Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – September 9, 2018

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An update on Matt Duchene and the latest Stars speculation in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


TSN: In a recent interview with Frank Seravalli, Ottawa Senators center Matt Duchene said he’s open to signing a contract extension but understands why John Tavares hit the open market this summer. “It’s the first time you have that ultimate power as a player and you have to do what’s best for you,” Duchene said. Regarding his contract situation, he noted there’s other issues currently taking priority for Senators general manager Pierre Dorion, such as re-signing team captain Erik Karlsson and right wing Mark Stone.

Matt Duchene’s future with the Ottawa Senators remains uncertain as training camp approaches. (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Duchene’s willingness to re-sign with the Senators seems sincere, as does his belief that the club can bounce back from last season’s disappointing performance. Ultimately, he’s going to do what’s best for himself.

If the Senators flounder again this season and Karlsson and Stone appear on their way out of town, Duchene’s future in Ottawa will become the topic of speculation. He turns 28 in January and has spent most of his career playing for non-contenders. He’s at the stage in his career where he could prefer playing for a club that has a chance at winning the Stanley Cup. 


THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Sean Shapiro was asked if Dallas Stars general manager Jim Nill was biding his time on signing Tyler Seguin to a contract extension to potentially swing a major trade for someone such as Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin. He doubted that’s the case, saying Nill is “treating the Seguin negotiations the same whether he’s made a big trade or not.”

Regarding Seguin, Shapiro also believes there’s a better chance of the Stars losing him to free agency than trading him. However, he believes the chances of re-signing the center are still greater than losing him.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Since Shapiro’s mailbag was published on Sept. 6, reports emerged claiming negotiations have picked up between the Stars and the Seguin camp. That’s given rise to anticipation a contract extension could be in place before the start of this season. 

Shapiro also shot down the notion of the Stars perhaps trying to acquire promising defenseman Rasmus Dahlin from the Buffalo Sabres. “The Sabres are’t going to trade Dahlin for anything.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t disagree with that assessment. 

Shapiro also thinks the Stars could pursue secondary scoring depth if that’s an issue by the trade deadline. When asked if a deal to land Ottawa Senators defenseman Erik Karlsson is dead, Shapiro had a one-word response: “Nope.” 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’s been a while since those early-July reports linking the Stars to Karlsson. At one point, they were considered the front-runners for his services. Most observers still consider them a serious suitor for the Senators captain.

So far, there’s been no details as to what the Stars could offer up for Karlsson. There were reports claiming the Senators asking for top prospect Miro Heiskanen as part of the return was the biggest sticking point.

To date, there’s no indication the two sides are any closer to a deal. Shapiro’s response, however, indicates the Stars still remain interested in Karlsson. 



  1. Seguin to Columbus for Panarin … one headache for another …

    • If we learned anything from Duchene in the Colorado saga he maintained that ALL HE WANTED was to play in playoff games …he wanted to be on a team that was a perennial playoff team….The Sens are not and should not be a playoff team for years to come!

      I see Duchene going to UFA or traded at this deadline …the unfortunate thing for the Sens is they will not get the value back they gave up…..they better move him because he will walk out the door at years end as for UFA …IMO.

      This Karlsson situation is a funny thing to me the more it lingers on…Karlsson has been obviously a bright spot for the Sens …BUT even with what he is paid now and the new structure and players that the Sens have in place moving forward they only went so far …with Karlsson they have only made the Post season 2 times in the last 5 years.

      Signing Karlsson to a mega deal north of $10 million isn’t going to quarantee ANYTHING and in my opinion he will take a nose dive in production in year 2 or 3 of his new deal….aka.. Shea Weber type situation, injuries piling up and age and less speed as a factor.

      The Sens need to move on from Karlsson.
      And if Duchene has another season like last year Ottawa will get next to nothing for him at the deadline that would compensate for what they gave up …they need to move Duchene in the early part of the season and hope that another team has a serious injury up the middle on the top 2 lines so that Ottawa can maximize the return but not be too GREEDY…and make a deal!

      An interesting deal Id propose would be with the Red Wings for Michael Rasmussen and a depth roster player or pick…..I M O

      • Some will pay for Karlsson or he will resign a Sen. Either way he will make the sense better via better health and a future training camp or via the return from the trade.

        Stone, Karlsson and duchenne are the top guys in Ottawa and all are playing for a contract. Be it this year or next. I expect like typical co tract years. Good seasons from these three

        Anderson has a tendency to bounce back. The goalie situation is more likely to improve than continue a decline

        Wolanin at the end of the season showed great promise at the end of the year. Wideman showed great promise at the start before a hamstring I jury took him out.

        Chabot will be more experienced.

        Tkachuk may simply slide I tl hoffman’s roll.

        The youth are the biggest question Mark’s that can create the biggest gains for this team


        To name a few will be given lots of chances to prove they can play the NHL game.

        The coach hung philosophy is going to take a 180. Boucher has been directed to play the youth. He likely had to agree or lose his job.

        This team may surprise. There is a reason they dont hand the cup out in September.

        Cautiously optimistic.

      • Sorry again guys. My typos are bad at the best of times. Trying to post with a 3yr old and a 1 1/2 year old on me doesn’t make it better. I shouldn’t of bothered. But figured I’d repost to fix the errors.

        “Someone will pay for Karlsson or he will resign a Sen. Either way he will make the sens better, via better health and a full training camp or via the return from the trade.

        Stone, Karlsson and duchenne are the top guys in Ottawa and all are playing for a contract. Be it this team or another next year. I expect like typical contract years. Good seasons from these three

        Anderson has a tendency to bounce back. The goalie situation is more likely to improve than continue a decline. Though the overall trend may show a decline.

        Wolanin at the end of the season showed great promise at the end of the year. Wideman showed great promise at the start before a hamstring inury took him out.

        Chabot will be more experienced.

        Tkachuk may simply slide into hoffman’s roll.

        The youth are the biggest question marks that can create the biggest gains for this team


        To name a few will be given lots of chances to prove they can play the NHL game.

        The coachesphilosophy is going to take a 180. Boucher has been directed to play the youth. He likely had to agree or lose his job.

        This team may surprise. There is a reason they dont hand the cup out in September.

        Cautiously optimistic.”

        I think that shall clarify it.

      • Of Karlsson, Duchene, Stone, Dzingel, Pageau, Ceci & Boedker, I have 6 of the 7 possibly all 7 gone for something before they become UFA’s.

      • Why?

      • Because they can. Why would any wish to stay through a rebuild when they can walk away & get everything they want from someone else?

        It’s not just related to the on ice product but the endless BS Melnyk is subjecting this team to.

    • Never going to happen. What is gained for either team?

      Dallas would be crazy not to give Seguin 11 mil give or take to stay. I wouldn’t want to but that’s the market price for this kind of offensive C. You committed to that course when you traded for Seguin.

  2. How is Karlsson and Stone a bigger priority for Sens? Stone can’t even sign a deal until January. Although I don’t side with Hofmann, I do believe Karlsson will be moved before season to end the saga that plagued team last year. Duchene should be a priority just based on what they gave up for him. Should’ve already worked out a deal. I think Stone most likely to stay and should have a deal in place come January.

    • I guess Dorion can’t multitask & try to work on more than 1 player at 1 time. No reason he can’t have been working on all at the same time?

      Having 7 significant plate s all coming up for UFA status is 2 years is a mess. Who allowes their contract structure to play out this way, no 1 with 1/2 a brain.

      • Yeah, he’s a total slug who has no background in hockey or any respect from his peers. He got the job after Melnyk tossed a dart at a board of candidates. Speaking of whom, it’s his mission to surreptitiously destroy the franchise.

        Come on man, when are you going to stop coming across as if you have greater qualifications than those running teams? Sure, criticize their moves – we all do that – but damn few of us do so with the added impression that WE could do as well or better.

      • George.

        That’s your take. You don’t like my style stop reading it. Just an opinion.

        When are we going to stop having this same debate.

        What has Dorion done to improve this team?

        Instead of bashing me as always take off those rose colour glasses & discuss or debate the subject matter.

      • George.

        I’m not going to preface every comment with in my opinion, maybe, possibly, etc.

        What a waste of time.

        I’m not a GM for any NHk team but my fanatasy leagues. Never taking a job with any NHL team nor even applying for 1 even as an usher.

        Just like you simply sharing an opinion. Are you waiting for the season to start again before going on sabbatical again?

        Enjoy having you back.

      • Well, let’s see , you did more than imply that Dorion is functioning with half a brain short of a full load because of the existing contract situation. That implies that YOU wouldn’t do that. But the thing is, do YOU – or any of us for that matter – know the full story behind what led to those decisions? Is it somehow necessary for Dorion to explain the rationale behind every move or non move?

        Never judge anyone without knowing the full story. You may THINK you understand but you don’t. Not one of us do. That “opinion” could have been made without suggesting that what he did was so blatantly stupid, that anyone with two halves of a brain could have done better.

        Yeah, I understand that we all voice opinions but most of us stick the teams we see and follow mostly – few have definitive opinions on all 31 teams that amount to anything more than uneducated speculation.

      • What a windbag. I come here to read the takes and 50 percent are yours. We get it you don’t like the Sens. 6 out of 7 will leave…why…because they can! Pathetic. Less content please.

    • It’s not an issue of multitasking but rather the fact that signing/trading one player may dictate what is done with another. If Dorion does lose both stone and Karlsson but signs duchenne because he multitasked and did them all at the same time on different phone lines. Perhaps he would of rathered trading Duchene and commit fully to a rebuild.

      So yes moves can have priorities over others and completing them all at the same time can be counter productive.

  3. Duchene will sign unless he is low balled. Being from Ontario I think it would be his preference

    Seguin for Panarin will need some other parts but a good base for discussion for sure.

    • He’ll only be “low-balled” if he’s not pulling his weight and being a leader for the group of kids sure to make the roster this season. I think it’s been made very clear to Boucher that his past preference for giving maximum ice time to non-productive veterans like Pyatt, Burrows etc., is at an end and that he has to live and die with those kids who make the team out of camp, Duchene and Stone will be expected to be the new leaders, Karlsson will be elsewhere sooner rather than later.

      • Duchene is a 2nd line center and will get all sorts of ice time to pad his stats for the new contract with the depleted Sens.
        Not sure many people posting here or in the NHL would of even traded Turris straight for him. Ottawa has no choice but to overpay to keep him around. Duchene is a in a good spot because of what was given up for him.

        For the sake of hockey I hope EK is moved soon.

      • Yeah, Turris did SO well after joining Nashville. Had everyone gushing about his stellar performances. Here’s a comparison – so tell me again how he was SO much better than Duchene

        Turris 2g 6a 8 pts
        Duchene 3g 5a 8 pts

        Turris 3g 8a 11 pts
        Duchene 2g 1a 3 pts

        Turris 1g 2a 3 pts
        Duchene 2g 3a 5 pts

        Turris 2g 3a 5 pts
        Duchene 4g 5a 9 pts

        Turris 5g 8a 13 pts
        Duchene 6g 8a 14 pts

        Turris 0g 3a 3 pts
        Duchene 7g 8a 15 pts

        Nor did Turris stand out in the playoffs for Nashville with 0g 3a.

      • George O
        Turris was coming off an impressive playoff 2 way performance. He went to Nashville and instantly was playing 3 1/2 less minutes per game. Duchene was 2nd behind Stone for ice time by a forward(like Turris before he left). Turris

        You would prefer Duchene over Turris. I am the opposite. Either is a decent option as your 2nd line center.

    • Why would Duchene stay for a rebuild when he can go to a contender & be paid?

      • Whatever team that proven winner joins he’ll drive them to the cellar. Nobody likes playing with this egomaniac!

  4. 26 yr old center vs 26 yr old winger . One a second overall pick.

    • Not sure how the draft status of a player 8 years ago would play into a trade right now haha. Positions? Sure

  5. Any New Leafs News, man we are awesome.

    • Bookies realized they ran the algorithms incorrectly, Leafs now aren’t cup contenders. Ha-ha!

    • Yes they are, they are Awesome…and don’t let anyone tell you different.

      • Hi Caper,

        I stand with you that they are awesome. I will add entertaining, exciting and will win a lot more than lose …. in regular season. No question . I’m looking forward to this season.

        However (and I know I repeat myself, so apologies in advance) IMO they are not a team built [yet] for playoff success. I just can’t see them, under current playoff format; winning Div in playoffs let alone Conf or SC.

        Leafs will score tons o’ goals in reg season and I will not be surprised if they win more than their share of lopsided victories.

        For a chance at SCF, IMO, they must improve D.

        Like my post to JJ (Pens)… Leafs , I would love for you to prove me wrong … please do.

      • No doubt Leafs are a very talented team their defense may be week but I believe they won’t win because they are soft. Toronto doesn’t need a bunch of guys who can fight but they do need to be a team that doesn’t get pushed off the puck easily. Come playoffs the game changes and it’s tight checking and very hard to free wheel. Leafs will no doubt have a good regular season but will be punted first round again.

    • Well fall is looming. Leads will start falling. Glad I can fill you in on current leaf events.

      • True to form leafs are winning the cup in September only to be disappointed in April.
        Leaf fans are the definition of insanity stating the same thing over and over expecting a different result.

      • Leaves will begin to fall Jeff – leaves – not “leafs”

      • I typed leafs it auto corrected to leads. You can’t change A proper noUn from leafs to leaves since it is a name so I think I was correct. Just placed the Leafs name in place of leaves to complete the joke. Correct?

        They are the Maple leafs not the Maple leaves.

        Correct? It’s not my error.

      • I was JOKING! Jaysus man.

      • Well…..ummmm……at what was I to laugh at. I truly dont see the joke?

        Were we making fun of the grammar police or something and I was just unaware.

      • Wow. See, in one of your posts you wrote “Well fall is looming. Leads )I assumed you meant Leafs) will start falling.”

        I took that as your attempt at humour so I just sent a response in kind. I didn’t think it required analysis.

  6. Here is a question for you all.

    Would you rather.

    A) lose Karlsson to free agency for nothing

    B) get a poor return in a trade.

    C) Pay top dollar to have an elite defensemen on your team. Say perhaps up the offer to 12 million over 8 years to convince him to stay?

    Option see will cost 8 million more than the original rumored offer. Is that worth preventing option A or B?

    • Lol option C, not see

    • Hi Jeff

      C… but I don’t think they would need to go 12… just Melnyk will have to allow Dorion to structure more like DD deal…. loaded with signing bonuses

      I don’t see Sens getting a poor return in trade… not spectacular or not huge … fair/reasonable….I’ll buy into that possible outcome.

      A reasonable deal focusing on the future of the Sens (vs. The “here and now”) more likely.

      3 or 4 true suitors now (for trade before season) but many more at TDL at a lesser return for EK as a rental.

      My gut says EK more likely moving than staying.

      Of course there is also the EXTREMELY remote possibility (read “basically not happening”) of both… move/staying…. trade now or at TDL and then sign back with Sens as UFA….. I know … one in a million shot …. but wouldn’t that be a kicker …, LOL…. Sens ending up with future assets and EK for fall of ’19…. Doh!!! Not happening.

    • They wouldn’t exactly be losing him for “nothing” – after paying him $6.5 for the year, not only is that off the books, but so is the $12 mil per they’d be on the hook for had he accepted the contract. Money they can spend elsewhere.

      • Well George. The idea is to try and keep something rather than let him go for nothing. I’m pretty sure if he goes to free agency the sens would of paid out all if his current contract. Then will have nothing but the need to spend that 6.5 million elsewhere.

        So yah if he goes to free agency it is generally referred to as petting him go for nothing.

        Also since they offered 11 million. I’d assume they are willing to pay that. So the idea is will they be willing to pay a bit more than that to prevent losing him for nothing or getting a bad return.

        I feel my question is sound. The situations are generally agreed to as I described them.

        So again this question is based on the speculative event that the Sens are unable to get a solid return for Karlsson. In that event would you as the Sens up your offer a bit or would that extra expense be too costly than letting him go free agency or accepting a bad return.

      • Didn’t seem to bother Lamoriello when it came to Tavares. IF Ottawa is in contention for a playoff spot and Karlsson has been instrumental in the resurgence, then yes, they keep him and risk losing him for “nothing.” Abut as likely as a resurrection of the Montreal Maroons.

        If they are struggling as it draws near to the trade deadline, then he’s definitely gone for the best offer. But I still think he’s gone a lot sooner than that.

      • George. I suppose. That makes sense. Will Dorion risk pushing the trade to the deadline?

      • Why not if they’re in contention? Chances are, however, they won’t be and as soon as early December, so he’ll probably go in that period – IF he’s not gone ny next week.

    • Is that option the Holy See?

      • Nah. Its just silly O Jeff.

    • None of the above. A decent return based on where he’s traded tied it to whether he is extended by the team he is traded to. If traded as a rental the best return possible.

      If Ott pays Karlsson huge money Melnyk will take that money from else where on the roster, at least until the new building & revenue streams can be brought online.

      Be young, be bad, draft high, set the foundation for coming out of the next lockout in 2022-23. It’s about the future in Ott not the present the present is a mess. Let the kids play maximize the return on any & all of these UFA’s ASAP. If they win’t Sign extensions & now Stone can’t until at least Jan 1, get these assets moved.

      For me the greater term remaining the better the return. The issue is with the season joe about to start a to. If teams have s**t their loads leaving far fewer dance partners. None of this makes sense to me nor do I think it’s goung to play out well.

  7. If Dorion really gets backed into a corner and has to trade Duchene at the deadline as a rental, my money is on Winnipeg. The cup is within their grasp and they would be willing to shell out a first rounder and a prospect.

    As for UFA destinations, if he tests the market, Duchene could be a great fit in Dallas, Montreal (but don’t see him wanting to commit long term there and right now any center would be a good fit there), Carolina, San Jose or Columbus.

    • I doubt winnipeg will ever be willing to set out a first rounder.

      They are solid. They built through the draft as they new they would have to. They have many contracts to managed as years go by.

      They wont be giving up their development when they dont have the option of free agency like many others.

      There would be other cheaper centers available to winnipeg.

  8. Haven’t seen this thinking out there, but to me its the most creative and common sense approach: If I’m OTT, I’d be trying to trade Karlsson to Winnipeg for Trouba as part of the return.

    OTT can give Trouba the ice time, role and $$ he wants next year on a long term deal. They get an NHL player stud D in the return – though he’s not EK, he brings different, important skill sets back. Peg also has some quality prospects that it can include, and has a cap crunch coming next year.

    Peg loads up for a cup run this year and gets 1 year of EK instead of 1 year of Trouba, for only marginally more $$, and doesn’t have to worry about the cap issues next year. Since Trouba likely is gone from Peg either next year or one year after, there is little down side to Peg switching out one short term D man for another. Only down side is the other assets Peg has to give up in a trade, but if they’re giving up a very good D man in Trouba that will reduce how much they’ll have to include in the deal to get it done so the cost shouldn’t be exorbitant.

    • That would be interesting. He could become Marian Hossa 2.0 … Winnipeg loses to Nashville in round 2, Karlsson signs for one cheap year in Nashville, which loses to Winnipeg in round 2 the following year, then signs a long term contract in Vegas before spending the final years of his deal on LTIR!

    • Karlsson will have to agree to go. Winnipeg would have to agree to give up the assets and trouba would have to agree to signing with the Sens.

      So I’m thinking it kant an option.

  9. Winnipeg may need center depth, but they may not. It will depend on how Roslovic performs this year, and where he slots into the lineup. I dont see Winnipeg giving up their 1st round pick this year, as it is a deep draft with plenty of good prospects. Technically they have 6 centers on the roster already, and a healthy Bryan Little should keep the need for rental centers to a minimum. My bet on Karlsson is he gets traded near the deadline, along with Stone and Duchene. Could see Duchene going to a team like Dallas, or Vegas, and Stone to a team with scoring winger needs like L.A. Karlsson, who really knows. Tampa is the safe bet imo so I’ll take that.

  10. Perhaps Seguin and Panarin both sign in Manhattan for a boat load of cash?? Both like the light and the big city =)

    Ranger’s set up their cap situation to accommodate such move.

    Though both Dallas and Columbus are legitimate playoff contenders I do no think they are light years ahead of the Rangers. IMO


  11. Unless the team is sold Karlsson, Duschene and Stone are all traded. The owner has no money and runs team like CHL franchise.

    • “Canadian Business magazine ranked Melnyk 79th with a net worth of $1.21 billion on its 2017 list of Canada’s 100 wealthiest people”

  12. Before Rangers sign both Panarin and Seguin Columbus and Dallas have to move them for whatever they can get. Tyler loves the Big City not sure he cares about winning.