NHL Rumor Mill – September 14, 2018

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Updates on the Blue Jackets, Islanders and Canucks in your NHL rumor mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline reports the Sept. 13 deadline winger Artemi Panarin gave the Columbus Blue Jackets this summer to get all contract business settled may have been made with a trade in mind. “The hope of the deadline was that the Blue Jackets would find a trade partner with one of the clubs Panarin wishes to play for, then grant that club permission to negotiate with Panarin’s agent, Dan Milstein, on a long-term deal,” writes Portzline.

The Columbus Blue Jackets aren’t in any rush to move winger Artemi Panarin. (Photo via NHL Images)

Blue Jackets general manager Jarmo Kekalainen,  however, was dismissive. “There’s no such deadline in my book,” Kekalainen said at the media day Wednesday in Nationwide Arena. “It’s July 1, 2019.” That’s the date when Panarin becomes an unrestricted free agent. All indications are Kekalainen intends to carry Panarin into this season. He insists he has a “great relationship” with Panarin and his agent.

Portzline also reports the Blue Jackets had some form of contract extension talks this summer with pending UFA goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky. However, they’re nowhere close to an agreement. Bobrovsky shed little light on his future with the club.

“After last season, I told the situation to the management of the Blue Jackets, so they know everything,” Bobrovsky said. “They know my plans for the season. They know my plans for the future. They know everything….They know exactly what we’re going to do.” Asked if this season could be his last in Columbus, he replied, “We’ll see.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Kekalainen could attempt to trade one or both players but I don’t think he’s reached that point yet. For now, he will likely keep trying to re-sign them.

The Jackets got some offers for Panarin earlier this summer but the proposals contained draft picks and prospects, not a player who can help them right away. As for Bobrovsky, there’s no one in their system right now who could step up and replace him. Trading him now would hamstring their playoff hopes before the season even begins. 

Much will depend upon the Jackets’ performance this season. If they’re playoff contenders I doubt Bobrovsky or Panarin are going anywhere by the Feb. 25 trade deadline, even at the risk of losing them to free agency in July. If they’re out of the postseason chase by then, I expect Kekalainen will be entertaining trade offers. 


NEWSDAY: Andrew Gross reports New York Islanders forwards Anders Lee and Jordan Eberle are entering the final season of their respective contracts but their outcome doesn’t have to be the same as former teammate John Tavares, who departed for Toronto via free agency in July. The duo are eligible for unrestricted free agent status next July.

“You know it’s there but, at the same time, you just want to bear down and treat it like any other year,” Eberle said. “I love playing here. I love the organization. I love the fans and I want to get off to a good start and help the team win some games. That’s my mindset.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Their futures with the Islanders depend upon their performances this season and that of the team. If both play well, GM Lou Lamoriello will attempt to re-sign them. If not, he’ll peddle them at the trade deadline. 


THE ATHLETIC: Jason Brough reports Vancouver Canucks defenseman Alex Edler is willing to sign a contract extension. 

“If something can be worked out, I would love to stay here. Even though we’ve had some tough years, this is kind of an exciting thing to go through. There’s change and a lot of young guys are coming in. You see how they are developing. There’s nothing now, but we’ll see. We’ll see what happens. All I can do is play good hockey.”

Edler declined to say if he’d waive his no-movement clause if asked by management to do so. If that scenario were to happen, Brough suggests the Winnipeg Jets could be a good destination as the left side of their blueline is a question mark. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nothing will happen with Edler for now. Depending on his performance and that of the Canucks, I daresay we’ll see his name surface in the rumor mill once the calendar flips to February. 



  1. Sens traded Erik Karlsson and Mike Hoffman and Still don’t have a 2019 first round draft pick … how inept? was Don Waddell involved? bwa ha ha

    • Yes, Dorian should have put a gun to the other heads and forced them to offer first round picks. He purposefully picked the worst deal he was offered so smug internet posters would have something to complain about.

      But of course, he could have lost Karlsson for nothing and you have something else to whine about.

      • After a rocky start I’m beginning to take a shine to you. When it comes to Ol’ eddie there. at one time I was hoping for a battle of wits but he soon revealed he came totally unarmed.

      • Dorion look like the worst gm of the league in the last year. Sure, Melnyk is probably helping him, but he should resigned instead of doing that mess for the owner. He overpay for Duchene, wait too long to trade Hoffman (got nothing), choose the big offer without quality for Karlsson. How can you trade the best D without having a possible young impact player. You make it clear for every team that an offer begin with a real A prospect or a young NHLer, don’t drown me with 3rd liner and 5-6th D.
        Even worse, he chose to keep his 1st in 2018, now Colorado have a good chance at a better pick and a lottery pick (Jack Hugues)

    • That got a 2020 1st rounder & a kick at the can for a 2nd 1.

    • They will if San Joe’s misses the playoffs. I bet many of you think that will happen. Haha

  2. Ottawa could still get some 1st round picks in 2019 when they sell off Duchene and Stone at the deadline. Both players will get a 1st and a high quality prospect, and maybe more depending on their seasons or willingness to resign. It won’t be a quick turnaround, so buckle in Sens fans for a turbulent ride. Hopefully a bright future is in store for this franchise.

    • “will get a 1st and a high quality prospect, and maybe more”…DC, I’ve heard that rigmarole in the past!

    • Glad Karlsson went to the west… San Jose has a big three on defense now and moves to the top of the west with VEGAS, Winnipeg and Nashville.

      Did Ottawa get enough?

      • i still take the Preds and Jets defense over the Sharks, as they have more overall depth

      • Nas.

        Josi, Ellis.
        Ekholm, Subban.
        Irwin, Hamhuis.
        Bitetto, Weber.


        Morrisey, Trouba.
        ?, Byfuglien.
        Kulikov, Myers.
        Chiarot, Morrow/Poolman.

        Buffy lost his partner Enstrom so not certain who his new partner will be, I assume Chiarot who he played 20+ % of his ES shifts with last season but no idea.


        Ryan, Burns.
        Vlasic, Karlsson.
        Dillon, Braun.
        Simek, Heed.

        I would say SJ’s D is just as good as either of those teams, as well as the other powerhouse D’s in Anh, Bos, Car, LA or Min.

      • & better than most of those 7 & on par with the very best.

      • Nope

    • I thought Dorion said Karlsson will get the best return for the rebuild. If that is so how can the man who states that get better from stone or Duchene?

  3. % indicate there is a better shot at making the NHL if you are picked in the first round. However there are 8 current Senators roster players who were drafted by Ottawa in the 3rd round or later. Good scouting, smart drafting and player development is the key.

    • That’s ridiculous. Go through any team in the league and take off their first and second round picks and see how far they’d get.

      • not saying you don’t need 1st rounders, pointing out you need draft well overall to build around the 1st and 2nd round picks : Ottawa – Smith 3rd round, Pageau, Wideman, Wolanin, Harpur 4th, Borowiecki 5th, Stone 6th, Dzingel 7th

      • I seem to recall a team making the scf with no 1st or second round picks they drafted on the team.

      • That was funny Chrisms, I’ll give you that.
        There best player all year, and especially in the playoffs, was a 1st overall pick.

      • And to take it even further, 1 team in the last 25 plus years has won the cup with out a top 3 overall pick. Carolina in 06.
        So not only do you need 1st rd picks you need elite, top of the draft talent to win the cup.

      • Ray, you forgot Detroit as they haven’t had a top 3 pick since Primeau,

      • Yzerfan – Brad Stuart, 3rd overall 1998, for the 07/08 cup.
        Shannahan 2nd overall 01/02, 97/98, 96/97. Also had Yzerman who was 4th overall for all 3.

      • Ray, first, I thought you meant drafted top three by that team. My mistake of that was misunderstood.

        Yzerman was drafted before the 25 year mark and also not top three.

      • Ya Yzerfan I know and I mentioned that, but he was on the team that won 3 cups. I was simply quoting an article, in sportsnet a couple years ago I think, that made the case for tanking.
        The entire point of the article was that tanking in no way guarantees a cup, but not having top talent from the top of the draft almost guarantees you won’t win one.

    • Yet they are in last place ! LOL..

      Not getting a First Round pick in a Karlsson trade is the most inept GMing in history !

      If someone was to post that exact trade on Wednesday with those names and the picks …you would have been laughed off this site or worse ..you would have caught the rath of Georoge “O” and his swift left jab from th hip.

      Trading Karlsson is like trading Lidstrom in his prime…Iam sorry but in this trade you needed to get:

      “A” A legit First rounder This has said to be one of the deepest drafts in History !

      “B” A legit top 6 player QUAZI Up and coming star player.

      “C” A legit top prospect who is knocking on the door for this year or next.

      I dont see any of these in the deal ???

      I think Graig Button has been the most accurate in breaking down this scenario and my beliefs.

      You may copy and paste this post …as in 2 – 3 years Iam of the firm belief that any or all these player will not be an Ottawa Senator core player or even on the team.

      • Kal el, Ott got a 1st round pick in 2020, what do you mean they didn’t get 1? & they have 2 reasonable shots of getting a 2nd 1, if SJ makes the Stanley Cup final this season or Karlsson is extended in SJ.

      • Tierney should be. He has 2 years remaining then is an RFA 1 year from UFA status. Norris will just be starting his NHL career in a sheltered role. Balcers a complete wildcard, he may not be a good enough skater to make the NHL but others have juries out. The picks the 1st in 2020 & 2nd in 2021 won’t be in the NHL in that timeline but later if they pan out.

        I don’t know what people expected for a player not willing to sign an extension today that wants 10+ mil on a 7 or 8 year deal in the summer of 2019. He moved as a rental with futures attached. Had he been willing to sign an extension at the point of trade the return would have been far better.

        Demelo helps now as the D is brutal but a bottom 6/7 Dman, at 25 with limited NHL experience he could get better but really insignificant this type of player can be had easily.

      • “as in 2 – 3 years I am of the firm belief that any or all these player will not be an Ottawa Senator core player or even on the team.”

        I guess you have a reason for that opinion Kal El, being firm and all, but I was just wondering on what you base that for these players:

        Chris Tierney – a 6′ 1″ 196-lb 24 y/o C who popped 17 goals and 23 assists – 40 points in a secondary role

        Dylan DeMelo – a 6′ 1″ 195 lb 25 y/o D with 133 NHL games under his belt and a collective -1 (yeah, I know he was once on waivers – so was Mike Hoffman at one time – so what?)

        Josh Norris – 6′ 1″ 192 lb 19 y/o C at Michigan – a 1st round pick 19th overall in 2017 of whom the prospects sites say “good patience with the puck and selects his shots and passing lanes well: and “he plays of a pass-first game yet can find the back of the net with his quick release and accurate shot” – I guess while he was a SJ prospect he was among their top prospects but now that he’s Ottawa property he becomes a slug

        Rudolfs Balcers – a 5′ 11″ 173 lb 21 y/o LW taken in the 5th round in 2017 who had 23g 25a – 48 pts in 67 gp in the AHL last season

      • Sens still have a shot @ Lafreniere.

      • When does San Jose flip Karlsson to Florida for a better return than Ottawa got?

      • Ha-ha! Ouch.

      • Don’t even THINK that chrisms. Bite your tongue. I prefer to wonder when Melnyk sells to new owners in the next 9 months and Karlsson re-signs with Ottawa next July. Wouldn’t that be a kick in the slats for San Josey?

      • Chrisms: I hope SJ trades Karlsson to an Eastern Conference team this season. Ottawa would get SJ’s 2021 or 2022 1st round pick if that happens. Many are calling it the Hoffman clause. 😉

      • If they do flip him to the east in 18/19 then OTT gets another 1st.
        Which begs the question of why do they care as he has the ability to be a UFA at the end of the year anyway and it’s not like they will be competing for the SC this year.
        It does suggest they didn’t want to trade him to the eastern conference doesn’t it? I hope it doesn’t suggest that they took less than they would have gotten from an eastern conference team, because that would be incredibly short sighted.

    • Are these the 8 you are referring to, Stone, Dzingel, Pageau, Smith, Harpur, Boroweicki, Wideman & Wolanin? As Stone & Dzingel are UFA’s following this season & Pageau the season following.

      Ott got the drafting & development part down now if someone could have structured their contracts so they aren’t walking as they enter their prime or are just in there prime.

  4. I’ve been hearing top experts say that Matthews will be asking or getting same amount as McDavid lol, those two are not even close, McDavid plays with terrible players but has over point per game each season plus 67-70 assists, Matthews never had over 29 assists, plus Mattthews looked terrible in playoffs. McDavid had 41 goals last year and 67 assists, but I do hope Matthews gets league max or 12.5, mess their cap up.

    • I would give AM benefit that he seemed to be playing with an upper body injury in the playoffs but regardless he is not McDavid $ right now

    • You cannot compare the actual players in these type of scenarios. Teams HAVE to pay their top players like top players. What would that argument look like behind closed doors. “Well you’re not as good as Mcdavid, so we won’t pay you like Mcdavid “

      Response: “ Then go get Mcdavid “
      Unless the NHL comes up with a sliding pay scale ( you earn by contribution) this will always be the way in not only hockey, but sports in general.

      • Agreed nyr . Striker that minimum was raised the day Tavares signed for 11 . Auston isn’t signing long term to be the face of the franchise and 1 C at a hit lower than Tavares . Today Auston is a better player and Johnny heading out of prime , Auston just entering . Also if rumours are to be believed mcdavids agent (Orr group) secured a 13.25 million contract on a 75 cap , following an increase in cap the years prior at 1.6 and 2 million . If dubas gets Auston to sign early he will be working off a 79.5 cap and increases of 2 and 4.5 . All things to consider when trying to predict future cap movement , but not near as important as the actual 4.5 hike that is in place today . His floor imo is 11.5 today , all bets are off if he gets to next summer unsigned .
        Even using the eichel comparison , Mathews gets 11 minimum when comparing there careers to date .

      • Eichel is getting 10 per…. someone remind me what HIS playoff numbers look like? Oh wait…..

        I think Mathews will be looking at upwards of 12 million. Or he’ll take the shortest path to get himself out of Toronto.

        Not a chance this guy gives Toronto a discount, unless it’s the Mcdavid type “discount “

        Nor should he.

      • Craig.

        I believe your math puts him between Eichel & McDavid? Isn’t that what I said, Eichel being the min, McDavid being the max?

        Matthews isn’t McDavid nor is he getting McDavid money even if the cap increases. These players are separated by 1 draft year.

      • Pardon me I shouldn’t be so concise. Or he shouldn’t, players get signed all the time for money than they should.

        Seguin just signed an extension 4 years after Toews signed his & he got 650K less. Now he doesn’t have Toews 2 way abilities or 3 cups but he is a far better offensive player.

      • I don’t believe it puts him between . I believe the floor has been raised due to Tavares signing and the cap rise plus two years prior rising from 1.6 and 2 to 2 and 4.5 . If Orr group was indeed able to secure 13.25 , combined with the actual cap rise and projected future growth I think the ceiling today is unknown . Next summer it could easily surpass mcdavid , and it could take that today to get the signature . Did anyone think Ovechkin the winger with no cups (at the time) should get more than Crosby with cups the Center man a year later ? Mathews didn’t sign 5 days after he became eligible like mcdavid , a year early , he doesn’t seem to be in to giving a discount like mcdavid was (if reports accurate ) . If that holds true , I don’t see him signing this year unless dubas knocks his socks off . That won’t happen without a big number imo . Like nyr said , he is no mcdavid , but he’s the leafs mcdavid and if he isn’t in a discount mood , not sure what the ceiling is .

      • Imo bobby Orr’s comments days after dubas so confidently said we can and will sign all 3 , was a response in the media , “ its almost like John Tavares free agency “ , when talking about Mathews next contract. What could that possibly mean other than the obvious ? Doesn’t sound like a comment coming from an agent or player willing to sign at a discounted rate .. opinions ?

      • There will be a number of players over the next 10 years that will make as much or more than McDavid. Look Tavares very nearly did it with San Jose but no player will make as much as McDavid after his next contract…until they do.

    • Ha-ha! Coming out swinging as usual. Always good for a laugh. Matthews isn’t McDavid he’s Matthews. McDavid set the max, Eichel the min. Matthews will end up somewhere in between.

    • Maybe Chiarelli can schedule a meeting with Dubas on how exactly to perfect that mess!

    • See, this is why so many people hate the Leafs. There was nothing about the Leafs in the rumor round up. Yet, here we are talking about the Leafs. Every discussion has to end up being about them.

      The world was much better place when the Leafs stunk. There wasn’t so much new and their fans and media didn’t talk about them so much. Winning really brings the rats out of their holes – see the Penguins for example.

      I don’t even want to think what it would be like if the Leafs win the cup.

      • Simply demographics. I’m just as happy discussing the Leafs as anyone. It just so happens that the majority of regular posters here are Leafs fans. Just ignore it if it gets your goat.

      • We could start up the Karlsson rumors again?

        Please please get this guy an extension in the next 48 hours !!!

        Side note, I told all of you… “Karlsson will play in Ottawa or somewhere else”.

        Once again you’re all welcome!

        I’m going to say Panarin will either be in Columbus in a month from now, or he will not.

        I can’t believe I don’t get paid for my contributions here!

        Lyle and I are going to have discussions.
        I can’t continue to do all this beat work for nothing… it’s exhausting!

        I’ve spent seconds on this Panarin insider work!

      • NY4Life

        Many thanks … again your predictions were bang in …. Kudos.

        I’ve reached out far and wide; talked to many; have done my research; and after deep thought I’ve got my own prediction:

        Rick Nash will either play again in the NHL; OR he will retire.

        Phew… risky prediction …. but I’m throwing it out there.


      • Nyr’s Sign Nash and immediately trade him to Boston for a boatload!

        Because no way could that go wrong twice!


    • and lead the league in takeaways ( must all be in the offensive zone)…BUT….I still think that one the systemic problems in Edmonton is that he leaves the defensive zone too soon the defense does not get him the puck easily and because of the speed he possesses there is a big gap between him and the rest of the guys on the ice..a great player but….

      please not this from a Leaf fan

  5. I’m with you hope Leafs pay Nylander Mathews and Marner a bundle they already have an 11 million dollar man. They better hope cap hits 100 million fast. They will need to trade one of them or suffer through playing with AHL defenseman.

  6. I doubt Mathews gets more than Tavares

    Duchene and Stone will stay if they are paid

    Sens need to bundle or trade some prospects for defence. That back end looks worse than a Kardashian’s

    We will be waiting for a while on Panarin and Bob who has yet to earn anything in the playoffs

    • @ Silver seven

      If it wasnt for BOB …they would never have made it to any plyoffs…do you know how much money this guy has made that franchise in teh past 5 seasons ..he is the only active Tender to win 2 Vezinas!

      He desrves Franchise player money …id say $9 million no more than Carey Price ….

      But I did a long post on his stats last week and my reasoning about why Bobrovsky is top 3 Goalies in the league and how important this guy is to the Jackets !

      Not sure if anyone remembers my post or had read it !

      With Bobs they have been to the playoffs 3 out of 5 years and 2 Vezinas …HE DID THAT ON HIS OWN …a merry go round of young D men and a very young line up !

      Pay the man …geeze !

      One team that I have been researching that can benefit from either trading or signing Bobs in season or in the Summer is the St Louis Blues ….they have set themslves up for a run at him an I think they are watching from a far …if you look at the cap and how they managed money this year they left the exact amount of money open for him ….they have both young forwards …young D men and if they throw Jake Allen into the mix they have the assets and cap space to do this !

      Just saying ; )

      • The word, here in Columbus, is that Bob wants $10million/year for 10 years. No one, save Bergovin, is going to give a 30+year-old goalie with a history of injuries that kind of money. Were I Jarmo, I’d stop trying to sign Bob in January, let him go UFA and learn how slim his odds are of getting that kind of contract, then offer him a reasonable contract while saying, “Take it or leave it.” The Jackets have several strong, developing goalies in the system and could take a little short term pain for long term gain.

      • I’m not paying any goalie more than 7 mil per & then only if well above average.

        Good for Bob & then he’s crashed in the playoffs.

        Go look at the salaries of the goalies that have rings since the 2004-05 lockout. Quick at 7 when LA won their 2nd cup every other goalie was under that # most significantly so.

        If Bob wants more than 7 mil per I let him walk as a UFA & sign someone else this summer or trade for someone. More than enough quality NHL goalies to stock 31 teams you don’t need to spend any where near 9 mil at this position.

      • Paul the max term today is 8.

    • Duchene & Stone are getting paid anywhere they choose to go so why would they stay? As UFA’s if they choose to test the market there would be bidding wars.

      The remaining UFA’s other than possibly Dzingel are leaving to for the same reason. You can get the same money or better elsewhere, win & not be part of the gong show.

  7. Boston could use a right winger and Ottawa has one in Mark Stone who has a cap hit of $7.350 unfortunately Boston doesn’t have the cap space for Stone and they don’t have anyone they could ship to Ottawa to make the cap space work, unless you count Pastrnak but that’s not happening or Krug but he is 2yrs away from being a ufa and 27 so he wouldn’t be part of Ottawa youth movement.
    It would have to be Boston 1st round pick plus Zboril (he can partner up with his old teammate Chabot) and a 2nd rnd pick Ottawa would have to retain salary to get that 1st round pick to make the deal work.

    • Bos doesn’t need a RW Pastrnak is the #1, Backes the #3 & Donato, Heinen, Bjork or 1 of the other prospects could play RW. I think the position is Danato’s to lose & I don’t think he’s going to.

      Bos might need a #3 C depending upon if any of the kids are ready to assume the role & with 5+ mil in cap space that can be addressed in trade if necessary.

      Where does Stone fit?

      Marchand, Bergeron, Pastrnak.
      Debrusk, Krejci, Donato.
      Heinen, ?, Backes.
      Nordstrom, Kuraly, Acciari.
      Spare. Wagner.

      • If Forsbacka Karlsson, Frederic or Fitzgerald isn’t ready for a 3rd line C role, move Backes to C & let Bjork or Fitzgerald play 3rd line RW.

      • Striker simple question is Stone an upgrade over what Boston has on RW today? Outside of Pastrnak the answer is yes.
        You need 3 lines to be a cup contender.

        Marchand Bergeron Pastrnak
        Donato Krejci Stone
        DeBrusk Backes Heinen
        Nordstrom Kuraly Wagner

      • Hey don’t get me wrong I’d love Stone but at what cost both in assets to acquire & contract to secure. With all the players Bos has they don’t have the cap space to take on Stone long term.

        Bos has 16 mil in cap space next season at today’s cap ceiling with Heinen, Donato, Carlo & McAvoy all RFA’s & Chara a UFA again. Chara gets extended on another 1-year deal or needs to be replaced. Bjork, Debrusk & Grzelcyk RFA’s the summer following & Krug a UFA.

        Then we have waiver issues coming into play meaning next season 2019-20 Forsbacka Karlsson & Cehlarik stay in the NHL get traded or will be lost on waivers.

        Not enough money to take Stone on long term & I don’t want to again sacrifice good young players prospects & picks to facilitate him as a rental at or near the trade deadline.

        I believe Bos trading for Jagr many years ago & last season Nash cost Bos 2 cup runs.

    • Not sure if Stone is the best option but I’m with you. Boston needed to do something. Almost every team added to get better. Hopefully the young guys can step up. My first choice on RW would be Eberle if available.
      Panarin second choice but probably a steep price. Might as well wait till the deadline at this point and let the kids play.

      • No thank you on Eberle. You see Leafs fans slagging Nylander for his lack of compete in the playoffs, Eberle is the poster boy for that.
        Some great highlights here and there, but he is a perimeter guy and it’s not like he’s a kid anymore. If he cost half as much sure but not worth the current cap hit.

      • How can Eberle be the poster boy for a lack of compete in the playoffs when he’s only been there once in his career and only averaged 14.5 minutes a game in. Sounds more like you just like to bash the player.

  8. Not really sure where else the Sens could have gone in the trade market: they were in an unenviable position with little real leverage to get more than they did. In the end, they face the prospect of a three to five year re-build and the departure of players sets that up. They knew that they were already in a horrible start of season position and trading EK would at least help with the culture..in the end, maybe the Sens biggest need is new ownership?

    • Yeah. Or perhaps Melnyk’s peers can encourage him to change his ways. Spats in dressing rooms happen all of the time, but it rarely comes to this. Management takes the blame if it gets this far.

  9. & it’s official, Pageau gone 6 months. Let the youth movement begin. White your up at #3 C.

    & the hockey Gods were made that day my friend. Joe Sakic just ordered shots for everyone in player development & its before 8 AM in Colorado.

    • I don’t get your comment. Why do you dislike the Senators that much to wish injuries with their players?
      Don’t say you don’t like Melnyk so you want the fans in Ottawa to suffer.

      • I’m not wishing any players in Ottawa get injured & I don’t hate the Senators, I don’t like Dorion & Melnyk shouldn’t be meddling in hockey operations & putting such financial restrictions of every trade they have made for almost 5 years.

        Who in their right mind during what should be an incredibly positive event the outdoor game last season comes out & sticks it to his fans stating if attendance doesn’t increase then he may have to consider moving the team.

        Then makes a promo video which just alienates the UFA’s he needs to try to get extended or face the same dilemma he created with Karlsson. Stupidity in action. That’s my problem with Ottawa at present.

        The mismanagement of the roster is crazy.

      • He’s just being what he’s accused me of many times – an a-hole. There are times he talks so much s^#t it must be impossible for those around him to know whether to offer him a breath mint or toilet paper

    • Lmao Striker…

  10. Henrik Zetterberg’s career is over due to injury, sad day for Wings fans.

    • Agreed.

      Now Det just has to juggle his & Fransen’s LTIR to get cap compliant. I’m surprised Det hasn’t paid some yet to take Franzen’s contract.

      This whole LTIR thing pre 23 man roster deadline & post is just too confusing to understand nor does the CBA accessible on the NHLPA website address it well.


      You explained it once before. Are you able to again or anyone else? What are the issues with designating a player to LTIR before 23 man rosters are submitted the day before the season starts as opposed to designating them on opening day or later?

      • Why pay someone to take it?

        You leave them on roster, on Day 1 of season they are designated as LTIR and you get 100% relief.

        You can exceed salary cap by 10% in off season.

        Not a big deal.

        Toronto did it for many years with Horton and Lupol

      • It’s not quite that simple the reason many teams have traded players in this situation. You need to submit a 23 man roster on the day before the season starts & be cap compliant. Det can be today but not after 5 PM EST I believe on Oct 2nd this year.

        The cap relief you get if you designate a player to LTIR prior to this 23 man roster deadline isn’t the same as it is as of Oct. 3, 2018 opening day this season.

        I can’t remember the difference the reason I asked Lyle or anyone else if they knew the rules for such.

        Tor was able to carry Lupul & Horton as part of their 23 to opening day & then designate. 2 years ago Tor they didn’t finally designate Horton till well into the season as they didn’t have waiver issues, the sent kids down, designated them to LTIR opening day & called the kids back up.

        Not a single player currently shown on Det’s roster is waiver eligible nor can you waive an injured player & send them any where so how does Det get cap compliant by that 5 PM deadline on Oct. 2nd, that’s my question?

      • Sorry Det can be over the cap today but not come 5PM EST Oct. 2nd.

      • Striker — re IR and 23 man roster and first day

        Here is what I found on NHL.Com

        Looks like opening day they have to have 20-23 named players; 2 must be goalies; and players on IR don’t count in the 23 max number:

        Source: http://www.nhl.com/ice/page.htm?id=26377

        “23-man Roster
        There may be a maximum of 23 players on each Club’s playing roster at any one time from the commencement of the NHL regular season through the trade deadline. Prior to the start of the season, each Club must submit to the NHL its “Opening Day Playing Roster” which shall be comprised of not more than 23 players. Each Club must have a roster of at least 20 players, composed of 18 skaters and two goaltenders. Players on Injured Reserve do not count in the 23-man limit.”

        I couldn’t find anything else but it the back of my very limited brain I remember something w.r.t. maximizing cap space by having the injured player on for 1st day and then onto LTIR the next day— can’t remember much more than that.


      • I am not up to speed on how over the cap ceiling works. The Wings are currently 3.252 mil over the cap with a 22 man roster, including Zetterburg and Franzen. Does this mean they have to trade a salary or place a player on waivers to be compliant?

      • To maximize ltir relief , the team must be operating at the cap ceiling on day 1 of the season .if at ceiling , Then moving let’s just say 4 million player to ltir the cap hit doesn’t go away but they can then spend 4 million on a replacement and spend to 83.5. If they are under the ceiling , by let’s just use 1 million in this example then they would only get 3 million in relief .
        If the team is over the cap let’s just say at 82 .5 , 3 million and have to move the 4 million player to ltir to become compliant they would only gain an addition 1 million in relief by going that way .
        This is how I have interpreted the rules roughly with my light research if you could call it that haha .

      • If they have to move the player to
        Ltir to become compliant before day 1 . ^ ^

  11. Know what’s crazy? These guys were legit in 2017, I don’t care what you say. And they had it all going for them, lots of youth coming up. Once that stupid owner started sticking his nose in with Turris things went to sh%t. Their season wasn’t that bad before the Duchene deal either. They lost a solid presence in management and the real cancer got in the room, Melnyk!

    • I think the wheels starting coming off the bus when Melnyk meddled with the Turris negotiations. His right as the owner but interfering sends a bad message to players and fans.

    • Menyk had started interfering long before the Turris situation. Which hey is his right as an owner its his team & he’s free to do as he chooses but I don’t have to like it, nor apparently do most of the fans as attendence has been in decline in all but 1 season since the 2012-13 lockout & in the 1 that didn’t it flat lined.

      I assume attendance will be hit hard this season & moving forward for several years which is just going to make Melnyk even cheaper until he can get his new building completed which should tie in perfectly with all the solid prospects Ottawa has coming.

      I may complain about the current state of affairs which were unnecessary had Melnyk not messed with it but make no mistake Ottawa has a very solid prospect kitty 1 of the best in the league and it’s going to be even better by the time the next 6 UFA’s are moved over the next 2 seasons.

      For me, the worst thing to happen in Ottawa was that playoff run. Everything went right & Ottawa played great getting luck to advance through the weakest bracket in hockey to get to the conference final. It gave fans & apparently Dorion & Melnyk a completely false sense of where this team was.

      When Ott didn’t replace Methot they couldn’t ice 2 NHL quality top 2 D pairs. 3 NHL quality Dman isn’t a recipe for success you need a minimum of 4 & Ott didn’t have it. They tried to flush out 4 thru 8 with kids & bums. Do that & what you see is what you get.

      Now gone are 2 players Karlsson 1 of the top 5 Dman in the game today & Hoffman a goal-scoring machine. The return less than an idea for Karlsson for Hoffman a total joke.

      • I disagree. The playoff run was great for them. They were doormats, that’s why you have to overpay to keep guys like Ryan and they were working their way into respectability. The team was doing fine until the turris/Duchene deal. Their record wasn’t great but they had a good chance of making the playoffs. Dorion’s continuous lies to cover up Melnyk’s instructions was the undoing of a darn good team. They keep the coach because he coached them “within one goal of the finals so he’s not the problem” meanwhile they trade Turris who was part of the same team and whom the same statement applies. All BS. If they fire him, they still have to pay him. We’re going to offer Karlsson a contract, we’re going to work on a Stone deal, all BS. Not to mention whatever other internal strife was in the dressing room that wasn’t addressed properly by management. The team was good and they had a great crop coming in. Now they’re going to go the Oiler route and hand the reigns to kids. Know why? Cause it’s cheaper! You can’t lose money in Canada as long as your at the bottom of the cap, plain and simple. Selling hope is cheap, building a winner and selling that isn’t worth the risk. Owners are the worst of the worst and Melnyk is at the bottom of that bunch.

  12. TBay waving Dotchkin for Material Breach????? Getting rid of him???

    What is that …, anybody know the details?”

    • TSN just updated the post

      “Joe Smith of The Athletic reports Dotchin had a “material breach” of his contract, leading to this move by the Lightning. He adds it “sounds like” the Lightning were unhappy about Dotchin’s conditioning upon reporting to training camp.”

      How out of shape can a 24 year old get in just 4 months ????

      Did he do hot dog eating contests (with Phil Kessel –LOL)… 5 times weekly for the last 4 months???


  13. I think since the Karlsson trade was such a disappointment there is not much more to say on it. It is what it is. Time to speculate on the remaining roster but another thought brewed as I was talking to some of my Winnipeg Jet fans who were reminiscing on when the jets were being sold, and relocated and acknowledging the similarity in that situation to this one in Ottawa.

    Their owner, Shenkarow said all the right things. He attended all the save the jet rallies while at the same time sold the team out from under the jet faithful’s feet. (Perhaps that is too harsh)

    Melnyck is going out of his way to say he isn’t going anywhere, nor is the team. Hopefully something similar to what happened to winnpeg isn’t in play now. Well a small part of me is hoping he may sell it to a richer owner. The relocation thing is the bigger concern. The Ottawa market has its issues. Dont mistake these musings to mean I hate Melnyck. There are certainly things amongst his ownership style I do not like. I dont hate the guy and am not on the melnyckout bandwagon. I’m just able to think on the issue rationally.

    When reports are released that Melnyck pressured Dorion into making the trade before the season started it does make me wonder. Why not hold out till the season’s trade deadline to pull the trigger if this was the best offer? Surely a contender would offer more picks once they have seen Karlsson back to form putting up solid numbers again. Perhaps even a blue chip prospect. This moving out expensive players and dropping the roster pay roll was what happened in Winnipeg.

    Yet perhaps it is what it seems, simply a rebuild. I can counter my argument by rebutting that Melnyck wont sell the team until he can get his share of the expansion fee that Seattle will pay. Yet it doesn’t explain why move Karlsson at this point for such an underwhelming return? However if he wants the expansion fees it supports the notion he could wait to trim the pay roll supporting the argument that this is all just a rebuild.

    Perhaps it is all towards rebuilding the team but I can’t help to think with Quebec itching for a NHL team and due to the discrepency of the Canadian dollar vs the american dollar, Quebec would likely need to gain that team through relocation. Perhaps somewhere lurking in the back ground amongst all the plans the team claims it has that selling the franchise and relocation are one of those plans.

    Just some musings all. Feel free to attack though. I am curious ifanyone some thoughtfulness to add.

    • I’d say they had to trade him now because trying to trade your three best players (Karlsson, Stone and Duchene) at the deadline is too much to get done at one time, amongst a few other reasons. Yeah, you’re doing better than me lol. That’s a good point about Winnipeg.

    • Jeff Noel, Friedman has reported that Melnyk is open to selling his controlling share, but wants to retain a significant piece so he can stay part of the team as he loves it. Methinks he loves money more, but I am only speculating.
      Some of his statements have obviously hurt (outdoor game) and putting a hard deadline on your GM costs you leverage as more teams have the cap space at the deadline to take on his salary.
      He may love his Sens, but it seems obvious he isn’t helping.
      He wouldn’t be the first owner to lie about relocating or selling his team.

  14. Question for Leaf fans I remember when Toronto signed Tavares I said Mathews wouldn’t be happy. Most said he would be fine with it. Now Babcock didn’t give Austin a letter I believe he is pissed. Wait till Mathews gets 2nd power play time and less ice time he will explode. Babcock is playing mind games with Austin not sure why guess he wants to show him that the tail doesn’t wag the dog.


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