NHL Rumor Mill – September 17, 2018

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The potential cost for the Bruins to pursue Artemi Panarin plus the latest on Darnell Nurse in your NHL rumor mill.


BOSTON GLOBE: Kevin Paul Dupont mused over the potential cost for the Boston Bruins to pursue Columbus Blue Jackets left wing Artemi Panarin. Noting the $2.75 million in salary-cap relief they received by shipping Adam McQuaid last week to the New York Ranger, Dupont points out they’re “on the cusp” of being able to afford Panarin’s $6-million cap hit for this season. They also have depth in young roster players and prospects to tempt Blue Jackets general manager Jarmo Kekalainen.

Should the Boston Bruins attempt to acquire Columbus Blue Jackets left wing Artemi Panarin? (Photo via NHL Images)

Dupont wonders if Panarin, who’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July, would re-sign a long-term deal with the Bruins and if they would pony up $8 million per season to make him happy. He believes the Blue Jackets might want young forwards Jake DeBrusk and Ryan Donato in return but feels it would be worthwhile to acquire a winger who’s averaged 80 points per season.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Adding an 80-point winger would provide a big boost to the Bruins second-line scoring depth. However, most of the Bruins speculation this summer suggested a preference for a power forward like Philadelphia’s Wayne Simmonds, who’d be more affordable than Panarin.

If the Bruins are interested in Panarin they’ll want assurances they can re-sign him before pursuing a trade. For now, I think Bruins GM Don Sweeney is content to evaluate his roster over the course of this season to see how those younger assets perform.

Another factor could be salary-cap space beyond this season. Cap Friendly indicates the Bruins have over $62 million tied up in 16 players with young defensemen Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo, as well as promising forward Danton Heinen, due to become restricted free agents next summer. They’re likely to seek significant raises. There’s also captain Zdeno Chara to re-sign. Shipping out DeBrusk (863K cap hit for 2019-20) and Donato (another RFA) for an $8 million winger won’t leave much cap room to re-sign those other players. 


NBC SPORTS: With the Winnipeg Jets re-signing defenseman Josh Morrissey to a two-year, $6.3-million contract, Scott Billeck wonders what effect it will have upon the Edmonton Oilers’ negotiations with restricted free agent blueliner Darnell Nurse. He cites TSN’s Frank Seravalli suggesting this deal should solidify the Oilers’ stance, pointing out Morrissey’s offensive numbers are better despite seeing less power-play time compared to Nurse.

EDMONTON JOURNAL: David Staples cites TSN’s Dustin citing multiple sources claiming the Nurse camp has placed his value at just over $4 million per season. If the Oilers are offering $3 million per season on a two-year bridge deal, Staples wonders if the two sides can meet in the middle at around $3.5 million annually. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I believe the Morrissey deal just set the value for Nurse’s next contract. I can’t see the Oilers ponying up more than that. The question now is, how long will the Nurse camp stretch this out before finally accepting the inevitable? 



  1. Any bruins fan who says they wouldn’t want Panarin is full of bologna but that’s too steep for a possible rental. One or the other plus a pick would be about right

    • Hi Chrisms

      Yes he’d be great add and steep payment if they are unsure he’d re-up (which I strongly believe is the case).

      “Feeler calls” likely being made but IMO Bos OK to start as is and re-evaluate as season progresses.

      I think it’s much more probable that Panarin moves near/at TDL… so Bos can get in the mix then.

      Of course for me … I’d prefer he goes West but he’ll prob stay in the East

      • It’s highly possible that Columbus never trades him and loses him for nothing. If they are close or in the playoffs, it would take a lot of guts to trade him and risk missing the playoffs. It’s real easy to talk about trade a pending UFA, but when he is one of the stars of team its tough to do. The loss of playoff money, alienating the fans, etc would exact a big toll. If they are way out of the playoffs, then trading him is more than likely.

    • I want him but as always at what cost. The business side is in play for me always. I’m not giving up Debrusk & or Donato to acquire a player if he was willing to sign, wants 8+ for 8 years today.

      Bos doesn’t need Panarin, as stated below might either of these players be Panarin by 25, 26 or 27?

      • I’m very happy entering the season in Bos as is & seeing what the kids can bring to the team. If they aren’t ready for the roles they are being asked to play then use the 5 mil in cap space that increases in value with each passing day of the NHL season as salaries are paid out.

        I can live with this.

        Marchand, Bergeron, Pastrnak.
        Debrusk, Krejci, Donato.
        Bjork, Backes, Heinen.
        Nordstrom, Kuraly, Acciari.
        Spare. Wagner.

        Chara, McAvoy.
        Krug, Carlo.
        Grzelcyk, Miller.
        Moore, Kampher.

        Rask, Halak.

        The following Kids are biting at the bit if Bjork or Danato stumble & both don’t need to clear waivers. Forsbacka-Karlsson, Frederic, Cehlarik & Fitzgerald are waiting in the AHL & I assume 1 of Winnik & or Stempniak will be signed as depth insurance as soon as the 1st IR hits. Winnik would be a solid addition. A very good defensive player that can kill penalties & play either wing & C in a pinch.

        I see no reason barring a serious injury to a player like Marchand, Bergeron, or Krejci that could stop Bos from competing with TB & Tor for the Atlantic Div. Not saying they will win it won’t be locking my standings pool selections in till the deadline at 4 PM on Oct. 3rd. Parity is alive & well & really anything can happen when you factor in injuries which aren’t really predictable. See Vegas, Col & NJ last season.

      • Debrusk or Donato won’t be close to Panarin at 26, if he signs an extension Debrusk,Donato and pick might work

      • How do you know? Until they develop we have no idea what they will be. Debrusk has 70 games & Donato 12 of NHL regular season experience, 2 more full seasons for Debrusk & 3 for Donato before we will really have any idea who or what they are. I’ll take their cost-controlled contracts & years to UFA status to see what they will become as opposed to Panarin & his term & contract demands now.

        Nor do I think Bos is on his radar at least not from the rumours about his choices thank God.

      • DeBrusk is the kind of player you want to keep long term, skilled, leader, good attitude, don’t see the Bruins parting with him. They have a great mix this year. Moore is an upgrade from McQuaid, Heinen and DeBrusk should be even better, and Halak is an upgrade also. Way too early to even think about including Donato in any trade

      • They might also be Joe Colbornes.

      • Debrusk already dwarfed Colbornes NHL career in 1 season.

      • You say cost certainty but nylander to this point has caused some issues. DeBrusk could pull a similar stunt. Teams like Montreal and ott are in that save for the future period. Or should be. Boston like many others should be in the win phase. Many fans get so caught up in the build aspect they forget the ultimate goal

      • Striker if you can’t see the difference in skill set between Panarin and those two you’re wearing your black and yellow tinted glasses! That’s just a dumb comment

      • You can’t even compare these players to Panarin today. Panarin entered the NHL at 24 having played 5 years in the KHL with men.

        If you don’t know how age & development work trying to compare the 2 is a dumb idea. When Debrusk & Donato have the same level of development I will compare them. They don’t so I can’t.

        I have barely seen Donato play but Debrusk & Panarin a ton already & both live numerous times. These aren’t apple to apple comparisons as Debrusk plays a far different style of hockey to Panarin.

        The jury’s out stop living in the past or the now as what we are discussing here is the future both in abilities & salary demands.

        Chrisms if Debrusk or Donato choose to hold out let them & Nylander for that matter. If a GM or a team & I’m not, just a businessman I use the leverage I have when I have it & let the ramifications of such play out. I support the Kucherov model, not the Draisaitl model.

        Debrusk & Donato are years from having any leverage & when they do I expect them to use it as well as would I. That is the business model in the NHL under the current CBA. I hate the saying but it is what it is.

      • No website,scout, gm or player would say those 2 will be even close to Panarin in skill! Give your head a shake and quit trying to talk yourself into it it’s just wrong

      • I would not move debrusk for panarin. He is darn good will get better and wont suck up too much cap dollars allowing the team to fill holes in other areas.

        So not a brain fan but I say know to a tmpermental player who may suddenly think the grass is greener elsewhere.

      • Striker I actually partially believe you enjoy the development and mental gm’ing Over watching your team win the cup. Now before that’s seen as an insult it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Only 1 team wins the cup. 30 teams build towards it. It’s a nice ego defense to get used to the build it part. I know. As a pens fan I was there. And might be again soon enough.

  2. Thank you for spelling bologna right. Totally agree with your assessment Chrisms. If Panarin likes the big city life there is a good chance Boston gets him via UFA next July too. Is it worth giving up a DeBrusk for the guarantee? Also I may be wrong but I think Panarin will be asking for a lot more than 8 million.

    • I don’t think you can give up a Debrusk PLUS for Panarin …

      Debrusk is becoming a heart and soul guy for the Bs…if he tails off like a Domi …than you have issues..but he is worth the time and investment long term…
      once he fills out into a mans body in another 3 – 4 years ..he will be a very high quality power forward…with an edge that are hard to come by these days.

      It’s obvious Panatin wants to have things HIS WAY …so no matter what team he ends up with him at the deadline he will hit the open market ..it only makes sense for him to be able to ratch up his worth and choose his team on his own terms as it seems he wants to…IMO… not worth the investment… a la Duchene !

      No one player makes or breaks a TEAM anymore…it took OVI 15 years to win a cup …and the team that won it was not necessarily the best Caps team he has been on….Teams need to be careful when investing in UFAs these days as rentals…I am just finding that they have not really panned out..or been worth the amount given up most times…as the player usually walks.


      • Well put Kal El. I agree with your take.

      • “and the team that won it was not necessarily the best Caps team he has been on”

        This is absurd. Of course it was the best. Bill Parcells said it best,”You are what your record says you are.” The team that won the cup was the best by the only definition that matters.

    • Not directed at you DC just on topic. Panarin turns 27 on Oct. 30th & will want to be paid huge money for 7 or 8 years carrying him through his age 34 or 35 seasons. Aren’t these the contracts most of you on this forum hate huge money deals taking players well into their 30’s? I hate them, I accept them but I’m doing everything possible not to put myself in this position using the leverage I have when I have it to bridge so their long-term deals carry them into their early 30’s, 31 or 32.

    • “Debrusk already dwarfed Colbornes NHL career in 1 season.”

      What about Donato. You don’t want to trade him and he’s done nothing. Besides, Panarin dwarfs Debrusk. So there!

  3. Set the market? Peter Chiarelli, overpays for every player for every signed. He dont care about the market…

    • Correct Scooter, nobody tells sets the market like Chiarelli. With that set he did sign Seguin to a great contract for Dallas.

      • True, the only good/fair contract he ever signed a player for, they are still cleaning up his mess in Boston

      • Hahaha jack, mess ? He left ? They won a cup on his watch , he signed Chara , hows Bergeron contract look today ? He drafted Marchand , Heinen , grezlyk , found Krug outside the draft … to mention a few , I don’t recall them suffering for years after he built teams who went to the playoffs 8 straight years before final year , 1 ending in a cup . In Edmonton , the mcdavid deal is great , talbot was good trade and sign , klefbom a great sign … but don’t let the facts stand in the way of a good Pete bash . Was he perfect ? No , did he make big moves ? Yes, a few bad ones , but not nearly all , did Boston win a cup ? Yes , did they suffer after he left ? No , and he has rebuilt the prospect pool in Edmonton in a few years .

      • Craig, some guys just, by nature, gravitate to the “what have you done for me lately club”

      • Jack.

        What a crock of BS.

        Chiarelli was hired May 26th, 2006, fired on April 24, 2015. In those 9 years Bos made the playoffs every year but his 1st & his last missing in the final game of the season. 2 cup appearances winning the cup in 2011.

        From 2006-07 thru 2014-15 Bos won 857 regular season games good for 7th. Playoff games 4th with 57.

        Chara signed as a UFA on July 1, 2006. That has set the stage for Boston’s success to for over the last decade. Do you think Chiarelli was aware of what Chara was about to become having come from Ottawa? 1 of the greatest UFA signings ever. Here we are 12 years later & Chara is still Bos’s #1 Dman.

        I could go on & on with great signings but let’s just cover off the 2 exceptional 1’s. Chara above & Bergeron 8 years at 6.85 per in July 12, 2013. There are tons of others but these 2 are exceptional.

        How about his draft record.

        Marchand, Kessel, Lucic, Seguin, Spooner, Hamilton, Subban, Grzelcyk, Fitzgerald, Pastrnak, Donato, Heinin, Bjork & those are just the 1’s I can think of off the top of my head.

        GM’s make good moves & they make bad 1’s you hope the good outweighs the bad. Bos coming out of their cup win had cap issues. Seguin was moved for such & if rumours are to be believed it had little to do with Chiarelli but Sinden & Neely.

        People like to look solely at the trade but not the business side of trades but in a cap world, you can’t. Money has to work just ask Chicago I don’t think they mind either.

        Sweeney solved the cap issues immediately upon taking over, moving out Chiarelli assets to add to the kitty that makes up the rebuilding Bruins of today, a rebuild or transition on the fly that Sweeney 3 years into.

        What cap issues are still being unravelled, Sweeney addressed it all prior to 2015 draft?

  4. Absolutely correct, Donato and Debrusk may not equal the current production of Panarin, potentially they could. Nonetheless, Panarin would be a perfect addition as noted above for a player and a pick. The Bs would also have to find takers for Backes. BTW McQuaid’s salary as I understand is set to pay for Chara’s easily attained bonuses this season.

    • “Absolutely correct, Donato and Debrusk may not equal the current production of Panarin, potentially they could. ”

      And a meteor could potentially destroy the earth tomorrow. So what’s your point?

      • Who lives there life that way?

        I have kids, cousins, nephews & nieces. I don’t live for today but for tomorrow building the foundation for my families future.

        If a meteor was hitting the earth tomorrow we would know about it long before it happens & have time to hit our bucket list hard.

  5. Did the hype train award Hanafin that big contract ?
    Morrissey and Nurse imho are better overall Dmen.
    Nurse should be comparable to Noah’s contract. Morrissey knows he has a legit shot at the Cup now thus the discount

    • ds, it is difficult to tell at this point who will be better D-men long term and they are different players. I will put my $$ on Hanafin, elite skater with a higher offensive ceiling and has improved his defensive play significantly.
      The contract was also long term, so can’t compare the AAV to a bridge.
      If the Oil could get Nurse signed to a long term deal at $4.5/year they would. But even if Nurse would sign it they don’t have the cap space to do it.
      The comparables are out there for Nurse on a bridge, he needs to accept reality and get to camp.

      • Hanafin night of needed 500k extra to stay up in Calgary too.

        Hanafin in my limited watching has not looked top pairing in his own end

      • Let me see if I have this straight. A young Dman, Hanafin, that just turned 21 after stepping into the NHL straight out of the draft playing for 1 of the leagues worst teams in modern history has struggled defensively? That’s really incredibly shocking.

        I don’t think Hanafin was drafted to be a defensive Dman & as for his 2-way game well that takes in or around 400 NHL regular season games or 6th NHL season to fully develop unless you were drafted to be a shutdown Dman. Hanafin was drafted for his offensive skills, not his defensive but he isn’t Shattenkirk bad or Barrie bad defensively. He’s at least trying to learn to be.

        I get everyone wants a Doughty, Weber, Suter, Hedman but according to the so-called experts there may only be 12 in the NHL today, you have to get by with far less. Teaching a Dman to be good defensively can be taught. You can’t teach Dman to do what handful can. He was born with those skills & developed them as a young child. He has never had to play a defensive role on any team he played for growing up his job has been to drive offence.

        The 1st time anyone ever really asked him to was Peters when he allowed him to step straight into the NHL in his draft year. Lets reserve judgement on his defensive game till he at least hits 25, 3+ years from now. He’ll be 22 in January. You know where most 21-year-old Dman are? In the minors or just getting a cup of coffee in the NHL if lucky.

  6. Posted already on the Morning Coffee portion …. good deal on Morrisey … glad that has been finalized … great for team; good for Morrisey (I was thinking in the range of another $500 AAV) … he’ll make up for it next contract.

    Yes …. does set “parameters” for Nurse deal. If taking raw offensive numbers (comparing to Morrisey) I see the argument Ed will take …. yet Winn as a team performed much better.

    I love both of them; I see more upside to Nurse… time will tell. Both should get great deals coming out of bridge.

    I think DN is worth $3.5 * 2; and believe the deal will come in very close to this.

    This should also move the negotiations forward on Theo as well.

    Still gob-smacked re:Dotchkin…. my sense is that it had to be more than a weight issue.

    Regardless …. teams should have no issue with a PTO… if it was a weight issue … he’s had his wrists slapped silly ….. get on the stationary; get the blender drinks out; drop the pounds … if he can’t “shape-up” (sorry , just had to use that line); then teams walk away … it’s just a PTO.

    Again , if it was only a weight issue… push himself; prove himself at PTO; sign at league Min. 1 yr… show what you’ve got …. then sign on open market in July

    I’m assuming that once he’s waived and contract terminated … that he’s now a UFA…. does anybody know if that assumption is correct? Thanks

  7. Nurse brings a little more toughness and speed but not worth two million more on a 2 year bridge than Morrissey

    Columbus will stick with Panarin for a while unless it is a deal that makes sense. I don’t think Boston gives up there top two young guns and be saddled with another large contract. Backes or Krejci would need to be involved

    • Silver Seven

      definitely not $2M more per. Worth more IMO— yes; but not $2M AAV— My guess is he’ll sign for $3.4 – $3.6M AAV * 2. He will, IMO , show them big time; and get a substantial raise in 2 years.

      I like the developmental path he is on; his speed; his poise; his athleticism; his strength in front of the net; and his future (my perception of his future that is).

      GMPC should not be dickering around with $200-$300K at this point. DN mgt looking for $4M; per TSN GMPC hovering around the $3.0M mark. Offer $3.3M; countered with $3.7M; settled somewhere in the $3.4 – $3.6 range— and Bob’s your uncle

  8. Boston issues to gain anymore cap relief is they are top heavy Bergeron, Pastrnak, Marchand and Backes $6m or More and Krejci is over $7m then the next highest is Sean Kuraly at $1.275.
    From the forward the one you like to mover to get salary relief is obviously the one that would be the hardest in Backes and his $6m per for 3 years.
    Unless Boston moved out Krug and his $5.25 for 2yrs but the B’s don’t have a replacement for him and Columbus doesn’t need him.

    • Backes, too old, too slow and injury prone … Brutal contract

      • We finally agree on something ed.

    • His contract drops to 4 mil in real dollars over the final 2 seasons & 3 mil next July 1st is signing bonus monies allowing Bos if they choose to move this contract fairly easily. See the previous post. There are always teams looking for cap hits but low real dollars.

      I like Backes & have no issues with this contract. Having surgery to remove part of his colon was unfortunate. Getting sliced open by Gourde’s skate unfortunate. I don’t specifically consider that injury prone more like bad luck as if it is then Karlsson makes Backes injury issues look none existent.

      Prior to last seasons 57 games, of which very few were actually injury related but surgery related due to his colon issue. He played 74, 79, 80, 74, 48; lockout season, 82, 82, 79, 82, 72; 1st full NHL season. This for a player who plays an exceptionally physical game but isn’t a dirty player hitting to hurt. Backes sits 4th in the NHL for hits over that span, 2006-07 thru 2016-17 of games. 5th if we include last season where he lost 25 games.

      Backes is the prototypical power forward for me & can play C or RW. What am I missing? He was signed as a UFA & that’s the market if you want to dip into it. It’s expensive & you are going to need to overpay & outbid the other players unless you get a player like Shattenkirk who took less to go where he wanted but that’s incredibly rare.

      I hope he completes his contract in Bos but if he needs to be moved as the cap space is required & I don’t see an issue anytime soon so be it but he is a model citizen actively engaged in the community & him & his wife run rescue centre for pets doing amazing things for animals in North America.

  9. Boston could do as Detriot has done. Get a Hossa rash (Backes has concussion issues) or in the case of Zetterberg have Backes retire with his bonuses received already achieved. He would be able to earn 26m or his 30m contract. Backes is not untradable.

  10. I don’t want to sacrifice Debrusk or Donato for Panarin. I’d much prefer to retain them & see what they are 3 to 4 years out, I like what they are now. Might either be Panarin by the time they reach 25, 26, 27. Panarin will be 27 at the end of Oct.

    As for cap space not all those players will be seeing long-term deals, several if not all will need to accept bridge deals. Sweeney has also structured his contracts well. Backes contract moves to a modified NTC, 8 teams he would accept a trade to in 2019-20 & 15 in 2020-21. His salary also drops to 4 million in each of the last 2 years & was lockout protected next season with 3 mil paid out as a bonus on July 1. That makes Backes tradable as the team acquiring him would only be on the hook for 1 mil in salary in 2019-20 & 4 mil in 2020-21, if traded after July 1st 2019 for 2 years but a cap hit of 6 mil per.

    Krejci’s deal moves to a modified NTC next season as well, allowing Bos some flexibility should they choose to use it or need to.

    It also potentially makes a buyout of Backes easier in the final season if his skills diminish significantly. His season was sidetracked last season by an illness & injury. He did post 14 goals & 33 points in 57 games playing through his digestive illness & has reported to camp 10 pounds lighter than his historical weight to try & improve his foot speed.

    • Agree Striker, I wouldn’t trade those 2 for for Panarin. I wouldn’t trade Debrusk straight up for 1 year of Panarin. Donato, less of a known asset so sure, but I would prefer to see what he turns into as a player.
      Disagree on the Backes contract, didn’t like it then, don’t like it now.
      Sure you can trade bad contracts, but you always have to add a sweetener, which I think you would have to with this deal. I would prefer not to have to do that, but that is where this deal will be in a year.

      • I don’t see Bos Backes contract as bad it was the UFA market in July of 2016 for this type of asset, he is part of the leadership mentor group. Nor do I think he is being moved out before his contract expires & if it becomes necessary I would be surprised considering how is a contract is structured that Bos would need to do more than pay next July 1st 3 mil signing bonus to facilitate a trade but again find it unlikely.

        All Backes needs to do from the 3rd line is to score in or around 20 goals & 50 points. His points per game had him right on that pace last season & hit people. Well worth the money as he ticks all those boxes & knows 1 knew if all these kids would be ready as they have been. What if they hadn’t?

        We agree to disagree but that’s all good.

      • Haha backes a good contract? You’re nuts

      • Striker, your such a hypocrite. You went on and on about how Browns contract was one of the worst in the league last off-season.

        Now your trying to sell that Backes isn’t a horrible contract cause he’s a mentor?

        Give me Brown and his 2 cups as a mentor any day over Backes and his…..well ah, underachieving career.

    • “I don’t want to sacrifice Debrusk or Donato for Panarin. I’d much prefer to retain them & see what they are 3 to 4 years out, I”

      If Jim Rutherford thought like this, the Pens would have 0 cups. Who dares wins.

    • Bos IMO pretty well set for season start. IMO unless something weird/catastrophic happens I still think they end reg season 2nd or 3rd and tight (Bos/Tor or Tor/Bos).

      Plenty of time to evaluate.

      I think it is a longer shot that Panarin moves now/this fall than at/closed to TDL

      Wait it out; evaluate; and if price is right— move on him at TDL.

      Panarin will dictate basically where he wants to be in Oct of 2019– so IMO rental at that time and return will reflect that.

  11. Nurse could demand more than Morrisey. He played 2 more minutes of TOI/GP than Morrisey. Morrisey finished 4th in TOI/GP in Win at D with 20:27, Nurse finished 2nd in TOI/GP in Edm at D with 22:15. Their deployment via zone starts & type of ice time was virtually identical.

    Agents run all #’s & the 3 differences in play here are TOI/GP Nurse logged almost 10% more ice time, he was drafted 7th overall & Morrisey 13th in the same year & Edm has lost Sekera & needs Nurse far more than Win needs Morrisey. Lets say 3.5 give or take for 2 years & call it a day.

    • Not sure that the extra ice time is a good barometer in this particular scenario. Edmonton lost Sekera last year, Larsson missed time, Klefbom played hurt all year. Nurse was next man up. More out of necessity that strictly earned, where as Morrisey has to earn it against quality team mates.
      To his credit he played well and defended well.
      His offensive game isn’t growing yet though. He has always been able to lug the puck up ice, but once he enters the offensive zone the play dies.
      I don’t know if the game speeds up or he gets nervous, or what, but he won’t be considered as an offensive D-man until he figures that out.
      Which he might, but still an unknown.
      With Sekera out again, he will get plenty of opportunity.
      Accept the same deal and get to camp.

      • Agents use playing time as a comparison, where that ranks them in the pecking order etc. why is a factor but it doesn’t change the fact he did & will be forced to again & moving forward now. Yes, injuries forced the issue but Nurse excelled, he didn’t flounder with far more difficult assignments & its impact on his development profound.

    • Was out for a bit again with meetings.

      posting in order so didn’t see your take on DN at $3.5M’ish.

      I posted above $3.4M-$3.6M — so on same page.

      GMPC does not need to nickel/dime right now … $200K – $300 K won’t break the team. Same goes for DN’s mgt team — he’ll get the payoff in 2 years IMO— $200K – $300K no that huge a deal right now. Sign in mid 3’s — start the year… show ’em.

    • NURse bridge at 3.2 as pegged yesterday

      • SLIghtly lower than I assumed due to holdout , but morrissey contract cemented it , I thought it would end between 3.3-3.5

      • I was right around 3.5 give or take, 3.2 counts. Solid deals for both teams & now next summer they both can be extended for significant monies & 8-year terms ideally locking them up for the next 9 at that time.

  12. What makes anyone think Columbus takes that deal? As far as I can tell, they’re a team that thinks they are contenders and aren’t looking to build towards future. My guess is they’ll wait and see how season plays out. If they’re buyers at deadline, they’ll probably look for equal value from a non contender. If things don’t go well, then maybe they look at a deal like that with Boston. But, after getting burned in Nash trade, not happening without discussing extension first

    • How exactly did they get burned in the Nash deal? They got a first round pick and two decent forwards, one of who turned into Brandon Saad who then turned into Panarin. Looks like a fairly decent trade to me. Better (or luckier) use of the first round pick would have made this trade a decisive win.

      • Whooosh!

      • Rick Nash

  13. DeBrusk close to untouchable for me.
    Too much upside. I would think about Donato but don’t know how you can trade a kid who really wants to play for Boston. How about Krug, Heinen and one of the other young defensemen we have.

    • Debrusk is a maybe 20 goal a yr guy, everyone says leaf fans over value players while I see bruins fans are just as bad

      • Having scored 16 as a rookie I’ll take the over on that bet. I’ll go with 20 easily this season & in or around 30 in 2020-21. As always as long as he plays 75 games a season. I assume all players are going to miss a few, colds, flu’s, aches & pains especially if you play Debrusk’s style of game.

      • Read MacDonald link striker holy cow!

    • Or Krug, Heinen and a conditional pick which becomes a 1st round pick if Boston makes the conference final?

      Columbus would be thrilled to have Krug in the mix, and Heinen is a good prospect to bet on being in their top 6 at the latest by next season.

  14. I am impressed the leafs were not brought into the conversation some how wow as a copper and blue devotee Nurse at 3.5 per is good for both he brings toughness to an otherwise week d

    • 3.2×2 even better . Somehow the narrative will now shift to , should have been 2.9 or long OR should have got it done faster so he didn’t miss camp even if it meant 3.5 . Can’t possibly give Chiarelli an ounce of credit .

      In an ideal world would have loved long term but two year bridge at or around 3.2 was my next best option

      • GMPC got on the good side of this deal . Very fair for Ed. I believe DN worth $200K – $300K more a year … but as I mentioned before …, inconsequential in the long run… IMO he WILL show ‘EK and be rewarded rightfully so on next contract.

        Next up Theo??

      • Ahhhhh…That should have read : Show ‘me not Show ‘ek

        Again myopia and singlefinger typing on iPhone are my downfall

      • Inconsequential ? Pete came up 200 k from his starting valuation and offer . Didn’t hold absolutely firm , got a good deal for both he and nurse imo and the “holdout” didn’t even cost preseason games . The next negotiation will more than likely be with the same agent , I don’t think it would have been wise to give in and pay his top dollar , he had most of the leverage , and chose to use it but also showed good faith by raising his offer and showing he wanted nurse in doing so . After signing him long term , this was the best case scenario all things considered , $ , term on bridge , cordial ending to standoff

      • CRaig

        Agree … all good in the end …$200 K here or there in the long run is nothing.

        Keen now on seeing how GMGM finishes up with Theo

  15. Why do people use Pastrnak contract as Nylander comparison when David has 70 goals in last 2 years not 40. Pastrnak also scored 20 points in last years playoffs and never disappeared.

  16. DeBrusk and Donato will not be traded. The amount of time Donato put in this off season working on his game and in the gym has not only impressed veteran players but management as well. I could see lines at the beginning of the season looking like this:
    1: Marchand,Bergeron and Donato 2: DeBrusk, Krejci and Pastrnak 3: Heinen,Frederick/JFK and Backes 4: Wagner/Bjork, Kuraly and Accaria


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