NHL Rumor Mill – October 29, 2018

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Should the Kings make a pitch for William Nylander? Could the Panthers look for a goaltender? Will the Oilers trade Zack Kassian? Get the latest in your NHL rumor mill.


TORONTO SUN: In his weekend sports column, Steve Simmons suggested the struggling Los Angeles Kings should look into acquiring restricted free agent forward William Nylander and maybe defenseman Jake Gardiner from the Toronto Maple Leafs. He also proposes Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas should “inquire about getting Drew Doughty to waive his no-trade clause and see if you get him in some kind of sign and trade for Nylander and Gardiner.”

Should the Los Angeles Kings look into acquiring William Nylander from the Toronto Maple Leafs? (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Simmons acknowledges his proposal probably won’t happen though he thinks it’s a deal that would help both clubs. While I agree this scenario is unlikely to happen, I wouldn’t find it crazy if Kings GM Rob Blake was monitoring the Nylander situation in case the Leafs decide to put the young forward on the trade block.

I don’t see Blake approaching Doughty about waiving his no-trade clause but maybe the Kings GM pitches Alec Martinez or Jake Muzzin for Nylander? Of course, I’m just spitballing here but both blueliners recently surfaced in the rumor mill. 


Simmons also noted the Carolina Hurricanes and Philadelphia Flyers are each carrying three goaltenders. “How long before Curtis McElhinney and Calvin Pickard are placed on waivers again? And can the Florida Panthers afford to pass on either of them?”

SPECTOR’S NOTE:  McElhinney (3 wins in four starts, 2.76 GAA, .892 SP ) would be an upgrade over the Panthers’ current tandem of James Reimer (3.41 GAA, .878 SP) or Michael Hutchinson (4.18 GAA, .839 SP). His stats are also better than Pickard’s 4.75 GAA and .833 SP. Whether McElhinney goes on waivers soon remains to be seen. The Panthers could also prefer waiting for Roberto Luongo to return soon from a knee injury. 


EDMONTON JOURNAL: Kurt Leavins weighed in with his thoughts on a recent report from Sportsnet indicating the Oilers have given struggling winger Zack Kassian permission to talk to other clubs about a trade out of Edmonton. He believes GM Peter Chiarelli has already shopped Kassian.

While Leavins believes teams such as the Carolina Hurricanes, Florida Panthers and Tampa Bay Lightning could use some toughness, Chiarelli hasn’t found any takers for a winger who is “a journey-man over-paid for the role he fills, with skills that fit the league better 5 years ago, and with a checkered past that not all organizations will be willing to take a chance on.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Can’t disagree with Leavins assessment of Kassian, who also wonders if the Oilers might try putting the winger on waivers. Kassian had some trade value once upon a time but he no longer fits into today’s faster-paced game.  



  1. Given their ages and relatively short time remains on their deal, neither Muzzin nor Martiez is enough for Nylander.

    The only way I see Simmons’ proposal making sense is if the Kings decide it’s time to rebuild and tank for Hughes. In that scenario I think the trade happens after Dec 1 and Nylander is forced to sit out a year. The kings could tank hard and force Nylander to capitulate.

    The following year the Kings could rise again with Cap space and a couple nice young stars to build around.

    But I dont know how the Leafs would manage the cap.

    • Hi Mst

      I like both Muzzin and Martinez and value of their contracts are reasonable.

      Regardless of WW value… the age of both of them (Muzz 29, Martinez 31) really precludes a sensible Leaf WW move to acquire either of them. Both of them …. maybe . WW plus Zaitsev for M&M? L.A. would not have the space to sign WW though.

      Just don’t see a workable trade with L.A. for WW.

      • Pengy; your saying don’t trade Nylander because he is several years younger then the two you’re looking to acquire. This type of thinking can only hurt a team looking to win a Stanley Cup.
        If Toronto is considered a cup contender and you have a chance to add a solid piece to help your cause don’t you owe it to your self to put your team in the best position possible.
        Remember trade deadlines we see teams trade away players, prospect and 1st round draft pick to acquire a player who maybe only there for the remainder of the season and playoffs.

      • Agree Caper – its not like 30 give or take 1 year is a dinosaur. Nylander for a top 4 guy is perfectly fine in my book, especially one with a cup win under their belt.

        PS: Congrats to the RedSox fans on this board (Jays are claiming an assist on this one)

      • Taz, if Moreland wasn’t injured Pearce doesn’t get in the lineup. He was an absolute stud. The best pickup by any team at the deadline, along with Nathan Eovaldi. Thank You Toronto!

      • 🤮🤮🤮

      • If you wan to win one cup then sure that’s the way to go. If you want to be set up to be a contender for a decade or so then your core players should all be around the same age.

      • Hi Caper

        Re : Pengy; your saying don’t trade Nylander because he is several years younger then the two you’re looking to acquire.

        Sorry for my confusing post …. no I certainly was not trying to eaquate the age of the 2 D and WW.

        WW is the asset going out … I’d only trade him for a D upgrade.

        Yes these 2 would upgrade the D not out them in contention this year …. hence the start of a possible run with either of them; with my assumption above ; would be at 30 and 32.

        I’d rather trade for D upgrade that is in his mid 20’s … 27 tops … good for several years. Cups are hard enough to win …. aiming for long Cup runs over a few years will get a team a chance at winning one or two.

        Trading for either Muzzin or Martinez as I said won’t put them over the top and then Leafs would have them outside of heir prime

        Just my thought on it

        Sorry if I inferred differently

    • Apparently you guys haven’t seen him skate. He is fast! He just hasn’t got his head into the game this year yet. He has value when he’s going, not bad hands either. He will protect the “stars”

      • Kassian is fast I should have said

      • So is Colin Greening. Blazing fast. Just doesn’t have a clue how to use it.

      • Eovaldi sucked with the Yankees and marlins…WTF!!!

        i am a huge yankees and Pirats fan and dont like anything Boston but…you have to tip your cap to them they were the best team from start to finish no doubt..they beat two 100 win teams in the Yankees and Astros and then beat he best team from the national league the Dodgers..

    • YUP;

      Just what the KINGS need- a soft Leaf winger. Halloween comingup but WeeWillie GHOSTS in playoffs.

      You dont EVER trade a Doughty for a Neelander(unless 3 first rounders accompany)

  2. Can we trade Simmons to New York for Brooks and a bowl a clam chowda?

    • Fd

      You’re overstating Simmons value. Nix the bowl of clam chowda and I think we have a fair deal.


  3. I guess if you’re going to dream, dream big!

    Doughty…. O’Reilly and Paryko for Gardiner, Nylander…

    The problem with dreaming big is when reality settles in it can be awfully disappointing.

    • Nyr4life

      So true 🙂

      I’ve posted by bromance of Parayko many many times.

      Doughty great…but…..$11M with Tavares at $11M, AM likely at $12M and MM in around $10M…. just not happening.

      Now…. a movement for Parayko …. I’m all in. St. L right up at the cap so more has to be coming out … and you can count Bouwmeester as one of the dumps; Perron the other… that is a total of $14.9M coming out

      …. so WW (RFA unsigned) , Gardner (UFA… $4.05M), Hainsey (UFA…$3M), 1st (’19) for Parayko (3 more after this year at $5.5M), Bouwmeester (UFA…$5.4M) , Perron (3 more @ $4.0 M after this year)… Perron would need to be traded at 50% take back or bought out.

      Would rather flip in Zaitsev for Gardner in that deal but to balance you are adding another low rounder (2nd ’20) PLUS an A prospect.

      …. all pipe dreams and waaaaayyyyyy tooo complicated …. just not going to happen.

      …. but Parayko wearing a Leafs (or Pens) jersey is an absolute dream of mine.

      Alas…. it is not happening

      • Hey Pengy, do you really think Marner is worth $10M? Seems to be just as much as an overpay as Nylander at 8 to me.
        Both are still 1 dimensional players, however a really important dimension as that type of offence is hard to find.
        I also don’t think Matthews is worth $12M. He is not on the same level as McDavid and that should not be the comparable.
        We shouldn’t assume the Leafs trade Nylander and if they wait him out and sign him to a reasonable long term deal, it could just as easily be Marner that gets dealt. Is he really that much better than Nylander?
        I also think they try to sign Gardner to an extension, and he has even more leverage than Nylander or Marner. Who do the Leafs have in the pipeline that can replace him?
        No point trading a quality asset for the type of guy you already have.

      • You really can’t compare Mathews and Mcdavid when talking contract. Mathews will definitely be getting 12+ million long term.

        I don’t think it would be in any Gms best interest to pull that card. The fact is, Mathews IS Toronto’s Mcdavid by default. He is their best player and a huge part of their future.

        If Toronto insists on taking this road, and I’m Mathews or his agent, I’m telling Toronto to go out and get Mcdavid.

      • Ray, Marner is definitely not one dimensional. He is hard on the back check and is playing PK situations now. He is a firecracker on offence and his defensive play continues to improve.

      • nyr4life, I did say McDavid should not be the comparable as he is a way better player than Matthews. But he is the only other $12M dollar player so is it not natural to compare him with who is actually getting it? Who is/are the comparables then?
        I agree that he will likely get the $12M/yr, I am just saying I don’t think he has earned it. He is a point/game player so far. Just outside the top 20 in points per game production last year.
        Yes he had a hot start (unsustainable shooting %) and has plenty of hype around him, which helps his cause in a place like Toronto.
        Eichel is a close a comparison, similar age, high end talent, same position. Not far off production last year. He just signed for $10. Is Matthews worth 20% more? Not IMO. $10.5 to $11. Tavares just signed for $11M and could choose any team he wants and produced the same last full season.
        What I would tell Matthews agent in response is go play for Edmonton then.

      • It’s difficult comparing a player you have to a player you don’t , nor will in the foreseeable future. Ultimately, you have to pay your top players. Regardless of whether their statistics fall short of another players from another team. It’s irrelevant.

        Eichel signed his deal last year, the cap has gone up significantly since then, and may raise again by the time Mathews inks his. And I’m positive Mathews camp will bring that into play.

        In a perfect world, this wouldn’t be the way. But sports are far from perfect when guys like Khalil Mack make Aaron Rodgers money…..hockey is no different. You either pay your top players top dollars. Or lose them.

        In Torontos case they won’t have any option but to pay Mathews. Players like Crosby, Mcdavid, Tavares, Stamkos, Ovechkin, Mathews etc. never get traded, and seldom ( Tavares) get to UFA status to poach away from another team. Finding Mathews replacement isn’t coming either of those ways, and their not falling in your lap unless you win the draft lottery…. which requires tanking and luck.

        Eichel makes more than Crosby (yearly) Malkin makes more than Crosby, Kane and Toews make more than all of them…. Mcdavid makes more than Toews and Kane….

        It’s not about numbers , and in Eichels and Mcdavids case, not even accomplishments…. it’s all about paying your best players too dollars. Right or wrong, it isn’t changing.

      • ***they’re not falling*** not their!

        Top dollars, not too dollars!


      • Outside of leaf fan message boards I have not seen one rumour or otherwise that would make me think that Parayko is even available for any price let alone for a soft scoring forward that couldnt hack it in the biggest division in the league.

      • I agree with what your saying Nyr4life, I just don’t think he is worth $12M, and I would expect that the Leafs would prefer not to pay him that much.
        Cap went up by approx 5.5% over last year which should put Matthews at $10.5 to $11M. Yes if they wait til the off season and it jumps again, that it will likely go up by that much again.
        McDavid and Draisaitl are starting to look like bargains after PC got trashed by some on this site.
        When I look at the upcoming and current contract of the Leafs young 3 stars what I see is Nylander at $6.5, Matthews at $11, and Marner at $7.25

      • Ray woof. Incongruous. If mcdavid is looking like a bargain now then it’s odd that the leafs wouldn’t pay Mathews similar as he might look like a bargain in a couple

      • More so Ray that’s what’s making all this none sense all the more annoying

      • Re value of Marner and Mathews

        I posted before and I remain an advocate of a bridge… if they sign WW to a long term deal … the other two are long term

        Unfortunately what I feel MM and AM value is on a long term deal doesn’t count

        … Ray … nope I don’t think MM is worth $10M

        He’ll be worth what the market bears … right now whatever his agent can work out with GMKD

        Do I think he’s worth more than WW …. yes I do.

        I don’t see him as one dimensional …. I see much more of a 200 ‘ game than WW

        I was exaggerating a bit at $10

        again I’m advocating for a bridge then an 8 year deal for all three(won’t happen with AM but it’s what I’m advocating)

        If as many (TSN, SN etc) have projected a long term contract in 2 or 3 years from now (after a bridge deal) is in the $8M to $8.5M range for WW… then the comparable for MM IMO is $9M-$9.5M (again long term deal starting in Dal of ’21 or ’22)… it would start 1 year later than WW and again I believe MM is the better overall player.

        Now for AM… do I think he’s a better player than McDavid … no.

        As for what the contract AAV will be … first of all , McD took less than his market value. second AM (if bridged … please do) would start his 8 year deal 3 years after McD started his …, revs up … Cap up … players get paid more … so $12M or $12.5M per for AM on 8 year contract starting in fall of 21 or 22 is reasonable

        …. again … it’s what the market will bear …. and I’m very confident that if AN is not under contract on 1/7/19… Arz will offer sheet him…. 4 first rounders are nothing to a young team with great prospect depth in need of filling seats. Arz paying $2M or even $3M over market value for AM would easily recoup that in increased fam base, ticket sales, shirts etc etc etc… it would not surprise me if Arz offer sheeted at $14 – $15M by 8…. and why would AM turn that down to go to his home town ? Could Leafs match/fit that in …. that’s a tough one to do … need money to fill out rest of team

        In Summary … IMO Marner deserves and should get more than WW; and a $12 to $12.5M contract for AM would not surprise me

        …. Leafs need D upgrade !!!

        Rant over

      • Crap

        Sorry for all the typos … single finger typing with fat finger, on iPhone and I’m tired with weak eyesight 🙁

      • Deee

        correct re Parayko … only leaving StL (for Leafs or Pens) in my dreams

        StL would be making a huge mistake in letting him go

    • line from Browning poem….



      or parlance of nowadays…no point in aiming low

      • I appreciate this OBD!

    • Just saying it’s based on comparables. With McDavid the only one was Crosby and it was based on % of cap. Matthews agent may try to use McDavid, but it doesn’t hold water.
      He will look like a better bargain at 11 which is what I think is the fair value.
      McDavid is a “generational” player. Matthews isn’t. Until he starts producing like one he isn’t.

  4. Pearson Muzzin draft pick package for Nylander Dermott and a prospect

    Lowered the sites a little

    • not loving this proposal at all. Dermott is cost controlled for now and Pearson has shown no form of consistency since being drafted in the first round years ago.
      At this point, I’d be good with something revolving around muzzin and Nylander – however, Matthews being out for a month is really going to give some leverage back to Nylander.

      • Hi Taz,

        Subjectively we can say that there is leverage movement (in favour of WW camp) due to AM injury. Objectively there should NOT be though.

        IMO, the AM injury will hurt (excuse the intended pun) a bit for a SHORT time but will not affect the first round match up… that I’m still very convinced will be against Bos. Leafs will still do damage in upcoming games and will have more wins than losses, IMO, with both AM and WW out of line-up.

        Forcing a deal due to the injury is NOT a stance that GMKD should take. Injuries happen all the time and yes this is a loss of a high impact player. It however should not be the impetus to panic and sign a deal that will have lasting Cap implications and affect the negotiation leverage in upcoming contracts (AM and MM to name just 2).

        Dubas…. please treat the WW negotiations as if this AM injury never happened

        Will be once again out of posting loop for many hours due to work meeting commitments.

      • With in a year maybe 2 they will be kicking themselves over trading Dermott in this deal it looks really bad for the Leafs Nylander and Dermott for Muzzin and Pearson? Eh not so sure that’s not almost as bad as thinking the king’s are asking Doughty for a trade to hog town

  5. The injury to AM revives my own doubts about his long term future and impact. I still argue that dealing WN makes the most sense if it were a sellers market but it is not..so keep trying to sign as if the injury to AM did not happen. This is now Tavares’ team as well as Marner’s and Rielly’s.There is no good deal out there right now for Willie and the LA suggestion for Martinez and Muzzin is not realistic..neither are worth the give up. Both older, both slow, neither really impact players.WN straight up for Parayko is the only deal I would consider right now but that’s foolish on the part of the Blues.
    For the next two months, Leafs best bet is to go with what they have, maybe look at a couple of farmhands, keep Gauthier in the fourth line slot for a time to see if he can ever really make it, let Leivo play until the jury is in on him.Moore and Grundstrom are the best Marlie bets right now.

    • “The injury to AM revives my own doubts about his long term future and impact.”

      Can’t help wondering if those who were describing Karlsson as “brittle” a few months back when he was all over the rumour mill, will start using that term now for Matthews.

  6. The struggle with trading WW is if the Leafs don’t think he’s worth what he’s asking for then how many other teams will think he’s worth what he’s asking for? If it’s going to be a struggle to sign the guy then how much value does he really have?

    How much is a rival GM going to actually give you for the chance to overpay a guy who hasn’t proven a whole lot yet but has potential upside? Taylor Hall fetched a middling D man when he was signed to a reasonable contract and considered one of the better wingers in the game.

    If I’m a GM (and lord help us all if I was) I’m not giving up a top pairing D man for WW.

    • According to Kipper and Bobby Mac half the NHL has expressed an interest if Willy hits the market. So there’s plenty of GM’s out there who believe he’s worth it. The question is what are those GM’s willing to offer. If it’s like L.A. offer of over the hill slugs 🐌 then you just keep Willy.

  7. Here we go again same bs as yesterday nylander for muzziin or Martinez come on they are way too old. Stop putting it out there nobody is buying it except the haters and you shouldn’t be selling it. If he is traded it will bea young player as the key piece.

    • Also history has shown us when a team trades away defense, they are getting one back. It may or may not be the crown of the trade but there will always be one in there. Most GMs trade like this. So if I’m trading a good top 4 D (rarely does one trade a top pairing player) I’m getting someone I can fit in my bottom 4 for sure if I’m losing one to trade, even if I have a replacement I would want to maintain the depth.

      So any trade for a winger that includes a swap for a Dman means one will be included in a deal. So I can see Gards the Leafs second 40pt rear guard being packaged for a right shooting rearguard to compensate that loss where a team would want to trade for Nylander for a RD that everyone is pining for, but me.

      • Brutal imo too
        Mr. Moore

      • Ron

        Yes most often a trade for a D going out gets a D back …, they do happen ( RyJo for Seth Jones) but are rare

        I think this is a time where that rare fwd for D trade could happen.. it may also turn out to be a multiple player deal

        Fingers crossed


        No one

    • Who are “the haters” and where and why did that cockamamy term originate?

      • The “haters” are anyone who doesn’t share a persons opinion, or tastes on any number of topics.
        In this case, non Leaf fanboys.
        I believe the term derived specifically from parts of the Leaf, Blackhawk and Penguin fan base, born after 1980.
        It could also be teenage girl slang.
        More importantly, I believe cockamamie is the correct spelling for cockamamie.

      • By the look and sound of it, cockamamy (also spelled “cockamamie”) seems like an arbitrarily coined nonsense word-but a reasonable explanation for its origin exists. … The word decalcomania comes from the combination of French décalquer, meaning “to copy by tracing,” and -manie, meaning “mania.”

        You say Po-tay-toe I say Po-ta-toe

      • I helped popularize hater? Neat!

      • The term hater came from the rap world where if you didn’t appreciate how basic and repetitive that garbage is or couldn’t relate to the lyrics you were a hater because god forbid you see the emperor has no clothes on.

      • George, honest question.
        Do you really say po ta toe?
        I have no idea,
        (without checking) where either of those words derived from.
        I was just taking a couple of wild swings.

      • Guess deeee is a Kenny g fan.

      • I was gonna guess Gwar or George Jones, or Anne Murray.

  8. Sportsnet indicating the Oilers have given struggling (meaning worthless disappointment) winger Zack Kassian permission to talk to other clubs.

  9. I’m not sure I’d give anything of value for Nylander. #1 I don’t think he’s worth his ask in Toronto, nevermind another team he won’t be playing with a Mathews.

    #2 It is very possible Nylander is a product of his surroundings.
    Take Namestikov as a prime example. He sure looked good on a line with Stamkos and Kucherov.
    Not so much since then.

    Any talk of a true #1-2 dman, (Doughty, Paryko, Trouba, etc.) is bordering on insanity. There would have to be a whole bunch of ++’s. And even then I’m not so sure any gm is signing up for him at anywhere near his ask.

  10. Simmons is a fresh reality check for the cannabis-smoking posters who advocate a Nylander for Faulk deal.

    I don’t think Nylander and Gardiner would be enough to get Doughty but one thing is for certain….Doughty secretly wants to be a Leaf and for that one team he could waive his no trade clause.

    The Kings need to rebuild with speed and skill and youth.

    Plenty of assets in Toronto for that deal…Zaitsev4.5 million, Hyman 2.5 million, Johnsson 1.0 million, Gardiner 4.25 million, and prospects Liljegren, Nielsen, and Bracco.

    Lots to offer.

    Get rid of Marleau 6.25 million, Hainsey 3.0 million and Zaitsev 4.5 million woukd save almost 14 million. Not sure if Marleau contract untouchable as he has NMC I believe but there are places to cut to sign the elite players one of which is Nylander.

    • Doughty secretly wants to a leaf, so much so that he kept that secret from himself and his agent when he inked an 8 year deal in LA..

      I think Tavares secretly wanted to remain an islander, but signed with Toronto to complicate his hopes and dreams. And to complicate his path to what he really wanted.

      • LOL. You gotta love the mind-readers Nyr4life … without them the discourse would be boring as hell.

      • George secretly wants the thread to be boring as hell.

  11. My offer for Doughty woukd be Zaitsev, Gardiner, Hyman, Bracco, and 2nd round draft.

    I’d even throw in Gauthier.

    • Frank, I’m not sure if you are being sarcastic but if not then you are killing the credibility of Leaf fans.

      1. No, Doughty does not want to secretly sign in Toronto, if he wanted to he would have waited until he was an FA.
      2. You are using the term ‘elite’ too generously in Nylander’s case
      3. Yes, moving Marleau’s last year would be ideal but he has a full NMC and I don’t see him waiving it. The Leafs may get ‘creative’ with LTIR
      4. No, the Kings are not going to deal Doughty for scraps, UFAs and a 2nd.

      • Besides, as someone assured us last week,the Kings are about to embark on a 10 game winning streak and leap-frog 7 teams

  12. what NY and LA need to decide is what is a re-build and do they need to do it….I have seen LA twice and am shocked how old slow and last decade they look…twice is not enough to make conclusions

    as to my beloved Leafs….I don’t think Nylander alone gets them a number 1 D of Doughty’s calibre…

    But if it comes to Gardiner light (everyone who never tires talking of his minus 5 against Boston…needs to note he was on for both late 3 rd period goals against the Jets)….Gardiner light would be Faulk, Martinez, Muzzin or other 4 D s…this Leaf fan would say don’t make any trade and if he doesn’t re-sign….don’t sweat it …he still has to wait 5 years…gain some street cred for the guys…we don’t need new D men who are not much better than AHL ers

    • No chance the Leafs can part with Gardiner with their paper thin (NHL caliber) defensive depth. The need to add to D, not replace

    • A rebuild in LA would be pretty problematic. They have a lot of money committed to Doughty, Kopitar, Carter, Kovalchuk, Brown, Phaneuf, Quick, etc.

      Moving even 2-3 of them would be difficult in the same year, because none are close to expiring deals, Nmc, ntc, etc.

      LA pretty much has their hands tied and will probably be forced to figure it out with what they have.

      As for NY, they are in full rebuild mode, and announced it last year in a letter to the fans. They’re looking at 2-3 years of ugliness ahead of them. But it was time to rip it down and reload.

      They have been stockpiling Picks and prospects for 2 years, and I’d imagine they’re not done ripping this team to its foundation and continuing on this path until their bad contracts (Smith, Staal, ) and Lundqvist are gone on 3 years.

      • I think the simple answer is that any team that takes on Dion Phaneuf will eventually be a dumpster fire

      • I agree with your observations re: LA…that is why I wrote they have to decide what a rebuild is….

        I have written before regardless of specific teams…I don’t why the GMs are afraid to make moves..

        One of my old heroes wrote in a song


        Easier for fans than GMs to trade and change….but why owners stay patient I don’t understand

      • “… like a rolling stone ….”

      • Seems to me, NY4life, that LA should follow the Rangers’ example and, at some point soon, announce to the fans that they are embarking on a re-build. Most knowledgeable fans would see the logic of such a strategy.

  13. If you follow Doughty he comments regularly on the Leafs, and says he roots for them unless they play against LA. He took the 8 years, max contact from LA. Does that mean he wouldn’t welcome a move to Toronto?

    First, he wouldn’t even know if Toronto would want him as a UFA, or give him what he received from LA, and that extra year makes most sign with their respective teams as the new team would have to pony up even more to make up the difference.

    As far as what I’d offer, trust me there is plenty in the Leafs cupboard without having to touch Matthews, Marner, Nylander, Rielly, Dermott, Tavares and Kapanen.

    Anyone left off that list is expendable in my view if it can land better players.

    • So he roots for the Leafs, to take that and start speaking to his inner thoughts is a bit of a stretch.

      If he truly “secretly “ wanted to be in Toronto than he’d wait it out and not hope for a trade. Again , this is a bit of a stretch.

      Just for the heck of it… who are these pieces that Doughty could easily be had for? I’m morbidly curios.

      • I would do 1 st draft choice….Nylander + Dermott for Doughty at 8 or 9 million

        I don’t know if that is fair…..but doesn’t seem like getting him overly cheap

        What do others think of this type of offer?

        If LA decides to rebuild they should be moving Carter and maybe Kopitzar as well….Brown will be tough to move….I would look at extending Quick as part of the rebuild

      • I don’t LA or any team would be willing to hold 2-3 million in dead cap space for 8 years.

        This would be trading for Nylander, he wants 8, and pushing him to Doughtys 11 price tag when factoring in retention. I can’t see any gm jumping on that deal. LA is a cap pressed team, how does this help?

  14. Trade proposal for trades Nylander and Hainsey and a second round pick to Phillie for Simmons and Sanhiemwhat do you guys think

    • Get rid of the pick and you are close. Wow. Didn’t expect that