NHL Rumor Mill – September 5, 2018

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Latest on Max Pacioretty, how Blake Wheeler’s new contract affects the Jets’ salary-cap payroll and what the Blackhawks can do with their remaining cap space in your NHL rumor mill.


LE JOURNAL DE MONTREAL: Marc de Foy reports sources say Montreal Canadiens captain Max Pacioretty and his representatives won’t negotiate a new contract once the season opens on Oct. 3. That could make the left wing not only tougher to move. He would then become a playoff-rental player, meaning the Canadiens won’t get as much back via trade as they would if he was under contract beyond the coming season.

LA PRESSE: Mathias Brunet believes Pacioretty won’t get a deal similar to the five-year, $41.25-million contract ($8.25-million annual average value) signed yesterday by Winnipeg Jets forward Blake Wheeler. He points out Wheeler reached a career-high 91 points last season, tied for the league lead last season in assists (68) and reached 74-or-more points  in each of the last three campaigns. Brunet believes Pacioretty could get $7 million per season, as Evander Kane got earlier this year with the San Jose Sharks.

Montreal Canadiens winger Max Pacioretty reportedly won’t talk contract extension after Oct. 3. (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Canadiens general manager Marc Bergevin is trying to trade Pacioretty he faces two deadlines. If he hopes to get at least a good player in return he’ll have to move his captain before Oct. 3. Otherwise, he’ll likely have to accept a draft pick or two and/or a prospect or two before the Feb. 25, 2019 trade deadline.

Yes, it’s possible a rival GM could panic and part with a promising youngster to Pacioretty. However, it’s worth remembering the Buffalo Sabres only a got a draft pick for Evander Kane at last year’s deadline. Bergevin could face a similar scenario with Pacioretty next February.


SPORTSNET; Following the Winnipeg Jets re-signing Blake Wheeler yesterday,  Rory Boylen examines the salary-cap crunch they’ll face next summer. Defensemen Jacob Trouba and Tyler Myers and forwards Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor will be in line for new contracts next summer. Assuming Trouba gets $6.5-million per season, current restricted free agent Josh Morrissey gets $5.5 million, Myers between $5.5-$6 million, Connor between $6-$7 million and Laine between $9-$10 million, the Jets would be over $6 million above the salary cap (presuming the cap remains at $79.5 million).

Even if the Jets can somehow get some of those players under more cap-friendly annual average values, Boylen believes reducing that cap overage will remain difficult. “The easiest way to get there would be to let Myers become a UFA, or to trade Trouba.” 

He also suggests 30-year-forward Mathieu Perreault’s $4.125-million cap hit could be too expensive for a third line. Affordable younger players such as Jack Roslovic, Kristian Vesalainen, Tucker Poolman and Sami Niku could also push for rosters spots, which could mean making room for them.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: An increase in the cap ceiling for 2019-20 will also provide some relief for the Jets. If, for example, the cap climbs to $82 million (a strong possibility), that cuts Boylen’s projected $6-million overage in half, making it a little easier to address that issue. Still, they’ll likely have to shed a player or two. Trouba seems the most likely trade candidate, especially if Myers is willing to accept a reasonable deal to stay in Winnipeg.

They would miss Perreault’s two-way skills if he were traded but the oft-injured forward is now 30 and likely to become less effective in the coming seasons. His absence could be offset by one of those promising youngsters. He’s under contract through 2020-21 but Cap Friendly indicates he has a five-team no-trade clause, giving the Jets some flexibility if they want to move him. 


THE ATHLETIC: Scott Powers recently examined what the Chicago Blackhawks could do with their remaining salary-cap space to bolster their roster for the coming season. They currently have around $6.2 million in available cap room. They could add a seventh defenseman via free agency, as Brandon Davidson will reportedly attend training camp on a professional tryout offer and could receive a one-year deal if they like what they see.

They could also see if anyone is willing to move a depth player via the trade market, or wait for better options later in the season near the trade deadline. Powers also suggests they could stand pat rather than add salary beyond this season, giving them more salary cap room to re-sign restricted free agents like Nick Schmaltz next summer and Alex DeBrincat the year after that.



  1. It will be interesting too see what the Jets do in preparation for the 2019-2020 season.

    If they explore trade options for Trouba there will be significant interest. Personally I’d move out little and or kolikov first before Trouba inless he’s once again a problem to resign.

    Patches should have been moved at last years deadline, unfortunately for habs fans the saga continues.

    • Moving Little after losing Stastny idk about that. As for Kulikov he won’t fetch much

    • I know this will sound crazy but I would bridge Laine. I say this after watching the playoffs and Laine was a liability often losing possession losing puck battles and just not driving the play. He got power play time and I always had a bad feeling when he was out there because if he could not one time the puck he would lose it and therefore the jets lost possession. Connor on the other hand is a player you can win with in the playoffs, plays hard skates well and wins puck battles. He will only get better.
      I would like to hear from people that watch the Jets on a regular basis on their thoughts

  2. Little has a full NMC and cannot be traded without his consent this season and next. His No move changes expansion year to a no trade. Perreault and Kulikov are the two most likely trade candidates, but maybe they part with Trouba at the draft. They do have some promising youngsters coming up, with the likes of Logan Stanley,and Niku for the left side, making Kulikov fairly replaceable. Perreault would be missed, but another quite similar player to him is Nic Petan, currently only making 1 million per season who could likely step into his role. Trouba could be retained until he is a UFA for cup run purposes next two years. No real need to trade him to be honest.

  3. Kane had character issues and that dropped his trade value. Pacioretty is a captain. It should be a hornet’s nest in La Belle Province until he signs and stays or moves.
    JVR could be a comparable and did not return a thing. Maybe that is the new way.

  4. Yep… Jets will be in a Cap Crunch bind. No ifs/ands/buts

    IMO …. due to his trade value … better to flip Trouba and extend Myers. Return should be lucrative …. but can’t be solely “futures” (prospects/pics) as Jets have matured into contenders NOW and don’t need to develop for 3-4 years hence

    Chevy has 9 months to get a handle on this…. but he does have several options (and some with great value)

    If Trouba has a stand out Year … Jets won’t be able to “afford” him and his trade value is that much more

    Long term …. Big Buf will be 36 at end of current contract (3 years)… tough decision looming in that

    However , in the here and now … looking at Cap Friendly …. it appears (if I’m viewing it right) that baby Jets are the only AHL team that is well short of a full roster .

    After Morrisey signs … 22 on Jets …. assume 1 Moose goes up…. Moose would then have but 18 players signed … when Comrie signs … just 19… so Moose spots to fill as well

    • Petan will be the 23rd Jet assuming all are healthy. He has to clear waivers now so Win makes room, trades him or he will be lost on waivers.

  5. the Jets could be a top Cup contender this year, so I don’t see them making any changes to their roster for cap reasons. They will tackle that after the season. Probably either a buyout of Perrault and/or Kolikov, or bundling a prospect or pick with one of them in a trade to dump salary.

    with all the contract troubles that Trouba has raised with the team since he first got there, it’s doubtful he’ll stay there long term. So they might have to stick with Myers and trade Trouba for a defensive prospect

    those dumb rumors of Trouba for Nylander make no sense. The Jets would need a young dman to replace Trouba. They have so much forward depth up front, they don’t need a forward for him, and Nylander would be as expensive, if not more to re-sign

    Unless the Jets would have a plan to flip Nylander to another team for a young dman, which would make more sense

    but regardless, I expect Trouba to be a Jet for the entirety of the 18/19 season.

    Keep the band together as long as they can, because the salary cap sh!+ is really going to hit the fan for them next summer

    • Concur Mike P

      Sorry if it came across that I was suggesting a move of Trouba now/in-year…. yes I’m suggesting it would be better to trade Trouba and extend Meyers … but done post 18/19 season

      Agree Troub/Wee Willy flip makes no sense… unless (as you’ve alluded to) a Three-Way netting a young D….rare , but can be done

      I’m excited for Jets 18/19 and look forward to what Chevy can work out for team starting 19/20+

    • If the Jets win the Cup this season everyone on the roster becomes a winner and teams will be more interested in players like Little, Perrault, Kolikov, etc.
      They become experienced Vets with Cup rings.
      That is best case on all sides for the Jets. Jay Beagle would not have gotten that contract without his ring…

      • Let’s not doubt Bennings ineptitude. Even Beagle winning a cup doesn’t justify 4 years at 3 mil per for what will be a 33-year-old 4th line C on Oct. 16th.

    • I doubt Perreault needs a sweetener. Talent will be needed. Won’t get a big return but shouldn’t need a sweetener. Kulukov is another story though

    • Essentially agree with the exception I don’t think Win needs a Dman back for Trouba depending upon what Myers decides to do. Poolman & Niku are NHL ready now, Stanley & Samberg are solid D prospects, Green & Bourque may have NHL futures in several years hard to tell at present.

      Nor does Win need forwards either, moving Trouba for futures may best serve Win needs next summer if he can’t be signed long term but only if Myers can be retained, if both are lost then a more established lesser veteran or solid younger defensive Dman may need to come back in a Trouba trade.

  6. The Jets can’t let both Myers and Trouba walk that’s for sure. It will be hard to get a similar player back in a Trouba trade. A trade for picks and a prospect wouldn’t be the worst thing as they will need good young players coming in on the cheap to fill out the roster for five seasons if they ink Myers Connor and Morrissey long term. Replacing Trouba straight up is not going to happen, but Myers can help fill that gap and hopefully has his injury issues behind him. Poolman looked decent in his limited action, and could fill Myers 3rd line pairing role if Myers moves up to the 2nd pairing. The trade off with Myers and Trouba could be negligible as Myers has more of an offensive game, but Trouba is a good shutdown guy. That’s a gamble that could go either way. The Jets built up on the foundation of draft and develop and are obviously one of the better teams in the league in this regard, so getting a top end prospect for Trouba they can develop isn’t the worst thing. Another option they could explore is trading Connor whose value should be pretty high after another season playing third wheel on the Scheifele Wheeler line. He could definitely nab a solid young Dman in a trade. Assuming Vesalainen develops well in the A to North American hockey he is a candidate to take that LW spot. The Jets do have cap crunch problems looming but they also have hundreds of options they can explore.

    • Hi DC

      I’m still with the mindset that trading Trouba (if done; and should be after 18/19) should be for a young roster D…. won’t be similar I agree ; but Jets already at the Contender stage and don’t need to move a Top 4 D type 25 year old (at season’s end) for a key prospect that won’t be playing until 20/21 at the earliest…. younger developing current roster D would be best in a trade… just my 2 cents worth ($Cnd BTW) 🙂

  7. Buying out Kulikov and/or Perreault is bad business, and does not effectively give them the cap space they want. Perreault could probably net a 2nd round pick, and you might have to sweeten the pot to get a team to take Kulikov, but that’s no problem if you package the aforementioned 2nd round pick. Chevy has not made many deals, but every single one has been golden, so in Chevy we trust.

    • Wishful thinking for a second. If teams know they need cap space a mid round pick or a c prospect is about right

    • No 2nd for Perrault c’mon lol
      Not in today’s NHL cap world

    • All a question of when he’s moved or even if he is moved. Teams would happily pay a 2nd at the trade deadline in the final year of his deal.

      Never underestimate the stupidity of a GM when confronted with an injury or trade deadline. Perreault brings an interesting skill set to a team at reasonable money for such. Can play C if needed & has the ability to play a 1st line PP role.

      I don’t think Perreault will be the cap casualty regardless when push comes to shove. It will be Trouba, Myers or potentially both. They have to be willing to sign contracts in Win at monies reasonable to what they can get elsewhere & both could potentially be lost, Myers potentially walking as a UFA this summer.

  8. You know Laine is a great player, but the only way I see him topping 9 or 10 mil is if he scores more than 40 again. It is his second contract with no arbitration rights.

    David Pasternak and tarasenko, who may be a step below only make 7.5…..

    If Laine scores 40 and gets 20 assists is he worth 10 million? The 10 million tags are typically reserved for 100 point guys.. I see Matthews getting 10, with McDavid and eichel but not Laine.

    As a winger, I see him more in the 7.5-8.5 range.

    Every bit helps

    • Agree, centers seem to be on a higher pay scale, although probably basing estimate on Kucherov’s extension. Wondering what Panarin will get? And what was Chicago thinking? Saad 32 points in a full 82 games last season…

    • Amazing how slow people are to catch on to the reality of the cap increase. $8.5 meg today is about the same as $7.5 meg a couple of years ago. Laine will get about what Mathews gets, and that will be $11 meg minimum. It will be interesting top see what what the Leafs do, since they have a history of drastically overpaying players

      • Amazing that some people think cap increase all goes to one player. Wheeler getting more than previous contract at age 32 is a little surprising.

      • Slick62: Wheeler was an absolute bargain over his current contract. There is no way he or his agent would take less than $5.6M/year. The last couple of years on the new deal will likely cause problems, but he should be well worth the new deal in years 1, 2 and possibly 3.

      • Van, he signed a contract at the time that was fair. He’s 32 and I just don’t think you need to pay the guy for past performance. I don’t think there would be many teams offering over 8 mil for 5 years. Not saying he’s a bad player, but I doubt he’d put up those numbers on many teams.

    • 40 he will be a 50 goal scorer in the NHL when fully developed, Laine probably hits that threshold at least 3 times in his career. A monster of a physical presence at 6’5″ but only 205 lbs. He just turned 20, he only has 2 years of NHL experience, by age 25 he will weight in at close to 220, 225 lbs & be terrorizing goalies & Dman. Just scratching the surface of his vast potential.

      It’s going to cost Win 10.5 mil+ if they want to lock Laine up for 8 years. He may be the best goal scorer in the NHL today. He may be the 1st 50 goal scorer since Ovechkin hitting 50 in 2015-16 & it may happen as early as next season.

    • Pasta only makes 6.5

  9. Hi Pengy. I agree with what you’re saying, just exploring further options the Jets have. If Trouba is getting traded at the draft, I can only assume it’s for a pick in the 1st round the Jets want. Not saying it can’t be a multi pick/player deal that sends a young player and a 1st to the jets for Trouba, and the Jets 1st rounder presumably a bit later in the draft. I am working with the same economy as you unfortunately which renders my 2 cents worthless lol. They even took them out of rotation, need a nickel to count but I can’t afford one of those.

    • ” Slick62
      Amazing that some people think cap increase all goes to one player. ”

      Amazing how some people can’t do simple arithmetic. The cap goes up 10%, salaries go up by about the same percentage. And as history shows, the top players benefit the more.

      • As Lyle mentioned, cap could go up from 79m to 82. That’s not 10%. Simple arithmetic. Up 3 m…Wheelers salary up 2.6m

      • Amazing. When the moment arrives that you know you’ll be alright

    • DC

      Was in meetings until now.

      They’ll probably toss out our nickels in 5 years … but bring in a $5 coin… LOL

  10. The Ref Wings and Ken Holland would take Trouba in a heartbeat and Trouba would probably sign long term with them because that is his hometown team and his favourite as a kid. Throw in a prospect like Nic Petan. Take Cholowski and Svechnikov as the return. Cholowski is NHL ready and is signed for 3 more seasons at $894. The Wings only have 6 guys on their defensive roster currently and one of them is the ghost of Nik Kronwall. They can and likely will promote Joey Hicketts and Dylan McLwrath but that’s not much help. Trouba would give them 2 real dmen and a bunch of borderline guys.

    • Dreaming sorry

  11. Agree with most here that Jets don’t move Trouba before next off season. Was a little surprised with Wheeler contract. Seriously doubt they keep Trouba. Will be dealt at next draft. Winnipeg can’t take back salary, so probably a deal for picks and prospects. Tampa has RD men Girardi and Stralman becoming UFA after season, so considering they where all in on EK, Trouba could be on their radar. Also, 6.5 mil seems pretty low for him. Guess we’ll see what kind of season he has.

  12. At the moment Detroit cannot afford Trouba. I think like you Deee that Detroit is where Trouba ends up in some form or another. Detroit has lacked up to this point the players necessary to facilitate a trade for him, but with Trouba one year til UFA left, some money coming off Detroits books after this season, and Detroit finally having a couple worthy pieces,a deal could definitely happen at the 2019 draft.

    • The problem I see with trading Trouba is that the jets actually do not need a top 6 forward or a top 4 defenseman. So what offer will it take to get Trouba? Would it be a 2nd line center? If so, how do you make the $$ work either way?
      Would it be a 2nd pairing LHD? If so how much would that cost and would Kulikov have to be a part of that deal?

      Its not an easy trade to make for Winnipeg. Draft day 2019 may be the ideal time. It also gives Trouba another year to show that he can perform at the levels expected and stay healthy.

    • Do you mean cap space wise because I agree that right at the moment they can’t afford to take him on but right after the first day of the season they can put Zetterberg and Kronwall on LTIR and then they have almost 12 million in cap space. Actually they have Franzen and his 4.5 mill to go to LTIR as well. That is well over 15 million in cap space starting the first day of the season. As far as assets go Cholowski and Svechnikov and their 2019 second round pick(which will be close to around 33rd overall) is a good return. Cholowski is NHL ready and is signed for 3 more season. Svechnikov is signed for 2. Both on entry contracts. That gives the Jets flexibility financialy and gives them young talent and all it costs is a guy who doesn’t want to be there anyways.

      • Lol what a dumb trade that would be for Winnipeg! That’s terrible

  13. I don’t get why everyone thinks that Trouba is so valuable. He’s mediocre offensively and more important, he can’t stay healthy. He’s missed an average of 17 games/year over the last 4 years. To put that into perspective, it’s about the same number as Letang has missed, and he’s supposed to be a major health risk.

    • The reason everyone thinks he is so valuable is because he logged the 2nd most ice time for D on one of the best teams in the NHL. Regular season and playoffs, so the coach would disagree with you LMacDonald. I would bet a paycheck that his TOI goes up as well next season.
      He is also just entering his prime for a D man which means his offence will likely go up, which isn’t mediocre, it is actually above average.
      Big, skates really well, physical, can play the PK and the PP.
      If Trouba wants to leave you trade him next off season, if he wants to stay and is fair in his contract demands you keep him over Myers. IMO it is a no brainer.
      Lyle did the math above, if the cap goes what most people expect it to, you move Perrault and keep Myers and Trouba. Done. Play younger cheap wingers where you have to, keep your top 4 D if at all possible.
      If the cap doesn’t go up, different issue, but you wait to find out.

      • “The reason everyone thinks he is so valuable is because he logged the 2nd most ice time for D on one of the best teams in the NHL. ”

        This is a poor argument. First, Letang logs the *most* ice time by far on 2 time cup winner. Second, if you average ice time over 82 games, then his ice time is that great because he was out so much. It doesn’t matter how good a player is when he isn’t playing. And Trouba isn’t playing a lot. Oh yeah, and his offense is mediocre. You didn’t respond to that.

        People overrate Trouba because he overrates himself. He wants Big Boy money when his offensive contribution is mediocre and he’s injured a lot. He’s not worth it. He’s good, but not top self.

      • Ray Bark. Keeping both Myers & Trouba is too costly in cash not to mention it places Win in a terrible position with expansion looming in Seattle 2 summers out. They would have to protect 8 skaters in that scenario or pay a huge cost like Anh, Min, TB, Clb or NYI did to buy Vegas off & not take a specific player exposed.

        What if Myers & Trouba both want the money? I have always felt Trouba wanted out of Win. I have stated often I have this weird feeling he ends up in Det & if that’s where he has his heart set it Det may not have to trade for him but just wait until he’s a UFA & back up the Brinks truck which I think Detroit would be happy to do.

        Will Myers take a discount to stay? I think he easily gets Vlasic monies & similar term from a dozen teams in the NHL if available this summer as a UFA. Can Win afford to pay Myers 7 mil for 7 or 8 years?

        Success breads serious cap issues, everyone wants to be paid & the NHL works on a top-heavy salary system making paying the needed depth to be a solid serious contender for years on end very challenging.

        Win can’t keep everyone they have & coming between now, the next lockout & when the new revenue streams come online following the new US national TV contract. When the 1st year of that new TV deal has been added to HRR the cap will rise almost 8 mil in the blink of an eye add in progressive growth & probably 10 mil + in 1 year.

        I also assume the next CBA will again allow a get out of jail free card to NHL teams. Perhaps not as lucrative as last time but still some form of short-term cap relief.

      • LMacDonald, I did address the offence, not good enough for you I guess, so I will be more specific.
        To be exact in points/game Trouba ranks 63rd in the NHL which means he is in approx the top 3rd of the NHL. Not mediocre, especially considering how he is and has been deployed. Tough minutes against the other teams best.
        Sounds really valuable to me.

    • 22 of the games missed in 2016-17 were due to a contract holdout. Yes he has had injury issues but that won’t change his value when he signs his next deal unless its another 1 year arbitration award next summer. He has shown offensive abilities when deployed as such but he & his partner Morrisey play hard defensive minutes.

      Let’s not forget Trouba is only 24 with 326 games of NHL regular season experience. Not fully developed & just scratching the surface of his vast potential. This is the type of Dman that can play in the NHL well into his late 30’s or early 40’s if health allows for such.

      • I remember a similar argument about Jake Gardener sometimes guys got all the tools to make you drool tho just no tool box tho

      • Same kinda stuff could be said Hamilton aswell maybe to an extent

      • Shticky you troll what’s going on?

  14. Pacioretty doesn’t carry Kane’s baggage. I’m more concerned about the return Skinner got for Carolina from Buf. They had better hope Cliff Pu can become at least a 3rd line depth scorer as the return for Skinner wasn’t good.

    At the trade deadline we have seen players move for 1st round picks often, no reason to assume patches won’t just a question of what else might be returned in this deal.

    I’m not certain Bergevin could have handled this Patches situation any worse. Why wouldn’t Mon have extended Patches, apparently he wanted to stay. Based on 5 30 goal seasons & on pace in the lockout season to score 30 as well he should be worth jvR, Kane monies & term. I get not signing for 6 at 6 in LA that’s a tad shy of fair market value for a player facing UFA status next summer at 30.

    Hard to judge a single players performan based on 1 bad season when a teams fortune goes so off the rails. Mon’s best C was Danault & he missed 30 games.

    • When Skinner was traded I learned more about the value of Waddell and Dundon than the value of Skinner.

      • Ha-ha!

        I think we learned all we needed to before such transpired. Dundon’s firing of Francis was a joke, followed by an endless line of no thank you’s from everyone he targeted to replace him. Finally handing the reigns to a man I have zero respect or faith in.

        That said I am a Dudley fan. I like Brind Amour taking over as coach. Not a Peters fan, his neanderthal ways & player personal decisions drove me crazy.

        Carolina is a well-stocked organization thanks to Francis. I wish he had been allowed to finish the job.

        Regardless of Dudon’s or Wadell’s ineptitude Carolina is well positioned moving forward but that doesn’t excuse moving Skinner for so little in return. He would have garnered more at the trade deadline. Waddell & Dudon had better hope Pu has a decent NHL future.

    • Hey shticky, I’m supposed to be Shticky? Bigbadbuttbruins has been salivating at the chance to call you what he is himself.

      • Using 2 out of many accounts you have I’m on one thread! Wow

  15. Winnipeg won’t be keeping everyone now that they locked Wheeler up for 5 more years after this season at 8.5 per in cap hit. I have assumed Trouba was leaving since forced to accept a 2-year low ball bridge. He should be traded next summer and his leverage will be significant 1 year from UFA status.

    There is also no guarantee they can get pending UFA Myers resigned. Will he accept a discount to stay as on the open market he should see Vlasic money & term, he’ll be 29 years old & in extremely high demand. Will he take a discount to stay? No more than Wheeler did.

    There is a way Win could potentially jockey through the cap issues retaining Myers paying him at or near fair market value. Bridge Morrisey today for 2 years, bridge Connor, sign Laine long-term bridge Roslovic.

    Expansion is 2 summers away & Win would be best served to protect 7 forwards, 3 D & a G. That means 1 of Myers or Trouba has to go prior to the expansion draft or Win is going to have to pay Seattle off to avoid taking 1 of either should Win wish to retain both as that would give them Buffy, Myers, Trouba & Morrisey.

    If I had to speculate today I think Win if the protect 7 skaters will lose Little to Seattle which will time out perfectly in moving Roslovic to C full time. His NMC is only in effect for the 1st 2 years of his new 6-year deal becoming a modified NTC over the final 4 years. He would be solid add for Seattle at the #2/3 C spot & get almost 5.3 mil off the books for Win.

    • Hi Striker

      Was in meetings.

      Glad you brought up the expansion draft again.

      This issue could have Substantial influence on trades and new contracts and has to be added into the expectations of Cap levels and perceived out-year performances of players when making any moves.

      Seattle will play under the same rules but I believe too many GMs were “burned” and/or “faked out” by Golden Boy George… and have learned from the experience tremendously.

      Seattle will reap from a few suckers …. but it won’t be at the same level…. side trades IMO will be close to 1/2.

      I concur with your projection of a Chevy 7-3-1 protection list.

      With that in mind … moving Trouba after 18/19 season for a 20/21 year old up and comer (plus a pick) who plays up for the first time this year (so will then be still on ELC and protected from draft) will leave Buff, Morrisey, Myers as the 3 protected D. Logan maybe ready by then ; would still be on ELC.

      This next trade season will be fun to watch

  16. I don’t see PU having any NHL future. As for Dundon & Waddell i feel for Canes fans.

  17. I still don’t understand why people talk about Trouba likes he’s Ray Bourque, during the season many Jets fans said he had a rough month and in playoffs he certainly didn’t play like a 8 million dollar defenseman. He must be smoking something pretty strong to think he’s worth top D man money.

    In other news I predict Wheeler to be great for 1 more season at age 33 then fall off, his 8 million plus cap hit will be bad for team at age 35-37

    • I find it very interesting when a team finally gets into the playoffs and wins a round or two they all of a sudden are the darlings of the NHL. Case in point when Edmonton went to the second round everyone was so impressed that they had them as a Stanley cup favorite the next year, while Winnipeg missed the playoffs and no one had them as a cup favorite in fact most people had Winnipeg missing the playoffs last year. One year later the jets are the darlings of the NHL and the oilers are again not even expected to make the playoffs. I like both teams and they both have some incredible talent but both teams bottom six are the weak point of the team plus Hellabuck had one good season just like Talbot in Edmonton if Hellabuck falters the jets are in trouble, that’s the importance of goaltending.

      • Jets bottom six is as strong as any in the league. Perreault, LIttle, Lowry, Copp, (pick 2 – Tanev/Dano/Petan/Vessalienen/Lemieux) Depth is the thing in Winnipeg.

        I agree that they are the most recent darlings of Canadian hockey – expectations are high. For me the risk is the equipment changes goalies have this year and suspect back-up situation in event of an injury. Hellebuyck will otherwise be very good.

  18. Trouba to DET for DeKeyser and Anthanasiou?

    Meyers to NYR for DeAngelo & Vesey?

    • Why would Rangers trade 2 young players for a guy they can sign next year? If they where willing to beer from rebuild they’d go for Karlsson. Could be looking at Trina next summer also.

      • >veer

  19. To Edmonton: D Jacob Trouba, C Mason Appleton

    To Winnipeg: D Adam Larsson, C Drake Caggiula

    Then Winnipeg trades Mathieu Perreault to Montreal because he has a french sounding name, in exchange for a 2nd round pick.

    • DeAngelo, Anderson, and Rykov for Trouba

  20. In response to another criticism of Jim Benning, one would have to admit that he is adept at evaluating young talent. He drafted well for Boston while he was there behind Chiarelli and he has drafted some solid talent in Vancouver, and let’s be honest, unloading Alex Burrows and actually getting an asset like Jonathan Dahlen in return was an A/A- trade.

    The ownership in Vancouver dictates to the hockey operations side of their business more than usual, and I would not be surprised if Jim Benning received instructions this off season to pad the roster with veterans, thinking it would make them competitive enough to increase ticket sales.

  21. Trouba has always wanted to be a Bruin Winnipeg can’t afford him Boston can as long as they move a couple of pieces and Chara retirees next year. Boston is dealing in a position of strength with many young prospects and some quality players. It may take a third team to eat some salary landing a pick or prospect.

    • Trouba doesn’t want to come to Boston where did you hear that? I’ve only ever heard Detroit and ny

  22. Trouba would love it In Boston. It’s a destination players WANT to go! They are going to compete this year.

    • Hey it’s shticky with more of his usual fake news! Good to have you back