NHL Rumor Mill – October 25, 2018

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Latest on Kevin Hayes, Alexander Edler, Alec Martinez and William Nylander in your NHL rumor mill.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the future of center Kevin Hayes could be the rebuilding New York Rangers’ biggest decision this season. Hayes, 26, is slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. While he’s young enough to remain part of their rebuild, Brooks feels they could part ways with Hayes if it takes longer than three seasons to return to playoff contender status.

If the Rangers want to keep Hayes, Brooks speculates it could also cost between $5.7 million to $6.2 million annually to re-sign him on a six-year contract. Given the Rangers depth at center, Brooks suggests Hayes could be dealt if the Rangers can get back a top-six winger or top-four defenseman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Unless Hayes has a 30-goal, 50-point season, I think he’ll be shopped at the trade deadline. He tallied over 40 points in three of his four NHL seasons entering 2018-19 but he’s not a $6-million per season center. The Rangers are rebuilding and want to get younger and faster. Hayes might fetch a return that helps them in that regard, though I don’t think he’ll bring them a roster-ready player. 

Vancouver Canucks defenseman Alexander Edler could attract interest from rival clubs this season. (Photo via NHL Images)


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: cites Elliotte Friedman’s Tuesday appearance on Vancouver’s Sportsnet 650 discussing the presence of 13 scouts at a recent Canucks game. While he chalked it up to a light schedule on Monday, he also suggested some of them may have been watching Canucks defenseman Alexander Edler, who’s slated to become a UFA next summer.

So far, there’s no indication the Canucks and Edler have discussed a contract extension. Friedman noted the Tampa Bay Lightning had interest in Edler last season and heard rumblings about the Pittsburgh Penguins, though he can’t confirm if they indeed have interest.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Cap Friendly indicates Edler has a full no-trade clause so he controls his fate this season. If he doesn’t want to move there’s nothing the Canucks can do about it if they want to shop him. However, we don’t even know if they want to trade him. The Canucks are so far exceeding expectations this season. If they remain in playoff contention when the calendar flips to 2019 they might prefer keeping him, even at the risk of losing him to free agency in July. 


LOS ANGELES TIMES: Curtis Zupke reports Kings GM Rob Blake declined to comment on TSN’s Darren Dreger recently reporting defenseman Alex Martinez could become a trade candidate. “I’m not going to go into specifics into any of the [phone] calls. Listen, when you start a season like this, you’re going to have a lot of different rumors. That’s all I can say,” said Blake. Martinez, meanwhile, is unconcerned. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s not worth giving any thought because it’s not going to make things any better,” he said.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Blake’s remarks seem like a “non-denial denial.” Martinez’s name surfaced early last season in the rumor mill but the speculation quickly died away as the Kings rolled to a 98-point season. If they quickly reverse their current fortunes the Martinez chatter will dissipate again. If not, expect to hear his name popping up on a regular basis. 


THE DENVER POST: Mike Chambers recently took note of the Toronto Maple Leafs’ contract impasse with restricted free agent winger William Nylander. While the Colorado Avalanche has the salary-cap space to acquire Nylander if the Leafs decide to move him, Chambers doesn’t see them landing him. “But unless Colorado considers trading 2017 No. 1 draft pick Cale Makar, the sophomore defenseman at the University of Massachusetts, Nylander won’t be that guy. The Avs aren’t likely to trade either of their top two young defensemen in Makar, 19, and second-year Sam Girard, 20.”



  1. Been out of loop for a couple of days— just too busy at work.

    Re: Hayes— I like his play and value what he adds but I think Brooks: ” could be dealt if the Rangers can get back a top-six winger or top-four defenseman.”; I just don’t see at all a top 4 D coming back.

    …. and fully agree with Lyle that $6M per is stretching it.

    • Hayes would be a great fit at 3C for the Bruins, and I think there is an unwritten rule that Sweeney and Gorton have to make a trade with each other at least once every few months (Holden, Nash, McQuaid) so something is coming!

      In all seriousness though, if he becomes available as a rental I would love to see him centering that 3rd line in Boston. Not sure what the cost would be though…

      • Hayes to his hometown team is probably high on his list if the Rangers do not resign him and trade him.

        I still think Hayes is who is he going to be. 3rd line that can play all situations as needed-but not consistent enough offensively.

        To stay in NYC I could see him standing on 6million per. Prefer Panarin cap space

      • Merely a coincidence…;)

      • Hayes and DeAngelo for McAvoy.

    • Pengy, agree there’s no way a team is giving up a top 6 F or top 4 D at deadline. Makes no sense. Only way I’m dealing Hayes is if his contract demands are totally inflated or if they can get back a top prospect that could step into lineup next season. It’ll have to be a team that’s already in contention and needs a solid 2/3C.

  2. Not sure what depth Rangers have at center. Chytil has been moved to wing and imo will stay there. Hayes is in his prime years and with youngsters Anderson and Howden as future C’s, doesn’t make sense to deal Hayes. If they are looking to go after Panarin ( and possibly Karlsson) in FA, they have to stay somewhat competitive. More likely to move Zuc and Shatty at deadline. Should be able to sign Hayes for no more than 5.5. I’d go 4 years tops without any ntc or nmc.

    • Slick 62

      4 @ $5.5M sounds reasonable. I have liked the play of Chytil.

      I think (as at right now) a fair chance that Panarin does end up in the tri-franchise area (I’m not ruling out NJ though…. he could commute to work).

      • I think they have a good shot at Panarin. What concerns me is how much they continue to tear down. Many rumors had Kovilchuk coming last year, but rebuild chased him away. If Panarin sees this as a team not competing for another 3 years, I doubt he signs here. I can see Zucharello definitely getting moved and I think they should try to move Shattenkirk . He has a partial ntc, and I don’t see him in their future.

      • Slick62—it looks like the Kov situation in LA meant that him going to NYC might have been costly for them anyway

        We’ll see how season pans out for him

        will be out of loop until late in the day

  3. Re Friedman and Edler: “heard rumblings about the Pittsburgh Penguins”…. yes please

    Get rid of JJ please and thank you. I’ve asked JJ over and over and over again to prove me wrong about my jaded opinion of him. All he has done is continue to be absolutely brutal.

    Playing him that many minutes in any game is almost at the suicidal level. I don’t care what the stats show. I watched the entirety of this season’s games so far.

    Tuesday’s Ed/Pit game was very exciting. I love 6-5 games. I love games that go to OT. Sid’s OT goal was spectacular.

    But …. all 5 goals against, guess who was on— yep JJ. 3 of the 5 goals were completely and directly his fault and the other 2 he was out of position leaving his D partner covering 2 guys.

    This is not the way the new D addition (the young Finn) wanted to start his NHL career, I’m sure. He bailed out JJ another 2 or 3 times. Letang saved JJ’s butt on another gaffe (being out of position). Whenever he is on the ice it seems almost as if it is a PK situation because at best there are effectively 1 1/2 D on the ice. He just seems so unaware of what is going on. I realise that 2 of the GA were on the PP— but he just did not see the ice well on this and was out of position.

    JJ out and Edler in— what’s it cost? I’m in.

    I know I’m jaded on this and again I’m in the minority here (w.r.t. my negative views) but this is getting silly.

    I truly believe he would benefit a game or two up in the press box, just to get a better perspective. This means Chad has to take his place; and I’m good with that.

    Again —- JJ I’m begging you to please please please, prove me wrong. Let’s put the past 7 games behind and move forward with a better on ice perspective; less panic; and more of properly covering your man.

    Rant over

    • At least they only signed him to a 5 year contract, so you only have to watch him for another 4.75 seasons or so….hehe.

      • Maybe more like 4.9…

      • Thanks DoubleMinor


        I’m not much of a drinking man…. but ….

        Will be out of loop for next few hours– I expect to be fully lambasted for my opinion— 🙁

    • Yeah it’s one thing to say Johnson has to go it’s another to actually get another team to take on that awful contract. I hated this move when it was just a rumour, hated it more when it became fact, and now I just despise it. Sullivan is losing me just a little. Johnson getting third most minutes among dmen is ridiculous. Playing Cullen at centre over Riley is stupid. Playing Cullen at all is silly, he really looks his age right now. Sticking Sprong on the 4th line and not with a playmaker to set him up for shots is a waste too. Sprong is only playing 6 mins a game and he still has more points than Hornqvist and Rust combined.

    • Signing Johnson made no sense from the start. Everyone knew that except Jimmy R.

    • I ain’t giving up on him yet but early returns not good. I was against the signing up front because of term. He had better adjust quick

    • Pengy….Agreed I thought JJ would be better he has just looked horrific..Edler is nice addition for the rest of the year for our defense. Hell give them Sprong (who is over hyped as was Kapanan) and JJ…. for Edler So what if he is a UFA we can deal with that next year.

      • So the overhyped winger and the signed for 4 more years dud gets a solid rental?

      • Black N Gold

        It is a nice thought but Chrisms is right … can’t see it happening

        What concerns me more is that the coach is playing him so much while he is playing so bad. That’s giving him a lengthy and potentially very expensive (in goals and possibly games) leash.

        Every single other Pens D currently playing …. plays better than him … yet he gets 3rd most time on ice ?????

        Give Chad a game …. let JJwatch from press box … just to get a wider perspective of the game.

        He does possess the individual skills ….it’s just that he is not positioning himself right and consistently makes bad decisions.

        If he plays 20 mins tonight …. the coach needs to have a talking to… I’ll do it 🙂

      • I can’t wait unti Czuczman (sp?) is back from surgery …, he’s better than Chad.

        However he’ll be back prob at same time as Shultz

      • Pens win 9-1 and the guy that got burned to blow Mattys shutout was, you guessed it, even when they dominate Jackass sucks.

  4. no way do the avs trade either girard or makar for nylander… girard might be the fastest skating dman in nhl….would not trade him back for duchene even up

    • How can you put a value on a player not in the NHL he might be great as a junior but might fall flat in the big show remember Alexander Daigue was even first over all pick but turned out to be average to bad so please remember players in the NHL will always have a slight more value then any junior or farm team player

      • While we are on the topic of highly touted defenseman who were high picks – how’s Jack Johnson doing these days? Griffin Reinhart? Jared Cowan?

        Prospects are just that, prospects. That being said, everything I have heard about Cal seems to be overwhelmingly positive.

      • Avs really need a second line. Nylander would be a nice fit. That 1st line is insane and fun to watch. Don’t waste their prime years with no secondary scoring

    • avsattack2001,

      I believe you are absolutely correct in that one. Leafs would love to have either of those two —Girard more than Makar right now as he’s further along…. but Nyet— not happening

      • i do agree that makar is the unknown but obviously college hockey is below his pay grade..might see him with avs this spring at least thats what im hearing….girard well he is just damm good right now

  5. totally tired of nylander

  6. Colorado needs to Sign their Big Finn next year , he will get more the MacK. They have good building blocks , Jost needs to step up and Be on that 2nd Line between ”In the Ghetto” and Kerfoot