Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – September 16, 2018

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Updates on the unsigned restricted free agents in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

NBC SPORTS: Adam Gretz updates us on the seven restricted free agents still without contracts with NHL training camps now underway.

Toronto Maple Leafs forward William Nylander tops the list of unsigned restricted free agents. (Photo via NHL Images)

William Nylander, Toronto Maple Leafs. Gretz said there are reports the two sides are far apart in negotiation as Nylander doesn’t want to sign a bridge deal. The Leafs have already invested big money in John Tavares and must re-sign Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner next summer. While some suggest the Leafs should trade one of their young players, Gretz believes they can make this work.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Toronto Star’s Kevin McGran reports it’s believed Nylander seeks $8 million per season while the Leafs are offering $6.5 million annually. General manager Kyle Dubas wants to get the young forward signed as soon as possible but said he doesn’t want his club setting any marketplace records. In other words, the Nylander camp won’t be getting $8 million per season.

The Leafs are intent on holding the line here. The longer this holdout goes, the more pressure shifts onto Nylander, who has no leverage other than to withhold his services. 

Shea Theodore, Vegas Golden Knights. He was among their top defensemen last season for the Golden Knights, whose blueline will be shorthanded by Nate Schmidt’s suspension for the opening 20 games of the regular season. TSN’s Pierre LeBrun reports the two sides are far apart.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No word on how much Theodore seeks or what the Golden Knights are offering. Cap Friendly indicates his annual cap hit was just over $863K per season on an entry-level deal. While the Knights have the cap space to re-sign Theodore, they obviously want to keep it manageable while they have the leverage. 

Darnell Nurse, Edmonton Oilers. The indefinite absence of veteran defenseman Andrej Sekera adds a measure of urgency for the Oilers to get Nurse under contract. However, his agent said there’s a disagreement with management over Nurse’s value.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nurse was reportedly willing to accept a bridge contract. If so, the sticking point here is likely dollars.The Edmonton Journal’s Jim Matheson presumes the Nurse camp could look at Calgary’s Noah Hanifin’s contract (six years, $4.9 million annually) as a comparable.

  Cap Friendly indicates the Oilers have around $3.9 million in cap space. That doesn’t leave much room to re-sign Nurse and perhaps add another blueliner to offset Sekera’s absence. The Oilers can only seek cap relief by placing Sekera on long-term injured reserve at the start of the season if they’re sitting over the cap ceiling when the season begins. 

Sam Reinhart, Buffalo Sabres. Gretz feels there’s a bit of a mystery over Reinhart’s potential. While there’s still the possibility he can break out, his three seasons of 20-25 goals and 45-50 points could be what to expect of him going forward.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Reinhart and the Sabres have kept negotiations under wraps as much as possible. It’s assumed the Sabres could be pushing for a two-year deal. Considering Reinhart’s production and questions over whether he’s capable of greater production, that might be the best way to go right now. 

Josh Morrissey, Winnipeg Jets. Gretz believes the Jets want to avoid the contentious Jacob Trouba contract negotiation storyline repeating itself with Morrissey.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Winnipeg Sun’s Ken Wiebe recently speculated over what type of contract Morrissey could receive and its effect upon the Jets’ limited salary-cap space. He notes a bridge deal worth between $3.-$3.5 million annually will push the Jets closer to the $79.5-million salary-cap ceiling. A longer-term pact could cost between $4.75 million – $5.5 million, which would be more difficult (though not impossible) for the Jets to handle. 

Nick Ritchie, Anaheim Ducks. Given Ritchie’s performance to date, Gretz considers him the one player in this group destined to get a short-term “prove-it” contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So far, there’s no indication the two sides are close to reaching an agreement. 

Miles Wood, New Jersey Devils. Gretz cites Devils GM Ray Shero saying at the start of training camp that the two sides are getting closer to an agreement but “philosophical issues’ remained.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Wood’s agent recently said his client is keen to join his teammates at training camp. However, dialogue between the two sides remains quiet. It’s believed the two sides are working toward a bridge deal



  1. For pure fun, I’m going to wager a guess that Nylander and Theodore are the only two not signed by opening day. Ritchie Nurse Reinhart and Wood all get bridges, and the Jets get Morrissey at 5.175 for 6. Feel free to scrutinize 🙂

    • Took a long drive an was at The Leafs Training camp in the Falls…WOW!! does Marner – Tavares look amazing together …Leafs look very fast and highly skilled and EXTREMELY motivated the pace was UNREAL…they look amazing!
      For a scrimage they looked ALL BUSINESS every shift !!
      Great to see them at this serious point all ready!

      There were many standouts …and as you all know my take on Nylander
      ( needs to be traded ) he was not missed at all.
      Leafs have some amazing youth on the wings and they looked REALLY GOOD and did not look out of place and fit in with the serious pace …the only thing I noticed is the lack of size for the Leafs …they need a big body winger on the top 2 lines …Ive been pounding that assessment for a while now, it is evident in what I saw yesterday!

      I dont think Nurse is unreasonable in his asking price. With that D core he is an important piece and for his work fits the money…is at a Hannafin comparable I am not so sure but very close.

      If they Trade Nurse they may also have to move out money with someone else as well just to sign the player they traded for due to the lack of cap …

      Very surprised Theodore has not been signed.

      Side note ….3rd Jerseys for the Jets recently released are horrible ! LOL

      • But money cannot buy the will to win at the end.

        How could anyone really give it all to win the cup for.the Leafs? Who would want to retire a Leaf? Only some brainwashed kid who doesn’t know hockey history.
        Spend money and we will win – hasn’t worked for 50 years.
        Hard to get up for a fan base who are little kids brainwashed by merchandising and advertising same kid grown up, and recent immigrants who failed the Canadian Cultural test and picked the Leafs as the most winning Canadiens sports team

      • All teams, I suspect, look “really good” in the opening days of training camp when they can fly around without ANY fear of getting nailed. I never get excited about training camp performances, exhibition games and regular games in October and November.

        Like April-June baseball, a lot of that is ilusional and leads to many fans becoming delusional.

      • So much wrong being said…Canadian is a person from the country of Canada and canadien is a terribly managed original six hockey team from Montreal, Canada that uses a toilet seat (I think that’s what it is) as part of the team’s logo.
        Leafs haters are gonna look dumb again this season as they try to argue how bad this team is even though it may be one of the top teams in the league. Haters hate.

      • No “hater” here – certainly not my favorite team for a variety of reasons not associated with the players – but I don’t think anyone should get excited over scrimmages that don’t even remotely resemble regular competition once the “real” season begins early in December

      • Hey, I’m extremely excited as well Kal El.

        This is by far my favourite time of year for sports. NFL starting, Baseball winding down playoffs at hand but more importantly, NHL hockey is set to begin.

        7 hockey pools min in the blink of an eye, 2 perpetual fantasy pools, 3 draft pools, 1 standings pool & 1 box pool min. Dozens of wagers draft day festivities it doesn’t get any better.

        That said I don’t get sucked into any preseason wishful thinking. The business side of hockey trumps all unless a kid just kicks the door down especially with expansion 2 summers away. No 1 is being rushed to the NHL unless they kick the door down or the team they play for has no other options.

        I great time to be a Leafs fan Kal El enjoy it. Tor tied with Pit as the 3rd highest scoring team in the league last season & I have them leading the league this season. Puck possession & scoring is a great defensive strategy in the regular season, Tor was 12th in goals against last season & I have them being better this season as well but come playoff time when you start playing the best of the best I hope Tor’s D has improved significantly or they add something if even a rental to help their playoff chances.

        This team is a cup contender with 1 large hole to fill to be in the same league as at a bae min Win, TB & Nas for me.

      • Wow Mark was that really necessary? Have you ever considered your extreme negativity to maybe be a bit extreme possibly?

        I’m a Leaf fan through and through and it’s because I support my locals teams. I’m not a bandwagon hopper like some locals that dream of being somewhere else. I love my city and team.

        I imagine if I was born and grew up in Ottawa, Montreal or Vancouver I’d be a fan of those teams.

        Some people just don’t live by the knifes pessimistic edge.

        P.S. If I’ve missed sarcasm in your comment I apologize.

      • Leafs lovers are going to say how good their team looks in training camp and that they’re actually contenders, they’ve been doing it for a long long time. Lovers going to love

      • Glad your excited Kal el, I suspect my sons bantam team forwards could look really good against that D 🙂

    • My thoughts are that Nylander gets traded at some point as I don’t see the Leafs budging. I also don’t see Nurse being signed unless Edmonton moves some salary. I was thinking that a possible deal between Toronto & Minnesota might actually work for both teams.
      To Tor: Spurgeon, Niederreiter & Draft Pick.

      To Min: Nylander, Gardner & Leivo.

      Any thoughts. Too much?
      Min gets a little bit of cap relief and gets some help on offense & they get younger up front.
      Tor gets that much needed top pairing right handed d and gets a premiere defensive forward.

      • Nylander will budge. Players coming out of their ELC always do as what choice do they have. Nylander has ZERO leverage Tor doesn’t miss a beat with him out of the line up as crazy as that sounds. More than enough forward depth to cover for the prolonged absence of Nylander if he & his agent are stupid enough to go that route. My advice suck it up, sign the 2-year bridge & put the screws to Tor in 2 years like Trouba is doing in Win taking the team to arbitration & if unhappy them with the money on the table he will have some leverage to force the issue.

        I don’t see your Min/Tor trade happening. Spurgeon is a smurf but solid 2-way Dman who plays as Min’s #2 on the 1st pairing with Suter & has 2 years remaining, Niederreiter 4 more years at 5.25.

        Nylander wants to be paid today & is currently 1 dimensional, may always be & Gardiner is 1 season from UFA status. Leivo’s value in trade is what? Babcock has something against this player as he sat as the Black Ace all season only playing when absolutely necessary, very odd situation. Drafted 7 years ago & never really given an NHL opportunity!

      • I have gone through every team in the NHL and assessed their cap structure and team needs…

        trading Nylander is actually extremely difficult …

        there are not many teams that have a piece on the back end to give up …and can add a $7 — 8 million dollar man upfront
        Most teams are actually set upfront with heavy contracts

        …Its actually maybe only 5 teams that can make it work and not give up a core piece on the back end and then have no one to replace him….

        The defenseman is a very high commodity right now …

        In regards to the post on the Wild

        If the Leafs make any trade with the Wild and Nylander is involved than the starter is Dumba for Nylander …Id love to move out Gardiner or Zaitsev as well if you could… not a big fan …LOL

        I would make a deal but adding Dumba instead of Spurgeon

      • RFA holdouts have varied over the years but in the end the team almost always wins. Some of the more memorable over the years:

        Derek Stepan – NYR missed 16 days of camp before signing a bridge deal

        Jamie Benn – Dallas missed the first 5 2013 games

        Drew Doughty – LA practiced with the London Knights in 2011 and missed all 5 pre-season games

        Ryan O’Reilly – Colorado – missed the first 19 games of the lock-out 48-game season before signing the infamous Calgary offer sheet

        P. K. Subban – Montreal – missed the first 2 weeks of the lock-out 2013 season

        Cody Franson – Toronto – sat out part of a training camp but eventually caved in

        Jared Cowen – Ottawa – missed 5 days of training camp – never did live up to the promise of his rookie season

      • Ha-ha! Min isn’t trading Dumba. They paid Vegas to retain Dumba then locked him up for 5 years at 6 mil per. This kid is developing into an exceptional 2 way Dman teams don’t trade this asset unless getting essentially the same asset back. See Weber for Subban.

        Was it Beerfest in your town last night or have you already been hitting the sauce this morning.

        Dumba just turned 24, scoring 14 goals & 50 points as a 23 year old playing a solid defensive game. He is way ahead of the development curve for his age. He had a terrible start scoring .45 in the 1st quarter, .52 in the 2nd, .67 in the 3rd & .8 in the final playing 23:49 TOI/GP playing in all situation, PP, PK. ES zone starts reg season 45.8% OZ, 54.2 DZ. Playoffs ES zone starts 51.4% OZ, 48.6% DZ.

        If Min trades Dumba fire the GM immediately. Dumba will make the top 10 scoring for Dman in the NHL this season both in goals & points if not top 5 playing solid defensive minutes with Brodin. If not for a terrible start for him last season he would have then. As it was he finished 19th in points & tied for 10th in goals.

        I’m still shocked Vegas didn’t take Dumba but I assume the deal was structured before the expansion draft actually took place.

      • Spurgeon – $5mm / year 2 more years
        Niederreiter – $5.25mm thru 2022
        LEafs need to get cheaper assets back and a 1-2 defenseman. Buds still have not addressed their needs on defense.

    • Nylander camp smart to want long term deal, knowing if they bridge, there won’t be any cap space in future. Don’t see how holding out does anything but possibly force a trade. Theo probably gets new deal. He was name most mentioned in widely rumored deal for EK. Now with that over, I think focus shifts to locking him up long term.

      • Kucherov signed his 3-year bridge deal on Oct 11th, 2016, 2 days before TB played their 1st regular season game 1 day before that season opened. Just saying.

        Nylander is more a setup guy than goal scorer the reason he compliments Matthews the trigger man so well. Nylander has put up very similar stats to both Draisaitl & Kucherov in the last 2 years of his ELC & not seen their quantity nor quality of ice time.

        Not saying he should be paid what either make but the #’s don’t lie & Nylander only played 26 games in his rookie season, Draisaitl 37 & Kucherov 52 so both were further along in their NHL devlopment coming out of their ELC’s.

        Almost any team in the league would love to have this quality of offensive player just scratching the surface of his vast offensive abilities & most Tor fans simply don’t appreciate what he does do as opposed to what he doesn’t. Steve Yzerman was terrible defensively when he entered the NHL, Seguin still is but Nylander will be a point per game player minimum in the NHL at 25 scoring 25+ gaols. What am I missing?

        This is just business no 1’s feelings are getting hurt unless this gets far uglier & Nylander & his agent don’t come to their senses. They have to accept the business dynamics in play & suck it up whether they want to or not. Dubas isn’t being forced to trade Nylander that sets a terrible precedent moving forward.

      • “RFA holdouts have varied over the years but in the end the team almost always wins. ”

        These players are NOT holdouts. They don’t have contracts so they aren’t holding out from anything. They could sign KHL contracts tomorrow.

      • I look at hockey in blocks, generations if you will & this current 1 started with the 204-05 lockout as the business model was forever changed so as it relates to contract structure today. 13 years. I can’t compare contract squabbles previously to those of the cap world.

        Money was unlimited for the have teams prior. As always Det’s salary in 2003-04 was 88 million. The cap today won’t reach that threshold for another 5+ years min assuming we have a lockout in that timeline, 4 if we don’t.

      • LMacDonald.

        The most current 1 on your post was 17 years ago. I’m certainly not looking back that far as meaningless today.

      • Aww quit splitting hairs and nit picking McDonald – your act is wearing thin

      • I thought he was growing on you George.

      • Yeah, like a wart!

  2. I don’t see the Oilers doing anything at D. The depth Dman were brought in over the summer to fill the Black Ace holes, the 7/8 spots in Gravel & Jerabek. Ethan Bear will most likely be the replacement for Sekera at least in the top 6 but not in role or responsibility. Mantha is a wildcard to make the roster & if Bouchard is truly NHL ready perhaps Edm lets him stay in the NHL. I would give him his 9 games; Bear stays in the minors till Bouchard’s future is determined, & send him back but occasionally an 18-year-old Dman smashes the door down & steps straight into the NHL. Bouchard will be 19 on October 20th so a little bit older than many in his draft class.

    Edm is also well structured contractually with players waiver eligibility to juggle the roster to create cap space on Oct 2nd when their 23 man roster is due. Both Puljujari & Koskinen don’t have to clear waivers to be sent down. I see now way Nurse is coming in under the 3.9 & change Edm has in cap space today even if bridged. 4.5 on a 2-year bridge, 5.5ish long term give or take depending upon length, 6 to 8 years.

    Edm simply sends Koskinen & his 2.5 cap hit to the AHL on Oct. 2nd, puts Montoya on its active roster saving 1.4 in cap hit, gets Nurse signed hopefully before this & in under the cap. On Oct 3rd, Edm places Sekera on LTIR getting full cap relief, sends Montoya down & brings Koskinen back up.

    Edm’s D looks something like this.

    Klefbom, Larsson.
    Nurse, Benning.
    Russell, Bear.
    Gravel, Jerebek.

    Assuming Nurse is signed & on Edm’s 23 man roster before Oct. 2nd & they ride Sekera’s injury out to the best of their ability.

    • Striker , currently bear is not even in the discussion for that spot . Nurse is never getting 4.5 on a bridge today . They are a couple hundread k apart and Edmonton is standing firm around 3.2 is the common belief . Mantha has no timetable for return due to eye . Bouchard Jones are on the inside track to get the first look .

      • Jones has to outright win a look , Bouchard prove he’s ready for 9 and jerabek the plan today in case these guys or bear don’t win a spot , but bear is pretty much slated to start the year in Bakersfield imo .

      • Edm can force Nurse to take whatever they want, if 3.2 all the better, works for me but creates animosity. Nurse played as Edm’s #2 last season out of need, their #1 after Klefbom was shut down.

      • Who are your top 6 Edm Dman 15 games into the season in Edm Craig?

      • Klefbom larsson
        Nurse benning
        Russell jerabek (Bouchard 9 games )
        Gravel as the 7 d .
        Jones has surpassed bear early in camp . Mantha isn’t even sure when he can return . Imo jerabek is pencilled in today until someone steals that spot or he gives it away . Buying time for jones bear and allowing Bouchard to go down after 9 if he doesn’t outright win spot
        Nurses agent is only asking for 3.5 is the belief .. They are millions apart like the case in nylander negotiations and nurse agent said as much days ago ..

      • Aren’t millions apart ^^

      • Works for me Craig.

        There are worse #6 Dman playing for teams in the NHL. Hell, some teams #5 is worse than Edm’s current #6.

        Until the games getting meaningful, & really that doesn’t start until opening day what happens in camp, for the most part, is of little consequence to me. The business side of hockey will trump out at a bare minimum 80% of the time but in this case, the 80/20 doesn’t hold for me. The business side will win almost everytime unless the player kicks the door down or the team wants the prospect to get his 9 game cup of coffee but then only if they can afford the risk.

      • Bear has to clear waivers so until Bouchard is sent back to Major Jr if sent back Bear goes to the minors as does Jones or any other D option as Jarebak & Gravel have to clear waivers & Edm can’t afford to lose either today. They aren’t being waived baring something shocking in camp. Which again is rare but can happen.

        Edm could also make a trade or sign a UFA Dman for chump change like Bieksa after opening day when Sekera is placed on LTIR to shore up the #6 spot if they feel it necessary.

      • Sorry. Bear doesn’t have to clear waivers.

      • I think bear and jones will begin in the ahl . Bouchard will show enough to get 9 , and following that my guess is he’s sent back to major junior and a trade is made . Ideally for a solid second pair guy with pp specialty , I would be ok with a 3rd pair guy as well in that mold . If not , until jerabek gravel play there way out or jones bear in , I think that’s what we see

      • We are totally on the same page Craig. I even hope Bouchard just kicks the door down, to be honest.

      • I hope so too , and I hope that’s where the bar is set . If he doesn’t look great and win the spot outright , send him back and look to trade .

    • “LMacDonald.

      The most current 1 on your post was 17 years ago. I’m certainly not looking back that far as meaningless today.”

      Drouin was 17 years. Remind me again why Karlsson just got traded? Oh tight. It was because he wouldn’t sign.

      Really, are you kidding me. You don’t realize that teams ship off players who won’t sign all the time?

  3. The Jets have bags of cap space. 10.2 mil although CapFriendly is missing Petan; who has to clear waivers, he won’t so he stays or gets traded, from their 23 man roster but that still leaves over 9.5 to get Morrisey on the 23 man roster. Win will have tons of cap space after their roster is finalised.

  4. Winnipeg only has cap space this year. Laine is gonna be an expensive one, and will most likely hit all his 3.5 mil bonuses again. Connor will hit his bonuses as well, so their cap space shrinks quite fast considering those tangibles. They’re going to have to dump Perreault, and likely Kulikov after this year if they plan on signing their youth long term. Perhaps they just settle on a 3 year bridge for Laine, before paying him an ungodly sum of money afterwards. I hope they can get a deal hashed out for 8 years though, and bridge Connor instead.

    • I think the savings are coming at D. 1 of Trouba & or Myers is a goner next summer possibly both. If Myers tests UFA status this summer, teams will line up to pay him huge money. Trouba 1 year from UFA status next summer & Win has really played hardball with this player, forcing a low ball 2-year bridge on him in the summer of 2016 & not settling before arbitration this season. Neither bodes well for his future in Win.

      Are either of these Dman giving Win a hometown discount and if so how much of 1? Something has to give in Win down the road but it may just play its self out. If both are lost Kulikov stays for 1 more year. Trading Perreault at some point, next summer or beyond, makes sense if the cap space is needed as his line up spot can be filled by a less expensive option, another great prospect & draft pick Vesalainen.

      Going to be fun watching all these things play out in Win, success is expensive & if Win wins the cup even more so. A very nice problem to have.

      • Winnipeg has 11 players signed for next season and $27m in cap space so and average of $2.25 per player.
        They need to sign Morrissey, Trouba, Myers, Laine and Connor. To a lesser extent Tanev, Copp and Dano.
        Jack Roslovic is fighting for 2nd line center, if he gets it, maybe Winnipeg can move Bryan Little and his 6yrs @ $5.291 per but his nmc makes it more difficult and also move out Matthieu Perreault and his 3yrs @ $4.125 per with a 5 team no trade clause.
        That would give the Jets over $36m in cap space next season, more then enough to sign everyone including $7m for Trouba and $10m for Laine. Not saying Laine should get $10m (he shouldn’t) but the money is there.

  5. Myers according to himself in an interview stated him and his family love Winnipeg so I will take that at face value. How much to sign him is a bigger question. Would he accept 5.5 again on a 4 year deal? Doubtful… maybe 6? Between him and Trouba, I believe he is the more affordable option, and the least contentious contract. Odds are Myers will be extended, Trouba traded after the season.

    • That works for me & I assume would be great for Win as well. The return on Trouba if & when traded will be substantial as long as he agrees to sign long-term where ever he gets traded to.

      If unwilling to do so & wants to test the market as a 1-year rental more or less than Karlsson just moved for I have no idea as although I like Tierney I’m still scratching my head on that return.

      • If Trouba doesn’t sign an extension, there is no way he should return what Karlsson got. If he does, that GM should be fired on the spot. Trouba isn’t in Karlsson’s league.

        Even with an extension, Trouba wouldn’t get the volume of assets. He may get a 1st, an A level prospect and a solid depth defenseman.

      • That being said, I still am underwhelmed with the Karlsson return. Tierney is a solid player and the prospects are decent (Norris and Balcers), but not A level prospects. Demelo is third pairing unless he really surprises and the picks are years away if they even amount to NHL players.

        Melnyk’s interference yet again limited the return. Seeing how upset Karlsson was at the press conference was very depressing. Basically any othe team in the league would have extended him around July 1.

  6. Must be nice to be a great player and take up large Chunks of the cap so your team is hand cuffed for your pleasure. Guess some guys don’t put enough value on the cup….maybe its the agents maybe their friends/family etc but seriously when you are set for life after one year of a top contract what’s the difference. None of them came from that kind of money before

    • Winning the cup is exceptional fickle if the team the experts picked to win the cup every year even played out 10% of the time there would be some rich gamblers out there.

      Not all players came from poverty or below average annual incomes how could they playing hockey at a competitive level costs a fortune, in fact, many have come from homes with well above average financial means especially if American as they had to travel exceptionally to get ice time & play at a level that allowed them to develop to the players they are today.

      Do you have kids? 2 of my 3 boys played competitive hockey, 1 competitive lacrosse the other competitive baseball. Would still be playing baseball competitively if not for breaking his scaphoid 4 times requiring significant surgery ending his hopes of NCAA ball. My average cost for those 2 boys to play those 2 competitive sports due to travel & showcases was well over 30K annually after-tax dollars, the majority spent on travel, food, & camps. My 3rd played all house, but Hockey & baseball & that was another 3K a year for gear, fees & nominal travel. & tax deductions in Canada don’t exist really. When my kids played approximately $500.00 per child annually allowed to be claimed!

      No, they didn’t necessarily come from millionaire homes although many have but extremely well off 1’s as how else did they get the money to get here.

      • With tor pain striker… hit just shy of 35K twice.

        To be fair portions of that 35K are eaten up by out of town tournaments … 3-4 day tournaments 4 or 5 times a year … family of 6… 2 hotel rooms , food etc etc … adds up. Equipment and sundries add up.

        The actual highest “fee/registration” I ever paid to a team for one of my boys was $5,500 (AAA).

        It adds up and was a big hit and we are reasonably well off.

        Your right it is rare (and extremely tough) for talented young Atheletes from families with lesser means . There are community support groups and sometimes great success stories … e.g. Stewart brothers from my home town; who lived for at least a couple of years in a motel when they were young children. Both made the NHL. I’m positive the younger brother ; if he hadn’t chosen hockey over football late in his teens; could have played in the CFL.
        All with community help

      • That should have been with “your” pain … Freudian “tor” for ” Toronto” or just finger slip ???? Who knows??

      • My kids didn’t even attend academies to play competitive hockey just competitive house & spring leagues, my middle son did for baseball billeting in grade 12. Ca-Ching but my oldest had stopped hitting the pocketbook by then. That was 15K over and above bringing the year in at over 30K just for 1.

      • Here’s a laugh for you Striker

        I came from a pretty limited income family and my family couldn’t afford to even put me into house league hockey when all of my friends had played for 3 years.

        I got a paper route to make money so I could play… saved up and started with borrowed equipment (all … even including jock) and paid $29 for entire registration and $1 a week for practice (shared ice -2 teams- outdoor rink). That was Ictober of 1969.

        My dad got a better job a year later and then was able to pay for my brother to play as well.

        The first year my eldest played organized hockey … 5 years old … I remember his hockey stick alone was over $30

        …. I’ve been out of that loop for years now as my 4 are all in their mid 20’s… I’ve no idea what hockey costs young parents now… I hate to think about it

      • Here’s a laugh for you Striker

        I came from a pretty limited income family and my family couldn’t afford to even put me into house league hockey when all of my friends had played for 3 years.

        I got a paper route to make money so I could play… saved up and started with borrowed equipment (all … even including jock) and paid $29 for entire registration and $1 a week for practice (shared ice -2 teams- outdoor rink). That was Ictober of 1969.

        My dad got a better job a year later and then was able to pay for my brother to play as well.

        The first year my eldest played organized hockey … 5 years old … I remember his hockey stick alone was over $30
        …. I’ve been out of that loop for years now as my 4 are all in their mid 20’s…

        I’ve no idea what hockey costs young parents now… I hate to think about it

      • My youngest is in his final season of Midget house. Last season I bought him $1700.00 in new gear he didn’t fit any of the hand me downs & his brothers who still play men’s recreational.

        His dues for house are $450.00 for 1/2 ice practices for 50 mins once a week after 9 PM. Guaranteed 5 exhibition games, 16 league games. Midget house teams don’t travel for tournaments at least any that my son has played on so 1 locally at Christmas & Spring break.

        He plays school hockey as well both as part of PE & on the school team. That’s another $350.00 for the PE portion, $175.00 for the school team. He’s not going anywhere just wants to have fun & learn to play & work with a group.

      • Ya I couldn’t do the hand me down thing with my guys as they were so tight in age …. born in 3 consecutive years and 1st and 3rd sons only 27 months apart and 3rd son much bigger than average in size … so always 3 sets of new equipment almost every year… my daughter did get some of the hand me downs of equipment though.

        The baseball and football was reasonable but the cheapest was soccer … I had all 4 of them in at once at he total cost for the whole April to Oct season was $300 (total for all 4!!)… that was houseleague tho

      • We were reluctant hockey parents. We had them in soccer & my oldest begged & begged until we finally relented & let him join as a 2nd-year Atom player starting 5 years later than his peers & still made rep by 2nd-year peewee. Thank God for those 6:30 AM Monday power skating classes with CanSkate Canada. Just another 7 months & $500.00 a year fee X 3.

  7. Has any player said “ this place stinks”

    Wondering if Theo is leveraging the Schmidt suspension and Nurse is doing the same with Sekera injury. Their teams need them . The rest just need to sign or they will sit

    • Of course, they are as they should.

    • Hi SilverSeven

      Sorry it looks like I regurgitated your post but in reality I had typed part of my post and took a long call interrupting my post… you posted; I finished call then finished post… sorry … guess our thoughts are in synch

  8. Bridge Bridge Bridge …. yes I’m a broken record … it just kills me that there is a chance (however small) that Nylander gets signed for long term.

    A hold out by him has , IMO , less proportionate impact loss to their team than at least 4 of the other RFAs

    Leafs are loaded on Fwd and will have great high scoring games in reg season

    My contention remains that Leafs have very little issues regular season.

    Barring catastrophic injuries ; with or without WW for whole season … Leafs are destined for 2nd or 3rd in Div…. wait him out or trade him (if possible … as noted by a few; this is limited now to very few teams) for upgrade to D.

    As many of you have pointed out … the effective power on these RFA negotiations lies with the teams(mgt).

    IMO the two teams that are a little more (read minimally) “pushed” to sign are Ed(Nurse) and VGK(Theo),

    Both can wait out some on the holdout but with the Sekera and Schmidt situations; there is a little more pressure


    Re Minn/Leafs proposed trade …. as an armchair GM I can see the balance in qualities on both sides of trade.

    However , in reality I’m with many who think Dubas would want Dumba; and with Striker in knowing that trade would be a fireable offence for Minn.

    I would like more than ever to see a trade if WW for upgrade in D. I’d love a swap if WW for Nurse (with associated sundries to balance the trade)…. however that trade is not happening… no way

    Striker bang on re Ed and movement day 1 of players to AHL (w/o need to pass waivers) to meet Cap wrt proper $’s needed for Nurse… he’s willing to bridge … but as you’ve pointed out; worth more than current cap space.

    My gut says Nurse is playing game 1

    • Small chance? Nylander 8 years 7.25 mill per, book it. It seems like a lot now but after a 2 year bride he could be worth 11 per, it just makes more sense to play the long game. Theodore 8 years at 6.5 mill. Nurse 2 years at 4 because he’s not there yet. Morissey 8 years at 6.

      • Time not bride

      • Dee

        Sorry but I don’t see him being worth anywhere near $11M in 2 years. That’s me … but I just don’t see it.

        Bridge… then pay the potential increase in AAV if he merits it

        8 years signed now and 8 years signed to start in fall of ’20 IMO at the max will be $1M AAV apart.

        Bridge now … get 2 (or maybe 3 years) in prime at cheaper… then 8

        Sign 8 now … risky long term extension at end (age 30) which would take him to late 30’s.

        Bridge then 8 ….Leafs get him to 32/33. and can walk if needed or sign more reasonable 2-3 extension that avoids the risky late 30’s time-frame

        Sign 8 now… Dubas throws negotiating power in hands of AM and MM … as they’ll then be guaranteed 8 years without any discussion whatsoever

        Dubas … hold out … even if WW misses the entire season… IMO Leafs still in the 2/3 spot at end of year with WW or without WW

  9. Nurse is Edmonton best defenseman and if Edmonton don’t sign him quickly and stumble out of the gate the pressure falls squarely on the shoulders of Pete Chiarelli to get a deal done, on the other hand if Edmonton starts out strong then its the reversal, we can win without you.
    Simple isn’t it, Winnipeg cures all headaches, well not all, just ask Chicago but at least they have 3 cups for their troubles.

    • Hi Caper

      As Striker said … the yougins can be tried out in a pinch.

      Concur with you that Nurse is a crucial D to them.

      Per TSN/SN , it seems that Nurse is willing to bridge … so all down to $’s… my gut says he plays in first game

      • Hi Pengy, yes anybody can be tried out in a pinch; but it isn’t as simple as that now is it?
        When your putting a player of lesser talent in to replace a player who is considered your number 1 dman, then you shouldn’t be surprised by the outcome.
        For the record I find that statement “tried in a pinch” inaccurate.
        If your talking a #6 or 7 dman or 11th or 12th forward then yes, but generally these are not the players holding out, they’re happy to be there and don’t want to jeopardize what they have and need to keep playing to secure their spot.

      • Was Edm going anywhere or accomplishing much with Sekera in the lineup? I don’t have them competing for a playoff spot. They won’t be as bad as last season nor as good as 2016-17 but somewhere in between.

        For me Nurse showed last season he is more than capable of replacing Sekera, he was forced to & he looked awesome doing so. He may be a better player already, if not very soon.

        Absolutely nothing wrong with Edm’s top 5.

        Klefbom, Larsson.
        Nurse, Benning.
        Russell, ?

        Almost every team in the NHL dresses a soft Dman at #6. Again I have no issues with that top 5. That is far from the worst top 5 in the NHL.

      • Well the Oilers mighy as well just forfeit the season then because striker says they won’t make the playoffs. How is Edmonton’s forward depth less than Toronto’s? With Yamamoto and Puljujarvi in the top 9 all year and another year older for McDavid and Draisaitl(the next Crosby and Malkin) they are as good as any team in their division. The RNH, McDavid, Yamamoto line is going to light the league up this year.

      • Ha-ha!

        As always Deeeeee thank you for the kind words.

        Are you then saying you have Edm making the playoffs? Are they as good as SJ, Vegas, LA, Anh, Cal? Can they even beat Arz? I’m not saying they can’t but Arz has improved significantly as well.

        These are just projections, opinions, assumptions based on what we know.

        Rather than being a dickhead why don’t you tell us what you think may happen?

        Edm will be far better but will Yamamoto even be on Edm’s roster until injuries or trades hit. I see 13 forwards already on Edm’s roster according to CapFriendly & the only 1 that doesn’t have to clear waivers is Puljujarvi. Now Ratties bubble could burst at any second & he wakes up from his dream that he sees himself playing with McDavid & he is waived yet again.

        Who gets waived so Yamamoto can make Edm’s roster? I don’t want to slight Yamamoto in any way but having been selected 22nd overall in 2017 at 5’9″ & under 160 lbs is he NHL ready? I really have no idea but history doesn’t support him stepping straight in, although he could kick the door down.

      • By all accounts rattie has come in in the best shape of his career , which was always an issue holding him back . I think unless he gets hurt it will be tough to play his way out of the lineup. I hope Yamamoto has a huge preseason and earns a look on that line but it’s going to be tough to get there day 1 . I see him going down to start the year in the ahl , I don’t see him finishing there though . Could possibly start on 3rd line with puljujarvi and strome if he has really good camp . Brodziak at 4c leaving khaira upshall Chiasson caggiula kassian competing for 4th line roles , more likely yams on top line in ahl , khaira slides up to 3rd line and the the last two wings are won in camp among those guys. Caggiula and kassian , one I assume will be moved early in the season if not before . Not expecting big returns by any means .

      • Tough for rattie to play his way out of that role by opening day ^^ . The whole season , I’m not sold on that yet .

      • Striker also said vegas would be bottom 4 last year, he has no idea

      • I think I’m basically agreeing with striker here again . Yams has a chance but ultimately I see him starting on top line in the ahl . I don’t agree with his outlook on the oilers but don’t blame him or others either . The oilers need to prove last year was the outlier . My or there talk does nothing either way until then

  10. The return on Trouba will be great for sure, but probably not another great defenseman coming back, picks and prospects. It is pretty irregular to see two young defenseman swapped while just entering their primes, and what candidates exist where the Dman is unhappy? Shea Theodore for Trouba swap?! Now that would be a doozie, and one most Jets and Knights fans could probably get behind.

    • “The return on Trouba will be great for sure”

      For a guy who is a pain in the rump to negotiate with and who misses 20 games a year? Don’t be so sure.

  11. The more I thought of it, the more I love the idea of Trouba for Theodore. Left side Dman to play with Byfuglien and/or Myers, and Morrissey filling the left. Solid top 4.

    • DC

      Sound logic but the more I think about it the more I’m buying in to Strikers view that Trouba long term destination more likely Det

      If Chiarelli has any similar thoughts on this … Nurse/Trouba swap doesn’t happen

      That aside … Nurse has blossomed very well with Ed and is on the rise … in one of the very few that see Nurse as a better player than Trouba in 2 years and from then onward

      PC … if I were you … I’d keep him.

      As a Leaf and Pen fan I’d love him to be on either of those teams

      For Nurse personally … Leafs are just 60 mins from his home town (Hamilton)

      … will Nurse wear a Pens or Leafs Jersey … no … cuz I want him to … I jinxed that … LOL

      • Where does Nurse fit on the Penguins D? Dumoulin is one of the most underrated players in the league and Maatta worked almost exclusively on power skating over the offseason. I’ll take my turn to be an egomaniac and say that I have Oleksiak as the Penguins most improved player after this season. So unless they can unload Jackass and Nurse will take Jackass money I don’t see where Nurse fits.

      • Since when is striker responsible for the Trouba to Detroit theory? Wow huge step to think a guy would want to play for his home town team that he dreamed of playing for his whole childhood and said team having an organizational hole that needs filling that just happens to be his position.

      • OK. Enough with the personal slights Deee. Totally unnecessary.

        I love Dumoulin by the way. Pit road him & Hainsey to a cup logging huge minutes against the best of the best. I also think JR fleeced Dal getting Oleksiak for a 4th, he has huge growth potential as he develops. Maatta will eventually get decent PP time but hard to with Letang & Schultz infront of him but still just a kid having just turned 24 with 302 NHL regular season games under his belt. Perhaps you remember me chastising anyone who suggested Pit even consider trading such Maatta. Now they have him locked up great money for 4 more years. Perhaps you don’t remember as there appears to be something wrong with you.

        If you don’t have anything nice to say please refrain from being a dickhead & stop responding to my posts. This is a chat forum. Not a forum to insult people & be rude. Your nailing that by the way.

        Please just stop responding unless you can stay on topic, discuss or debate. The personal BS is just that. Don’t like my style to bad. Go get laid, its obviously been way to long, it will make you feel better maybe and hopefully make you a nicer person.

      • Dee

        I said I’d love to have Nurse on Pens or Leafs. I would.

        It won’t happen… just a nice thought.

        I didn’t say who he’d replace or what parameters of a trade would be. He’d just be great to have on Pens.

        I’m still hoping that my opinion of Johnson is completely wrong and he plays even somewhat close to the value he is being paid

        Nurse would benefit any team.

        I still think he plays in first game

      • Striker you have to expect the insults on here, you take over the chat forum responding to everything and stating you’re right and they’re wrong in your condescending way. Instead of saying people are wrong and you’re right( not very often) why not not respond like you’re telling dee too?

  12. This had nothing to do with today’s mill topics, but meh.

    Consider and critique this proposal:

    To St. Louis: G Henrik Lundqvist, D Anthony DeAngelo

    To NY Rangers: G Jake Allen, D Jay Bouwmeester, R Klim Kostin, 2020 conditional pick (1st round pick if Blues make 2nd round or higher in 2018-19, otherwise a 2nd rounder)

    Bouwmeester is in there to make the trade cap compliant. Rangers would then flip him to a contender during the season that needs a 2nd pairing left shot D *COUGH* Winnipeg…

    Rangers get a solid forward prospect and the chance to coach Jake Allen to the level of consistency he needs. When he is on, he is fantastic. Also the draft pick.

    Blues get a clear number one goalie with a chip on his shoulder and a burning desire to win. Plus a mobile defenceman they could groom to reach his potential. With Bouwmeester gone, the blueline would look like this:

    Edmundson – Pietrangelo
    Dunn – Parayko
    Gunnarsson – Schmaltz

    J-Bo was likely gone after the season anyway, his contract is up.

  13. Pengy I have always thought Trouba would go home to Michigan, but its fun to think what ifs sometimes. Stranger things have happened, but I do realize its a pipe dream to think the Jets get Theodore.

  14. Perhaps Nylander gets traded to Vegas and Theodore gets traded to the Maple Leafs and everybody wins but I”m doubtful Nylander will ever get $8 million per season from the Maple Leafs or the Golden Knights so time will tell