NHL Rumor Mill – October 10, 2018

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Latest on the Penguins goaltending plus updates on Rick Nash and Jordan Schmaltz in your NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Bob McKenzie reports the Pittsburgh Penguins won’t seek external help in goal with starter Matt Murray sidelined by a concussion. The Penguins are optimistic Murray won’t be sidelined for long. Backup Casey DeSmith is expected to start against the Vegas Golden Knights on Thursday while Tristan Jarry is returning from injury.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Jared Clinton also noted the Penguins intend to use DeSmith and Jarry while Murray’s recovering from his concussion. Both could be stop-gaps rather than long-term solutions. Clinton wonders if the Penguins seeks help if Murray’s sidelined longer than expected or “the seemingly inevitable happens and Murray falls injured once again?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It’ll be interesting to see what the Penguins do if the oft-injured Murray ends up sidelined for a lengthy period of time. Perhaps DeSmith or Jarry can step up to replace him. There are not many long-term solutions currently available to them. This could be worth keeping an eye on over the course of the season.

Free agent Rick Nash denies social media rumors claiming he’s filed his retirement papers (Photo via NHL Images)


TSN: Rick Nash’s agent Joe Resnick denied rumors on social media yesterday claiming his client had filed retirement papers with the NHL.  Nash is an unrestricted free agent but has yet to decide if he’ll continue his playing career citing medical concerns.

THE ATHLETIC: Aaron Portzline reports Nash remains keen to resume his playing career but he’s waiting for concussion symptoms to clear before deciding if he’ll return. Citing his family, Nash said it was important for him to “get my health in the right spot before I figure out what my plans are, and I don’t know when that will be.”

Portzline said if Nash returns it will “almost certainly be with the (Columbus)Blue Jackets or one of five or six other teams he’s identified as Stanley Cup contenders.” The winger said he had a good meeting with Jackets president John Davidson and general manager Jarmo Kekalainen this summer in Columbus.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: No indication who those other clubs might be. There was some speculation earlier this year suggesting he was interested in returning to the Boston Bruins. He also didn’t rule out signing with a Canadian team. For now, what’s important is Nash makes a full recovery. 


THE ATHLETIC: Jeremy Rutherford reports defenseman Jordan Schmaltz is struggling to crack the St. Louis Blues defense corps on a full-time basis. The Blues don’t want to assign him to their AHL affiliate for fear of losing him on waivers. He’s currently on a two-year, $1.4 million contract, with this season being a two-way deal.

Schmaltz’s agent Kevin Overhardt declined to say if he’s asked the Blues for a trade but “it’s clear that Overhardt wishes his client had more of a chance to play in St. Louis, and if not here, then somewhere.” Rutherford reports a pair of NHL scouts, one from each conference, said Schmaltz’s mobility and puck-moving skills are attractive to other clubs.

Consistency and assertiveness appear to be the issues holding the blueliner back. Both scouts feel a trade is possible and there’s believed to be legitimate interest in Schmaltz. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Some might wonder if Schmaltz’s inconsistency could affect his trade value. Rutherford suggests this situation is comparable to that of Ian Cole, who was traded by the Blues to the Pittsburgh Penguins in 2015 for Roberto Bortuzzo and a seventh-round pick. Cole went on to win two Stanley Cups with the Penguins while the Blues got a blueline regular in Bortuzzo.

If Schmaltz still can’t crack the Blues defense, other clubs could be willing to take a chance on him as a reclamation project for a reasonable return. Perhaps Blues general manager Doug Armstrong can use him as a trade chip to bring in a decent player or a promising prospect. 



  1. Jarry starts and DeSmith stays the backup and role from there. No point chasing the junk on the scrap heap of broken old tenders for any reason.

    • Deee

      I would have preferred Jarry to start… I believe that he is the better goalie.

      TSN reporting De Casey against Subban tonight. Jarry is coming off an injury so I’m hoping that was the reason

      D pairings need to be changed and from what I’ve read (pensburgh.com)it looks like

      The Big O/ Riikola
      And Maata as 7thD

      IMO the JJ/Maata pairing does not work …. and it’s not all Maata …. JJ looked equally as bad

      Hoping to see huge improvement

      • Penguins don’t play tonight. Johnson has been the issue not Olli. He’s the 7th best dman on the team getting paid like the 5th so he’s playing when he should not be. Oh well 4 more years after this one to watch him get even worse, I can’t wait. Having to saddle Shultz with Johnson isn’t fair to Justin and next they will stick him with Letang instead of admitting they made a mistake. If Johnson could be what Phaneuf was in Ottawa that would be an improvement.

      • Right you are Deee

        Thought they played tonight …. this is 8th day of schedule and Pens will have played once.

        And TBay & FLA have played only once????

        I know Ed & NJ also only with 1 game played; but they were overseas

        I hope JJ proves both you and I wrong wrt to his current and future abilities with Pens

        He’s close friends with Crosby so trading him regardless of play; will be a longshot ☹️

    • Another concussion for Murray – not good. Great young keeper.

    • Penguins waive Derek Grant, a guy they didn’t need to sign in the first place. WBS is rolling right now too, they have decent forward chemistry anyways. At least that means Sprong is stating in the lineup where he belongs.

  2. NOW it’s rumoured that 1 or more of the possible 6 other teams that might be considered by Nash if and when he decides to resume his career are in Canada. I sincerely doubt (and hope) that there’s not 1 among the 7 that would even return his calls.

    • Please site your source regarding this rumor..

      • “SPECTOR’S NOTE: No indication who those other clubs might be. There was some speculation earlier this year suggesting he was interested in returning to the Boston Bruins. He also didn’t rule out signing with a Canadian team. For now, what’s important is Nash makes a full recovery.:

        You DO read the entire opening blurb before submitting your sarcasm do you not?

      • Please site the source of your rumor regarding Ed not reading the articles

      • Located somewhere between his ears

    • Funny about that right? Star player who in his prime had no interest in playing in front of Canadian fans in obsessive markets but hey now that I need a job and a couple of those teams might be competitive and I can maybe tag along not have to be the one to answer the bell and I get another sniff at a cup .. I’m with you George, enjoy your retirement Rick

      • Hey, meant ask – you still in Kingston and is Chez Piggy’s and Pan Chancho Bakery still thereand are they still run by Zal Yanovsky’s daughter Zoe?

      • I know the same family owns Pan Chancho not sure about Chez Piggy tho I think I remember it being sold but yep both are still here and tasty as ever

      • Time for an autumn outing to the seaway region again.

      • I dislike any athlete that refuses to play in specific places. Probably why I never like Elway.

        Enjoy your retirement – the kids play.

  3. The article said cup contenders, which Canada only has two of. Not all 7 teams. The two Canadian teams both have a ton of depth at forward too, so I don’t see them picking up old rusty Nash for another poor playoff performance.

    • Flames could maybe use him in third line role…

      • No offense to Rick Nash but the Flames should pass

      • Yeah. Peg don’t need him either.

  4. What is the deadline for a team to sign an UFA and have them playoff eligible?

    Rick Nash can play up and down a lineup…and would be happy without the pressure as a 7 million dollar 20 goal scorer. If you look at him as a top 6 scoring wing you will be disappointed but if he is playing middle 6 AND DOESNT HIT HIS HEAD he is a handy winger. He and Jumbo Joe could take turns being on the IR. Dont dismiss his history with Babcock

    • More offense is probably the LAST concern for Babcock right now.

      • NVM offense finding a spot to fit Nash in the lineup if they were to get Nylander under contract with the glut of forwards and potentially losing a guy who is cheaper or club controlled on waivers for essentially an early rental. Doesn’t seem to be the way management does things…who knows but I can’t really see it.

      • Nash is a 15 goal guy now who can fill in as needed..PK..PP
        no one is signing him to score 30 goals

        Columbus, Boston, Chicago, Toronto

    • ds

      In the back of my feeble mind I seem to remember that for UFAs it is TDL…. remember Iginla was hoping to sign with a team just before last deadline

      I think they can sign after that but can’t play in post season …. only reason really to look at only contenders

      • I think you are right Pengy. The Bruins signed Gionta around that time last year.

  5. I am sure Nash doesn’t need a job or he would have one. The situation was similar to Iginla- not official but done. File the papers.

    Is Murray now officially a band-aid ? I think so

    • Sorry Silver Seven

      I type single (fat) finger on iPhone and just posted similar info to you re when UFA can sign and Iginla … while I’m typing I can’t see new posts …. you had already done so

      Again sorry

  6. Schmaltz and Parayko for William Nylander

    • Lol keep dreaming!!

    • Nylander, Marner, Mathews and a 1st for Parayko

    • You will ‘obviously’ need to throw in Tarasenko and we’ll talk. Why do these die hard leaf fans under value thier players so much? Geez

    • Hey Dan, you day drinkin?

    • Dan, NY4Life and Bigbear

      It is a dream of mine to have Parayko on Leafs or Pens.

      Can’t see STL letting him go. It would definitely be more than WW for Parayko
      …. but less than NY4Life’s offer (LOL).

      StL also doesn’t have the cap room for WW… so it would have to be multi-player and a D has to come back

      Not going to happen but my guess at value and taking into consideration for cap space:

      WW + Dermot + Sundry pick(s) to balance

      For Parayko and Bouwmeester
      + Sundry pick(s) to balance

      • Sorry should have had Dan & FD in my header as well

      • That was kinda my point. But Nylander for Parayko PLUS Schmaltz is beyond reasonable.

        Nylander as you mentioned, isn’t even sniffing Parayko on his own… nevermind St. Louis adding to the deal.

        And why does St. Louis need a Nylander? Perron, Fabri, Tarasenko , Schwartz… etc. And how do they have the cap room for 8 million? Even minus Parayko. They have 2, and Parayko clears another 5.5?

        Sure this helps out Toronto in more ways than one, but why on earth does St. Louis take on that headache and lose Parayko in the process.

        This is why I don’t ever throw out trade scenarios. They are usually completely lopsided, and don’t even consider the other teams needs most of the time . Beyond “ the money works “ idea.

      • It’s all filed under Wishful Thinking Nyr4life

  7. Nick Petan Father passed away suddenly on Sept 18th and Nic was granted non roster player on October 2nd as he dealing with his father passing.
    Nic was not necessarily expected to make the opening day roster and has to clear waivers to be sent down to the Mooose; which he won’t clear.
    What is the league rules on non player status in regards to compassionate leave?
    When Nic returns how long does Winnipeg have to decide on their direction with Petan, meaning making him a roster player or putting him on waivers?
    Side note it’s very comforting that the Jets gave Nic the compassionate leave, to heal on his own time.

  8. If Nylander is worth $8 million, is Kapanen worth $7 million? Leafs are winning the holdout so far. Handily.


    Tristan Jarry has a starer’s pedigree and talent. I hope they don’t overuse DeSmith just to justify Jarry’s demotion, which was for waiver purposes.

    And realistically, there is not a single decent goalie available in trade or free agency, so pursuing an external option wouldn’t make a lot of sense for the Pens.

    • DeSmith is a winner at every level… duh.

    • Hi MG

      Nylander (WW) IMO is not worth $8M and if Dubas let’s WW get his way … they (Leafs) are screwed for next fall …cuz WW at $8M means MM @ $10 M and AM $12… add Kadri , Marleau , JT and Kessel take-back, and Zaitz, Anderson and Reilly… 6 Fwds , 2 D 1 G…. basically $68M…. for 9 players

      I believe Leafs wil be absolutely fine with the young Finn and he will bridge for an affordable amount

      Dubas , hold your ground

  9. Lyle,

    If Schmaltz was on a two way deal wouldnt he be waiver exempt??

    • No, he’s played the required number of NHL games.

      • Thanks Lyle,

        Out of curiosity how many games are needed? I dont want to read through the whole CBA 🙂

    • 2 way just means you have a different salary at the AHL level than you do at the NHL level.

  10. Im no Penguin fan but its too bad Murrays injured again. Hope for a full return to health. Much to young to have his career derailed like Eric Lindro, Marc Savard, Chris Pronger and others.

    • Concur Ron

      I’ve got my fingers crossed

  11. Not that this has anything to do with the certain early exit of the Leafs from the playoffs or multiple daily trade proposals for William Nylander but two Toronto players are tied for the lead in the NHL scoring race – Auston Matthews naturally and, wait for it, Morgan Reilly.
    Morgan Reilly? Really? Mind you, it’s early yet so we might want to temper our enthusiasm. In that same vein, we might want to check back on the Leafs’ atrocious defence in, oh, let’s say December.
    By the way, the leader in points per game is Tyler Seguin. Let’s see, if Brian Burke hadn’t traded for Phil Kessel…. Oh, never mind.

    • Interesting note BCLeaf as you brought up Reilly and the Leafs D. Ken Hitchcock just did a leaf lunch segment praising the Leaf defense and how good it is and how much better it will likely get.

      I can imagine the feedback we’ll be getting on that one as what the heck does Hitchcock know – right? You can find it on the TSN site if you’re interested in seeing the replay of it.

      Have fun and Go Leafs Go!

    • BCLeafFan – Seguin would of cracked under Toronto pressure during his maturation years-but yes point.

      Reilly mans that point well- Any of us might have 5 PP assists with that first unit. I would take him on my team

    • BC…..your a funny guy! Seguin…

    • Morgan Reilly is a terrific hockey player, and an even better young man.
      He’d by my choice for captain if I was Babweiner.

      • I have thought that too

  12. This could be that time the Wings pull the trigger on a Howard trade if Murray is going to be out for a considerable length of time. 1 year left on his contract. Hate to see Jimmy go as he’s undeservedly maligned imo. Wings should be looking to future anyway and Jimmy is helping them cling into hope this year. If Wings can get a 1st rd pick for him, I’d do it. Even 2 2nds woukd do it for me.

    • RE: Howard

      I’d like the Wings to take that 1st(or 2 seconds etc) & RUN with that.

      Take what you can for him. Ain’t about to compete this year, anyways.
      Although I’d LOVE to see it;
      Not getting a 1st for him

      I am a huge DET fan.
      (3rd Gen wings fan, since my grandpa played orig 6)

    • Howard wouldn’t get either. If the wings held half his salary then maybe. Just maybe. A second from someone. And they would have to be desperate

      • I agree, Howard isn’t getting a 1st. This is in no way a rip to Howard. Goalies just don’t get that kind of return. And certainly not ones his age and his pedigree.

      • Yup

      • Chrisms, NY4Life

        Double Yup

        Pens can’t/shouldn’t panic … and yes there would have to be take-back… and no … IMO a first is not coming back

        I would like to try out Jarry over DeSmith

    • Howard will most likely be dealt by the trade deadline at the latest. Unfortunately goalies rarely net s 1st round draft pick. Maybe if he is moved soon while retaining half the cap hit then it is a possibility. More than likely he will get a 2nd and maybe something.

      He is a good goalie.

      • Curious… what have rental 1b goalies gone for recently?

      • Ben bishop and mrazek come to mind. Look at those returns ….

      • The way it seems to work for most teams plucking goalies off waivers I think has a big part in why the returns for them are so low. Short term stop gap situations after some injury situations happen then the guy comes back seems like every year a couple to a few teams gas some kinda success just picking a guy of waivers for nothing with the position and roster spots

  13. What a pleasant set of comments today. What a difference!;)

    • I bet terrible images in my head when I imagine an assmoses “parting the Red Sea”

      • That would have to have been one helluva blast of gas

      • It’s a family showI know but I’m sure there is something about a burning bush that could be said too

      • Won’t lie I did miss chatting with quite a few here.

      • HAHAHAHA!

  14. Caper, I have a feeling when Petan comes back that Vesalainen will go to the AHL. I have no idea how the situation with Petan works as far as non roster goes, and the personal leave situation but would like to know as well if maybe Lyle or someone else has that knowledge. I’m glad Winnipeg shows that compassion to its players, and always has (since 2.0) Its one of the reasons I am a fan.

    • Hi DC and Caper

      That is sad to hear re Petan. Losing your father when your so young will be devastating . I lost my father last year and I was very shook up by it …. and I’m in my late 50’s , he’d lived for a long time , and even though it wasn’t so long after his diagnosis; at least we had time to prepare. A father dying suddenly when your just basically starting your adult life will unfortunately hit him hard .

      I don’t remember any case before or remember any League position or mention in he CBA wrt player status and compassionate leaves. It should be there but I have a felling it isn’t. Most teams are very good with treating players fairly and compassionately during sad and trying times… serious family illnesses (great support by Ottw when Anderson’s wife was diagnosed) and tragic losses; as well as in happy times (births of children) . I think this is dealt with by each team and on a case by case situation. Unfortunately , I don’t think the League has a policy for this and his status will remain as is … that is sad in and of itself

      …. hopefully I’m wrong and there is a league policy and/or CBA clause that covers this.

  15. Unless I am mistaken he still gets paid his salary for compassionate leave. Silver lining… but I believe that is the teams perogative to pay or not.