NHL Rumor Mill – September 22, 2018

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Recent updates on the status of the four remaining unsigned RFAs in your NHL rumor mill.

SPORTSNET/THE HOCKEY NEWS: Luke Fox and Jared Clinton recently updated the status of Toronto Maple Leafs forward William Nylander, Vegas Golden Knights defenseman Shea Theodore, Anaheim Ducks winger Nick Ritchie and New Jersey Devils forward Miles Wood. The four are the final remaining unsigned restricted free agents.

No sign of an end to the contract standoff between William Nylander and the Toronto Maple Leafs (Photo via NHL Images)

Nylander is the biggest name on the list. Fox notes the young Swede’s initial ask was $8 million per season while Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas would apparently settle for something comparable to the $6 million annual average value of Winnipeg Jets winger Nikolaj Ehlers. 

Nylander remains in Sweden while Dubas remains patient. Fox believes the longer this goes the greater likelihood they’ll agree to a bridge deal. With Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner due for next contracts next summer, Larkin notes the Leafs must tread carefully, as Nylander’s new contract could set the parameters for negotiations with the other two.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The longer this standoff continues the more speculation could arise suggesting the Leafs consider trading Nylander. Dubas has said he doesn’t intend to go that route.

Given Nylander has no leverage other than to not report, the Leafs GM can afford to be patient, especially if the team isn’t significantly hurt by his absence. If this standoff drags into the regular season, however, it will raise questions over Nylander’s long-term future with the Leafs, especially if he ends up settling for a bridge contract.

The recent re-signings of Winnipeg’s Josh Morrissey and Edmonton’s Darnell Nurse have have not affected Theodore’s negotiations with the Golden Knights. Fox cites John Shannon’s Sept. 17 tweet indicating the two sides remains no closer to an agreement. Clinton suggests St. Louis Blues’ defenseman Colton Parayko’s contract ($5.5-million AAV for five years) could be along the lines of what the Theodore camp is seeking. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Golden Knights have over $9.4 million in projected salary-cap space, giving them more than enough room to re-sign Theodore to a Parayko-style deal. However, I think they’d prefer something comparable to Morrissey or Nurse because of his limited body of work.

Theodore still has considerable potential but only had parts of two NHL seasons on his resume before joining the Golden Knights. GM George McPhee might prefer evaluating his development over the next two years before committing to a more lucrative deal.

Fox also cites reports indicating a lack of progress in talks between the Ducks and Ritchie. He feels a short-term contract is Ritchie’s best bet, while Clinton believes the Ducks want to see more than they have out of the winger before investing long term. 

Fox and Clinton both noted reports indicating talks toward a short-term deal between the Devils and Wood broke down following the start of training camp. So far, there’s no indication they’ve picked up. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ritchie and Wood have potential to become better NHL players. However, they aren’t as valuable to their respective teams as Nylander and Theodore are to theirs, which is the only real leverage the latter two have. 



  1. “notes the Leafs must tread carefully, as Nylander’s new contract could set the parameters for negotiations with the other two.”

    Concur with all my heart. I’ve been saying this all along.

    Leafs ARE and WILL doing/do fine in reg season with or without him … wait him out … then Bridge … please

    “If it drags…. trade” … I am not opposed to that if it is fotr a D upgrade

    Dubas … you are in control… stay that way

    $8M…. Fageddabowdid!

    • As stated before I had the opportunity to drive to see the entire leaf camp in Niagara Falls …this team is absolutely stacked ..the camp was VERY FAST …& VERY PROFESSIONAL …no screwing around AT ALL!
      It was all BUSINESS!
      The dynamic that Tavares brings makes Mathews look like a school boy J.T is the consumit professional!

      The Leafs are a VERY deep team right into the Marlies 3 lines deep….

      Id Really like to see more of Bracco with Matthews …they are both amazing shooters and play makers and I think Bracco can fill in Nylanders roll the best as well as Kapanen ….from what I see there are better options for a more WELL ROUNDED players who play a more checking game than Nylnader that can fit the roll!

      The Leafs can save a lot of money and get the same production on the top 2 lines without Nylander as the bottom 2 lines are now more productive a deeper.

      As stated before in recent posts ….Leafs will have a hard time trading Nylander for a Defenseman …as most teams are stacked to the cap on the top 2 lines and it will be hard to trade a D man for a winger who wants $8 million …their are very very limited places to sign an $8 million dollar winger anywhere in the league without subtracting a significant contract ….and that’s why I am saying that the Leafs will need to make a trade for a more significant forward instead of a D man if they want to make a deal !

      Leafs need size on the Wings as Ive stated so they need to trade for a bigger body winger…who likes to check as well.

      As you all know I like Tuc from Vegas ….but today I will change this up and throw a new scenario out there …how about this ???

      Nylander for Anthansiou ….

      I think this would be great for both teams especially now that Zetterberg has retired !

      Thoughts !


      • Tor isn’t moving Nylander until the situation with Trouba & Ceci is determined next summer for their respective teams. If Tor were to move Nylander now & I don’t see that as even remotely likely, who are they offering up as part of a package to make a bid for Trouba next summer?

        I’m not saying Win needs Nylander but if this is the player Tor fans want to sacrifice as part of a trade for a Dman they have to wait for that market to open & it’s not open today.

      • @ Striker …

        No way the Jets can fit Nylander in the present format and move forward with the signings they need to make ..especially with Laine …is not going to happen!

        I think you are giving Dubas way to much of a rope …I think they want to trade Nylander at this point instead of paying him…this camp has proved there are better and more comparable options at a fraction of the price for at least 3 years to sign bigger names!

        Lastly …NO WAY Nylander makes Wheeler money in the Peg …NO WAY!!

        Ceci is a flash in the pan …he is not a shut down guy …no need for him …Leafs have Liljgren who is wayyyy better !

      • Nylander isn’t getting 8 mil. He will be signed either to a bridge deal, always my preference or 6 years in or around 6 give or take 500K. If Tor wants to buy more UFA years, there are 2 on the table it will cost them & the cap hit goes up but not to 8 mil. it won’t exceed 7. He will sign & be playing in Tor at some point I have it after opening day for business reasons unless some players get injured like Gautier just did so he will be heading to IR allowing some roster wiggle room when Tor has to submit their 23 man roster on Oct. 2nd.

        Nor did I just say Win but Tor will enter the bidding as will almost every other team in the NHL that could afford to & some can’t really or at least not without sending significant salary back something win won’t want.

        With expansion looming in 2 years there are all kinds of teams with D loaded rosters that may wish to rebalance the roster before they have to pay Seattle not to take 1 of their extremely good Dman or lose 1 in the expansion draft.

        Nylander isn’t getting traded anytime soon. Tor would be crazy to do so at this time & no there aren’t better options just palatable 1’s & it isn’t Bracco, none are better nor even close.

        You may wish to go look at Tor’s waiver situation on CapFriendly as not signing Nylander until after Oct. 3rd works very well for Tor due to these waiver issues in play. It gives them the ability to juggle the roster properly so as not to have to potentially waive an asset prior to Oct. 2nd.

        Might Dubas’s delay in getting Nylander signed be directly related to such? Det did just this with AA last summer, TB looked to be with Kucherov but an injury made it possible for him to be signed the day the 23 man roster had to be submitted, the day before the season started. Having him in camp is always preferable but the business issues force teams to do what is necessary even though they would prefer otherwise.

      • Nylander situation has nothing to do with Trouba; if Trouba doesn’t resign with Winnipeg not Canadian team need to apply unless they want Trouba for one year; otherwise he’ll be playing in the US

      • A swap of Nylander for Faulk straight up would be about right, leafs get an upgrade on a terrible defense and the canes get Nylander

      • Nylander isn’t getting traded unless its for a stud defenceman. Dubas said hes keeping him. If reports are correct (8 vs 6 million salary cap) then it should be approx 7 million, and most likely long term. Although a bridge deal, at cheaper rate would be awesome, you can thank bettman for screwing that up.

        I like strikers point about delaying the potential waive of an asset prior to Oct. 2nd. That’s a lou trick and if dubas did that, then im a fan. Sparks/Lievo are prime examples.

        Outside of defencemen, they could potentially trade brown / kapanen / leivo / johnsson for a younger, proven left winger

        As for 4th line centre, I was hoping that Gauthier stole the job but babcock mentioned he was pleasantly surprised Lindholm skills and smarts.

        if the leafs are trading serious assets for dman, then its only for a #1/#2 dman at a much later date. Gardiner/kapanen/1st round draft picks/some B prospects would be a serious realistic offer as an example, not so much nylander unless the other team demanded him and especially not for faulk

  2. “Clinton suggests St. Louis Blues’ defenseman Colton Parayko’s contract ($5.5-million AAV for five years) could be along the lines of what the Theodore camp is seeking. ”

    Let me make this clear … I like Theo and think he has a great upside.

    I don’t think he is at the Parayko level yet.

    Yes I’ve posted my bromance with Parayko many times. I see him developing into the next Pronger …. sans attitude and cheap shots ; and on track to be Canada’s top 2 D next Olympics.

    Nurse/Morrisey deals , for me; in line for Theo value.

    All 3 should be in line for very lucrative deals in 2 years.

    Power lies with GMGM … he is under a bit of pressure due to Schmidt situation but I’m sure he’ll deal with this at the big picture long term view of the team (i.e. Won’t rush a deal)

    • 2 years 7.5 for Shea. Would put him in line for a huge payday in two years if his growth continues.

    • Theodore is far more 1 dimensional than either Nurse or Morrisey but the money tends to follow points in the NHL the reason a player like Reinhart a winger got more money. Who would anyone here prefer to have Nurse, Morrisey or Reinhart? I shouldn’t have to provide my answer but for some possibly, I’ll take either of the Dman 1st by a mile yet both get less money?

      Nor is this meant to slight Reinhart. I like this player & he’s breaking through for 30+ goals & 65 to 70 points but Nurse & Morrisey will play solid 2 way games playing on their respective teams #1 shut down pairing. Nurse was 2nd in TOI/GP for Dman in Edm last season Morrisey 4th with just nominally behind Myers & Trouba. Neither sees any PP time of so their points Nurse 6 goals & 26 points none on the PP & Morrisey 7 goals, 26 points with 1 PP goal is very impressive ES production.

      • I’ll take Nurse, Reinhart then Morrisey.

      • Just getting back now and reading posts… Nurse first… no ifs ands or buts.

        With Caper that I’d likely go Reinhart then Morrisey…. but it would be close and who knows after 20 games I might flip that order

  3. 5.5 for Shea Theodore??? anybody watch him in the last two rounds of the playoffs last year? he made Kris Letang look like Larry Robinson …

    • Yes, I did & what stood out for me was how often he got undressed & made defensive mistakes, did you watch those games? Especially against Was. in game 4 he looked lost coming off -3, in game 3 -2 but it wasn’t just the breakdowns that lead to goals but the gaffs that could have.

      He’ll learn, Gallant will force him to.

      Comparing him to Letang at this point is a stretch. I love how people complain about players who are being asked to gamble to help drive offence then are disappointed when they are out of position. Does this make sense to anyone?

      Letang killed penalties on Pit’s #1 PK unit last season & has killed penalties for Pit on the 1st or 2nd unit since 2010-11. Theodore has yet play on either PK unit for either Vegas or Anh as yet in his career.

    • Striker& Ed

      Yes he had issues and some bad ones in the playoffs … and yes I agree with Striker that this is a reachable and Gallant will be in it

      I see great upside to Theo… bridge … comparables in Nurse/Morrisey have set good benchmark … get it done … move on

      • Teachable not reachable …. friggin single finger typing … bad eyes … iPhone screen… Doh

  4. per NJ.COM’s Chris Ryan this morning:
    Negotiations between the Devils and restricted free agent forward Miles Wood have become serious, and a new deal could be imminent, a person with knowledge of the talks told NJ Advance Media.

  5. Shea Theodore might be worth 5.5 – at 2.75 per year over too.

  6. Theo’s defence is suspect and when he makes a mistake it is glaring. He has some maturing to accomplish first. He should be willing to take a hair more than Morrissey and Nurse but not very much more and sign the bridge

    Where does Sprong and Simon sit in life at the Igloo ?
    Both with Crosby ? One or Both in the minors ?

    • Yes because the players that get PP time & help drive offence see the money. Theodore posted 6 goals & 21 points in 61 games, of which 1 was a PPG & 9 were PPP’s.

      By ES point production Theodore posted .327 points per game, Nurse .317, Morrisey .320. If these 2 Dman got the same quality of PP time & zone deployments as Theodore both would have posted better #’s in my opinion but they don’t or can’t currently as they are blocked out from such.

      Given a choice of these 3 Dman I want them in the following order. Nurse, Morrisey, Theodore. The 1st 2 can already shut down the best players in the league defensively & if ever given offensive ice time can both become the quality of 2 way Dman every team covets. For me Theorodre will by OK defensively but never in this class. He has higher offensive upside most likely as he will get it the other 2 may never see it although I assume Nurse will eventually as he did at every other level so did Morrisey but much will depend on what happens with Myers & Trouba in Win this summer as both block him out & Buffy isn’t going anywhere for at least 3 more years & Win uses a 4 forward 1 D PP configuration ob both units.

    • Defenseman Petry or Weber from Montreal and a 2019 second round pick for Nylander ? Habs are toast this year anyways

      • Montreal is going to be better than last season but with Weber out till mid-season but will still battle Det for 2nd worst team in the East I assume they will just do so getting more points.

        Mon isn’t moving Petry or Weber today nor is Tor trading Nylander for them today. This type of deal happening at this point of the season is as rare as winning the lottery, like the 649 lotteries. Trades of any significant nature in & of themselves are rare & often relate to extenuating circumstances. A player demanding a trade & not 1 coming out of his ELC with ZERO leverage. They happen occasionally & usually come out of nowhere shocking everyone. Jones for Johansen, Weber for Subban type deals.

        The NHL is entering a very interesting stage in player development that will allow teams to improve significantly, rapidly as Col & NJ did last season & some think Buffalo & Arizona will this season, I do as well but don’t have either making the playoffs currently but in the battle.

        The quality of kids coming out of the draft is game-changing. The depth of talent has improved shockingly.

        The issue is Bergevin is retooling, not going all out rebuild, you don’t trade for Weber, Alzner then signs Price to a ridiculous contract if you’re going full-scale rebuild with youth & giving up Dman before the expansion draft for Mon makes no sense from a business perspective.

        That said they could use Nylander but who couldn’t including Toronto. This kid is just scratching the surface of his vast potential & he doesn’t need Matthews to achieve it, he can achieve it with someone else easily as he has exceptional offensive skills. He would be Montreal’s best offensive player in a walk. In Tor, he slots in at #4 currently behind Tavares, Matthews & Marner but Tor can afford all of them long term.

      • Sorry. Signing Alzner as a UFA

      • Lol Weber AND a second for a soft playoff ghost? Leafs fans are hilarious

    • Silver Seven

      Sprong better than Simon IMO … Sprong with Sid and Guentzel would be nice to try.

      IMO Simon is 4th line/depth material

      • “Sprong better than Simon IMO …”

        Keep drinking Sprong kool-aid. He has done nothing so far. In contrast is a very good in most things, but he is just not a scorer. Sprong hasn’t shown that he will win you games, but he can sure lose. Simon is very safe player to have out there on the ice. Sid loves playing with him. That says a lot.

        “Sprong better than Simon IMO … Sprong with Sid and Guentzel would be nice to try.”

        No it would be a train wreck. Who exactly is playing defense on that line?

      • Left out a word:

        Keep drinking Sprong kool-aid. He has done nothing so far. In contrast Simon is a very good in most things, but he is just not a scorer. Sprong hasn’t shown that he will win you games, but he can sure lose. Simon is very safe player to have out there on the ice. Sid loves playing with him. That says a lot.

      • I’ll take some of that Sprong Kool-aid. Checkers can be had far easier than scores.

        I don’t think anyone would be really. The other team will have to play defensively if Pit throws Crosby out there with Guentzel & Sprong.

        Sprong may get some shifts with Crosby but starting his NHL career deeper down the lineup.

      • Wrong! Sprong has been playing the entire training camp with Crosby and Guentzel. He’s playing on that line right now and the Penguins are winning 4-1. Sprong has looked good in both games he played in. He’s even playing Malkins spot on the PP. Guentzel/ Crosby/ Sprong is the first line going forward. Sprong has been back checking like crazy and he’s a great skater for his size. He’s going to start on the first line and will have to be really bad to get demoted. Speaking of the Penguins this Jusso Riikola is stealing the show. He’s making it almost impossible for the coaching staff to not play him. He had a beautiful goal today. He’s throwing his weight around and he’s an impressive skater.

  7. Excellent return comment Thank you for clarifying that.
    Toronto is certainly stacked up front now but going deep in the playoffs with there defensive core dosnt solidify it for me. Toronto can be patient with Nylander but not to long as I’m sure both sides will be bitter the longer a contract is reached. Patches and the Habs was a good example of that

    • Nylander is coming out of his ELC. Pacioretty had already signed 3 contracts in Mon. Not even comparable. Just business. You accept it & move on.

      Now if you want to compare Trouba to Pacioretty I’m all in. Trouba will be coming out of his 3rd contract as well & he was forced to sign a low ball bridge having held out for 22 games before capitulating & his 3rd went to arbitration him accepting the award not finding common ground with Win.

      There has to be some ill will in play here & I think Trouba is going to use his leverage to get what he wants. I think he would stay in Win long-term potential if they meet his demands & give him the money & quality of ice time he wants. I don’t think they can do either so like most I see him traded next summer.

      • I see Trouba moving as well. Can you see any big name trades happening between now and the deadline?

      • It’s exciting when they do but I’m all about numbers & odds of probability. That don’t support it as likely but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Looking at 31 teams rosters, needs, waiver issues, contract structures, arbitration rights, cap issues, playoff aspirations, expansion looming, there should be some over the next 2 seasons.

        With all the players pending UFA’s next summer Ott having cornered that market there are going to be at least 2 this year most likely 4 with Ott being on at least 2 of them if not 3 & that plays out again in 2019-20.

      • Watching Suzuki the habs came away on top in the Pacioretty trade, Tatar had more goals last yr is younger plus a blur chip prospect in Suzuki and a good 2nd rd pick

      • I like the trade for Montreal as well, really both teams did very well & I think they did better than Ott did for Karlsson! I assume as Vegas knew they could get Pacioretty extended & Karlsson may be a rental.

        I’m not willing to look at 1 season of production to define a player. Nor do I get why you always want to. This was a good deal for both teams. I also like Tatar. Vegas got a player that will score 10 to 15 more goals posting 15 to 20 more points potentially than Tatar & then locked him up for 4 more years at an acceptable cap hit, especially factoring in Tatar’s cap hit & salary.

        Mon gets an expansion draft exempt A class prospect, a player that can play as the #1 or 2 LW for many more years in Tatar scoring 20 to 25 goals & 50 to 55 points may be nominally better if everything goes well. I assume Pacioretty will score 30 to 35 goals & 60 to 65 points with Stastny & Tuch. Mon banks a 2nd.

    • “I’ll take some of that Sprong Kool-aid. Checkers can be had far easier than scores.”

      I agree in principle, but you assume that Sprong is a scorer. He’s shown no such thing. You sound like all those who were saying that Pouliot was going to be great, just give him a chance. How many times do prospects have to flame out before people wise up a realize that they generally do and until they prove that they can play, there is no reason to put any faith in them. H

      You also obvious know nothing about the Penguins and Simon if you think that he is just a checker. He drives play and is a excellent offensive support player, everything that Sprong is not. Which is why Crosby likes playing with him.

  8. I’m hoping Tatar comes back from a subpar performance
    Last season to prove his worth on his new team and lights it up but then again I so want them to tank to get in the bottom 5 for this good draft. That Expensive Price contract was a crazy signing. No Goalie should get that amount.

  9. I get that everyone wants to see Toronto get a long-term replacement for Hainsey at right D & I assume Tor will eventually even if it has to come from within as a group if necessary but its easier said than done.

    The NHL is transitioning to a faster puck possession game & Tor plays this game as well as anyone in the NHL & will be even better at it this season. They were 12th in goals against last season, yes they gave up the 29th most shots against but this stat doesn’t relate to the quality of shots. The more meaningful stat is goal differential & Tor was +45, 5th best in the NHL & I have them being even better this season in this stat easily top 3.

    Tor’s D is extremely young & getting better. Help is coming with Borgman, Rosen, Liljegren & Nielsen being seasoned in the minors & ready for an injury call-up when required. Oshiganov is going to get every opportunity to work on the 3rd pairing with Dermott, the Black Aces should be marincin & Carrick.

    Tor will have the money to address their D if & when it becomes necessary adding depth insurance at the playoffs or doing something bigger. When the playoffs start & the quality of competition goes up no reason that this roster can’t win a cup if everything plays out, no different than any other contender really & Tor is a serious contender as currently constructed. They will battle Tb & Bos for both the Division & conference.

    Being a Bruins fan I don’t want to play them in the 1st or 2nd round. I would prefer Bos slide in as a wildcard & get to battle their way through the Metro as opposed to the Atlantic.

    I think the Tor D situation is overblown & when you consider the cost to buy the asset they really need who wants to pay that cost? Does anyone like the Hall for Larsson trade? As that is sort of the cost, not saying it would be exactly the same but pretty dam close & Tor doesn’t need to do anything that rash as their team & even their D isn’t the mess Edm’s was when that deal was made. Edm needed to pay that price as that was the cost, Tor doesn’t.

    • Hi Striker

      Yes I agree that they are all fair young D and developing still.

      Where I differ in opinion is that I feel Leafs do not have a chance (at least in the next 3 years) of getting to ECF let alone SCF or even winning a cup unless they upgrade their D.

      I see them blasting away game in and game out through the regular season …. no worries there. I don’t see it out of the realm for them to battle to the end to try and take 1st in Div.

      Playoffs are …. using the old Bits-n-bites mantra … “whole new ball game”

      You know I’m a leafs fan … I’m hoping I’m waaaay off point in this … it’s just the way I’m seeing it.

      Leafs — please prove me wrong !

      The Larson-Hall trade was a nightmare for Ed

      I still think Leafs will need to trade … post 18/19 playoffs tho

      BTW … the more I think about the Marleau deal the more I think he’s moved on Jul 2nd (after SB paid) or soon thereafter. He’ll be 40 to start next season. $3M SB due 1/7/19 then only $1.25 M Sal. Cap $6.25M.

      From what TSN had said last summer … players traded after SB paid and before season starts …. full cap hit goes to “new” team.

      …. so any cash poor , Cap rich teams can have Marleau for $1.25 M and Leafs would free up $6.25M in cap space … giving them flexibility

      • Only if he wants to go Pengy as Tor gave him a full no-movement clause & Babcock loves this player. It could happen but not essential.

        I don’t share your concern about Tor’s D come playoff time my concern is trying to get by TB, Bos & possibly Flo. The weird dynamic is the wildcard team doesn’t necessarily come from the Atlantic.

        So much has to go right generally to make it to the conference final. Occasionally a team can slide through a weak division with everything going right & the other teams they face having issues but rare but not impossible. Just need a little bit of luck.

      • Hi Striker,

        I know Babs loves him. He’s great to have … I’m just leary of him at 40 and at the $6.25 Cap hit.

        I hadn’t realized that the NMC was for all 3 years. I guess with the hopes of this move I must have dreamt that the NMC was years 1&2 only.

        I think now in retrospect that 3 year year NMC was a bad move by Lou.

        Not that Marleau is that type of player … but technically he could play game 1 next year; and then retire and he walks away with $17.5 M of his $18.75M contract (in reality $8.75M per) and Leafs on hook for $6.25M Cap hit 19/20

        I don’t believe he’d do this; but Leafs are exposed to that risk

    • Typical striker comment. You mention all of the leafs d prospects except the one that is going to turn out to be the best one.

  10. The Pacioretty deal was probably the best the Habs could have hoped for. Does Suzuki make the team this year ? Tartar will net 20.

    • Why rush, Suzuki. Send him back to major jr. Let him enter the NHL in 2019-20 in a sheltered role as Mon’s #3 C replacing Plekanec who gets moved out for a draft pick at the trade deadline again.

      • Perhaps you let him get a cup of coffee this season no more than 9 games.

    • This is true SilverSeven and Suzuki is a wonderful player I think they should wait until next season to play both he and Kotkaniemi. And draft another great player this year.
      I see Tatar between 15 and twenty as well Patches will probably be in the 30 to 40 range. But he is getting older so a couple of years his production will drop

      • Spot on Striker bruins fan or not although you seem more intelligent than today’s Bruins fans 😉

      • Chris and Striker

        With you … Suz and Kotk … 9 games + photo ops + $100 Tim Card + new suit … then back down …. absolutely no need to rush them . Keeping them up 10+ (1) risks a possible negative development path due to rushing them ; (2) burns a year of ELC; (3) has little/no effect on standings …. team and both players , IMO, better off with small exposure this year … let them blossom starting 19/20

  11. All this talk of the Leafs trading Nylander seems pointless speculation. He isn’t going anywhere. He is a core player. They’ll dump Marleau and Kadri first, if necessary. But they will have to do something since there is no getting around that fact that they will soon have four forwards making about a combined $40,000,000 million. Actually, $41,500,000 if you count Kessel. Boy are the Leafs going to regret retaining on him.

    • I agree with you on the core issue but teams have ways of getting around cap issues happens all the time.

      I have no concerns about Tor’s future cap issues today nor do I think Tavares, Matthews, Marner & Nylander are going over 40 mil, I think 3 years out in or around 37.5 or just under 40. Depends if anyone gets bridged.

      Kadri’s contract has become to good a value to trade. The fact Tor will be locked into huge monies for 4 forwards will mean concessions will need to be made elsewhere & I assume that will continue at D but I also believe that Nylander will be traded eventually as Johnsson, Kapanen, Grundstrom, develop.

      With expansion looming & another lockout, things can change quite quickly but make no mistake the players are giving back in the next lockout but getting HRR improved, it will include expansion revenue moving forward but the next round is a long way off probably 5 years till 2 more teams are added, Olympic participation guaranteed, improved revenue sharing & UFA age dropping by at least 1 more year possibly 2, another buyout window may also be included & coming out of the next lockout the NHL will have a new national TV contract in the US. Its 1st real 1 & 1 year after it takes effect & gets added to HHR the cap will jump significantly higher in 1 year than ever before & this 40 mil for 4 players will be the norm not the exception.

      • Disagree completely. The player won’t be giving much back because they have nothing to give. They have very little to bargain with except a limit on signing bonuses. Other than that, the NHL is perfectly happy with the deal, so there will be little change. In contrast, the players have all kinds of concerns: escrow, Olympics reduced. They’ll have nothing left to trade for reduced UFA age. The only thing I can see them doing is what every union does – sell out future workers. That would be change the ELC to four years, do away with arbitration, etc.

  12. Tavares 11- Mathews 12- Marner 9-Nylander 7.5 = 39.5
    Remember their best player last year their goalie will want 10 in few years. Jake isn’t going to play for less than he is making now. Leafs can’t afford everyone need to make a move soon.

    • Obe,

      on board with you and will take it one step further … If no bridge for WW … then I believe ur figures are not far off … add to yours; Kadri and Marleau ( and of course Kessel’s take-back) and if extending Gardner then they’re closing in on $60M for 7 players. Call it $58M (low guess)

      Add Reilly , Zaitz , Anderson and approaching mid $70’s M ($73M as a low guess) for top 6 ; 3 D and one Goalie …10 players

      Even with a Cap increase to $85…. left with at best $12M for 13 players

      If Keeping Hyman and Brown … now in around $7.7M left for 11 players …. that’s basically ALL 11 players at league min ($650K this year)

      Something has to be done

      The start …. do not sign WW for long term

    • Where are the comparables for that? Matthews, Marner, Nylander will be up for their 2nd contracts. Arbitration rights in 1-2 years. They won’t be UFA for another 5-6 years. The club is buying RFA years, not UFA years. You’re throwing around UFA prices here. Tavares is 11M at UFA. Matthews is probably 10.5M at RFA for longer term. Nylander is probably around 6.5M. Marner is harder to gauge but probably around 8M (not above Draisaitl center money). That equals 36M for the four players for the next 5-6 years.

  13. If I was Montreal very simple call Toronto and tell them look I’ll trade you S.Weber for Nylander and a autographed stick of J.Taveres if Toronto refuses then you tell them fine I’m offering 8 million for 7 years to Nylander if they match its a win since you know they will be forced to get rid of players to keep the core intact and if they don’t match you give up a 1st, 2nd and 3rd if Toronto would call MB right now and asked him for that package for Nylander would he have said no…. I doubt it …. Yes I know Montreal could be drafting last but I rather grab a young kid that I know is a superstar then wait and see if we finish last and draft a superstar ….. What is MB waiting for

    • Hi Frank!
      If he would offer that deal the draft picks would be 4 firsts. As the total caphit should be spread over 5 years. 8×7=56/5=11.2 in RFA sign comp.
      This was made the rule so RFA really just means that you need a new contract and nothing else 😉