NHL Rumor Mill – September 11, 2018

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Are big changes coming soon to the Ottawa Senators? Read on for the latest.

TSN: In an interview with defenseman Mark Borowiecki, Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk acknowledged his club is “kind of in the dumpster” and was in the midst of rebuilding with youth. Ian Mendes believes Melnyk’s comments will serve to heighten trade speculation surrounding defenseman Erik Karlsson. He suggests the video could be seen as a precursor to a Karlsson trade, perhaps before training camp opens on Thursday.

Could the Ottawa Senators trade defenseman Erik Karlsson before training camp opens on Thursday? (Photo via NHL Images)

A roster overhaul, which could also include moving Karlsson’s fellow pending UFAs Mark Stone and Matt Duchene, might not sit well with Senators fans but Melnyk believes they’ll buy into the plan. The Sens owner also said he’s not going anywhere and the club won’t be relocated.

TSN: Pierre LeBrun said the Golden Knights addition of Pacioretty doesn’t necessarily take them out of the bidding for Karlsson. He thinks Vegas will keep lines of communication open with Ottawa.

The Golden Knights have looked at acquiring the all-star defenseman since February and nearly landed him at the trade deadline. LeBrun notes they still have sufficient cap space and depth in prospects and other assets to tempt the Senators, though they’re probably not the front-runners. He added he’d been told a couple of new teams have had conversations with the Senators about Karlsson but didn’t name them.

OTTAWA SUN: In the wake of the Montreal Canadiens trading Max Pacioretty to the Vegas Golden Knights, Bruce Garrioch notes the focus shifts toward Karlsson’s status. With Senators’ training camp opening on Thursday, he wonders if the defenseman will be part of it, pointing out the Senators have been talking to teams about moving their captain since last February’s trade deadline.

Garrioch claims the San Jose Sharks, Dallas Stars, Tampa Bay Lightning and Vegas Golden Knights have been linked to Karlsson. He also noted last month’s reports claiming the Vancouver Canucks were mentioned as a possibility. Though the Canucks likely aren’t involved, Garrioch claims they did more than kick tires.

The Golden Knights’ acquisition of Pacioretty limits what they could pay for Karlsson. Meanwhile, the San Jose media speculated Sharks general manager Doug Wilson could feel pressure to make a big move before the Stars and Lightning do.

Garrioch claims some clubs have been pursuing Karlsson for months and aren’t giving up. The Senators, however, can afford to bide their time to get the right offer. He believes it unlikely the Senators will be able to re-sign the blueliner, noting contract extension discussions have stopped since Karlsson rejected an eight-year offer in early July.

DALLAS MORNING NEWS: Josh Lile wonders why the Dallas Stars passed up an opportunity to land an affordable upgrade like Max Pacioretty. He notes Karlsson and Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin are considered in play though the latter doesn’t seem like he’s moving. Karlsson still could but Lile suggests there’s no guarantee the Stars will land him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Melnyk’s remarks about rebuilding won’t surprise anyone. I’m assuming Senators fans aren’t so much  upset over a rebuild as they are over how a roster that came within an overtime goal of reaching the 2017 Stanley Cup Final fell apart and is now being dismantled. Even if the coming rebuild is successful, their fans will likely expect the other shoe to drop as long as Melnyk owns the team.

The Senators could trade Karlsson before the start of training camp. There’s no question his status will be a huge distraction. Still, they can’t afford to move him simply to avoid constant questions about his future. They want the best return possible. If no one meets their asking price before Thursday, he’ll report to camp and the club will have to deal with the sideshow.

The Senators can afford to be patient for now. However, that’ll change if Karlsson’s still on the roster when the calendar flips to next February. As the trade deadline approaches, management will feel growing pressure to move Karlsson or risk losing him for nothing to free agency in July.

While the Golden Knights could still be interested in Karlsson, I think the Pacioretty acquisition will be their big move for the season. They could get into the bidding for the blueliner if he hits the open market next summer. The Stars and Lightning, who were most often linked to Karlsson earlier this summer, are the likely front-runners.

I wouldn’t rule out the Sharks going after Karlsson but I don’t think they’ve got sufficient available assets to outbid the Stars and Lightning. If Canucks GM Jim Benning is unwilling to part with any of his promising youngsters we can forget about Karlsson moving to Vancouver.

Those two new clubs mentioned by LeBrun could also make things interesting. Hopefully we’ll find out who they are in the coming days. They’ll have to have sufficient assets to entice Senators management while having enough salary-cap room to absorb Karlsson’s $6.5-million cap hit for this season and to re-sign him to a contract extension.

The Arizona Coyotes, Colorado Avalanche, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders and Philadelphia Flyers could fit the bill. However, we don’t know if those clubs would be on Karlsson’s list of preferred trade destinations, let alone if they’re willing to pursue such a big-ticket talent. 



  1. Once again, I will say, don’t count out the Rangers on Karlsson. If Av’s, Devs and Isles are considered destinations,aren’t they in as much of a rebuild as Rangers? In recent interview, Gorton stated that he intends to keep 3 youngsters at their natural center position. Won’t move either Chytil, Anderson or Howden to wing. He also reiterated that he is stilllooking to sign Hayes long term. With him and Zibinejad entrenched at center for foreseeable future, seems likely that one of the prospects gets dealt eventually. Also, wig Skjei locked up long term and Staal and Smith still under contract, how are all those left D prospects going to crack lineup? Even after those 2, there’s still at least 5 left D that could be nhl ready over next 3 years.

    • When was that interview?

      If all are playing C then there is only room at the inn for 2 until injuries & or trades hit & that’s at the #3 & 4 spots as I assume Zibanejad is #1 & Hayes the #2.

      That would also mean Namestnikov is slated to play LW & Spooner RW, I had them that way regardless at present but I thought Chytil might play wing at least once Zuccarello’s future is determined.

      Are either Chytil or Andersson 4th line C’s? Seems like a bit of an odd path to the NHL for players of these pedigrees but by no means the end of the world.

      Kredier, Zibanejad, Buchnevich.
      Vesey, Hayes, Spooner.
      Namestnikov, Chytil/Andersson, Zuccarello.
      McLeod/Belesky, Andersson/Chytil, Fast.

      I really like this roster & am curious to see what sort of return NYR gets for Zuccarello if not extended. I assume he’s being moved but when?

      • Striker. Brooks interview. I think they should look into Karlsson. Any pick they give up, they can always get back by dealing Zuc at deadline. Adding Karlsson now, and possibly Panarin next summer, and they’re right back in as contenders. And they’ll still have a decent prospect pool going forward

      • I think you’re more likely to see Meskanen and maybe Lindqvist in the lineup than you are McLeod/Beleskey. With the acquisition of McQuaid, I’m hoping McLeod gets cut now. He’s garbage.

      • Neans.

        Both McLeod & Belesky are waiver fodder for me. Someone has to play Sheriff in certain games don’t care who it is.

        Are either Lindqvist or Meskanen suited to 4th line checking roles?

      • Hey Striker, my gut says that Boston might be a sleeper on Erik…what do you think?

      • I sure hope not. Happy with the D we have would far prefer to see Krug extended next summer for 1/2 or slightly more than Karlsson would demand.

        If he can’t be signed for reasonable term & salary trade him & move McAvoy on to the #1 PP.

        I don’t want to commit 7 years & 10+ mil to Karlsson.

    • Cannot see Hayes not being moved-Hayes for all we know wants to be an UFA. But he is only a chip in a trade to a playoff team-no value for Sens or others without an extension.

      Anderson and Howden both have 2C potential and in this new ‘young’ NHL the Rangers cannot hold on to all these centers. Good decisions to have to make for this organization. Does Zib have a NTC? If the Rangers mature fast Zib could be a nice chip too

      • Everything I have heard or read is Hayes wants to stay. the 1-year deal is risky but I assume Hayes will be extended just after January 1st as allowed.

        Hayes falls into the monster forward category for me & these players take far longer to develop, simple physics in most cases. They need to grow into their massive frames. That timeline for me is the same as Dman, 400 NHL regular season games to fully develop & breakthrough. Hayes sits at 310, interestingly enough so does Kreider who sits at 389.

        NYR has numerous forwards that are at key games played markers for me, for regular sized forwards that’s 200 games. Vesey 159, Spooner 273, he was breaking through last season but derailed by injury, Buchenivch 115 & Namestnikov 283. All of these players should be significantly better offensively this season & NYR may surprise people.

        The concern is on D. Inexperience on D has been disastrous in wins for most teams. Nas being a lone exception I can think of that has iced very young D’s for significant periods but Weber & Suter held the group together each carrying a kid allowing for them to be sheltered much like Chara has done in Bos with Carlo in 2016-17 & McAvoy last season.

        Going to be curious to see how the D lines up in NYR. DeAngelo has to clear waivers, I assume Pionk is staying up based on his play over the final stretch of the season but Gilmour may have to do down until the #’s are worked out. I have no idea what the plan here is at present.

        Shattenkirk, Staal, Skjei & DeAngelo are NHL Dman for sure, Poink makes 5? Then we have Smith, Claesson, Kampher & O’Gara as all waiver fodder Black aces. 7/8 guys. Does Gilmour bump any to take the #6 spot? Is Hajek NHL ready?

        Dam George some of those names are brutal to try & spell. Skjei, Pionk, Claesson. What happened to poor Claesson in Ott I thought you said he had a great future there?

      • We always disagree on Hayes-I think he is best as a 3C with matchups in his favor…that lack of consistent intensity kills me as a Ranger fan. Let another team overpay him next season.

        The D back with McD was the weakness and still is. That youth is 2 seasons away or more- and …would Tony D clear waivers? I think he would go unclaimed

      • He just stepped into Stepan’s hard defensive assignments last season & couldn’t buy PP time from Vigneault until late in the season & still managed to score 25 goals in his 4th full season. Hayes is everything almost every team in the NHL wants a huge 2 way C that can play with the best players in the league. He & Spooner are going to tear it up & Vesey is coming along for the ride.

        He started 57.3% of his ES shifts in the D zone, killed penalties on the 31 unit. 6’5″ & 215 lbs when he reported to camp last season, curious to see if he’s added more muscle mass this summer.

        I also missed Zibanejad. 409 NHL games 6’2 under by weight but 227 lbs he makes it by mass. Huge bone structure. If Zibanejad stays healthy a big if he could have a huge year.

        Teams want size down the middle with skill both Zibanejad & Hayes have both. They will never be elite but they can be extremely good, lower end #1’s but playing solid 2 way games. It would be a shame for NYR to lose either of these players. Zinbanejad just turned 25 in April & Hayes 26 in May they are just entering their prime years for forwards.

      • Makes no sense to trade Hayes or Zib. They’re former 1st rounders that are still just hitting prime. Why deal them and hope young guys turn out to be what you already have?

      • I guess Claesson’s future in Ottawa was short-lives – just like Curtis Lazar’s will be in Calgary.

    • Ave and Devils are not rebuilding.

  2. Feels like this rumor has been beaten like a dead horse. Ottawa needs a rebuild, and unlike Montreal they’re going to do it before locking up one of their trade assets to an 8 figure a year deal that is untradeable. Ottawa is better ran than Montreal…. that’s a sad day.

    • I’d go with both are being mismanaged. Your comparing 2 of the NHL’s currently worst managed teams Ott currently has a far better prospect pool but restocking the kitty can be done very quickly if you choose to. Look what NYR did in the blink of an eye.

      I’ll reserve judgement on which of these teams is in a worse position until I see what plays out with all these pending UFA’s that I said were leaving since Duchene arrived.

      I took serious flack from our oldtimer the other day but unless I’m not reading & listening to Melnyk properly he just confirmed what I said almost a year ago. All of these players are leaving either in a trade or as UFA’s 10 new players this season at some point 15 or 16 by next.

      Can’t wait to watch how that plays out in the win column.

      I don’t think Mon is as bad as many predict. They won’t be very good this season. They will get more than 71 points but I have them finishing 1 spot lower in the league standings this season than last but by 2019-20 with Weber healthy & the kids Mete & Juulsen with a years experience & a few prospects ready to contribute by the same timeline they could bounce back to being in the playoff hunt & potentially surprise like a NJ or Col did this past season. Not saying it’s going to happen but Mon hasn’t gone full rebuild but transitional.

      • Was it a major home renovation?

      • 4000 square feet torn fully back to frame, all plumbing, electrical, new roofs siding everything, would have been faster to start from scratch. Wait that’s Ottawa, Montreal is doing an addition.

      • No Striker I was inquiring about your own home. Did it come with extra large doorways or did you have to get them enlarged so you could fit you and your ego through them at the same time? Must be hard to go out for dinner.

      • No such problems Deeeee but thank you for your interest. I appreciate your kind words as always.

      • Striker. What melnick said is that the sens now have a solid group of veteran leaders that they can build around. Yes a rebuild is coming.

        Yet stone and Duchene could be viewed as those solid leaders that melnick has spoken of. Along with Boroweicki and pageau.

        Of coarse anyone of them.may be traded. When a team is rebuilding other teams may offer quite an exchange.

        Some of these veteran players may not want to stay through a rebuild and may force a GM’s hand.

        Yet despite your assertion none of what melnick has said clearly revels that stone or duchene will be traded.

        Edmonton has proven you need a solid veteran core to help bring your team through a rebuild.

        Time will tell what will happen. It may go as you say. But you spout enough stuff eventually your bound to get something right.

  3. “In an interview with defenseman Mark Borowiecki” … if Borowiecki switched to journalism then the Sens should be overjoyed … one less human pylon to deal with.

    • Pylon? a +35 in his AHL games (a tough league for defensive stats) and a +1 career in the NHL and perennially among the leaders in the league in hits, all while playing 5/6 minutes.

      • Actually even on his career but a tough customer who hits, blocks shots, clears the crease, a solid teammate, leader & depth player who plays for a very small cap hit. A great foot soldier for Ottawa. Teams need these types of players.

        The fact Boroweicki is still in the NHL is a testament to his drive & determination to succeed, most teams would gladly take this type of player in the 6/7 slot & most have 1 similar.

        Boroweicki plays within his limits, a good honest hard working player & at 1.2 mil provides solid value & his leadership even from the 5/6 slot on Ottawa will be needed.

  4. Nice move VGKs on Patches.

    I agree this now puts them in longshot odds to still move on acquiring EK.

    No way can I see Van or Arz being EK destinations.

    I agree that SJ might have to do a counter move but also agree their package can’t be as attractive as what TBay, Dall, and VGK can/would offer.

    Col, NJ, Phi— to me— longer odds but not impossible.

    NYI would really love him– could probably piece together a package— but IMO it would be for rental, as I don’t see EK looking at NYI long term.

    Slick62— I’m not discounting NYR— possible, but I think they fall in the middle tier of possibilities.

    I hope that Ottw does not get screwed on this (no trade at all in entire year) and EK walks for free (well …. EK flies…. on down to Tampa Bay).

    I really want EK to go West. As at now, IMO with VGK’s move on Patches… Dall is more of a likelihood over SJ, VGK, TBay

    If EK starts the season in Ottw— this will be very bad for our Capital city— waaaaay tooo muuuuuch distraction for a franchise already in flux/turmoil.

    More bidders at rental time but at a much smaller return. Ya I know— goes without saying. But I did.

    Just my wild guess as at now — 60% moved for entire year; 35% moved at TDL; 5% moved this fall.

    Looking forward to the frenzy

    EK— go West young man!!!!

    • I don’t see or think SJ needs to do anything nor do they need Karlsson. As always Burns 7 more years at 8 mil per a modified NTC lists 3 teams he can be traded to for the duration may as well be an NMC except SJ could expose in expansion drafts if so inclined.

      Vlasic 8 more years at 7 mil per full NMC for 1st 5 then last 3 mimick Burns.

      How is SJ fitting Karlsson’s cap hit onto their roster past this season? No team can lock up 25+ mil in 3 Dman for 7+ years today.

      These constant rumours of SJ & Karlsson are someone’s pipe dream.

      SJ as currently constructed is a solid playoff team & potentially a cup contender for me this season. If they can get Pavelski locked up & find a suitable replacement for Thornton starting next season 2019-20 perhaps for many years to come.

    • @ PENGY

      I actually humbly disagree on the assessment of it being a long shot for Karlsson now in Vegas!

      I think it is now the exact opposite !

      John Shannon reported today that the Patches signing was a kin to him signing for $9.8 million a season in Montreal with the tax structure in Vegas.

      If Iam Karlsson and I see a move like this and Vegas adds a serious player like Patches to an all ready YOUNG TALENTED roster with solid D men and one of the best goalies in the League …this is a no brainer for Karlsson ..its just a matter of what McPhee is going to give up now !

      If I had to bet now Id say that Karlsson ends up in Vegas this week…and resigns just like Patches did …for maybe less than the $10 million per but they way it works out in Vegas long term he will make more than any where else at the $8 million per season and has the best shot of winning year after year !

      Vegas has the pieces for this long term now where as they have soldified positions for the next 5 years …and some of the young talent in the minors will never see the light of day on the big club …they will trade that for Karlsson to give them the team to beat every year for the next 5 years !!

      • Good synopsis Kal-El. Many among their fan base – delirious at the unexpected debut season they had, were probably wondering “so, what do they do for an encore?” Getting both Pacioretty AND Karlsson makes them even stronger than they were last year, and although they are going to find the row tougher to hoe now that teams won’t be taking them lightly in the early going like last season, that would make them a heavy favorite to win the west again. Anaheim has shot their bolt, Chicago’s a one-trick pony, Edmonton won’t keep the puck out of their net enough to win anything, Minnesota and San Jose always seem to find a way to lose, leaving Winnipeg and Nashville as the biggest obstacles.

      • I would think Vegas still makes the most sense out of the teams being bandied about today but not if Theodore & Glass both have to be included. Trading Theodore would make sense as part of this package as if Karlsson is coming to Vegas & agreed to sign long-term do you need Karlsson, Theodore & C. Miller with Brannstrom waiting in the wings to start his NHL career in a few years?

        That is 3 offensive Dman although C. Miller has been forced to learn to play defence along the way, Theodore has been allowed to show his significant offensive skills but has been a train wreck defensively, he made a ton of mistakes in Vegas run to the cup that were incredibly costly. Engelland has tried to cover for him as best able but can only do so much in doing so.

        Theodore will get better defensively with each passing season but never going to be his strong suit but hard to project a players ability to develop a solid defensive game when so good offensively, teams don’t want to cut off that creativity too much. He simply hasn’t been forced to by either Anaheim or Vegas as yet.

        Curious as to who the other 2 teams that have stepped up are. Also curious to see if Karlsson simply wants to play with Hedman as if he does why would TB pay to acquire him now when they can have him for nothing more than cash. Well other than this year’s cap run. Unfortunately for TB most players that could be returned to Ottawa have NTC’s & who would waive them to accept such a deal?

      • How can Melnyk’s dog & pony show help the trade value of all these pending UFA’s in the next 2 seasons? Karlsson, Duchene, Stone, Dzingel this summer, Ceci, Pageau & Boedker the summer following.

        I just don’t get what Ottawa is doing & if this is where you are going why set up this contract structure trading from a position of weakness due to very tight timelines.

      • WOW …Thanks George O ”

        ….Iam honored we see somewhat the same view on this topic …I was worried about some backlash…LOL …you carry a heavy stick with the backhanded comments…LOL

        P>S Iam still not a Karlsson fan for the long term …LOL …I see some heavy pit falls in his game 2 – 3 years down the road !

        BUT ….on a strong team like Vegas through 4 lines it may help him later on into his leaner years due to the youth and the fact that they will not depend on only 1 player of his ability …they are STRONG through and through and have Fleury to bail them out every game !

        Karlsson has never had that freedom!

      • I think signing Karlsson to a long-term deal is a mistake too. I said a quiet “thank you” when he turned down that 8-year offer from Dorion. BUT – like you – these GMs know how hard it is to win the Cup as so many things can go wrong to put a team off the rails – injuries, of course, but also seemingly mundane things like the schedule (who’s unlucky enough to get most of their back-to-back games against top teams?) not to mention “down” years by their # 1 goalie and absolutely NO support from the back-up (hello Craig Anderson and Mike Condon) or forwards they rely on for the bulk of their offense.

        When they see a golden opportunity to win NOW they most always go for it and McPhee’s been around long enough to know that NOW is likely going to be his best opportunity for the foreseeable future.

      • Solid points George & I agree. We have been on the same page about Karlsson I just wish they would hurry up.

        Most teams do buy every opportunity the odd 1 doesn’t.

        I’m not as concerned as Kal el about Karlsson 2 or 3 years out but 5 or 6.

        Nor do I hold Anderson accountable for the mess in front of him last season. I expected no less. I have made my opinions on goalies very clear for years. Elite goalie, bad team, bad goalie. Below average goalie on a great team, good goalie but never elite.

        Look at virtually any goalie related to his success, at a bare minimum 80% of the time it all adds up as it should.

    • “More bidders at rental time but at a much smaller return”

      I guess you don’t follow the NHL because history has shown exactly the opposite many many times.

    • Pengy, most like you put Rangers in middle tier. I look at fact they don’t have anyone other than Lindqvist, on a huge contract. Shattenkirk getting a little over 6 for 3 more years. With all the young guys coming up in next few years on elc’s, Rangers one of a few teams that can sign him long term.

      • I have no desire to see Karlsson in NYR. Now Panarin, especially if like Shattenkirk it costs nothing but cash, I’m all in?

  5. The idea of EK in Phil or NYI makes more sense to me. Dallas needs backend so probably little interest in Pacioretty especially if still in the conversation for Karlsson.

    3 good assets for Patch Adams So Karlsson will fetch 4 to 5 .

    • Hi Silver Seven

      Agree on 4 or 5 assets if (1) EK for season and not rental; and more importantly (2) if acquiring team is extremely confident of getting an extension signed (“handshake” deal?????).

      As Striker pointed out— effectively there was a verbal “deal” on Patches extension prior to trade. Big difference than speculative “I think we can work out an extension).

      • There are no handshake deals really the few that have surfaced in the rumour mil over the last 3 decades have all done so as they didn’t play out the way someone expected usually between a team & a player, the player claiming he was promised something he now isn’t getting. Future considerations will be declared if extended. The NHL doesn’t look favourably on such, no lawyer would & the vast majority of agents are also lawyers as are many GM’s or at least were many would no longer be members of the bar well at least not those bars. Some are on a 1st name basis with bars all over the country & at least 1 former GM even spent time behind bars. Ha-ha!

      • Karlssons agent was given permission at beginning of summer to negotiate with other teams

  6. Been trying to figure out a trade that would meet both Vegas & Ottawa’s needs.

    Let’s start with Clarkson going to Ottawa, fits Melnyk’s need perfectly, his contract is insured so he only actually costs Ottawa a fraction of his 5.25 LTIR contract for the next 2 years.

    Karlsson & Ryan go the other way but Ryan has to forgo his NTC & NMC moving forward. Vegas won’t accept it in trade.

    Now we need to get assets to help Ott.
    Theodore, 2019’s 1st & 2 2nd’s the better 2 of the 3 Vegas has in 2019, theirs’s CLB’s & Pit’s.

    Would another asset be required to complete & if so who? You just saved Ott a fortune in real dollars & Clarkson helps Ott stay cap compliant.

    Both Theodore & Karlsson have to agree to new deals to facilitate this trade for both sides. Karlsson long term, in Vegas 9 or 9.5 for 7 or 8 years is the same as TB. Does Karlsson want to play in Vegas long term or is he set on TB next season?

    Why is this taking so long? Is it that Karlsson only wants to go to TB?

    • if the Senators could somehow land Subban in the deal that would cure their goaltending needs moving forward. Gustavsson and Subban would be a nice combo in 2-3 years. The fact Vegas signed Fleury to a 7×3 deal means the starting job is his for the next 3-4 years and Subban is likely sour on that. Dansk could fill the role as Vegas backup or throw in Condon going the other way. Otherwise I would add Hague and Dansk to your proposed package of Theodore,1st,2ndx2, Clarkson for Karlsson and Ryan.

      • They could have claimed him for free last season had they wanted to. That ship sailed.

      • I would say that MAF wanding down his 3-year deal will time out perfectly with Subban potentially ready to take over although Dansk does have to clear waivers this year & unless Vegas is planning to keep 3 goalies on their 23 man roster 1 could be added going the other way but I don’t think Vegas would want Condon back, if taking Ryan those monies may become challenging to fit.

    • Hi Striker

      My “handshake” reference was tongue and cheek.

      Obviously nothing of a true oral commitment as it would breach CBA I’d assume (tampering ?)…. but a very strong sense that an extension will get done and a strong sense at price.

      Yes TBay/VGK …. exact same tax situation …. to Match Doughty’s take home …. Cap in TBay/VGK would be $8.6M per

      Not sure if BR has to move from Ottw now …. with all these proposed rookies playing starting next year , Melnyk needs to get to Cap floor

      Your proposed trade does sound balanced but I think a trade would need (from Ottw perspective ) less futures and more actual prospects/players

      Theo & 1st is a start and a must I would think

      If at trade deadline (rental) with only gut in being able to extend ; I think GMGM would have to add a 2nd

      If pre season start; and if GMGM has really strong belief in extending:

      Theo; Glass; 1st ; 2 * 2nds

      … to buffer risk … pre-season … offer Theo + 1st place condition (on extension : if condition met…2 * 2nd + Future considerations (which will have been agreed upon “informally” to be Glass).

      I’m guessing here… relying on Striker confirmation… that “future considerations ” are “informally ” agreed upon but are not actually written down …. that is …. GMGM cannot actual write in the deal …. if condition of extension is met … Ottw also gets Two 2nds AND Glass … am I right in that assumption Striker?

      • OK, I’ll try getting through to you again. The Knights already said no to trading Glass in a Karlsson deal. It ain’t happening. There is speculating and there is ignoring reality. You don’t seem to know the difference.

      • Again if Ott wants both Theodore & Glass I don’t see it happening.

        Taking back Clarkson offsets losing Ryans cap hit. Theodore’s contract will also help. Even if bridged it will still be for 3.5 + for 2 years, if 6, 7 or 8 years 5mil+ easily.

        Ott won’t have any issues hitting the cap floor at least in cap dollars. They sit at 73+ mil today. Remove Ryan & Karlsson 13.75, add Clarkson & Theodore in either scenario for Theodore short or long term & way above the floor.

      • Striker

        Yep …. I wouldn’t let Glass go… too much upside to him.

        I’m confident that Dorion would want him and likely try to insist on him in deal tho!!

        Although it is not known for sure what the terms were in the previously rejected offer ….TSN reported speculation that Glass was in the Ottw counter- request and VGK as we know rejected whatever counter request Ottw put forward. All speculation … but Dorion can’t be dumb enough to not at least try and get Glass.

        As I posted before …. I see a move of EK to VGK now much much less likely (than Dall or TBay) due to the Patches trade. They have a very good top 9 and D is fine.

        Flipping in EK for Theo does improve them …. but is the marginal improvement (EK over atheism) worthy of all else that has to be thrown in?

        I see your points re Cap space and floor for … BR /EK out Clarkson/Theo in…. 18/19…. EK currently not on books for 19/20+ and Clarkson + Theo should be more of a Cap hit than BR alone…. I just don’t think GMGM moves on that

        Again …. I don’t see VGK move on EK now …. I don’t think they should.

        However if they do … whatever the offer (which won’t include Glass)… Dorion more than likely to be countering with something not unlike : Theo+ Glass + 1st + Two seconds

        As long as EK goes to the West …. good by me.

      • Friggin auto correct …, atheism should be ” Theo”

    • Striker, Vegas only has 1 2nd rd pick in 2019. 3 in 2020. I don’t see any way they can take on Ryan and Karlsson. They have one Karlsson already that’ll need a new deal, on top of Pacioretty and Fleairy extensions kicking in. Rich also an rad after season

      • Thks Slick. Typo.

        Vegas could make the monies work if inclined.

        Personally, I have no interest in Karlsson due to age, injury history and contract demands both term and money but I get why some teams do & will.

        That lure of being a contender can be overwhelming but 8 years & 10 mil+ is too much for me for this player considering the above. a few cracks of improving your chances at a cup run aren’t sufficient for me to offset such.

      • Damn auto correct! Tuch a rfa after season

  7. McQuad to NYR. Nothing of value really in return for Bos other than his roster spot. McQuad is a great solution to add veteran leadership & stability to that D.

    Disregard my previous post NYr’s top 6 D now look fine. Could NYR surprise & be in a playoff hunt this season?

    I honestly think they can. Not saying they are going to make it but they should be in the battle.

    • What a TERRIBLE deal for the Rangers….

      Why the hell in the world would they add on $2 million in cap space for this player !

      They could add on an equal player at lesser value for sure !

      McQuaid has been hurt hurt hurt and hurt some more EVERY YEAR !!!

      Great salary dump by Boston ! The rangers in are build mode have no business adding this cap hit for a player who never ever finishes a full season !

      Way better players out there to choose from on a PTO than Mcquaid for less money !

      • Rangers needed RHD that can play physical. Solid deal. Sure he could miss 20-30 games on the IR but I prefer him over Smith….

      • Who, currently available on PTO, is a better is a better hockey player than McQuaid?

      • McQuaid was loved in Boston, by his team mates and by the fans.
        He is a genuine guy who will block shots, play physical, play hurt and drop them when required (and win way more than he lost). Plus he can still play. Krug thrived with him in 16/17. Just no room at the inn. You can tell Sweeney was emotional about it.
        Perfect for a young Ranger team who need the help on the right side.
        Cheers to Quaider from a B’s fan.

      • Totally agree Ray. It’s interesting how cyclical these things are. I felt exactly the same when Mark Stuart became expendable…because McQuaid was a younger, cheaper alternative.

        One of my favorite McQuaid moments…

      • I had McQuaid needing to be moved since Grzelcyk proved he was NHL ready very early last season. The signing of Moore long term just reinforced such. Bos top 8 is now set for next season & expansion.

        Now we just need to lock up Krug next July 1st, watch Chara play this season & then sign on again for 1 year then following expansion maybe even 1 more.

        McQuaid gave Bos solid performance for very limited salary. He was part of the organization for 11 years.

        I wish him nothing but the best & NYR needs the skills & leadership he will provide to the young D they are dressing this season. He even though a rightie would be a good choice to shelter DeAngelo with McQuaid playing his offside.

        NYR needed a PK Dman to help replace the losses of McDonagh & Holden & that’s a role McQuaid is very well suited for.

      • DoubleMinor, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy than Torres. Luv the end of this one with Martin as well. They had half a dozen good tilts.

    • Valuable cap space was made available by trading Mcquaid.
      Not a fan of the deal, but something had to give on the back end.
      The Kids are chomping at the bit for a roster spot.

    • I like the deal for both teams. If not in the race at the deadline they can flip McQuaid for more than they paid to acquire him potentially as a playoff rental & they don’t need the cap space today. McQuaid is only actually being paid 2 mil, Kampher 650K so the upgrade only costs NYR 1.35 mil & Kampher has no value in trade he is paid to be a Black Ace, practice player that only dresses when absolutely necessary.

      What I’m more curious about though is what Bos plans to do with 5 mil in cap space?

      • The only negative from Ranger fan perspective is if McQ is any better than Danny G… and his 3.6million buyout hit this season ;-0

      • Not sure they will do anything until the TDL Striker. Nice to have the flexibility though.
        Let the kids play, add if required.
        RFA’s due some raises next year – McAvoy, Carlo, Donato, Heinen.
        Curious as to who starts at 3C as well.
        Big preseason for some of the kids.

      • DS.

        Never liked the Girardi buyout at least 1 year if not 2 to early especially considering they signed Smith for 4 at over 4. Smith couldn’t stay in Detroit’s line up consistently & 1 good playoff run doesn’t justify the contract Gorton gave this player.


        I couldn’t agree more. Glad the 1st preseason games are only 4 days away. Game on.

        Draft season kicks in rapidly for me now. 7 pools in 3 weeks, most via the internet but 3 live, 1 in Vancouver, 1 in Penticton & 1 in Victoria.

    • Striker, I agree they could make playoffs. Some folks seem to think they’re in “full rebuild” and somehow that means they’re not supposed to win. They start talking about getting Hughes in draft. Nonsense. Too many highly drafted players coming into prime years…. Shatty healthy and looking for a bounce back year. I can see them getting in. Could be a 4 team dogfight for wild cards

      • Slick-don’t say such things. I want a shot @ Jack Hughes.

      • And some people think they’re not in a rebuild or have no hope of winning while doing so without Karlsson, Tavares, Panarin, add in the next shiny expensive object that hits the open market name here.

      • Rangers went 1-3 in Traverse City prospects tournament.

  8. Did anyone else pay special attention to Melnyk’s belief that a rebuild means playing 15 rookies on your roster?

    Worse, the fact that he was conducting that interview instead of the General Manager shows he did not learn from anything. The owner sticking his nose into hockey operations, and in this case completely running the show. It’s a joke.

    He needs to stick to business and either let Dorion do his job or hire someone he trusts to do it better. The man is passionate but he is clearly not getting that he needs to get lost in the background.

    I sure hope kids like Formenton, White, Brown, Batherson et al are not ruined by having no proper veteran leadership around them.

    Melnyk is also sticking around “for a long, long time”. Sigh.

    • Agreed. Reminds me a bit of Chris Farley when he “killed his sale” in Tommy Boy. It’s like he just can’t help but make things worse all of the time. They need to clean up their public mess with honesty and he has to step to the side and quit making public statements and killing his sale. Nobody wants to hear that an unqualified individual is making important decisions on things you care about. Sad to say but Murray is probably spinning right now. That man deserves a lot of respect I think.

      • I thought it was more like 2 ferns. Strange.

    • & why a player conducting the interview. Why not a journalist or better yet just issue a written press release.

      This doesn’t help the process from my perception it makes it worse. Get these players moved ASAP as with each passing day their value is declining for the most part.

      At the rate Ott is going they will be averaging about 12 thousand fans a game before their new building is built but it should align perfectly with when the Senators might actually be competitive again.

    • apparently he didn’t get the memo that he can’t tank because he doesn’t have his first round pick

  9. Yzerman steps down as GM in TB. What the hell is going on in the world!

    • Karlsson related? A difference of opinions with ownership & others on the management team?

      This is extremely odd. There is Holland’s replacement in Detroit.

      • Maybe Karlsson and Yzerman will both end up in Detroit.

      • Ha-ha! Wouldn’t that be interesting?

        Sorry but that’s my landing spot for Trouba.

    • Just saw that. Absolutely crazy. Hope it isn’t a health related issue. Murray was much older and it was public knowledge about his cancer, but the same thing happened when Dorion was named GM.

      Maybe it is a return to Detroit in a year or two like Striker mentioned.

    • Damn strange..perhaps ownership wanted to keep certain guys that Yzerman was willing to trade or vice versa.. either way, that Yzerman was opposed to their ideas. Damn opposed! “He’s damn, damn, damn opposed!”

      With little said about it, no “spending more time with the family” kind of explanation, maybe Yzerman and ownership have agreed to transition him to a spot where he can more easily go to Detroit and take over for Holland, as has already been suggested. All of Detroit would rejoice.

    • Just got a text from # 1 son on same …. I’m beside myself (which isn’t pretty)!

      As Van says …. hope this is not health related

      • Coming right before training camp opens – that alone tells me (health possibilities aside) this is the result of a fundamental disagreement on team direction. If Karlsson suddenly winds up in TB for what Dorion has been demanding then the reason for his stepping down will be abundantly clear. If not, the guessing game will go on endlessly. As for that “advisory role” crapola, that smacks of “we intend to hang onto your rights and if you try and sign on elsewhere it’s going to cost that franchise something.”

        Heh. As I said, cue the endless guessing.

      • If I had to bet it is family related. He has 3 daughters and a wife in Detroit. That ain’t easy, and family comes before work. And he is staying on as an adviser.
        Bottom line is we don’t know, and if it is family related, we will likely never know. Yzerman doesn’t seem like the type of guy who is going to speak publicly about something like that, other than a possible generic statement today by the team.

      • Yzerman’s contract expires at the end of this season and it’s obvious this relates to a disagreement in personal & direction. Money may also be a factor on a new deal possibly.

        Looking forward to Yzerman heading home to take over the Red Wings. Just seems right to me.

        He’ll look like a hero yet again when he signs Trouba.

      • Add this to the speculations/ A friend in Nova Scotia says he wouldn’t be surprised that, as soon as the announcement is made in December about the Seattle expansion, that he’s also announced as the VP of operations for the new franchise.

      • That would be awesome too. Looking forward to Seattle being added to the league.

  10. Now that Yzerman is leaving TB I would scratch them out of the Karlsson-stakes.

  11. With Melnyk stating there will be 10 new faces this year and another 5 or 6 the following year, who will be left two years from now that was a full time player most to all of last year?

    Looking at their roster, the only obvious long term young player from last year that played over 10 games is Chabot. Between now and the start of 20/21, there are a bunch of obvious departures including MacArthur, Gaborik, Anderson, Condon, Pyatt, Paajarvi, McCormick and Karlsson. That leaves another 7 or 8 players moving.

    From the current roster, if 6 or 7 are still on the team in 20/21, the remaining players should include Chabot and Ryan (because he’s very hard to trade right now). Smith is a maybe, but will likely be traded by then.

    Wolanin and Harpur would be new players based on Melnyk’s reference to maybe playing 10 games last year. Does that mean 3 or 4 of Stone, Duchene, Pageau, Dzingel and Ceci will still be around? Melnyk’s comments still leave room for some key veterans, but it’s going to be very interesting off the ice the next couple years.

    My guess is White, Chlapik, Wolanin, Harpur and two of Formenton/Batherson/Brown/Tkachuk make the team out of camp this year.

    • Gone are 6 of the 7 players I stated months ago from that group of UFA’s over the next 2 seasons. The only 1 I see that might stay is Dzingel but if I’m a UFA next summer or the summer following & I can leave I am leaving.

  12. Rumor in Detroit and on the net. Yzerman stepping down as GM. Told players he is going home to Detroit.

    • His “home” is in Ottawa.

      • I was born in Alberta, have lived on Vancouver Island longer than I have lived anywhere. I did grades 3, & 6 through 12 in Victoria and been back since March of 97, but consider Vancouver the city home, always will, those 17 formative years and all the time I try and spend there when able can never be replaced by anywhere.

        Yzerman’s wife & 3 daughters live in Detroit as does Yzerman in the offseason.

        Yzerman was born in Cranbrook & grew up Nepean Ontario but does he call that home? I believe if he would answer he would say Detroit.

      • That’s why I put “home” in parenthesis. I KNOW where his family lives and where he’s spent the bulk of his years.

  13. I see Sweeney taking a run at Erik Ottawa would want Carlo a good prospect like Donato and a first. Boston would want Krug to be part of the deal. If Chara were to retire next year or play for discount and Krug was also gone they could easily afford him.

    • No, no & no.

      • Striker …. I just want to make sure I’m understanding what your saying…. is it “No”, ” Hell No” or ” No
        GD way” ? LOL

      • Ha-ha! Actually there needed to be more than 3 no’s. No to Karlsson, no to trading Carlo, no to trading Donato, no to moving Krug unless necessary next summer if he can’t be extended for reasonable term no more than 5 years ideally, 6 tops & money 6.5 maybe 7 depending upon where the market is next summer & what Krug does this season & no to Chara retiring yet, ideally he keeps signing successive bonus laden 1 year deals until his skills dimish significantly.

        Hell no works for me. Ha-ha!

    • I can see it also. The Maquaid salary dump means something coming.
      Boston is moving to a faster defensive system. Karlsson would be great but at what cost. Would love to have him but would have to give up too much in players and salary.
      Ottawa has to do something or risk losing him for nothing. Maybe the cost will come down.
      Could it be done with all the lower level prospects like Senyshyn,Zboril,Frederick, etc
      Without Carlo,Krug,Donato, and of course not Debrusk
      As far as salary we could move some underperforming contracts next season Krejci,Chara,Backes
      Boston’s window is closing with Chara Bergeron and Co

  14. Striker I’m with you but I also said he would be in hunt for Kovalchuk and Tavares and he definitely was now I personally would prefer Panarin. Don likes the big fish and always will.

    • I would like Panarin.

  15. Name a big fish Sweeney has landed
    Backes ?

  16. Nope said he wants to land a big fish never said he had landed one. Think when he took over he had to trade a few players to fit under cap and ever since then he has been trying to make a splash.

  17. Is there any possibility , Toronto could be in on Karlsson.
    With the Nylander not signed , Is he a trade possibility for a front pairing defenseman.

  18. Boston would not trade for Erik without signing him long term because it costs to much. If I’m Ottawa I want young prospects and young players as they are in a rebuild or will be. Obviously Boston doesn’t want to give up to much so what is fair value. No way Boston moves Charlie but if I’m Ottawa I would want atleast Carlo a prospect like Donato or Senyshyn or Frederic and a pick. If Boston did trade for Erik they wouldn’t need Krug but not sure Ottawa would want him because of contract or age not that he is old. Bruins could move him for a winger would be a smart move.