NHL Rumor Mill – September 20, 2018

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Updates on Mark Stone, Artemi Panarin and Erik Karlsson in your NHL rumor mill.


OTTAWA SUN: Don Brennan reports Senators winger Mark Stone dismissed speculation over his future in Ottawa after TVA Sports’ Louis Jean said he was told Stone was frustrated over the club’s rebuilding approach and would welcome a move. “What I’ve been told is Mark Stone does not want to be in Ottawa anymore,” said Jean. ” “He does not want to play in Ottawa anymore. He is frustrated because he sees the direction the club is going. The team is not able to retain their good players.”

Ottawa Senator swinger Mark Stone denies a report suggesting he’d welcome a move. (Photo via NHL Images)

Stone said he’d never heard of Jean before and had no idea where he was getting his information. He insisted he loved it in Ottawa and hopes to continue playing with the Senators. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Jean subsequently took to Twitter saying his remarks were taken out of context. “I said IF the team doesn’t sort things out on and off the ice, he will leave. Also said, he is a key cog and someone they want to build around and that may be enough to keep him.”

As this season unfolds, we can expect Stone (and teammate Matt Duchene, who’s also a pending UFA) to frequently pop up in this season’s rumor mill. As Brennan points out, this will continue until they’re traded or re-signed. 


TSN: During last night’s “Insider Trading” segment, Darren Dreger reports Columbus Blue Jackets general manager Jarmo Kekalainen continues for field calls from clubs interested in acquiring left wing Artemi Panarin. Kekalainen has “no interest in trading him and his principle point of interest is trying to convince him to re-sign, likewise for Sergei Bobrovsky.” However, it doesn’t sound as though Panarin has changed his mood about a market change.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I daresay Kekalainen probably hasn’t been impressive by the trade proposals.  Earlier in the summer, it was reported the offers contained draft picks and prospects. They’ll have to be much better than that to sway Kekalainen. As long as the Jackets are a playoff contender, I doubt Panarin (or Bobrovsky) are going anywhere this season. 

If the San Jose Sharks and Erik Karlsson hope to agree to an eight-year contract extension, Pierre LeBrun said they’ll have to wait a while. He cites a little-known rule in the CBA stipulating players traded during the final year of their contracts have to wait until after the trade deadline to re-sign an eight-year deal with their new team. This year’s deadline is Feb. 25, 2019. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I realize this isn’t a rumor but felt it was worth posting this here. There’s bound to be speculation over the course of this season over how much and for how long the Sharks are willing to invest in keeping Karlsson in San Jose beyond this season. If that extra year isn’t an issue for Karlsson or the Sharks, they can agree to seven years or less at any time.



  1. If that is a rule in the CBA (can’t sign with new team until after trade deadline, if traded in last year of deal) then how did patches sign extension with Vegas?

    • The rule is you cannot sign for the full 8 years. EK could sign for 7 today, but must wait if he wants an 8 year deal.

    • Can’t sign an 8 year extension . To get the extra year it has to be after deadline

    • Can’t sign him for 8 years apparently until the after the trade deadline, 7 or less is fine.

    • Can’t sign for 8. 7 fine

    • Would a Nylander for Panarin work for both teams?

      • Panarin will cost more than Nylander to retain, I highly doubt that is a workable trade.

    • What is the point of that clause. Teams can sign a guy to 8 years then trade him. What is the need for that clause. Teams are not offering contracts it isn’t a bidding war.

      Its interesting.

  2. so which Florida Panther is going to hold that cheap shot midget Domi accountable the next time they play?

    • I’ve seen worse sucker punches thrown after a team scores a goal in front of the net during scrums thousands of times. I think a minor, major & a match should suffice but if you want to get him on the list as an offender so should it happen again give him a couple of preseason games as a suspension. I’m more disappointed in Ekblad for not laying a beating on him for wasting his time.

      • You Nuts! He deserve at least 5 regular season games. No place for that garbage in the league.

      • His old man was an artist at the sucker-punch. But, hey, he did if “his waaaay.”

      • I didn’t think it was that bad. I have no idea what he will get but as he’s been called so he’s getting something. Not sure what he was really even all that upset about.

        I’ve seen far worse. Getting hit hard even when so 1 has their gloves on isn’t pleasant especially when unaware or unable to defend yourself.

        I just wish the NHL would implement better standards.

      • Maybe he mistook Ekbland for Ulfie.

      • Well how about 5 preseason games of which maybe he would have played what 3 more at best?

        NHL discipline is a joke. In the NFL your not allowed to practice, go to any team functions or allowed on the premises if any team facilities.

      • It’s pretty funny ekblad can lay a brutal slash on a much smaller Domi but won’t drop the gloves? The rest of the preseason is BS should be 1 game tops, ekblad got what he deserved

      • oh but havlet kicks reechi in the groin is alright and alfredson shooting the puck at neidimeyer, neil elbow on drury shall i go on but oh ottawa is so innocent

    • I imagine he will get an invite from Haley, not sure Domi wants to go there though….

      • Haley’s always ready; I’d watch that. Finallay wouldn’t be giving up anything in size either.

    • Just like his Comm Wave loving daddy. Suckerpunch cheapshot. Hope he gets 10.

      • Hack!

      • Maybe you could relate just how Tie Domi was a model of restraint.

      • George, when that Flyers fan fell into the penalty box that one time, Tie nobly declined to hit him with his own shoe.

    • Like father like son. Ty Domi was one of the worst thugs ever to strap on skates. Perhaps the worst

      • Another hack!

      • I don’t condone the actions , and him getting the remainder of the preseason off is warranted. I have seen far worse from voons who are now executives , GMs and part of the NHL committee….the league has turned into a glorified corm of ringette ; even the women’s game has more physicality than thw men’s game , American hockey at it’s best ! This is what Bettman wanted , so the Americans can play , because thwy cannot play the passionate physical game Canadians do , the truth !

    • Come on guys …you are all very well versed on writing and talking about Hockey here don’t degrade yourself by suggesting what Domi did was just a hockey play….ITS NOT!!

      The league is bogged down in a massive court battle about concussions right now and are trying desperately to get this play OUT of the game …if you think this will not be a teachable moment for the rest of the league I would be shocked…it has to be !!

      I am all for BIG BODY hockey plays open ice clean hits.. puck battles in the corners ..BUT this was a pre season game 2 veteran guys and it was a nothing play …
      a sucker punch 1000%
      to a guy who all ready has issues with concussions ..TOTALLY UNEXCEPTABLE!

      Not only should the league be upset but the NHLPA should be just as upset this kind of crap ends young guys careers !

      The league has changed so much the past 3 – 4 years that this is really not expected much by most players so when it happens for no reason it has very little self defense to be knocked out cold for almost no reason !

      Its a BULLS**T play call it for what it is !

      This warrants a suspension..I would not be surprised if its 2 – 5 games or the rest of pre season…IMO

      It doesnt matter if you like either player or not ..its just a stupid play that does not belong in the league of this caliber!

      • I don’t know if anyone has watched this but it’s an example of how one questionable play can destroy a career.

      • Kal El

        With you in this

        I also love the hard hitting game but I am against stupid and unwarranted sucker punches, hits from begins into the boards, or deliberate head first hits.

        When I played and when I coached I never had any time/respect for players who did the same. I played hard and heavy but never deliberately hit from behind ; did head shots or sucker punched anybody.

        I coached for 12 years and never ever benched a kid for making a hockey mistake. I always believed that I could give them quick pointers as they came off for that shift and showed them I had confidence that they would make corrections . Gave them encouragement and dealt after game and in practice with play corrections as a team and never cantering out a player individually.

        What I never put up with was deliberate hitting from behind into boards, head shots or tomohawk slashes when ref wasn’t looking. It was rare in 12 years as I would explain in deatail up front to all players and parents what would happen if they did. When it did … they were benched. In 12 years of coaching … I had no second offenders.

        I didn’t see the sucker punch by Domi. If it was a true sucker punch … give him a suspension. To me it is irrelevant that the recipient has concussion history… nix the cowardly sucker punch … period

      • I haven’t see the whole replay. What caused Domi to go after Ekblad?

      • MTL players were quoted as saying there was a slash by Ekblad but I didn’t see it.

        As a parent of a type 1 diabetic (as is Domi), I wonder if Max had a low-blood sugar and wasn’t thinking straight…my son gets downright belligerent when his sugar is low.

      • I am in Wilfred brimleys club myself and an adult who has the illness for some time is still accountable for taking care of themselves so they don’t assault people when low.

      • Agreed Chrism.
        My father was a type 1, My grandmother, and my father in law. Nobody went around punching people in the face when their sugar was high or low on thanksgiving!

      • Ithe guys on here saying that garbage should be out of the game, yet ekblads brutal slash is ok? Ekblad got what he deserved

    • I did not think it was bad, but the league has to get this garbage out of the game. This is an excellent opportunity to reset the bar on this type of nonsense.

      Sorry to see Domi transition to the being the same clown his dad was.

    • I will say the two former Seadogs. Hoffman or huberdeau. Haha. Go Seadogs!

  3. why did Pacioretty sign his contract? same conditions as Karlson>

    • Lorenzo

      I was wondering the same thing. I had bought in to what was claimed and figured why would he possibly quote an excerpt of the CBA if it didn’t have some reality to it. He went on to mention that the NHL had in fact sent out a reminder to clubs wrt this rarely used archaic clause.

      W/O reading the CBA…. and I don’t have time to … perhaps the clause refers to extensions of max years only ???? Patches extended less than max term.

      Does anybody here know the actual wording of the clause? Please advise.

      Skinner in same boat

      • Patch signed for 5 years, EK would be signing for 8. Is it the extra 1 year that is the reason?

      • Oops

        Takes me longer to type with single finger on iPhone

        By the time I posted and read below I came to Lyle’s post stating that it only refers to 8 years

        Sorry and thanks Lyle

      • No worries, Pengy.

  4. I think Lebrun cited the wrong page of the CBA as nothing on page 285 stating such. NOt saying he isn’t accurate just that not on that page. Ha-ha!

    The CBA is available to read if anyone is interested on the NHLPA site.

  5. Jean is just stating what everyone suspects, is thinking & seems logical but that doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Ottawa has willingly put themselves in this position.

    We here that dressing room chemistry is going to be better in Ottawa this season but every stop Ott makes this season but the mike is getting stuffed in Duchene, Stone & Dzingel’s face this season, Pageau, Ceci & Boedker the next id still with the team, with the question being? Are you signing an extension to stay in Ott, even though Stone can’t be extended until Jan. 1st.

    This scenario Ott has put themselves in is bizarre. The sooner these issues are resolved the better but please don’t rush these deals, Dorion & Melnyk, as you did with Hoffman & Karlsson not getting sufficient returns.

    I know you have to get something you can’t let them walk for nothing but you need to find a way to get fair value, please.

    • ” as you did with Hoffman & Karlsson not getting sufficient returns.”

      People who say stuff like this show a complete ignorance of basic economics. Nothing has a fixed value. Things are worth what people will pay for them, no more no less. This often depends on outside factors. What’s a glass of water worth? It could range from near zero to everything you own. Are you at home or in the desert dying of thirst.

      The concept of sufficient is meaningless except in terms of fulfilling some goal. The only goal here was to get the best possible return. Assuming the Senators took the best offer, then it was sufficient.

      • LMacDonald, assuming Dorion took the best deal on the table, and he excepted the deal, the real question which we’ll never know the answer to: Was there a better deal to make if he showed more patience and a willingness to go into the regular season to get a better deal.
        He apparently was not or wasn’t allow, so he got what he got.

      • Neither player needed to be traded when they were. Why not last season, later this season. Better yet why has Ott put themselves in this position.

        SJ got more for Hoffman than Ott did! I’m sure the reason put that conditionnin about the conditional 1st if moved to an eastern conference team was due Hoffman ending to back in their division.

        I don’t specifically disagree with you though & have made a very similar argument when discussing the Hall/Larsson trade.

        I did say sufficient returns, very subjective. The return on Hoffman was brutal, I actually don’t perceive the Karlsson deal to be as bad as most.

        If Hoffman had to go due to conflict with Karlsson or wife’s girlfriends what have you but Karlsson was being moved anyway what was the rush to move Hoffman?

      • As I have tried to say time and time again – we in here can speculate until the crows come home . BUT – WE – JUST – DON’T – KNOW the whole story. Nor are we likely to. When people don’t know what’s going on in someone’s life they speculate … when they THINK they know they fabricate … and when they do know they criticize

      • “Was there a better deal to make if he showed more patience and a willingness to go into the regular season to get a better deal.”

        Maybe you could explain why he would get a better deal later. As I’ve already pointed out, the only teams who would make a deal are teams that are close to the top. These are the teams with the least cap room and the least desire to trade roster players. This wasn’t going to change anytime soon. The market was very limited. San Jose was about the only one with cap room.

        I don’t know it as a fact, but there might well have been strong pressure to get a disgruntled Karlsson out of the locker room before the season started.

      • Example, 2 10, 12, 30, etc. games into the season Hedman suffers a season-ending injury. Might TB spend the LTIR money to buy a replacement. How about Doughty, Carlsson, Subban, Josi, etc. markets change constantly for a range of reasons.

      • So, if there was continuing conflict within the dressing room – it might well have involved him as well and again none of us KNOW for certain one way or another – you’d hang onto Karlssn and continue that disruption on the remote chance that some team loses a key D down the stretch and might be willing to cough up more? No thanks.

      • Rentals superstar… highly unlikely the increased field near deadline would not have offered a better deal. George point valid. Dorian took what ismost likely a less return to avoid the distraction going into season.

      • LMacDonald you’re funny, first you can people out all the time for them speculating, then you turn around and speculate.
        If Joe Sakic has taught us anything patience pay off; if Sakic gave into the constant media pressure of make a deal now take the best offer out there. For example Pierre LeBrum stated on the Radio a month before Duchene deal that Sakic should take the best deal on the table and move forward.
        Now would there been a better deal for Karlsson (personally didn’t think the deal was that bad) or Hoffman, if he had of waited. Don’t know, never will
        A team starts slow out of the gate, a major injury happen, teams starts to gauge how they fair against other. There is numerous way that could potentially make the offer better. If all the team were excelling they could see Karlsson as the piece to push them over the top.
        Look at the Boston Bruins last season they were considered a playoff bubble team going into the season, then they are considered a cup contender and over pay for Rick Nash (1st, Ryan Spooner, Ryan Lindgren, Matt Belesky and Boston retained $1.9m per year of Belesky contract).
        Yes potentially there might have been a better deal.

  6. I dont think Ekblad could beat Max Domi in a fight. Beware those little pit bull types… they bite hard 😉

    • We’ll see on December 28th. I hope Ekblad cleans the ice with him.

      • Agreed. Florida & Mon play a min of 4 times each possibly 5. Always makes it a little more entertaining. With 6 inches & 20+ lbs on Domi, I’ll lay my wager on Ekblad.

    • You guys, Ekblad has a history of concussions already in his young career. That’s why he never dropped the gloves with the no-name in the first place.

      I highly doubt he fights the little weasel in their rematch either.

      • Someone will doesn’t have to be Ekblad nor would I say Dominis nothing. He’s somethingbthe question is what. Only just turned 23.

  7. Then Why was Pacieoretty Signed right away by the LV Knights, Patch was in the Last year of his Contract.

    • Sorry for the confusion, I was referring to eight-year contracts. While I noted in my comments that deals up to seven years can be signed at any time, I’ve amended the original post accordingly

  8. That was a Bad Cheap Shot by Domi. I like the kid lots to and like fighting in hockey also, I hope he gets 20 games.

  9. How about automatic ejection for game for fighting plus automatic suspension for next game.

    • And at the same time send an open invitation to those who love to face-wash, spear, slash the games stars without fear of retaliation? Maybe if those I just described also get tossed out of that game and the next.

  10. And this is why I stick to my week–end “print media” wrap up the weeks FACTS. (or as close to them as I can get) Because reporting is dead. Rumors, conjecture and throwing out ideas on social media has replaced “reporting” so much so that fact checking has become a lost art. Today’s sports reporters (in this case) are so focused on being the first to break a story they’ll invent one with a rumor. (Louis Jean)

    • Agreed. Sensationism, not professionalism is alive & well for most.

  11. Just watched punch not going to say Domi in the right but for God sakes Ekblad protect your self when someone grabs you and wants to fight. Not sure about blood sugar but he definitely had a burr in his saddle and wanted to dance.

    • I’ve seen guys get leveled in a scrum unsuspecting granted with gloves on but significantly force & we get nothing.

      It was cheesy & total unnecessary especially in a meaningless exhibition game.

      His punishment is even more of a joke. What does getting suspended for preason games really accomplish. 1 thing he gets a mark on his record.

      Let’s adopt the NFL model. No interaction with team or it’s facilities.

  12. Panarin is a great player but most teams are not moving top prospects for high salary players. Pacioretty and Karlsson didn’t get big returns most thought they would. As a Bruins fan I’m not giving up Debrusk who could score 25-30 goals and makes 1.288 million for one year of Panarin who scored 27 and will cost at least 8 million to resign. Have to think about the salary cap building a competitive team.