NHL Rumor Mill – September 6, 2018

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Latest on David Krejci, Jordan Eberle, Carl Hagelin and Garret Sparks in your NHL rumor mill.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty reports Bruins center David Krejci didn’t enjoy the speculation last June linking his club to then-pending free agent center John Tavares, who signed with Toronto on July 1. Had the Bruins landed Tavares, Haggerty wondered if Krejci would’ve been dropped to the third line or if the faint trade rumors that dogged him last season would’ve grown louder.

The Boston Bruins’ attempt to sign John Tavares last summer was unnerving for David Krejci. (Photo via NHL Images)

Krejci has a full no-trade clause but that didn’t stop him from wondering about his place on the roster after not hearing anything from the Bruins’ front office. He said he’s moved past it and acknowledged it’s simply part of the business of hockey.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Krejci isn’t going anywhere this season but the trade rumors could spark up again if he has another injury-shortened 40-point campaign. He’s signed through 2020-21 but Cap Friendly indicates his no-movement clause will revert to a modified no-trade next July. If Krejci’s numbers fail to improve this season perhaps the Bruins look at shedding his $7.25-million annual cap hit. 


NEWSDAY: Andrew Gross reports New York Islanders winger Jordan Eberle is looking forward to proving himself to his new club’s new management and coaching staff. He’s eligible for unrestricted free agent status next July and could be on the move later this season if the Isles wish to avoid losing him for nothing as they did with John Tavares. Eberle said there’s been no contract discussions thus far. However, his chemistry alongside center Mathew Barzal could increase his value to the Islanders.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hockey News’ Jared Clinton doesn’t rule out the possibility of Eberle getting a contract extension. That, however, will depend upon his performance this season and his asking price. General manager Lou Lamoriello is taking a wait-and-see approach to this season as he evaluates this roster.  If Eberle remains on Barzal’s line and flirts with 60 points again the Isles could be keen to retain him. He’s earned $6 million annually on his current deal and could seek a raise to $7 million per season. That could prove to be too rich for Lamoriello. 


TRIBLIVE.COM: Jonathan Bombulie recently speculated over the future of Pittsburgh Penguins left wing Carl Hagelin, who’s eligible next July for unrestricted free agent status. Hagelin could be re-signed or perhaps moved by the trade deadline but Bombulie thinks he’ll likely depart next summer via free agency. “Unless trading Hagelin’s salary is the last hurdle standing between the Penguins and the addition of the perfect difference-making scorer on the wing, they’d be better off keeping him for one last season.”

TORONTO SUN: Lance Hornby reports goaltender Garret Sparks faces an uncertain future with the Maple Leafs. He’ll have to clear waivers if Curtis McElhinney remains their backup for the coming season. Hornby suggests the Leafs could trade Sparks rather than risk losing him for nothing to the waiver wire. 



  1. I would have said moving Krejci would be impossible without holding money or adding a sweetener but Stepan proved not only can you move said contracts but get a good return too

    • I would say that Raanta was a pretty decent sweetener in that deal.

      That said, proven 2-way centers are a hot commodity. I think Krejci could be moved, but I do think there would have to be something added to avoid withholding salary. A moot point now I suppose since Boston has no one to replace DK.

      • I was gonna say raanta was a very good piece in that trade probably atop 10 goalie this yr

    • Agreed & with each passing year Krejci’s 7.5 mil cap hit isn’t looking that bad. There is no point moving Krejci today or even next season & he simply may be the player Bos losses to Seattle in expansion in the summer of 2021.

      • “Agreed & with each passing year Krejci’s 7.5 mil cap hit isn’t looking that bad.”

        That must be because the cap keeps going up. But wait, that can’t be right according to Chrisms’s math. You must be wrong.

      • Why would Seattle want a 35 year old has been in decline and falling fast? With all the young guys Boston has why would Seattle completely waste a pick on Krejci? That makes zero sense. It would be best case scenario for the Bruins though.

      • Feeling the itch ol’mcdonald? That’s the medicine Chrisms smears all over bs’itis.

    • I’m not so sure Raanta added to that deal. He either had 1 year left on his deal or zero? I forget. But was a question mark as a starter either way.

      The return was Deangelo (former 1st rounder on his 3rd team before his elc is done) and a 1st, 7th overall that turned into Andersson.

      The market for backup goaltenders is near non existent.

      • From the Hockey Writers analysis of the trade.

        “Raanta joins the Coyotes with one year remaining on a deal that is paying him $1 million. A very affordable deal, Raanta now has the ability to start for the Coyotes as he is only in competition with Louis Domingue on the Coyotes roster. The former Blackhawks goaltender has posted tremendous numbers in each of the last three seasons, including a 7-4-1 record with a 1.89 goals against average and a .936 save percentage and two shutouts in his final year as a Blackhawks. In his first season as a Ranger, Raanta went 11-6-2 with one shutout, a 2.25 goals against average and a .919 save percentage. This past season, Raanta continued to impress, compiling a 16-8-2 record with a 2.27 goals against average, a .922 save percentage and a career-high four shutouts. At 28 years old, Raanta is ready to become a starter in the NHL. His numbers suggest he’ll be more than capable.”

      • We’ve all seen how going from a back up to a starter goes for the most part. The only sure thing is, there is no sure thing.

        These type of goalies go for a 2nd or less. With very few exceptions to that rule. Lehner is the only one I can think of that returned a 1st. And if I had to guess will be the last for a long time.

      • Carpal mov went for a 1st & 2nd I believe as did Andersen. When eating cap dollars not sure how you factor that in but Grubauer went for a 2nd & eating Orpik’s buyout.

        Goalies will still move for 1st rounders just not very often due to supply & demand dynamics.

      • Varlamov dam auto correct

      • Varlamov was a long time ago. Andersen was a split starter prior to being traded. 40 starts? That’s really not on the same level. And coming of a share of a Jennings (shared) season. That’s a far cry from Raanta.

  2. Lou— don’t be close minded and lose Eberle for absolutely nothing. If you have no intention of meeting his asking price— you better trade at trade deadline and get something.

  3. Keep Hagelin and let him walk in the end. Probably worth more than any return the Pens might garner.

    JVR nothing, Bozak nothing, and Tavares nothing. I am sure there are many other examples. It appears a trend is starting to happen.

    Krejci is very important to the Bruins and just needs to stay healthy. Fairly consistent playoff performer. In fact a better producer in the playoffs than regular season

    • Ya hags wouldn’t fetch much maybe a later rd pick, the boatiggest reason krejcis contract looks bad is because of the injuries

      • *biggest

      • Hags is a valuable piece to the penguins he isn’t going anywhere…plus all the penguins will be rejuvenated after an extra month and a halfof rest.. not what they wanted but after back to back cups..rest will be huge

    • It’s amazing how underrated Hagelin is. If he plays like he did the second half of last year, 8+17=25 in 39 games, he’s is worth his 4 million.

      • If he plays like he did the first half of last year he is highly overpaid. He’s a keeper. Not worth the mid round pick you’d get for him to trade him

      • The main problem is a good chunk of those points came in the month of January. Up until then he had almost nothing. And a total of 31 points for the year.

        So while 25 points in 39 games looks good, where was the other 42 games?

        I’ve always liked the guy. But he’s always been a bit frustrating to watch. Great pk guy, blazing speed, but can’t finish to save his life.

        He’s a mid 20s point per season guy. 4+ million is a little rich for that type of production.

      • Hagelin has been married to Malkin almost since arriving at ES. He is Malkin’s defensive anchor & helps Malkin to do what he does. There was no reason for Pit to move this player except cap issues. If he was being traded it would have happened by now. Pit found another way to address the cap issue, they paid Buf to take Sheary & Hunwick. Cap problem solved.

      • Some players contributions simply can’t be quantified statistically. Hagelin is 1 of these few exceptions. Malkin likes playing with this player that makes it worth 4 mil. Ha-ha!

        I struggle with this concept as I’m a black & white #’s guy but Hagelin falls into the 20% that can’t be quantified nor follow a conventional pattern. I don’t like the fact this grey zone exists but I do except it.

        There are a ton of others, Cogliano, Frolik, Helm, Brown, M. Foligno, Shaw, etc. players who just help make teams better but it doesn’t reflect in goals or assists specifically but the coaches & players love these guys & they balance out team rosters.

      • You keep saying that and it’s factually incorrect. Bad striker. Bad! No!

      • I do like the player. Regardless who likes to play with him, or how he’s deployed he’s not a 4 million dollar player.

        He’s a career 3rd line guy that can instill fear of opposing power plays. His speed is scary, but he can’t finish. He’s kinda always struggled with fitting line mates. Anaheim, NY, Pittsburgh etc.

        We can slice this up anyway you like. Players like Hagelin can also come in a cheaper form.

        I hated when NY traded him. But ultimately I understood their reluctance to pay him 4+ million. He’s a guy I’m very familiar with…. and no, he’s not, never has been or ever will be a 4 million dollar guy.

        Stepan is a guy ( including today) brought up for his pay vs production. He was a perineal 55 point player , pk, pp, 2 way center that usually matched up against the toughest opposition.

        So by the numbers, how he was deployed Vs Hagelin…. he should have been an 8 per player?

      • Ha-ha! Chrisms you’re on a roll buddy.

      • In hags 3 years here he played mostly with bonino for 2 of them. And last year he bounced around lines for much of the year.

      • NYR4life.

        Pit didn’t sign Hagelin’s contract as you know but accepted it in trade.

        I pulled this straight from Wikipedia.

        “in the 2015–16 season, Hagelin struggled with his new club; Anaheim, failing to reproduce his scoring presence from his tenure with the Rangers. With 12 points in 43 games, Hagelin was traded by the Ducks to the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for forward David Perron and defenseman Adam Clendening on 16 January 2016.[21] Hagelin then went on to produce 27 points in 37 games, helping spark the Penguins’ mid-season turnaround with his speed. He was also a key contributor in the playoffs, scoring 16 points en route to a 2016 Stanley Cup championship.[22] Hagelin again won the Cup in 2017, defeating the Nashville Predators in six games. Although that season was marred by injury and low point production, Hagelin did score the final goal of the playoffs, an empty-netter in Game Six.”

        I’d say Hagelin having helped Pit win 2 consecutive cups was worth every time he has cost them & the only people unhappy with his cap hit are specific hockey fans. Is he a 4 mil dollar player no I wouldn’t have paid it either but his contribution helped Pit earn more than enough money to cover its cost.

        Would Pit have won 2 consecutive cups without Hagelin? Probably not but 1 player can’t win you anything in hockey just like neither Karlsson or Tavares make their new team cup winners, or Karlsson’s soon to be new team, soon being no later than the trade deadline. They help & improve the chances but no 1 player puts anyone over the top. It takes far more to make it through the 2 & a 1/2 month grind that is the Stanley Cup playoffs. A little luck goes a long way as well.

      • “Would Pit have won 2 consecutive cups without Hagelin? Probably not but 1 player can’t win you anything in hockey just like neither “

        I’m praying this was a typo! Without Hagelin they weren’t winning?
        I get that the Kessel, Hagelin, Bonino line contributed a lot….but I’m positive he wasn’t the factor.

        Again, I like the player. Hated the trade. I believe I said here that Etem was a poor mans Hagelin. But again, I was happy to not see NY cut that deal.

        Etem was nowhere near a replacement. I said that there pk would suffer. It did, until they found a cheaper replacement in Grabner.

      • Hags was a huge part of the cup runs as teams all need players like him. Was he irreplaceable? No. But loved having him

      • He was very good in the one run. 15-16. Overall, his playoff stats aren’t exactly pretty.

        He’s combined for 5 points the last 2 years in 24 games. Now I get that he brings other intangibles. But I’ll reference another player / Ranger who also did but gets murdered for his lack of production in the playoffs…. Yet was a valuable guy…. anyone want to guess his name?

      • That would be Nash who I have defended here endlessly except for Bos paying to rent him.

      • Rangers replaced Hags with a better version for half the price. Grabner. A couple of solid seasons and a decent return on deadline deal

      • Lmacdonald.agreed on hagelin..

    • They probably can’t keep either Hagelin or Brassard because they’ll have to pay Guentzel, so this year is very likely the Pens’ high water mark. After this, their chances of winning the cup are going straight downhill unless a miracle happens, like Spring turning out to be 25-30 goal scorer. They need cheap production to balance out the big contracts and they don’t have anyone else if Sprong fizzles out.

      • I beg to differ. I think ZAR has top 6 potential & can certainly assume Hagelin’s spot next season or the #3 LW spot. Sheahan will simply be the #3 C assured when Brassard walks but Pit’s prospect kitty isn’t bare just not brimming with scorers but with Crosby, Malkin, Hornqvist, Kessel, Guentzel & ZAR & Sprong they don’t need to be. Sprong will be a 25 goal scorer when developed & he could easily beat the development curve but Pit really doesn’t need him to.

        Simon & Rust aren’t going anywhere anytime soon & they are paid peanuts but provide solid depth scoring. That fills out at least 3 lines for Pit for the next 4 seasons.

        Forward prospects waiting in the wings with some form of NHL future in Pit, Blueger, Johnson, Angello, Lafferty & Bjorkqvist.

        Then you have trades & UFA options. Pit is fine for years, I assume 1 Jerry or DeSmith are being traded eventually Desmith has to clear waivers this season Jerry doesn’t but he does next season.

        Pit’s core is ageing but what does that mean. Crosby, Malkin, Kessel & Letang go from being elite level offensive players the best of the best to just superstars as they age?

        Pit as constructed is a cup contender for at least 3 more seasons if not longer.

      • Rust ain’t paid close to peanuts no more

      • Agreed Chrisms, 3.5 for 4 years is a nice reward for Rust’s contribution nor has he peaked offensively, having only played 181 NHL regular season games. He might have 20+ goals & in or around 50 points in him this year It may take another year until Brassard & Hagelin are gone as the top 3 lines are cloudy at the moment, specifically where does Sprong slot in as if he plays in the top 9 right out of the gate assuming everyone is healthy might that push Rust out of the top 9 or does he play RW with Brassard & Sprong?

        Can’t wait till the preseason is well underway so we start to see some clarity as to what the plan is & not just for Pit.

      • You can’t play nhl 18 with Pittsburgh lines. They tend to run one or two combos and shuffle the deck otherwise. Sid will play a ton with Jake. That’s about it.

      • Yeah they will loose Haglen, Brassard, and probably Sheahan next summer but will harve Bellerive and Blueger to be their bottom 6 centres. Bellerive is going to destroy the WHL this year and as a 20 year old next year he could move right into 3C with his talent. The Penguins will have more than enough cap space for Guentzel. Hell if Calen Addison plays this season like he did this summer he could move right into 6D as well. Hallander and Bjorkqvist are just a matter of time as well. With the way Crosby, Malkin, and Letang train I wouldn’t count them out any time soon. Even if Crosby declines he could still be like Yzerman was at the end of his career.

      • Glad you replaced your Murray poster with a Bellerive poster. The Murray poster must have been getting pretty sticky

  4. Re: Hags

    If he wants the same $’s as current– can’t see him fitting in for the cap dollars/crunch.

    Months ago I repeatedly posted about my (it appears to be me alone in this belief) viewpoint that GMJR must look seriously at trading Phil. He is (IMO) now going to be on a decline. I’ve watched him probably for close to (and if not more than ) 600 games.

    His skill set is undeniable and is great — no questions here— but he has progressively got more and more winded (it seems with every shift) and shows up each training camp with more weight on him (and of course a year older). His excellent individual skills have always compensated for his poor fitness— I think those days are now going to be in the past

    His production was great last year and the league sees him as a great producer. His trade value (right now) IMO is at it’s peak.

    Pens, IMO cannot have him starting in Oct of ’19— his decline will (again it seems only in my opinion) be apparent to all and his trade value much more limited/less than now.

    In addition, as Striker pointed out yesterday (and I had forgotten to take into account) the expansion draft is coming and PK would have to be protected. This would be costly as I’m sure at that time (expansion draft) that GMJR would rather protect some other forward.

    • The thing with your opinion is that it appears to be a hunch. Will he put up 90+ points every year? Probably not, but he is well worth the 6.8M that he is currently being paid.

      • Hi Taz


        could have posted my response here, but I responded to all below w.r.t. PK

      • He’s worth more than 6.8 in entertainment value alone.

    • I don’t see Kessel going anywhere any time soon, if ever. Pit doesn’t have any protection issues facing expansion in the summer of 2021. Barring trades they protect Crosby, Malkin, Hornqvist, Kessel, Sprong, Guentzel & 1 more forward, Letang, Schultz, Maatta & Murray.

      Kessel’s game isn’t built on speed or finesse, he doesn’t have to score 30+ goals & 90+, scoring 25 goals & 60 points more than justify’s his salary & cap hit, everything else is just gravy. Having Kessel is a great luxury for Pit, he mans the #1 PP but is deployed more often than not away from Crosby & Malkin except when necessary which allows Pit to ice 3 lines with exceptional scoring ability.

      There is no team in the NHL that has enough checkers to shut down a team that can ice 3 scoring lines like Pits. I assume Brassard & Kessel may eventually look very good together on a 3rd line, injuries may have to occur before the lines settle in as Pit has too many C’s currently but even if Kessel ends up with Sheahan & Brassard does in fact start the season at LW possibly even with Sheahan & Kessel this should be Sheahan’s breakthrough season, well at least as much as a player can break through with very limited PP time. His ES scoring will be his best yet.

      I don’t see Kessel going anywhere nor should he. Yes, Pit is tight against the cap this season but next season the only player of consequence to resign is Guentzel. He is the only 1 seeing a significant raise & with Brassard & Hagelin off the books cap issues solved. The depth portion of Pit’s roster will be getting younger moving forward & expansion will get a contract off the books most likely JJ’s.

      • Pens do not lose dumolin. He is a true top 4 d man that makes each partner better. Pens would lose Schultz before him.

      • Sorry Chrisms, brain fart there. Not enough tea this AM that makes it a whole different ball game.

        I retract my post. Ha-ha! Pit will be paying another expansion team not to raid their roster.

      • Not so sure. They go 8 and protect sid geno kessel (if he’s still on team) and either Jake or sprong. Horny will be two years older and might be a contract they wouldn’t mind losing.

      • I knew I was in the minority. Solid posts from all.

        I’ve got no issue with his talent— but I stick with my belief that he has reached his peak— $6.8M last year— steal. Maybe even for the first half of this season (please) and hopefully (if they keep him full year this year) for the second half.

        IMO— he will not be worth $6.8M in the fall of ’19 and add to that the fact that he must be protected in the expansion — his value just before ’20 drafts (expansion and reg)– will be much much lower.

        Again— everybody’s point posted re: PK today is sound– I can’t argue — all opinions valid. It is a hunch by me. I’m basing it on watching him for so very long.

        Just like my JJ posts — Phill — please prove me wrong.

        Striker— bang on— his value is also based on the over-arching spread of talent that other teams have to face/defend— Pens ability to throw out very productive and credible 3 lines, plus two PP units that can produce.

        I’m just worried that this could turn and turn out badly. Weighing even his potential listed out above (by others posting here) I think this is more than offset with the fact that no way will he be at that level come late in 19/20 and then add the fact that he must be protected in the expansion draft— phew!! risk IMO.

        I would have preferred a very good return with a trade a couple of months ago. There is almost a nil chance he is traded pre-season and/or sometime early in season. If they don’t move him at Trade Deadline — I really think he must be moved pre July next year.

        I look forward to be proven wrong — JJ and PK — I’m challenging you to prove me wrong-fingers crossed.

      • Chrisms

        Re: “Horny will be two years older and might be a contract they wouldn’t mind losing.”

        I’m not sure — but does he not also have NMC? and hence must also be protected?

        Do NOT want to lose Guentz or Dums for sure

      • ntc. Pens weren’t stupid enough to give a nmc.

      • Thanks Chrisms

      • Chrisms. Quite possibly, Horny got an NTC for the 1st 3 years, modified for the last 2 but not an NMC so not protected from being exposed in the next expansion draft. It appears Rutherford structured to allow for this flexibility.

      • “Kessel’s game isn’t built on speed ”

        Say what???????? You must be talking about Amanada, not Phil.

      • Pengy what is a 6.8 mil player by 2019-20? Kessel’s production doesn’t have to be anywhere near 34 goals or 92 points, whether he has peaked or not.

        Again 25 goals & 60 points justify the cap hit based on what it allows Pit to do with 3 lines.

        Kessel will still be scoring 25 goals & 60 points in the final year of his deal in 2020-21 if we aren’t locked out eating more hot dogs than both of us combined. I may have a better body fat % than Kessel & I’m 56 tomorrow & I almost never eat hotdogs my trip to Chicago being a rare exception, I had 2.

      • “I don’t see Kessel going anywhere nor should he.”

        Actually, I don’t think that there is much of market for him, anyway. The options are severely limit by his not trade clause and the fact that many coaches don’t want to deal with him. The market was small when the Pens got him and its even smaller now with his age and his issues with Sullivan. Maybe somebody would take him, but it would likely border on being a cap dump return.

        Trading him really is a nonstarter.

      • Pens where outside looking in for a good portion of season. Finished 4 points ahead of Florida, who I think will get in this year. I see Pens maybe not making it this year. IMO. They’re a bubble team. Getting old

    • “I think ZAR has top 6 potential…Forward prospects waiting in the wings with some form of NHL future in Pit, Blueger, Johnson, Angello, Lafferty & Bjorkqvist.”

      These players are nobodies who have never done a thing. Every team has tons of guys like this who form the lower end of their prospect pool. They are only discussed because the Pens’ pool is so poor that there is no one else to talk about. I can remember when Pens fans used to pencil in the likes of Luca Caputi and Nathan Moon into future lineups.

      Bottom line is they are going to loose Brasard and Hagelin almost for sure. The thought that any of these marginal prospects can make up any of the difference is wishful thinking. Luca Caputi and Nathan Moon had potential too.

      • Let’s look at 2019-20’s potential roster assuming Brassard & Hagelin are gone which I assume they will be. Barring trades, UFA signings, what have you?

        Guentzel, Crosby, Hornqvist.
        ZAR, Malkin, Kessel.
        Sprong, Sheahan, Rust.

        I’d say their top 3 lines are set next season, move those players around any way you wish & barring a player lost in expansion all are Pit property for at least the next 4 years.

        Adding 4th line depth is a walk in the park in the NHL & surely at least 1 of those prospects I listed has 4th line NHL abilities. Then Pit has to look to move 1 of Desmith or Jerry might that not return a player capable of playing a 4th line role next season?

      • Sorry, next season meaning 2019-20.

      • You don’t think trading Brassard for Sheahan and Hagelin for Aston-Reese aren’t big steps back? Those are massive steps back. Brassard’s problems last year are causing people to underrate him severely. Aston-Reece is a bottom sixer at best.

        BTW, Sheahan is a UFA next year, so he may not even be back back

      • Slick62 you a bubble head if you think the penguins are missing the playoffs..they are now well rested. After back to back cups they got an extra month and a half of rest this off season..much needed.

    • The expansion draft or concrete plans for the team to even exist have not even been released yet. Why are you worried about 3-4 years down the road? The Penguins could win 2 cups in that time frame and they will need Kessel to do that. Trading Kessel would be a panic move and “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” The only reason they lost last year was because they were worn out. Even Brassard was worn out because of how much he has played in the playoffs in the last 5 years. They had a long summer and they have come back with something to prove. They are already in Cranbrook running drills and 3 on 3 scrimmages. I expect this team to come out of the gate hot and just role through the league. They have no weaknesses except at 6D. And you want to start a retool?

  5. McElhinney is 35, Sparks 25. If a trade can’t be found & Tor only has room to protect 2 goalies on its 23 man roster until it can be addressed & a goalie needs to be waived it won’t be Sparks. Bos made a similar mistake with Subban at the start of last season. If Sparks is waived he will be selected by someone.

    • He wouldn’t get pat Buffalo – Ottawa

      • past even

      • Few teams carry 3 goalies sacrificing a skater spot on their 23 man roster. The last team I can remember was NYI with Halak, Greiss & Berebue. Snow valued Berube way higher than anyone else apparently.

        He would get selected quickly but not certain it would be Buf they have Hutton & Ullmark nor Ott unless they want to waive Anderson or Condon. I think trying to base the waiver order it might be Mon then they waive Niemi.

        Regardless it would be someone.

      • Condon would be gone before he even knew what happened.

      • Striker

        What are your thoughts w.r.t. FLA and their 3 goalies: Lou, Reim, Hutch

        I’m assuming Hutch is a just in case re: Lou injury?

        If (not sure ) they do try to waive him– who do you think could be interested?

      • George. I agree. Have you soured on Condon, didn’t we discuss him in the past or was that with someone else. For a team that penny pinches I never understood giving Condon 2 years at 2.4 mil.

      • I think Hutch will be waived before camp ends & sneaking goalies through early before injuries start hitting usually has most clear. If a team selects Hutch not the end of the world, no slight to Hutch who is a victim of supply & demand for goalies in the NHL.

      • Wasn’t me. It’s not that I’ve “soured” on Condon but I’ve always been ambivalent when it comes to his overall play. He’s had decent stats wherever he’s played but, at least while in Ottawa where I’ve seen more of him, it’s his penchant for giving up the “soft” goal – and usually at the worst possible time. Look at his save % in Montreal – .903 with a 2.71 gaa – and compare that to last season in Ottawa – .902 but with an inflated gaa of 3.25 – many of the “soft” variety. Both times that was with a fair number of games played. Yeah, I know, the whole team went down the drain and Anderson wasn’t much better. But I’ve always wondered why Montreal waived him (Pittsburgh picked him up for one game before dealing him to Ottawa for a 5th rounder) and he did respond during that trying season for Anderson, posting excellent stats over 40 games which, unfortunately, got him that 3 year $7.2M extension. At this stage I just like Sparks better – he’s put up some pretty good AHL stats, not an easy league for goalies and if he was suddenly available on waivers I wouldn’t pass him up. Eat what’s left of Condon’s deal or try and trade him by withholding some of that salary.

    • Sparks needs to be protected for sure. You can’t give up a goalie at 25 who has been improving every years for a career back up (though I should mention that CME was great as a back up last year)

  6. Can definitely do worse than Kessels 6.8 mil. After back to back Stanley Cups there were only a couple Pens who didnt look gassed, not just Kessel. In my opinion the Penguins dont have to trade either Kessel or Hagelin. I know losing Bozak and JVR out of Toronto looks bad but they also signed Tavares from free agency for nothing more than cap space so it kind of evens out. When your team looks like it has a shot at a cup, you retain your players, and risk losing them for “nothing” in the offseason. A Stanley Cup run is the gamble, and a deep playoff push isnt in my opinion “nothing”. I understand there is a business side to hockey, but trading players at the deadline who can help you in a run only signals to the coach, the players, the fanbase, and the rest of the league that teams GM doesn’t believe in them. What is worse? You make a deep run and all of a sudden players want to come sign as UFA’s to said team. Vegas is a prime example. Does Stastny sign there if they dont make it to the final? Or did that help persuade him to leave the Jets? Was it simply because they could pay him more? Probably a little bit of both. Without both I doubt he signs there. In summation, as a club with deep playoff aspirations trading players at the deadline for picks and prospects makes no sense to me. A Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy in sports to win, and that is the cost. If you trade your expiring contracts, you just have to turn around and find new ones.

    • “A Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy in sports to win”

      People keep saying this like it is some kind of fact. It isn’t. You only have to beat out 30 other teams. To win the world cup of soccer, you have to beat out over 100. The odds are 1/31 in the NHL hockey and 1/100+ soccer.

      But hey, a good cliche’ is hard to kill.

      If you want to go to individual sports, there are all kinds of marathon and iron man events that are much harder than winning the stanley cup.

      • The cliche refers to sports. So soccer don’t count. And no individual trophy is harder because you don’t have to rely on other people. And your math is wrong.

      • No hitting in those sports, no 7 game series in the World Cup. Every sport is tough to win in its own way, but hockey playoffs is very physically demanding and only one day off between games usually

      • Is soccer a sport. Ha-ha! I played rugby I’ll refrain from expressing what we thought of soccer players.

        Does Soccer play an 82 game regular season to decide what 16 teams get to advance to a 2 & a 1/2 month grind playing the fastest most physical sport on the planet?

        The Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy in sports to win.

        Soccer isn’t hard, all 11 men aren’t going full out as hard & as fast as they can hitting each at incredible speed, with people trying to take them out of the game.

        I guess its what your perception of hard is.

        How often do the lesser lights in those 100+ teams of soccer ever accomplish anything?

      • I suppose the world series of poker is the Everest of sporting events then. 7000 entrants usually and millions in qualifying tournaments. That Greg Raimer – what an athlete

      • Hi L MacDonald

        it is in the semantics. If interpreting “hardest” as “least probable” it is definitely different from “most difficult”.

        4 rounds of best of 7 compacted in short time-frame— after already a gruelling 82 game season (and possibly some pre-season games). Hockey is a fast paced game with high impact (and sometimes devastating– need only look at a certain Wsh player this playoffs) hitting.

        Hardest cup to win– yep IMO

        I can’t think of any other sport that has as many players gruelling through as long a period of time at such high speeds and with bruising contact, with as many games and as many hurdles to over-come.

        Of course at my age (and extremely limited talent) I couldn’t win any world championship/league championship— but if I was a younger man— I truly can’t think of any Cup/championship in the entire world that is anywhere near as “hard” to win.

        My 2 cents (Cnd)

      • LMacdonald, I don’t anybody was stating that the SC is the hardest to win as fact. It is obviously an opinion, but I suppose it it gave you another opportunity to attack what somebody else said.
        Your example of soccer and over 100 teams is also a meaningless number. The World Cup just expanded to 48 teams and is represented by 6 zones. How many teams from the Oceanic, Africa, North and Central America or Asia have actually won the world cup? That would be zero. There have been 21 Tournaments – Brazil, Italy, Germany have one more than half of them. Only teams from Europe and South America have won, so now that it is expanded to 48 they really only have 16 teams that can win it and it is a round robin.
        By your theory if we included teams from Japan and China into the Stanley Cup Playoffs that would make it harder to win? Not really.
        They are both hard to win, hockey is the more punishing and physically demanding game and the games are more compacted. I think that is all anyone is saying. Pretty logical to me.

      • Little known fact about soccer players. They study the Boston Bruins players very closely to learn how to not only dive when a player doesn’t even touch them but act like they have received a catastrophic injury.

    • I agree that teams heading to the playoffs should retain their UFA’s unless they get an offer that helps now & in the future which is very unlikely. Someone should convince Doug Armstrong to follow this model.

      I see no way Stastny could have been retained in Win with their contract structure. Apparently, Stastny had better deals on the table both in monies & term yet choose Vegas for 3 years at 6.5. I have to assume winning was a key factor in his decision but not solely as Win is a better team than Vegas but he would have most likely had to take less money to stay.

      • “it is in the semantics. ”

        That is exactly the point. The term “hardest” could man just about anything. The people who claim the the SC is the hardest really have no basis. It is neither the most physically demanding nor the one with the lowest probability. In their feeble attempts to defend the proposition, no one has come up another definition.

        “The cliche refers to sports. So soccer don’t count. ”

        That is the most absurd statement you’ve ever made. And that’s saying something.

      • Thank you! Don’t forget! There is a correlation between finding me absurd and taking yourself way to seriously! It’s science.

      • “Your example of soccer and over 100 teams is also a meaningless number. ”

        No it isn’t. The top team has players who represent the top of a mountain of hundreds of millions of players world wide. The top hockey players are from from a relatively tiny pool of participants. It is far harder to reach the top in soccer because the competition is so much greater.

    • Hi DC
      re: Statsny

      yep — I think it was a combo of things — liked the team; he clicked; they went far; great city; and could pay— all factored in.

  7. LMacdonald
    You may have more teams in soccer, but dont have to beat all 100. You dont have them smashing you into the boards, breaking and sometimes severing fingers from slashes, cross checking you in the back, and occasionally knocking out your teeth. Playoff format up to 28 games, bare minimum 16. How many playoff games do soccer players play? Hardest thing that hits them is the turf from their blatant dives.

    • “Hardest thing that hits them is the turf from their blatant dives.” LOL

      Tough crowd when you try to compare soccer toughness and hockey toughness on a hockey forum.

      • Taz

        I’ve played (albeit many many many years ago) hockey, football,rugby, basketball, and soccer. Two of which at the University level.

        Hockey by far was the toughest of all of them.

        I’d rather be sacked 3 times each and every game for 12-15 games than being constantly checked several times a game for 40+ games.

        Not now— couldn’t handle any of the above now— I’m talking when I was fit and waaaaay younger. And I’m not a smallish guy — I am 6’3″ and at U I was 200-205.

  8. Yeah Striker, Chevy came out and said straight up they couldn’t match Vegas’ number, not even close. It was speculated they offered him a 5.5 x 3. But again, speculation.

    • I like Stastny & he was a great add for Win & worth the cost at the deadline. I did feel sorry for Little who had to give up his #2 spot to accommodate him & am happy now that Little will get his spot back, well at least until Roslovic takes it away at some point in 2019-20, if not then certainly following the expansion draft. Another young stud coming up through Win’s system.

  9. Roslovic is a beauty. So is Mason Appleton. Little I dont feel sorry for, as he has a very nice contract for a 3rd line center which he earned every penny of. He’s a loyal soldier type, and probably gets to play with Ehlers and Laine again to start the year until Roslovic comes into his own. I think a big reason for the Stastny acquisition was Little was battling injuries. Hope he is 100% and good to go put up a 60 point season.

    On a side note, Rugby would have been an acceptable argument for the hardest trophy to win in team sports. That game is vicious.

    • I really like Little, a great leader & a solid 2-way hockey player that will do whatever needs to be done short of hurting a player on purpose. He won’t hit 60 points unless he somehow manages to play 82 games which aren’t likely due to his style of play.

    • Stastny was brought in for the cup run, he was an addition to Little, not a replacement.
      The Jets acquiring Stastny allowed them to move Little to third line center, giving Winnipeg 3 lines that could score.
      Roslovic made start out as the second line center, but he’ll have to prove he belongs there; I think the second line center belongs to Little until Roslovic can take it away from him.
      The unfortunate part is Petan deserve a shot but Maurice all but said he doesn’t like this player. He’ll either be traded or claimed off waivers.

  10. I think Pittsburgh should trade for Zuccarello at the deadline to reunite the 3 amigos!

    • pues no señor Ny4LIfe

      demasiado caro

      …. don’t know Spanish — did a little quick internet translation— LOL

      …. would be cost prohibitive

    • This was 100% jest. More to do with how upset Zuccarello was when they traded Brassard and Hagelin away.

      In all seriousness, Zuccarello wouldn’t hurt anything in Pittsburgh. He’s an UFA next year, and his cap hit would be about 1 million at the deadline.

      However, I think the odds are zilch between these 2 teams making a deal. Have these teams completed a trade since the Jagr deal went belly up and Pittsburgh shipped him to Washington?

      If any deal has, it certainly was nothing to remember.

      • Kovalev to Rangers 2003. It certainly was memorable. It was the Pens saying, “We give up.”

      • And as usual, Kovalev sucked in NY. Something on the air I suppose.

        But damn, it was 01 Pittsburgh traded Jagr? Wow!

      • Not interested in the cost to acquire MZ. The Pens finally have a couple of good prospects that they drafted and they need to start hanging onto their first round picks.

  11. What is Sparks worth? Used puck bag?

  12. An off topic poll…

    So the Canucks amassed a whopping 218 GF in 2017-18.

    Over or Under for 2018-19

    • They added Beagle, Roussel and Schaller after losing the Sedin twins.

      I would be surprised if they score 200 this year.

      • How do you arrive at that?
        200 is nothing to achieve.

  13. Gordie, with the twins counting for 105 of those (I believe) I have to take the under on that bet.

    • 105 points bro not goals lol
      26 g for both on 15min/game of PP & o-zone starts mostly. No PK.

      Ok you chose the Under thx

  14. There has been a debate about a certain Penguins player’s foot speed… completely forgetting Phil did the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs!

  15. Oh right goals lol. I was like wtf?! Van was that bad?! I still take the under and apologize for the brain fart.

  16. 100 + 💥💥💥⚡️💫🤹‍♀️🤹‍♀️🍾