NHL Rumor Mill – October 13, 2018

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Trade speculation building around William Nylander plus the latest on Matt Duchene in your NHL rumor mill.


THE HOCKEY NEWS: Matt Larkin wonders if the Toronto Maple Leafs’ early offensive onslaught without William Nylander might make the 22-year-old restricted free agent expendable. He suggests Nylander’s absence has done general manager Kyle Dubas a favor as it’s allowed him to assess the roster’s performance without the young forward.

Trade speculation is growing over Toronto Maple Leafs unsigned center William Nylander. (Photo via NHL Images)

Larkin observes the Leafs have until Dec. 1 to get Nylander re-signed or he becomes ineligible for the remainder of the season. He also suggests they’ll have a difficult time making the salary-cap dollars work with Auston Matthews and Mitch Marner expected to be expensive re-signings next year. He feels it might make sense to move Nylander for a right-shot defenseman to shore up the sagging right side of their blueline.

TORONTO SUN: Michael Traikos lists eight possible trade destinations for Nylander and what the Leafs could seek in return.

Arizona Coyotes: Nylander could bolster their weak offense. Defenseman Jakob Chychrun’s size and skating ability give him top-pairing potential.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chychrun’s limited NHL experience and back-to-back knee injuries make him a risky acquisition at this point. Don’t see this one happening. 

Carolina Hurricanes: Nylander could replace the departed Jeff Skinner’s offense. Blueline Justin Faulk seems the obvious return but the Leafs might focus on Brett Pesce.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This one seems plausible though the Hurricanes would probably prefer parting with Faulk. However, the Canes’ offense has been better than expected thus far. If that trend continues they won’t have to go shopping for a scoring forward.

Columbus Blue Jackets: Nylander could replace Artemi Panarin, who’s likely to depart next summer via free agency. Rearguard Zach Werenski would be most attractive to the Leafs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: An interesting suggestion. The Jackets could then use Panarin as trade bait to replace Werenski. However,  I doubt the Jackets will part with the young puck-moving d-man. Forget about Seth Jones too. Maybe they would offer up David Savard, Markus Nutivaara or Ryan Murray. 

Edmonton Oilers: They need a winger to skate alongside superstar Connor McDavid. It would be funny if the Oilers offered up defenseman Adam Larsson considering they traded winger Taylor Hall to get him. Darnell Nurse might be a better fit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It would be funnier if they parted with Nurse.  I don’t see the Oilers as a trade destination for Nylander. They simply cannot afford to draw upon their already thin blueline depth for trade bait.

Nashville Predators: They could use some help at forward as no one scored 30 goals last season and no one ranked in the top-50 in points. Right-shot Ryan Ellis would be a nice fit.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Predators would’ve had a forward with 30 goals and in the top 50 last season had Filip Forsberg not been sidelined 15 games. He’s a two-time 30-goal scorer. Viktor Arvidsson also tallied 30 in 2016-17. Those two and Ryan Johansen are entering their prime playing years and all could exceed their previous career bests this season. So no, the Predators won’t be trading one of their blueliners for Nylander. 

New York Islanders: Nylander’s best suited as a winger but he could slot into the second-line center role. The Isles have some promising defense prospects but the ideal return for the Leafs would be blueliner Ryan Pulock.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Not happening. Yes, the Isles could use some scoring depth but improving their blueline is their biggest need right now. They’re not trading Pulock and I don’t see them parting with one of their promising prospects. 

New York Rangers: The rebuilding Blueshirts could use all the help they can get. They would want to unload Kevin Shattenkirk’s contract but that’s not happening. Brady Skjei would be a better choice.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nylander would be a good addition to the Rangers but they aren’t parting with Skjei, who is a key component of their rebuild. Besides, they’re expected to pursue Artemi Panarin via free agency next summer. 

Vancouver Canucks: Pairing Nylander with promising Elias Pettersson could be like the second coming of the Sedin twins in Vancouver. Traikos wonders if the Leafs would take a chance on Olli Juolevi, or would Erik Gudbranson be a good starting point.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Nylander and Pettersson could be dynamite together, but Juolevi or Gudbranson won’t get this done.

And for those of you who feel all I do is just shoot down trade proposals, here are mine: Nylander to the Winnipeg Jets for Jacob Trouba, or Nylander to the Anaheim Ducks for Brandon Montour or Josh Manson. Discuss!


SPORTSNET: Chris Johnston recently reported Ottawa Senators center Matt Duchene isn’t keen about getting involved in contract discussions during the season. He’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. Johnson said Duchene told his agent “only to involve him if any potential talks reach a stage where it’s necessary to loop him in.”

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Johnston’s colleague Elliotte Friedman recently said he believes Duchene will be attractive to playoff contenders near the Feb. 25, 2019 trade deadline. He could top the list for clubs seeking a center to help them in the postseason. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Duchene’s critics might dispute the notion of teams queuing up for him at the trade deadline given his limited playoff experience. Still, if he performs well over the course of this season, there will be contenders looking at him in February if he’s still unsigned by that point. 



  1. “Maybe they would offer up Savard, Nutivaara or Murray …” say what? I wouldn’t take all 3 of those guys for Nylander … Bob Murray isn’t trading Josh Manson so Montour makes sense and Trouba does too, that’s a good hockey trade …

    • I’m only spitballing on those options. Quite frankly, I don’t see the Jackets moving anyone off their blueline right now. Certainly not Werenski.

      • I’m leaning more towards keeping Willy if we get him at the number the Leafs want.

        What I would do at the trade deadline or sooner depending on how Montreal and Minnesota are doing is make offers for one of Weber or Suter and have them anchor the blueline during this window we have.

      • I dont see Werenski being any part of a trade out of Columbus they have serious issues with Bobs and Panarin they can not move out the top prospect 1A player on the back end as well….they are not deep enough and if they loose Bobs to UFA which seems as if they will 100% they are in big trouble on the back end !

      • Gary: No way Weber is available. Bergervin is not trading two captains in a 12 month period, especially when Weber exemplifies everything he wants from Canadiens players in terms of ‘attitude’ especially. Both Sutter and Weber have same issue of contracts that are for too much for too long. Not saying their not worth it. but with the cap issues the Leafs have, not happening. Weber is also not going anywhere until he is back from IR and can prove he is really back.

    • Ed,

      I agree that Ana is unlikely to part with Manson but not impossible.

      Montour is IMO not far off Manson in value and will be equal by next fall. Both RD and up and coming DMen, play about the same minutes, and last year had similar production. Manson is bigger (6’3″ 213 vs 6’0″ 192) and 3 years older but Montour is quicker and still on a steeper upward curve of his development.

      Both would be great D additions; if Montour is what Murray offers up… deal

      I still think a multi-player deal benefits both teams:

      WW + Gardner + balancing sundry pick(s)/prospect(s)


      Ritchie + Manson OR Montour + balancing sundry pick(s)/prospect(s)

      Above is based on the fact that I don’t believe Gardner will be a Leaf next year (cap fatality)

      Leafs lose a slight bit offensively this year but IMO all 3 D above will be on par next year with Manson and Montour in the rise after that and Gardner production flattening out for a few years

      Leafs win in long run on D move

      RFA hold out for RFA hold out… once signed …. An gains in production ( LTIR loss in production is hurting) but Leafs gain in size and will have less hit on cap and helps with space for UFA acquisitions of D upgrade (which they cannot do with signing WW at north of $7.5M)

      I’d love to see Nurse as a Leaf… not happening

      Faulk …. I don’t see this as a good move

      Chychrun and wonky knee too much risk

      Savard ++ an option

      What surprises me most is that Van has not be bombarding GMKD with calls… the potential pairing of Petersson with WW would be awesome for that rebuilding franchise. IMO Gudbrandson would be the main piece to come back … but who else?

      • How about Nylander and Gardiner for Suter and Nino Niederreiter?

      • Gary

        Great proposal. If there was no cap issues that is a reasonable deal on both sides for sure.

        The approx $13M for NN and Suter next year for Leafs is still severely crimping their already projected tight cap issues for next year and beyond.

        If Leafs were going to re-sign Gardner AND keep WW … then next year would be close to a wash if Leafs took this deal… however , I have trouble seeing Leafs able to afford re-signing Gardner and especially not if they keep WW at at least $7M

        Do you think Min would take back some Sal/Cap in the deal you proposed? If between Suter and NN they could take back $3M in Cap … that deal might fly

      • Pengy “The approx $13M for NN and Suter next year for Leafs is still severely crimping their already projected tight cap issues for next year and beyond.”

        Very true but numbers are so close that I’m hoping the bean counters can figure it out…I like this deal because of Nino being in there but could also live with a deal for a healthy Shea Weber for this window of ours.

      • Gary, dealing Nylander for anything substantial is going to be tough as long as he holds firm to that long-term $8 mil per demand. It’s going to boil down to “who blinks first” – he or Dubas as Dec 1 draws near. If no agreement reached, the Leafs do without him the rest of the way and then face the prospect of trying to accommodate him, Matthews. Marner, Leivo, Kapanen, Johnsson and Sparks as RFAs all at the same time, along with decisions on UFAs Lindholm, Ennis, Gardiner, Hainsey and Marincin.

      • Not that the cap is going to be easy going down the road but I honestly doubt there is much concern when it comes to guys like Ennis Levio Marincin Hainsey as they would hope those are the type of player to be replaced internally or with cheaper options similar to Bozak JVR Polak Carrick to a point this year with not only Tavares but guys like Dermott Lindholm Gauthier it all adds up somewhere I understand just saying there will likely be more affordable options and there are some other contracts that wouldn’t be as difficult to move in the previous regime in no way am I saying it will be easy and I for one am not sold on giving out all these or that it’s a good idea to lock em all up on long term deals it may require some moves but I’m not sure it’s gonna be Nylander over not accepting 6.5 of a possible 84-85 million cap I get that people hear these numbers and say look at what player X makes compared to Y but that’s a little slim piece of pie and 3 or 4 years with another expansion team coming he will be vastly under paid at anything under 7.5 and I’m pretty sure Dubas knows it

    • Wonder if the Kets would have the cap room since Laine is coming up for a new deal

    • It will have to be a 3 way trade with the Jets if for Trouba …they have to sign Laine as well they are not going to be giving Nylander $7 – $8 million also …especially after giving Ehlers Morrisey and Shieflie there discount deals NO WAY that will break up the room and from what I hear the Jets room and Management are very close and everyone has a say!

      The Jets have a solid room where everyone has bought in they do not need a hold out guy who will make more money than almost everyone on that team …

      I think the Ducks get desperate for young Forwards and my starting point is Manson 100% not Montour

      • Winnipeg doesn’t need Nylander and Trouba doesn’t want Canada.

      • Until, one day, he’s out of all other options and is looking to extend his pay-fays – something like a certain Canadian running out of options and previously not interested in any part of Canada.

    • Ed, your statement displays ignorance of the Jackets’ blueline. Granted, Savard won’t be attractive to Toronto, but Nuti is proving to be a solid defensively and coming out as a swift, puck moving defenseman. In fact, he has nearly as many shots on goal as Werenski and more assists than Werenski, at this point. It is far from a stretch to say that, when Jones returns, it will be Murray moving to the 3rd pairing while Nuti gets paired with Savard on the 2nd pairing. So, while Nuti, alone, probably won’t get a trade for Nylander done, considering the high priority given swift, skilled puck moving defensemen these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if Toronto at least asks about Nuti.

    • Sensible trade options, Lyle, you should do this for a living……

    • Winnipeg will not trade Trouba for Nylander, not because it isn’t a good hockey trade but Winnipeg will have their own cap issues coming up with Laine, Connor, Meyers, then the next year they will have Morrissey and Roslovic.
      Another trade that I could see is Nylander for Nurse, but again the cap will foil that trade.
      It is looking more and more like Toronto will have to give Nylander away in order to keep Marner and Mathews. I am hearing more and more talk about offer sheeting Marner and Mathews next year. Who knows if that happens Mathews might get a 15 million dollar offer and Marner might get a 10 million dollar offer

  2. Nice eval Lyle. Most of those offers were leafs fantasy. Yours much more reasonable.

  3. Which Defenseman would Montreal give up to get him? Petry /plus pick and prospect? What would be realistic?
    Long term it would make sense for MTL

    • IHC,

      IMO it would be a long shot to have a Mon/Tor deal of any sort; but a lot more would have to come back than Perry and would/should Mon want to get rid of the extra talent and what would it be (Leafs loaded on fwd)

      • Petry not Perry… auto correct nightmare

      • So is any deal involving Nylander for Petry

    • Why would any team overpay to get Nylander, as he seems stuck on 8 million a season. He may one day be worth it, but he’s not now.

      • Nylander and shaky Jake to Nashville for pk subban and a late pick

  4. I don’t see how Trouba makes sense. Winnipeg is going to have a hard time signing all their stars as it is.

    Manson would be a good fit for both teams. I dont think Montour is someone the leafs would want unless that’s all there is and they have no choice.

    Tanev, Ganger at 50% retained, and a first round pick would get Nylander. No way in heaven Dubas would want Gudbranson. His entire analytics department would hang him, or themselves, or both.

    The problem for a trade though is Nylander is not worth the money he’s asking. Unless he drops his demands he has no value to any GM. If he does drop his demands then the Leafs have no reason to trade him.

    • Kind of leaning this way as well now, Leafs will get him at their number or he will sit. Its assinine to think that he deserves 8 million for something that he has not even accomplished yet.

      Sure he WILL look like an 8 million player playing with Auston and thats the rub for me, he should be happy to play with a guy like Auston for the prime years of his playing career which is going to make his next contract that much bigger.

      So in the meantime he should take the 6.5 million and be happy with his situation as he is going to make loads more down the road.

      But alas we get back to my opinion of Willy, he loves the mirror more than he does the success of the team and that is why I have been advocating to trade him.

    • Tanev is a hot commodity. You under value the Canucks in this deal

  5. Trouba for Nylander as Ed said makes total sense Infact that helps both teams as Jets are on a win now mode and the Leafs need to shore up their D … as for the Ducks …. Manson would be a better option as Leafs need a bit of toughness come the play offs … last year Tom Wilson was a intimidating factor in the playoffs…. Montoya and a prodrect would be my ask if Manson can’t be obtained.
    In all fairness I would wait til the feb deadline and then see what is available as many teams by then would be out of the playoffs and some teams may want to offload a few dollars and this year we have the space. My 2 cents.

    • Sorry I meant Manson not Montoya …

      • Nasser

        Don’t you just hate that friggin auto-correct… happens to me all the time!

        Don’t count out Montour … younger and faster than Manson and production similar last year…, IMO Montour has bright future

    • It makes perfect sense for Toronto, Winnipeg not so much.

      How does Winnipeg fit Nylander long term? And more importantly, ( as Shticky points out below) Winnipeg was the 2nd highest scoring team in the West last year…. so why on earth do they need Nylander anyway?

      Thinking Nylander (especially under the current circumstances) lands you Trouba, Parayko , Ellis etc. is beyond wishful thinking.

      Not even Nylander plus, plus.

      • How would Toronto fit Trouba? Trouba thinks he’s worth 8 million a year, the guy must have his hit head. Why would a team play an average scoring d man that much? He’s a head case and I would never want him. If I’m paying top dollar for a D man he better be getting 50 points or more a year

  6. I think Trouba will be traded at the draft. He is professional, but has shown he does not want to be in Winnipeg.
    Laine’s Contract will be signed with the cap hit starting next year. And wheelers kicks in as well. That’s when the $$$$ start being a problem.

    Return will have to be an NHL defensemen, prospect and #1.

  7. Ehlers Laine Sheifele Buff, second highest scoring team in the West last year… Eh I’m not so sure this is a Chevy move

  8. Toronto should move him for a defenseman no question about that.
    They can’t afford to sign him with the other guys coming up.
    Problem is who’s gonna give up a top 4 defenseman for a unsigned forward who wants 8 million?

    • I’m a Bruins fan and I wouldn’t move anyone except maybe Krug for him.
      Mcavoy no. Carlo has too much upside and makes a affordable salary.
      Toronto will only get a second level defenseman or someone like Krug who a team like Boston will have trouble resigning.

      • Why do you think Boston will have trouble signing Krug?

        Krug is one of the best offensive dman in the NHL, and with the way Rielly has started the season there is no need for Krug in Toronto

  9. Nylander moves in any of these scenarios and is highest paid on the team ?

    A top defenceman is a rare commodity

    Vancouver has possibilities . Gudbranson is the skill set the Leafs need. Add Sutter and Virtanen for Nylander and a draft pick

    • Hi SilverSeven

      See my post above re Van getting WW to play with Petersson … that would be huge for them

      Gudbrandsin + yes

      …but I can’t conceive that Van would give up both Gudbranson AND Virtanen … that just won’t happen IMO

      Now …. if Van wants WW AND also takes Zaitsev off Leafs hands then maybe:

      WW + Zaitsev for

      Gudbranson + Pouliot + mid pick

    • I really feel that a Nylander trade will have to be a very crafty 3 way deal…most likely the D man that the Leafs will purse wont be a deal that a team would make one on one ..due to cap issues and maybe inter Conference situations.

      More teams will need to be involved and Nylander would go to a secondary team in order for the Leafs to land the D man they actually want!

      Remember the Leafs still Have Liljergen Sandin to fit in long term as well!

      They just need a shut down big body guy who can move the puck and plays tough in his own zone.

      They have great depth in puck movers no shut down guys in the system!

      Just a scenario!

      • Kal El

        I am with you on the logic that the best deal with WW (receiving team) and Leafs would be a 3 way multi-player deal.

        Unfortunately the reality of things precludes most logic.

        I love 3 way deals …. but they are very rare and when they do happen it seems more often it is off-season or at TDL.

        Getting 3 GMs to move on a deal right now will be a longshot …. not impossible … but a long shot.

        The 3-way (if it happens) IMO would have to be initiated by the team who is receiving WW.

        The team I see with the greatest need (or perceived long term benefit) for WW is Van (to look towards a decade of pairing WW with Petersson )

        With that in mind …. I’m head scratching to come up with a third team and workable deal.

        No matter what … if Leafs trade WW…. they MUST improve their D long term.

        I’ve resigned to the fact that SC window not open in June of ’19. Any trade improving the D will position Leafs better in playoffs but I just can’t see them, under any moves this year … getting past ALL of: Bos & TBay; AND Pitt or Wsh; AND Nsh or Winn or SJ

        ….. next year is a different story altogether … I just don’t see the SC hoisted by Leafs in June of ’19…. don’t forget I’m a Leafs fan

        Prudent and careful move(s) this year and Leafs IMO have a shot at a couple of SCs over a 5 -6 year period starting in June of ’20

        I realize that my fellow Leafs fans see this differently and believe wholeheartedly that Leafs can hoist SC next June …. it’s just my opinion tho

        I’m off to the nightmare called Costco ; plus other grocery shopping …. so will be out of commission for a few hours…. yikes!!!

  10. Would this work? Seeing how the NHL Radio said they believe 3 teams (St. Louis, Nashville and Winnipeg) are after Nylander…so would this work?

    To Toronto: Parayko
    To St. Louis: Nylander + 2019 1st Round Pick + Rosen

    Toronto gets their much needed D-Dman, St. Louis gets a young star with a huge potential, plus a big Dman who is untapped at the NHL level. Playing with St. Louis’ good core of Dmen, he could end up becoming pretty good. St. Louis has done quite a few good things with ex-Leafs. On top of that, get a 1st rounder out of it to keep their prospect pool full.

    • LeafsAdvocate

      You had me at ” Parayko”… give up the farm for him

      I’ve been watching him for the last few years and truly believe he will be Canada’s top 2D at next Olympics

      Great speed, poise, size .. think Pronger w/o the ‘tude and cheap shots

      Yes yes yes

      …. however …, I can’t see ST L even wildly considering giving him up

      This would have to be much more than WW + 1st + Rosen

      In addition …. StL could not make this deal within their cap … Parayko Cap out and StL would have to sign WW at $6.7M or less just to get under the cap

      …. more Cap has to come from StL to Leafs to make it work

    • @ Leafs advocate

      Blues will not be able to sign Nylander at $8 million even with Parayko moving out not enough room !

    • Like Colton alot just not sure how the whole cap thing works, looking at St.Louis they have $1.3 million in cap space and $2 million or so in the long term injury section…if they can use that it sounds like the numbers will work.

      Though I would take our 1st back and offer a second plus St.louis own 4th round back to them, plus Nylander and Rosen of course.

    • St. Louis isn’t going to pay Nylander $8+ million on a long or short term contract.
      NO ONE in St. Louis makes $8 million – not even Tarasenko in 2022-2023.

      • @ STEVE …LMFAO …

        yes that’s why the Leafs aren’t paying Nylander $8 million either ! NOT WORTH IT!

        His agent and dad screwed him over !

        Way over valued in comparison to the rest of the league ….without Matthews Nylander will struggle …and that is the big worry !

  11. someone help me out here is a contract set on years and amount or can a club say for the 1st year we pay 10 million 2nd year 5 million 3rd year 8 million 4th year 6 mill or does it have to be consistent going down each year if it doesn’t then i don’t see the problem if you someone more this next year less

    • Pengy and I broke this down last week…

      There are only a few teams with the need money and the return going out…

      Ducks seemed to be the team with the most cap and need and players that can be included.

      The more I read though here today the best scenario is a deal that would include Nylander for Manson PLUS or Nylander for Gudbranson PLUS ….both the Ducks and Nucks have the pieces cap room and long term need !

      The Leafs will get back big bodys and a fixed contract that fits and works long term !

      PS… No thank you to Olli Juolevi…

      Leafs have Sandin who is better

      • Gudbranson & Nilsson & 2019 & 2020 2nd picks plus 25% of the salary
        Maybe the Canucks could take on a bad contract as well

        Gonna be hard to get fare market value for a guy who wants be over paid

      • Agree on Anaheim as a trade partner – not sure which defenceman the Ducks would make available.
        Washington tonight may give us a clue – who plays against their best lines?

    • You can set up a contract any way they want but it won’t effect the hit to the salary cap. In your scenario they would add up the entire value of the contract and divide it by the length and that would be the cap hit every year of the contract regardless of what the actual salary the player earned that particular year.

  12. How about vegas as a trade partner for WW.could play with wild bill.they are off to a bad start might want to make a move.
    How about a deal around WW for McNabb +…? Leafs could include Gardiner(pending ufa) retain half salary for Schmidt( pending ufa with 15 games left on his suspension).vegas has lots of trade pieces to make a trade.
    Dont see any team paying WW 8m.he signs bridge deal with leafs or team he is traded to

    • @ moegillknee

      LOVE McNabb …and he was a guy who had stated that I would love to get back in July …but the Knights only gave Karlsson a bridge deal they will need to resign him in and around the $6 – $8 mark as well …plus they just signed Patches as a winger also …are they in need of goals YES …but wingers no …and most likely no cap room for Nylander at $7 or $8 million next year and Karlson as well ….but YES I LOVE McNabb he was very good in playoffs last year and has the right cap hit …just dont think it can get done with money !

      This is why I was saying it may take a 3rd team at this point to get involved !

  13. to Leafs… Leddy, Pullock, Dal Colle
    to Islanders…Nylander, Gardiner, Dermott

    • @ fergy

      I would not trade Dermott… no way!

      Leafs will not re up Gardiner for next year
      ( I HOPE ) no way $6 – $7 million for a GIVE AWAY MACHINE BONE HEAD

      he is trade bait or they will let him walk UFA as Bozak and JVR …

      Dermott will take over for either Hainsey or Gardiner next year …If not this year…way to valuable !

    • Fergy22

      I’m with Kal El on this

      Leafs should not part with Dermott

      • replace Dermott with Rosen does that get it done ? Leddy @ 5.5X4 and Pullock @2milx2 are affordable deals. Dal Colle is the wild card… 5th overall pick in 2014, a big winger who could blossom playing in the top 6 a couple of years from now when Marleau retires.

    • Leddy and prospect to Leafs
      Nylander to Isles

      Do not need Gardiner or Dermott.

  14. Considering this is the same storey day after day and now we add trade rumours to it every day; you cannot forget about the simple fact that it’s been reported Nylander wants $8m per season.
    The Biggest question is not who has the assets or cap space but who is going to give him 7yrs at $8m per? How many teams are on that list?
    Will Toronto be willing to retain salary for Nylander to get a deal done lets say for fun with Carolina to get Slavin who has 7yrs at $5.3 per left on his contract. Sign and trade for 8 at 8 retaining $1.5 per even with this scenario I still think Toronto has to throw in a kicker.

    • @ Caper …LMAO I hear ya …

      Leafs can not retain ANY CAP $$$ …
      even after trading Nylander for what ever ..they will need every available penny for Matthews Marner long term and what ever comes back for Nylander …

      Slavin would be nice ..still not sure he is a shut down guy more of a puck mover again more of the same for Leafs ..but great player !

      2019 – 2020 Future Leafs D pairing …

      1) Rielly
      2) Dermott
      3) Gudbranson OR… Manson
      4) Zaitsev??? OR …Ozhiganov???
      5) Liljergen OR …Sandin

      Food for thought

      • Kal El

        Good with you through #3

        Zaitsev , IMO , is very very costly (play, $’s, Cap) at 4D for Leafs. So much so IMO , that it might be worth it to Leafs to accept slightly less in a WW trade if receiving team willing to to accept Zaitsev in a deal.

        Is there a team out there , with cap space for WW & Zaitz, that would really benefit from WW trade AND willing to do that accepting the punitive Zaitsev burden ?????

        Outside chance at Vancouver maybe ????

        Hard to think of some team that desperate

      • @ Pengy

        My dream would be to unload both Gardiner and Zaitsev both are over valued and over paid give away machines and terrible on the D side of puck!

        in any one of 2 deals I dont see it going along with Nylander especially when you have to sign Willie at $7 plus and then add another $4 and half for either d man …too much money for one team to take on ..Leafs need to move Willie for a D man in that $4 – $5 million range and keep the top 6 intact and be able to have money to sign Magic Marner and Money Matthews

        the weird thing is the team that needs a winger the most is the Oilers ..especially one that they know can play with McDavid after watching what Nylander has done with Matthews !

        Not sure if they can add Nylanders asking price for say a Nurse whom I wish the Leafs could grab out of most suggested deals !

        My top 5 teams for Willie would be:

        Ducks –
        Need youth looking to re build lots of injuries have the room and the D men to make a deal …do they really miss Vatanen!

        V – Nucks –
        In a rebuild need a player to play with Petterson have the cap room long term almost a MUST DO TRADE for Van !

        Wings –
        Need speed youth and to get younger have the room no D man though !..but A. A. and maybe Kronwall for a cup run!

        Oilers –
        Need a legit Winger to play with McDavid or someone is going to get fired real SOON!!…Like real soon!

        Preds –
        Always in for a good in season deal to improve.
        BEST GM in the league has space and players to make it work !
        Has good long term core and assets.

      • Gudbranson?!?!?

        Leafs fan here out in Vancouver. This guy is terrible. Slow, no agility, no offense, injury-prone.

        I don’t care about his draft pedigree (3rd overall).

        He’s barely hanging onto his spot on Vancouver’s woeful blueline.

        Nylander for Dumba, Manson, Montour, or Trouba.

      • @ Pengy

        In regards to the 3 way deal we discussed up top earlier on in the day here is a scenario:

        Rumored that the Oilers
        (among other teams) were looking at Ristolainen are big on him and also need a winger to play with Mc david.

        Leafs… I think… really want Nurse long term!

        Buffalo has a Nylander all ready ….stay with me !

        Ristolainen and Skinner to Oilers

        Skinner might be one of the only players who can skate with McDavid and has great hands and feet as a finisher as well…I think he would sign long term to play with Mc david.

        Nurse and 2 second round picks go to Buffalo.

        Leafs trade Nylander and Gardiner to Buffalo for Nurse and Pomminville( UFA) wont be resigned playoff run only or deadline guy…makes money work!

        Leafs get Nurse and Pomminville will make money work for Buffalo

        Buffalo gets Nylander to play with Eichel
        Nylander signs for the same as what Skinner would have asked for anyways younger and proven to play with top players such as Matthews….need a long term winger for Eichel.

        Gardiner to help quarterback the Power play with Dahlin and play them separate on top 2 D lines as puck movers individually ..Gardiner all ready is the second pairing on Leafs will fit in on Buffalo!

        Dahlin Scandella
        Gardiner McCabe

        Skinner Pomminville and Risto out is
        $ 18 million combined

        Nylander Gardiner $8 million and resign Gardiner at $7 million AVV is $15 million save a combined $3 million on the deal and gives you $3 million in cap room ! After the upgrades !!

        Oilers get Risto and Skinner
        ( Skinner can play and skate with
        Mc david)
        Oilers can can make money work long term next year with Skinner may need to buyout Lucic anyways!

        Leafs get Nurse long term and Pomminville as a stop gap deadline trade guy maybe….can absorb his money short term to make deal work.

        Buffalo Gets Nylander and Gardiner and saves $3 million and has a legit winger with Eichel for the next 8 years .

        Thoughts ??

      • I think Buffalo should stick with what they are building right now. Eichel is playing on a line with Reinhart and Connor Sheary and they are a lot of fun to watch and have been lighting it up. Buffalo isn’t winning anything this year but they have a much better overall roster since Botterill has taken over. He’s been very patient and has added a lot of depth throughout the entire roster without giving up much to get it. I just don’t see him making trades just to make trades or to help the leafs out.

    • How about Nylander and Sandin for Aaron Ekblad? 22 years old and shoots right. Then Florida can trade for Edler or Tanev to make up the difference. The Panthers are much improved but are still a bubble team as far as the playoffs go. The Met will send 5 teams again this year and it will be an absolute war for which ever teams actually do get in.

  15. Send Nylander to Colorado for the 1st overall pick to really stick it to the Senators lol. Won’t happen but it would be funny.

    • And you can guarantee they’ll finish in a spot that “guarantees” them the 1st overall – how?

  16. At this point, I would trade Nylander for a bag of pucks.Would anyone want to have this prima donna in their dressing room?I think not.

    • Why is he a prima dona for trying to be properly compensated for his services? It’s not that he’s not worth what he’s asking for that is the reason for the leafs reluctance, it’s the fact that they also need to fit Mathews and Marner under the cap moving forward. If the leafs didn’t sign Tavares they probably would have given Nylander 7.5-8 for 8 years before the season even started.

    • A large bag of pucks? Say 8 million?

  17. I can see Toronto trading Nylander and one of the ahl Swede defense to Columbus for Murray or Savard with their 1st rd pick, but only if he accepts under 7 million per season.

  18. Nylander perhaps doesn’t want to play for the Toronto Maple 🍁 and if so, just spitballing, Kyle Dubas should circle back to Carolina Hurricanes and ask for what it would take to acquire Brett Pesce – Cliff Pu!??

    William Nylander and someone like Justin Holl..??

    Pesce’s contract alone would provide the Leafs, the much needed cost certainty – for 6 more seasons. He’s able to log difficult minutes. A stay at home defenceman (much needed skill set) etc..https://editorinleaf.com/2017/01/27/toronto-maple-leafs-brett-pesce/
    Cliff Pu is once a London Knight alumni and played with Mitchell Marner. He’s skilled and fits in the timeline of developing – utilizing assets from the system.

    It’s a win win for both clubs. Too bad Nylander is getting ” bad advice ” from rumours not corroborated. But I personally would prefer him as a TML , only time will tell if it is in fact outcome.

    Again I would prefer for Nylander to be a Toronto Maple Leaf going forward.

    This is becoming a distraction and silly/stupid for fans and haters alike… Different day but the same “news” cycle.

    • Yep. And what both sides need to understand is, if the Leafs don’t think he’s worth $8 mil per over a long term, why should any other GM be viewing it differently?

      • George they shouldn’t and that is why when reads some of the comments that say don’t want Nylander at 8 million it is a little light on logic as neither the Leafs nor any team wants him at 8 mil….

        I take that back the only team that wants Nylander at 8 mil. is Team Nylander…and they wouldn’t if it were their money

      • The only way another team gives Nylander 8 mil is if they think he can be a # 1 center. Those teams are not giving up a 1st draft pick because of Jack Hughes. Montreal, Carolina, Vancouver, Arizona and the list goes on. Leafs would take a lesser defenseman if they could get a chance at Hughes.

  19. It’s either garbage or gold…it seems like there are a whole lotta Leaf fans that watch no other team and likely only a Leaf game here and there on HNIC or people who just in general hate the Leafs and admit they don’t watch or want to and some how know all about this guy and his value…Nylander for Gudbranson? Serious? Is Roman Polak not available? I’d take that bag of pucks the guy above thinks Nylander is worth before Gudbranson Then see Nylander for Parayko which is just as ridiculous. Can’t wait to tune in tomorrow if the Leafs don’t score 5 or 6 and shut out the Caps to hear who else should go.

    • I don’t know, Schticky, you can buy a lot of pucks for $8 million…..

      • Pretty sure that 8 million puts more pucks in the net than Gudbranson 4 keeps out, more expensive Polak no thanks

  20. Dear striker.

    How are you?

    I am fine. I decorated for Halloween and shut down my grill. It’s bittersweet. Hope you are well.

    Sincerely, Chrisms

    • Shut down the grill? I hope your not talking a business and if you mean BBQ well that’s just soft man, nothing like a nice steak of some sort in the dead of winter on a nice day

      • Um…. more power to you to grill in the coll. Not my cup-o-tea. Winto time fo soups and chilies and da like. Your wife make you grill in the winter? Snap

      • ….maybe 😒

  21. montour + richie for nylander + brown + ?
    for fun: parayko + o reilly for nylander + gardiner + 1st + prospect 😛 blues are regressing

  22. @assbackwards…shots shots shots shots shots shots…shots shots shots. But I like your enthusiasm!

  23. The quote of the year “the cap goes up”…ok well maybe that’s true but that doesn’t mean you give everyone a huge raise every year, imagine giving Trouba 8 million a year for scoring 25 points or Nylander 10 million for 60.