NHL Rumor Mill – October 16, 2018

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The latest Toronto Maple Leafs speculation in your NHL rumor mill. 

SPORTSNET: Luke Fox recently speculated over some possible Western Conference trade destinations (and their defensive targets) for restricted free agent William Nylander if (“big if”) the Toronto Maple Leafs decide to part ways with him. 

“1. Arizona: Nicklas Hjalmarsson, Jason Demers, Jakob Chychrun
2. Minnesota: Matt Dumba, Jared Spurgeon
3. Anaheim: Josh Manson, Brandon Montour
4. Edmonton: Darnell Nurse (imagine Nylander might be an upgrade on Connor McDavid’s wing from Ty Rattie, and the pressure in Oilersville got heavy fast)
5. Vancouver: Chris Tanev, Alex Edler
6. St. Louis: Colton Parayko”

Could William Nylander sign with a European team if unable to sign a new contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs? (Photo via NHL Images)

Fox said he’s “just spitballing here” and believes the Leafs and Nylander still want to work out a new contract. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Fox isn’t the only person to speculate over possible trade options and blueline targets for the Leafs should they put Nylander on the block. I don’t think there’s a fit with the Coyotes, the Wild won’t part with Dumba and could be reluctant to move Spurgeon, the blueline-thin Oilers won’t move Nurse and the Blues aren’t trading Parayko.

The Ducks could be an option, though they’re currently making do without Corey Perry, Ondrej Kase, Ryan Getzlaf, and Patrick Eaves. As for the Canucks, Tanev is often mentioned as a trade option for the Leafs but his injury history should give them pause. Edler, meanwhile, has a full no-trade and doesn’t seem keen to waive it. 

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: NHL insider Darren Dreger appeared on Toronto’s TSN 1050 yesterday and was asked about a report of a KHL team having a strong interest in Nylander. Dreger isn’t surprised by this, suggesting teams in other European leagues could also have an interest in the 22-year-old forward. However, he thinks those teams believe Nylander and the Leafs will eventually agree to terms.

Still, Dreger acknowledged the Nylander camp might have to consider its options if he’s unsigned by Dec. 1, making him ineligible to play in the NHL for the remainder of the season. The KHL option could at least give Nylander a bit of financial leverage in negotiations with the Leafs. Dreger suggests it might provide the forward “a sense of comfort in having a “Plan B”. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Playing in Europe is a possibility for Nylander but certainly not his top choice. Re-signing with the Leafs remains the priority. Signing with a European team could also depend upon each league’s rules regarding mid-season free-agent signings. 

Dreger was also asked if he could confirm or deny speculation suggesting the Leafs could have interest in Columbus Blue Jackets winger Josh Anderson. He cannot confirm it though he did note Anderson surfaced in trade rumors last fall during his contract standoff with the Blue Jackets. He said there was some talk at that time of the Leafs having “considerable interest” in Anderson. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Anderson speculation came about because of the winger’s recent demotion to the Jackets’ fourth line. The Leafs may have looked at him a year ago but I think their priorities have changed.

The Leafs have Mitch Marner, Kasperi Kapanen, Connor Brown and Andreas Johnsson now skating on the right side, with Nylander usually playing on the right wing when he’s in the lineup. Their concern now is their right-side defense. 



  1. Man I know its early still but Matthews is on fire.

    Now that he and Kasperi seem to be jelling can you imagine adding Nylander to that line and put Marleau down with Kadri.

    I have no idea whats going to happen with Nylander.

    • I think there are 2 bigger stories in the league other than Nylander that’s for sure
      he isn’t even a story anymore ..Leafs don’t need him at all or an $8 million dollar albatross contract…for the same points Kappy can put up playing with Matthews at 5 million less….even Hyman had a career year with Matthews.

      Regardless …having gone through hell as a Lea fan the past 15 years its really nice to watch the talent that is on the ice right now ..just WOW ..no Leaf fan should have to apologize to anyone for being excited..its been a lengthy and PROPER process …one that has taken a long time!

      There are other stories out there that are playing out that are pretty important IMO

      2 Bigger stories is who is going to land Bobrovsky its not often an elite or arguably the best goalie in the world present day could be available, who ever has set themselves up for a serious run at the cup and gets him will place themselves as a front runner this year….a team like the Blues, Avs or Oilers could really get a huge boost in that area and go on a tear.

      The other story is in Pitt.. when is it time to rebuild in Pittsburgh ..how much longer can you go with Malkin Letang Kessel carrying $24 million in cap as they get up there, a lot of the younger players got pushed out via trade and cap concerns like a Connor Sheary not resigning Kunitz was a big mistake, now he is a $1 million dollar guy who Crosby is bleeding to play with.
      Is Malkin going to retire a PEN as not to do to him what they did to Jagr??

      Just thought id mention a few other things outside Leafs Nation…IMO ..Nylander is no longer needed in any way on that team…and not really even a discussion anymore …leafs would not trade any player to bring in an $8 milllion dollar winger as there is no need so why sign one who is an RFA 🙂


      • Kal El

        Concur w.r.t. to WW — see my post below

        Crosby and Malkin will retire as Pens . Outside chance that Malkin after NHL retirement, then plays a year or two in KHL.

        Letang— prob play as Pen until the end of current contract– slight chance of a trade

        I’ve advocated many times to trade PK

        IMO (and I’ve posted many times before)— he reached his peak in June. A trade in July would have netted a very good return.

        I was hoping for a trade of PK for a solid D upgrade +; and to stay away from JJ— you know the end result

        The key thing to remember is that PK MUST be protected in the expansion draft (at the expense of potentially giving away an up and coming young player—- not good!!!)

        Busy again with many meetings today (and for the next few weeks). This will be my last post for a few hours (if not for the whole day)


      • Again, there is no story in Pittsburgh. Yes Crosby, Malkin, Letang, And Kessel are in their early 30s but they are 4 of the best conditioned players in the league. Crosby can play at a high level into his 40s. Malkin will play out his contract, maybe sign for 2 more years and then for back to Metallurg and play out his days. Letang is one hit away from the end of his career but so are a lot of players. Kessel still playing at a high level. They have good young players that still are going to get better. Even without Shultz they are a top 5 team in the league. Why are you so obsessed with tearing it down? This is what you build a good team for so you can be a contender for 15 years or so. If it looked bad then maybe but they are fine, wait until they hit their usual groove in January and again in March they will look unbeatable.

      • No story in Kal. I don’t know where that is coming from. The Pens are fine and will stay the course for the next 3-5 years.

      • 15 years?
        My brother’s have been Leaf fans since the early 70’s.
        You wanna talk about suffering.
        I admire them for sticking with em though.
        That’s part of the Leaf fan base I respect.
        You Johnny come lately guys are oblivious to the obvious and its comical to say the least.
        Temper your expectations…..you make yourself look silly and ignorant.

    • They won’t get many of those dmen for just Nylander, they will have to add one of Dermott, Liljgren, or Sandin and a first round pick.

      • Yes, Nylander won’t land Parayko or Dumba straight up but to suggest that the leafs need to add Liljgren and a first is absurd.
        Lets have a look at what Karlsson got, shall we?

      • Just noticed your comment said ‘many’ of those defensemen……so ridiculous

      • I appreciate your response to the Penguins troubles i posted.

        I really disagree with the PITT situation…

        they need to start injecting youth and get rid of some serious CAP after thus year …or they will see the new NHL blow by them in a hurray …just like the LA Kings …I think they are in serious trouble over the next few years if they do not make some bigger moves and move out money and move in youth!

        Time will tell …but it looks like time is going to catch up quicker than later!

        Jst an FYI …Iam a huge Crosby fan and Pitt is my defacto team to the Leafs so no hating going on here ….just see a really big need for a different future there…really soon!

      • Definitely have to add something with nylander to get many of those dmen, nylander wants the money and teams are going to make sure they don’t get burned by it. To say look at what karlsson got is ridiculous makes no sense he is a rental

      • I actually agree with you Bigbadbruins, which is not often or ever really.
        Would need to add to Nylander for some of those defensemen (Dumba, Parayko and Nurse) but it wont be one of the best D prospects in the Leafs system AND a 1st.

        How is the major movement of a defensive piece not a comparable? I see that you are focusing on the FA part but completely ignoring that an IMPACT defenseman was moved. Lets not overlook the fact that there are FA’s in the list noted in the original post too.

      • Kal el. No. Pens have a nearly octogenarian gm, owners that can walk away significantly richer, and stars still in their (end in sight) prime. They don’t worry about a rebuild for several years if that. Gmjr will go for cup or bust until he retires or dies. Ron and Mario will ride out this window and then sell at least parts off the team. Pens will fall back to mediocrity for some time. One cup is worth that. Three? Hell yeah.

        So no. No story here. Move on folks. Nothing to see

      • Tax Karlsson was on an expiring contract and I’m not sure if you noticed the pieces the sens got back are doing just fine.tierny is leading the team in points. Bakcers is 2nd in Belleville.

  2. He’s scored a lot of points. Is also only a plus one. Leafs hockey has been entertaining, and they have done a better job of scoring than their opponents. Really if they’re going to win that’s the only way they can do it. Not bashing the Leafs, they’re great for fantasy hockey drafts but temper the cup aspirations as when the sticks get gripped tighter it may be a different story.

    • Yep. As I keep saying, it’s October folks and while the points gained now (and in November) are just as important as those gained later in the season, it’s a totally different game by mid-December on.

      • Good night for Canadian teams in the East and, in fairness, the Leafs have been better defensively in the last couple of games. The effort from Sparks last night is another good sign, George.

      • Oh to be sure. Maybe Andersen isn’t out long term, but even so, after a so-so camp it was important for Sparks to get a solid game under his belt. One has to wonder about L.A., however, going 0-2 with 2 goals for and 9 against against Ottawa and Toronto in games where they seemed unable to locate the ocean from the shoreline. Again, though, it’s early stuff and I’ve been watching NHL hockey in one form or another since frikken 1950 to know it’s wise not to get too excited – or down – at this stage.

      • George

        Concur and I will add— it is a completely different game in the playoffs.

        I believe Leafs will do absolutely fine throughout reg season. Many high scoring games.

        I’m still believing that they have no chance of SC this year w/o D upgrade (because the playoffs so rarely have 6-5 games— much much much more reliant on D).

        As at now, with current D and anything in their system—- I just can’t see Leafs getting by:

        Boston ADD TBay


        Pitt OR Wsh


        Winn OR Nsh OR SJ

        D upgrade please

      • @ George and Pengy

        More Leafs stuff ..LOl …

        Just an FYI …the last Cup win by Pittsburgh when they picked up Ron Hainsey for the cup …that defense had no business winning the Cup …not to mention the Preds had one of the most potent offenses in the League with the ABSOLUTE BEST D CORE in the NHL and Pekka Rinne in goal …yet the Pens WON.
        The Penguins D were minus Letang the entire playoffs and had mostly 3rd and 4th pairing guys as the #1 #2 ..but they won …if the Leafs had that D core we would be apalled and say that its the worst D in the league …but the Pens won the Cup …Just saying !

        Do I think the leafs need an upgrade at D …1000% but it will be hard to do ! but what they have now was better than what the Pens Iced in 2016 – 2017.

        And also to leave you with this …When Chicago won their first Cup with Toews and Kane …Niemi had the most goals against average in the playoffs in History for a winning cup tendy…yet they still won the Cup then too!

        I am not saying that this D is great but it can be done…with a high quality offense…and it has !

      • Kal el Pitts defense was way better than Toronto’s don’t kid yourself and hainsey was what 4 yrs younger? The leafs d is terrible they get running around like crazy and their goalies get peppered, don’t forget the whistles go away in the playoffs and the leafs aren’t exactly lighting it up 5 on 5

      • @ big bad bruins

        Really… Pittss defence was better 2 years ago ..

        This ( below ) is a Stanley Cup D core …apparently it is ..but not one any Gm would think was going to win a cup

        …LOL …Come on !! SERIOUSLY !

        Brian Dumoulin
        Steve Olesky
        Chad Rudwhel
        Trovor Daley
        Cam Gaunce
        Ian Cole
        Justin Shutlz
        Derrick Pouliott
        Olli Matta

  3. I don’t think Anderson being on the 4th line is a demotion as much as it’s just the Torts “Line Blender” (patent pending) looking to increase scoring on all but the first line.

  4. Everybody has an excuse for why the Leafs are doing well. Does it really matter how many goals you allow if you keep on WINNING? I mean, you guys are so desperate to find any negative you can. The Leafs are off to a pretty impressive 6-1 start, and Matthews is leading the league in scoring, and here you are complaining about his +/-?

    • I have been a Leaf hater since the late 70’s, but even I tune in to watch them when I can now.
      They’ve got some fine players on the team.
      I just don’t understand the hate for Gardiner.
      Pair him with a guy who plays straight D and watch him flourish.
      He’s similar to Krug, who also needs a partner to hold down the fort while he’s trying to generate offense.
      IMO, the Leafs are only 2 or 3 peices away from being a legit contender, and I mini vomit every time I think about it.

      • @ shoreorrpark

        Just an FYI on Gardiner …as you say you have not watched much leaf hockey over the years …and itsobvious when you praise Gardiner for watching him play 1 quality game…I can assure you that over his tenure …he has been a giveaway machine is too soft in the corners and in front of his net as well and causes turn overs galore up the middle of the ice in most of his average games ….he has amazing feet foot speed and a really high quality shot on the PP from the blue line sometimes …but it all gets washed away with his turn overs soft play and give aways on most nights ..IMO

        It should be any hockey fans ambition to watch amazing players create history or play amazing hockey at any stretch regardless of the team …The Kessel Phaneuf years were the worst to watch ..I AGREE ..I hated to watch that!

        But Iam a big fan of watching high quality players regardless of team or colors …Huge fan of Crosby still …love to watch the Line of Pastrnak Bergeron and Marchand
        ( even though a Leafs fan )
        Love to watch Holtby & OVI play his heart out and win a Cup after so many years …but Iam not an OVI fan ..but its history and it was great to watch.

        Leaf fans… IMO …are the biggest Hockey fans of all teams in the end and they love to watch quality hockey regardless of team loves or dislikes..at least thats what I think ..but who am I

      • Kal El.
        You made a lot of assumptions in that post.
        All of them are incorrect.
        I’ve watched plenty of Leaf games over the last several decades.
        My assessment of Jake is closer than yours.
        He’s high risk, high reward and needs a compatible partner to offset the mistakes that inevitably come with that style of play.
        He’s better than you think.
        Love how everyone is on the Kappy train this year.
        Last year you all were ready to dump him for FA.
        Just an observation from an old hand.

      • @ Shoreorrpark …

        I am sorry I disagree …100% you need to watch him more closely and star a count on a piece of paper by your side for his giveaways and how soft he plays …sorry …I disagree…completely …he gives up way the puck way to much …and he is way to soft as ive stated ..Iam not assuming anything …it is what it is !

      • Nah, you’re wrong, and that’s ok.
        We can agree to disagree.
        I’m thinking you’re basing your argument on last years witch hunt after their untimely exit.

      • Agreed. .good post!..if gards had a more responsible dman to paired with he’d look better for sure. Last year Brent burns give aways 153..Karlsson 106..doughty 86..Gardiner 82..actually I think he was 17th..in give aways. .just saying! Lol

    • yes it’s like they”re trying to curse them i always reverse the curse

  5. Complaining no. Pointing out a relative number in relation to his overall performance yes. I didnt knock the Leafs, and I am not looking for negatives. Very glad I took Matthews and Reilly in my fantasy league. I only said to temper the expectations and nothing more. Winning is winning. Locking them down becomes more pertinent as the season goes on. That is all I am saying. Feel free to whine about this post too.

    • You got it DC. Those high on early season results are, for example, always the easiest targets in any fantasy pool, whether it be hockey or baseball. And if it’s their team of choice they simply are not open to anything they deem criticism – unwilling to separate that from caution. If this early season trend continues in say, Ottawa, Toronto and New Jersey by mid- to late-December, then the caution becomes irrelevant.

      • I think its ridiculous to compare the ambitions of a few players as individuals or crticize something that is going on that is so special because of how it effects a fantasy pool or you hate Leaf fans or the team…LMAO

        Last year NHL players were talking about McDavid scoring 100 Goals how crazy is that talk …they didnt even make the playoffs !

        Its pretty simple the Leafs and Matthews are on FRICKEN fire ..so be it that its less than ten games in …they are steam rolling and last night was an amazing complete game from the Net out ..the D weer very sound and closed gaps very well …and finally the Leafs scored on Doughty TWICE …lol the first time this year on the Kings blue liner…to not even give KUDOS or recognize how talented this team is ..is ignorance ..I KNOW IAM going to get roasted because people have been chomping at the bit to ROAST me because they dont like what I say or my opinion ..but this is something special going on here …OBVIOUSLY only one Team can win the cup sometimes its the best team and sometimes its a journey man team …it should not disparage the accomplishments of what is happening present day …just to bring up a point that PLAYOFF Hockey is different …of course it is …The Caps had better teams iced in many season prior to winning the Cup….and every pundit had OVI traded out of there 4 years ago ….so lets just call a spade a spade here and celebrate how good the Hockey has been …the Leafs are legit and you may not see a team like this again in years time !!

      • Du calme, mon ami. Du calme. Take a deep, deep breath. NOBODY here is downplaying what they have accomplished so far. NOBODY. All some of us are saying is, it’s early season stuff and the history books are festooned with teams off to blazing starts who later fizzled for various reasons. I, for one, am NOT saying they will – or won’t – fizzle – just advising caution. Oct-Nov hockey can be misleading as hell and, for the record, I recall saying the same things when Ottawa began a season a few years back that had some zealots talking about breaking Montreal’s record for fewest losses in a season. I believe they damned near missed the playoffs that year and even fired the coach at some point.

      • Kal El enjoy your leafs and leave the whining at the door.

      • By the way that was the 2007-08 Ottawa Senators who went 13-1-0 to start and finished at 43-31-8, losing to Pittsburgh 4 straight in the opening round of the playoffs after just qualifying.

        The 1993-94 Leafs went 12-1-3 before finishing at 43-29-12, 2 points back of Detroit before losing the conference finals to Vancouver in 5 games. That year they went 10 – 0 and outscored the opposition 45-19 with the likes of Clark, Gilmour, Andreychuk.

        The 2006-07 Buffalo Sabres went 15-1-1, before finishing 53-22-7, ultimately losing the conference final to Ottawa in 5 games.

        There are many more similar examples, just as there are many equally hot starts where teams went all the way to the cup. Bottom line – we just never know for sure.

      • Man. When I woke up this morning, my first thought was how long will it take this thing to shrink down until I can pee…. then it was definitely I can’t wait to roast kal el.

      • I hear ya – sometimes, in the morning, when I’m sipping my first cuppa and look at the subject matter, I think of all the people I’m gonna inadvertently piss off today … and I smile

  6. Re the post on WW and trade for D above:

    Arizona: Nicklas Hjalmarsson, Jason Demers, Jakob Chychrun– agree — none are a proper fit

    Minnesota: Matt Dumba (a dream but not happening), Jared Spurgeon— fair but don’t see the move happening

    Edmonton: Darnell Nurse — yes WW with McD would be a big draw for them— would love Nurse in Blue and White— for GMPC to trade Nurse; he’d have to be a Moron. Oh wait….

    Vancouver: Chris Tanev, Alex Edler— don’t see them as the best fit. Leafs need a younger D coming back.

    St. Louis: Colton Parayko— Uh — hello— this is my penultimate dream — Parayko as a Leaf or Pen. GMPC may be a moron that could in a high pressure situation, let go of Nurse. Armstrong is absolutely no fool— not a chance Parayko leaving St Louis in next couple of years.

    Anaheim: — this is where I see a possibility.
    Many forwards are injurred now. They seem to be doing OK but this will be tough to keep up. WW would be a good fit there.

    Manson and Montour have similar numbers but Montour I believe is rising faster in development and I believe he will be better down the road.

    Manson is 2 1/2 years older and bigger and more rugged. Montour is quicker and as I’ve said— on the rise

    I repeat my previously stated suggested trade:

    WW + Gardner + sundry picks to balance


    Ritchie + Manson/Montour + sundry picks to balance

    Trade off of RFA hold outs. Leafs will get a bigger , more rugged 3rd line winger (who could develop down the road into a 2 line winger) at much cheaper Sal/Cap, for providing An with a top line winger

    Leafs get a young top 4 D on the rise and at reasonable cap hit for UFA D that I don’t believe they can (regarding cap) re-sign for next year.

    • @ Caper …

      I expected as much especially from a daily poster as yourself…and that’s fine ….not whinning at all…sorry you see like that !

      In regards to your Kappy post …he will most likely be a Josh Morrisey type situation….IMO.

      If Leafs move Nylander than most likely they may look to give him a longer term deal at half the price of Nylander to fill the roll and control the Cap better.
      It may be a deal like Rielly or Kardi type sitaution if other than the bridge deal.

      Kappy can be kept and or traded anywhere in the $4 – $5 million dollar range for his service at any time there after if need be!
      They will have money available after Marleau departs in another year and a need for a quality young winger …I would not be surprised at all …if at the end of Marleau contract he signs for one more year at the league minimum of $1 million depending on how things go.

    • Didnt Burkie get Gardiner originally from the Ducks?

      • Yes.. with Lupul, for Francois Beauchemin.

  7. Has the play of Kasper Kapanen made Nylander expendable?
    With 4g and 4a in 7 games he has certainly played well, last season he finished with 7g 2a for 9pts in 38 games he is only 1pt behind last year total with 31 games less played, the caveat with Kapanen play is he’s also an rfa at season end.

    • Not exactly, but the hold out from Nylander isn’t going well with Leafs fans.
      Its absolutely his right to ask for what he wants, but as a fan, my concern is the Leafs and not Nylander, which is why I’m perfectly ok with moving on from him.
      He isn’t expendable but is replaceable as long as it shores up the D. I would hate to lose him for nothing

    • Maybe leading that way but I don’t see how Nylander really holds any value as an asset with no contract, even with Kapanen playing aswell as he is I believe that a guy like Dubas who uses analytics in some different ways other than just a “stats” guy will undoubtedly realize this concept of asset management, same as (for better or worse) chosing a young back up like Sparks over an older experienced o one who tho great has a shorter career ahead who knows, but what’s to say that Nylander doesn’t end up staying if the team thinks he is the player he is and they don’t use a Kadri or a Kapanen as the trade chip to address an issue?

      • And while on the topic of Western teams what about a team like Vegas that has cap room just lost their big ufa signing in Stastny for a significant period of time near the bottom of the league in scoring and would have the assets to make a deal after stumbling a bit out of the gate?

  8. No way are the Oilers trading Nurse for the exact reason Lyle said. They have no one to bring up to replace him.

    Anaheim has no cap space to sign Nylander.

    Minnesota would be able to make cap space IF they trade Dumba, which Lyle said Minny wouldn’t do or, Spurgeon.
    Spurgeon does have a 10 team no trade list so, he would have to have Toronto on his accepted team list to get traded there.

    St. Louis zero cap space left. Move on.

    Arizona could take on Nylander and an extension. Although IMO Chychrun would not be part of the deal. Hjalmarsson and Demers do have M-MTC’s so they would need to have Toronto on their accepted trade destination list.

    I would think Vancouver would love to add Nylander to their forward group. However Tanev and Edler would be the small part coming back and would only be a short term fix on Toronto’s blue line. So, there would need to be a bigger part added by Vancouver in either high draft picks or high end prospects.

    In my opinion the best team for the Leafs to make a deal with for a d-man is Nashville. Although do you really want a rookie GM negotiate a deal with Poile?

  9. I thought the new Russian defense man (can’t spell his name) and Lindholm as a left winger… played good professional games last night….especially Lindholm

    The Nylander stuff will continue as the team playing well without him…but think it through Leaf fans (I’m one)..while making him more readily available it simultaneously reduces his value to others….if the Leafs are getting along without him…other teams will ask themselves…why do we need him so badly

    • Especially at $8 mil per long-term! They, as with the Leafs, may like him – but not at that price.

      • Today $8M looks a lot but as I said before a 22yr old putting up 50+ points in his first full two seasons isn’t done often and if you sign him for 8 yrs the contract will be over when he’s 30. So if prime peak yrs are 26-28, $8m might be considered cheap if he matches what many project him to be. I think $8m is it is in fact that number, might be a bit high for a second contract but it does cover his peak years so it’s a choice of two evils really.

      • Good points Ron.

      • Definitely good points – just that the Leafs clearly don’t see it that way, and if those are all valid points can you blame him for saying “no thanks” to what he perceives as a low-ball offer simply because he’s first up and so reluctant to be the cap sacrifice?

  10. The other GM’s are loving Dubas’s stand – it is and should always be “pay a player for what he has done and not what he will do”. Despite the NHL’s turn towards a young man’s league, less than 2.5 years of work doesn’t constitute 8 million a year.

    Nylander’s camp will realize over the next week that a bridge deal is their next play and he will be signed and playing before Halloween…

    With each point that Kapanen gets with Matthews – their chemistry increases, Dubas’s leverage increases and Nylander’s relevance decreases – and has people wondering is he really that good or is he a product of Matthew’s abilities (if you look at the stats he IS really that good by the way)…

    Lifetime Leaf fan but i’m cautiously optimistic about this year – I agree with George – it’s great and exciting to watch them play this well in October but I’d rather it be the start of March where they’re clicking on all cylinders…

    3 things win The Cup:

    1. Hitting your stride as a team at the end of March, beginning of April

    2. Staying healthy through the playoffs

    3. Riding your hot goaltender through the playoffs…

    • Ummm… no. Pay a player for what they done and not what they can do are how contracts like backes, Kesler, okposo, lucid, ryan, etc. get signed. I’d rather have nylander at 8 than any of those contracts.

      • @ chrisms …

        really appreciate your piss comments …thx for the insults ..very kind ..it seems as if with your talk that’s the best you can do is …INSULT ..GREAT STUFF DUDE…thats usually the best a person can do when they are of a febil mind….or have nothing to contribute …

        JUST an FYI …how do you know that Nylander doesn’t end up like one of those contracts ..???
        Especially when he is traded and doesnt have Matthews to play with !

      • Go home Kal El, you’re drunk.

      • @ Shoreorrpark

        LMFA….your a leaf hater who thinks Jake Gardiner is a quality D man who …so Iam on board with you about how bad the D are in some areas …and you tell me Iam drunk …your drunk if you think Gardiner is a keeper…PLEASE!
        Giveaway machine

        I am getting ribbed and told to go home for talking truths …

        Give me a break

      • Man. What’s with the persecution complex today? It’s kinda creepy.

      • Seriously. I’d rather bet on nylander being worth 8 than a player in his late twenties early thirties being worth it. Now leafs can’t afford 8 cause Mathews is gonna get more than mcdavid and Marner at least 8. Not saying they should sign him to it. But gotta give nylander props for having the balls to use what little leverage he has.

        Are you drunk? The attempt to manufacture a story with the pens… the weird capitalization of your posts, the embarrassing attempt to demean people who would dare contradict you…

        If your not drunk maybe you should get there quick

      • Kal El.
        You would hard pressed to find me insulting the Leafs defense anywhere on the net.
        You are wrong about many, many things daily.
        From the state of affairs in Pittsburgh to Jake G.
        Now you’re just reeling and playing the victim.
        I hate to say this, but its quite typical from some of your fan base.
        Reason # 89 why I despise the Leafs.
        Sit back for a minute and think about your posts.
        I also added a JK (just kidding).
        You missed that along the way.

      • Kal the past few days you didn’t have a clue who Josh Anderson was despite watching all this hockey then call him a “Hyman” type guy instead of
        just saying he is tough or rugged or using just about any other guy of the many that plays a bit heavier or can grind it out type of a game you called Laine a 3rd line player because you didn’t really have any idea, you complain when someone says something bad about the Leafs and argue with them if they are complimentary of them, rant about Nylander daily then say let’s stop talking about Nylander….maybe your “truths” are not the reason you are getting ribbed? Just say’n

      • My high school pimp name was busta hyman…

        So there’s that.

      • Like the highschool you attended or the one you’re no longer allowed 300 meters from?

      • Are we about to lose Kal two weeks after we lost Striker? Don’t know about you guys but I miss Striker’s insight.

      • Ha sticky!

        Don’t miss striker but it was lame-o people kept ripping on him when he wasn’t even posting

    • Giving Nylander his asking price would put him into the top 30- 35 highest players in the league present day …id have to say no to that as well.

      everyone here talks about over valuing …that’s over valuing..IMO …he is not a top 30 player in the league.

      Draistil rounds out the top 20 in the NHL

      Kapenens second goal is why you will not need to sign Nylander to $8 million as well.


      Its plain and simple …they just can not afford him at $8million its the math really !

  11. Leaf fans think the Nylander signing is a mess wait until Mathews and Marner start negotiations. Toronto has to hold firm with all three or pay two what they want and trade one. What they can’t do is trade one for another young star who will want a huge payday also. Better to get a lesser player with a good contract. One thing for sure is that it will get interesting.

    • Dubas is about to be hit squarely between the eyes by cap reality and, if Kapanen continues to shine playing alongside Matthews and more than fills the gap left behind by Nylander, as Caper says above he’s another RFA next year who MAY (not saying WILL) – may be reluctant to sign at a low-ball offer.

      • Yes, and I’m loving it.
        How’s the Shanaplan going to work going forward?
        These kids are not the same as their predecessors.
        It’s all business nowadays.
        Everyone wants their percieved worth and its gonna mean moving guys or guys are gonna ask to be moved where they don’t have to take a Shanny discount.
        It’s reality.
        Get ready for it, cause it’s already here.
        Think Matthews isn’t gonna break the bank?
        Lol. Think again.

      • Lol Shanny might have used the absolute worst example when he was talking about financial sacrifices with regards to that Wings team he was on, boy oh boy foot meet mouth. Teams like that Wings team are the very reason there’s a cap, and he was one of the top paid guys on it and again some would argue an overpaid part of it

      • So true Shticky.

      • 62 million bucks in 2002 in payroll for that first cup Shanny made more than Yzerman Chellios put together but do go on Mr Shanahan

      • I hope Kappy scores 70 -80 points, but that doesn’t mean he will get 7+ million. That’s means he get 4 to 4.5 over 2 to 4 years. That’s why you have to stay the course with Nylander and not over pay.

      • Well,see, there’s a huge difference between what you say is “over-pay” and what he and his agent sees as reasonable. In playoff hockey – where it really counts (unlike Oct-Nov 7-goal blowouts when stats are padded), Matthews, Nylander and Marner have all played 13 games with Matthews logging 5g 2a 7 pts, Nylander 2g 6a 8ts and Marner outpacing both with 3g 10a 13 pts. Kadri, to use another example, has 17 playoff games under his belt and has contributed 2g 6a 8 pts – but you can bet his nose will be WAY out of joint when he sees Matthews and Marner signing for around $20 mil combined long-term while he works for $4.5 to 2022-23. Nylander and his agent, meanwhile, see his playoff stats at least as good as those of Matthews.

        Perception can be a bitch when it comes to signing on the dotted line.

      • My point exactly George, I’m not sure Shanny does. He looks at it like and seems like he relatable because he didn’t make that kinda money but in reality 62 million in an NHL Salary 15 years ago before a cap the wings paid 62 million in NHL Salary, after a lock out what was the ceiling? 40 mill? It was 22 mill above it take a look at the difference to pretty much every team aside 3 they were by far one of the worst offenders lol and he was the 3rd highest paid player with the likes ofChellios Lidstrom Yzerman… relatable it’s anything but don’t get me wrong I love the way things have gone and that’s kinda why I have kept quiet but I like to think I’m pretty reasonable and some of the show going on from MLSE and this kid is kinda ridiculous really but a young GM he is probably trying to make a point of strength early I get it but just keep Shanny out of it and quiet when it comes to money please

      • Perspective, something some people seem to lack in, been guilty of it myself trying to keep that in mind lol

  12. General comment looking for feedback…why do these 31 GMs have such a hard time making trades…you look across the league and see teams without enough offense….and others without enough defense….yet they seldom make trades…are they afraid of risk….or do they fear looking like they a trade…..or have they become hockey bureaucrats..I surprised they don’t get more pressure from losing owners….. the edges…a long the lines of for Chri**ts sake do something

    Is there something systemic I am missing…Honestly curious why they don’t do more when 30 of 31 them are bound to lose….

    • The cap is a whole different animal than these cats are used to dealing with.
      Kids don’t want to move around and have more control then in years past.
      I’d love to see a blockbuster myself….just cant fathom how it will happen though.
      Great topic of discussion OBD.

    • I’d trade Superman (Kal El) for Striker 7 days a week.

      • Yeah, Striker and I are like oil and water and often get on one another’s nerves … but he can certainly generate a realistic debate without letting team preference rise to the surface with every post.

    • Really good point OBD. Looking around the league:
      Arizona can’t score.
      Dallas is a one line team.
      Oilers are a one man team
      Calgary has had it’s issues with scoring.
      Vegas can’t get depth contributions like they did last year
      Kings are slow and need speed and scoring

      Interestingly, all of these teams have defensive pieces that the leafs would be interested in.

      Taxes are lower in Arizona, Vegas and Dallas and they would be able to sign Nylander for lower than what the Leafs may.

      • That’s the list of teams I see him heading to.
        Plus Fla and Phi.
        They’re gonna have to sign him to close to what he’s asking for and then ship him out right away.
        The only problem is no one is going to offer a fair deal for him because no one has to.
        I’d throw Dubas a anchor before I’d throw him a life persevere in this situation.
        Same thing goes for the RFA’s next year.
        I’d dare say the other 30 GM’s think the same way.

  13. forgive the typos guys….a human being just like the 31 GMs…. capable of errors

  14. Matthews is already the best player in league history, he will break Gretzkys record of 92 goals.

    • Book it!
      He is a special player though.

    • Isn’t that a quote from his high school yearbook?

    • it will be short lived since Palmieri is on pace for 164 goals which will obviously be the real record!

  15. Frick the oilers need to do something…. something’s gotta give and we all know PC is in the hot seat.

    I fret he does something dumb. Again.

    Hey Lyle, any chance you think McDavid one or maybe two years down the road if there’s no improvement he privately asks for a trade??

    Honestly as an Oiler fan I wouldn’t blame him, and he seems classy enough to keep hush hush about it.


    • Lol. Trust the system.

  16. My 2 cents. Lyle mentioned the other day Rangers trading Skjei for Nylander. If I’m Gorton I think about it. Skjei would be good for Toronto. He’s signed long term at a decent cap hit. Good size, good skater. Rangers taking a guy who instantly upgrades their offense. Fits into rebuild. Don’t know where the 8 mil ask comes from or how true, but definitely too steep. I’d give him long term but less per. Rangers also have Staal and Smith under contract for another 2 years with a bunch of other young, left handed d men that’ll be moving into lineup next few years. Even if they chase Panarin next summer, Nylander would be a good add now. Early predictions: Pitt and NJ miss playoffs- Fla and Canes in!!

    • Nylander and the Breadman on Broadway would instantly make the Rangers on my top couple teams I really like to watch…I may have to drop the Devils down the list a notch poor Oilers fans (honestly)

      • Well Shticky, Oilers fans didn’t have the decency to blush when they kept getting all those # 1s year after year. I guess all that “good luck” has to be balanced with some unwanted crap – and they’ve been getting that in spades.

    • Mmmmm – I don’t know – I think the Rangers don’t trade Skjei the same way Ottawa doesn’t deal Chabot – not unless they are overwhelmed. I mean, the guy’s 6′ 3″ 215 lbs and a damned good D-man. If they, too, are rebuilding, they have to follow the proven road to eventual success – and that’s to do it from the back end out. Solid D are a lot harder to find – and develop – than scoring wingers.

      • Not a comment one way or another on the idea of the trade it would depend on Soo much it’s not really worth getting in to purely a comment on 2 guys that could be a whole lotta fun to watch play hockey together lol that’s another can of worms

      • My thoughts exactly.
        Good idea though.

      • Kinda sad I never got to actually ask striker how that deal is looking after months of him spouting off about his D formula for success…I’m trying to be a kinder gentler Shticky this time for the most part I’ll respond to a few but man that guy…lol jk come back striker take my advice don’t get worked up about it it’s fun and easy don’t read peeps who goad ya on and all is good look at me… I’m back baby. (But seriously keep the posts down)

      • Hey wait a second didn’t the Oilers dump a top line winger for a D because they had options and a great center that could use some grit to be more playoff like?

      • George, I like Skjei, but as I said, something Gorton should look hard at. Rangers have acquired a few talented left d men through trade and draft in last year. ( Hajek, Lindgren, and Keandre Miller) Not deep on winger prospects and will probably be moving Zucharello at deadline. Not sure how much interest Leafs would have, but I think could be a good move for NY