leafs?

    • Because the leafs are not the centre of the universe and they are not even a top 3 team in the east. Go to a fan boy site like pension plan puppets if you want to talk about the leafs.

      • Actually it’s very possible that the leafs won’t be top 3 in their own division depending on if Luongo can stay healthy-ish.

      • Tor tied Was at #3 last season in the east finishing 4th on the tiebreaker. Tor is certainly a better team this season than last so I would say they are very likely to make the top 3 or miss nomianlly by a point maybe 2.

      • Oh well hell, again, why bother to play out the season then the popbah has spoken? Oh wait, I forgot you’re wrong more than you’re right. 😅. Let’s see here.
        Pittsburgh- best roster going into camp of Crosby and Malkins career and healthy, unlike last year.
        Tampa- even without Karlson they are deep at every position and lethal.
        Washington- the champs and have won a few presidents trophies the last few years as well.
        Boston- I hate them but they look better than last year and they have the best defense in the east 1–8.
        Philly- I really hate them but they have maybe the best group of under 25 year olds and a bunch of proven vets to boot. Adding JVR will help them actually put pucks in the net. They have 2 solid top lines, a great defense, and a decent supporting cast. Goaltending is a huge question mark though.
        Florida, Columbus, Toronto, New Jersey, Carolina, all have flaws in their rosters so it’s a toss up where they will finish. Only a fool bases their future predictions on last years rosters. Toronto got the best player available in FA but it cost them key contributors to get him. And that defense is pretty mediocre. Nylander doesn’t have a contract yet, you don’t think that will be a giant distraction? Especially if they are flat out of the gate. Penciling the leafs into the top 3 is pretty premature.

    • Ha ha. WHAMMY!

      • I find Striker more often right than wrong ….informative and concise in the information provided..not a fan boy….just a readers reaction….rather Strikers stuff and most of the other contributors here than the material on other sites…

      • Haha good other account striker

      • So your line up

        Striker striker striker
        Striker striker striker
        Striker striker striker
        Striker striker striker
        Spare stud

        Striker striker
        Striker striker
        Striker striker


        Pretty solid line up. When all those players get to their mid twenties and get 400 plus games under their belt you’ll get a real good taste of where they are at

    • I’m a Leaf fan too

      I stick with my (several ) posts from before .., Leafs are highly likely to do severe damage in many games and vie for Div/Conf lead in reg season…. but just not built as is to play the “other” type of game that is playoffs … they need an upgrade in D for that… without that , IMO they don’t get to ECF let alone SCF and then winning it

    • Troll….large!maybe it’s that Oiler guy again

  4. Put that up 15 mins ago and look at all the comments already, I hate the Leafs.

    • Bingo! All you suckers played into it!

  5. The only way,IMHO, that EK gets traded for a young Dman in return is in a sign an trade and even then I would not do it but I am not an NHL GM. No team in their right mind would offer Theo/Heisk/Serg + 1st + late rounder + prospects for a year of EK. IMHO I’d prefer 8-10 years of any of those three over the 2-4 years that EK may have left as an elite Dman. I think that Ottawa is going to let this play out and get “Tavares(ed)” They are asking way to much and when the trade deadline comes around EK will be just a rental and they will get possibly a 1st and a prospect at best from a team needed a Dman like EK for the playoffs. EK knows exactly where he wants to finish his career and he will wait till free agency to let us know where that is. A don’t believe that a few million here or there is the problem. It’s where he wants to finish out his career and establish himself for the rest of his life.

    • The difference is, Tavares said little during all the rumors floating around and there was nothing like the rhetoric that came out of Karlsson early last season when he opened up – over a year and a half before his contract was due for renegotiation about not accepting home-town discounts, his intent to seek top dollar and long term. His response to that reporter’s question – instead of just saying “I don’t discuss contracts before they are due” – left no doubt that he wanted out of town as soon as possible. Some captain – and that could not have helped team morale.

      While Tavares could have gone back to the Islanders without any fan (or teammate) animosity directed at him, I don’t think you can say the same about Karlsson. He made his bed – but I seriously doubt he’s looking forward to laying in it. He will blink first if and when it comes to going to a team making the best offer.

      And this is just my opinion. I may be dead wrong – but like anyone else I can have one of my own. Doesn’t mean I KNOW his intent – just the impression I get.

      • Tavares Is no Angle Dude, have a good friend that played with him in the past and has said he is the worst Captain he has ever had.

      • But in the end TOfan, that’s just one man’s opinion. I don’t ever recall hearing “whispers” about Tavares through ANY source.

      • TO fan I’ve heard the same thing about Tavares even heard him called an ahole by a few guys that played with him

      • All the dudes I’ve know who played with him said he was a real gentleman!

    • You are not an NHL GM? Really? The rest of us are! 😉

      • LOL. Well, I thought it was prudent to forestall acerbic retorts from LMacdonald, London Bob and edvanimpe who seem to be operating under the illusion that EVERYTHING offered in these threads is being put forth as irrefutable Gospel and so needs to be challenged as such.

    • dov: Why would Karlsson only be elite for 2-4 more years? He’s barely 30 in 2 years and elite defenseman tend to stay that way until 35+. Lidstrom, Niedermayer, Suter, Burns, Keith, Chara, etc.

      In addition, TB is right in the middle of a window to win the Cup. Teams actually try to win now despite everyone saying they can’t give up top young players to win it all. Look what Boston gave up last year for Nash, and he’s not even close to a Karlsson. TB is the Stanley Cup favourite if they get Karlsson. Even if they trade Sergachev, they still have Foote to play third pairing the next couple years. That may work better for TB in the long run as Foote’s ELC ends 1 year after Sergachev’s, plus Foote would be exempt from expansion protection.

      A trade with Dallas makes no sense for Ottawa without Heiskenen and I don’t think Dallas is a Stanley Cup favourite even with Karlsson added for mainly futures.

      Vegas could trade Theodore if Karlsson is extended and still have a strong team. Theodore, young player, Suzuki and B prospect/pick would be good for both teams.

      If this gets to training camp, it will be interesting to hear what Karlsson has to say. There are still whispers around town about them working on an extension with Ottawa and that a new owner with Alfredsson on a management team is in the works. Nothing would surprise me now as this has dragged on much longer than most expected.

    • dov totally agree.
      if they don’t trade him early then he will become a 1 year rental, at a lower cost, but with more teams inquiring.
      Either way, ottawa will get good players for him and save $11M and have a fresh start

  6. When Jersey was winning cups they had some relatively high salaries- Stevens, Neidermayer, and Bobby Holik who if I remember properly was a huge overpayment at the time.
    They could and would pay Karlsson. Maybe Schnieder would be of interest in the return package. The Sens will require a defenceman as part but not sure if NJD wants to give Butcher.

    • You gotta give something to get something of that magnitude.

    • are ya saying Schneider, Severson & Zacha to OTT

      & then

      EK, Ryan & Anderson to NJ??


      • Less Ryan from OWA and add draft picks from NJD

  7. If rumors are to be believed about Panarin wanting to play for Rangers, wouldn’t it make sense for NY to make a deal for Karlsson? They have done a nice job of accumulating prospects last couple years. If they can sign Panarin next summer without trading assets, why not invest a couple on the top D man available? I’ve said before, they are one of few teams that can get an extension done no problem. Compared to all the teams that have so much money tied up in a few players.. Hayes stories today saying he’s been assured by Gorton that he’s not being dealt this year, contrary to all rumors, they still hope to work something out and Hayes wants to stay in NY. With him and Zib as top 2 centers, both just hitting their prime, couldn’t they afford to deal a young prospect like Lias Anderson or B Howden? (Chytil off limits) add 2 D prospects from pool of Pionk, DeAngelo, Hajek, Linden, Day, Rykov, or Gilmour? Would a deal of Zucharello, Anderson, DeAngelo, Hajek and a 1st round pick for EK be fair? That would be Rangers leading scorer last year, 2 young prospects with some nhl experience and one of their top left D prospects. That would leave Rangers with plenty of prospects to develop this year, a solid core of vets, and the possibility of adding Panarin next season along with Kravtsov joining team.
    Adding Karlsson now would make the Rangers a possible playoff team, without sacrificing much of a deeper prospect pool as we’ve had in a long time. Adding Panarin next year along with continued development of younger players will make them a contender. Most say the timing isn’t right but, if we had Panarin right now would folks think differently? Just a matter of figuring out if you think Karlsson will hit FA next summer. I don’t think so. Panarin yes, not EK

    • Possible Rangers line up for 2019/20…
      Panarin-Zibenajad- Buchnevich
      Kreider- Chytil- Kravtsov
      Shattenkirk- Smith
      Pionk-Smith-Claesson- Lingren

      • Sorry, Smith listed twice, was supposed to be Staal

    • All I’ve heard is he wants a large metro. And that he is very interested in a return to Chicago. List would include rags isles jersey la Chicago Florida? Dc

  8. Well if it is true that Ray Shero is offering something up for Karlsson, that would dispel what I wrote yesterday! Will be worth keeping an eye on.

    As a Flames fan and Calgarian, I am also feeling rather dubious about Treliving. I like the Lindholm and Hanifin acquisitions, especially if Hamilton really didn’t fit in in the room. However, I was underwhelmed by his goaltending choices, and felt like an Antti Raantta type of move should have been made. Worst, though, was trading a draft pick to acquire Eddie Lack days after he cleared waivers. What a waste.

  9. Ottawa, EK and the other single year contract players will keep this forum active alone

    If I was Ottawa I would revolve my plans around not giving the Avs the #1 pick. Would turning EK into 2 young D, a 1st and a middle 6 forward could help that?

    Zacha, Bratt, Severson+the pick make them that much better than a full season of a healthy EK?

    The Sens will finally hit rock bottom if the Avs pick 1st in 2019

    • If a Karlsson deal with New Jersey happens, maybe it would be more defence heavy? Perhaps Damon Severson, Ty Smith, Michael McLeod and a 1st round pick for Karlsson and a prospect?

      • Severson is a borderline top 4 D. Butcher is ‘ok’ in his own zone. But they would both play top 4 for the Sens right away. Will Zacha every be a 2nd line center?
        I would prefer Butcher, Santini, Bratt, a 1st and a 2nd.
        Or two firsts.. a D and a forward

  10. How many people are going to copy and paste yesterday’s thread today? It’s really confusing my poor addlepated mind!

  11. Wow

    Gone for a few hours and missed some pugnacious activity.

    Some poignant reationale on EK in NJ and NYR…. as always, I’d rather he goes west…. any team in the West…. now or at trade deadline or in July.

    Chrisms…. re your post of 5:11…. one question …. how is Striker as starting goalie going to back himself up (if he gets injured during a game) ?

    • I’d bet good money that you’re coworkers love working with you.

      • Nyet ….. more likely my entire staff mocks me behind my back …. as long as their productive and I don’t hear them mocking me… I’m good 🙂

      • I was actually going to type:
        Your staff must love working for you.
        No joke. I love the positive vibes sent out by Pengy.

    • 🤨

      • 🙄

  12. As much as one loves Erik Karlsson appears to be a nice honest humble person. Is his ankle going to hold up isn’t true that a large portion of his ankle bone was removed??? Is this going to be ok long term wise especially if your giving up so many assets to acquire him.

    • Someone will do that if they believe he can be the one ingredient that pushes their contending team over the top for an immediate shot at that elusive cup. How elusive? As St. Louis and Toronto fans who have been waiting over half a century for theirs.

      Then let the succeeding seasons take care of themselves.