NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 4, 2018

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Latest on Carey Price, Nate Schmidt, Mikkel Boedker and more in your NHL morning coffee headlines. 

MONTREAL GAZETTE: With defenseman Shea Weber sidelined until January and the Canadiens still carrying a pop-gun offense, goaltender Carey Price must be at his best if they’re to have any hope of reaching the playoffs next spring. 

A bounce-back performance by goaltender Carey Price is crucial to the Montreal Canadiens’ playoff hopes in 2018-19. (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Price had the worst performance of his career last season, in part because of the Canadiens’ weaknesses as well as injury and chronic fatigue syndrome. In the past, he’s been able to bounce back from a lousy season. If he can do it again in 2018-19, the Habs might have a shot at reaching the postseason, though he probably won’t have enough left to carry them beyond the opening round. 

LAS VEGAS REVIEW-JOURNAL: Ed Graney believes the 20-game suspension received by Golden Knights defenseman Nate Schmidt illustrates how laughable the NHL’s drug-testing program is compared to other pro sports leagues. He cites in part the lack of transparency on both sides over the process and the substance used. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless one of the league’s biggest stars ends up in a situation similar to Schmidt’s, I doubt we’ll see any clarity over the league’s drug-testing policies.

OTTAWA SUN: Winger Mikkel Boedker is looking forward to playing for a Canadian team for the first time in his NHL career. Boedker, who previously played with the Arizona Coyotes and San Jose Sharks, was acquired by the Senators from the Sharks in a trade this past June. Despite the Senators’ struggles last season, Boedker believes they’re “about to turn the ship around.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Boedker has considerable play-making skills but his production tends to be inconsistent. A career year on his part could help the Senators rebound this season. 

THE ATHLETIC: Boston Bruins defenseman Brandon Carlo hopes to improve his confidence entering his third NHL season. After a promising rookie campaign his play slipped a bit last season. 



  1. If the Sens have to rely on Mikkel Boedker to save their season then they are doomed. The guy looks like an NHL player once out of ever 15 games.

    • Where do you pick up all those Phoenix/San Jose games to make an assessment like that? I mean, seriously. And where does it say anyone is expecting him to “save their season?”

      • Sharks fan here, this is 100% an accurate assessment, except I’d argue “1 out of 15” is being extremely generous. Boedker has talent, sure, but it only shows up in extremely rare circumstances. What we got in return for him is crazy (good for us) based on his play.

      • For what it’s worth George & really that’s nothing, I have Boedker to score 15 to 20 goals & 40 to 45 points. If everything goes perfectly he could push 50 points. He is going to see better minutes than he ever saw in SJ. Should be the 1st or 2nd line LW & get 1st unit PP time in Ott.

        I assume Boedker & Dzingel will be the top 2 LW’s. Stone & Ryan the top 2 RW’s with Duchene & Pageau the top 2 C’s at least until Duchene is moved.

        I’ve been prepping for drafts all summer & you have to project what you think a certain # of players will do & build a list.

        Boedker isn’t a saviour but he will help & is a reliable player, a good skater who just never equalled the sum of his parts. Ideally, he would be a 3rd line depth player as he played in SJ but Ott needs him to be more than that & he will be just from the quality & quality of his ice time and linemates.

      • Striker, funny, we said the same thing only sub SJ with AZ. He had reduced minutes because he couldn’t produce on two extremely talented first lines, and then struggled with the remaining oppirtunities he got. It’s always possible a fresh start will revitalize a player but you’re literally banking on the same thing we did in this situation and Doug looks like a wizard for flipping, especially with that contract.

      • SAN Jose is my second favourite team and I watch most of their games every season. There’s this new invention called the internet where you can watch any game live for free if you know where to look. “A career year could help the Senators rebound this year……” All I was saying is that if the Senators hopes rest on him having a career year they are in huge trouble. That team is a mess and you’re still so defensive of them, that is adorable. Now I’ll get off your lawn before you call the 👮‍♀️.

      • Boedker has gotten more than 40 points once in his career and that was the 13-14 season and now in his age 29 season he’s getting 45-50? I’ll take that bet. He’ll be on the third line by Christmas. 11 goals and 27 points is much more realistic. If he can’t score points with a talented team like the Sharks how is he going to do much of anything on an offensively impotent team like George’s team?

      • I’m not “defensive” of them at all, I just wondered how you could assess Bodker’s play without having seen him play a lot. How in hell am I supposed to know San Jose is your “second favorite team?” I have many talents but mind-reading ain’t one of them. As for the Internet smart-ass, save your snarky retorts for someone who gives a crap. I don’t spend most of my time watching games live, on TV and over the net – I have a life.

        Striker, you could be bang on … but a lot is going to depend on how some of the kids perform during training camp/exhibition games (and 10-game trial in some instances). Right now at LW they have Ryan, Smith, Dzingel, Pajarvi, Bodker and McCormick (probably ticketed for Belleville) with Tkachuk and Formenton possibly pushing for a roster spot, so Bodker might very well be a 3rd or 4th liner. Depending upon how that shakes down, Smith could wind up back at C although there, after Duchene and Pageau you also have Logan Brown and Colin White to consider. If Brown (also a left shot) makes the cut he could play either C or LW on a 3rd line while White shifts to RW where it’s pretty thin after Stone, with only Pyatt, Carey and Gaborik (IF he reports healthy) and possibly Drake Batherson entering the picture at camp. Boucher had better be ready to give the kids some ice time early on.

      • Deee: If you’re going to mention numbers (i.e. only got over 40 points once), at least get the stats right. Boedker had 51 points in 13/14, 51 points in 15/16 aand 26 points in the lockout year of 12/13 (prorated 44 points). He also had 28 points in 45 games in 14/15 (prorated to 51 points if he played 82 games). I don’t expect him to be a saviour, but he was a horrible fit in SJ and getting over 40 points is very doable given he should get plenty of opportunity. 50 points isn’t expected, but is possible based on previous production.

      • Striker: Why are you so sure Duchene gets moved? The following article doesn’t sound like someone with one foot out the door.


        If unsigned by the trade deadline, the Sens have to trade him, but I get the feeling he’ll sign long term. I also get the same sense from Stone, but have no idea what will happen with Karlsson until we hear what he has to say at training camp.

      • Van, just announced that the Senators have hired Chris Kelly as a development coach. Makes sense since he resides in Ottawa and now he’ll work with Shean Donovan on prospect development.

      • You can’t prorate numbers for a player that is that streaky. I missed the trade and didn’t add the 2 up, sue me I looked it up quickly and the other 51 Point season was the one I was referring to. So he’s had 2 seasons over 40 points and he couldn’t produce on a good team.
        And George lawn bowling, bingo, napping in a hammock and being crabby to little kids is not what I would call a life. You’re better off watching hockey, well if you can figure out how to work the clicker.

      • Look you snot-nosed twerp, getting old is something we all have to face – if you’re lucky you might get there. Don’t try and turn this around as if I began the sniping. At the start asked a legitimate question based upon your seemingly know-it-all assessment of a hockey player NOT a member of your beloved Penguins – who, by the way, you are quick to “defend” whenever anyone suggests something negative about any of them. You could have simply said you were also a fan of the Sharks and I’d have left it at that. But no – you had to toss in your mealy-mouthed comment about the InterNet. I may b e 80 buddy but I’d love to confront you face to face and have you try and say those things directly. Just once.

  2. George, you and Striker seem to know just about everything in hockey, at least, according to your viewpoint. A good reason I stay out of discussions here. What grade are you in anyways?

    • Look back at the start of this BS and then tell me where I said anything to start it. As I said, I’m not a mind-reader – and I didn’t toss in the snotty InterNet reference. As for joining in, you don’t seem to be shy about voicing your opinion based upon erroneous assumptions. Comment – don’t comment – on hockey. I could not possibly care less.

      • I’ll help. It’s right here…and out of the blue I might add:

        “Where do you pick up all those Phoenix/San Jose games to make an assessment like that? I mean, seriously. ”

        Check your tone ;).

      • My “tone” was based upon his almost constant chatter about the Penguins – as I said, how was I supposed to know he also follows the Sharks? And, yes, a bit of incredulity that anyone would possibly spend many of their waking hours watching hockey through several venues.

        And this constant yapping about age – as if growing old was a crime – just reveals his ignorance.

      • You weren’t supposed to know, but you also didn’t need to be flippant about it…that’s the point ;). You asked when you started it…it was when you were flippant ;). Not hard to see when you remove yourself from the conversation. All good, better to be civil.