NHL Rumor Mill – September 3, 2018

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Should the Stars pursue Artemi Panarin? Should the Bruins pursue Tyler Seguin? How will the Golden Knights adjust to Nate Schmidt’s absence? Read on for the latest in your NHL rumor mill.

Would Artemi Panarin be a good fit with the Dallas Stars? (Photo via NHL Images)


NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien considers it unlikely the Dallas Stars will land Columbus Blue Jackets left wing Artemi Panarin but feels it would be glorious fun if they did. The Stars are supposedly on Panarin’s short list of preferred trade destinations but O’Brien notes that doesn’t mean he’ll land in Dallas. Still, he feels it would be interesting if the Stars acquired the skilled left winger, in part because he’d be a good fit with an exciting core of skilled players.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As O’Brien points out, there’s no indication the Stars have inquired into Panarin’s availability. Still, a Panarin-to-Dallas might not be that far-fetched. We know the Stars are among a handful of teams that expressed interest in Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson. If they’re willing to kick tires on Karlsson, why not on Panarin?

That being said, Panarin would be expensive to acquire and to re-sign, especially when the Stars are negotiating a new contract with Tyler Seguin. If the Blue Jackets fall out of playoff contention by the trade deadline perhaps the Stars might consider Panarin a postseason rental. That will of course depend upon where they are in the playoff chase and if they have a real need for more offense at left wing. 


BOSTON HERALD: Steve Conroy took note of recent reports claiming contract talks have stalled between the Dallas Stars and center Tyler Seguin. If Seguin, who began his career with the Boston Bruins, should hit next summer’s free-agent market, Conroy doesn’t believe it’s a good idea for the Bruins to pursue him, largely because he could become the NHL’s next $10 million-plus player. However, he thinks it would be a good idea to look at acquiring the winger if he became available at the trade deadline as a playoff rental.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Barring a significant shift in the Bruins roster they won’t be bringing back Seguin on a long-term deal. A playoff rental is possible though it could cost them a promising young forward such as Jake DeBrusk, Danton Heinen or Ryan Donato as part of the return. Still, I don’t think Boston fans should dust off their old Seguin Bruin jerseys anytime soon. 


NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien recently looked at the possible options for the Vegas Golden Knights to replace defenseman Nate Schmidt, who recently received a 20-game suspension for violating the league’s PED policy. Schmidt’s minutes could be dispersed among Colin Miller, Deryk Engelland, Shea Theodore and Brayden McNabb.

Still, O’Brien wondered if general manager George McPhee might dip into the shallow free-agent pool for help, suggesting Cody Franson could be “a low-risk, OK-reward signing, one who could make sense as a bottom-pairing guy or injury insurance even after Schmidt’s suspension ends.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If McPhee decides to bring in a short-term replacement for Schmidt he could consider going the professional tryout route. Maybe they bring back Luca Sbisa or consider someone else like Franson. Or maybe McPhee will look to within his system by assessing his blueline during training camp and preseason. 



  1. Dallas seems to be in on every rumor. They don’t seem shy about spending big bucks. I find it highly unlikely that they don’t give Seguin an extension. Haven’t heard anything about him wanting to go anywhere else. Seems like a no brainer.

    • Odd they didn’t have much talks with him this summer. Just going to fuel the rumor mill for the year. Agreed though. Really seems a no brainer.

    • “Dallas seems to be in on every rumor. They don’t seem shy about spending big bucks. ”

      Classic internet illogic. One the one had you’ve got rumors coming from internet bloggers speculating and filling up space during slack times. On the other, you’ve got the intentions of Dallas management. There is 0 connection between the two – except in you mind.

    • Given his choice, Sequin would choose Boston.

      • I’d like your name better if it was gulf bum.

      • Please explain to us why the hell would Seguin have any interest on going back to the team that unceremoniously traded him away?

        No chance Seguin wants anything to do with Boston.

  2. Re VGK short term gap on D… Sbisa a possibility … 1 year show me I can stay healthy contract

    I had already posted in the morning coffee segment re Sbisa…. cut and pasted below:

    Sbisa is one of those still on the list that surprises me.

    GMs are right to be concerned with his injury past; but I would have thought some team would have signed him to a one year “show me you can stay healthy contract” by now.

    If it’s his agent holding out for the same money as last year … blame for no contract definitely should lie with the agent.

    Has anybody heard if there has been any rumble of even a very low ball offer?

    IMO , some team will gamble, get him for one year at very reasonable amount …, and will be happy with the return on their investment.

    IMO, teams with cap space and need of D; have very little downside risk in just making a 1 year lowball offer.

    • play hockey with a good player who is seasons ticket holder VGK…goes to their practices and knows at least one player….he doesn’t think Sbisa is worth a contract….at least before the Schmidt thing

      • Even at say $1M for 1?

      • I’d rather sign Brandon Davidson for $700 grand and then bump the current Vegas dmen a spot each. Or they could temporarily promote Erik Brannstrom for the 20 games. There too 6 D without Schmidt isn’t bad at all as long as they get Theodore signed.
        Theodore Miller
        McNabb England
        Merrill Holden
        It’s serviceable anyways.

    • Never been a Sbisa fan. Had the misfortune to watch him play live in Vancouver for 2 of his 3 years. Gave up my season tickets the summer before his last season in Vancouver.

      Not good offensively, terrible defensively, turns the puck over constantly on the dump it out play, around the boards, etc. I remember a buddy & I were at the Cal/Van playoff series in 2015 game 1. He liked Sbisa, I didn’t & don’t. I said let’s count how many times he gives up puck possession in a game. I had 19, he had 17, the NHL 0. They don’t consider icing or wringing the puck around the boards to the weak side a giveaway but it’s certainly a change of puck possession for me or worse it brings the faceoff back into your own zone. At least 3 of mine were direct giveaways without question, 2 more should have been as the puck never cleared our zone & Calgary got a scoring chance.

      I digress but therein lies a huge portion of my concern about numerous stats tracked by the NHL or others. The accuracy of how they are collected. Another example. In the game where Wideman got a concussion & hit the linesman essentially ending his NHL career. Salomaki wasn’t even credited with a hit in that game, although all eventually agreed in arbitration Wideman was concussed after being hit by Salomaki?

      • Hi Striker

        I’m not necessarily a huge fan or proponent of his and I haven’t seen him play in anywhere near as many games as you’ve seen him play in.

        Of the ones I saw him play in …. mostly skewed to last two years and most if those with VGK…. he didn’t jump out at me as problematic , seemed to chew up good minutes and was a fair puck mover

        Again , my sample size is small…. but if they got him on a 1 year at $1M… downside risk would have to be small and should be worth it

  3. Lyle, I thought there were no talks with the Stars and Seguin’s camp at the moment. There may not be any negotiations currently occurring. Maybe that has changed and I haven’t read it.

    • Talks between the Stars and the Seguin camp have stalled. Doesn’t mean the Stars don’t want to re-sign him.

      • Lyle, I get it. With EK and Seguin having one year left on each others contract…could we see a good old hockey trade being assembled? Although Dallas would have to toss Ottawa a bone to make it work. Would they both agree to this? It would leave a glaring hole in both positions on each team. I’m new at this trade proposal thingy and welcome being roasted but, figured I’d give it a go anyway.

      • According to Ken Campbell at THN Dallas & Seguin haven’t even spoken since the draft in June.

        Don’t you find that odd?

      • Why would Dallas have to pay an additional asset? Seguin is an elite centre and Karlsson is an elite dman. The 2 hardest positions to fill. Seguin would die in that awful Ottawa trap system anyways and in a contract year he would never want to go there. If I’m Dallas I’m not trading my best centre when I don’t have another one for a dman I don’t really need.

  4. The option re VGK D as listed above:

    Increased minutes for Thei, Miller , McN , and Eng (offsetting Schmidt loss) could be augmented a bit by also testing out Whitecloud (or another D in the Minors), for a few minutes a game

    It is not a “panic” situation

    • Few teams can overcome the loss of a 1st or 2 pairing Dman for any significant length of time. 20 games is only a 1/4 of the season but probably another 6 to 10 to get back up to proper game speed. Lossing your #1 is going to have some impact and cost you some games.

      Vegas may do nothing, perhaps Holden was signed as Vgs knew Schmidt was going to be suspended, he may slide into Schmidt’s spot until he returns making him & McNabb the 2nd pairing as opposed to 1st when Schmidt plays with McNabb. Vgs still has 6 NHL Dman of various quality, 2 black aces & a decent prospect cupboard at D, not the least of which are Brannstrom and Hague.

      Theodore, Engelland.
      McNabb, Holden.
      Merril, Miller.
      Reinhart, Hunt.

  5. queue the EK trade rumours to Vegas in 3 … 2 … 1 …

    • I’m with NYR4life’s post yesterday in the Soapbox thread. EK either plays for Ott, gets traded or walks as a UFA next summer or some combination of all of the above. You can take that to the bank, I guarantee it. Ha-ha!

  6. Ek to Vegas for Schmidt, 1st, Suzuki!

    • The whole reason Schmidt got caught was because he heard his name be potentially part of an Ottawa deal.
      Do you think Ottawa wants to wait 20 games? I say yeas if they own their own 1st round pick.

    • Chrisms

      Not an outlandish offer but can’t see Dorion accepting.

      Perhaps he’d counter by asking a switch out for Suzuki with Glass plus an additional prospect.

      …. or he’d insist that BR must come over in the deal

      • I was being facetious… but tried to make people wonder.

      • I assumed so but hard to tell as if not for Schmidt’s contract situation, pending UFA the trade actually makes a ton of sense. If Schmidt was signed for at least 2 more years this would be a good deal for Ott.

    • Chrisms again don’t know if you’re being facetious or truly proposing such.

      Vegas won’t be taking back a 27-year-old Dman who is a UFA this summer & will want to be paid & paid significantly nor do I think Schmidt would sign an extension in Ott. The last thing Ott needs is another pending UFA. They already have 4 pending UFA’s in EK, Stone, Duchene & Dzingel & the following summer Boedker, Pageau & Ceci can all be UFA’s does OTT retain any of them or all lost in trade?

      On subjet not directed at you.

      Adding a cheater to the mix in Ott would make a ton of sense & add to the current bedlam playing out. I’m not buying Schmidt didn’t know or Vegas gave him the drug. If it came from the club others would have tested positive. Nor do I care it was minute traces. There are ll kinds of protocols or drugs cheaters take to get performance-enhancing drugs in & out of their system as quickly as able. The fact it was there at all makes him guilty, accidental or not.

      • Oops! See above

      • Speaking as someone who has been a part of a testing regimen… I’m pro Schmidt. The sensitivity of the tests allow for so much risk of false positive. Regard illicit recreational drugs… at high enough sensitivity levels Motrin can test positive for thc, poppy seeds for opiates, and corn gasoline for etoh. Unfortunately the onus is on the player to prove themselves innocent… essentially impossible. It’s definitely a system of guilty until proven innocent… and nobody ever has the ability to prove themselves innocent

  7. Lyle ..want you to know I enjoy your site…many of the other sites are so immature one loses faith in our youth…keep up the quality…

    There are sayings about people who convert their joy into an income….seems either a great decision or it ruins a their joy….hope for you it is the first

    • Thanks for the kind words and ongoing support. Folks like you make this worthwhile. And yes, doing this for a living remains a great decision. Professionally, it’s the best decision I ever made.

      • Lyle, how much you paying Striker?

      • ive been reading for 5 years atleast daily—your welcome lol

  8. Dallas extended Jamie Benn on July 15/16 for 8yrs @ $9.5 per total $76m. Seguin maybe asking why is there no such quick decision for me?
    Maybe Dallas doesn’t want to pay Seguin as much; the Stars only been in the playoff 2 of the 5 season Tyler been there.
    Tyler only played in 1 playoff game 2016 with 0pts, in 2014 he played in 6 scoring 1 goal and 2 assist. There was a lot more expected of him as he finished the 2015-2106 regular season with 37g and 47a for 84pts.
    His compete level and willingness to go to the dirty areas has always been a question mark.
    Seguin will get his money but it may not be in Dallas

  9. One has to wonder if Schmidt will be the same player when he comes back without the benefit of performance enhancing drugs.
    Only speculation until we see him play but this could be trouble for Vegas.

    • Hi Scott,

      If (and it is an”If”) the amount of PE found in his system is as stated… then there should not be a discernible diff in performance

      Who knows

      • There are systems or protocols you can use to flush performance enhancing drugs or others for that matter out of your system quickly. There are other drugs you can take that also help mask the 1’s you are taking etc.

        I assume Schmidt’s game will be fine but it tarnishes his career & reputation not that NHL teams really care about such as long as you can play & make a significant contribution they will accept almost anything.

  10. Cue Jason Garrison off the farm team for Vegas?

    • Hi ds

      I’d bring back Sbisa at 1 year low-ball show me contract first.

      I think Garrison is on PTO with Ed…. so could be signed

      • Pengy-I thought Garrison still with Vegas under contract- my bad

  11. 7 billionths of a milligram is not using PED’s. That is taking a substance that was cross contaminated. What that substance was is open to pure speculation. This is questionable at best. On an unrelated side note, cocaine leaves your system fast and leaves no trace but it can be cut with anything. Stay away from drugs kids.

    • Just the accusation is enough to get players blackballed in any sport these days. See Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens and A-Rod. None of which ever actually tested positive for any illegal substance. Basically suspended and or blackballed from the testimony of others or bought and paid for evidence….

      Minuscule or not, he tested positive. These players are under the supervision of team trainers, personal trainers, personal and team doctors…. someone goofed. I don’t believe for one second someone laced his drink or he somehow “accidentally “ ingested a banned substance.

      When he popped, it was minuscule. That doesn’t mean at some point it wasn’t .

    • Perhaps he was using purging techniques to flush the substance out as quickly as able, or perhaps he was using it well before the test & it had reduced in his system over time, the fact it’s even there in trace quantities is not the issue, nor if he took it by accident. The substance is banned, you are allowed ZERO trace. It’s your responsibility to make sure you know what you are ingesting. Schmidt didn’t get this drug in his system at the pizza parlour or drinking Gatorade.

    • The bottom line is if there is any trace of a substance that is banned, meaning there should always be 0 trace of it in your system and it’s not, you cheated and got caught. He clearly was using them at some point and no, there are no accidents. He must of used them at some point in his workouts and failed to flush it out. I wonder if they know the flushing or masking agent and that’s what they caught him on and don’t want anyone know so they can catch other cheaters.

    • Cocaine is one hell of a drug!

      Seriously tho this suspension is retarded.

      You have players out there head hunting getting 1-2 games and then this. Some negligible amount of PED in his system and he gets 20 games. Good job.

      • While I agree that headbhunting etc should come with stiffer penalties and suspensions. One really has nothing to do with the other.

        They can’t turn their heads to performance enhancing drugs the the MLB did for years.

        This problem ran so rampant in the MLB it’s almost like not using them was unfair.

      • The suspensions for on-ice issues needs to be far more severe than the model the NHL is currently using but that also ties into the CBA with NHLPA as they will challenge any & all significant suspensions. Harder to deal with the on-ice issues than using a banned substance that makes all involved look bad, the NHL, NHLPA & the player.

    • Cocaine can still be found in urineanalysis 6-7 days after consuming. Nothing fast about that.

  12. I understand that its banned, and not allowed. So are headshots and people get a slap on the wrist fine, or a couple games suspension for those, even on potentially career ending hits. The crime does not fit the punishment imo, unless they start cracking down on other rules with the same iron fist.

    • I agree the penalties for on-ice conduct should be far more severe & the NHL levy’s far more suspensions today than ever before. It’s evolving at a snail’s pace as the neanderthal mentality of the old NHL is alive & well. Until players stop hitting to hurt which isn’t a hockey play it’s never going to change. What I find amazing is now the players want to be paid for having received concussions & they are the 1’s hurting each other breaking the rules!

      Even just enforcing the on-ice rules as written in a far more black & white nature would curtail a ton of the on-ice antics. I also support serving the full penalty even if a team scores, this would also curtail a ton of mischief.

      The performance-enhancing drug issue is black & white, almost everything else the NHL does almost is grey & not solely for them to decide but with the NHLPA by agreement. These doping rules are agreed to & Schmidt is getting the punishment defined by these rules that are not in dispute. He cheated either willingly or by neglect to do his due diligence, either way, he is guilty as it comes down to him & him alone choosing to consume something that had this drug in it. This wasn’t from some cold medication but some form of enhancement he obviously thought was OK but alas not.

      Case closed let’s move on.

      • To at least discussing what Vegas’s intentions are at D of any. Again they have the depth to potentially weather the man games lost. There D isn’t stellar but it’s based on depth more so than quality & the only Dman on the roster fully developed is Engelland, every other Dman has far more to learn & give yet at the NHL level including Schmidt who was very late getting to the NHL. He only has 276 games of NHL regular season experience, the highest after Engelland’s 548 is McNabb at 314. The remainder other than Holden 374 added this summer as a UFA are Miller 185, Merril 250, Theodore 114 & Hunt 78. That’s isn’t a ton of NHL experience for an NHL D.

  13. All those who say Schmidt was definitely knowingly using and couldn’t have gotten the substance “at Pizza Hut” or that there are “no accidents “ clearly have no practical knowledge of how the tests work. So before judging a person on something you clearly lack significant knowledge about take a step back. Now if the argument is that the nhl needs a black and white policy I get that. But to say a man deliberately cheated without all the facts is blisteringly ignorant

    • Schmidt’s guilty, he has exhausted his defence, no further process to become or prove himself innocent. I didn’t say he knew what he was taking but something he choose to consume contained it, whether he did so or it was provided by the team, trainer, doctor, what have you he took it, that’s not in dispute, it got there somehow. Again he didn’t get it at Pizza Hut, or from eating peanut butter sandwiches, a banana & chocolate milk after a game or practice. The go-to energy boost we used for our boys after hockey. Ha-ha!

      It’s unfortunate, I like Schmidt a ton. I will give him the benefit of the doubt it was an accident but regardless he now pays the price as it broke the rules.

      I have been tested repeatedly in my life, passed most, failed several costing me a job early in my life & several contracts as a semi-mature adult. The cleansing kits for Marijuana weren’t as effective back in the 80’s, 90’s & early 2000’s as they are today & in the blink of an eye, no 1 cares about THC or CBD’s anymore in society, in fact, they condone & recommend their use. I was just way ahead of the curve. Ha-ha!

      • The point is striker environmental contamination is absolutely possible at that level. So yes. He could have gotten it at a wide variety of places. I agree with his being held accountable. But not that he was cheating. He could have been. He also could not have been just as easy.

    • I’m positive we all understand the concept of a false negative. However, I’m sure he had the opportunity to take a 2nd test. If he chose not to …. why? If he did take it, why is he still getting suspended? Because he tested positive the 2nd time…

      There is no way he didn’t have the opportunity, or failed the opportunity on a 2nd false positive. The odds of 2 false positives? Next to zero… unless of course he was on the same supplement for the 2nd test? Has he even claimed anything of the sort? I certainly haven’t read that anywhere. His defense right now hasn’t once cried false test…

      “Minuscule amount “ “a grain of salt in a swimming pool”….

      why not “false positive, I’ll take another test to prove it” “impossible,” ?

      Anyone thinking this is a case of guilty until proven innocent is WAY off here.

      • False positive. I don’t think anyone is disputing the presence of a positive test. But no one knows if it was a false positive (a positive caused by a substance that triggers the same metabolites as the banned substance) or if it was the actual substance how it got into Schultz. Guilty in this instance is not necessarily a cheater.

      • I meant false positive…. I’m a little slow today.

        Not a cheater? Maybe. But he also could be a cheater.

        I don’t think I’ve seen one single player in any sport come out right away and say they intentionally took something.

        Maybe they do down the road, ( Giambi, Pettite) but I’ve never seen a player get popped and own it right away.

        So to me, having it in your system is guilt enough to label a player. And as I mentioned above, I’m pretty sure you have to be given at least the opportunity to retake the test. He has either chosen not to, or failed it again.

        These guys have WAY too many people in their lives aware of what is banned and what is allowed.

        And I’m not buying an accidental delivery thing. But playing devils advocate for the moment, if he was accidentally exposed, so would a roommate, gf, wife etc. maybe he should have them volunteer for a test as well?

      • My experience is you do not get to retake. You provide split specimens at the initial test. Testing can take days to weeks. So providing a second test is irrelevant.

        And he is definitely guilty of failing the test.

        This does not make him a cheater. No one knows essentially but him.

        Sorry ny but this highlights my point. You do not get to give a second specimen after the fact. So if your first is tainted for whatever reason it’s what they work with

      • We do testing at my job…. well not AT my job but for preemployment or when our customers require them. (Which is 100% of our current customers) I’ve never seen a drug test take weeks. 24-72 hours max. The only time they take more is when something is found. Preemployment you’re one and done. But we have to give a 2nd test (or at least provide the opportunity to take) before termination or disciplinary action is taken for the possibility of a false positive or inconclusive results.

        Testing results are 85-90 percent accurate. So failing once is a good possibility, but 2 in a row not so much. Not impossible, but highly unlikely.

      • Then you do non “professional “ testing . With significantly less of a threshold for failure. True testing.,.. barring a huuuge cost takes time.

  14. Performance enhancing drugs, people take all kinds of supplements and over the counter drugs, some are banned some are not.
    If it isn’t an illegal drug, I don’t care what you take. I believe the drug restrictions are getting beyond the point.
    Some one taking a supplement to enhance their skill is a cheater? why. Because he/she is trying to enhance their athletic abilities, I don’t think so.
    The supplements or drugs themselves does not make them a pro athlete, you must have skill!
    For me it isn’t a big issue.

    • You really can’t say that though. The NHL is so competitive and the skill level between the best players and the lower roster players is so slim that if some guys start take performance enhancing drugs and close the gap even further all the players will have to start taking just to keep up. There are so many negative long term effects on your health from taking those things that the NHL would be put out of business because of all the lawsuits that would eventually come up when the former players all start dropping dead in their 50s and 60s. Zero tolerance is the only policy here period.

  15. As per NHL policy they can choose up to 60 players in the off season to test, and they have 12 days to take said test. Information is not released until after an arbiter dismisses an appeal due to a number of reasons. He could have been doping in the finals, and tested shortly after. The process from start to finish was never divulged. Most likely it is a similar situation to Horcoff years ago who was taking a steroid medication to heal from an injury. Not illegal in the offseason. NHL probably had inside knowledge which is why Nate was hand selected for testing. I do not for a minute believe he is 100% innocent, or his testing was a coincidence. That being said, I hope the NHL can in the next CBA agreement find a way to make other rules as black and white as the PED rule of 20 games suspension without question in regards to other offenses. The fact there is no middle ground, and 7 billionths of a milligram and 10 milligrams are the same suspension I do find a bit odd. Cheating, is cheating, but harsher penalties for more deliberate circumstances would be nice.

  16. It’s like being a little bit pregnant . You are or you are not.

    30 days to puck drop

    I maintain that Karlsson is holding up the Sequin signing
    Maybe a Panarin Sequin discussion should take place

  17. Guryanov Honka Hanzal Ritchie and a first
    Let’s go !

  18. It’s Seguin not Sequin, you spell it wrong every day.

    • I didn’t hear what you said, could you Seguin? …..

      • 😂😂😂

        That was beautiful!

      • Well, that’s Radulov-ed that one, it was there for the taking haha.

      • I don’t get it…

      • Radulov.. Rad you loved that one.. I knew I was stretching, I saw Jagr go one too far in Calgary, but I didn’t learn..

      • Back on top with jags! 🙂

      • When he went beard and long hair, and with the long stick he played with, he kind of resembled that Germanic chieftain from the opening battle scene in Gladiator swinging his 10 foot battle axe.

      • I don’t get it… ,

  19. Pregnancy tests have false positives by the way.

  20. I said a few Months ago Tyler would end up in New York for the party seen a few of you said Nashville and Montreal had better parties. I’m in Nashville right now great place to party but it’s for us poor folks Seguin will sign in New York and party with the rich. Great talent just wish he would focus on hockey if he did he would be top 3 in league not top 20.

    • Watch while Seguin signs as a UFA with the Islanders, convinced that Trotz can coach him to a Stanley Cup victory. The Islanders meet the Leafs in the conference final and after Tavares is stopped on a breakaway by future Hasek Christopher Gibson, Seguin collects the puck and dekes out every single Leafs player before undressing Andersen and roofing a backhander top shelf to end triple overtime of game 7.

    • Really though, joke aside, Seguin with the Islanders would make sense for both sides. The Isles were willing to pony up 11 for Tavares, why not 10 or 10.5 for Seguin? Seguin is younger and under Trotz’s tutelage could be transformed into the Lindros he can be.

      With Pulock, Mayfield, Pelech and Dobson the Islanders are a few pieces from having a solid D corps, and with Barzal, Nelson, Bailey, Eberle, Lee, Wahlstrom, Bellows, Beauvillier, Dal Colle and Ho-Sang up front, Seguin would have a lot to work with there.

  21. I dont know what you’re smoking but its potent. Pass that over