NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 27, 2018

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Corey Perry and Seth Jones sidelined. Details and much more in your NHL morning coffee headlines.

LOS ANGELES TIMES: Anaheim Ducks right wing Corey Perry underwent surgery Wednesday on his right knee to repair his MCL and meniscus and will be sidelined approximately five months. He suffered the injury during warm-ups on Monday prior to a preseason game against the Arizona Coyotes.

Anaheim Ducks winger Corey Perry sidelined by knee surgery. (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: While the 33-year-old Perry’s production has declined in recent years, his absence will still be felt by the Ducks. This could, however, provide an opportunity for the club to bring a younger forward or two into the lineup, either promoting from within or via trade or waivers. 

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Blue Jackets defenseman Seth Jones suffered a sprained knee and will be sidelined four-to-six weeks.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Losing a top-pairing rearguard like Jones is a serious hit to the Blue Jackets’ blueline. He’s not the only Jackets defenseman currently sidelined. Ryan Murray is out indefinitely with a groin injury. 

NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: Flyers forward Jori Lehtera is considered a suspect by Finnish police in a large cocaine ring but has denied any wrongdoing. Flyers general manager Ron Hextall issued a statement saying they’ve spoken with Lehtera and the league office regarding the report out of Finland but has no further comment at this time.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see how this case unfolds and if Lehtera will face any charges. The report has one Philadelphia sportswriter calling upon the Flyers to bury the forward in the minors to avoid his situation becoming an unnecessary distraction for his teammates. 

OTTAWA SUN: Senators forward Zack Smith is determined to prove his critics wrong after clearing waivers yesterday. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I’ll have more on Smith’s situations later this morning in the Rumors section.

CBS SPORTS: Buffalo Sabres defenseman Zach Bogosian is listed as day-to-day with a lower-body injury unrelated to the hip injury that ended his 2017-18 campaign. 

New York Rangers forward Matt Beleskey is out two-to-four weeks with a separated shoulder. 

TSN: St. Louis Blues defenseman Robert Bortuzzo will have a meeting today with the NHL’s department of player safety for elbowing Washington Capitals defenseman Michal Kempny during a preseason game on Tuesday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bortuzzo could face a suspension. He’s been fined twice by the league for previous incidents.

THE ATHLETIC: NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said the league is considering staging an outdoor game featuring the Columbus Blue Jackets.

THE NEWS & OBSERVER: The Carolina Hurricanes have contributed 92 pallets and three truck loads of donated goods as part of the club’s Hurricane Florence Relief Drive. 



  1. Pretty hard to say the habs made the wrong choice in Kotkaniemi, this kid is a “ striker” stud!

    • As a 3rd overall pick & the 1st C taken he is just a stud by virtually everyone but Is he NHL ready & does it serve his interests or Montreal’s best to stay? Has looked good so far & certainly getting his 9 games for sure but unless he kicks the door down most likely headed back or down. Not the 1st tip 3 pick to step straight into the NHL. Montreal does have waiver issues so baring injury I wager he isn’t staying.

      Mon’s C ice position down the road has been addressed though. Kotkaniemei, Suzuki & Pohle looks solid 2 to 4 years down the road. The C I really like today for Mon is Danault. I wanted he cantering Gelchenyuk & Drouin last season & this season he should lead all Mon C’s in scoring & Mon will have to give him quality icetime & linemates. Danaualt has solid offensive upside & is already effective defensively.

      I don’t just rely on my opinions of young players but Future Watch, Dobbers, McKeens, Bob Mackenzie, reluctantly Button, CSB, McKeens, etc.. that said I still need to see them play & ideally as much as possible.

      • Gotta give him the 9 for sure. Did look very good but I’m all for players developing one more year…. I’ve been an advocate for a 19 yr old draft age for years.

        There are exceptional players that should play at 18 … Crosby and McDavid obviously

        Most will benefit with the extra year to mature (that’s mentally, their game as a whole , as well as physically).

        9 and great and fullsome praise and thanks … he’ll play in world Jr’s …. he’ll be that much better, faster, more hockey astute and likely approaching 200 lbs (just shy of 190 now) in Oct of ’19

        Bright future for him👍

      • He is a stud in the making the only question is does he become an exception to the development timeline & beat it or god forbid the opposite which at #3 is rare but nothing is assured. Yakupov flammed out at #1 recently.

        I like the player & was hoping to get to see him live at this seasons WJC’s. This will be my 7th.

        I agree with you about the draft as well, 19 would be far better for the vast majority of young players with perhaps an exemption status for the truly gifted, the only issue there is it becomes subjective & grey.

        The NHL, NHLPA & other governing bodies affected have been kicking it around forever. I would think if it was going to happen it would have by now. Nothing is lost moving it to 19. It would be better for the business of everyone but possibly the player financially as they would have to wait a year but perhaps a better salary structure could be worked out at the other levels. Most go back to Jr anyway & most spend at least a year in the minors once they get out of an extra year or 2 in jr. For goalies & Dman even longer.

      • Hi Striker

        Re subjectivity on 19 age draft with exceptions… the possible way around it would be :

        1) First … remove Sep 15th as date and make it 19 any time in same year as draft is done(dec 32st)

        2) Phase in …. first year …. can only draft 18 year olds (as if 15/9) in first 2 rounds, any player 19 in that year can be drafted in any round; second year of change (still 15/9 for 18 year olds) 18 year olds only in 1st round … all other rounds 19 years ny 31/12;

        2) 3rd year onwards all players must be 19 by 31/12 with exceptions only for first 5 draft sleep TD for players 17 at draft but 18 by start of season (first reg season game)

        Just a thought

  2. I hope kot gets the 9 games. remember the habs tripped badly out of the opening gate. if they have a fairly strong start, and if k is in the mix in helping them, then he has to stay.

  3. Lost in the News shuffle is the Hurricanes (among others) doing a good job of helping the surrounding communities. There are a lot of people in North and South Carolina without power, water and food on the table. Still more are displaced by continued flooding (two major rivers finally peaked yesterday). My community is fortunate, we have power, water, and passable roads. Mom’s on the coast, and her community took a major beating. While the hurricane passed a week ago, her effects will linger for months. The Hurricanes, and everyone else helping, are doing a great service for those affected.

    Thanks for highlighting that story.