NHL Rumor Mill – September 18, 2018

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The Winnipeg Jets’ future cap crunch and an update on Erik Karlsson in your NHL rumor mill.


WINNIPEG FREE PRESS: In the wake of the Jets re-signing Josh Morrissey to a two-year contract, Mike McIntyre reports Jets general manager Kevin Cheveldayoff isn’t worried about the future salary-cap issues facing his club after this season. Cheveldayoff said he’s excited about his current roster, adding the business would take care of itself.

Jacob Trouba could become a salary-cap casualty next summer. (Photo via NHL Images)

McIntyre notes Cheveldayoff could face shedding a salary or two next summer. They currently have over $56.4 million invested in 13 players, with such notables as Patrik Laine, Kyle Connor and Jacob Trouba as restricted free agents next July. Other free agents include Tyler Myers, Andrew Copp, Marko Dano, Brandon Tanev, Joe Morrow, Ben Chiarot and Laurent Brossoit.

Trouba could be in line for a significant raise next summer, assuming he isn’t traded if a long-term deal cannot be worked out.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s widely assumed Trouba will be traded next summer, likely around the 2019 NHL Draft from June 21-22. However, if he significantly elevates his play this season and an agreement can be reached on a new contract, Cheveldayoff could be forced to consider other options to free up cap space.

Even trading Trouba might not fully resolve the Jets’ cap issues next summer. Laine and Connor combined could take up at least $15 million in cap room. Myers isn’t likely to accept less than his current $5.5-million annual cap hit to stay in Winnipeg. There must also be sufficient room left to re-sign or replace the others.

Cheveldayoff could be forced to consider moving a player under contract through 2019-20.  Mathieu Perreault ($4.125 million AAV) or Dmitry Kulikov ($4.33 million) could become trade candidates, though their respective injury histories and modified no-trade clauses could be difficult to move. 


TSN: cites San Jose Sharks GM Doug Wilson telling The Mercury News his club wouldn’t acquired Erik Karlsson if they didn’t believe they had a good chance of re-signing the defenseman. He said he’s spoken to Karlsson and his agents about a contract extension. The two-time Norris Trophy winner is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July.

“When you have the type of team we have, the type of team and the type of players, [knowing] what players are looking for, I think we fill all those boxes,” said Wilson, who also noted his club’s success at acquiring and re-signing key players. He also said he has no problem offering Karlsson a maximum term of eight years. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  Dollars could be the sticking point here. Karlsson said last fall he intended to seek full market value. That could be something comparable to the eight-year, $88-million contract Drew Doughty signed in June with the Los Angeles Kings. 

Wilson suggested Karlsson might accept less money to stay with the Sharks. If Karlsson has another Norris-worthy performance this season, I have my doubts that he’ll accept less than $11 million annually.

Cap Friendly indicates the Sharks have over $53 million invested in 10 players, so they have the room to re-sign Karlsson to a big raise. However, they’ll also have to re-sign such notables asJoe Pavelski, Joe Thornton, Joonas Donskoi and Timo Meier. Those four alone will be expensive to retain. 



  1. SJ window is closing fast. They can fit Karlsson long term, but…. Burns (33) and Vlacic (31) are signed for next 7-8 years for a combined 15 mil. This has cap hell written all over it. Most folks here always poohoo the idea that Karlsson won’t be worth the big money after 4-5 years, and he’s 3-5 years younger than other 2! Pavelski is 34, how much longer do you keep him? Thornton,(39) is playing on 2 surgically repaired knees and I’d guess this is his last year. They have some decent forwards but have traded away a lot of picks going forward. I don’t see a fit here for a long term deal. I think looking at return Ottawa got, there was already reason to believe EK wasn’t 100% on board. Going back to beginning of summer, his agent was given permission to talk contract with other teams. I’m guessing SJ wasn’t one of them

    • Yeah, I agree. Karlsson won’t be in a hurry to sign. But do you think that extra year (8th) will be enough? That’s 11-12 million dollars your leaving on the table if you choose a different team.

    • Great signing for the Jets on Morrisey ..this kid is really good and the team they have in place is stacked ..they are one of the only teams to have a solid 4 lines and depth in the minors where some players can literally step in and the team will not miss a beat.

      I think them loosing last year is going to give them a way better perspective this year on what they will need to do to make serious push…they should be in the final 4.
      I am still not convinced that Karlsson signs in San Jose….I am sure he will like it there but when a guy has the chance to go where ever he wants..( Tampa?? ) you only get that chance once!

      Nice to see the Oilers sign Nurse and move on but I have a feeling that this Oilers team is just not deep enough in the bottom two lines and the defense is really suspect …I dont think Talbot can keep those guys afloat if they keep having the breakdowns again this season …they DO NOT have a Stanley cup back end ..I am not sure they make the playoffs ..I foresee struggles in Edmonton again… the Western conference and the Pacific Division is really really good and some of the bubble teams have improved like Calgary and Vancouver St Louis…its going to be tough they will need to have minimum of 95 pts

      • some good points the sharks window with or without Karlson is closing simply because of age Winnipeg with one of the best G M have built a excellent team The oil on the other hand have a moron in charge who dos’ nt quit understand what the cap means and keeps wasting McD s years

  2. While the Karlsson trade was definitely a loss for my Sens, I wonder if it’s really a lose-lose trade for both teams. The sharks have essentially mortgaged their future for a one-season shot at the cup and even if they sign Karlsson to a long-term deal, they will be in salary cap hell for a long time with no first rounders until potentially 2022. They are prime candidates to be the next Chicago Blackhawks except without multiple cup wins to ease the pain

    • isn’t the goal to win the Cup? fu&k the future …

    • Hi Tyler,

      Yes SJ dealing with the here/now. Yes it is possible that they cap themselves into headache area. However, IMO, dealing in the now in the hopes of potential cup in ’19 and then dealing with out-years after a parade; is not out of the norm for GM “game plans” these days.

      SJ has been “up there” and “almost there” for a while. Wilson proverbially almost at the Full Monte/Texas hold’em — “All In” mode.

      I wouldn’t sign the extension yet (either EK or Wilson) … just see how things progress over the first 20 or so games.

      West will be exciting to watch.

  3. I could see Winnipeg letting Dano, Brossoit, Chiarot and possibly Tanev walk as they have replacements in the AHL for these players. I love Tanevs game and would hate to see him walk, but without some finish to his game his tenacious speed is one of his few assets. Hopefully he makes a leap in development this year and earns himself a multi year contract. The other players like Copp will be harder to replace, and I believe Maurice has taken a shining to him. Hes also notably Mark Scheifeles roommate for what thats worth. I highly doubt they resign everybody, but maybe Chevy has some tricks up his sleeve. Would a Laine bridge even make sense to give them a couple years until some contracts can clear the books like Perreault? Laine 3 years @ 8.5? Save 1.5 mil those first few years before probably having to go 12.5+ on an 8 year.

    • DC

      I’m a bridge fan. ELC, Bridge, then 8 gets a team 13 or 14 years of prime to about 32 years of age. Team should not be (and very likely won’t ) sign an 8 year then for a 32 year old and can walk away from athlete then or negotiate a shorter term, less risky contract.

      ELC then 8 gets you 11 years until 29 and then risky accepting of 8 year that would take team with player into late 30’s.

      An 8 year contract today vs 8 year contract in 2 or 3 years for the same athlete; is cheaper. Depending on player, performance and position this could mean a difference in AAV of $0.5 M to $2.5M annually (so $4M to $20M over the term of the contract).

      Weighing the probabilities of where in that range the difference ($4M to $20M) is; current team need; and then taking into account the present value of the AAV differential and potential impact down the road and I believe most cases should have the GM moving on ELC, Bridge then 8 scenario.

      There are exceptions— McD— that was a no brainer.

      Nylander— Bridge Bridge Bridge… I’ve stated many times my rationale on this one.

      Laine just may fit in the “exception” scenario I’ve listed above. If he performs at or greater than last year…. then his differential is much more likely at the $2.5M AAV or more (8 year extension now vs 8 year extension in 2-3 years).

      If Laine gets 45+ Gs and/or wins Rocket Richard this year….. faggedaboudit– either way in that scenario— he’s getting huge buckaroos.

  4. Tyler I agree they look like the future BlackHawks without the cups, but signing Karlsson may get them those cups. Always a gamble when you put all your eggs in one basket. I see SJ as the leading Pacific team this year, and if resigned Karlsson the next 3 too. Come playoffs its always a roll of the dice, and nothing can be taken for granted. SJ still has some youth to go with their vets, and a few players locked up in their prime. How good will Evander Kane be in front of one of the best defenses where he can play his 2 dimensional game?

  5. Chevy and Wilson will deal in the here and now and deal with cap issues later.

    Signing EK to $11M (*8) extension is difficult but doable. It’s difficult for me to see EK signing an extentiosn now. He just got traded; and knows he could potentially net a better deal than SJ could offer right now. IMO, more than likely a bit of wait and see will go on (both sides).

    Re: Jumbo Joe— outside chance he is back for another year– slim, but outside chance. Would love to see him hoist one. If the unlikely thing happens that SJ is faltering near TDL; do they give JJ a chance to play his last hoorah with a possible SC champ (from the East)?? JJ loves SJ and the team; but who knows. Odds it happens : very very low.

    Re: Chevy — I agree with post that Trouba is the one more than likely traded; and I think that is a good idea. Extend Myers and reap what he can in a trade. Other tweaks will happen to play with Cap… no immediate rush. Always must consider the ramifications of who he extends/keeps/acquires w.r.t. expansion draft in ’20.

    A SJ/Winn WCF has, IMO , better than average odds (compared to other potential match-ups: say like VGK/Nsh) of happening.

    The one Western team that I think must look very closely at what they have now and consider future is Ana. As at now I don’t see them top 3 in Pac and then battling from the lower end of the bubble teams for last Western WC spot.

    • I can’t count out any team with Getzlaf, Rackel, Fowler, Lindholm, Manson, Montour & Gibson. Then you have solid depth & 2 way players in Henrique, Slivferberg, Cogliano & Kase & Ritchie are just cutting their teeth. Perry is declining but still provides solid depth scoring. Much will depend on the health of Keller & Eaves but the prospect kitty with Steel, Jones, Larsson & Pettersson.

      Been struggling to try & determine how Anh may fair against Vegas, La, SJ, Dal & Cal. Arz is much improved the only weak team in this division may be Vancouver.

      • Kesler

      • Concur on their great nucleus but still difficult for me to consider them top 3 in PacDiv

        Then holy cow … the group vying for the WC spots will be big.

        Concur … only logical one out if the picture for sure is Van

        The Western teams (as at now) that have me confident in making playoffs (barring massive injuries) are [in no particular order] Nsh, Winn, SJ, VGK

        I have strong inklings (but slightly less confident) in LA and StL

        I’ve much less confidence (not impossible ) in Ed, Arz, Chi

        The rest IMO are very tight and battling either side of the WC/3rd in Div spots

        West will be very exciting

      • I don’t see Anh in the top 3 necessarily either but if they did it wouldn’t shock me.

        I have never had this much difficulty trying to rank teams by division or conference. Had the same issue in last seasons playoffs. Was reasonably comfortable in the 1st round in 6 of 8 but after that I had no idea. Just to close to call really at least with any confidence.

  6. Winnipeg are my odds on favorite to win the cup. There isn’t a deeper pool of talent in the NHL right now and I don’t think anyone has been doing better at the draft in the last 5 years. I hope Trouba has a dynamite year and wins the cup, then they can trade him for even more and keep the draft system rolling. We’ve been on Cheveldayoff for being boring but the man knows what he’s doing. Roslovic will easily take over Littles 2C, Vesalainen will take Perraults job, Stanley might be better than Trouba…One of the best first lines in hockey, Laine and 40 goals on the second line..Jets are taking it and they’ll be the new dynasty in Canada. Toronto looks good but not this good.

    • And neither of them look as good as the defending cup champions and Tampa Bay.

      • Hi George

        Concur w.r.t. Leafs— see the post I just made w.r.t. my thoughts on Leafs (my home town).

        Re: Winn— to me they look better than Wash but I do see them not that far off TBay. Different types of teams but both strong contenders for cup.

        As I also posted; it would not surprise me Winn ousted in WCSF or WCF or winning WCF or even SCF. West is tight and tough.

      • George O, Not many people had Washington winning the cup and nobody had them as favorites.
        Winnipeg is a very strong team and will be cup contenders. Last year I picked them to lose in the finals against Boston.
        I was wrong on both counts, this year I’m picking Winnipeg to win the cup. I’m also not 100% sold on Boston making the playoffs. So there a good chance i’ll be wrong on both again.

      • Picking the 2 teams in the cup final before the season starts is like winning the lottery, essentially impossible.

        How could Bos possibly miss the playoffs this season? Bergeron, Marchand or Krejci would have to miss 30+ games for me.

        Bos is a better team this season than last just on the development of all the kids.

      • I had just the opposite of you but not from the start of the season but before the playoffs started.

        Win beating Bos.

        At the beginning of the year I lay some wagers as to who. Igor win but it has as much to do with the odds as who I think will win. I’m not taking Win at 2:1 to what purpose as an example. Last July I got TB after missing the playoffs at 17:1. I liked those odds. That 1K evaporated. Ha-ha!

        Starting to try & rank teams by division & conference for my regular season standings pool. No easy task parity is amazing. The difference between 7th & 12th in the east & 7th & 15th in the west is almost a coin toss.

        The only teams I don’t have much faith in to finish poorly are Ott, thenbto a far lesser extent Van, Det & Min. Everyone else can compete with 1 & other.

        In the east I have Was, Pit, Clb, TB, Tor & Bos as making it but 1 significant injury to a key player & all bets are off.

        In the west it’s far tighter, the only likely 1’s but same scenario as above 1 serious injury to the wrong player & all bets are off Win, Nas, SJ, LA I can’t decide on the rest.

        I may use my Oiuji board & 8 ball to decide flipping coins where necessary. Ha-ha!

        33 players on a pole on TSN just picked Buf & Arz to do what Col & NJ did last season. What’s crazy is they might be right. Issues they were 33 Arz & Buf players but they weren’t allowed to vote for themselves. Ha-ha!

      • Striker

        Ya when I read that blurb on the players seeing Buff AND Arz making playoffs then my immediate thought was the players surveyed were from just Arz and Buff and they voted for their own team

        Then I read the article that stated they couldn’t vote for their own team … I then joked with #1 son that it was still 33 players from Arz and Buff but Arz players voted Buff and visa versa

        A cataclysmic shift or a series of massive impact injuries would have to happen , IMO , for BOTH Arz and Buff to be in playoffs.

        As at now I’ve very strong confidence in Bos, Tor, TBay making it. FLA will be pushing . I don’t see 5 teams from Atl making it so Buff would have to beat out a pack of teams from Metro that I believe will vie for Metro 3rd and Wastern WC … all packed tight … in no particular order : Phi, Clb , NJ, Car, with possible but lesser chances from both NY teams…. don’t see Buff in

        Arz also IMO not likely to get in but have I think , better shot at being in the mix than Buff

        I know it’s on overall look at the teams but just looking at the goalies I have much more confidence in Raanta/Kuemper than Hutton/Ulmer

        As you’ve pointed out… predictions now are in the “crap shoot” realm … finalized rosters after pre-season views will provide some (some not tons) added insight

      • That should have read Eastern WC (wildcard) … sorry

    • Arnie

      Agree Winn are built very well and have a great team with stronger than average probability of getting to cup. I see them in WCSF no problem. IMO, as at now, they have and equal prob of making WCF and winning (hence on to SC) as they do in being knocked out in WCSF (say by Nsh).

      Western playoffs will be great.

      Eastern conf less tight.

      Re: Leafs. These are my hometown team and I’m both a Leaf and Pens fan.

      That said, I have posted all along, that much to my great desire for a Leaf cup soon; I believe they do not have a change at ECF let alone getting to SCF and winning ; unless they up their D.

      Lights out in regular season — yep.

      Playoffs— I have serious doubts. I’m more than happy to eat crow on that and hope that they prove me wrong. I just don’t see it right now.

      • Since JT signed, all I’ve heard is “they need more D” or “they won’t win with that d”. I disagree. The last two Cup champs had less than stellar defences. If D is so important, why aren’t guys named Subban, Hedman, Karlsson , Burns, or Doughty winning any Cups? I think the Leafs have just as good a chance as any team that makes the playoffs, even with that D.

      • Less than stellar is still better than terrible and that’s what the leafs have, they did nothing to fix it in the offseason

      • Cucumber Kid

        I agree the recent cups may not have been won with stellar defence but IMO those Teams had a much better overall group of D than T.O. has now.

        I wouldn’t call them “terrible” but IMO they are not good enough to win Div playoffs let alone ECF or SCF

        Leafs should be great in reg season but I just can’t see them getting to ECF with D they have up now or later with developing Marlies’ D

        I’m a Leafs fan. T.O. Is my home town … I’d love to eat crow and have them prove me wrong … I just don’t see it

      • the leafs d is young. the team has improved yearly in its goaltending, goals for vs goals against differential and the +/- stat for most players. They also just came of a record winning season & calder cup. defense can also be a team effort and babcock is introducing it yearly & successfully, inline with circumstances. There are no stud defencemen available, now or possibly in near future. If it comes down to a trade, the leafs are stocked with assets…

      • Cucumber Kid….Doughty has won 2 cups, to go along with 2 Olympic Golds, World Cup of hockey gold, and world junior gold. You take him off the Kings roster and they don’t win 2 cups, end of story.

        Your kidding yourself if you think a strong dcore isn’t essential for a long Cup run.

    • Arnie

      Agree Winn are built very well and have a great team with stronger than average probability of getting to cup. I see them in WCSF no problem. IMO, as at now, they have and equal prob of making WCF and winning (hence on to SC) as they do in being knocked out in WCSF (say by Nsh).

      Western playoffs will be great.

      Eastern conf less tight.

      Re: Leafs. These are my hometown team and I’m both a Leaf and Pens fan.

      That said, I have posted all along, that much to my great desire for a Leaf cup soon; I believe they do not have a change at ECF let alone getting to SCF and winning ; unless they up their D.

      Lights out in regular season — yep.

      Playoffs— I have serious doubts. I’m more than happy to eat crow on that and hope that they prove me wrong. I just don’t see it right now.

      • Yeah, everything is pretty tight in the west. A lot of good teams out there. I would like to see Pitt win again though, I don’t want to have to put up with any more comparisons between Toews and Crosby anymore (or even Ovechkin and Crosby).

      • The east will be a lot tighter than you think.

        There are only 8 spots for these 11 teams. Buffalo is going to surprise a lot of people this year with the kids they have coming in. Florida is going to be very good too if they get decent goaltending. Carolina is looking pretty strong too.

      • Pengy, the problem with many of the Leafs faithful – as well as some other teams I might add – is that their expectations will soar during October, November and early December hockey when they’ll fatten their stats in games where they face teams on long road trips, in back=-to-back situations, or simply in a long funk – but then start to show cracks in mid to late December and on into the new year.

        I am NOT saying this is a bad thing – wins in those stretches are just as important when the final siren goes on the regular season. It’s just that some expectations get all out of whack as a result, and when the games begin to take on a much tighter checking aspect, these same fans then start to grumble and point fingers at certain players whose shortcomings start to be more evident in the tighter games as teams start jockeying for position.

      • at least tor is not tanking without their 1st round pick

      • Don’t the #ms state that by the US thanks giving in the 3rd week if Nov that 80% of the teams holding a playoff spot by then make the playoffs?

        Woukdn’t that mean the 1st 7 weeks of the season are pretty dam important? All played in Ict & Nov!

      • If we could take some of those 11 teams in the east & put them in the west how would they fair?

        Going to be curious to see the win loss records of games played between teams in the east & west this season. I’m wagering the west wins over .600

    • Win is certainly right there but Just getting out of the central getting by Nas is a serious challenge. Nor are Min or StL going to be alsorans, StL improves significantly this off season. The Central for me is the best division in hockey & to get to the cup you need to get out of it.

      Parity is so close the difference almost comes down to what players are lost to injury, for how long & when.

      • Even the stick save Holtby made in the playoffs might have been what tipped the scales. Very tight.

      • To win the cup so much has to fall just right. Luck plays as big a role as anything almost. Just make the playoffs & anything can happen.

        Who had Carolina to win the cup in 06 don’t be shy surely someone did. Did anyone even have them making the playoffs when the 05-06 season started. I can’t even remember back to last week never mind 12 years ago.

      • “Parity is so close the difference almost comes down to what players are lost to injury, for how long & when.”

        History doesn’t agree with this. Teams lose players all the time and still win the cup. It comes down to teams who adapt. Washington won the cup because in the middle of the Penguins series they started playing a trap. And suddenly, no one could score on them. It also often comes down to is largely luck. People don’t like to admit it.

      • Lmacdonald can you provide some examples. It’s not about injuries but who gets injured. Lose Crosby does Pit win the cup 2 years in a row? La Kopitar or Doughty, could Chi win with out Toews, would was win with out Ovechin or Karlsson that sort of injury.

  7. If Karlsson signs long term with Sharks and if he cares about winning they better win now. Sharks should be good for maybe three years than the tires will run flat. To old to slow for today’s NHL and if they sign ufa,s it will only get worse. I don’t care either way but I seen San Jose needing one more solid forward not another 10 million dollar D.

    • I have been reading posts here for what seems like 5 years that SJ is done, yet here we are & they are still right in the thick of it.

      Meier, Leblanc, Hertl, Gambrell, Letuniv, Donskoi, Suomela are all just kids. The veteran core except for Thornton & Pavelski are locked up.

      Trying to project where a team will be in 3 years is fraught with peril. UFA signings especially out of the European market like this years leading scorer from the Swedish 1st div Suomela, trades can change fortunes quickly.

      SJ like Pit has been very successful at bringing in older roomies out of kind of no where.

      I have no idea where SJ will be in 3 years, to many intangibles. But in the short term, especially if the get Pavelski extended are solid.

      • Older rookies

  8. Winnipeg window is now! yes they just got here and they have a lot of talent up front. Potentially the backend could be a serious step backwards, with the potential loss of Myers, Trouba and big buff another year older at 34.
    Yes Winnipeg has some unproven prospect coming up on d, but their just that unproven and won’t be at the level of Myers and Trouba.
    I know we have some in here that will say they have “Poolman, Stanley and Sami Niku on the way” yes they do but this window will be closed.
    If your always building for tomorrow when are you playing for today?

    • I liked what I read yesterday about Myers wanting to stay. I hope Chevy gets him locked up ASAP. If he’s that positive about wanting to stay perhaps he takes 5 & change for in or around 6 years?

      With expansion looming these are difficult decisions to make for a team like Win.

      • Wishful thinking on my part, it would sure help the cap issues. Get it done & letting Trouba go in trade potentially makes sense.

  9. I semi agree with you Pengy on the bridge deals being the way to go with most athletes, but also see the major benefit in regards to Winnipeg specifically on having two of the best contracts in the league with Scheifele and Ehlers. Without those contracts Winnipeg would be in a much worse position cap wise than they are now. Getting at least a few of those on a team, and bridging others is a recipe for success. Scheifele no doubt at the end of his will command a huge Tavares like contract taking him well into his late 30s. That 2nd contract may haunt the Jets for years, but without his current one they would have zero flexibility in the here and now.

    • DC

      Absolutely right wrt to Scheifle and Ehlers having two of the best team favoured contracts in the league. This I can say definitively in hindsight.

      They are slightly different in what I had theoretically rationalized in that both had EL slide years … I believe Scheifle had two EL slide years.

      To be fair , at the time just before Ehlers current contract I was advocating for bridge… he’ll be 29 at end of this contract … the risky sign for 8 at that time takes him into late 30’s

      Scheifle will be 31 at end of this contract and I’d find it nigh incomprehensible for 8 years then to take him to 39

      Both great contracts; no ifs ands or buts… I still think best course of action (with noted rare exceptions) for the better players … to do ELC, Bridge , 8

      Of course for the fringe/depth players … while new ball game.

      Also the hard/fast position of ELC, Bridge, 8 for those more prominent and upper tier players is more applicable to forwards than goalies and D because generally (not all of course but generally) Fwds enter the NHL as rookies at a younger age than D’s or G’s

      No matter what … Dubas …. do not look at the Scheifle – Ehlers situations to make a decision to go long term now with WW…. bridge bridge bridge

  10. i wouldn’t at all be surprised to see EK sign with TB next summer. He REALLY wanted to be traded there to play with Hedman and Co. Like others have mentioned, too many of the top Sharks players are over 30, so they have a short window. TB’s is a lot longer. I’m sure they could find a way to get him in under their cap. 1/2 of their defense is a free agent next summer; and Callahan could be bought out if he doesn’t get hurt by the end of the season

    • ” He REALLY wanted to be traded there to play with Hedman and Co. ”

      And you know this how?

    • If I was the Sharks GM and it looks like Karlsson wasn’t gonna sign long term (accept my offer) I would totally flip him to an eastern team at the trade deadline to teams like the Leafs or Lightning even if it’s gonna cost me my first which I wouldn’t care since one of those two teams might get the boot after one or two rounds and a first will be coming back your way which may be a better pick than your own! along with whatever creative mix of players/salary combination can help set up your team in the future. Unlike dumb GMs good one make trades that help their team and doesn’t worry how a trade effect a competitor.

      • That’s one of the clauses in the trade, if sj trades him to an eastern conference team that second turns into a first!

    • Mike P

      He could sign with TBay on 1/7/19… and I’m with you … that wouldn’t surprise me.

      I don’t see it as likely now as I saw it before the trade. Ceratainly not impossible but less probable now IMO

      It would be in EK’s best interest to focus now on his new team ; get 20 or so games under his belt and have a more educated evaluation of SJ as a team (now and future) and how he fits in with the team; as well as his feel for residing in the SJ area long term.

      If I have to be honest I think the scales of probaility have tipped in SJs favour to have EK for 8 more years starting in Oct of ’19; but not a certainty by any stretch

      If somehow SJ gets hit seriously with injuries and somehow finds themselves in bubble land (not very likely but throwing out the proverbial “if”) then trading EK at TDL for rental return may be the route to go…. note they’d have to trade to a Western team with a conditional first coming back if he’s re-traded and ends up in East to balance condition given to Ottw in initial trade.

  11. Why would Trouba “be in lone for a big raise”? Why would any team want to pay a defensive D man 7-8 million a season? Pay only scoring two way guys big bucks.

    • Burns is 1 dimensional, OEL, Yandle, Letang, Subban & Karlsson aren’t what I would call good 2 way Dman. They are good to exceptional offensive Dman who aren’t train wrecks defensively but they aren’t elite 2 way Dman like Doughty, Hedman, Weber, Suter, etc.

      There is a whole class of offensive Dman coming up for contract renewal who are going to see significant raises. There are a ton in the 5 to 6.5 range now.

      Every team wants that skill set in a Dman but no rarer commodity/asset in the NHL. Most teams have to take an offensive Dman that helps drive offence & can run a PP & another Dman that can play a shut down role & kill penalties. Finding 1 who can do both is every teams dream but simply not enough for every team to have 1 not even close. I can’t remember which talking head last season said there may be only 12 in the entire NHL at that time.

  12. If Karlsson wants an 8 year he only has SJ as a choice now. Any other teams can have a 7 year maximum.

  13. Matt, Trouba isnt only one dimensional and his offensive game could still improve. It’s not like he has hit his ceiling. I dont think he is worth 7 mil on an 8 year deal. I think he will be like Dion Phaneuf and sign a big contract that his team regrets. However, I could be completely wrong. He’s still young enough that he can develop into something more.

    • I was thinking the EXACT SAME THING