NHL Rumor Mill – October 3, 2018

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Latest on Matt Duchene, Mark Stone, Sergei Bobrovsky, Artemi Panarin, William Nylander and more in your season-opening NHL rumor mill.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports Senators forwards Mark Stone and Matt Duchene will be big trade chips by the NHL trade deadline. Both are slated to become unrestricted free agents next July. While it’s possible one or both re-sign with the Senators they’re currently in a waiting game.

Ottawa Senators winger Mark Stone could become a trade chip by the February trade deadline. (Photo via NHL Images)

Stone is under a one-year contract, meaning the earliest the Senators can open contract-extension talks is January 1, 2019. The Senators have had informal discussions with the Duchene camp. While both could become the centerpieces of the Senators’ rebuild, they’ll remain a hot topic for conjecture heading toward the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Of the two, Stone seems the more amenable to re-signing with the Senators. Retaining both could be expensive. Stone is making over $7 million this season and will likely want to stay in that neighborhood on his next deal. Duchene’s annual cap hit is $6 million and he could also push for over $7 million per season.

The club’s performance and the atmosphere in the dressing room will also factor into the duo’s plans. If the Senators keep struggling and the bad vibes continue the pair could be reluctant to stay. 

The Columbus Blue Jackets face a similar problem with goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky and left wing Artemi Panarin. Like Stone and Duchene, the Jackets’ stars are due to become UFA next summer. If Columbus remains in playoff contention by the trade deadline, Garrioch doubts either guy will be moved.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Agreed. Bobrovsky is a two-time Vezina Trophy winner and Panarin led the Jackets with 82 points last season. Both are invaluable to Columbus’ playoff hopes this season.

If they fall out of contention by February, however, I think Panarin is more likely to be traded. The Jackets have at least held some contract talks with Bobrovsky during the summer. Panarin, however, was unwilling to talk extension. 

With Corey Perry sidelined for five months by knee surgery, Anaheim Ducks general manager Bob Murray could face pressure to go shopping for help. Murray is currently trying to address the issue from within but a poor start to this season could force him into the trade market for more immediate help.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Ducks are still missing center Ryan Kesler (offseason hip surgery) and they recently placed winger Ondrej Kase (concussion) on injured reserve. Pursuing a scoring forward, however, could force Murray to draw upon his blueline depth for trade bait. 

The recent addition of defenseman Erik Karlsson doesn’t mean the San Jose Sharks are done shopping. Garrioch notes GM Doug Wilson got into the bidding for John Tavares before the center signed with Toronto in July. Wilson could feel there’s a need to add another scorer up front. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The addition of Karlsson indicates the Sharks remain in ‘win-now’ mode. Wilson also got winger Evander Kane at last season’s trade deadline for a song and could swing another steal next February. For now, he’ll evaluate his roster over the course of the season while monitoring the trade market for available talent. 

The Toronto Maple Leafs haven’t shown any interest in trading unsigned forward William Nylander. Garrioch feels he’ll be inked to a two-year bridge deal. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Both sides reportedly seek a long-term deal. However, it could take settling on a bridge deal to break the impasse. 



  1. Ahhhhh…OK …so lets recap 🙁

    My 2018 – 2019 predictions
    (copy and paste)

    How Bobrovsky is not resigned is beyond me…before this week I have been posting heavily that he is the best goalie in the league and all signs of the season and predictions have him in that position now as well…without him the Jackets are nothing !
    If he goes to UFA or is traded in season my season predictions have him to the Blues or the Canucks via trade or UFA.

    will be traded at a loss to the Sens and if not he will go UFA my prediction signs with the Habs in the off season.

    Nylander :
    Asking too much …needs to be in at $6.5 AVV Leafs need a BIG winger and a solid D man …the winger may be more available than the D man so I see Willie traded for the top 6 BIG winger instead and the Leafs. looking at a Rental D man at the deadline!

    Panarin :
    Wants OUT …he will need to be traded…this will be the hardest deal of the year to make …I dont see him resigning in Columbus and he will make more money on teh open market as a UFA so its a win win for him to go to UFA he signs for what HE wants and where HE wants to play for the next 7- 8 seasons!
    Columbus will not get full value as it will have to be a deadline deal ..if Columbus is in a playoff spot they will have to keep him and then he walks for nothing like J T.

    will sign in Tampa in off season.
    Sharks did not give up too much for him as an organization for 1 years worth of work …but half of the D men in Tampa are UFA and there will be room for him to sign.

    Teams to watch is going to be the Flames and Blues this year both have improved greatly…just need solid goal tending.

    Calder will go to Brady Tkachcuk.. IMO

    • “How Bobrovsky is not resigned is beyond me…before this week I have been posting heavily that he is the best goalie in the league and all signs”

      An all week long people have posted why it is dangerous to sign a goalie big money for long term, especially a goalie with an abysmal playoff record. Yet you keep ignoring this a have failed to respond to any of the rational counterarguments that have been presented.

      “will be traded at a loss to the Sens and if not he will go UFA my prediction signs with the Habs in the off season.”

      Yes, every French player ends up sign in Montreal.

      “but half of the D men in Tampa are UFA and there will be room for him to sign.”

      “will sign in Tampa in off season.
      Sharks did not give up too much for him as an organization for 1 years worth of work …but half of the D men in Tampa are UFA and there will be room for him to sign.”

      Yes, and all Tampa will then have to do is to get two defenseman to play for free.


      “Of the two, Stone seems the most amenable to re-signing with the Senators.”

      Its “more”, not “most”. Come on Lyle, it’s the most basic English, even in Canada.

      • I appreciate you pointing out my minor error. Could’ve done without the snark. Cheers!

      • @ L Mcdonald


        I come here to post and like to give out my opinion …I dont need to stay on here all day to argue weather or not Iam right and call people names …I post what I believe is the reality of a situation in the league and with players …if you like it or not I DON GIVE A $#@!…I like to read the other guys posts as well ..its usually good hockey talk …I dont have to participate in ongoing counter arguments to PROVE IAM RIGHT for no reason ..its just fun and worth a talk …Ia dont need to argue all day with people who just want to argue to be right in the end ..I believe in what I say and think about the situations ….If you come here to argue or hate on people ….good for you …
        I dont ! !

      • Show some respect to Lyle,

        that was such a minute oversight on his part.

        Do you think Bobrovsky is worth $8mill for the next 7 or 8 years?

        I can see how that could handcuff a team(MTL), seeing as they will also need to pay a backup as well.
        ($9/$10mill a season for goalies, is a damn steep price to pay)

      • He has yet to come to the realization that acting like a dick won’t make his any bigger.

      • And on the subject of basic English, it should have read “two defensemen” and what the f*^k that sentence that says “Yet you keep ignoring this a have failed to respond to any of the rational counterarguments …” means is anybody’s guess. People who live in glass houses …

      • @ L Mcdonald

        MY rational counterargument !!!

        #1 )
        LMFA ..Bobs is the best goalie in the world thats why and has been for the past 4 years …he is a FRANCHISE PLAYER NOT JUST A GOLIE!!

        With post season revenue being the ultimate prize for ANY owner without Bobs the jackets could have been on the road to collapse as a franchise and he DESERVES FRANCHISE MONEY for that reason alone…not to mention 2 Vezinas in 5 years only active goalie to do so how you can argue that is beyond me …its called MATH and reality ! !!
        Without BOBS the Jackets are and were and will be NOTHING …last place every year !!!!

        If you let Girardi Coburn and Strallman go to UFA and sign Karlsson you will have ..Headman McDonaugh and Karlsson with Foote as your top 4 and round out with 1 million dollar players or less on the bottom pairing of the 6 …WHICH EVERY TEAM DOES ALL READY!!!!!

        Duchene …PLEASE DO NOT UT WORDS IN Y MOUTH …I NEVER EVER SAID anything about Duchene being FRENCH !!!
        I stated that the Habs are in dire need for a legit #1 Center and they do not come alomng VIA trade …and in the of season they can Land Him for nothing other than a salary and will not have to trade for him !!
        I DO see Duchene being at the absolute TOP PRIORITY LIST of Marc Bergevin …its his ONLY OPTION …Pavelski will resign in San Jose and that leaves NO OTHER TOP CENTERMAN available for the Habs which they NEED…..not many teams will sign Duchene to his asking money to be a 32 centerman as most all teams have a lock on a top #1 Ceneterman all ready except the Habs !!!

        IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING FRENCH …he is a UFA and is the ONLY way for Bergevin to get a LEGIT #1 Center which he NEEDS!

        Thats what I feel and believe is that OK WITH YOU

      • @ The En4Sir

        I ( myself ) yes… do see Bobs making
        $9 million a season….ask the New York Islanders when they had Tavares if they could have had a Bobrovsky if they would have paid him that !!!

        Ask the Avs or the Sabres if they would love a Bobrovsky at $9 million to round out there chances for a run for the next 5 years ….just making the post season and the post season REVENUE Bobrovksy brings in ALONE is worth every penny …its priceless to organizations like that !

        Everyone knows that the post season revenue is absolute !! Bobrovksy brings in that revenue …Iam sorry but the Jackets team is average at BEST …Bobriovsky is what makes that team tick and gives them ANY type of hope !

        There defense alone is soooo young and has been a merry go round for years …the only thing stable back there was Bobs and him alone !

      • Kal-el – best to ignore the drip. On the subject of Duchene, while there is no doubt Montreal needs a C badly, IF his reason for not extending with Ottawa is to land with a contending team, Montreal is as far away as Ottawa … and maybe even farther with that albatross Price contract to deal with. I have a feeling Ottawa may surprise more than a few people this year and that both both Duchene and Stone will sign extensions.

      • The user name looks to pay homage to Lanny McDonald.
        Lanny is a true gentleman.
        You sir, are not a true reflection of the name you have appeared to have chosen.
        Be civil man!

      • Even in Canada LMacDonald?
        That is quite the blanket statement on my fine country and it also shows a lack of understanding of the facts.
        Globally Canada ranks 3rd in reading, the USA (which I assume you are comparing us to as not a lot of folks from the UK on hockey sites) barely cracks the top 25 at #24. That would show a good ability to comprehend the language. Math and science also have similar gaps when compared.
        But hey, don’t let factual evidence influence your opinion.

      • Let’s not make this a Canada vs USA pissing contest….

        That’s pretty much what I hate about this site at times….

      • Man. Most of you are regulars on this site. After some time you should get a fairly good idea when a poster is actively trying to troll you/the site. Signs include inflammatory opinions with no basis in fact. Targeting the sites writers. And the biggest is failure to respond to criticism of their posts.

    • Kal El

      With you on most …, for WW trade …. upgrade in D please

      Agree re Panarin and EK

      Agree with Duch moving on but don’t see Mont as top pick … VGK replace Eakin would be good move (team and Duch)

      Bobo… is it just that they can’t agree on term/$’s…. foolish to let him go…. but I guess there is a price point that is threshold for team to walk away

      Blues will do well but IMO finish 3rd in Central… Winn 1st , Nsh 2nd… may get by Nsh in first round but not Winn

      Ggy also will do well but I also see a surprise uptick in Ed…. SJ 1st, VGK 2nd and I see Van , Arz and even An (unless a trade happens) on the outside looking in; leaving LA and the two Alta teams vying for PAC3 (WC IMO comes from central) and 5 points max separating the 3.

      Sorry disagree re Calder …. gut feeling is the young Swede in Van

      • Brady T will be provided with ample opportunity to put up points, but he isn’t going to win the Calder, imo

      • I dont see the young Sweede being able to play as hard a game and put up points as the season goes along !
        He is still to small and underweight to do so …where I see Tkachuk going into every playing area and driving the net for points and his assists will become very bountiful….I would have said Peterson as well until I saw Tkachucks goal the other night driving the net …I dont think anyone sees how special this kid is going to be …he will get points from all areas of the Ice and with this I feel he will be more apt to getting more pints !

      • But will all of those pints reduce his number of points?

      • @ DoubleMinor

        LMAO ..I know …sorry …I was rattled and typing to fast …ready to drop the gloves….some guys play better with
        ( pints ) so Ive seen ..LOL

        My apologies on my spelling and grammar at times …on the go ..cheers

      • Kal El

        Brady is cut and a beast and will drive to any areas/o fear and will put up great numbers… on board with you there

        I just had this gut feeling re Peterson … he flies … looked great from the limited amount I’ve seen him. Was listed at 172 (is 6’2) but TSN said that “he appeared to have put on 20 lbs and still filling out”… so still not as big as BT but bigger than before

        Just my gut feel on this

        Watch both of us be wrong and Cerelli (sp?) fro TBay getting Calder!!!

        Stranger things have happened

      • I may be a homer Bruins fan, but don’t rule Donato out for the Calder. He should get plenty of opportunity to put up some points as well.

      • @DoubleMinor
        If Donato stays top 6 minutes he will be in the conversation for sure

      • Double Minor

        Re:Dinato… I see him likely in top 5 in voting … long shot to win it but certainly not out of the running

        It’ll come down to a subjective vote by hockey writers

        I’ve been very upset with their choice 3 times… Breadman over McD…. I was floored by that one… I don’t care that McD was out with injury (brutal hit) …. more PPG , more difficult match-ups ; 6 years younger AND Panarin had already played professionally for more than 6 years!!

        If players are basically tied statistically … IMO take the player who is either playing less minutes, or tougher minutes; or younger; or smaller; or played less as a pro:

        Ovechkin over Crosby … 4 points diff but Crosby much much better at 5 on 5 … less minutes played; tougher match-ups; 2 years younger ; 30 lbs lighter; 4″ shorter; and OV had already played 3+ years as a pro … I didn’t get that pick

        Mathews/Laine…. Laine statuscally better; year younger ; 25 lbs lighter; and Mathews had played 1 year of pro…. I would have picked Laine … and I’m a Leafs fan!!!

        This will be an interesting Calder year ; an exciting year

        Going out on a limb here … won’t be a Leaf

      • Hi Pengy

        How is a grown man that lives in Canada privy to a young American legacy players circumcision status?

      • And none of you have even mentioned the likely thought that the ROY this year will come from Buffalo. Dahlin or Middlestat both will have the opportunity and playing time to twist the league on its side this year.

      • “SMALLER” has nothing to do with being a tie-breaker re: Calder.

        Lesser and/or tougher mins = yes, ok

        Who is smaller?

        Resounding no

      • Dee,

        Had meetings in aft then out last night and just getting to read some of yesterday’s late posts…. just read ur:

        “Hi Pengy
        How is a grown man that lives in Canada privy to a young American legacy players circumcision status?”

        Didn’t know where that was coming from then re-read my post and saw my reference of “cut” meaning chiseled and now understand your post …. good one LOL

      • Dee,

        Re Dahlin and Middlestat… yes will do well but I just don’t see them top 5 in Calder voting.

        Top 10 for sure

      • Roy= Svechnikov. Carolina

  2. look it is silly to match up matthews and laine one is a pure shooter and the other a crosby type that will score if needed. as a center the value rockets and as a winger they are a dime a dozen

    • Hi Brian

      Valid points and I agree to a certain point but the reverse happened in the Crosby Ovi situation …. pure shooting winger (Ovi) vs “Crosby type” (the man himself).

      I still believe it should have been Crosby, Laine , McD… just my opinion though

  3. FYI : Duchene doesn’t speak french, only has a french name.

  4. Nylander is a good player but had two bad playoffs, I wouldn’t want guys lacking in heart on my team making big money. What good is a top line player who can score at same rate in playoffs or better? Worthless. Give him a bridge deal see if he can score in next two playoffs, if he plays soft as mink fur again trade him.

    • Sounds like perfect description of a Buffalo Sabres type of player

  5. Chris, captain douche…er captain Eichel was named today…have some respect.

  6. Who gets Wilson gets his act together after that suspension! Wow

  7. *bets

  8. Pengy – until Crosby gets that street named after him…he IS the best player hands down…gtfoh if you think different.

    • Crosby has been my fav player for many years … he will make a great son-in-law (7 years older than my daughter … but I’m ok with that)

      He remains IMO the leagues best player…. just. McD’s speed and playmaking are right there. He’s faster than Crosby but not as strong and I still think Crisby sees the whole ice a bit better.

      So , I’ll stick with my future son-in-law as world’s best hockey player for one more year. McD just may (heavy on the “may”) take over next year.

      I’m thinking at ’22 Olympics McD will be first line centre with Crosby as second line centre….not too shabby!!

  9. Picks tonight

    Toronto -1.5
    San Jose

    • Well, one out of three – and that one was fortunate to win based on their performance. Neither the Flames nor the Sharks put up much of a fight either – and in the one you overlooked, that was a serious opening night s*&t-kicking laid on the Bruins.

      • George

        I only saw the highlights and Stats of the Bos/Wsh and both Western games

        The results from last night far from what I expected

        I thought Leafs would win handily …. Doh. Leafs 5-5 …, brutal … 2 pts … take it

        Rookie Kok played great.

        Did not in my wildest dreams see a 7-0 route by Wsh …, pre game thought that it prob would go to Wsh but tight —Doh!

        I had Cgy and SJ winning in reg … Doh!