Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – September 23, 2018

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The Sharks face several choices with Joe Pavelski, speculation over the Avalanche and what it might take for the Stars to acquire William Nylander in your Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup.


NBC SPORTS: James O’Brien wonders what the San Jose Sharks will do with captain Joe Pavelski, who’s eligible next July for unrestricted free agent status. Re-signing him is far from certain as he’ll be 35 when his new contract kicks in. Term could be the sticking point, as they already have several players in their late-twenties and thirties on expensive long-term deals and could add Erik Karlsson to that group. His agent noted there haven’t been any contract extension talks yet.

What will the San Jose Sharks do with captain Joe Pavelski? (Photo via NHL Images)

O’Brien believes the Sharks face three options with Pavelski. They could move him before the Feb.25, 2019 trade deadline rather than risk losing him for nothing to free agency, they can play out the season with him and see where the chips fall, or sign him to a substantial extension.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think Sharks general manager Doug Wilson prefers the second option. He’s obviously all-in this season after acquiring Karlsson. Pavelski remains a big part of their Stanley Cup hopes this season. They’ll worry about the contract issue once the playoffs end. 


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY:  During their recent “31 Thoughts” podcast, Jeff Marek asked Elliotte Friedman what he thought the Colorado Avalanche might do to bolster their secondary scoring. While he heard the Avs and the Vegas Golden Knights were “kicking around” Ottawa Senators winger Mark Stone a little bit, Friedman feels they want to see what they’ve got in young forwards Alexander Kerfoot and Tyson Jost.

Friedman also noted Avalanche defenseman Tyson Barrie has frequently surfaced in the trade rumor mill. “I hear it’s totally quiet, and Colorado has told everyone, ‘If you’re coming at us with a hockey deal,’ because I think he’s got two years left on his deal, ‘Mm, maybe. But other than that we feel no pressure to do anything,” said Friedman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If Kerfoot and Jost blossom into reliable scorers the Avs won’t have any reason to pursue a deal for second-line offense. If those kids struggle, perhaps GM Joe Sakic will go shopping for help.

As for Barrie, it’ll have to be a reasonable offer to convince Sakic to move him. A package of draft picks and prospects won’t cut it. He’ll want a player who can make an immediate positive impact for longer than one season. 


THE ATHLETIC: During a recent mailbag segment, Sean Shapiro was asked what was going on with the contract negotiations between the Toronto Maple Leafs and William Nylander and if he felt the Stars had the assets to acquire a player of his caliber. Shapiro isn’t sure what’s happening with Toronto but he believes the Stars have the pieces needed (draft pick, prospect, player) to land Nylander if he’s put on the trade block. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind this is merely speculation. Shapiro isn’t saying the Stars are pursuing Nylander or that the Leafs are shopping the unsigned young forward. If (and that’s a big “if” at this point) they put Nylander on the trade block, the Stars might be interested. They were among the bidders for John Tavares and Erik Karlsson earlier this summer.  



  1. Nylander to Dallas … pick, prospect , player….. I just don’t see it unfolding … not at all

    Dall has 22 showing in CapFreindly with $4.5M Cap space.

    Player coming back would have to be $4M or more to make it work.

    Again …. my rarely shared contention is that any trade for Nylander must return an upgrade to D. Leafs are loaded in Fwd talent and lacking at D.

    Using my (again I reiterate , rarely shared viewpoint) rationale that player coming back must be a D improvement …,looking at Dal and Cap hit that must come to Tor to fit WW in on Dall… then the player return would have to be Klingburg …. so STOP right there …. no way Dall giving up Klinger

    Unless there is a multi-player move between Tor/Dall for WW…. Nyet

    • I don’t have Nylander being traded but I’ll show you how the cap monies could work. There is always a way.

      Tor has a ton of cap space over 13 mil & hasn’t even put Horton on LTIR yet.

      Tor takes Spezza & his 1-year deal back. Cap issues solved work out the rest of the assets to make it work. Not happening but never say never.

      If Nylander is moved at some point & there is no reason for Tor to do so a Dman is most assuredly coming back & that market doesn’t exist today except possibly in Carolina & Faulk isn’t the answer nor does Car need Nylander. This team is load with forward prospects & I assume Sevechinikov will be Nylander in due course.

      • Hi Striker,

        Yeah I had pondered the Spezza idea for a millisecond (or less) but threw it out. Not going to happen on many levels.

        Agree likliehood of WW trade ( as for the love of God it would have to be for a D upgrade) is slim to none right now …. reciprocal trade partners with needs for WW and surplus of D (including level of D needed by Leafs) aren’t out there right now

        Mr. Dubas, do not capitulate!

    • Bennet for Nylander
      Leafs get some toughness flames get scoring.
      Just not sure how the flames would be able fit him into the cap

      • Bennett for Nylander?! Dubas would gut laugh and hang up the phone on that offer. This is coming from a Sens fan. Even Dorion wouldn’t do that trade.

        I bet Flames fans wish they could redo the 4th overall pick from that year (2014). They could have had Nylander or Ehlers instead of Bennett.

    • The Leafs DO NOT need another prospect on Defense …

      Ive been pounding this a thousand times here …They have 7 guys right now that they can insert immediately when needed and that player can be exactly the same as the guy who comes back in a trade for Nylander.

      They have 3 budding stars on the back end in Dermott Sandin and Liljergen…who will be the replacement for Gardiner and Hainsey next year….

      then you have the choice of Rosen Holl Borgman and Neilson …the Leafs DO NOT need another 3 – 4 D man…as I have also stated they have amazing depth on the wings BUT they lack size and grit on the top 3 lines ….for one Winger…Ennis and Bracco can replace Nylander
      with …..NO ISSUES AT ALL!

      If and WHEN the leafs trade Nylander
      ( I HOPE ) they need a big winger in return!

      What no one is talking about in this case in regards to a( deal / trade) is that the OTHER team must be in a serious need for a top line Winger and have the room to do it…in my research there are only 3 – 5 teams that can make this deal!

      Philly has the most room and maybe the
      most need along with Detroit!

      leafs can not trade Nylander for a lateral move they need to upgrade in what ever position they get in return!

      Some names worth a conversation may be :

      Brayden Mcnabb
      Josh Manson
      T J Brodie
      Duncan Keith
      ( wider deal add a D man from Leafs as well)

      Phillipe Myers
      Cal Foote
      Travis Sanhiem

      Wayne Simmonds
      Alex Tuc
      Justin Abdelkader
      Andreas Anthasiou

      P.S . I am sorry I have had only time for Nylander posts …

      I will broaden my conversation as the season starts on other teams and players when I can as I have more to say on other clubs..time is not permitting right now but I love the convo with all of you who are all very passionate writers on Hockey …Cheers 🙂

      • Nobody is stupid enough to take Abdelkader’s albatross of a contract. Except Holland. AA is nether tough nor a good defensive F. Babcock wants Glendening from DET. Problem is DET taking Nylander. They need a #1 D man more than anything. DeKeyser would be interesting. But not sure TOR is that stupid either.

  2. I would gladly take Miro Heiskanen straight up for Willy and actually I would add as well, probably would have to add something anyways…not alot though, maybe a Bracco or something.

    • Gary

      I’d love to have Heisk as well; but if they were reluctant to offer him in deal for EK… won’t be in a WW deal

      • Fair enough Pengy but that could have had more to do with the cap than anything.

      • Wait. Aren’t you the person that said it Karlsson for Heiskanen was a possible deal about 20 times?

    • Dal wouldn’t move Heiskanen to get E. Karlsson. This was stated to be the best defensive prospect not playing in the NHL by many including Guru Bob MacKenzie. He’s not being traded.


      • Never say never, surely Striker knows this by now.

      • There is a reason Heiskanen was drafted 3rd overall. He’s going to be 1 of the rare exceptions to the rule & step straight into the NHL playing a solid 2-way game seeing 2nd pairing minutes comfortably making the top 4 in TOI/GP. He’s already a stud having played with men for 2 years making the best teams in Finland regardless of age including their Olympic team. Granted without NHL players but he would have made it regardless.

        Teams do not trade these assets unless confronted with no choice or a glaring need elsewhere, example Jones for Johansen. Trouba & Ceci next summer will meet this no choice option I assume.

      • Well never is not today, nor any time soon. Ha-ha! Never is a minimum of 11 years from now, maybe with this player.

        I get you have to have hopes & dreams but might I suggest you buy a lottery ticket as the odds are about the same.

  3. Pastrnak and McKinnon make 6.5 million /year

    I didn’t know Nylander was a better player than those 2 examples ..

    He is not a fit – trade route is a reality , as he is becoming a hindrance to the team ..

    Leafs are loaded up front and Tyler Ennis may be the bargain of the year …

    Theodore… other possibilities ..
    Address the defensive issue

    • Ken

      WW not at all in McKinnon league. Pasternak as a comparable is way closer to the mark than McKinnon.

      Dubas… wait him out unless you do score a trade for D upgrade.

      • Pastrnal is closer to MacKinnon, then Nylander is to Pastrnak.

      • Hi Caper

        I am board with you most often.

        Concur on value order : McK, Past, WW

        But IMO McK is way up there and gap McK to Past greater than Past to WW

        JUST MY 2 Cents ($Cnd)

    • McKinnon signed in 2016, Pastrnak 2017. Pastrnak took a discount considering what McDavid & Draisaitl had just signed for but part of that discount & McKinnon’s for that matter is they signed for 6 & 7 years respectively coming out of their ELC’s.

      The cap rose significantly last season & the bar has been reset. If Nylander signs for 6 the monies will be very similar to what McKinnon & Pastrnak received give or take a nominal amount.

      As I said yesterday I think the delay relates to a roster issue related to waivers. Tor has 14 forwards today & the only 1’s that can clear waivers are Matthews, Marner, Kapanen & Lindbolm. Nylander would make 15. They also have waiver issues at D & in net, of the 7 Dman currently shown on Capfriendly only McDermott can clear. In net Sparks, & Picard both need to clear as well as Mcehinney.

      Waiting until after Oct. 3rd to sign Nylander allows the roster flexibility Tor needs to buy time for these issues to resolve themselves. Just an assumption as the term & monies based on the market are really very defined. Nylander isn’t resetting the market at least not in Tor. As crazy as it sounds the barely miss a beat as the forward depth is significant.

      • Sorry, Dermott. I get these weird brain blocks & my brain just wants him to be McDermott. Ha-ha!

      • My understanding is that Nylander’s camp is seeking over $8 million per year. Assuming that’s true he is seeking to be paid based on the best potential output he has yet to provide… not what he’s done. The Leafs have used very comparable players and their salaries to offer a fair salary (the realm of $6.5 million a year). Nylander is coming off his ELC and has no real leverage here. Personally I think he is following bad advise by his agent. If he wants to cash in on a major deal worth upwards of $8+ million then he needs to bet on himself, take a bridge deal, and hope to cash in later.

    • How many points did McKinnon & Pastrnak post in their 1st 2 full seasons in the NHL? Correct significantly less than Nylander. These 2 players are very fair comparables other than the fact McKinnon is now a C but he did play a ton of RW early in his career as a great deal of C’s do when they enter the NHL & Nylander may 1 day just not in Tor.

      When Nylander has played as many seasons & is as developed let’s compare but Nylander but he is 2 years behind Pastrnak & 3 behind McKinnon in his development. If his development curve holds I assume he will be these players essentially.

      I just don’t get this grey outlook on Nylander. He has been 1 of the best offensive players of this era to appear in the NHL & put up this many points this quickly. His #’s are virtually identical to Draisatl’s in every way except he didn’t get the same quanity nor quality of linemates & yes Draisaitl like McDavid is now a C but the majority of his games played in the NHL to date have been as McDavid’s RW. He didn’t finally assume his position as Edm’s C until about 1/2 way through last season.

      Nylander didn’t start the 2016-17 season as Matthews RW, C. Brown did & the change wasn’t made immediately, almost 1/2 the season passed before the change was made. Nylander doesn’t need Matthews to produce he just needs quantity & quality minutes without won’t matter as he’s exceptional gifted offensively. On many teams in the NHL, he would be playing as their #1 C now.

      The deal will get done, Nylander will potentially be a part of the Leafs core but if a Dman, the right Dman were available this could be the player sacrificed to help facilitate that trade. It makes sense in a # of ways but far from a guarantee.

      • Sorry, should have read Draisaitl now like McKinnon, not McDavid.

    • “There is a reason Heiskanen was drafted 3rd overall.”

      There was a reason that Lawton, Daigle, Yakupov, Stefan, Joly, etc. were drafted first, too.

      • LMacDonald.

        It’s 2018, this isn’t decades ago but the present, players missing picked this high virtually none existent today. When was the last time a top 3 for that matter top 5 picks didn’t become a solid NHL player at the very least defensively? Drafting has improved, the volume of talent has increased substantially.

        I went back 15 years to 2003. I could only find 5 over that time line & only 1 in the top 3 Barker in 2004 & he played 310 NHL games.

        2002. 4th Zherdev 421 NHL games.
        2005. 4th Pouliot 625 NHL games.
        2012. 4th G. Reinhart 37 NHL games.
        2014. 5th Dal Colle 4 NHL games.

        I stand by my prediction about Heiskanen, watch & learn.

  4. I think SJ has shown what they are willing to do with their veteran players heading to UFA status. Take them to it & get them to sign if able. It has worked with Thornton twice, Marleau couldn’t pass up 3 years at over 6 in Tor & most of you had Marleau washed up & out of the NHL after his last deal, Lyle being 1 of you. Boy, the abuse I took for saying he would be staying in the NHL & be well paid to continue scoring goals.

    Nor is SJ as old as many perceive, Yes Thornton, Pavelski & Burns & to a lesser extent Vlasic are old but that’s essential it. Youth is being served & SJ has been dragging the JR, College & European leagues for talent fairly successfully.

    Players like Donskoi, Sorenson, 1 of the other Karlsson’s & Goodrow play for SJ now & Suomela is stepping into Tierney’s spot, he was the #1 scorer from the Swedish league last season, they have also signed Praplan & Simek this summer. Simek should make the 23 man roster at D & Praplan will be seasoned in the minors till an opportunity opens up. Gambrell a 2nd round pick in 2016 out of College may also step straight into the NHL but like Praplan may be seasoned until injuries open an opportunity.

    This team isn’t anywhere near as old as many here seem to want to believe. The roster is primarily made up of players in their early 20’s through late 20’s of which Couture is the oldest having turned 29 in March.

    Kane 27, Hertl 24, M. Karlsson 28, Donskoi 26, Gambrell 22, Meier 21; if you haven’t drank the Meier elixer you better hurry as this ship sales on Oct. 3rd, Lebanc, 22, Sorenson 26, Goodrow 25, E. Karlsson 28, Dillon 27, Ryan 25, Heed 27, Simek 26, Jones 28 & Dell 29.

    LA is old. SJ has players coming to replace Thornton when he retires next summer if he retires, I assume Pavelski will be resigned but the term is a serious issue especially with expansion looming but players like playing here & who wouldn’t it’s a suburb of San Fransico.

    • Striker (or anybody), question re Little Joe:

      Since contract year ends 30/6 and new contracts start/UFA open-house is 1/7; and Little Joe will be 34 until 11/7 … if he signs a contract with any team up to and including 10/7 /19 would he be considered regular contract or would he fall under the 35+ CBA contract rules due to the fact that at first day of camp and season is after he is actually 35?

      I’m thinking this is same scenario as what happened with Big Joe and Marleau in 2014 … both signing extensions just B4 their 35th BDays but both started season as 35 year olds … I think (but not 100 % sure) that both we NOT considered 35+ contracts at that time. Am I right?

      Thanks in advance for the answer

      • Lyle or someone else could know for sure, mine is a guess but I believe as the new contract doesn’t take effect until July 1, 2019, that may be deemed to be Pavesli’s age 35 season even though he doesn’t turn 35 till July 11th. No idea really, it’s either that or he slips in just under the wire.

      • If a player signs a multi-year contract and is age 35 or older (as of June 30 prior to the year of the effective contract), the players individual cap hit counts against the teams cap hit regardless of whether, or where, the player is active. However, there is one circumstance in which there is a cap hit reduction, a team will receive a $100,000 relief off of the teams salary cap hit, if a player is playing in the minor leagues after the first year of their contract……From Capfriendly

      • Thks Caper. So he would be considered under 35 if signed by June 30, 2019? Ha-ha!

      • Thanks Caper

    • SJ has somehow quietly grown and added to this core I agree. Aging Kings and the aging Duck forwards leaving Cali for the Sharks to lead.

    • Don’t worry. Marleau will be back in SJ to score his 600th before retiring as a Shark. And I still say he brings Mathews with him. I know he’s coming off entry level contract & he has no leverage, but stranger things ha e happened.

      • Stranger things have happened for Marleau or Matthews becoming a Shark? & if Matthews like what?

  5. Montreal should offer up S.Weber for Nylander and if they say no you hang up and send Nylander an offer of 7 years 8 million … If Toronto matches they will have to move players out next year and screws their plans if they don’t accept you forfeit a 1st, 2nd, 3rd only for a player that has tremendous offense ability…. Also I’d like to throw it out there that Zadina or tkachuk could of been a Hab instead they went for a centre that I don’t think they needed to … how many times haven’t teams learned you pick the best player available doesn’t matter what position worst case if you don’t need that position you trade him for what you do need or do Toronto and NYR style sign free agents

    • Hey Frank, I’ll take that 1st, 2nd and 3rd! They should be high picks.

      • Done deal an unprotected 1st rd pick plus a 2nd and a 3rd for Willie. Could Montreal be that stupid, sure hope so

      • Weber isn’t going anywhere, great defense man and especially not for a soft playoff ghost like Nylander whoever signs him long term will regret it very soon! And Dubas is a stats guy so he probably will

      • I see Weber in Mon for a long time still, at least until the end of the 2021-22 season. The injuries are unfortunate but even at 33, he is still 1 of the greatest 2 way Dman in the game. His game has never been built on speed so he may be the next Chara that plays at a very high level well into his late 30’s & or early 40’s just getting more defensive than offensive as he enters his age 37+ years.

        His game is built on smarts, hard-hitting hockey & a howitzer, 1 of the strongest shots the NHL has ever seen.

    • Well if Mon makes that offer that 56 mil has to be calculated over 5 seasons making the compensation 4 1st round picks. Still interested?

      I assume Tor would match regardless but 4 1st rounders from Mon considering the state of their roster would be very tempting.

      Do you still wish Mon to make that offer under that scenario? On does have their next 4 1st rounders so they could if you like.

      • Make it happen MB. We believe in you…one of the BEST at these kinda deals.

  6. it would be smart for Ottawa to offer Mark Stone to COL NOW. Basically to get their own #1 pick back and save some face for their franchise. I highly doubt COL would trade that pick at the deadline if OTT has the worst record in the league at that. The Avs would really be drooling for Jack Hughes by that time

    • Col isn’t giving up Ott’s 1st round pick for Stone, I would be shocked if they gave it up to get anyone but there are deals that could entice them to do so but Stone isn’t 1 of them even if he wasn’t a pending UFA but signed long term. Jack Hughes is the next generational talent & maybe 1 of the top 5 to come along in decades.

      This kid skates like McDavid & shoots like P. Kane. A wizard with the puck. You don’t give up your chance to draft this player unless the offer is ridiculous. Meaning you would need to essentially get the equivalent of Hughes today. Who’s paying that for a what most assume is this best opportunity to acquire the pick needed to draft him.

      If this is the lottery ticket with the best opportunity to draft J. Hughes I’m holding onto it. It’s the Willy Wonka Golden Ticket. Ha-ha!

      • Watching the preseason so far, I agree with Striker. Ottawa looks like they will be a bottom 5 team right now and I wouldn’t give up a chance to get Hughes either. Ottawa’s forwards have some promise, but their defence is going to be bad unless Chabot and others like Jaros and Wolanin massively overperform vs. expectations.

        Any trades Colorado could make with that pick would likely be after the lottery results are known. Unless Ottawa somehow makes the playoffs, it is going to be very nerve wracking waiting to see how the lottery ends up. Even if they are just outside of the playoffs, anything could happen as evidenced by Carolina moving up to get Svechnikov this year.

  7. P. Byron signs a 4-year extension in Mon at 3.4 taking him through his age 34 season locking him up for a total of 5 more years. Does this look like a team rebuilding or retooling on the fly?

    No NMC protection so I assume he will be exposed in the expansion draft but who’s knows what Bergevin is thinking.

    Not meant to slight Byron who has played a very solid 2 way game for Mon just odd as you would think they would be looking to start a youth movement of some nature. Are Bergevin & Benning related? Ha-ha!

    • You obviously don’t watch Byron! That is a steal of a contract for the habs, great two way player! Bergevin has had a great summer great draft with Kotkaniemi who by watching could be by far the best player in the draft. It’s funny striker you think 3.4 million cap hit is bad but the bruins signed backes for 6million cap hit when you said they were rebuilding? Lol you need to quit talking out of both sides or your mouth! For the last 2 drafts the habs are now ranked 6th in the nhl in team prospects yet someone like you says their cupboards are bare lol

      • Source bigbear? Who says they are 6th?

      • I don’t write fake news like you fd, check out the athletic and it wasn’t a Montreal reporter

  8. Fake news? I just looked up 5 or 6 rankings. Habs are way down the list. Try again bigbear

  9. Btw…it was a decent day for Montreal…they were able to actually sign someone. A little easier when hes already on the team albeit

    • Btw look at the habs prospects walk around the leafs prospects! The leafs have nothing coming up the line