NHL Rumor Mill – October 12, 2018

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William Nylander’s contract impasse with the Leafs continues plus the Canadiens could be willing to move a forward. Details in your NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Darren Dreger reports being told there’s no progress in the contract impasse between the Toronto Maple Leafs and restricted free agent William Nylander. Both sides haven’t moved much from their opening positions, with the Leafs believed offering a six-year deal worth $6-million annually while the Nylander camp’s initial asking price was over $8-million annually.

For the Leafs, anything north of $6.5-million annually will affect contract negotiations with Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner, who will become RFAs next summer.

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: cites Pierre LeBrun discussing the Nylander standoff with Toronto’s TSN 1050 on Wednesday. He was asked if the Anaheim Ducks or Carolina Hurricanes might be trade options if the Leafs decide to go down that road with the 22-year-old forward.

The Ducks’ Brandon Montour and the Hurricanes’ Jaccob Slavin were mentioned by show host Gord Miller. LeBrun replied the Leafs spoke to the Hurricanes during the summer about Justin Faulk but it was a completely different situation that didn’t involve Nylander.  He doesn’t see the Hurricanes parting with Slavin.

No end in sight to William Nylander’s contract standoff with the Toronto Maple Leafs (Photo via NHL Images)

Bob McKenzie talked about the Nylander situation Wednesday evening on NBCSN, asked if it was possible the Leafs might trade the youngster. McKenzie doesn’t believe they intend to move him as he’s seen as part of their roster core. Nylander doesn’t want to take a hometown discount only to be traded in a couple of years as salary-cap pressures mount for the Leafs.

TVA SPORTS: During a recent appearance on the show Dave Morrissette live, Renaud Lavoie said he believes the Leafs might have to trade Nylander if this standoff drags on.

Lavoie claimed there was a team that told him they would be very surprised if the Nashville Predators didn’t trade one of their defensemen because they’ll eventually have to do it one way or another. He felt they might be a good trade partner for the Leafs. Louis Jean suggests Mattias Ekholm would be the obvious trade candidate.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There might not be any progress in Nylander’s contract negotiations but we’re already starting to see movement in the media rumor mill as some pundits start spitballing trade possibilities.

As McKenzie reminds us, the Leafs insist they don’t want to move Nylander. Maybe that’ll change when the calendar flips to November and the Dec. 1 deadline to get him signed approaches.

If the Hurricanes pursue Nylander they’ll likely offer up Faulk instead of Slavin. However, they’re off to a strong start and are among the league’s goal-scoring leaders. If that trend continues they won’t have any need to acquire a scoring forward like Nylander.

The Ducks could be worth watching as a possible trade destination for Nylander. They’re off to a better-than-expected start but that’s largely thanks to John Gibson’s goaltending and their penalty killing. Their puck-possession numbers aren’t pretty and key forwards such as Corey Perry, Patrick Eaves, and Ondrej Kase remain sidelined. 

As for the Predators, I don’t think GM David Poile intends to break up his top-four defense. They helped the Preds reach the 2017 Stanley Cup Final and win their first Presidents’ Trophy last season. Granted, things can always change over the course of a long season. Poile has a reputation for making big moves that catch everyone off-guard, but I don’t think a Nylander-for-Ekholm swap is in the cards. 


TSN: Bob McKenzie reports Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin has informed teams that he’s available for business in terms of possibly trading a forward. Nikita Scherbak and Tomas Plekanec have been healthy scratches while sidelined forwards Nicolas Deslauriers and Jacob de la Rose will be returning soon. The Canadiens could attempt to demote one of them but would risk losing them to another club via waivers. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Canadiens won’t get much back if they place one of those guys on the trade block. They’ll likely get a draft pick or a minor leaguer. 



  1. Nashville doesn’t seem like the destination (if a trade were to happen with Nylander), as their D is either locked up (Ellis, Subban, Josi), too old (Hamhuis, Weber)…unlikely (Ekholm). I would revisit Carolina if I were Dubas and just ask them what their call was about when he flat out said Nylander isn’t available last month. If it involves Faulk, you would have to listen to the offer.

    • If it involves Faulk you hang up the phone and block the number!

      • Mst


        I’m not as huge a fan of Faulk as many posting here.

        To me … if Car is talking Faulk… Car would need to sweeten the deal

        Bridge I’m hoping … but if trade … and now it’s looking more likely… I think Nsh is a longshot and given the chance of getting Manson or even Montour (vs Faulk)… I think better in long run to Leafs for KD to negotiate with Anaheim

        Manson of course would be my preference; but Montour (to me) also has great potential and is just a smaller version of Manson

      • Here’s the issue: teams aren’t just trading for Nylander. If that were the case, the bidding could get pretty high. (and from the Hurricanes side, Faulk + would seem reasonable).

        But they aren’t – they are trading for $8M of Nylander, and with that you’ve totally ruined any return you could hope for. Who is going to pay anything of value for the chance to overpay someone for the next however-many years?

      • Faulk isn’t anything special yet, maybe in a few years. If they can get Nylander and that includes Faulk they should do it.

      • Justin Faulk is 26 almost 27 years old. In 2 years he will be pretty much 30 and mostly through his prime. I’m pretty sure he is as developed as he’s going to get now never mind 2 years from now.

    • No Nylander to Nashville, not if the Preds would then have to pay him. I see no reason for Nashville to tinker with their roster at this time.

      If they did, would Subban go to the Leafs? Wouldn’t that be something to Habs’ fans! Not advocating the deal, just curious to see what the reaction would be from Montreal if PK ended up with the Leafs.

      • Could the leafs take on Subban’s contract?
        That would $20mill between him and JT, add in the new contracts for Matthews and Marner that could be pretty close to half the cap on 4 players

  2. Ollie Maata may have fallen out of favor here in Pitt … and he’s on a pretty favorable contract … only issue is the Pens D is fragile and thin … and not very good …

    • Click…..

      • I certainly wouldn’t trade Olli for an 8 mil nylander either.

    • Hi Ed VI

      You can say that again .

      I like the newest addition on D( one Finn in one Finn out LOL)…. to me , his pairing with big Jamie O was very good …. both seemed poised and generally made safe moves.

      Shultz has to play like both D as JJ was out of place over and over again

      Letang and Dumo had some great shifts and some scary shifts as well !!!

      Great for Phil to get the HT… floating paid off last night but can be (and has been in the past) costly

      Not sure what they’ll do re: Maata but Riikola (sp?) IMO, in place of Chad R … is a huge improvement

      We’ll see going forward

    • The Penguins D is neither fragile nor thin. The weakest link is Johnson and that is not in question to anyone but the Pens front office. This is the same D that has won 2 Stanley cups. Oleksiak is one of the toughest players in the league that can actually play his position. For his size he skates well, is very mobile and has great handles and a booming shot. Letang is still a top all around dman and Dumoulin is a solid d first complimentary piece that has good size and is still one of the best skaters on the team. Shultz is an excellent two way dman that can skate and is decent in his own end. Maatta has below average speed but has good gap control and thinks the game on a higher level. Riikola is still an unknown but he has a hell of a debut, he is poised with the puck, makes great passes, has a heavy shot, and has elite skating. I’ll take this years Pens D corps any day, they are versatile and very dynamic.

      • The majority of pens fans are willing to give Jj a chance before judging.

  3. If it’s Slavin, you offer a 2nd as well.

    • If it’s Slavin, Don Waddell better get sent out of town on the next available bicycle/dogsled/FEDEX truck or whatever.

      The Hurricanes have two untouchables, and Aho is the other one. (though I suppose a case could be made to add Svechnikov to that list)

      • Canes have to make up for the bone head deal shipping Skinner out of town for really not that much.

      • Whalercane, I agree with you Slavin and Aho are not being traded. Carolina could use a center like Kadri more than Nylander.

    • The majority of Pens fans have no choice but to give jj a chance

  4. Yay. More Nylander talk. Everyday for another month and a half. Lots of speculation for the inevitable 2 year bridge.

    • Ya, DC that does seem like the logical conclusion, unless he caves and accepts 6.5 long terms as speculated above as the the Leafs ceiling. I can’t see him doing that, at least I wouldn’t if I was him.
      What else would you like to discuss? Oiler fan is in full panic already here in Edmonton.

  5. What about Damon Severson, a D prospect not named Ty Smith, and a 1st round pick for Nylander?

    • That is actually a reasonable proposal Dan. There were rumors of the Oilers kicking tires on a deal for him with the main piece from EDM being Puljujarvi.

    • Dan

      Now your talkin’

      I don’t think 1st rounder as important now (to Leafs) vs prospects… I’m sure KD would rather have Smith than another D prospect + a 1st

      My counter proposal
      Is WW + Zaitz for Severson and Ty Smith… this will be received poorly and wholeheartedly rejected…

      I then phone back to GMRS, humbly apologize … then say (as my final offer … as I can’t offer any more).., WW+ Gardner for Severson+ Smith + Bastian

      …. can we shake on this Dan???

      • WEEwilly($8mill/year????) + Zaitsev = WholeLottaGarbage; who can take on their cap hits?

        Who would want to?

        WeeWilly @ 8Mill: some teams can/will make room for him,

        NONE are EVER doing that + Zaitsev though, he’s horrible AND crazy over paid.

        No one is taking on both of them- EVER!

      • No, Smith isn’t going anywhere

  6. Toronto has cup aspirations, they are a better team with Nylander in the lineup; therefore a December 1st deadline does nothing for no one, everybody loses, except the competition.

    Dealing Nylander, you have to find a team that is willing to give up the assests and secondly they are willing to meet Nylander demands and finally has sufficient cap space to do so.
    Carolina has the cap space and asset, but are they willing to pay Nylander $2m more then the next highest player on their roster; It would appear that Nylander contract does not play into the Hurricanes system.
    Nashville also has the space and assets and have some big contracts but I don’t see Nashville giving up one of their top 4 dman; however it would be interesting to see the leafs land Subban. Toronto would have to win every game 8-7 would be fun to watch, as they are now.

    • No way nashville trade straight up Nylander for Subban. Nylander is not worth 8 million at this point in his career. He has shown promise, but the guy plays with Mathews most nights. He makes anyone look good. No way they do a straight up trade.

      • Nylander + 3 first rd, 2 second rd picks for Subban

        Nylander @ 8 mill, a ghost in playoffs- does not get you a D of any significance(like a Subban obv)

    • Spot on caper

  7. Good call Lyle on the expected return for the Habs spare forwards. Not sure who needs depth forwards bad enough at this point in the season to trade for them.

  8. With cap expected to keep going up (possibly 85 mil next year) I don’t see how Toronto doesn’t lock up Nylander long term. If they’re squabbling over an extra mil or 2, they should be able to find middle ground. Whatever he gets per year, will probably seem like a bargain in a few years

    • I don’t see how Nylander can justify 8M/year when Pasternak, Monahan, Gaudreau, Barkov all came in under 7M.

      Whalercane nailed it earlier in his post. Nylander is very tradeable valuable but at 8M that trade value takes a massive beating. Since this is purely a money play for Nylander he may prefer a spot with very low (or zero) state tax like Florida, is Nevada the same as well? Their second line is looking pretty weak at the moment.

      Other low tax states are Colorado, Dallas, arizona, nashville and Chicago. Dallas really pops out here since they are the definition of a one line team at the moment.

      • Hi Taz

        Lowest tax … highest after tax take-home is (all identical)

        FLA, TBay, Dall, Nsh, VGK

        $8M in Sal & SB in Toronto (or Ottw) is same take home as $10.4 M in Sal & SB in FLA, TBay, Dall, Nsh, VGK

        … and yes before you say it … take home pay is not the penultimate in deciding factors AND extra $’s from print ads and commercials are much greater in Toronto …. I’m just pointing out the after tax perspective just for discussion purposes

        BTW … Kings, Sharks, Ducks are very close to Toronto tax rates … $8M in T.O. Basically same as $8.16 M (53.19 % tax rate vs 52.23%) in California

        … and Carolina at 44.91% tax… $8M Toronto equivalent … is $9.4M

        Again …. I’m not saying $’s is the deciding factor for any player … but it does have some impact

      • As you list these players there percentage is about 9 percent of cap when signed so william should expect 7.25 per year. Is that responsible cap hit.

    • Slick 62

      Even at $85M… signing WW at $8M will effectively (after signing MM and AM) put them tight against the cap and signing many players to League Min contracts:

      … if WW Gets $8M… combined AM and MM will be $22M… with that $30 M … add Marleau, Kadri, JT, Kessel take-back ; Reilly , Zetz, Anderson … 6 Fwds, 2D, 1G … 9 players … for basically $68M… keep Hyman and Brown? That’s $72M for 11 players

      That leaves $13M for 12 players … and Leafs would have only Reilly as a true top 4D…. if Dermott improves really well … call him 4thD

      Even at a steal super bargain and somehow getting a 2D and 3D for a total of $7M… that would be just shy of $80M (including Dermott) for 14 players …. $5M left for 9 spots

      9 spots at current league min is just shy of $6M

      That’s a load of ifs and assumptions above … but to me … signing WW for $8M… sets up an impossibility for 19/20 to make Cap …. or …. they’ll have Reilly , Dermott and a balance of D that would be 6th/7th/Depth D on almost every other team

      Sorry just can’t see it working

      So … to make it work AND sign WW for near $8M… Dubas has to rid Zaitz contract (don’t think so) and/or Marleau contract (tough … 35+ contract with NMC, if he retires …, Leafs still take cap hit; and I can’t see him waiving his NMC to go to a team with space … that will not compete for SC)

      Fingers crossed that this works out … but I’m very skeptical unless Bridge at $6M or trade happens


      • Pengy I agree with you . But even with Willie at 6 and your assumptions , how do they fill in the 9 spots with 7 million ? Can’t even afford to pay top end of elc contracts to fill it in? Marleau contrsct is going nowhere , if he retires it stays , he’s not accepting a trade to a team out of the hunt who both want and can afford him and zaitsev is immovable currently . Those are the common answers I’ve heard to bring cap down . But how does the extra 2 million get them under ?

      • Also have to consider the Horton cap hit or asset going out in trade to get rid of it (uninsured) does no good to a budget team looking to reach cap floor which would be the obvious taker

      • The leafs may try to bridge Marner as well, but if they give Nylander a long term deal then they have no shot.
        There has to be a reason that Marleau is getting paid 1M in the last year of his contract – he’s probably not going to play it out. I imagine he will be traded and rent out a room at Robidas Island

        We keep hearing of the big 3 but lets not forget the Leafs needs to sign Johansen, Leivo and Kapanen next year too.

        The other possibility may be that the leafs pretty much know that a lock out is coming

      • Hi Craig

        Yes that was my point…. my assumptions and ifs were at “best case/most advantageous case” as possible and they still will have issues.

        Re Marleau ….. I’m sure the contract structure was in the hopes that Marleau actually had no intention of playing at 40 … would take $3M SB on 1/7/19; then waive NMC ; be traded to team with Cap room (plus a pick for incentive); then retire . New team gets Cap hit; but pays no $’s (think Datsyuk) ….Leafs are loaded in cash … but strapped in Cap space

        I don’t think they took the risk on this contract that was assuming a lockout/strike …. too big a risk

        They should have just offered him a 2 year deal that included as us but added the SB (next July) to this year’s Sal …. that is 18/19 should have been $4.5 M in both SB and Sal… he’d get $17.5 Mover 2 years … which he’ll have rec’d under current contract as at Jul 2nd, 2019; anyway… Cap last year and this year was never an issue … the final year for $1.25 M …. but $6.25M Cap hit… is the killer

        I’m hoping I’m right …. because as agreed Zaitz is untameable and if Marleau also still on books … wow … trouble

      • @pengy if Marleau retires at the end of the year Dubas can trade his contract to anyone. The nmc disappears the second Marleau retires. Don’t be shocked if Marleau gets traded back to San Jose and he retires a 🦈 next year

      • Yogi

        Yes that is what I was suggesting …. but cap hit does not in fact vanish upon retirement … since he signed contract after his 35th birthday …. Cap hit succeeds retirement … he won’t retire before July 1st , 2019 in order to receive the $3M SB tho.

        Receiving team will have to have Cap space room

        Yes I’m advocating the same as you … trade (Dubas will have to add a small sweetener) … then he retires from a small cap team… I don’t think Sharks will have the space

      • Marleau was adamant about a 3rd year in negotiating , why also push for the NMC IF the plan is to waive To allow for a trade ? Seems unnecessary in such a trusting friendly negotiation ? Don’t forget gardiner taz and sparks to a much lesser extent

      • Correct me if I’m wrong but with the over 35 contract that Marleau signed even if he’s traded and then retires the team that signed him to the contract takes the recapture hit against their cap for the entirety of the contract?

      • Dee

        I believe the recapture is only for timeframe in which the team has him… they were discussing same on the radio yesterday and were in synch with my thoughts that trade after July first nets receiving team Marleau and the responsibility to pay $1.25M if he plays, and all $6.25 M in Cap hit. If he retires pre-season or any time in season … entire Cap hit goes to them but they’d only be on hook financially for games played proportionate to full season * $1.25M

        They (as well as I) could be wrong.

        No matter what … that contract is currently a burden and if Leafs don’t move it .., they are hit with $6.25M Cap to either play a 40 year old or watch a 40 year old enjoy his retirement.

        Don’t get me wrong…I truly believe Marleau is a plus to the team and a value even playing at 40…. just not at $6.25 M Cap hit

        I would have preferred a much higher AAV for 2 years; then they could have tried to sign him to a 1 year contract for say $3M ($2M in Sal and $1M in perf. bonuses) and include a NMC and NTC

      • I think Nylander and his agent should pay attention to what Kapanen is doing , because as WN sits out each game , Kapo is gaining confidence and playing better ; IMO , this gives Dubas bargaining power , they could use WN , but their not panicking , because there is someone else filling the void , doing a good job at a affordable rate , and as this happens , there will be a team that might take a bite at the apple and be a trade partner for T.O.
        with a decent dman they so badly need .

        I’m assuming this , but based on the play of Rielly and Gardiner , the Leafs would be looking for a RD , so who is there that would fit the bill ?

        Faulk is a name for sure , Tanev for Van , Severson from NJ ,

        One player (and i wouldn’t mention Nylander’s name to this because it isn’t going to happen)….but a smaller deal to get a dman , righthanded too , and has tons of potential , good puck moving , good skater stuck on a crappy team that just might need a change of scenery
        Cody Ceci…. What would it take to get a small deal done like that and still make a trade for a bigger name dman ? Then you really solidify your d corps , and look out !
        Just my 2 cents on things

  9. are the leafs the only team in the nhl right now…..?

    • yes the leafs are the only team in the nhl lol

      • You have to win Stanley Cups in recent memory to be chirping ….Chicago , Pittsburgh , Detroit , NJ. ha e done it ….Washington has learned the hard way how to win …..
        And I think a team not far west of Ontario has a thing to say about that , eh Jets fans ? They are solid top to bottom , it’s a 6 month grind , ending with a 2 month war in the trenches to come out with the Holy Grail , the Leafs so far just came out of the beauty salon with their hair and finger nails done ready to go to the prom ; in this game it’s sledgehammers , hard hats and work boots that define who will come out on top , slow down the parade people !!!!

    • There are many good teams in the NHL, and enjoyable to watch – Colorado definitely one of them. Things will gradually grind to a halt around the league and, in the dog days of February, we’ll be begging for more offence. Enjoy it while you can and ignore the Nylander noise, tiresome as it is.
      My one main hope, as a Leaf fan, is for Andersen to stay healthy. Toronto is one injured goaltender away from reality.

    • According to leafs fans the leafs have been the only team to cheer for in the history of the sport. All these long suffering, masochistic leaf fans that supported the team no matter what crap management threw out on the ice through the Ballard days. Team hasn’t made the playoffs in 6 years? Highest average ticket price in the league. Team has no chance of winning anything with the current roster? Trade all draft picks for 30 something year old journeyman and then pretend to not understand why it was a disaster. Worst run franchise in all of pro sports for over 50 years? Highest selling team for merchandise in the NHL.

  10. now now avsattack….

    I’m an avid Leaf despiser and even I cant help clicking. They’re scoring goals, winning exciting games they have an unsigned fairly high prospect not even playing…there’s lots of news here.

  11. Avsattack, it’s just that Leafs news is a big draw for hockey sites. You either love them or hate them and since no other team in the nhl draws as much BS than the Leafs, we get Leafs news….any hockey news is better than no hockey news. I don’t think talking about the Leafs as much as the media focuses on them is a guarantee to bring the NHL to the forefront of sports news but it is fun for many.

    • That is because it is in the interests of the media and the advertisers who pay to have eyeballs and/or clicks….

      As an avid Leaf fan it drives me crazy…yesterday Kyper and McLean went on for 23 minutes about Matthews getting 15 million and how they could build a new arena in Phoenix on his back.

      What BS….why cause there are so many Leaf fans out there watching, listening, worrying and clicking

      To the media (not to Leaf fans) ….fans of other teams are collateral damage

      • So true. I recall a few years back on a TSN panel, one of the panelists on their regular show that is ostensibly a “national” hockey show, came right out and said they operate under orders from the top to make sure the Leafs are a healthy part of the daily discussion. It made sense since Leafs fans likely account for 99.9% of their audience. But it does tend to tick off that .1%, Ahh well, we can always drop Rogers/Bell as cable providers and stream through the InterNet. In my circle of friends/relatives, I know of at least 10 who have done exactly that. Doesn’t necessarily change what they get in terms of hockey panel shows – but it does give them the satisfaction of not giving their money to Rogers/Bell.

      • I haven’t paid for any type of cable service for almost a decade and if anything I have more exposure to the team I have rooted for the most since I was 9 years old. Also it’s geographicaly the third closest team to my house after Detroit and Toronto, who are both loathable. I can watch 1-4 games simultaneously with no extra cost than my $45 a month internet bill. It’s only a matter of time before they figure out how to block me from being able to do this so it’s time to get while the getting is good.

  12. Is marijuana legal yet in Ontario? If so, are any of the posters here advocating Faulk for Nylander inhaling?

    It’s great to put players you rarely see on tv as better than what they really are.

    I’ve watched many Carolina games and Faulk is mediocre at best. Is there no other asset the Leafs can dangle outside of a battleship for a mediocre defenseman?

    • Funny thing is they aren’t dangling Nylander according to anyone in hockey yet here we are. This isn’t likely either but if the one with the home town discount goes first (Nylanders fear in signing a cheaper deal) wouldn’t it maybe make more sense to talk about maybe moving a guy like Kadri who so far has struggled a bit and getting less time as a 3c this year compared to last can score plays pretty well defensively and has one of those hometown discount contracts his bonus is paid out so only 2 mill or so in base salary and a cap hit of 4.5…I doubt they trade anyone for a while but I think it’s much more realistic that a guy like Kadri goes before Nylander not saying it’s for any of the D mentioned above just throwing it out there

      • Now now Shticky, no reason to be pragmatic and thoughtful on here.
        Kadri is a good player on a good contract. He would fetch a top 4 D. The Severson example seems about right.

    • I think it doesn’t start until the 12 and even then you have to order it online. It’s not like you can go to a liquor store and buy pot now. And the laws are still ridiculous. If you are 19 and buy it legally but share it with an 18 year old friend and get caught you can face up to 12 years in prison. Not that any of that applies to me, including buying it to begin with, but that seems excessive.

  13. Is there a reason behind No games scheduled for today?

    • Is it Columbus Day in the States?

      • That was the same day as the Canadian Thaksgiving

      • Hi George

        Yes … celebration was on Monday like our thanksgiving but the actual date of Columbus Day is Oct 12 (Columbus landed 12/10/1492

        I was g asking at straws for a “rational” idea for a shutdown mid season

        DoubleMinor points out other “celebratory” Oct 12th days … since Bettman never advocates Free Thought … we’ll have to nix that as the reason for no games

        i like the National Farmers’ day but will have to go with ” NHL Schedulers’ Brain Fart Day”… works for me

      • Doh

        Not “asking at straws ” but “grasping at straws ”

        Dang auto-correct

    • Maybe when making the schedule they were thinking of going up against the start of the NLCS or ALCS in baseball on a Friday night?

      • Schticky

        …. could be!!! You just may have resolved our issue

        Not sure if NLCS or ALCS makes playoff schedule ahead of time … but that makes sense …. I looked at last year’s NHL sched quickly and didn’t see a shutdown day in Oct … but I could’ve missed it

        When is Bettman’s B-Day??? Oct 12th? LOL

  14. Maybe he sits the whole year and then the Leafs have to resign him Marner and Matthews
    Or maybe Lou gives him 7 mil over 5 years to mess with his old club

    • Habfan81

      Yes that is a possibility but I think it will be highly unlikely to actually happen . Leafs can afford , IMO , to not have him in line-up for whole year.

      I can’t see the player or agent rationalizing a full year of prime w/o pay tho

      If Leafs are still plugging away fine ( I do not believe this pace lasts but I also don’t see a pro-longed losing streak) by mid Nov … WW’s Dad will have to tuck his tail and tell his son to accept a bridge deal…… OR a trade happens

      • By late November he may want to play again, I dont think the Leafs would do a one years show me deal

  15. I can see Nylander making a case to be paid more than he’s worth at the moment because on a long term 8 yr deal the salary might end up being less than what premiere players will make, and he knows Matthews and Marner are in contract years so their output will help maximize their return on their deals.

    My answer to this is so what?

    William is a defensive liability and doesn’t hit and has shown to go missing in the playoffs. Matthews and Marner are more complete players and should be paid more.

    That said, he is an offensive gem and he is not only important element to a potential contender team it he will drive up the offensive production of his teammates.

    He can’t have it both ways. If he’s worried about taking a home town discount only to be traded negotiate a NMC. He can also seek a bridge deal and then make a stronger case for more money. If Matthews and Marner sign for considerably more he can use that to his advantage.

    If he wants term and money on his terms he’ll be sitting out for a year.

    My prediction is a 2-3 year bridge deal.

    • Frank


    • Your constant point of playoff performance is off he actually has 8 points and is a plus player in 13 playoff games Mathews has 1 goal and 1 assist for a whole whopping 2 points in 7 and was a -4 so I’m not sure why people keep bringing up playoffs as a reason he isn’t worth what he is asking.. he actually doubles Mathews in the playoffs yet here we sit saying Mathews is a 10 plus mill guy and Nylander isn’t worth 7 because he doesn’t hit and disappeared in the playoffs? It doesn’t make sense.

      • Nylander is a good player who hasn’t reached his potential yet. With high end offensive young players, more often than not it is the play away from the puck and playoff performance that usually lags behind. There are exceptions of course, but his development seems normal to me.
        IMO if he signs for 7-8 years at 6.5 he is an idiot. If he progresses, as most “hockey” people think he will, he will be underpaid in 2 – 3 years.
        As many have stated on this site, a bridge seems like the likely outcome even though both sides say they want a long term deal. Nylander for security against injury and the Leafs for cost certainty and they want to take this one opportunity where they have all the leverage to get that cost certainty on the cheap.

      • See that’s exactly my thinking of Pasternak and Kadris as well when I heard that deal same as JVRs deal with the Flyers that the Leafs took advantage of, looking back now they were or are going to be so underpaid by the end of those deals so he’s got a pretty good argument consider what the others are going to get and his numbers aren’t that far off to be nearly 40 or 50 percent cheaper contract than Mathews and lets cut the crap with playoffs Mathews looked awful uninterested in playoff hockey in both years and Nylander doubled his production I’m not saying he is better or anything of the sort just that some of the argument that he is getting carried is slanted at best

    • Nylander knows if he signs a bridge deal he is all but done in Toronto. So he wants 8 million for 8 years with NMC so the leafs can’t move him out. He loves Toronto and wants to stay even if it means Marner has to go.

      • I’m not a Leafs fan , nwver was , never will be …. But ….If they let Marner go , then all hell is going to break loose !

        Bottom line…. Matthews and Marner have proven themselves on the ice , Nylander has to an extent but not like them, play better , put up consistent numbers and you will get what you are worth . I’m smelling another Galchenyuk & father situation here ….and it stinks !

    • I think he wants to make sure he gets his full value, I wouldn’t want to take a home town discount and watch my contemporaries on the team get paid

      • Jim & Habsfan 81

        Nothing against someone holding out for their value. IMO he’s over-valuing himself.

        I’ll just use Pasternak as a comparable … signed out of his EL deal for 6 @ 6.67M

        IMO , Pasternak was a better player at time of signing than WW is now (I mean as of end of last year).

        If they were coming out at the same time and Pasternak got $6.67 then IMO WW would be worth $6M… the start of these contracts are one year apart (and Cap has increased)… all that together … IMO , WW is not worth close to $8 M he is fixated on.

        I’m rarely with Leafs wrt how they place a value tag on players… but KD sticking firm at much closer to $6M than $8M is on the right track as far as I’m concerned

        I can’t see a Leafs’ resolution in the next week … unless there is a trade


        Re: Ed and WW as a McD winger … that has to be a major thought with GMPC… but they are cap constrained

        I’d love Nurse in Blu and White … but with Ed right at Cap now … at least $6M has to come off the books via trade to at least make WW an offer … one of the main D coming back only goes so far

    • Frank , pengy
      Rfa can’t negotiate nmc or ntc . Exactly why Willie is worried about signing and being traded on any term .

      • Craig

        RFAs can ask for NMC and/or NTC… but a rarity to get one. The top end players can sometimes get the NMC built in to the last 1/2 or so of their 2nd contract.

        I don’t think GMKD will grant it for WW though

      • I don’t think Nylander is worth 8 million, all I’m saying is that if he signs for 6 million he is gone. If he goes to a team like the the Islanders and can manages to only score 60 points because they suck, there goes any chance of a bigger payday and any chance of being on a winning team. I would love to have him stay with the leafs and make 6 million a year but the problem is they know they can win without him but not without an upgrade on defense.

  16. Where is Edmonton in all of this? We have GM and coach on the hotseat in need of making a move, they also need someone to play with McDavid, Nylander would be perfect. Would the Oilers be interested in trading klefboum or maybe Bourchard? I think so.

    • The Oilers have virtually no D now whatsoever – dealing Klefbom for yet another offensive type would render them useless if they couldn’t get the puck over their own blueline. Talbot would have to have a year making Price’s best days look like an average performance.

      • Ya, when you give up a forward like Hall for a D-man like Larsson, then 2 years later move Klefbom (better than Larsson) for a forward of lesser value (today) than Hall? Not a good look for PC if that happened.

    • Edmonton is staying far away from that contract demand . If

      • Ray,

        Oilers are a desperate team. They need to suck up their pride and do something. Maybe it is not nylander. Firing the coach is not going to help. Firing the GM may helps 3 years from now. Keeping McDavid happy is only going to happen is they bring some in to play with him. Panarin or Nylander are fast and skill enough to do it.

  17. Dear striker.

    How are you? I am fine.
    My daughter turned one yesterday and likes to make 🐝 sounds. The pens won too…



    • Chrisms


      belated HBD to Miss Chrisms Jr

      They grow fast! I can actually visualize cutting the umbilical cord on each one of my four children … and they are all in their mid 20’s now

      Enjoy this time … soon you will be seeing many things broken and sundry “thingamajigs” fitting into computers, stereo equipment, etc etc…, that you would never have thought possible … frustration over that vanishes the instant she says “daddy”

    • My grandsons are 3 and 4 1/2. Last weekend the young one bit the old one, and the old one punched the young one in the head in response.
      They were fine in 30 seconds and then started wrestling again and made their way into the large collapsible dog kennel for a cage match, which collapsed on the two of them.
      My daughter is getting wary about me babysitting.

      • LOL Sounds like a blast Ray

        Keep the Bactine and Bandaids handy

  18. My thoughts are this…the Leafs should be looking at trading Nylander and I’m hoping they’re ballsy enough to try for Ristolainen in Buffalo.Risto is a big rh offensive dman with some snarl. WW can play 2nd line C and take some pressure off Middlstat who is better slotted as a 3C at this juncture. This…in my mind is a solid hockey trade that benefits both teams.

    • Nylander for Ristolainen was something that was discussed/proposed rather heavily 4 years ago on trade forums. At the time Buffalo was in disarray. This was also before Ristolainens breakthrough in Junior WC. I can’t see rivals in the same division make that trade, doesn’t matter how much sense it makes.

  19. Leafs wont make playoffs without a #1 pairing on d.. they have neither a 1 or a 2.. they can only outscore their d for so long.. trust me im an oilers fan.

  20. They should have signed nylander in the off season and instead of going after jt they should have looked for at least one top pairing defenseman. Jt is good but they didnt need him.

  21. All oilers need on defense is j shultz…..oops