NHL Rumor Mill – October 24, 2018

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Updates on William Nylander, Jacob Trouba, Alec Martinez and Sam Bennett in your NHL rumor mill.


TSN: Pierre LeBrun believes there’s a “sense of optimism” regarding a possible end to the contract standoff between the Toronto Maple Leafs and forward William Nylander following recent meetings between Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas and Nylander’s agent Lewis Gross. He said long- and short-term deals are being discussed, though he feels there’s a gap to be overcome and more work to be done.

Bob McKenzie took note of the recent rise in Nylander trade rumors. While the Leafs maintain they’re not trading the young forward that isn’t stopping people from speculating over a possible trade. “And way way-way down the road that might be an option, but this is not even something that’s being considered,” said McKenzie.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The ongoing impasse between the Leafs and Nylander combined with the Dec. 1 deadline to re-sign him is stoking the trade chatter among some media observers. While I don’t doubt the Leafs determination to keep Nylander, the longer he’s without a new contract the more that trade speculation will grow. 


Don’t expect Winnipeg Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba to be traded this season. (Photo via NHL Images)

Darren Dreger believes it’s a long shot to expect the Winnipeg Jets to trade defenseman Jacob Trouba before this season’s trade deadline as he’s too valuable their pursuit of the Stanley Cup this season. Trouba will be a restricted free agent with arbitration rights next summer. The Jets face a potential salary-cap crunch for next season with Patrik Laine and Kyle Connor also due for big raises.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Based on Trouba’s contentious contract negotiation history it’s expected the Jets will trade him next summer. Unless the Jets collapse in the standings before next February’s trade deadline, he won’t be dealt this season. 


Dreger said some observers feel Los Angeles Kings head coach John Stevens is in the hot seat over his club’s poor start but feels GM Rob Blake doesn’t want to make replacing his coach to be his first move. “There’s been speculation around Alec Martinez as a trade possibility but I think that Blake needs his best players to be better first before he does anything drastic,” said Dreger.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Martinez’s name also popped up early last season when the Kings went through a rough patch. I don’t think it’s a case of the Kings’ best players having to be better so much as it’s simply an aging core built for a slower, more physical style struggling to adjust to a faster-paced game. A coaching change probably won’t help but it’s a more likely option than swinging a major trade at this point. I don’t see Martinez, or any of the Kings’ other core players, being traded right now. 


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Dreger also appeared yesterday on Montreal’s TSN 690 discussing the trade speculation that sometimes swirls around Calgary Flames forward Sam Bennett. He points out Flames GM Brad Treliving always rolls his eyes and quickly shoots down those rumors whenever they pop up. Given Bennett’s youth, Dreger feels Treliving is reluctant to give up on him at this point. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I’ve noted earlier this season, Treliving may be willing to remain patient with Bennett but his tolerance isn’t limitless. If Bennett doesn’t improve this season, Treliving might be willing to entertain trade offers next summer. 



  1. I think with Bennett the expections of him and his offense may have been a tad high. Got to see him quite a bit here in Kingston and his game was more of a match up and eliminate the opposing teams best player while putting up some pretty good but not outstanding numbers…he was a great 200 foot high hockey iq guy with some offensive upside. Imo it may be a mistake to move a guy like this too early because he hasn’t lit it up as much as hoped.
    He brings quite a bit more than just points. Expectations and his draft year/position actually may have got the better of this player he is just 22

    • So from an offensive standpoint, what do you believe the Flames should expect from Bennett on a seasonal basis? What type of goal output should a guy this be pegged at? I like Bennett’s game, but I am curious to see what you believe the Flames or any team should expect from him as a scorer.

      • Who knows really but all I mean is I’m not sure he was the elite scoring type in the sense of a sniper great release….here he played with Lawson Crouse quite a bit and it was more a cycle game where they could just take top lines out of a game and win 3-2 kinda team he isn’t big but kinda played like he had a chip on his shoulder and Lawson Crouse was a big hard hitting winger hard working really smart but I wouldnt expect many 30+ goal seasons and he’s only 22 getting close but he isn’t gonna command big money likely in his position as an RFA seems to me I’d give him sometime not costing you anything instead of getting in a stretch run having injury issues and maybe being short a center

  2. All that talk about McQuaid as a potential fit in TOR yesterday. Honestly, I think the Bruins ought to trade for him…they can’t keep half of their defensmen in the lineup.

    It would have been great if he were on the ice last night instead of Kampher when Borowiecki needed to be tuned up.

    • Let it go. You made your point in the other section. Twice. Like Marchand never delivered a cheap hit in his saintly life!

      • Hey! At least Marchand licks the booboo to make it all better!

      • Marchand is a punk, and I hate his antics but at least he has talent. Regardless, deflecting to Marchand doesn’t excuse Boro.

        Boro is a talentless goon who has decided not to fight anymore because he as afraid of head injuries…then goes out and elbows people in the face. What purpose does the guy have in the league anymore?

      • Yes Marchand is a dirty player and should be held accountable for his actions. But to imply it’s ok for an opposing team to take cheap shots at any bruin player because Marchand is on their team, is just immature or senile. (sorry George couldn’t help myself)

      • How many times has Borowiecki been suspended? How many times has Marchand been suspended? And how do you know Borowiecki was laughing at the bench over that incident and not something else entirely? You gotta love it when people jump to conclusions to substantiate their anger over something.

      • He elbowed the kid in the face, skated to the bench, sat down and laughed.

        In that moment, to laugh at anything shows a total disregard for the fact he just seriously injured someone…disgusting really.

        I don’t care how many times he has been suspended…he came into this league as an enforcer, now he refuses to fight…so what is his purpose in the league other than to hurt people and interview Melnyk?

      • DoubleMinor: Don’t know where you got that Borowiecki came into the league as an enforcer. Yes, he can fight, but he has always been a 6/7D in the league. He is a solid third pairing defenceman today and more of an injury replacement earlier in his career.

      • What boro did has absolutely nothing to do with what Marchand does. What a reach to justify dirty play.

      • Tell it to the rookie sitting in a dark room. This kind of thing should be partisan and what aboutism is stupid.

      • Shouldn’t

      • Ahh let it go Van – he has his interpretation of events fixed firmly in his mind. C’est la vie.

      • It’s relevant that Marchand is employed by the team when fans throw stones… but it doesn’t in the least diminish the garbageness of the play

      • I agree and he will be – and should be – suspended. Just like anyone else doing that kind of s*^t. But to be so certain that that was what he was laughing about at the bench is erroneous. Maybe it was – maybe it wasn’t. We – just – don’t – know.

      • Estra-terrestrials

      • I would say that half the time Boro fights it is because he is being challenged after making a clean hit. That being said the elbow was deliberate and in today’s NHL deserves a suspension.

      • It looked like a sheepish, awkward laugh to me, not a malicious Gargamel laugh.
        He’s not a dirty player, but that was a cheap play imo.
        He knows better.

      • Taz,NO ONE is “justifying” a dirty play – least of all me – I said he would – and SHOULD – be suspended, The reference to Marchand was simply to illustrate that what Borowiecki did was no reason to go on and and on about what a “dirty player” he is and what a cheap-shot it was. Marchand has been suspended a number of times and the reaction to each is, “there goes Marchand again … tut tut. And he goes on to serve his suspension. NO dirty hit should be tolerated … but it is a bit overboard to rant on and on and on about Borowiecki whereas sloughing off Marchand’s repeated cheap-shots is prefaced by “oh well …”

      • Marchand will stand up for his teammates and himself ,right now he is top 5 player in NHL. He was arguably the best player for Team Canada during Canada cup he needs to stop the antics but his talent is world class. McQuaid or Miller would have flattened Borowiecki and he had it coming. Chara may need to ask him for a dance next game.

  3. Bennett is fine as a 3 rd line with some speed and grit. Really not put in a lot of offensive situations . You don’t toss a number 4 selection too quickly. He looks improved this season. Don’t forget his rookie year was a wash with a shoulder injury.

    Kings are not very good. Where is Pearson ?
    I knew Kopitar would drop off from last season but he has fallen off

    • Where indeed. And what’s happened to Quick? In his 4 games he has a gaa of 4.55 and a save % of .845. At least Campobell is doing a decent job in his starts.

      • Well, just like we all told the Leafs fans to temper their expectations on their hot start, let’s take our own advice here.

        It’s only been 9 games, Kopitar and Quick will be fine.

        The Kings aren’t as bad as they’ve started off, just like the Leafs weren’ as good as their start.

      • Agree that no team can be written off when few have even reached the 10 game mark in late October. But there are slow starts and then there are downright bad starts when you find yourself 30th overall with only Detroit (4 points) back of your 5 points out of a possible 18 (a .278 pace) and with 7 teams to climb over just to reach the last playoff spot, 5 of whom have a game in hand and one has 2 games in hand. Yeah, it’s early still – but that is a hole and a half they’ve dug for themselves.

      • Yea I agree it is a bit of a hole, but it’s as simple as a 5 game winning streak and all of a sudden the Kings are back in the thick of things.

        Now I’m not saying they are a legit cup contender but they are a decent team. Guys like Kopitar and Quick, didn’t forget how to play hockey over night and are still among the best in the league at what they do.

  4. Did anyone think adding Ilya was going to make the Kings a contender again? How can it be on the coach here. they have a handful of All World aging players and a limited supporting cast.
    Time to move some assets before they are 40

  5. Nobody in the NHL is talent less. These more or less the best 300 players in the world. Some of their antics may appear immature or unnecessary, but none is without superior talent.

    In fact, that applies to the AHL’ers we dismiss too easily. Play with a 55 year old ex-pro and you will be shocked by the difference between you and them.

    Another thing about pros. They have leaning over the boards when on the bench watching closely 1000’s and 1000’s of games during their lives. They have seen it all before. Sometimes their antics are just a way of earning more in 2 years than many people earn in their lives.

    Frustrating, immature, inappropriate yes sometimes…without talent and doing these things in the NHL….I think not.

  6. The enforcers being taken out of the game is only gonna cause more of the dirty crap going on in the NHL I blame the league if the players were aloud to police them selves this game would be better and teams don’t have to worry about there star players

    • Roger that – I am for old school on the ice enforcement. In the old days, you delivered a dirty hit and kept your head on a swivel for the comeback. There is little fear in the punks in today’s game.

  7. Agreed. Enforcers are there to keep the game clean.

    That sounds strange to anyone who has never played hockey outside of road hockey and men’s league. In the old days which wasnt that long ago by the way, you’d think twice about having a creative interpretation about the unwritten code of acceptable and unacceptable.

    • Yep and it solved absolutely nothing…if the goon kept the game so clean why was there penalties in the first place? It’s an old tiered argument they made games fun to watch sure but I’m not sure I see anyone gooning McDavid or any number of good young players the game has always had rats like Linesman Clark Hunter Tikkanen Torres Avery… dropping the mits didn’t stop them or even slow em down really the only thing it slowed down was the time it took to get thru the game…the last 5 years of the code generally didn’t even involve those guys it was 2 guys trying to get their team in it by dropping them at center ice in a staged fight. No issue if a fight breaks out it happens but the idea that it scared people in to less cheap shots is ridiculously un-true

    • Nope. It was embarrassing then and still is. The issue is the league wants dirty play to continue. If players were given significant suspensions, the coaches fined, the gms fined, and the owners fined dirtypkay would all but disappear.

      The nice thing is that even though the league is fighting change it’s happening anyway and slowly but surely goons retaliation fighting and dirty play will be religated to the beer leagues where it belongs.

  8. Nylander Update:

    Same as yesterday and the day before and the day before. These arent updates, theyre filler by so called insiders too lazy to find a real story to meet their quotas.

    • Ron update still sour and still feels the need to come to a site and read about Nylander and complain like he was tricked in to it.

      • lol, sad but very true.

    • Yeah! Why don’t those reporters report on all the other nhl trade rumors going around in the first month of the season. Lazy bastards.

  9. Trouba thinks he’s Ray Bourque, next time for contract he will probyask for 10 million a year, this time he was asking for 7-8, the guy is dulsional. Even if some how this year he managed not to get injuried like he always does and did manage to get 40-45 points he is still not worth 8 million.

  10. Totally off topic but does anyone other than me have an issue with how all teams have adopted this silly pp routine of rushing the puck out of the d zone only to dump it back to trailing d man. 1or 2 years ago, it suddenly appeared for all teams and continues to do so. Some opposing players just sit and wait for the pass back. I hate it!!! You have gained momentum only to pass it back. Who came up with this strategy and why do ALL teams do it?? Thoughts?

    • Pens started it and won back to back cups. Copycat league

    • The guy behind the play is coming faster with more space cause the f is backing off with the guy carrying the puck up the ice

      • Easier zone entry instead of chasing a puck in the corner and a 50/50 race being the thought

      • I think Sullivan may have seen it in the NCAA I know it’s been used in college hockey

      • Thanks…think it has become old now.

  11. The other teams lines up at their blue and most likely you have to dump and chase . NHL copies pregame warm drills as well.