NHL Rumor Mill – September 24, 2018

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Updates on the Flyers and Lightning in your NHL rumor mill.


FLYERSNATION.COM: Brady Trettenero cites Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman telling Jeff Marek he’d heard from a source that the Philadelphia Flyers “tried to take a run” at acquiring Columbus Blue Jackets left wing Artemi Panarin before signing James van Riemsdyk this summer. He mentioned this during the latest “31 Thoughts” podcast.

The Philadelphia Flyers are rumored to have pursued Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin earlier this summer. (Photo via NHL Images)

Friedman added he wasn’t able to confirm it from the Flyers. “I’ve got a better chance of finding the nuclear codes than finding that out from (Ron) Hextall,” the Flyers general manager.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Flyers may have attempted to land Panarin in late-June after it was revealed the winger was reluctant to re-sign with the Blue Jackets. However, Jackets GM Jarmo Kekalainen appears intent on trying to get the talented Russian under contract.

Having opted instead to bring back van Riemsdyk, I doubt Hextall will revisit his rumored interest in Panarin. If he does go shopping this summer I’m guessing it’ll be for goaltending depth. 


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Joe Smith was asked if the Tampa Bay Lightning are in the hunt for a right-handed defenseman after losing out in the Erik Karlsson sweepstakes or perhaps a winger. Citing their limited salary-cap space, Smith said it’ll be difficult to make any significant roster addition.

Smith doesn’t rule out pursuing options by the February trade deadline, “depending on how veteran defensemen such as (Dan) Girardi and (Braydon) Coburn hold up, and how ready prospects such as (Erik) Cernak and (Callan) Foote are.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates the Lightning have over $3.4 million in projected salary-cap space. It was that lack of cap room that was thought to be a major sticking point in their rumored attempt to land Karlsson.

Like Smith, I don’t rule out the possibility of the Lightning making a move or two near the deadline, depending on how those players are performing and where they are in the standings by then. Much will also depend on who’s available in the trade market.



  1. Who are the potential rental d at the deadline this year?

    • Off the top – and depending heavily on how their respective teams are doing come the deadline – I’d guess Jay Bouwmeester (StL); Alexander Edler (Vcr); Marc Methot (Dal); Niklas Kronwall (Det); Brooks Orpik (Was); Roman Polak (Dal); Luke Schenn (Ana);

      • very impressive list of 7 human pylons …

      • considering Kronwall was considering retirement after this season, I doubt he’ll be traded. He probably wants to retire as only playing for the Wings in his career

      • Can add Gardiner (Tor) to that list.

      • Nobody said they were stalwarts of defensive play – just possible rentals. I sincerely doubt the Karlssons of the world will be available as rentals. But as always you know best Mr. Snark.

      • A couple of them ok if looking for depth and not counting on them being more than a number 4. Adding the first three on your list to a bottom pair not to bad

      • Yeah, as I said above, I sincerely doubt anyone like Karlsson comes on the market at that time as a rental (in his case I think he’s already that in SJ and would be surprised to see him extended there at the price and term he’s demanding). As you say, those I named I did so because I see them as having some minimal value as a depth addition or, possible, as a 5/6 pairing, especially to a contending team that maybe loses a 5/6 D-man at that time.

      • Can we please add Petry, Alsner, & Schlemko to the list. Please, pretty please.

      • LOL. A Habs fan no doubt.

  2. Flyers have the Goaltender depth. Just need to bring it up from LHV. Quite frankly Elliott and Neuvirth aren’t a good “A” plan anyway…

    • Id love to see one of Stolarz, Lyon or Hart take one of the goalie jobs. Elliott and Neuvirth just arent good enough. Tough break for Lyon he got hurt but Stollie and Hart have had excellent camps so far. I tend to think Hart will start the season with the Phantoms with Stolarz backing Elliott up with the Flyers. Something has to give soon with the Philly goaltending. Two sub par guys on the NHL roster with Lyon, Stolarz, Sandstrom and Hart in the wings.

  3. Tampa wont be doing anything on the D side this year until they can get a read on what is going to happen with Karlsson.

    Tampa has 3 R.F.A D men next year that will free up $12 million …they will not re sign Cohburn…and to make way for Karlsson they will pass on Starlman and Girardi and insert a prospect to learn under Headman and Karlsson such as a Cal Foote …its very doable !~

    They will hold off and wait to see if Karlsson signs in Feb with the Sharks..if he does not sign a new extension than it may signal he is going to go to Tampa as that seemed to be where he wanted to play as the end all be all prior to the trade …a player of his caliber having the choice to go where HE WANTS to will be a factor come Spring Summer…Tampa may be what he wants as this will be his final contract !


    I am having a really hard time understanding why the Jackets have not made it a priority top put to bed the Bobrovsky signing…terrible signal to a Goalie who is literally the backbone of this team and without him this could have been an Ottawa Senators type situation the past 5 years….

    there is no better Goalie out there and there never will be at the present time …he is deserving of a hefty contract for what he has done…. the 2 Vezinas alone ..with absolutely nothing in front of him…and 3 playoffs in 5 years
    this is wayyy more of a priority than what ever is going on with Panarin…IMO

    A team that should be VERY SERIOUS about looking into a Bobrovsky trade
    ( if its possible )
    should be the Canucks …
    boy they could use a Goalie with the high talent they have coming up!

    How about
    Demko… Virtanen and Juolevi
    Bobrovsky – Murray (D)

    • there is no better Goalie out there and there never will be at the present time …

      say what? you are delusional

      • @ ed vanimpe

        Name a Goalie that has 2 Vezinas who is a UFA and can ( possibly ) be had at this time …if not resigned …out of the 5 best goalies in the league Bobrovsky is in the top 5…

        SERIOUSLY…who is better that can be had …MR Delusional …Pekka Rinne MAYBE!!!
        Highly unlikely !

        Carey Prive …NO
        Brayden Holtby …No
        Marc Andre Fleury …NO
        Freddie Anderson …NO
        Connor Hellybucyk …NO
        Henrik Lundqvist ( maybe ) but NO
        Jonathan Quick …NO
        Matt Murray ….NO
        Martin Jones… Unlikely ….NO

        On the right team …Bobrovsky can win you a Stanley Cup.

        SERIOUSLY…who is better that can be had …MR Delusional …Pekka Rinne MAYBE!!!
        Highly unlikely !

        Bobrovsky has ben to 3 Goalie in the league the past 5 years ..hands Down !

      • Ahh save your breath Kal El. He’s still searching for as clue that will help him differentiate his ass from his elbow.

      • & awards are subjective, a popularity contest really with a few that are actually quantitative, with a serious eastern bias as most of the voters have long fallen asleep drunk by the time teams in the west play.

        Borovsky was deserving but what has he done to help Columbus come playoff time & do you really want to pay any goalie that kind of money in today’s cap world? Assuming the rumours of 10+ for 8 years are accurate.

      • These personal barbs are just unnecessary. Speak to the subject matter, not the individual. No 1 cares about your dislike or opinion of anyone & it’s not relevant nor appropriate. We are here to discuss hockey-related matters.

        Lyle can you not get a handle on this behaviour.

      • Who are you referring to?

      • Why would van trade all that if they can sign him ufa next year? Might make sense if van was a goalie away from the cup this year but they ain’t.

      • The forum is great. Lyle does s phenomenal job of policing extreme vulgarity racism rogue threads that devolve into consistent bickering but it does not need people running to papa every time someone counters their post with some bite. Either don’t respond or defend yourself

    • Columbus is a very good team with fairly significant depth. The talking heads had them as cup contenders to start the 2016-17 season.

      Bobrovsky has shown in the regular season to be part of a group of goalies who when playing for great teams can post great #s making him a great goalie. If you put him in Ott last season or this coming season he would look worse than average.

      The issue isn’t Bobrovsky nor his abilities but the rumoured demand he wants 10+ mil on an 8-year deal that is the problem.

      Columbus is a far better team than you are giving them credit for.

    • Yea not gonna happen. Why would the Canucks trade their best goalie prospect, 2nd best D prospect and a proven grinder for a season of Bob when they’re not even contending for the playoffs?

  4. Can Mark Stone be extended before the deadline if he is traded?
    Stone could replace Panarin in Columbus if a 3rd big market team that Panarin approves comes in with the picks/prospects to get involved. NJ or Isles?
    LA no cap space-Ducks could make the space…

    • Traded for what?

    • Mark Stone can be extended come January 1st.

      Panarin seems to have already made his decision on where he wants to play. It appears to have very little to do with money as he’s going to get paid where ever that is.

      I don’t see Columbus missing the playoffs so the chances Panarin or Bobrovsky being moved out at the trade deadline seem slim. Most teams ride these players out if making a playoff run, StL being 1 of the rare exceptions having 2 years in a row moved out pending UFA’s in Shattenkirk & Stastny. Moving Stastny out cost StL a playoff spot last season.

      • Columbus has no chance to resign Panarin but Bob they should work something out(imho).
        Cannot see the organization taking a chance to let him just walk

  5. I’m not about to start treating everyone in the comments section as precious little snowflakes whenever a bit of criticism is aimed their way. However, there’s no need to get into personal insults when disagreeing with someone’s opinion. Stick to hockey talk, folks.

    • 👍

  6. It hasn’t followed Hextall‘s plan, but the top performing tender at camp has been Carter Hart. Combination of injuries and performance may force the flyers open the season with Hart. Hextall would ideally want Hart in the minors to start the year.

    Elliotte will play a few exhibition games this week and will test whether he has fully recovered from surgery.
    If Hart proves shaky or Elliotte isn’t ready the Flyers may be forced into a short term move.

  7. It’s not clear yet, but will be in twenty games. Every season is a unique experience, with a plethora of surprises, both positive and negative. For most of us everything we’ve said in the off-season will be severely trashed, and we’ll imagine to have thought the things we didn’t say. In this context, it’s hard to see how an investment in interpersonal animosity is anything but worthless. Many year of observation have told me that someone who calls my predictions and opinions stupid will probably be proven correct. Therefore I have no problem with animosity towards my thoughts, or anyone elses, but no appreciation for an attack on anyones personna.
    Enjoy the season.