NHL Rumor Mill – September 12, 2018

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Latest Erik Karlsson trade speculation in your NHL rumor mill.

OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports the future of defenseman Erik Karlsson remains in limbo following a video and letter from Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk indicating the club would undergo a full rebuild without mentioning the team’s captain. Karlsson said he’d speak formally to the media about his future when training camp officially opens later this week. He’s due to become an unrestricted free agent next summer.

As training camp approaches, the Erik Karlsson trade rumors are increasing. (Photo via NHL.com)

Garrioch said the Karlsson trade talk has picked up in recent weeks and it’s possible the all-star blueliner could be dealt before training camp opens. “It’s believed the Senators want forwards Mark Stone and Matt Duchene as part of the solution but those two will have to decide down the road if they want to be here.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I realize some of you are getting bored with the seemingly endless speculation over Karlsson. However, he’s the biggest name currently in the rumor mill, a superstar who could help put a Stanley Cup contender over the top. As long as he’s with the Senators, the more media conjecture we’ll have over which clubs are interested in acquiring him. I believe he’s a goner, it’s just a question of how long the Senators wait to get a suitable offer. 

NBC SPORTS: Despite the Vegas Golden Knights’ recent acquisition of left wing Max Pacioretty, James O’Brien believes they can still land Erik Karlsson. He notes they still have sufficient cap room and assets to make a deal happen. Their addition of veterans such as Pacioretty and Paul Stastny plus the recent signing of Marc-Andre Fleury to a contract extension indicates they want to remain in Stanley Cup contention.

O’Brien also suggests the Golden Knights consider finding a way to absorb either Bobby Ryan’s or Marian Gaborik’s contract in a Karlsson swap and send the contract of all-but-retired David Clarkson the other way. That scenario would save the Senators $22 million in total salary over the next four years.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: O’Brien is merely spitballing here but I agree with him that the Golden Knights still have sufficient cap room and assets to acquire Karlsson. Whether Golden Knights general manager George McPhee is still interested in Karlsson remains to be seen. If they find a creative way to also take on Ryan or Gaborik, I don’t doubt the Senators would be very interested. 

SPORTSNET 590 (via NICHOLS ON HOCKEY): With Steve Yzerman stepping down as general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning, Elliotte Friedman wonders if new Lightning GM Julien BriseBois will be as interested in landing Karlsson as Yzerman reportedly was.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Early-July speculation claimed Yzerman was trying to get a third club involved in order to shed sufficient salary to take on Karlsson’s $6.5-million salary-cap hit for this season. BriseBois could share Yzerman’s interest. The Lightning are considered the favorite to win the Stanley Cup this season. The addition of Karlsson on their blueline, even as a playoff rental, could certainly increase their Cup odds. 

THE ATHLETIC: Rick Carpiniello notes the New York Rangers’ acquisition of defenseman Adam McQuaid leaves them with approximately $3.5 million in salary-cap space. “The Rangers would have to make another transaction in order to take on a big salary dump such as Ryan Callahan’s $5.8 million if Tampa Bay renews its efforts to trade for Erik Karlsson, for example.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Rangers were reportedly the third team Yzerman was trying to rope into a potential Karlsson trade. It was rumored the Lightning were offering to return Callahan to the Rangers but the latter apparently wanted a top prospect or a high draft pick as part of the return. 



  1. That’s ok Lyle, it’s year end, year out rumours with the leafs. It’s fine for a change to have another Canadian club featured constantly. Even if rhe fans would rather not

    • Don’t look now, but the first rumblings of a possible Nylander move are already beginning with the mini-hysteria in the TO media over the fact he didn’t attend the golf tournament!

      • I think Nylander is just using what limited leverage he has. He returned to Sweden recently I assume at the advice of his agent.

        These 7 of 9 players, coming out of their ELC’s who want long-term deals as opposed to bridge deals are playing a form of Russian roulette for me but there isn’t just 1 bullet in the gun.

        Nylander, Reinhart, Ritchie, Wood, Nurse, Theodore & Morrisey want more than they are being offered. The other 2, Schmaltz & Laghammer have no leverage what so ever.

        Nurse & Theodore have the most leverage FOR ME; I added that for you George & Deeeee you guys seem to need me to qualify all my comments as possible, may be, I feel, etc., in that order as the loss of Sekera really means Edm needs Nurse in camp, not getting behind in his development & playing ASAP. With Schultz suspended for the 1st 20 games not having Theodore is an issue as well.

        That said unlikely any get long-term deals but 1 or 2 might. I’m curious to see how this all plays out approaching opening day on Oct. 3rd. Are we looking at a Trouba situation when he held out for 22 games in 2016-17 for any of them?

      • What Shultz is suspended? You qualifying your statements is not the issue. You acting like you are the supreme collective intelligence of every team even though you might actually watch said team play 3 times in a season is the issue. Again, you are just a guy who comments on another guys website. You are just as likely to be wrong as anyone else. People come here because of the hard work that Lyle does and for his take, period.

    • If we are going to go down the Nylander rabbit hole ..I am going to chime in …

      I bleed blue and white but more so I love hockey…and I am still a bit old school in my thinking on how a team needs to be built ..I like size and toughness on a second line unit up the wings …and the Leafs DO NOT have ANY!

      With how Nylander literally disappeared last year against Boston and his refusal to be hard on the puck I am very fine with him being traded for a hard nosed D man or winger …I am a HUGE Tom Wilson fan and would love that type of player on the Leafs to round out the Top 6.

      If there is no quality D man available for a trade for Nylander I have my wish list to upgrade him on the wing and 2 guys I HIGHLY covet …

      Alex Tuch ..Vegas LOVE THIS GUY …big body drives the next plays really tough and has an amazing shot…PERFECT COMPLIMENT to the Leafs top 6.

      Wayne Simmonds – even though it is a Division rival Id make this trade 100% ..you will get the same points and a player that plays balls out every night!

      Darnell Nurse …If big wingers are not available.

      P.S> PLEASE TRADE Zaitsev and Gardinre …they are gosh awful …Iam mean possibly the worst D pairing in the league …CHOKE CHOKE CHOKE!

      • big Leaf fan as well….my instincts for the big mean guys is with you…..BUT….I have this feeling history isn’t with us…I feel the 90% of the iceberg under the water is future concussion lawsuits, the fact that is a business more and more to players many of whom don’t want to get hurt playing hard 82 times a year, and the need for TV ratings ( is the future of TV more like wrestle mania or more the whole family wife and all watching) if so the league will tighten up as the time goes by…
        I am 72 and still playing 3 times a week….personally I am with you….history I think is running against us both

      • @ Old BLUE DOG ….WOW…

        congrats at 72 and still playing I am finding it hard at 50….lol… god bless!

        In regards to the tough guy ..Iam not saying a tough guy like a FIGHTER aka Orr Domi, McSorely…type guy …I am talking more a Power forward winger who crashes and plays hard unlike Nylander..such as a Jerome Iginla ..Tom Wilson, Watne Simmonds ….BUT…
        I really love Alex Tuc..low cost VERY EFFECTIVE player in all areas,,,he also has a truly amazing shot!

        No matter how the concusion prtocol goes …the league will always have heavy body players ..and the teams who have one of those guys who has the skill to back it up is te game changer…

        The Caps do not win the Cup without a Tom Wilson..the Penguins may not win a cup without a Hornqvist …just sayin.

        Leafs have too many soft wingers, they need some size on one line….skill only goes so far in the playoffs!!

        You have to wear down an opponent deep in the playoffs ..that’s where the size in the corners comes in ..not to mention intimidation.

      • It’s always good to have hopes & dreams but McPhee specifically targeted Tuch to pass on Dumba.

        Nor should you be judging Nylander after 2 full years in the NHL. He tied for 2nd in scoring against Bos. Matthews didn’t play well either, he went solo many times trying to be a hero, have you the same concerns about his game?

        Simmonds might be had if not extended soon & assume Hextall is making every effort to do so but I don’t see Nylander getting you Nurse or Tuch.

        Tuch is going to get paid. He has 1 full NHL season under his belt & next summer Vegas will be in the exact situation with Tuch Tor currently finds themselves in with Nylander.

        I love hard hitting hockey as well. What the NHL needs to eliminate is hitting to hurt Wilson hits to hurt & as his track record shows to injure players. I like Wilson as well but he is still crossing the line far too often.

        Wilson has far more to give offensively especially if ever deployed as a net-front presence on the PP like a Simmonds. Wilson falls into my monster forward class that need in or around 400 NHL regular season games to fully develop & breakthrough. He sits at 391.

      • one of buddies (66 yrs old) went to his Doctor and told him..

        “I’m playing hockey again”,

        his Doctor replied

        “I bet you think you fast”

        That defines my hockey too, fast in my mind’s eye and in memory, slow on the ice today…

      • Umm?? When did the Leafs and the Flyers get put in the same division?

      • Tom Wilson has until Oct 4 to live. When Jaime Oleksiak gets his hands on him it won’t be pretty. Wilson has it coming big time.

      • Nylander apparently looking for $8 million/year kills any chance he’d be coming to the Oilers. If Edmonton doesn’t sign Nurse they better be getting a good return for him. Once Sekera gets put on LTIR Chiarelli can go ahead and make that Justin Faulk deaL so maybe that’s the hang up. Nurse is being moved for a proven RW for McDavid but not until Faulk is all sewn up.

  2. Nylander might of got hurt driving the cart like EJohnson with Avs did a number of years back😁 good thing he was a healthy scratch

    I am starting to like the Pacioretty deal more and for MTL
    Tatar had 4-20 goal seasons leading up to the Vegas trade and Suzuki is highly rated plus the second
    Ottawa needs to do something similar and not wait for a home run or they might strike out

    • Hope you’re not comparing Pacioretty’s worth to a team with that of Karlsson. While I think an 8-year term for Karlsson might not be the best thing for any team down the line, his addition to the D of a Tampa or a San Jose or any other legitimate odds-on-favourite to win it all now (or in the next 2-3 years) puts that team much closer to the Cup than the addition of Pacioeretty to the F group.

      • No direct comparison at all but the simple fact of get it done OBO

    • I think this was a good trade for both teams. Vegas got a player that can score 10 to 15 more goals & points. Mon got a player who can score 20 goals & 45 to 50 points, possibly 55 if everything were to go right & he’s signed for 3 more years, not a UFA in 1. Plus they get an A flight centre prospect in Suzuki & a late 2nd round pick. Like the deal short term for Vegas long-term for Mon.

      They did significantly better than Carolina moving Skinner, as Pu is a B grade prospect. Carolina had better hope Pu becomes something & those 2nd & 3rd round picks pay off in some way.

  3. Dear Mr. Melnyk.

    If your goal is to retain Mark Stone & Matt Duchene perhaps you shouldn’t have issued a press video saying you plan to add 10 new players this season & another 5 or 6 next season. I don’t see how that is going to instil much confidence in D either to sign extensions.

    Thankfully it wasn’t quite as bad as putting your foot up your ass when you should have been promoting an outdoor game about potentially having to consider moving your team due to attendance.

    It’s not too late to return to business school, 1 wants to keep there skills sharp & you appear to have lost sight of how to market something.

    Best regards,


    • Dear Mr. Striker

      I’ll keep that sage advice in mind the next time I’m counting my estimated $1.2 billion.

      Eugene Melnyk

      • No kidding George.

        He’s going to be counting his for far longer than I’m going to be counting mine.

        I’m done already.


    • Dear striker. The numbers melnyk used need ti be taken with a grain if salt. What he thinks is best to do. What his gm and coach thinks and what can actually be done are different things.

      • Absolutely Jeff.

        Any good manager, owner, what have you should consult reason & do what he feels is best.

        I don’t dislike Melnyk, I have defended what he did to help keep them in Ottawa in the past & hope he gets his new location locked down & under construction as soon as possible.

        Also as an owner, he has the right to do as he chooses. I just don’t currently agree with much of what he has chosen to do in the last 3 years.

        I hate the Aquilani’s more even though they give the impression publicly they are less hands-on & did the only thing I could do to show my distaste for their choices giving up my season tickets 2 years ago.

  4. Vegas is only in their 2nd year, only 2 drafts’ worth of picks, and they paid a boat load in picks and prospects for Tatar and (then)Pacioretty

    would they really risk the future by emptying out the rest of their picks and prospects to get Karlsson? huge risk of not having any prospects to come up in a few years, especially playing under a Cap

    • I agree it’s a risk, but people seem to lose sight of the fact that the main goal is winning the Stanley Cup. Chicago has suffered the last few years after winning three cups and emptying the cupboards, but basically every team in the league, other than maybe Pittsburgh and LA, would trade their success with Chicago’s. If Vegas got Karlsson and extended him, they would be a cup favourite for the next 3-5 years.

    • Not if they see this as their best (and totally unexpected) opportunity to win it all. Prospetc and picks are all good and fine – but the % says most will not amount to anything significant and it’s an even lower % to expect any of them to reach the level of a Karlsson.

      • LOL. We were thinking along the same lines at the same time Van.

      • I agree. I would definitely take Chicago’s 3 cups over the last 10 years over Ottawa’s one run to the Conference Finals. It would make a season like last year much easier to take.

      • You got it. That old proverb ‘A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ hasn’t been around for almost 400 years for nothing.

      • I agree with both of you. 3 cups make everything worth it. Chicago was decimated by the loss of Crawford last season.

        The cap ceiling hasn’t been pleasant for Chicago but Bowman overpaid Toews & Kane when he extended them by at least a mil in the summer of 2014. His signing of Seabrooke was also too much money.

        Chicago could surprise people this year. I’m not saying they will make the playoffs at least not today but they have solved their cap issues & have some kids blossoming & several will be added this season as well. Ward will also provide stability in net if Crawford is unable to return any time soon.

        I don’t see Chicago finishing in the 70’s for points this season but the low 90’s. I need to see if D. Sikura, Ejdsell or Hyman are NHL ready & how close Jokiharju is to being in the NHL as with Forsling gone till Nov. Chi doesn’t really have any Dman in the AHL that jump out as NHL ready when injuries hit their top 6.

        They are sitting on 5.5 million in cap space though so they have the ability to address should they need to if they can find someone willing to trade a Dman that would help.

    • MikeP.

      They may not have to move any of their remaining prospects to do so retaining there now top 3 of Glass, Brannstrom & Hague. Gusev is also a very intriguing prospect if he ever decides to come over. His 4 goals & 12 points in 6 games for the gold medal-winning Russian team was shocking. He finished 2nd, 1 point behind Kovalchuk in KHL scoring last season.

      I made a suggestion yesterday of what ifs.

      What if Clarkson goes to Ott, Ott gets to use his cap hit to be cap compliant but gets at least 80% of his actual salary back in insurance.

      Vegas takes Karlsson & Ryan but only if Karlsson agrees to sign long-term & Ryan forfeits his NTC & NMC. If both happen, Vegas sends Theodore, a 1st in 2019 & 2 2nds in 2020 the best 2 of the 3 they hold & adds either Dansk or Subban. Both Dansk & Subban need to clear waivers this season not just Subban.

      Would that be enough? Would Karlsson sign long term? Would Ryan agree to give up his rights under his NTC & NMC? Would either team consider such?

      Costs Vegas none of their remaining prospects & if you look at the core of Vegas’s team today, Karlson, Marchesseault, Smith, Eakin, Haula, Lindberg, Nosek, Miller, McNabb, Schmidt & Merril are all in their mid 20’s & Tuch, Carrier & whichever goalie stays, Subban or Dansk are just kids. That’s 14 players just entering their primes essentially or not even there yet.

      Age just isn’t an issue in Vegas & as crazy as it sounds they are cup contenders & generally cup contenders aren’t this young. Of the remaining players, the only 1 that’s really old is Engelland at 36. Stastny is 32 & MAF & Bellemare 33, stud goalies can play well into their late 30’s.

      I also assume if Glass is ready he steps into the NHL, if not he heads to the AHL for some seasoning & there is no rush.

      • Hi Striker

        As I posted yesterday …. sound/logical trade both sides …. but if I’m GMGM I stay as is.

        EK is an improvement over Theo …. but IMO the marginal improvement not worth the balance in trade sent (and accepted … BR).

        Stay the course; sign extension on Theo; keep assets … can use some (of the many offering up in that proposed trade) for tweak trades at TDL

        Re D shortfall due to 20 G suspension…. increase TOI a bit for other top 4; move up the lower D one rung; and fill empty slot at bottom for those 20 games by bringing up whoever shines in training camp … Whitecloud; Reinhart; Hague; Bannerstrom

        It’s a patchwork temp fix that has better long term upside (than Theo/EK flip) IMO

        I’d love EK to go to VGK (or anywhere in West)… but think the addition of Patches gives them solid top 9 and current D is really only at minor risk for 20 games

        They’ll make playoffs as is and will be contenders to at least get to WCF.

        …. I’m just waiting for a shocker of all shockers …. EK to a team that is currently not on anybody’s radar …. that would be a hoot

      • Pengy.

        I basically agree with you. My suggestion is just a counter debate discussion about ways it could be done.

        Personally, I don’t want Karlsson if it’s an 8-year extension at 10.5+ mil per whether he gives me a better chance at winning the cup or not. Winning the cup is no easy feat & on paper Karlsson improves your chances but guarantees nothing. Paying him that much money as he approaches 33, 34 or 35 isn’t my cup of tea.

        This is going to sound conflicting. I’m all for going all in for a cup run. I keep my UFA’s & risk them walking at years end like Vegas & Tor did last season. I even buy help at the trade deadline if the right player can be had at the right cost.

        Not the cost Bos paid to get Nash, nor the cost Was paid to acquire Shattenkirk as examples. I’m not giving up a 1st unless the player is like a Panarin for a rental. SJ got great value out of Kane, conditional 2nd became a 1st when resigned. I’d have paid that.

        I wanted Bos to go out & get Vanek from Vancouver at the deadline last season for a bag of pucks. He cost Clb nothing to rent, nor did I want Spooner traded, the 1st or Lindgren. Vanek with 3rd line ice time & 2nd unit PP time last season scored 24 goals & 56 points, 7 goals, 15 points in 19 games for Clb going +9 & only 1 scored on the PP.

        I’m not significantly messing with team chemistry when it’s working with 6 weeks left in the season.

      • As another example, I like what Vegas did going & getting Tatar as well. He was acquired as insurance for the playoff run & to replace Perron & or Neal this season as McPhee either didn’t wish to retain or couldn’t at monies or term he was happy with, both walked as UFA’s.

        I don’t consider a late 1st in 2018 which became 30th overall, a late 2nd in 2019 & a late 3rd in 2021 to be expensive for a 4 time 20 goal scorer signed for 3 more years at 5.35.

        Gallant wasn’t messing with team chemistry down the stretch or into the playoffs. If the players that got them there were healthy Tatar was sitting. Which is exactly how it played out for Tatar, He covered for Perron, Carrier & Smith at points down the stretch seeing 20 regular season games for Vegas but all were pretty much healthy come playoff time but Perron who tried to play through his injury as best he could seeing 15 of 20 playoff games, Tatar saw 8.

      • Tatar was not playing under Gallant’s system because he was -11 in 20 games. While he has good offensive instincts and can score some he is lazy and plays a 100 foot game.

      • Good point Fergy22. Gallant wouldn’t have been happy with that -11 in 20 games.

      • Striker.

        If EK is traded to Vegas they would have to give up glass and Brannstrom along with firsts. Ottawa won’t just give them karlsson for low end picks.

        Karlsson maybe has another 3 years left in him given his injuries. I say glass,Brannstrom,tuch and a 1st.

      • Wangbone: I don’t think Glass and Brannstrom would be in a Karlsson trade, but one of them definitely should be. I think Theodore would be in the trade and next year’s 1st for sure, but the other pieces are a guess at this point.

        I don’t see how taking on Clarkson’s contract in place of Gaborik’s is worth much to Ottawa. Gabarik is likely to be on IR even this year let alone the next two seasons and his salary is much less than his cap hit the last two years of the deal. Clarkson’s contract is a year shorter with about half the money owed as Gaborik assuming this year’s signing bonus was paid on July 1, but the difference in cost is near negligible by NHL standards if both are on LTIR the remainder of their deals and ~80% is covered by insurance. Ottawa will have no cap issues the next three years either and may actually want Gaborik’s cap hit while restocking the system with young players.

        The other thing that could happen with this potential trade is have someone else like Dzingel added with Eakin coming back. Dzingel is a bargain this year and with Pacioretty and Stastny on board, Eakin is pushed pretty far down the depth chart for $3.85M. Eakin is a solid player with an extra year on his deal and if Ottawa can get a better return by including the Dzingel/Eakin swap, I’d consider it.

      • @wangbone, that is an unrealistic expectation for Karlsson

    • Risk the future? The team was 2 wins away from the Stanley Cup and you think that should go after Karlssson because you’re worried about future draft picks who may or may not amount to anything in 3-4-5 years. Is this a classic internet post or what!

      • “EK is an improvement over Theo …. but IMO the marginal ”

        You actually said that the best defenseman in the NHL and a top 5 player overall is MARGINAL improvement over a nobody who had one good season? I’ll give yo the benefit of the doubt and assume that you made some sort of typing error.

      • Jeez guy, relax a little.
        These are all just opinions and some fact based stats thrown in along the way.
        Why do you have to be such a contrarian?
        And a rude one at that.
        Knock it off.
        Debate politely.

      • Still, I get what he means totally. The right to opinions aside, calling Karlsson a “marginal” improvement over any untried player defies justification when NO ONE has a clue as to how those untried players will evolve. Not one person regularly in here would have said Karlsson was going to be a two-time Norris winner and perennial 70 point D back when he was drafted out of Sweden – even if he was taken 15th overall. He was projected to be good, yes (Pierre McGuire commented on the draft floor that he could be the steal of that draft when Alfredsson announced the pick – but that was it). No one KNEW what was to come and wouldn’t know until his 3rd season.

        It’s even worse where Dallas is concerned, reportedly unwilling to relinquish Heiskanen and there are many in these threads who say they should hang onto him because “he’s going to be a stud” etc. How the hell do they know? Dallas knows what they’d be getting in Karlsson for this season and possibly the next 3 or 4 before age starts to take over, but they sure have no clue how soon Heiskanen will be a full-time D or what kind of production they will get on a consistent basis. Anyone who tries to say differently – for certain – is just blowing smoke out their respective asses.

        If a team thinks they have a chance to win NOW and a Karlsson is available and they STILL won’t give up commensurate value, then they desreve to be perennial also-rans.

      • George


        I was out of loop with afternoon full slot of meetings then family outing last night. Just getting to this now.

        I guess with quick posting and single finger typing on small screen (iPhone) I miss a word or two.

        I see now that my statement re ” marginal” read as if I was only referring to the hear and now. Sorry …. marginal improvement over the entire term (8 years of EK through to 36) vs next 8 years of a steadily improving Theo … all in his prime. To me … as a whole for 8 years… there will only be a marginal difference…. EK better of course in next 3/4 years but then IMO Theo will start to out perform him. Weighing that altogether… it was hard for me to justify all the extra assets needed to masked the trade.

        Vegas is a new franchise and it was very exciting to see them in SCF. Team right now IMO is built to get back to WCF and still has a shot getting to SCF again.

        EK add increases their odds to get to SCF next June but doesn’t guarantee it.

        I want EK in West. VGK with EK … very exciting …. just don’t think GMGM should pony up all the extras and make the deal …. stay the course .

        This year will be exciting … regardless.

        Sorry again for the fast post and miscommunication sentiment

  5. I like how people complain of recurring stories enough to even make others beleive theh are actually bored by it.

    They keep clicking back in. They keep going to other sites for hockey news they keep watching what they can kn TV.

    Bored. Haha. Yeah right. There is a reason guys like us come to sights like Lyles. So we can speculate hash out the various possibilities and beat this stories to death with continual commentary.

    Keel it coming Kyle. I doubt very much anyone is truly bored of any lingering story. Some just like to complain.

    • Oooh piece of candy! Oooh piece of candy! Oooh piece of candy!…

  6. Karlsson is going to New Jersey..

    • I seriously doubt NJ wants to give up anything for a rental because, if that deal were made (assuming NJ isn’t on his no-go list). it would be one and done there. I just can’t see he and his wife wanting to live the bulk of the next several years in Newark! Or anywhere else in NJ.

      • As compared to Ottawa? How long has the Glass House saying been around George??

      • Nice places in NJ like Camden or Newark? Number 2 and number 15 on the highest murder rate per capita in North America list? Ottawa is not even in the top 150. Ottawa may be a snow covered waste land but it’s a hell of a lot safer of a place to raise a family than anywhere in the US.

  7. I’ve watched a ton of hockey I’ve never watched a better game than Humboldt vs Nipawin never has a game meant so much yet so little. This game brought everything into perspective and emotions took over. Humboldt was strong and determined but things didn’t quite work out on the scoreboard but in reality it was perfect. Life is short enjoy it love first always and be strong.

  8. George


    I was out of loop with afternoon full slot of meetings then family outing last night. Just getting to this now.

    I guess with quick posting and single finger typing on small screen (iPhone) I miss a word or two.

    I see now that my statement re ” marginal” read as if I was only referring to the hear and now. Sorry …. marginal improvement over the entire term (8 years of EK through to 36) vs next 8 years of a steadily improving Theo … all in his prime.

    To me … as a whole for 8 years… there will only be a marginal difference…. EK better of course in next 3/4 years but then IMO Theo will start to out perform him. Weighing that altogether… it was hard for me to justify all the extra assets needed to masked the trade.

    Vegas is a new franchise and it was very exciting to see them in SCF. Team right now IMO is built to get back to WCF and still has a shot getting to SCF again.

    EK add increases their odds to get to SCF next June but doesn’t guarantee it.
    I want EK in West. VGK with EK … very exciting …. just don’t think GMGM should pony up all the extras and make the deal …. stay the course .

    This year will be exciting … regardless.

    Sorry again for the fast post and miscommunication of my intended sentiment