NHL Rumor Mill – September 13, 2018

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Updates on Erik Karlsson and William Nylander plus the latest on the Canucks in your NHL rumor mill.


TSN 1050 (via NICHOLS ON HOCKEY): NHL insider Darren Dreger doesn’t want to use the word “imminent” regarding a possible trade of Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson. However, he believes everything points to a Karlsson deal going down “within a day or two”. Figuring out the destination, however, remains difficult.

Trade rumors linked Karlsson to the Tampa Bay Lightning earlier this summer. Dreger considers it “conceivable” that new Lightning general manager Julien BriseBois could revisit interest in the Senators’ captain. He also thinks the Vegas Golden Knights seem a likely destination. “I thought that was the case with the Dallas Stars earlier this morning, but a Stars’ source told me it’s quiet on that front,” said Dreger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dreger reviewed the factors linking Karlsson to the Lightning (including the salary-cap difficulties facing them and a possible reluctance by the Senators in sending him there) and the Golden Knights’ available cap room and depth in prospects. No point in rehashing them again. For those of you who’ve forgotten, simply review my recent rumor posts involving Karlsson or check out my Rumor Roundup column with Sporting News.

As the Tampa Bay Times’ Tom Jones points out, it’ll take a mighty big package to land Karlsson. “The Lightning would love to get in on the Karlsson sweepstakes, but isn’t going to give away too much (such as Brayden Point) to get him.” I think the Golden Knights share a similar mindset. 



Contract stalemate could keep William Nylander out of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ training camp. (Photo via NHL Images)


TSN 1050 (via NICHOLS ON HOCKEY): Darren Dreger also weighed in on the contract negotiations between the Toronto Maple Leafs and restricted free agent forward William Nylander. He believes the Leafs are willing to pay him $6 million annually but there’s speculation the Nylander camp seeks $8 million per season, which Dreger doubts he’ll get.

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby noted Nylander wasn’t on the Leafs 73-man training camp roster. There are reports Nylander remains in Sweden while a sizable gap remains in negotiations between the two sides. His camp seeks a lucrative long-term deal. Without a new contract, Nylander cannot attend training camp.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Dreger points out the Leafs’ offer would be comparable to the annual average value received by Calgary Flames center Sean Monahan ($6.375 million), Boston Bruins winger David Pastrnak ($6.66 million) and Winnipeg Jets winger Nikolaj Ehlers ($6 million). The argument can be made that Monahan and Pastrnak, who play first-line roles, are more valuable to their respective clubs than Nylander is to the Leafs.

Nylander doesn’t have much leverage here except to withhold his services and hope the Leafs cave. That tactic rarely works and often hurts the player’s performance for the remainder of the season. He’s definitely not getting much more than $6 million per season. Leafs GM Kyle Dubas could trade him if this situation grows contentious but I doubt they’ll go to that extreme. Dubas will instead outwait Nylander.


THE ATHLETIC: In his latest mailbag segment, JD Burke was asked how likely are the Vancouver Canucks to shop pending unrestricted free agent defensemen Alexander Edler and/or Michael Del Zotto by the trade deadline. With the Canucks rebuilding, Burke doubts Edler will re-sign a long-term extension. He feels they could get a better return for Edler than Del Zotto, provided he’s willing to waive his no-trade clause. So far, they haven’t approached him about doing so.

Burke’s colleague Jason Botchford reports injuries affected the trade value of Canucks defenseman Chris Tanev. He said the offers the Canucks received for Tanev were surprisingly weak and were based upon concerns over his ability to complete a full season. Over the past three seasons, he’s missed 82 games.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Canucks are out of the playoff chase by February, I believe they’ll approach Edler for a list of trade destinations. They could also test the trade market on Del Zotto and Tanev. If the latter has a healthier season his trade value should improve, though I doubt they’ll get a quality roster player back. 



  1. Again I’m re-hashing my old mantra … Dubas …. please please please bridge Wee Willy (WW).

    KD …. you hold the power. You’ve got 2 more (of extremely significant importance) negotiations coming up. If you sign long term (into WW UFA years)…. then it’s a must for MM and AM…. much of your current negotiating power is shifted to them now if you do a long term now with WW.

    Long term now and he then can walk or cost you a risky contract nearing 30 years of age. Bridge now, then 8…. you gain 2-3 prime years and can walk away from risky long term extension when he’s in his early 30’s.

    Leafs are loaded in forwards …. if WW holds out for the first couple of weeks of the season; the Leafs are NOT going to collapse.

    My 2 cents ($Cnd) anyway

    • NO THANK YOU on Nylander for…. $8 million …PASS !

      I don’t know if I can even say that he is worth that at this point.

      That is ELITE money in the NHL ..he is not there yet…I like the $6.5 million mark as a bridge and go from there.

      If he is going to die on that hill off $8 million plus …SEE YA !!!

      I want to sign Marner before I give all the money away ..plus Mathews…Nylnader can be replaced via trade as I said yesterday Alex Tuc from Vegas would be my wish list trade scenario for Nylander.

      I want Dubas to be smart here …Nylander is REPLACEABLE …they have very good depth in teh minors and Kappy is knocking at the door and has a more complete game with his size for less !!

      Id take that instead !

      Its plain as day today …you have no choice but to move out Nylander …he will not be missed with the points you just got with Tavares …

      I have no problem with replacing Nylander with either:

      Timashov or Grundstrum, Engvall, Johnsson Leivo and Kapinen and a better season with Connor Brown they will be just fine without Nylander..!!!

      No one person is bigger than the TEAM!

      He may be worth that in 2 years but not today !

      He was a ghost in the playoffs …

      • Kal El

        with you … good points

        If trading … I’d really like it to be for a D improvement

        It won’t happen for sure …. but if there had been a trade with key players (noting sundries to balance trade) of WW & Nurse … that would have been of interest to me

      • If he’s seriously asking for $8 M a year wait for him to cave or see if you can trade him for someone that isn’t afraid of corners in the playoffs. He’s talented but he’s not worth $8 million. Bridge him if you can but KD can’t set the precedent by giving him more than $6 M. MM & AM are far more important to the team

      • I understand teh D needs very well being a Goalie…LOL …but if a deal is around that gives size up on the winbg and can not be tuirned down that needs to be looked at as well and just as impottant ..IMO.

        If the Leafs can get rid of Zaitsev Gardiner that would be a god sent!

        I think that the Leafs prospects on D have not been given full credit yet either …Holl ..Borgman ..LoVerde & Rosen ar knocking on the door as well …and Liligren and Sandin are a few years away …so there is quality D ..coming up !

    • Pretty much what I have said for the last year, the Leafs want Willy at their number period and if they don’t get it we will see a bridge and a trade at some point in the near future.

      I sincerely believe after last year and the signing of John made Willy ‘expendable’ to the Leafs.

      I have no proof of course but as Shanahan said at the beginning there is going to come a time when we have to trade star players on account of the cap and that time has come as little Willy is a little full of himself and could care less about the team concept, just like poppa.

      Either Dubas signs all 3 at once and I find that very difficult to believe, or a bridge deal and failing those 2 I see a trade dropping any day now because I don’t see Willy and his camp agreeing to a long term deal around 6 million annually.

      But hey we know about opinions right lol but I’m standing by this so we shall see what happens but if this does drag on a little longer than many think it will Willy is going to lose his spot on one of the first two lines.

    • i agree hold the line under 7 mil

    • You can’t get 2 cents canadian anymore. Since you feel the need to repeat yourself I will too. It’s fine that Dubas could/ would/ should offer Nylander a bridge deal but it’s another thing entirely on Nylander agreeing to it. Nylander will sign for 8 years and 7-8.5 mill, book it.

      • You stated your position as did I, he will not get that kind of money AND term, so now will wait and see.

        And if he does than Dubas maybe is over his head or at the very least made his first ‘mistake’.

  2. The Leafs certainly have a much more solid rock to stand on than the last team to wait out a players refusing to sign after an ELC. The loss of Nylander until December honestly wont affect their season too much.

    • Yep DC

      No matter what …. Leafs are very high odds (WW in or out) to make playoffs.

      WW in for full year or not …, I still think TBay wins div … so Leafs (with my logic above) are in the 2 vs 3 slot whether WW plays 82 games or sits out season.

      There is no real panic (for Leafs …. not fans/media) to force a deal now.

      If memory serves … didn’t his father also play “hardball” at contract time ? Perhaps that was just an incoherent and fake memory I have.

      • Trying to decide who wins the Atlantic is going to be very difficult. Thankfully I still have until 4PM EST Oct. 3rd to get my standings pool selections in. Tor & Bos are right there & Flo just a notch behind.

      • Striker

        My Gut …. TBay , T.O. (1st/2nd)…. but I have strange feeling FLA Bos are within a couple of points of each other for 3rd …

        Can’t see Det , Ottw , Mon , Buff getting in

      • I disagree on Buffalo. They have some serious talent and now they have some depth to go with it. A lot of things have to go right but I think the Sabres are seriously talented now and they will surprise a lot of teams. The biggest issue is in goal but if Linus can play well enough to split the starts I can see the Sabres sneaking past a lot of teams. Is it enough to get into the playoffs? That’s the question. Florida is going to be much improved too. I don’t think Toronto, Boston And Tampa are as safe a bet as they were at the beginning of the summer.

  3. Nylander more than Monahan or Pasternak I don’t think so Tim- (Tool Time reference)

    Karlsson needs to move for OBO -or best offer

  4. Like it or hate it?
    To Phi: Erik Karlsson, Bobby Ryan
    To Ott: Wayne Simmonds, Travis Sanheim, Radko Gudas & 2nd round pick in 2019, and Ott covers 20% of Ryan’s salary.

    I’m imagining a defense corps of Provorov, Ghostisbehere, Karlsson, with Hagg, MacDonald & Myers.

    • Hi Monf,

      I think you lost Melnyk at the word “retain”.

      Your proposal is balanced and certainly merits for Phi.

      Sandheim on the rise IMO … and would be good for Ottw

      However … overall Ottw looking for futures and to get younger …. the swap of veterans (28 & 31 for 28 & 30) basically didn’t change the avg age much.

      Sandheim is the add here

      I like the ability of Phi taking on BR and the fact that Simmonds is much better …. but he is UFA

      Me thinks that Phi would need to add much more to the pot; and no way Ottw makes any deal void of a first rounder and/or taking back any of BR

      I think EK to Phi is a long shot at best and Dorion likely to push for Props in the deal if there is one

      • It doesnt matter …ERIK is driving the bus with trade …he will not go to a team for the sake of a trade for Dorion at this point!

        A team would be crazy to give up 4 – 6 assets to just HOPE that he will resign ..any trade has to include a very lengthy conversation with Karlsson about resigning at the time of the trade ..like Patches…If not it doesn’t matter what the scenario of the deal is to overpay for a rental of one year is just STUPID….he is not a player that puts an average team over the top …if that was the case than the Sens would have won a cup a long time ago!

      • Kal El


        Any team trading for EK in next few days is either (1) very confident in getting him to sign an extension … in which case a higher return ; or (2) renting … hence smaller return

        IMO relative probability of being able to extend lies with TBay, VGK, and Dall (and likely in that order of probability)

        I want EK in West so I’m pulling for VGK or Dall to do this

        TBay has to , IMO, move Callahan , to make it work and make sense… but will still be tight on Cap (tight but doable) in out-years… Serg & 1st is absolute starting point

        If TBay does land EK … IMO they are in top 3 for favs to win SC

      • Pengy, aside from fact nobody sees Rangers going after him besides me: what do you think…
        DeAngelo, Anderson, Spooner, Hajek and 2019 1st round pick, 2020 2nd round pick for Karlsson

      • wow….that’s pretty terrible. I’m a Leafs fan and even I am offended by that offer

      • Slick 62


        “Pengy, aside from fact nobody sees Rangers going after him besides me: what do you think…
        DeAngelo, Anderson, Spooner, Hajek and 2019 1st round pick, 2020 2nd round pick for Karlsson”

        Sorry was in meetings and only catching up in last 45 mins

        My response is skewed now as the deal is already done.

        To be fair … had I seen this earlier and responded before the trade I probably would have said … deal has futures back lacks the key young good D coming back

        Now seeing the SJ deal … ur offer was not far off base … tweaked with a couple of conditionals and highly similar

        Well … EK in SJ shocked me …. I was totally convince it was one of TBay, VGK, Dall

        Not sure if VGK swung back with another offer … if they didn’t … right move …. they’re OK now …, good too 9 fair D … prospects still intact

        Glad EK went West

    • Monf?

      That’s what you see karlsson’s value at? Gudas, Simmonds, sanheim and a 2nd?

      To sum this up…Coccain is a hell of a drug

    • not Ottawa fan….that is a bad bad offer…

    • If Im the Senators I dont make that deal. Simmonds is 29 and a UFA at seasons end. Sanheim is a good piece but Gudas is almost a spare part. Ottawa is sure to want a first round pick as well over a 2nd. Adding Karlsson and Ryan may be feasible in the short term for Philly but they have several players that are going to need new deals (Provorov) and this kind of deal puts them back into cap hell a year from now.

      I dont see this as an option from either side.

    • Simmonds is a UFA next summer & I would be shocked if Ott isn’t 1 of the 12 teams on his modified NTC. No veteran is going to Ott willingly at present if they can block it & at a bare minimum, a 1st rounder is coming back even if taking Ryans contract in a trade. Nor is Melnyk going to eat money on Ryan. It’s all about the money in Ott. They want to just be cap compliant, barely making the floor, even if they have to reach it with an LTIR contract.

      Phi’s D doesn’t need Karlsson they have the Ghost a 1-dimensional elite offensive Dman & the stud 2-way Dman developing in Provorov with tons of kids coming of which Sanheim is 1.

    • hearing Karlsson gong to Sharks a news conference today at 3

  5. George O mentioned yesterday how a team that thinks they’re close should absolutely go for Karlsson. People who argue about giving away future, are too caught up in idea of having best prospect pool. Besides fact that prospects may never pan out, there’s also the chance they eventually hit contract disputes like Nylander and you might end up losing them anyway. I still say Rangers should be in on Karlsson and I wouldn’t be surprised if they get him. Obviously, he’s looking long term and not just looking for a team that may or may not have a shot next year. Factoring in teams that can afford him long term, with teams that actually have assets to get deal done, and going to a city he’s interested in living for next 6-8 years. Hockey is entertainment, and NY is the entertainment capital of the world. To think Rangers are going to tank and spend years overhauling roster to kids that may or may not start winning 5 years from now is ridiculous.

    • Hi Slick62

      I do see the interest EK might have in NYC… and therefore higher probability of wanting to extend (however, IMO still below probability of TBay, VGK, Dall)

      Addition of EK would certainly strengthen them but IMO does not make them top 5 favs for cup in next couple of years.

      To me NYR are looking good for 3 years or so down the road and Depending Addition of EK would certainly strengthen them but IMO does not make them top 5 favs for cup in next couple of years.

      To me NYR are looking good for 3 years or so down the road and Dependinh on what they would have to give up now to get EK (and push them into perhaps round 2 of playoffs in ’19) may deter some of their competitiveness 3 years from now when they could be pushing to get to SCF

      It’s all spec now and as I’ve said … EK would likely have an interest in long term with NYR… but my gut tells me that he is more likely to sign an extension with one of TBay, VGK, Dall

      …. watch us both be out to lunch and EK ends up on a team (with an extension) that is not in anybody’s radar

      Long and short … it is really a distraction now in Ottw and it would be in their best interest to move him now … taking best offer provided by say Sunday

      • Pengy, before last season, did you have Vegas, Tampa and Dallas as top 5?

      • Pengy.

        I think like most you are going to be very surprised at how well NYR plays this season. This isn’t that bad a team today rebuild or not. I haven’t even really started to try & rank standings yet but will start on Monday the 24th after 9 days of preseason games.

        NYR could conceivably make the playoffs with this roster. I’m not saying they will but not saying the won’t yet either. A ton would have to go right for them to do so not the least of which is injuries & some key players like Kreider, Zibanejad, Spooner & Shattenkirk have struggled to stay healthy in recent years.

        Every player at or near their breakthrough points would need to bust through & the roster is littered with such players at forward, Hayes, Zibanejad, Vesey, Buchenevich, Spooner & Namestnikov are all on the cusp of taking a huge step forward. Zibanejad, Kreider & Spooner would have already but injuries have derailed such from happening.

        NYR isn’t finishing near the bottom of the Eastern standings. They will be right there with NYI, Car, NJ & Phi in a battle for 1 wildcard spot but all will probably come up short with Flo edging all of them out.

      • Striker, I said pretty much the same in last couple days. Florida to me most likely to get in. I think Isles finish bottom 5 and not just because I’m a Ranger fan. They had a decent draft, but that won’t help this year. Gave up most goals last year and even though they had injuries, they havnt upgraded at all. They didn’t make it last year with JT, so I think they’re looking at a long year. Eberle, Nelson,Lee, and Fillipula all ufa at years end. Could be sold off at deadline. Carolina could get in. Curious to see if Svechnikov and Neces make team out of camp. This could be a very good team for years. My way out prediction is Pitt misses out. They’re this years Chicago!!

      • Slick62.

        I don’t think NYI will be worse than last season but nominally better. Filppula & Komorov are exceptional penalty killers & defensive players. Nor will NYI be fun to play against now. With Clutterbuck, Komorov & Martin thy hit everything that moves.

        Gone is run & gun hockey to be replaced by rolling 4 lines at ES who’s job with the exception of Barzal’s line will be to be fully responsible defensively.

        Trots coaching system is well laid out. He will implement a solid zone puck-pressure system forcing plays to the outside in the defensive zone & a 2-1-2 offensive system.

        This will chop NYI’s goals against by I assume at least 40 goals if not 50. Nor do I expect them to score 261 goals for this season. I would think in or around 240. That will improve their goal differential from minus 32 to in or around minus 10.

      • Hi Slick 62

        Re: “Pengy, before last season, did you have Vegas, Tampa and Dallas as top 5?”

        Before last season started I had Pens vs TBay in the East … so yes top 5 for TBay

        For Dall … I was thinking more on the lines of 3rd in their Div but out in 1st round …. so no … not top 5

        For VGK …. I was extremely confident that they would not be a typical expansion team and had them finishing above Van and Arz only but not far behind (what I thought then was going to be a close race ) the Alta teams … so missed the mark huge on that one

      • Striker & Slick 62

        Re Rangers and where they’ll be by year end … no I don’t think at all they will be bottom feeders… not at all

        Better than most seem to think… and yes battling with other Metro bubble teams for WC spot

        I have strong confidence in TBay, Leafs, Bos, Pens, Wsh making the playoffs

        I think FLA gets in for one of the WC slots

        Battling for Metro 3rd as well as for final WC spot in East …. in no particular order … NYR, Car, Clb , Phi, NJ…. unless there are some other serious trades and/or a major injury … I’d put Clb as Metro 3rd place… with the other 4 battling for WC.

        Not out of the realm of possibilities for NYR to get in for sure…but IMO a med-longer odds shot

        I don’t have a good feeling at all about NYI making the playoffs

        Ottw, Mon, Buff, Det …. nyet

    • Who is saying the Rangers are going to tank? And where are they clearing the cap space to fit Karlsson now…. nevermind next year!

      They have 22 million wrapped up in Staal , Smith, Shattenkirk and Skjei alone.

      Skjei isn’t going anywhere, ditto Shattenkirk… do you see him waiving? Staal and Smith are going nowhere by default.
      Add on Girardis 3.6 hit, now we’re at 25.6 million…. add in Karlsson today 32 million…. Today… next year 37-38?

      Where are you getting this cap space? Trading away Zuccarello?

      You can come here everyday and say it, but it’s not making him a Ranger anytime soon. It isn’t happening.

      • Ny… thanks again for your opinion. I can come here every day and express mine also. My proposal works this year, moving Spooner and AdA salaries for EK. Trade wouldn’t be about thus year and I would be looking to move Zuc at deadline ( there’s no way he’s back next year)…would recoup picks. Probably McQuaid also. Without rehashing others salaries. Fitting EK this year isn’t a problem. Next years bump will be covered by Zuc and McQuaid departures.and by the way, since you’re more a Tampa fan, where are they getting cap space?

      • Of course he’s going to the Rangers. Remember how it used to be that EVERY big name available was going to Toronto? The Rangers are the new Toronto.

      • More of a Tampa fan? Lol. Cmon now!

        By trading Callahan now, and worrying about an extension next year. Girardi, Stralman,etc coming off the books. If that doesn’t work , Tampa has plenty of players they’d probably not want to part with, but could.

        But we’re not really comparing where these 2 teams are currently ,are we? Add Karlsson to Tampa and they’re a top cup contender, Add Karlsson to NY and …..? They’re a cup contender? You really don’t believe that ….. do you?

        Zuccarello And Mcquaid are covering 11 million per?

      • And I believe Zuccarello could grab a 1st, but isn’t part of your argument “you don’t know if prospects will pan out”?

        So trade a guy like Andersson, Chytl, Hajek for a guy yet to be even drafted in hopes that he may or may not pan out?

        I think you’re in for a long disappointing season if you think there’s a blockbuster coming to NY.

        I thought Tavares would have already crushed your hopes. But here’s to the next shiny expensive guy coming next!

      • Ny… I wonder sometimes. I think Tampa is growing on you! To clarify: Spooner( or Namestikov) would have to be part of deal to help fit EK this year. If EK is on team this year, you only need cap space next season to cover pay increase. If you think he gets 11m, that’s only an increase of 4.5. So, yes, Zuc and McQ covers that. Along with any raise in cap. After next year, Girardi buyout hit goes down 2.5 m. Rangers have no cap issues going forward. Currently no long term commitments other than Skjei reasonable hit.

      • Ed.

        Let’s please not forget Det & most did choose to sign there. Det’s salary was 88 mil the year before the 2004-05 lockout. Here we are well over a decade later & the cap ceiling is still 10%, 8.5 mil less than Det paid to ice that roster in 2003-04.

      • Slick62.

        Feel free to post whatever you wish, I always enjoy the passion for your Rangers. It’s important to have hopes & dreams but hoping Karlsson is coming to NYR seems like a pipe dream to me nor does it make sense to me.

        I want NYR to stay the course, just like my own team Boston essentially, although Bos may or may not need a #3 C & or #2 RW depending upon whether Donato, Bjork, Forsbacka Karlsson, Fitzgerald or another prospect are truly NHL ready. Ideally, I would prefer Backes play RW but if he has to play as the #3 C so be it.

        I assume NYR will move Zuccarello at the trade deadline whether in the playoff hunt or not like StL did with Shattenkirk & Stastny, potentially even sooner if the right deal comes along & someone is ready to assume his position.

      • Ny… looking at above comment and I kind of lost you. I’m not saying any draft pick will or won’t pan out. I’m assuming Rangers are dealing Zuc regardless. I’m saying if we trade a pick for EK, we will have extra pick anyway at deadline, and maybe if Tampa wins we’ll have that one too. I think most 1st rounders will play in nhl. Will they become an elite player like EK? I don’t see Anderson or Hajek. I wouldn’t deal Chytil. Again, it’s worth looking into. As I mentioned, if Ottawa truly wants to move him, I say there’s a very limited few teams that will be involved. Maybe they don’t get as much as they think

      • I like how you discredit my opinion and think I’m less of a fan because I also follow the lightning and don’t have the same desire to jump on a guy who will be making 11+ per and jeopardize everything they’re trying to do! Lol

        Doesn’t that make me even a more faithful fan that I’m willing to be patient and let them grow what they have?

      • Ny…. was a joke. I know Tampa is only your “back-up” team.

      • Ny… not discrediting your opinion. You pretty much started by attacking mine as usual. And I’ll admit it’s highly unlikely. Just said don’t count them out. Gorton wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t at least inquire. I’m more in the middle. Not as extreme as you. I’m not talking “undo everything” we have a boatload of prospects. Not all will end up playing for Rangers. Can make a trade and still bring up youth as we move forward. Looking long term. Karlsson 6-7 years from now will still be better than Shatty is today. Will help with young d men. Just means we’ll have a better team right now. Doesn’t look like there’s much room on this years roster for much youth anyways. Adding McQuade takes away another spot.

    • Slick – I would love to see the Rangers get Karlsson but I think the price in prospects is way too high. The Rangers will be a great team in 2-3 years if their prospects pan out. For this they need to play together as a core for the next few years. If he really wants to play in NY then he can sign with them as a FA next season.

      • Or trade a bunch of their prospects to get Karlsson to rebuild the rebuild around Karlsson? Lol.

        I’m not even begging to understand how someone could think Karlsson or Tavares is leading them to a Stanley cup with the current team constructed. They couldn’t even make the playoffs with their clubs last year, but somehow they’re leading NY to the cup?

        Does anyone really think this is even a remote possibility?

      • NY, you seem stuck on looking at this as making team a contender next year. Karlsson is going to sign long term. I’m not saying give up every top prospect we have. 1guy doesn’t put any team on top of league, but having an elite player on a good team seems to be the pre requisite. (Ovi, Crosby, Doughty, Kane and Toews) Rangers are building a good team. If they can get Karlsson for a few roster players, maybe 1 or 2 prospects, then I say better to have now. We’re never getting 1st pick in draft.

    • San Jose got off there ass and to hell with Vegas, Dallas and TB – and Ottawa got some pretty good returns from their depth, including top prospects.

  6. I think Leafs should just shut up and sign him rather than piss him off. $8m wont be much especially when the cap goes up every year anyway.

    Canucks NEED to get whatever returns they can on all 3 D….Edler, Tanev and Delzaster. Surely there’s playoff teams willing to cough up 2nds and prospects for these guys. Heaven forbid they aquire more and more picks before they host the draft.

    Canucks are still a bit away from making ANY noise but ya gotta respect the prospects pool thats finally starting to get integrated. Trading Edler, Tanev finally gets rid of the last bits of 2011 after the Sedins.

    • NO WAY ….You can NOT resign Nylander for
      $8 million he is NOT worth it at this point…SORRY NO WAY! !

      That is CRAZY money and would seriously crush other hopes of signings for players that we really need to plug holes…Nylander is 1000% replacable …take him off a top line with a superstar player and NO WAY is he worth $8 million on his own in a second line roll.

    • You realize that $8 million could be a number that Dreger pulled out of a hat, looking for the reaction that we’re seeing today. There is zero chance of Nylander getting that at this stage of his career – not in Toronto anyway.

      • Agreed on Dreger, he long ago moved into the sensationalist class. Wants to be Bob MacKenzie but lacks his class.

        Nylander should be bridged for 2 years at or near 5 maybe 5.5. If he doesn’t like it, enjoy Sweden we will try again next summer.

        I don’t want to disparage Nylander 1 of the best scoring prospects right there with the best of the best but Tor has the depth top cover for his holdout even if it runs all season.

        I don’t begrudge Nylander for his situation. He is using the only leverage he has but if he gets to camp very late or worse the season he will be behind the 8 ball, potentially losing his roster spot to Connor who has often bitten away at his RW position with Matthews. Brown slides to Matthews RW, Kapanen slides to Brown’s with Kadri & someone else gets the 4th line RW spot. I assume Ennis, drawing Leivo in at #4 LW.

        Signing Nylander after Oct, 3, also allows Tor an easy route to getting Horton too LTIR after the 23 man roster is submitted on Oct. 2nd saving Tor potentially having to waive a forward prior. The dam business side of the game.

      • Makenzie just posted EK going west?

      • McKenzie tweet. “FWIW, my sense is if Karlsson is traded today/tomorrow, it will be to a Western Conference team.”

    • Hi Tyler

      Sorry but I disagree . Leafs have upper hand now and can plod through regular season until he does sign … without him to end of Nov …. at the very outside might cost them 2 victories that they would have had with him. Leafs loaded in fwd depth. Something cataclysmic (IMO) would have to happen for them to miss playoffs this year (with or without WW)

      Signing WW to $8M … basically ensures $12M for AM and likely then $9M for MM…. with that $46M is tied up in 5 players starting Oct if ’19.,,,.. JT, AM, MM, WW and Marleau … add in Kadri and that’s over $50M…. and they still will not have addressed the D situation

      I’m all for waiting WW out…. and please bridge

    • lol no…no….Nyalnder isn’t getting 8M….no….

  7. Hey, is there any news on Erik Karlsson……. Any?

    • Yes ….only news I have:

      EK still has facial hair so LamarellO refusing to put a call in to Dorion


  8. Hey Pengy… Ha! yes, I did consider Mr. Melnyk’s budget limitations, which is why I went for “only” 20%, which I guess is a bit steep for him. I figured Ottawa would be more than happy to rid themselves of Ryan’s salary, and they could trade Simmonds at the deadline to a contender for more assets. I guess Hextall would have to throw in a 1st round pick to sweeten the pot, and I’m fairly certain that would be a no-go for him. Ah well… I tried!

  9. Any Flyers trade scenario that includes the name Provorov should get an instant and resounding no thank you out of Philadelphia.

    • Ron, I had the pleasure of watching Provorov play with the Brandon Wheat Kings and Nolan Patrick (unfortunately he was injured a lot).
      Provorov, will be Philly #1 dman for years to come, he isn’t going anywhere.

      • I agree, Provorov is a stud dman already. Eats up the minutes and tied for league lead in goals by a defenceman. Somebody would have to overwhelm Philly for them to move this kid.

  10. February, the Canucks will be out of the playoff race by the US Thanksgiving. Maybe. Ha-ha!

    • The Canucks are already eliminated. Unless you listen to Pratts mindless ramblings on Team 1040.

      • Omg….Pratt can go at anytime. Suck tho because there arent many good guys to host a morning show.
        With 650 also in the market, the talent kinda starts to run thin.

    • We already know that but it will be fun watching the kids develop.

      • Tyler the issue for me is the signing of Beagle, Rousell & Schaller blocks at least 3 kids.

  11. Wangbone… LOL! Never cocaine, but whiskey, yes! My thought process was in the value Simmonds would bring at the trade deadline… I think he can garner a 1st round pick from a Cup contender. So Ottawa would end up with a 1st round pick (via Simmonds), a 2nd round pick, another former 1st round pick in Sanheim. And Gudas, which I admit is wishful thinking on my part. Plus they’re out from under Ryan’s contract.

    • I tend to agree. If Simmonds is healthy and remains productive he could definetly get a 1st round pick via trade with a contender. If Philly cant get him resigned I would expect him to move at the deadline.

  12. Nylander gets $7-$7.5m
    Marner gets $8-$8.5m
    Matthews gets $12-$12.5m
    Welcome to Salary cap hell Toronto

    • Paying your 4-5th most important forward 8 million would stop this train in Toronto fast. A trade would not shock me here.
      Maybe Lou could use him……

  13. I dont understand why everything points towards a Karlsson trade with in the next two days.

    Of coarse it could happen but I think everyone is putting to much weight on the artificial trade deadlines.

    Dorion has always said that he has multiple plans in place. It is perhaps why they have now announced a rebuild. If the trade went down in the summer it was easier to get a return of NHL talent to retool. Now that the season is looming they switch to the rebuild plan where they can keep Karlsson until the next notable deadline and switch to a return consisting of draft picks and A level prospects.

    I would not be surprised if Karlsson plays much of the season with the Sens nor if the trade goes down as I type this. But I question the notion everything points to it happening now.

  14. Seguin 8 years at 9.85. What great value for Dallas.

    • The video game style announcement is an instant classic!


  15. Outside the Bruins Leafs playoff series, where Marner outplayed Nylander, I don’t see a big difference between the 2.
    Both highly skilled offensive players. Marner seems better on the PP and can make more highlight reel type plays.
    Nylander is bigger and has the ability to play center.
    Not why MM is never mentioned in trade and WW always is by many who post on here. And MM is worth a bigger contract than WW.
    I am not a Leaf fan, just curious as to why that is. Just because of last seasons playoff series?
    I still don’t know which will be the better player long term.

  16. I was wrong thought Tyler would be a Ranger for sure guess he likes his line mate Benn and Dallas. Nice contract for both in my opinion.

  17. Karlsson to SJ unbelievable.

    I was sure this deal wasn’t flying.

    • Tierny, DeMelo picks & prospects!

      • Really didn’t want him in East. There’s an additional 1st rounder if SJ trades him to an eastern conf team. Also a conditional pick if he extends. At 1st glance doesn’t look like he is

    • wow!
      what we gonna do without EK for breakfast?

      Good thing Willy is holding out!

      • We get to move on to all the other pending UFA’s in Ott. There is at least 2 of the new 10 players in Ottawa this season Melnyk promised us.

        Tierney is a good player. Solid defensively & has untapped offensive abilities. Norris is an A grade prospect, Balcer a B & potentially a few picks. Late picks as SJ has made a huge move up the power rankings.

        I also like this fro Meier. With Tierny out as the #3 C in SJ does Hertl play C or does Suomela slide into the #3 spot?

      • Might be back talking about Karlsson next summer

    • Dang these meetings are killing me …. I’m missing out on the excitement…one of my staff just told me and I quickly got back here to read about it

      Surprises me …. glad he’s in the West

      Anaheim …. your on the clock now for making a move …. LOL

    • Yep. You kept tossing in the Burns thing and all the other “problems” that that would cause the Sharks. And what Ottawa got back in return isn’t exactly sliced cheese, Just check out their status as Sharks prospects – 1st rounders included. It’s a win-win considering all the teams involved, some of whom may soon come to regret playing hardball. As Joe Thornton remarked “f*&^ing incredible!” They just surged to the top of the western favorites list while Vegas and Dallas can sit back and figure out how and when their prospects will start contributing.

  18. As per TSN, Karlsson has been traded to the Sharks but no details were given

  19. Karlssonn to San Jose done

  20. Well, Caper we all have the 1st 2 correct, Pacioretty, Karlsson & now it gets tougher.

  21. Ottawa did fine in my opinion not sure Sharks needed him with Burns on the backend all ready.

  22. Geez

    Jumbo Joe and Burnsy are going to be dissapointed with EKs beard as is…. no more beard trimming for the whole season now

  23. On the surface, this looks pretty bad. Picks schmicks, a late first rounder doesn’t guarantee an NHL player, and I don’t know what Balcers’s ceiling is, but right now the best player in that deal for Ottawa is either a 2nd pairing serviceable D-man or a third line center. Ouch.

    • I think Tierney can play as a 2nd line C & is probably better suited to do so than Pageau.

      SJ didn’t even qualify DeMelo, they let him become a UFA then signed him for 2 years at less money. He’s a young 5/6 defensive Dman, his experience will help as boy is Ott’s D scary in the short term.

      Stab in the dark.

      Chabot, Ceci.
      Wolanin, DeMelo.
      Harpur, Wideman.
      Boroweicki, ?

      Move these guys around any way you want, it’s not pretty & if anyone thinks Anderson is going to look good behind this D you are out to lunch.

      • I agree,

        I’m a sens fan, and boy this deal just stinks. To give up such a quality player for a bunch of mediocre prospects and roster player(s?) is bewildering? To get no significant defender player back that can help us this year is crazy. Those D pairings are just scary! We thought our goaltending was bad last year…this year will be worse with that young crew if front of him. The worse part…no 2018/19 first pick in this deal….I was not opposed to trading Karlsson, but if this is the best you could do, he should have held off until the trade deadline. Dorion, take a page out of Sakic’s book. To say it’s hard to be a sens fan right now is an understatement.

      • Yep Striker

        D is not good.

        I really thought Dorion would insist on a solid D prospect coming back.

        Tierny as you said is good … 3C with potential 2C maybe.

        DrMelo 3rd pairing and if somehow he makes serious improvement due to change in teams … future 4thD best???

        Norris a couple of years away IMO and I don’t see Balceur making the NHL

        My first glance at TSN trade had the 4 conditional picks and I was guessing that they were all conditional on an extension …. with that in mind I thought Sharks hosed Dorion on the deal.

        Then I went on SN and got clarity on the picks… two guaranteed just conditional on what/when (1st or 2nd and what year) depending on SJ performance.

        The extension conditional pick (2nd in ’21) becomes a 1st if SJ in SCF next June

        Last conditional pick … which I can’t see happening).., is if he gets traded to an Eastern team any time in 18/19…. another first rounder… basically only happening if SJ is out of playoff picture and don’t have an extension in place … SJ would at least net a 1st in that trade so it was a no risk condition anyway for them

        All in all … Ottw got more in futures at the expense of ensure a good young D prospect

        Anaheim on the outside looking in now?????

      • That’s IF Dorion is done dealing. Again, speculate what the D will look like all we want – but we just don’t KNOW.

      • Usually the team that wins a trade is the one who received the best player in the deal. Not close here. This deal is quantity over quality as there are no potential first line or first pairing coming back… and Sharks 1st round pick should be in the mid 20s.

        This has to be a case of-
        1-Shea Theodore would not be included and Vegas out once Patches deal done
        2-The Sens would not send him to an Eastern Conference team.

        Lastly, has Edmonton done anything to improve this off-season?

      • With the conditional picks, I’m assuming there’s a good chance that Karlsson wasn’t interested in signing long term there? Ottawa gets an unprotected pick this year if SJ misses playoffs., otherwise it’s a 1st next year. And in covering all bases, if SJ miraculously misses playoffs and looks to deal him at deadline, they’ll have to trade him to a team in western conf or give up another 1st round pick.

      • I’m just looking at what we know today George. I’ll look at what happens next when next happens. 3 more UFA’s this summer on the books & 3 the season following.

        “Next! No Soup For You!”

        More is coming or how also is Ott adding 10 new players this season as Melnyk promised?

      • Slick62,

        SJ didn’t have there 2019 1st. That pick went to Buf when Kane resigned in SJ.

  24. Is it just me or has there been a significant number of solid quality players moving from the east to the west in the last year?

    Karlsson, Kane, Pacioretty, JvR, Bozak, ROR, Galchenyuk, Lindholm, Hanafin, Cole, Grubauer, Grabner, Khudobin, Ward, etc. .

    Even UFA signings Kovalchuk. Nichushkin returns to Dallas after a sabbatical in the KHL.

    Going the other way Hamilton, Tatar, Domi, Tierney, Berglund, Sobotka, Thompson, picks, & prospects.

    • No Striker… your right … skewed westward movement… I’m good with that 🙂

    • And which East team has improved the most this offseason?
      Toronto, Florida…. Buffalo made changes-could be the same result

    • ” To get no significant defender player back that can help us this year is crazy”

      To think that the Senators would get a significant player back was delusional. The only teams interested in Karlsson as a rental are those who think that he can get them over the top this year *this year*. These are very teams least like to surrender a significant roster player, especially a defenseman. They are also the teams most likely be have no cap space right now

    • JVR went to the Flyers who are even further east than the Maple Leafs.

  25. return is not as good as I had anticipated, seems like Dorion gave in a bit to get this done quick. Surprised Timo Meier is not coming back the other way. But glad this saga is over , Sharks are going to have a deadly power play.

  26. I had Burns and Karlsson on the same fantasy hockey team this past season. I thought that was pretty impressive, but that’s only 12 teams instead of 31 and it’s literally called FANTASY hockey.

    No one is happier about this deal than Joe Sakic.

    • Absolutely. I’m hoping karma pays Melnyk in spades.

      Getting those 2 Dman on the same fantasy team even in a 12 team league is amazing.

      • I M O ….if you trade a mega superstar …and you don’t event get a QUAZI star back… out of all that… YOU LOOSE !!!

        This has Seguin (Boston) deal written all over it
        …not one player in that deal plays for the Bruins or contributed in any meaningful way …what a waste.

        Dorion went quantity over quality !

        Good for my Leafs in every way …but poor trade after all the B,S.

        Sens fans must be disgusted.

        The Sharks didn’t even qualify DeMelo they let him walk then resigned him after he cleared…throw in !
        :a first rounder is all the hope they have on getting anything of substance here but that’s 3 years away.

        This is UGLY!

      • No it is NOT.

      • Kal El.

        R. Smith has become a solid #1 RW for Vegas. Bos couldn’t retain him for cap reasons but he has certainly contributed in a meaningful way & did well in Bos as well.

        The business side of hockey since the implementation of the lockout has forced a great many teams to do things we would prefer they didn’t have to do but you can’t just turn a blind eye to it & look at the players involved but the cap & business implications.

      • We’ll have to wait 267 games before we know if DeMelo was a throw in or not 🙁

  27. 6 assets it is. Not what I would call a home run by any means. Sounds like the best offer was taken which is less quality than I would have thought . Just glad it is over

    • GEORGE O

      ..Its Ugly !…Sorry !

      I would except a deal like that for MAYBE a Subban but not a Karlsson.

      This says rental all over it ….but I do not see anything of TRUE substance for Ottawa to put a stamp on to say we knocked it out of the park …and that’s what they needed to do with a once in a life time deal like this !

      All those guys are bottom pairing players…you can trade Karlsson for a whole team i you want but if the team is an ECHL its not gonna help you out much!

      3rd and 4th line players and a 1st rounder..sums it up …this was a kin to trading one of the top 5 players in the league in his prime …and thats what you got…not one player to hang your hat on…TERRIBLE !!

      • Guessing they didn’t want him playing in east? Goes back to my 1st comment today. Many factors, with biggest probably being EK has a very short list of places he wants to spend rest of career.

      • Tierney is a great young 2-way player just cutting his teeth offensively last season. He is nothing. Norris was a mid-round 1st round player, a decent A grade prospect but college players scare me as it’s so easy for them to become UFA’s in the blink of an eye.

        Obviously, Karlsson wasn’t willing to commit to signing long-term with any of the teams bidding & that effects the return.

        We won’t know what Ottawa got out of this deal for well over 5 years. It’s done & we move on.

        I don’t see how SJ could make salary cap space to retain Karlsson next season unless they are going to let Pavelski walk & Thornton finally retires.

        I wouldn’t be the slightest bit surprised to see Karlsson sign July 1st, 2019 in TB as a UFA.

      • Sorry, it should read, he isn’t nothing. Not is nothing.

  28. How do you all envision San Jose’s roster at this point? Goaltending is obvious. The top 2 D pairings are listed in no particular order as I assume all of Burns, Vlasic and Karlsson will skate generally the same number of minutes.

    Ryan – Burns
    Vlasic – Karlsson
    Dillon – Braun

    Up front is a little murkier.. who do the Sharks play in the 3rd line center slot? Will they go with Couture, Hertl, Thornton and M. Karlsson?

    Kane – Couture – Donskoi
    Meier – Hertl – Pavelski
    Suomela – Thornton – Labanc
    Sorensen – Karlsson – Goodrow

    • I think Wilson has all the time in the world and will make a deal for a middle six forward near or at the trade deadline.

      • Doesn’t really need to. Gambrell, Letunov & True should be able to fill those roles later in the year.

    • Kane, Thornton, Pavelski.
      Hertl, Couture, Donskoi.
      Meier, Suomela, Labanc.
      Sorenson, Goodrow, Karlsson.
      Spare. ?

      Ryan, Burns.
      Vlasic, Karlsson.
      Dhillon, Braun.
      Simek, Heed.

      Jones, Dell.

      Looks like a cup contender to me.

  29. After reading all the bit and pieces my first reaction is Ottawa has done good. They got a 1st round pick in 2019 or 2020 a second round pick that could lead into a 1st round pick.
    Josh Norris is considered the #1 prospect in San Jose system report “two-way pivot with sweet hands and a quick release. Athletic with a focused hockey IQ.”
    He was the 19th overall pick in 2017, Ottawa received 1 first round prospect, a first round pick and a second that could turn into a 1st, plus everything else.

    • we wont be able to judge this trade value until ~ 4-6 years from now when Josh Norris and the picks pan out, or not. As of today the Sharks win because they have vaulted up the charts as a strong West conference favorite.
      One thing for sure, if Doug Wilson sees an incoming call from Dorion he is picking up immediately. A year ago if someone would have predicted Karlsson and Hoffman would have netted the return the Senators got that person would have been kicked to the curb.

    • SJ’s 2019 1st round pick went to Buf when they resigned Kane.

      I essentially agree with you. Ott made the best of a bad situation & if only a rental for SJ for this year then solid value. If extended decent value when the futures are added.

      • The wild card for me is Balcer. Steel will get every opportunity to be an NHL player and at a bare minimum will be a #3 C.

        Balcers could have a significant offensive impact when developed but very murky. Dealing with prospects is always a crapshoot to some extent. He will certainly need to buld up his frame but Ott doesn’t need him in the NHL today.

        He can be 1 of the new 5 or 6 players in 2019-20. He will need to be protected come expansion but Norris won’t.

      • Dam it. Balcers & Norris. didn’t pick up the correction before I hit send. This lag issue is a pain.

      • Brain block #3 D not C.

      • Arghh. I’m out. Ha-ha!

  30. Well, that’s a wrap for me for today. We get to start talking about other things tomorrow.

  31. Well they do have a shot at a 1rst rounder in the next draft.
    if SJ misses the playoffs.

  32. In my opinion , Nylander is wearing out his welcome ..

    Package him up with Gardner , let’s receive a top 2 defenseman , we need for the final piece, of the puzzle .
    Thoughts Anyone..

  33. Atlantic Division teams will be relieved to have Karlsson out of their division. Ottawa will be easier to play against–not that they would be favored to win their division even if he had remained.