NHL Rumor Mill – September 15, 2018

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Latest on Bobby Ryan, William Nylander, Rick Nash, Cory Schneider and more in your NHL rumor mill.

The Ottawa Senators weren’t willing to do discounts during Bobby Ryan trade discussions. (Photo via NHL Images)


SPORTSNET: In his latest “31 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman reports the closest Erik Karlsson came to being traded prior to getting dealt to the San Jose Sharks on Thursday was to the Vegas Golden Knights at last season’s trade deadline. He was told it would’ve been “a better business deal, but not a great hockey deal”. That means Senators winger Bobby Ryan was included but the Golden Knights would not send their best in the return.

TSN: Darren Dreger reported Thursday the Senators weren’t willing to give teams a discount for taking on Ryan while they were negotiating a Karlsson trade. “Vegas sources indicating that Ottawa wouldn’t put a value on taking the Ryan contract,” Dreger said. “Ottawa’s perspective was, ‘No, you’re getting a decent NHL player here who happens to have an ugly contract. But it’s a hockey trade.'”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates Ryan is signed through 2021-22 with an annual average value of $7.25 million. Unless the Senators are willing to absorb part of that cap hit or take back a toxic contract in return, they’re going to have a tough time finding any takers for him. 


Friedman reports there’s no clarity on the future of unrestricted free agent winger Rick Nash. His wife recently gave birth to their third child and Nash’s injury history has him considering retirement.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: My guess is Nash will retire. If he’s still uncertain about his future as training camps open, I don’t think he’s really ready to keep playing. 

It’s rumored Toronto Maple Leafs forward William Nylander seeks a contract comparable to Edmonton Oilers’ forward Leon Draisaitl’s $8.5 million AAV.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: He’s not getting that much. The Leafs are rumored offering around $6 million annually and I don’t see them going much higher. Nylander is coming off an entry-level deal and has no leverage other than refusing to play and that’s not going to do him any favors. 


WINNIPEG SUN: Ken Wiebe notes how long defenseman Jacob Trouba remains with the Jets is a storyline that just won’t go away. He’s under an arbiter-awarded one-year, $5.5-million contract, making him eligible next summer to once again become a restricted free agent with arbitration rights. He’ll also be only a year away from unrestricted free agency.

Some feel the Jets would be better off moving Trouba, but “unless the Jets get blown away by a trade offer that includes a young, controllable top-pairing blue-liner, having Trouba in the fold for a Stanley Cup run makes the most sense.” If they can’t re-sign him before next summer, Wiebe feels the likely outcome is the Jets move the blueliner by the 2019 NHL Draft.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless the Jets suffer a massive collapse that knocks them out of playoff contention by the Feb. 25, 2019 trade deadline, Trouba won’t be going anywhere this season. I concur with Wiebe’s take. 

NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis recently suggested the New Jersey Devils could explore the trade market for 32-year-old goaltender Cory Schneider if he can’t be the bedrock between the pipes. Schneider has four years remaining on his contract with an annual average value of $6 million.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Devils GM Ray Shero could explore Schneider’s trade value if he’s no longer a capable starting goalie. That cap hit and no-trade clause, however, will make moving him a difficult task. 

Regarding the New York Rangers, Cyrgalis wondered if GM Jeff Gorton would consider moving pending UFA forwards Kevin Hayes and Mats Zuccarello for future assets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If there’s decent offers for those guys they could be gone by the trade deadline. 



  1. Kind of odd to see GM’s being patient with so many RFA’s…I guess in the cap world you absolutely have to be or you are going to cause yourself issues down the road.

    • It is good to see GM’s finally showing a bit of backbone and using the tools that they have at their disposal. Mind you the cap world has also kinda forced the issue on them.
      In Nylander’s case it is important not to overpay him because of the repercussions it has on the rest of of the Leafs salary structure. An overpay here means millions extra down the road. It kinda sucks for Nylander that he is first up on the RFA list for the Leafs, and double sucks that the family history is one of forcing the issue for max. money. But at this point the Leafs can’t give in now, their salary structure is actually on the line here. Not to mention that this will be a test of Duba’s will to negotiate hard, he needs to hold firm, much like Yzerman and Sakic did when faced with similar problems. It will establish his reputation which will help him in the future.

    • Sorry in advance my post today is all over the place because I am so upset at this process…because I know where we are finally going as a team.

      I know in the past the Leafs did not have a lot to draw upon from the minors …and would have given more money to players that did not deserve it to fill out a roster with quality players …BUT…now the Leafs have some very HIGH quality depth on the farm team and especially on the Wings…and why Connor Brown and Hyman are not getting legit props is beyond me these can play and Connor Brown can put up points he scored 20 goals in his first full year and is way undervalued…..

      Leafs also have great depth on the wings with Kapanen and Johnsson are VERY CAPABLE players and if you put Kapanen in a Nylander roll I think you will get the same results with Kappy as you would with Nylander give or take +3 or minus -3.

      I DO NOT want Nylander on this team for
      $8 million… NO WAY !!

      He is a North and South player who gets lost in the corners and shys away from any and all hits….he is an easy player to replace.

      Id save that extra money for Marner 100%

      Nylander has to go….the problem is no one will take him now because of the overblown asking amount on his worth.

      How do the Oilers make a trade for Nylander for Nurse knowing they can’t or ( WON’T) sign a Nylander for $8 million…either even though it makes sense to play him with McDavid??

      AS a Leaf fan …this will be a serious next 5 years where they have a legit shot at the cup every year…do not… hamper the plan by overpaying a pretty boy …his numbers can easily be replaced by Tavares and others in extra points along with the youth that is extremely capable of putting up numbers in Kappy and Johnsson if used properly !

      Also there are some very high quality players knocking on the door in Timashov Lindholm Grundstrum Engvall Trevor Moore who can in my opinion be just as good and maybe better overall depth players !

      Leafs have enough fire power they should not and hopefully…. will not…. put themselves in a jam by signing Nylander….just make a quality deal and move on and sign Marner Matthews and get this over with .

      Matthews missed a lot of games last year and still made the playoffs.
      Nylander is not a guy who will make or break them making the playoffs with this roster any more.

      Send him packing and pay Marner!

      • Tor can afford Tavares, Matthews, Marner & Nylander.

        This is all just part of the business, the posturing that comes with players who have huge impacts offensively & or defensively if a Dman coming out of their ELC’s.

        Nylander isn’t getting 8 mil. Bridge him at 5 for 2 or sign him like a bunch of the other players coming out of their ELC’s at 6 years in or around 5 or 6. He is potentially the most logical player to be moved eventually to try & upgrade the D if Tor chooses to do so but that possibility doesn’t exist until next summer when Myers who may be had for nothing more than cash or Trouba & or Ceci hit the market.

      • You are hysterical, give yourself a slap. Nylander is not easily replaced, is not getting 8.5 forever (only the Oilers would do that)and is not being traded any time soon. It is a contract negotiation and Nylander is in a position of weakness. All is good.

      • If they can get a dman for nylander they should do it! He is just like his old man very soft and useless in the playoffs

    • GM’s being patient? how about players being patient? It’s a who blinks first thing. Gm’s don’t remember contentious contract negotiations like a player does.

  2. If that’s true regarding Nylander’s contract demands it’s no wonder he’s not resigned.

    Leon might not be worth 8.5 either, but at least he’s a legitimate top 6 center that can run his own line and is the second best player on the team behind CMD.

    Nylander has inflated numbers next to Matthews ..I’d offer him 5.5 x 7 and if he’s not signing it I’d trade him.

    Save you forward fillers for marner and Matthews

    • “Nylander has inflated numbers next to Matthews ..I’d offer him 5.5 x 7 and if he’s not signing it I’d trade him.”

      Its pretty hard to argue that Mathews has not helped his numbers, I realize some point to the 20 or so games Mathews was out and how Nylander didn’t completely disappear but he also didn’t continue putting up numbers like he did with Mathews.

      From what I have seen from Nylander so far he strikes me as a player like Kessel, meaning only that if you took Nylander from Toronto and put him on the third line and PP of a team that already has a solid first 2 lines he would flourish.

      I don’t see his corner work or lack thereof every changing but his skill is still going to help any team, at the right price.

      • The argument that his numbers are inflated because he plays with Mathews seems a little weak to me Nylander is no where near an 8 mill player, but has anyone looked at Mathews numbers with out Nylander? His numbers with a different winger than Nylander also fall of quite a bit, and the guys on Nylander line have better numbers with him than without…maybe the reason Mathews and Nylander put up those type numbers together are they are both pretty good players.

      • Agreed & welcome back to the party.

      • True enough Shticky though I have never actually broken down the numbers, my 50 year old eyes see a player in Mathews that is superior to Nylander in virtually every aspect of the game.

      • Agreed but players compliment each other. Most teams have a fairly dedicated pair now on their top 2 lines. Matthews is a superior player but that doesn’t make Nylander not worth his value. The complement each other very well.

      • It is all Matthews! Nylander would bad without him, look when Matthews was a no show in the playoffs Willy was no where to found

    • Leon had a tough year , as did the entire team . Spent too much time with mcdavid last year and away from him his lack of wingers has been well documented . The power play was also not confident and clicking .
      But let’s just look at his numbers and see if 8.5 is an overpayment in year 1/8 on a 21 year old just entering prime .
      25 g 45 a 70 points
      -7 to a team -40
      56% faveoff percentage (top ten)
      36th in league scoring
      18th in 5v5, ahead of stamcos Ovechkin Benn Kane
      Doesn’t appear to be overpaid today and that’s only going to get better for the next 7 .
      Dubas can attempt to get value down the road and go long, or save dollars today and bridge. If it lands on a 1 year bridge after lengthy stare down not sure how they afford him next year .

      • Tavares just signed for 11 and Leon outscored him 5v5 , was better on draws , wasn’t on the ice for 114 goals against , the most in 20 years other than mark recchi , both missed the playoffs , Tavares had 16 more points , on back end of prime .
        This was hailed a “hometown discount” and a great deal for guy on back end of prime instead of entering .
        How ?
        As a side , I like Tavares is a great player , but not an 11 million dollar player going forward or even in his prime years .

      • Tavares just turned 27 his skill set sublime. Barring injury he posts career #’s across the board in Tor. Nor do I see any significant decline in his production until well into his 30’s should still score 30+ goals & 70+ points right up to 34 possibly 35. The entire duration of this deal essentially.

        Tavares followed the money to some extent. Apparently, numerous teams offered more but not as bonus laiden as Tor’s & of the teams that apparently offered more Tor gave him the best chance to win & return home.

        Comparing the contract of a player who is a UFA selling his services to the highest bidder with no the signing team having no investment in him but the cash they are about to expended to that of a player coming out of his ELC isn’t possible for me. Both aren’t even fruits never mind apples & oranges.

        Comparing Tavares contract to Draisaitl’s just doesn’t work for me.

      • Interesting points Craig but take a look at these numbers seems to point more towards the team as a whole which should be the case when analysing a team as bad as the Islanders were last year.


    • It 2016-17 Nylander played about 1/2 his ES ice time with Matthews, last season just over 60%.

      Nylander is a great offensive player in his own right & just scratching the surface of his abilities with only 2 full seasons of NHL play & a whopping total of 185 NHL regular season games under his belt. He can play C & has on the odd occasion when injuries & suspensions have forced the need but no opportunity for him to do so in Tor.

      Nylanders #’s since entering the NHL are almost exactly identical to Draisaitls & Draisaitl may be a full-time C now but has played far more NHL games as a RW for McDavid so far in his career than C. Nor has Nylander gotten the same quantity nor quality of minutes as Draisaitl over the last 2 seasons.

      That said I’m not paying Nylander Draisaitl monies I wouldn’t have paid them to Draisaitl either. I prefer a bridge deal at 2 years for 5.5 the longer the term the higher the cap hit. 6 to 8 years in or around 6.5 seems very fair factoring in the statement above.

      Tor doesn’t miss a beat without Nylander & his agent should know this, Brown takes his roster spot, Kapanen Browns & someone Leivo, Ennis, etc. Kapanen’s. The forward depth in Tor is exceptional.

      • I stated my case for Leon , an his 8.5 hit , also coming off top 10 season and great playoff performance . I mentioned Tavares only because he signed after , at 11 million and it was deemed a discount .. kind of , in the sense he could have received more on the ufa market like you stated . But is 70 points worth 11 million going forward ? I didn’t say he was going to fall off a cliff I agree he will maintain a high level of play for the majority of contrsct . But he wasn’t worth 11 million in his 24/25/26/27 seasons , no cups , no 90 point seasons . He’s not worth 11 million imo . Especially not when comparing the on ice numbers , not contract and ufa rfa status compared to Leon just last year , and the year before and saying he is overpaid at 8.5 . Pete could have bridged him and now would be looking to entend at higher than 8.5 , I am a fan and was before the signing of locking him up long for value down the road . What’s his worth if it’s not 8.5 today based on numbers and on ice play ?

      • @craig, the Islanders where atrocious defensively and Weight did not hold the players to account properly while using his attack first style of play, which I also believe was largely to blame for the numbers.


      • No, but that’s the market for UFA’s of this calibre. It’s simply the market for UFAs. A player coming out of his ELC can be cost controlled far easier simply due to the leverage in play. It’s those UFA years your buying that cost a fortune & Edm only bought 3 with Draisaitl, Tor 7 with Tavares.

        I would have been willing to have taken Tavares at 11 mil in Bos. I would prefer to pay far less but I would move Krejci in a minute to take on that 11 mil cap hit to find a solution to the cap issues going forward.

        Again I can’t compare the 2 contracts as the market the business side of it is so fundamentally different.

        Now on the ice, I will reserve judgement until both players are well into these deals. Yesterday is great & it is a factor but I’m far more concerned about what’s going to happen than what has happened.

        This is an elite level NHL 2 way C just 2 years into his prime that cost Tor nothing more than cash, something they have in spades.

      • Gary.

        I had an interesting discussion with Halak when he was in Vancouver to play them last season about the system NYI choose to play in NYI last season. Weight wanted them more responsible and tried but couldn’t get the personal in play to do so & Snow wouldn’t give him the players he felt they needed to do so.

        The additions of Komorov & Filppula with the new coaching staff in play will play a completely different system this season.

        I don’t think Barzal even knew the game had a defensive end.

      • Gary
        This was the first year Tavares was given defensive responsibility… the years prior he had offensive zone starts of 62 , 69!, 64 , 65 , with weight that went to 52% . I agree they were bad , but he wears that too . There were a lot of bad teams and goalies and d over the last 20 years , Tavares was the only nhl forward on the ice for 100 goals against , and he was at 114 . For 11 million you are expected to play elite competition and win that battle .

      • Again let’s see what happens to Tavares playing in Tor now not in NYI. Yes, he received very favourable ES deployments in NYI.

        Very curious to see who his primary linemates will be in Tor when the dust settles on the season at ES.

        I wouldn’t wast much time having him taking draws in the D zone that’s what Kadri is for.

      • agree Striker…on other sites Leaf fans constantly proposing Kapenen plus a 1 st or 2nd for defenseman X or a similar package plus a 5 th 0r 6 th defenseman for defense man Y…some propose Nylander obviously…my belief is in my best Beatles 1960’s knock off…is


        which defenseman out there is a credible exchange for Nylander….someone from Carolina, Minnesote or Anaheim maybe a Vancouver young one I would guess….who I don’t know as I have seen them play that often

        Kapenenen is meaner and faster than Nyland…not as skillful

      • As far as Kapanan goes if he wasn’t moved in the Kessel trade he would be going into his third full season as an NHL player. He would be top 6 on a superior Penguins team that may or may not have won either cup without Kessel. As far as the here and now the Leafs made the right choice in this respect. In the Kessel trade they were given their choice between Kapanan and Sprong and the choice between Harrington and Dumoulin as part of the deal. Kap was closer to NHL ready by a year and Hunter picked Harrington because he coached him in London and won a memorial cup with Harrington as his captain. Hunter went so far to say that Harrington was a guy that you would be proud to let your daughter date. Fast forward a few years and the Penguins don’t win back to back cups without Dumoulin, the exact type of player the Leafs are desperate for. Harrington was traded for Rychel and is a 7-8 dman in Columbus now. If Sprong turns into a 35 goal scorer then the Leafs completely blew that trade top to bottom.

    • Nylander has inflated numbers next to Matthews ..I’d offer him 5.5 x 7 and if he’s not signing it I’d trade him.

      This argument is real old. It is what people with no actual acts argue.

      Any mid 20 young goal scorer is going to get $6 plus. You are paying for the future, not just the past.

      And Geez, the cap man, the cap. It’s gone up 10% since Draisaitl signed. Darisaitl’s salary is now equivalent to about $7.75.

      Oh and didn’t Draisaitl have benefit from playing with McDavid? Obviously Nylander deserves even more having to put up with Mathews.

    • Leo not worth 8.5 yet his numbers are rate in line with travares how much is he making are compare his numbers Mathews how much will he make.nylander not worth leon money.

  3. Wee Willy


    Shut The Front Door

    At $8M… Marner then has to get $9M and AM $12M

    with JT, Marleau, Kadri … that basically $51M

    Dubas … wait him out no matter what … absolutely NO MATTER WHAT…. then bridge … do not do long term

    Off to do my weekly shopping and will join back later

    • Paying Marleau was & is stupid & disruptive to the cap & RFA’s.
      The D bites & nothing gets done.
      Glad to see Nylander hold out. The cap isn’t his problem nor his business. Getting paid is priority.
      JT is overrated at 11m & cannot earn it IMO. His contract will have a ripple down effect & each RFA UFA will not eat a discount cuz of an old vet & over paid one who won nothing but still get paid.

      Dubas is in over his head now after laying out the 11m. Other players won’t take it well getting grinded. 10m was max for value.

      Nylander 8/7.25m

      Idc about the upcoming Marner or AM contracts next year & why would Willie. Laughing loud this time next year.

  4. @Craig…he took less money to sign with the laugh’s. San Jose offered more.

  5. Easier for Leon to score 5 on 5 with McDavid being matched against the top lines. Strength of competition, and skill of peers has to be factored into the value of any player. Tavares puts up the majority of his numbers against the NHL elite. It’s not exactly a great comparable between the two. I think they’re both overpaid for the record, but regardless anticipating Leons development like any young players is a crapshoot. There is no guarantee he sustains his level of play like Tavares has, and continues to develop into an elite player.

    • There is no guarantee DC but last year by all accounts was a bad year for Leon .. I showed the real numbers . I realize the team struggled and he owns some of that too . He can’t be faulted for the top 3 d trading extended periods of time out , together and talbot struggling in front of a pieced together d , playing higher up than they should . I don’t think he’s really a question mark , he has a ton of upside and even a bad year wasn’t really that bad individually . I can’t see the pp being as bad myself , or even close to it

    • “Easier for Leon to score 5 on 5 with McDavid being matched against the top lines.”

      You’re right. Malkin is a bum who is just lucky that he’s on the same team as Crosby.

      • That is a great point and it’s a strong reason for Leaf fans to be excited about the 18/19 season – strength and depth at centre. I could care less who ends up with the most points on the team, Tavares, Matthews, Marner, Nylander, who cares!
        I just want to see how far this group can go in the playoffs.

    • Two strait 70 plus point seasons let’s remember he went head to head getzlaf in the playoffs and out played leon can play against the best and hold his own.Conners numbers went up playing with leon as well

  6. I would be ready to bet some $$$$ that Trouba will be traded at the draft. Jets are bumping against the cap and won’t be able to pay a premium to keep Trouba in western Canada.
    A dman with term on his contract, prospect and draft pick will be a likely return.

    • Well they can’t keep everybody Flyer Fan, and they just signed Wheeler long term, so agree somewhat. If Trouba wants to stay at a reasonable # then I do what I can to keep him. WPG has incredible depth and prospects up front, but not on the blue line. If he wants to hit UFA status and test the market then he is the obvious one to move on from. Chevvy needs to find out, and next off season will be when he has to make that decision.

      • Trouba isn’t going anywhere until the draft. I would think by now Chevy knows exactly what Jacob wants.
        But for today Chevy is concentrating on Josh Morrissey one of the 7 unsigned RFA’s in the NHL, reports last night was that Vegas and Theodore are not close, that will be interesting to see unfold.
        Back to Morrissey everyone expected this to be done long ago all the report were and still are amicable. Chevy and Morrissey camp reported over a week ago all was going well and expected a signing shortly. That didn’t happen, so what did? Could it be as simple as lockout protection? Don’t know but what we do know from history is that Chevy won’t give in so Josh can sign wait until the last day of November to sign.

    • “A dman with term on his contract, prospect and draft pick will be a likely return.”

      Why would a team that needed defensive help trade one of their defensemen for Trouba? I makes no sense. The Jets don’t need forwards, so the trade is likely only for futures. The Jets probably don’t want to do this, which is Trouba hasn’t been dealt yet. Also, Trouba has shown himself to be trouble at contract negotiating time and highly injury prone. Trading him for much of a return is not going to be easy.

      • It will be a much younger Dman 3 or 4 years Trouba’s junior within or around 2 seasons of sheltered NHL play but on a nice development trajectory.

        If Trouba is traded there will be an all-out bidding war for his services especially if he’s willing to sign with the team acquiring him at point of trade.

      • Striker, that’s exactly the type of defensemen I was referring to.
        As a Flyers fan I would love to see him in Philadelphia. A right handed shot to pair with Provorov or ghost.
        This is pure arm chair GMing. Two Manitoba kids..Sanheim and Wade Allison along with a draft pick to Winnipeg.

      • I have him going home for some reason & not a Detroit fan but wishful thinking for him & Detroit which was my dad’s favourite team.

  7. Here’s a somewhat crazy idea. If Schneider can’t handle full time starting goalie duties and Bob won’t sign a reasonable contract with the Jackets, why not do a one-on-one deal? NJ should have the cap space to give Bob the 10 year-$10mill per contract he’s reportedly seeking and Schneider could split time with Korpisalo, giving him a chance to develop into a full time starter.

    • “It will be a much younger Dman 3 or 4 years Trouba’s junior within or around 2 seasons of sheltered NHL play but on a nice development trajectory.”

      That’s called futures. Trading on spec. But 3-4 years is “much younger?” Really?

      • ???????????

  8. Morrissey is in Winnipeg, and has been seen working out at the Jets facilities so I do believe that everything is cordial on the contract negotiation front. Its not like hes Nylander on a different continent, clearly ready to wait it out. As far as Trouba is concerned if he did hit the block there would be a huge market for his services, the Jets just know they aren’t likely to get a player of his talent so they are not interested in trading him at this time. Trouba as well must know if they win the cup and he has a solid playoffs money is going to rain from the sky. Unfortunately it most likely won’t be in Canadian skies.
    Personally I think Draisaitl is a 7.5 million a year player, and they’re paying for potential which is not great considering most teams are keeping their younger players on the cheap to offset those big money prime player contracts. If Edmonton had signed Draisaitl and not McDavid first I think they could have gotten a better deal.

    • For me, I don’t care where these 7 RFA’s are, all are pushing for long-term deals so they can make themselves UFA’s in or around 27. Some will get them, some won’t but I like Pengy would bridge all of them whether they like it or not.

      If they want to withhold services so be it, I bite that bullet & make the best of it till they capitulate. Does anyone here think that any of these kids are sitting out an entire season and if they did what happens next summer?

      The last holdout ironically was Trouba. He capitulated after 22 games.

      • I wouldn’t bridge anyone right now. I want long term. Why? The Canadian dollar is way down. Eventually it will pop back up. Since much of league revenue depends on Canadian sources the cap will absolutely explode. Contracts signed now will look like bargains in a few years. You can absolutely bet on this.

      • Different players are in different situation with their teams. I think Winnipeg can ride out Josh; however I expect a signing today or tomorrow. Interesting that Myers isn’t on the ice today in Winnipeg.
        Can Vegas out last Theodore? If they stumble out of the gate, that will put pressure on Vegas to get something done sooner rather then later. Same could be said for Nurse in Edmonton.
        Not necessarily sold on a bridge, which could end of costing you more longer term.
        In Josh Morrissey case it’s been reported he wants a bridge and the team wants long term. Josh is betting on himself to grow as a player and Winnipeg expects he will progress and want long term to save $$$ today not tomorrow.

      • I can’t speak to the Canadian dollar going up really, all the so-called experts, currency traders, say it is going down. The real cap increase is coming when the NHL negotiates its new national TV contract in the US. The NHL will get its 1st real national TV deal & it will pail in comparison to the other 3 majors but will significantly increase the cap 1 year after it’s accounted for in HRR.

        Should the Canadian dollar rise that will also help but far bigger revenue streams coming online for the NHL over the next decade.

  9. I dont think any of them hold out an entire season but I do believe Mr Striker that locking up kids on a long term deal is the most prudent option. Bridges are nice but also come with a risk of arbitration hearings and having a player walk away earlier than signing for 6 to 8 years with a potential extension in their prime. Ultimately it costs the team around the same, but is easier to keep a strong core together as it adds an element of cost certainty. It also makes facilitating trades easier if you have a player left with term on a cap friendly deal as opposed to say the Trouba situation. Just my 2 cents, there are pros and cons to each.

    • “Ultimately it costs the team around the same, but is easier to keep a strong core together as it adds an element of cost certainty. ”

      Paying Bobby Ryan over $7, Corey Perry $8.6 and Brandon Dubinsky almost $6 is also cost certainty – certainty that the cost is too much. Like most cliche’s, internet just spout them without really giving much thought to what they are talking about.

    • Yes after potentially 5 contractual years the arbitration 2 years to UFA status is a serious concern see Trouba.

      It doesn’t need to be acrimonious see Kucherov in TB. Just spell it out to the player & if he wants to be part of it great if not we cross the next business hurdle when we get there. All, about the risk-reward for me & being able to lock a player up for potentially 13 years as opposed to 9.

      3-year elc, 2-year bridge & if the right player 8 years following.

      Or 3-year elc & then 6 like a ton of kids have been signing. No thank you I don’t want to then have to lock this player up for 7 or 8 years at huge money taking them into their mid 30’s.

      The game is getting younger & this is just the tip of the iceberg. The US invasion is just getting ready to explode.

      • “The game is getting younger”

        In the last 12, the average age has dropped only about a 10-11 months. It is hardly a major trend. And it probably has more to do with the cap, younger=cheaper, than with skill.

      • I think it has more to do with the fact that in the last 5 years or more 95% of the top 50 scorers in the NHL are all under the age of 32.

      • Nothing happens quickly in the NHL, everything occurs at a snail’s pace.

    • No Mr please. Ha-ha!

      • “I think it has more to do with the fact that in the last 5 years or more 95% of the top 50 scorers in the NHL are all under the age of 32.”

        I’m going to guess that you made this up out of thin air. Even so, these is meaningless statistics. What were they in 2005-1010? 2000-2005?

    • “I can’t speak to the Canadian dollar going up really, all the so-called experts, currency traders, say it is going down”

      If followed the Canadian dollar closely for many years. If anything is true, it is that currency traders are clueless.

  10. Not a fan of Trouba. I think Winnipeg has the best chance to win the cup this year, greatest fans and rink to play in and that’s still not enough for him. You still get the sense he wants out. The only question the Jets have is at center and I believe if Roslovic can’t wrestle 2C from Little they’ll be looking to upgrade there. I believe Jets are going to want to load up for playoff run and they won’t trade current impact players to do that so Trouba gets dealt in offseason. I guess we’ll see where the Jets stand then and how they view their depth at C and D. I dunno, I wouldn’t want Trouba at 7mil or more. I just don’t think he’ll be that impactful. Besides, they just handed a HUGE contract to an aging Wheeler so there is going to be tough decisions coming up.

    • I love Trouba’s game & he’s still just a kid at 24 with 326 NHL regular season games. The best is yet to come but the present is as Win’s #2.

  11. Ryan and Schneider could move if 50% retained . ..Scrooge should think he is saving 3.6 rather than costing him 3.6 for no services in return . Will also open another roster spot if the Sens are going with 10 rookies. They will have to keep Stone and Duchene with Pageau out.

    Flyers are going score some goals. I predict top 6 in the league in GF

    • I agree, the Flyers should have plenty of offence this season. The real question is, as its been since Hextalls rookie season is how will the goaltending hold up? I have zero faith in Elliott and not much more in Neuvirth. I would personally like to see one of Stolarz, Lyon or Hart steal one of the two positions. I think Philly has Hart earmarked for LeHigh Valley unless he is absolutely above and beyond everyone else at camp.

      As usual, the Flyers will only go as far as their suspect goaltending will take them.

      • I would guess Hextall won’t think Hart is ready this year and spends the year in LV. Hopefully playing at least 50 games.

        My hope is Alex Lyon beats out Neuvorth for the back up tender. As I am tired of Nuevorth coming up hurt everytime he’s needed. Nuevorth can spend his last year in LV with the phantom.

      • Stolarz had a big setback last year, nevertheless hoping he could steal starter job this year instead of backup.

      • Have him play great and then in comes Hart soon after. Imagine that! A goalie controversy in Philly!

      • The flyers won’t win anything with that donkey hextall in charge! He just signed a player on the decline for 5 yrs at 7 million

  12. I hope the leafs never win a cup in my life time and I hope I live to 100 they have yet to accomplish anything and you leaf fans think there the team of the century

    • Last years oilers!

      • last 50 years leafs?

    • You’re half right – you may live to 100. Cheers!
      BTW, wouldn’t you love a Leafs/Oilers Final?

  13. Glad you got that off your chest!

  14. Why not go the Ottawa route and sign Nylander to a lucrative one year contract.. pay him 7 on a one year deal. If he plays mediocre, the Leafs have the leverage to sign him for less, if he plays lights out, they can get a great trade return for him at the 2019 draft, leaving the money on the table for Marner and Matthews. Nylander would be an RFA again and Toronto would NOT be backed into a corner to accept a lesser deal for him to avoid letting him walk July 1st.

  15. Well the rumour mill wasn’t too boring this year. Seems Lyle had plenty to write about right up to train g camps. Hehe