NHL Rumor Mill – September 10, 2018

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What will the Sharks do to counter the Golden Knights’ acquisition of Max Pacioretty? How will the Flyers address the absence of Andrew MacDonald? Read on for the latest in your NHL rumor mill.

Could the Vegas Golden Knights addition of Max Pacioretty force San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson to make a countermove? (Photo via NHL.com)


NBC SPORTS BAY AREA: Marcus White observes the Vegas Golden Knights’ acquisition of left wing Max Pacioretty last night from the Montreal Canadiens is bad news for the San Jose Sharks.

While the Sharks mostly stood pat after losing out to the Toronto Maple Leafs in the John Tavares free-agent sweepstakes, division rivals such as the Golden Knights (Pacioretty and Paul Stastny), Los Angeles Kings (Ilya Kovalchuk) and Arizona Coyotes (Alex Galchenyuk) made significant additions.

White wonders if the Sharks can keep up in the Pacific Division arms race without making a significant addition.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I wouldn’t be surprised if Sharks general manager Doug Wilson makes a major move at some point this season. My guess is he waits to see how this season unfolds before pulling the trigger, probably near the trade deadline.

Rumors linked the Sharks to Pacioretty earlier this year while Wilson attempted to sign Tavares and Kovalchuk earlier this summer. He’s also reportedly inquired into the availability of Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson.


NBC SPORTS PHILADELPHIA: Tom Dougherty reports the six-week absence of defenseman Andrew MacDonald (lower-body injury) opens the door for a promising young blueliner to crack the roster for the start of the season. Philippe Myers seems the likely candidate, though Dougherty points out Flyers development coach Kjell Samuelsson expressed doubt back in July that Myers would be ready for the NHL this season.

With Samuel Morin out until February with a knee injury, other options include T.J. Brennan, Reece Willcox and Mark Friedman. Dougherty also doesn’t rule out the possibility of the Flyers bringing in a veteran rearguard on a one-year contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: For now, expect Flyers GM Ron Hextall to evaluate his current roster over the course of training camp and preseason before deciding if he needs to make any outside additions.

If the Flyers go the UFA route the pickings are slim, with Kevin Bieksa, Johnny Oduya, Luca Sbisa and Paul Martin the most notable still available. They could also sign a blueliner currently on a PTO with another clubs, such as Jason Garrison, Brandon Davidson or Dennis Seidenberg.

A trade is also possible but with MacDonald likely to return by late-October that move might not be necessary. 



  1. Christan Folin?

  2. Not sure Vegas has improved significantly, if at all. Basically have swapped Tatar, Neal, and Perron for Patches and Statsny. Can’t see Karlsson shooting 23% again. Really surprised they traded away Tatar, after giving up a 1st for him and now Suzuki too? I’m still of the belief that Vegas was a 1 hit wonder. Coyotes swapped Domi for Galchenyuk, so not sure they’re better either. L A, got Kovilchuk, but who knows what they’re getting from 35 y o who’s been out of nhl for years. Calgary to me would be most improved team in division. Sharks got Kane last deadline, who I think will have better season than Pacioretty. If Thornton comes back and plays full season, that’s an upgrade also. Don’t think they really need to do anything at this point.

    • I think there is only one way to evaluate this on a Montreal stand point …TERRIBLE!

      They did not improve at all they knew Patches would not re sign for them and they were over a barrel.
      Beregevin tried to play hard ball but had no leverage …I truly think that the Vegas Knights did Montreal a BIG FAVOR here in even putting together a trade to just help Bergevin out and make a deal, before camp …and cut out some fat and question marks.

      I truly think that this does help out the Knights…. HUGE …they will get great leadership and goals that departed in James Neal and Patches can put up numbers as he did …Stastny is amazing on the faceoffs and scores down low all the time ….Vegas did very well in dumping out Tatar who saw limited playoff ice time and was a healthy scratch …that in itself is self explanatory!

      I can say that the Knights definitely improved from the current roster BIG TIME and Montreal got worse ! Plain and simple !

      However it may have been the best deal that Bergevin had to work with but I doubt it !

      • Disagree, Montreal knows they are a candidate to finish dead last so they are looking towards a distant future. There Habs get a bonafide middle 6 winger that is definitely streaky but is also a good defensive player. They get a young centre with 2C potential. And they get a second round pick in a decent draft year. Vegas gets a guy on the wrong side of 30 coming offrhe worst season of his career. If MP was 26 or 27 this return might not be quite enough but he’s not. Suzuki will still be a good player in the NHL long after MP has played his last game.

      • Bergevin gets schooled again.

      • Montreal is clearly rebuilding, and don’t incision them making much noise in their division.

        On that note, Tatar might be able to reform giving later value. The real key is a prospect center in Suzuki and the second rounder. Today if looks like a bad trade but in hindsight they had an expiring asset that wouldn’t have been resigned and they got futures for. Maybe they could have got more but I bet at present that was the best deal for them that was available and they took it. I look at that trade as somewhat of a win for both vlubs

      • Patches is 29 doesn’t that put him on the right side of 30? He will be 30 on Nov 20th but that puts him dead in the middle of such.

      • Wow, he’ll be 29 for a whole month. This is his age 30 season and most players start to regress noticeably by this point in their careers. If I was Vegas I wouldn’t offer him any kind of contract until I see how he performs for 20-30 games first.

      • Agreed Deeee just pointing out that he isn’t on the wrong side of 30. I wouldn’t want to sign him long term at even what LA was offering 6 years at 6 mil per but accept someone will.

      • They got worse ….short term, this train wreck had to be resolved before training camp opened , and other than the so called deal they made at the draft with LA, this is the best they could do , IMO , i think they got far more than anticipated based on the Skinner trade to Buffalo ,Carolina did far worse in a similar trade. They save money , get a proven center in his prime (27) , a prospect who has 196 pts in 2 years of probably the best Jr. league in the world , and a high draft pick , for a depreciating asset , and they were not going to win with him , or sign him , so this was the best case scenario.

    • Wow Vegas gave up a first, two seconds, a third and Suzuki for patches.
      These include what Vegas gave Detroit for Tatar.
      It,s no wonder George got the boot from Washington. He got lucky this past year that a lot of players had career years that will most likely fall back to what they really are. George Is like a gambler he achieved a little success and it went to his head, he now seems to be making crazy moves that will start backfiring on him

  3. I think Vegas made a mistake here. Especially if he doesn’t sign.
    That’s a bit much to give up for one year of Pacioretty.
    He didn’t have a very good year last season and that could continue.

    • I humbly disagree …Had Bergevin re signed Radulov the habs would have been better off but he balked ….when Radulov was playing with Patches it was a double threat ..Radulov did a lot of heavy lifting and rushed teh net and made plays with Patches and it was very successful …once that went away Patches had NO CENTER to play off of …and as a Winger can not carry a team …put Patches in a situation where as you have a serious talented top 2 lines he will score big time and should have an amazing season in Vegas with great coaching and team structure as well as the team itself is very DEEP and do not rely on one player to get things done…This is the best case scenario for Patches and he shoudl hit 3- plus goals again this season!

      You will be lucky to get 15 out of Tatar with Plekanecs or Del Larose as the middle man ….sorry.

      • sorry 30 plus goals…LOL not the minus 3 in Montreal ..LOL ..DOH !!

      • Habs clearly won this trade Tatar can be moved at the deadline if need be and Suzuki will be a good centerman plus a second rounder. Vegas didn’t lose the trade but considering what they gave up for Tatar they did

      • I think the Habs need Tatar for a few years as the restock the kitty. Tatar has 3 years left at 4.8 with what Vegas retained so wouldn’t be that easy to flip at this year’s deadline with 2 + years remaining but 20 goal scorers that can do so consistently don’t grow on tree’s & Tatar has done so 4 years in a row.

        Tatar has scored as many goals essentially as much bigger names such as Rackell, Gaudreau, Duchene, Oshie, Palmieri, Giroux, Saad, etc. he sits tied for 43rd & hasn’t had the same quantity or quality of icetime as any of these players for that timeline.

      • Somebody has a hard on for the Habs ! ….Wow !

        Relax buddy….there is a life outside your screen , everyone has an opinion , nothing anyone can do about the trade , and i doubt in that situation , you would do any better …shut up and enjoy the games coming up

    • Tatar showed very little after McPhee gave up way too much for him, Suzuki is an average skater and a 2nd rounder is a crap shoot … Vegas got a legit power forward with good hands … so how exactly did Vegas make a mistake here????

      • @ ed vanimpe ….agree!

        Suzuki may never dawn a Habs Jersey …he was a throw in so Beregevin doesn’t get roasted by the fan base for not getting enough in the deal and makes the deal look more legit on the political side ..the second rounder as you say is a crap shoot.
        Vegas robbed the Habs …IMO.

        As I have posted here many times …Patches has been one of the top point producers in the NHL over the last 5 seasons and has elite numbers he has been way underrated but if you research top goal scorers and point producers over the past 10 years her is at the top of the pack….well done Vegas …

      • Here is theg link to the top point producers in the NHL over the last 5 seasons ….

        Patches is #28 on the list and rounds out some of the most elite players in the league and he had NO ONE To play with as opposed to what the top 20 did !

        Vegas just nabbed a top 30 player in the NHL for essentially Tatar …LOL

        Tatar will struggle in Montreal and may even be moved in a separate deal elsewhere before all is said and done !

      • You can try and twist it all you want, but Montreal made a nice deal. Tatar is a proven 20 goal scorer. Suzuki is a high level prospect. Plus a second. For one year of Pacioretti, it’s a nice return. They lose 10 goals and pick up a first round pick and a second. Compared to the Skinner deal, Montreal did very well

      • LMac good point but most deals look good relative to the Skinner deal. In Carolina we are used to watching players develop their game in the NHL instead of the AHL but watching an owner develop is a new experience.

      • What a joke. Suzuki was the 13th pick in 2017. Every prospect site has him as a top end prospect the 1 with the best track record has him 27th. THN Future Watch 2018. That doesn’t include this year’s picks. They pool scouts & GM’s from all 30 teams to build these lists.

        Could he miss, sure but these people aren’t maroons? He will be given every opportunity to succeed when he is NHL ready. For a player selected 13th that usually means at least 1 more season of Jr if not 2, & at least 1 if not 2 years in the minors.

        In case you forgot there is an expansion draft coming & Suzuki will be exempt. That’s important.

      • Let’s make that 31 teams now.

      • Patches is not a power forward and will demand big money with his new agent the habs did well

      • Leaf fan here…I don’t think the Habs could have done better in the circumstances …not a GM MB fan (would have fired him last year).. but he did well for the situation..better done before the season the relentless questions by Montreal press throughout year

      • Suzuki may never dawn a habs uniform”!! Lol kel al you obviously don’t follow prospects at all what a dumb comment

    • 1 season doesn’t make a player. This short-sightedness never makes sense to me. Patches barring injury will bounce back to career norms playing with Stastny & Tuch.

      For me a good trade for both teams & I like Tatar. When Vegas acquired Tatar it was as a replacement for the pending losses of Perron & Neal this season, there was no room on Vegas’s roster when he got there. He was insurance for the playoff run & moving forward. Nor do I perceive Vegas paid a high price to get him. Their 1st this season was 30th, their 2nd in 2019 & the Clb pick they just gave up to get Patches mid to late, their 3rd in 2021 who knows. those picks become what in the NHL? A total crap shoot & very low odds those players even get to the NHL.

      Tatar will be the 1st or 2nd line LW in Mon & score 20 goals & 45 to 50 points playing a decent 2-way game, Mon gets him for up to 3 years if desired which helps buy some time for the kids. Suzuki is a solid top end C prospect, hard to project what his top end is but he should be at least a 2nd line C by 2022-23. Well the season following as that will be a short season with the lock out.

      I can’t believe I’m defending Bergevin again. Wolrd colliding Jerry!

      • Ahhhh…there it is, Striker and the classic “bounce back” sesson comment.


  4. Slick 62

    Good points.

    Tatar did not do well for VGK… not sure if it was a gelling thing or what. He certainly played well below what he was capable of.

    VGK’s with the attitude that there was no real fit and not seeing Tats back at 25 goals … felt that they didn’t want 3 more years at $5.3M so they upped with Suzuki&2nd to get a more prolific scorer (and I do believe patches will have a good year) with bigger size. Patches is 4″ taller, 30 lbs heavier. 18/19 save $0.8M in cap as well.

    If Patches and Tatar perform as I expect this year; and VGK are not successful in extending Patches … then it was a tad pricey…. basically IMO upping 8-10 goals and saving $0.8M in cap space for a 1st (Suzuki) and a second. If they can extend Patches at reasonable …. steal

    This to me ends the EK to VGK saga … can’t see it happening now as they’d be giving up Theo & Glass & 1st and maybe even another asset.

    Mon got weaker and smaller on wing at a higher cost…. but netted 2 futures…. no matter what …. Montreal fans will have a hay day discussing this …. for quite a while.

    • “Suzuki may never dawn a Habs Jersey …he was a throw”

      A #13 pick from last year was a throw in? Some people say the most ridiculous things to support their opinion, especially when it is clearly wrong

      • LMacDonald

        I think you meant to post your reply re Suzuki elsewhere on board.

        I personally think Suzuki will be in Mon for quite a while … should get at least a sniff/try this year but should play all year in 19/20

      • Agree LMacDonald, according to the scouting report on Suzuki 5’11” 183lbs goal scorer with a high hockey IQ that plays C.
        Not sure what else the Habs could’ve done unless Patches was willing to sign an extension with the Knights.
        If anything I might say Vegas gave up too much for Patches, not the other way around.
        At the end of the day Vegas gave up a 1st, 2nd and third for Tatar and traded him plus a 2nd and Suzuki for Patches.

      • Lmcdonald I agree the habs did very well in this trade, Suzuki was a great pickup

      • On my site, I had him at 12 in my mock, based on the fast that despite his size, he was a new age player.

        Didn’t he has 100 point this last year, and scored one 40 the past couple years?
        He is very on ice quick, “quick minded”, creative and an excellent junior PK guy…between his hands and his shiftiness, he has lots on enviable tools that project him to BE an NHL player, over a maybe guy, because he can play anywhere up front and slide up and down a line-up.

        Back last week I listed Suzuki and Tater and a list of guys the Vegas kept bringing up in various talks with different teams, I posted the three assets and others were going to Ottawa, and I bet they were the initial trade talk with the Senators.
        All I know is my source was reliable, last week. I don’t make it a habit of playing trade rumor unless their is some actual bite to something from someone I trust as reliable.
        They WERE offered around BEFORE Bergevin took them.
        You may go to the site and argue against my early seven round mock for 2019 (or the budding 2020 list) if you wish.

    • I’m just surprised that Vegas, after not having a pick this year because or Tatar, have now traded away a former 1st and a future 2nd. I think last years success will hurt them going forward. Much like Striker always says about Ottawa. They don’t have a deep prospect pool considering they’ve only participated in 2 drafts. Pacioretty signed for 4 years at 7m per.

  5. I haven’t heard the name Kjell Samuelsson in a long long time. The Flyers should be stoked about their luck in not having AMac around to screw up. They have plenty of young guys that can step in and take his place. Morin and Hagg off the top of my head. This is a good thing.
    The Sharks are going to pull off something that will seem to come out of nowhere. Maybe getting Panarin.

    • I agree, losing McDonald isnt a huge loss. Morin is out until the new year with a knee injury. Hopefully Hextall lets another youngster get a shot inetead of trading for or signing a stiff like Sbisa.

      • No Dman in Philly logged harder minutes than MacDonald. He started 60.4% of his ES shifts in the defensive zone, killed penalties on the #2 unit & logged the 3rd most TOI/GP for Dman in Philly last season. I can assure you he will be missed.

        He played 40.24% of his ES shifts with Hagg carrying & mentoring the rookie Dman & 32.37 with Provorov & 17.51% Sanheim another rookie Dman.

        MacDonald had a rough development but has settled in as a fairly reliable defensive Dman. That contract has been onerous & he was never worth it but he & his agent made a huge mistake on his previous deal of 4 years at 575K. Not that Philly should have been the team to make up that issue but they did.

      • If the Penguins play the Flyers in the 19 playoffs I hope AMac is back on the ice. He and Gudas are a couple of pylons. It’s not like Elliot will save the day.

      • Interesting as Provorov came out of the playoffs last season -6, the Ghost -8 & MacDonald the only regular to post an even or better. MacDonald started over 60% of his shifts in the D Zone at ES in the regular season but in the playoffs over 68% of his shifts in the Dzone.

        & yes I watched most of those games, not just relying on the facts. I love watching Pit & Philly play. 1 of the greatest rivalries in sport.

        Of course, you had the same feelings for Hainsey in Pit’s run to the cup as well & Hainsey is a far better Dman than MacDonald.

    • Tatar not ‘tater…lol

  6. The second rounder is Columbus ‘. So more than likely late. If Tatar plays like he did in Detroit he will be fine. The trade did not work out as things were set in Vegas. Tough to fit in unless he was off the charts .
    You can not go into camp especially in MTL with Pacioretty cloud over your head.
    Not the best but had to be done.
    I don’t trust McPhee when it come to trading but this deal not too bad. To acquire Tatar not so much

  7. So who wears the “C” with this dog’s breakfast? They’ll likely not assign it to anyone for the next couple of seasons (didn’t they do that a couple of times in recent history?)I suppose the logical choice would be Weber but he’s out of the line-up more often than he’s in.

    • George

      I was listening to TSN Montreal this morning just to hear the buzz…. they actually spent some time discussing for captain …. wait for it …. Gallagher

      Habs fans posters on this site…. your thoughts on BG as captain

      • Well, Gasllagher’s on-ice buzz-bomb approach every shift send a good message to the rest of the team that floaters better pick up their game and he is a perennial 50 point player. And he’s articulate (in English at least). Does he speak French? If not that would make it 4 straight Anglo captains (Pacioretty, Gionta, Koivu) dating back to 1999 which might tick off certain members of the French media. Then again, there are just NO francophones poised to take over (maybe Drouin in about 5 years). They certainly can’t be referred to as “The Flying Frenchmen” anymore.

    • IMO the whole captaincy thing in the NHL is overrated. It doesn’t affect anything in the locker room. All it does is show who’s allowed to talk to the refs at the penalty box area.
      Heard on the NLH channel on XM radio that a third of the teams right now don’t have an actually captain.

      • I agree. You don’t need a letter to lead just to have the right to speak to officials.

    • I think they wait to George. Perhaps you rotate 3 A’s or you rotate the C until Weber is back & you can gauge how his career will be affected if at all. Gallagher & Petry would & should be in the mix I assume.

  8. The Flyers are fine. Folin can take the place of MacDonald easily enough, and Myers gets his shot if he has a good training camp. No worries!

    • I agree, Phi has the depth & its only 6 weeks. It will put him further behind as he will need to get back up to speed. It will have some effect but shouldn’t be insurmountable.

  9. Myers and Frolin will probably be the 6/7 dmen. Unfortunately Morin is unavailable. He is missing an opportunity to prove he can be a nhl defensemen.
    Provorov/Ghost, Sanheim/Gudus, Myers/Hague/frolin.

    • Myers needs to play at a bare minimum at least sheltered role in the NHL seeing 15+ mins a night on a 3rd pairing or he’s better served to be playing 20+ mins a night in the AHL.

  10. I think Montreal did pretty well here in a deal.

    Suzuki was a 1st in 2017, plays center, and had a very good over age year. He’s still considered a very good prospect. A 2nd’s a 2nd. There isn’t as much difference in the value of a late versus early 2nd, so it is what it is.

    Tatar with some salary retained is a cap dump, however it’s a cap dump Montreal should be thrilled with. It wasn’t part of the value Vegas offered, but he became a cap dump because of his performance in roughly 300 minutes of hockey that he played with Vegas. Considering he had 4 straight 20 or more goal seasons, and is 27, there is at least some reason to believe he can rebound enough to provide Montreal with something, and if they trade him again in the next couple of years, it’s a really solid move.

    Overall Montreal has had a kind of good summer for a team that should be rebuilding. I hate the Gally/Domi deal, but Montreal drafted well, didn’t go nuts and overpay a 30 year old, did great in the Armia deal, and managed to move Patches for reasonable value ahead of camp, which I really didn’t think Bergevin was capable of.

    If Bergevin had been fired, as he should have been, you could even be down right optimistic that there was a real rebuild happening and the team would continue to draft and develop.

    • Danny.

      Sorry, what do you mean about Suzuki as an overage player? I assume you mean in MJ. JR but he just turned 19 on Aug, he didn’t play as an overage player he was 18, 17 when drafted.

      • yeah, didn’t really mean overager, meant draft+1 junior year, had a brain cramp when typing it.

        What I said doesn’t make sense as I don’t think you can even send a player back as an overager if he has signed an ELC.

      • All good just didn’t understand. I would assume you can’t if drafted & under contract but certainly can if not drafted, my buddy Geoff Courtnall played as an overager for the Cougars before starting his NHL career.

  11. SJ essentially added Kane & the kids Meier, Labanc & Donskoi are very close to blossoming, Meier & Labanc are still a year away but will be very good regardless, Donskoi is this season. Hertl falls into my monster forward category meaning his breakthrough doesn’t come till 400 NHL regular season games he has played 328 & Tierney just broke through last season & has far more to give offensively.

    Suomela was also a solid UFA signing out of Finland, he can slide up the roster when injuries hit which for Thornton at 39 is essentially assured.

    SJ doesn’t need to do anything. Save the cap space & address injuries if necessary when they happen or buy depth at the deadline if needed. SJ will battle for the Pacific Division & make the playoffs, they are a better team this season than last & last season they hit 100 points good for 6th in the west & tied with Pit at 10th actually finished 11th on the tiebreaker.

    Kane, Thornton, Pavelski.
    Hertl, Couture, Donskoi.
    Meier, Tierney, Labanc.
    Sorenson, Suomela, Karlsson.
    Spare Goodrow.

    Ryan, Burns.
    Vlasic, Braun.
    Dillon, Demelo/Heed.

    Jones, Dell.

    This is a very good hockey team & needs nothing baring injuries but has the cap space & with the exception of this years 1st the picks to address such if needed.

    • That’s right. I forgot that the Sharks added Kane at the trade deadline last season. It’s probably more accurate to say that the other teams are reacting to the Sharks signing Kane.

      • Kane should slide into Marleau’s old PP spot, bumping Hertl to the 2nd unit. If Kane can stay healthy & that’s a big if due to the fact he plays with reckless abandonment just trying to fly into people at full speed on the forecheck he should post a career year for points easily & possibly even break his 30 goals scored in 2011-12.

  12. Although expansion is good for the league and fans it definitely sucks when an expansion teams enters your teams division. Vegas not only made out like bandits and made the SCF and at the expansion draft with boat loads of futures.

    As an Oilers fan its nice too see them trading away their stock pile of futures for expiring assets potentially.

    the Pacioretty trade now looks like :

    first in 2018, second in 2019 and a third in 2021 for Tomas Tatar originally,

    then tatar, Suzuki and a 2019 second rounder for Pacioretty.

    1 first,2 seconds,1 third and Nick Suzuki (13th pick in 2017) is quite steap in the grand scheme of things for potentially 1 year of Pacioretty and bad asset management if you ask me.

    as mentioned as an Oilers fan with your club in limbo you love too see this from divisional opponents.

    • Let’s wait & see of Vegas extends Patches. I assume with what they paid they spoke to him & his agent prior & a deal is imminent. Especially considering Patches said he’s not willing to negotiate a new deal past Oct, 3rd.

      • Vegas also is in the lowest possible NHL tax base with Flo, TB, Nas & Dal at 31.72%.

      • Walsh is also Fleury’s agent which adds to the probability that the framework for an extension was agreed to prior to the trade.

      • Well, for whatever it’s worth, this is an excerpt from the Ottawa Sun this morning showing Pacioretty’s past thoughts about Vegas:

        “When the Canadiens visited Las Vegas in February, Pacioretty raved about the atmosphere at T-Mobile Arena. “Best road game I’ve ever played in,” Pacioretty said following a 6-3 defeat. “When you experience it for yourself, that was a treat to play, and I wish we played them more than once a year. “It was unbelievable,” he added. “Everything was top notch. Couldn’t ask for better music, better atmosphere, better fans.” Pacioretty is also familiar with Golden Knights coach Gerard Gallant, who was an assistant coach under Montreal’s Michel Therrien in 2012. “He’s a hell of a coach and a hell of a guy,” Pacioretty said in February.

      • It might be good to note he’s been on a bargain contract in Montreal the past several seasons and will want to get paid. They may not want to lock up a high AAv with the term he wants… I’m just assuming. He seemed why Montreal did not retain him especially considering he was their captain and they are bribing in young blood these days

    • Hey Twin, it’s tough to make out like bandits when you pay $500 million for a team, when half the other teams are valued at less than that.
      Pretty sure the price would be less using the old expansion rules.
      Granted Vegas did way better than most thought they would. Including me.

      • Fair enough I think Seatle is 600. But on that note the other recient expansions they were years making noise, making playoffs and making money.

        Vegas averaged over 18000 seats for the regular season and playoffs. They built a fan base and an identity

  13. Habs need to somehow trade Weber and Price and rebuild properly but who could use a often injured D man and goalie. Leafs and Oil could use Weber not sure of return and Philly could always use a goalie. Habs have plenty of work to do over next couple of years to figure this out.

    • I don’t think the habs move either, those 2 can speed up a rebuild with leadership alone let alone when healthy they both great at their positions

    • Nobodys trading for a ten million dollar injury prone goalie. Only one GM would be foolish enough to do that but Price already plays for him.

      • I could see that donkey hextall trading for him! He is the worst gm in the league look how much he gave jvr and look at the pathetic flyers goaltending he keeps trading for

  14. It’s fun the sporting news have said this deal is dead if patches doesn’t sign an extension
    So Montreal may be screwed if hes not signed

    • Has the trade been approved by NHL Central Registry? As if it has there is no going back.

      • Disregard, NHL.com is reporting the trade there is no going back now.

  15. Anyone want to watch the Penguins vs Sabres rookie game that’s on right now? Go to http://www.onhockey.tv, at least it’s live hockey.

  16. Dee, are you in the States? I cant get the links to play!

  17. And one last thing:
    This I didn’t ask to be traded/the player came to us and asked to be traded hub-but:

    The player said to the Gm I want to stay here but I want you to resign me long term at full value, and IF you don’t value me team and dollar wise, trade me.

    Not a threat part of a passionate response to want to stay but be paid…

  18. Pacioretty deal is done 4 years @ 7 mil

    • Yeah, that was interesting. I’m not sure I would have traded all that stuff for Pacioretti and signed him at $7 if I could have kept Neal instead. Is there that much difference? Of course, Neal’s act got him shuffled out of Pgh, so maybe he had the same problem in LV

  19. Thoughts on flipping Thomas Tatar to the wings and the 2nd round pick we got for Patches for Zadina
    Tatar Played well in Detroit and I’m sure they would love to have him back.

    • no chance, Detroit is cap strapped and rebuilding on the fly with younger quicker players. Montreal already had their shot at Zadina and missed.

      • That’s more than likely true fergy22
        Detroit will get back on track within a couple years like the Habs.

  20. Vegas did well…reasonable cap hit, reasonable term.

    • fd I recall you saying pacioretty wasn’t worth a big contract? Now 7 million is a fair deal? Lol kinda talking out of both sides of your mouth aren’t you?

  21. Patches wanted out, plain & simple

    • Yes fd everyone knows he asked for a trade keep up with your fake news! Lol

  22. pretty fair trade for both teams so long as patches resigns. Hard to declare a winner or loser here… which is surprising due to the perceived difficulty MB had in finding suitors. I believe there had to be at least one other team involved for MB to get this value. I wouldn’t have blinked if it was only tatar and a 2nd… getting suzuki is good work.

    not sure who posted above that vegas got worse… patches and stasny are superior to neal perron and tatar. perron wont hit those numbers again, neal is a turd, and tatat obviously didn’t fit it.

    • And 7×4 is a good deal for Vegas.

      • Remember when you thought that LA’s offer of 6×6 was a joke and that Paccioretty should laugh at them?
        I guess it wasn’t that bad after all now was it?

      • Actually yeah. 1 mil more per year? And not stuck in la? Win and win.

      • Listening to Chrisms talk hockey is like asking Gordon Ramsey about what fast food chain has the best burger? …………he has no idea

      • $36,000,000 versus $28,000,000 …. sounds like Pacioretty was willing to discuss an extension with Vegas because he wants to win more than he wants the money. Vegas is definitely more likely to win the cup than the Kings are in the next several seasons.

      • Yea your right Chris, playing in LA and living on Manhattan beach would be just the worst. Not too mention playing with future hall of famers in Doughty, Kopitar and Quick.

        It’s Not like playing and living in a world class City like Pittsburgh.

      • Augustus. I guarantee LA has a better year than LV does. LV will regress bigtime this year. Never, ever bet against a core that has won multiple Stanley Cups.

  23. I can’t figure it out. Are bigbear and bigbadbruins the same person? I only now realized they were posting separately. I tend to be fairly sarcastic but I am 100 percent fo reals right now.

  24. All in all, I look favorably on this trade, at least compared to the Evander Kane trade. The only player the Sabres got in return was Danny O’Regan, who may never make it. Montreal got a known 20 goal scorer and a very solid prospect who could play top 6 minutes at center if he reaches his potential, on top of the 2nd round pick.

  25. Why delete my comments Lyle? Am I being singled out?