NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – September 20, 2018

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Sabres re-sign Sam Reinhart, Max Domi to face disciplinary hearing, plus updates on Derick Brassard, Connor Murphy and more in your NHL morning coffee headlines.

THE BUFFALO NEWS: The Sabres yesterday re-signed forward Sam Reinhart to a two-year, $7.3-million contract. The annual average value is $3.65 million.

The Buffalo Sabres re-signed forward Sam Reinhart to a two-year contract. (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Like the Winnipeg Jets re-signing Josh Morrissey and the Edmonton Oilers re-upping Darnell Nurse, Reinhart’s new contract is a reasonable short-term option for a player coming off an entry-level deal who has yet to reach his full potential.

In three NHL seasons, Reinhart’s averaged around 23 goals and 45 points but tends to be a streaky scorer. If he can improve on those numbers over the course of his new contract he’ll be in line for a more lucrative deal down the road. 

SPORTSNET: Montreal Canadiens center Max Domi faces a hearing today with the NHL’s department of player safety for sucker-punching Florida Panthers defenseman Aaron Ekblad during the Panthers’ 5-2 preseason win over the Habs last night. Domi received a match penalty. Ekblad left the game with a bloody nose and passed the mandatory concussion protocol.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not the best debut with the Canadiens for Domi, who was acquired in June in exchange for Alex Galchenyuk from the Arizona Coyotes. In March 2016, Domi received a one-game suspension for instigating a fight with then-Anaheim Ducks forward Ryan Garbutt. He could be facing another, possibly longer suspension for the Ekblad incident.

NBC CHICAGO: Blackhawks defenseman Connor Murphy could miss eight-to-twelve weeks with a back injury. 

TRIBLIVE.COM: Pittsburgh Penguins center Derick Brassard hit the ice in training camp yesterday for the first time since being sidelined by a lung infection. 

STARTRIBUNE.COM: A shoulder injury could sidelined Minnesota Wild defenseman Gustav Olofsson for two weeks. 

CBS SPORTS: Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Travis Dermott (shoulder) is listed as day-to-day. 

TSN: Bob McKenzie reports blueliner Jake Dotchin showed up last week for Tampa Bay Lightning training camp over 30 pounds overweight, with around 25 percent body fat. The Lightning terminated his contract citing a “material breach” after he cleared unconditional waivers over the weekend. The NHL Players Association is appealing the decision. 



  1. Stupid play by Domi…gave me flashbacks to 2009, Scott Walker on Aaron Ward.
    Walker, of course, was not suspended and went on to score the series-winning goal.


    • Not sure why anyone thinks Ekblad needed to waste his time dropping gloves with Domi in a pre-season game.
      A one game should be enough-but if they give him 3 he gets to miss his first opening night as a Hab

    • That’s his old man’s genes coming to the fore – he sucker-punched a lot of guys.

      • Ekblad was baiting him all game, and ekblad sold that pretty tiny domi can’t do that

  2. Dotchkin … where the hell was your head at and what the hell were you eating. How does a 24 year old professional athelete gain 30 lbs in 4 months… I am gobsmacked!!

    This is the time for other teams to go the no risk PTO on him … if he can prove he can drop 20 of the 30 lbs by Oct 3rd (and yes this can be done ) and show reasonably well in pre-season … some team can get him on league minimum (2-way)

    Should fire his agent … who either didn’t meet with him over the summer and realize their was a potential issue … or did meet with him and failed to either mention to him or convince him of the potential ramifications of his massive weight game

    • What was he eating? Pancakes and fried rice, for sure. His player page on NHL.com has a couple of film clips from a show called Home Cooking, presented by TECO Peoples Gas. They show him in a cooking contest with Brayden Point, where the players prepare the dish, and an official taster judges the winner. Jake looks heavy in the films. If Brayden has lost a step, TBL fans should switch to electric ranges.

      • Beer and triple bacon burgers all summer

      • Frank

        Was Phil Kessel in any of the contests? LOL

      • ds

        Nice… LOL

        5 square meals a day of that — Yep , 30 pound gain easy.

        What a joker.

        Well — big time lesson learned.

    • Fire his agent?
      Anyone heard of responsibility?
      How about if dotchin looks in the mirror???
      If you’re 30+ lbs overweight, I guess it is your agent’s fault?
      Are we talking about an adult player or a 10 year old child who’s a player???

      • Steven

        Love your books—= Shining is one of my all time favs BTW. LOL

        You are absolutely right— the Big boy should have watched his own weight. I’m just saying that an agent is also there to “wake” them up and keep them in line.

        Does the full weight (couldn’t miss this pun) lie with Dotchkin —-absolutely.

        Good kick in the nether regions on this one. At playing weight I thought he did fair— someone should , as I’ve said, take a chance on PTO with him— if he drops 20 and shows reasonable — league min 2-way

        No matter what — I’m sure he doesn’t want to end his NHL career now at 24— he’s going to have to call Jenny Craig for a date and get this worked out.

        I’m in my late 50’s and confident if I’d gained 30 pounds in 4 months that I could lose 20 of that in 1/2 that time — so a 24 year old prof athlete should be able to drop that (20 lbs) in 3 weeks.

        What a bone head he was

    • You would have assigned yourself a daunting task if you try to lose 20 pounds in 2 months. If you weigh 200 lbs, you’ll have to walk for approximately 15 hours at 2 mph to lose 1 lb. If you only have time to walk 5 miles a day, you would miss 2 months of hockey games. Perhaps, for us hockey fans. it would be best to keep eating and start walking after the season.

      As for Phil Kessel, he has switched from foot-long to 6-inch dogs, drinks low-cal beer, and sweats off a pound an hour at the poker table.

      • Frank

        LoL so right.

        I usually hover on the 208-210 mark. A couple of years ago I realized I had been Christmastime binging on fatty crap and hadn’t weighed myself in a while … did the New Years weigh-in and was 219. I,m 6’3”. I went full tilt on taking care of diet and kicked up some excercising (I had been sedate-like for a bit) with swiiming 3 times a week;weighed myself on January 31st and was 207. 30 days to drop 12 pounds and when then I was mid 50,s … Dotchkin at 24 should be able to drop 20 in 3 weeks

        Both TSN and NHL.com have him last year at 210… so he came to camp at 240… I really think if he puts his mind to it … he can get to 220 in 3 weeks

        If he doesn’t at least make a consorted effort —- hello European “ C” league

    • Personally, I am going to boycott the NHL for fat-shaming Jake Dotchkin. How dare they say that Jake can’t be an NHL player at whatever weight he desires to be?

      • DoubleMinor

        I think it really lies with TBay on this not whole NHL

        To me it was strange and makes me think there was more to it. They could have suspended him and dealt with it internally and if he didn’t fix somewhat the issue ; then they could have dealt with it in more extreme ways.

        The real issue is likely to come out some time

        Again … I stick with the idea of offerin* him a no risk PTO—— if he proves himself … sign a 2-way league min contract

  3. No time for a garbage play like that by Domi. He should get 5 regular season games. Two shots with the gloves on and Ekblad didn’t raise his hand, then Domi takes off his glove and sucker punches him. league needs to take a stance and send a message. Mark December 28th on the Calendar.

    • Who’s Florida’s tough guy?

      • Kipper said it best is it really a sucker punch when you aren’t protecting yourself and know it’s coming?

    • oh i’ll be there. have only missed one game here in south florida. no big deal. there will still be an 80-85% habnation fan base in the arena.

  4. 5 games sounds good. He’s a repeat offender, and will play himself out of the league unless he smartens up. Never been a fan of the cheap shot. Also not a fan of fighting in preseason. Should be working on your game, not acting like a $#%@ing idiot. December 28th Domi will be ejected for boarding after the Panthers play him rough. Kid cant contain his emotions.

  5. @Steve King
    I couldn’t agree more. Too much fortnight not enough working out.