Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – September 2, 2018

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Updates on the Bruins and Flyers in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


NBC SPORTS BOSTON: Joe Haggerty recently took note of center Tyler Seguin’s stalled contract negotiations with the Dallas Stars. Seguin, who began his NHL career with the Boston Bruins, can become an unrestricted free agent next July. If he hits the open market, Haggerty doubts the Bruins would try to bring Seguin back, citing the high cost of signing him along with questions over his playoff performance and his play against tough opponents. Still, Haggerty suggests we should never say never.

Don’t expect the Boston Bruins to bring back Tyler Seguin if the Dallas Stars center becomes a UFA next July. (Photo via NHL Images)

Haggerty also wondered how much longer defenseman Adam McQuaid will remain a Bruin. With eight defensemen on the roster, it’s possible they could shop him “given his salary cap hit and the focus on D-men of the puck-moving variety.” On the other hand, “there’s a real danger in shipping out McQuaid considering how the B’s were pushed around by Tampa Bay in the playoffs.” Haggerty also suggested perhaps playing fewer games wouldn’t be a bad idea for McQuaid, given his age and injury history.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I doubt we’ll see Seguin returning to the Bruins. Cap Friendly indicates they’ve got almost $63 million invested in 16 players. Assuming the salary cap climbs to $82 million for 2019-20, the Bruins will have roughly $19 million in cap space. A healthy chunk of that will be spent on re-signing restricted free agents Charlie McAvoy, Brandon Carlo, Danton Heinen and Ryan Donato. While all will be coming off entry-level contracts and lack arbitration rights, their performances this coming season could still put them in line for healthy raises. 

Meanwhile, McQuaid and Zdeno Chara will be unrestricted free agents. Barring a dramatic decline in Chara’s performance this season, he’ll be re-signed to another one-year contract. McQuaid could also be retained on an affordable short-term deal. Even if the Bruins part ways with those two, the cost of re-signing their key young RFAs means they won’t have sufficient cap space to pursue a high-ticket player such as Seguin. 


CHERRY HILL COURIER-POST: During a recent Q&A with Dave Isaac, Philadelphia Flyers general manager Ron Hextall admitted he’s open to adding another player who was adept at penalty killing. “It would be a forward. We’d like to add a penalty-killing forward but to this point there’s been nothing there that’s made enough sense for us to move.” He suggested it would “probably be more of a lateral move on the market rather than a free agent.”

In a recent mailbag segment, Isaac was asked if there was any chance the Flyers might bring in a player on a professional tryout offer during training camp. “The Flyers explored that possibility but it sounds like they ultimately opted against it. At least for now.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Sounds like Hextall will keep an eye on the trade market this season for a forward who can help them kill penalties. That move could come closer to the trade deadline when non-contenders are looking to either dump salary or get something for pending free agents they don’t intend to re-sign. 



  1. I’m just st wondering re Phi and “PK specialist”…. Winnik is not an expert at the PK and currently not a “specialist”
    …. but is somewhat adaptive at PK…. why wouldn’t Phi at least try a PTO on him to see if it might work… nothing to lose really …. and if it worked out would come reasonably inexpensively

    • Friggin auto correct

      reasonably inexpensive …. obviously didn’t mean to have 2 adverbs

    • Phillies need a ( true ) Skater to track pucks and cause turn overs as well can be reliable on the D side as opposed to a mid range older guy …Winnik would have been a good scoop 2 – 3 years ago but with the way Philly is built now its a Skating mans game.

      Michael Grabner was a miss for Philly in this case and they should have pursued him if this was there need ..he was available for a long period of time and had a great season on the PK and is a big threat on the right team for shorthanded goals….MUTE point at this point but big miss by Hextall.

      My idea on your point would be to sign Letestu for that role ASAP!
      Everyone knows starting with the puck is the best way to control a PK …I realize he is on a PTO with the Panthers but as per yur inquiry a few days ago on that issue ..the Flyers can outright sign him if need be even on a PTO …as did the Blues with Scottie Upshall last year while he was at the Canucks camp when Fabri went down.

      Letestu wins face offs and is a strong smart skater and would be a perfect match IMO and would also come at a low cost but someone who they may want to be around for 2 – 3 years due to his age and can invest in him for a bottom 6 Role player situation.

      • Grabner signed July 1st as a UFA in Arz. The 1st day he was eligible to be signed.

        I agree with you on Letestu. Solid face off skills & he played on Edm’s #1 PK the last 3 seasons. He also played on Edm’s #1 PP the last 2 years & would help Phi’s # PP unit. Filppula was on Phi’s #1 PK & #2 PP.

      • Does Jay Beagle have a NTC? Canucks could get a 2nd rounder @ deadline for him

      • Beagle was signed for 4 years at 3 mil per. That’s a ton of money & term for a 4th line C & not the type of player; term & cap hit, teams buy at the trade deadline for a pick.

      • With Grabner signing with Arizona means that Philly never had any interest in Grabner….if they did I dont know any player that goes to UFA and signs with the first and only team who pitches an offer especially in Grabners case…Iam sure Hextall if in touch with Grabners people passed on him for a variety of reasons and most notably it was term 3 years for Grabner would be too much for Hextall.
        As I said MUTE point …I can not verify what or what Grabners team turned down or if Hextall had any contact at all.

      • Teams get a week to speak to UFA’s prior to July 1st, I assume numerous teams did so. I was just clarifying that Grabner wasn’t available for a long time. Did Philly speak to Grabner, who knows, who cares he signed in Arz he’ll help Arz’s PK & provide some solid ES scoring on the 4th line. 3.35 mil per for 3 years for a player that will be 31 on Oct. 5th is quite a bit of money & few teams would have committed to the cap hit or term.

      • Grabbers age shouldn’t be a concern. Anyone who’s followed him on instagram knows of his infamous workouts. The guys a freak and even if you expectedley “lose a step” at his age, you have to consider that he was always 2-3 steps ahead of 80% of league!! He thrived under Vigneults system and was consistently skating in top 9 role. Even without all the en goals, he was still a good 5v5 scorer. Never got PP time

      • Don’t get me wrong I like Grabner. Florida made a mistake trying to him waive years ago after Vancouver traded him to Florida in the Keith Ballard deal. He got claimed by NYI & scored 34 goals & 52 points in his rookie season for NYI seeing no PP time. How does Florida make so many head-scratchers it seems endless & doesn’t seem to matter who is running the team front office.

        Not sure he will see 3rd line minutes in Arz & he just barely did in NYR finishing #9 in TOI/GP seconds above Fast at 10.

        Will Grabner play ahead of Keller, Fischer or Hinostroza at RW? There have also been discussions that Strome may have to play the wing. If Galchenyuk is slated to play C does that bump Dvorak last seasons #2 C in Arz to 3rd line C or LW where he played in his rookie season?

        I’m struggling at present with Arz roster & will need camp & the preseason to get a handle on it. This is far from settled & again more about trying to identify Arz’s 23 man roster than who will play with who but I don’t see Arz breaking up Stepan & Keller very often.

        Dvorak C?, Stepan, Keller.
        Perlini, Galchenyuk, Fischer.
        Panik, Strome W?, Hinostroza.
        Cousins, Richardson, Grabner.
        Spare. Archibald.

        That still leaves Crouse & Merkley in the minors as both can still clear waivers but both appear NHL ready but caught in a #’s game & the business side of hockey usually plays out unless they kick the door down & force Arz to make a trade to make room or an injury hits & opens the door.

        If Strome plays the wing move Dvorak to #3 C bump the LW’s up & slide Strome to LW his strong side on the 3rd line.

      • Grabner scores 20 on 3rd/4th line with PK time and maybe no PPP. does he get more time in AZ?

        Beagle could still tempt a contender of missing that style player badly enough… perhaps when he has less term

      • DS.

        I agree.

        As much as I didn’t like the signings of Beagle, Rousell & Schaller as I would prefer to see Gaudette, Goldobin & Dahlen play as well as Virtanen & Leipsic getting better PP time this may be to have players eligible to be exposed come the Seattle expansion draft in the summer of 2021 in Beagle & Rousell.

        Vancouver’s roster is very confusing at the moment. They have serious waiver issues in play as they have too many players that need to clear waivers. Barring injuries or a trade before their 23 man roster is due the day before the season starts someone is going to be lost most likely, 2 players will be.

        I don’t get why Vancouver wouldn’t just try to be as bad as possible to secure a better lottery % & have a shot at Jack Hughes. They aren’t making the playoffs & these signings just make them better than if they played the kids meaning they finish just like last season on the outside of the lottery looking in picking 5th or later.

  2. Would philly have interest in Frolik and would Calgary have interest in moving him? What would the flames want in return?

    • Good target Paul. With the trade for Lindholm who I see playing RW, the UFA signings of Neal RW, Czarnik RW, Ryan C & Lazar still in the mix at RW Frolik is a player Cal could afford to move.

    • From all indications Frolik is high on Calgarys future considerations and projected to be a core player…they pursued him quite diligently…and is a sloid player on the Right Wing for a mere $4.5 million for the next 2 years ..they dont have much depth on the Right side why and who would they acquire that would be a benefit …trading Frolik would be to the detriment of Calgary on the right side !

      • Frolik is most likely being beat in TOI/GP by Neal & Lindholm; at least offensively. Not saying Calgary will trade him but as Paul suggested a good target potentially for a PK defensive specialist.

        A 4.3 cap hit for a 3rd line RW is a luxury few teams can afford. Calgary can afford to do so this season but unlikely they can afford to next season when they need to sign Tkachuk, Bennett & replace Smith in net. Although I see Bennett needing a fresh start elsewhere. It just hasn’t worked for him in Calgary he just can’t get above their 3rd line.

        Frolik only has 2 years remaining & I doubt he will be retained past that deal. Kids are coming as is expansion. He’ll be 32 when his current deal expires. His time as part of Calgary’s core is 60% complete.

    • Paul,
      I think Calgary would be interested in moving Frolik. Not because they don’t like him but because they may have to for cap reasons.
      Depending on how the season goes Tkachuk and Bennet will be looking for new contracts, Bennet may not get much over his 1.95 mil salary but Tkachuk will be looking for a big bump on a long term contract. One of the options Calgary would have is to trade Frolik, to free up over 4 mil in cap space.

      • That’s my position as well. Calgary would love to retain him but the monies going into the 2020-21 season to address replacing pending UFA’s especially Smith in net & RFA’s may force Calgary to cut salary & Frolik may be the luxury they can’t afford.

        Frolik’s salary drops to 4 mil this season 3 mil next. He has a modified NTC, a 10 team no-trade list. Leaving a ton of options should Calgary choose to go the trade route.

  3. Philly could call Dominic Moore. Pretty good on faceoffs and a PK kinda guy who will not as to be more than a 4th liner.

    MTL should see if they can trade Patches and a top prospect and see if Dallas would bite on that for Seguin. just my .02

    • Seguin is 26 and a top 10 centre in the league, MP is 30 and barely a top 60 winger. You don’t trade younger, elite centres for older wingers unless you’re Chiarelli.

  4. Key point Hextall keeps making is that any signing has to be an upgrade on what they already have. Scott Laughton/Jordan Wheel for the 2018 season.
    A multi year deal wasn’t an option as they don’t want to block a young player. The 2019 season will look to have Courtier, patrick, and Frost as 1-2-3 centres

    • Does Weal have a future with Phi? He is a UFA next summer & he appears to be clinging to an NHL job barely. He finished 10th in TOI/GP last season in Phi for forwards at 12:57. Leier & Lindbolm are nipping at his heels for playing time in the NHL. Leier needs to clear waivers this season & Lindbolm is 53 games from such or next season if he plays less than 53 this season.

      If Frost is making the Philly roster next season where does Weal fit on this roster long term?

      • Weal has no future beyond this year. But he is signed for the year. Unless Hextall can find someone on a one year term that is better than weal there is no point signing or trading. As Frost should be that centre long term.

      • Who replaces Filppula on the PK this season in Philly? I believe that was the basis Lyle’s post from Isaac’s.

        I feel it can be addressed internally also & not really needing a trade to address baring injury. Leier looked OK in that role in his 39 games last season. He with Couturier, Raffl & Laughton should suffice but is it a good idea to deploy Couturier on the #1 PK again considering his knee issues or keep him for the #1 C & PP icetime?

        Can Lidbolm kill penalties?

      • Unless Weal has a big upturn this year, I think his long term NHL future might be as a journeyman with short term contracts for 4 or 5 teams.

  5. Boston can afford Seguin.
    Many moves could be made to fit a player like Seguin in.
    Tavares was considered so no reason to believe Seguin couldn’t.
    Krejci and Backes both lose the NMC.
    I for one hated losing Seguin and wish him back.

  6. I believe Karlsson decision holding up Sequin signing
    Frolik was acquired as a Swiss Army knife . However he could be moved at the tdl based on the Flames standings. He does not need to be second R.W. And should move up down lineup this year and kill penalties

    • Agreed on Frolik. A solid 2-way hockey player that leans more to defensive responsibilities but when deployed offensively contribute more than adequately.

      According to Seguin Dallas hasn’t even made an offer nor entered into discussions which seems very odd.

  7. Vegas losses their #1 Dman Nate Schmidt for the 1st 20 games of the 2018-19 season. That’s going to cost Vegas some wins.

    • I believe suspended players count against the cap & 23 man roster as well meaning no cap relief nor the ability to use his roster spot.

      Very interesting. This doesn’t happen very often.

    • Sorry must have been typing at same time as you … single finger typing is slower … tough loss

      • I’m a 2 finger typer but can fly when I get going.

        Terrible loss for Vegas. I wonder if that will motivate them on Karlsson. The Pacific is going to be tight & might the 20 game loss not to mention getting back up to proper game speed not cost Vegas a playoff spot if not filled in some way?

        LA, SJ, ANH & Cal are all very very good teams & I don’t see Arz nor Edm being as bad as last season.

        It’s such a fine line its this type of situation that can make the difference between making the playoffs & just missing them by a few points.

      • Hi Striker

        Should have clarified… single finger on the small iPhone screen …. that’s mostly the way I interact on this site. Also each time I post I have to put in my email address which is very very lengthy.

        If I’m at the computer I can type very quickly using all digits and email address already available in the window. Post much quicker. Just very rare to be at computer and posting.

        Chrisms has a good point … 15-5 wouldn’t surprise many going on last year’s fantastic start.

        In reality … will likely hurt them.

        Agree with you on the tightness and more importantly, the “tough to predict” nature of this Div.

        I can see any one of An, SJ, LA, VGK vying for first in that div but also could see any of those vying for WC spot.

        Would love to see Ed in mix … just too much of a long shot for me this year. Ditto for Arz.

        No chance Van.

        Cgy …. who knows ???? Great additions … enough to get into top 3? I’m not fully convinced.

        More likely tight on the WC mix/bubble teams race

    • Knowing Vegas they gonna go 15-5 during that time and some other teams cast off will solidify their place as a top 4 nhl d man

      • Ha-ha!

        No kidding I doubted Vegas right from the get-go, all year, right through the playoffs & all they did was keep winning.

        I had them to be the best expansion team ever but as we have discussed didn’t see them as a serious playoff contender for years. There are going to be a ton of NHL teams that mimic what worked for Vegas. Rolling 4 lines at ESA built on speed & puck pursuit everywhere.

  8. Just read about the Schmidt 20 game suspension for microscopic amounts of banned substances.

    Rules are rules … but if what is stated is true (truly microscopic)… this is sad.

    Great player

    • I’m just amazed in this day & age that players don’t make sure anything they may consume isn’t free of any & all substances on the banned list.

      It just shouldn’t even be an issue.

      • In today’s day and age, they know exactly what they’re consuming. It’s just the normal defense (no pun intended) to say they didn’t know.

        They know exactly what they’re doing. Trying to get a competitive edge. They roll the dice and hope they don’t get tapped on the shoulder for a random test. Sometimes it works, this time it didn’t.

      • Obtaining a competitive advantage will always be a problem and there will always be players who want to try to gain that advantage (then claim innocence when they’re caught red handed).

    • Microscopic? That’s funny. But officer, I’m just barely drunk and I still get a DWI???
      Surely no one expected Schmidt to admit he’s guilty.

  9. I am sure there will be an appeal. What if Schmidt was an important part of the return for E.Karlsson. Just saying 🙂

    • @silverscreen I think that’s what Nate Schmidt thought. Probably did his own test and sent it in.