NHL Rumor Mill – October 30, 2018

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More “Nylander to Hurricanes” speculation plus the latest on the Rangers in your NHL rumor mill.


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman yesterday told the NHL Network he believes contract negotiations between the Toronto Maple Leafs and William Nylander are at a total standstill following a week of optimism following two meetings between Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas and Nylander’s agent Lewis Gross.

Friedman believes the Leafs prefer not to trade the young forward but wonders if they’ll soon reach a point where they have to consider it. Noting Dubas’ recent travels to see games in “Los Angeles, Minnesota, Carolina, Philadelphia”, he suggests “those are some of the teams I think that makes the most sense as a potential Nylander destination.”

Carolina Hurricanes defenseman Brett Pesce is popping up in trade speculation regarding Toronto Maple Leafs free agent William Nylander. (Photo via NHL Images)

During an appearance yesterday on Toronto’s TSN 1050, Darren Dreger said there still appears a wide gap in both term and money between the Leafs and the Nylander camp. With the Leafs facing a Dec. 1 deadline to get the young forward under contract, he feels the Leafs might have to at least consider a trade.

Dreger adds there’s no shortage of interest in Nylander and puts the Carolina Hurricanes right near the top of the list. Show host Carlo Colaiacovo suggested Hurricanes defenseman Brett Pesce as someone he’d like to see the Leafs target in a trade.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: With the Dec. 1 deadline for signing Nylander a month away, the longer this stalemate drags on the more he’ll appear in trade speculation. I believe the Leafs want to get him signed to a new deal but they could consider fielding trade offers if there’s no resolution in contract talks by late-November.

The Hurricanes have been linked to Nylander and the Leafs for some time but they could be reluctant to part with Pesce, preferring perhaps to offer up Justin Faulk. The Hurricanes are also off to a good start to this season. If that continues, they could remain patient with their lineup. If they wish to keep their defense corps intact but still seek a scoring forward, maybe they’ll look at more affordable trade options than Nylander. 


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes the rebuilding New York Rangers shouldn’t wait until February to stage a fire sale of veterans such as Kevin Hayes, Mats Zuccarello, and Adam McQuaid. If management knows they’re not re-signing those pending unrestricted free agents, he feels they should be aggressive at shopping those players “when the pool of interested parties might be deeper than at the deadline and clubs are willing to make player-for-player hockey exchanges rather than enter into pure lend-lease operations. ” Doing so would also allow younger players to get more ice time. 

NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: During an appearance Monday on Calgary’s Sportsnet 960, Elliotte Friedman said he thinks the Rangers are a team to watch in the trade market. He noted Vladislav Namestikov could be out there, cited colleague Nick Kypreos suggesting the Winnipeg Jets could a good fit for Hayes and also acknowledged Zuccarello could be available.

Friedman wondered how long the Rangers will be willing to wait. He also thinks people are waiting to see what the Toronto Maple Leafs do with William Nylander. He speculates the Rangers could pursue Columbus Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin via free agency next summer. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Rangers can get good returns now for Hayes, Zuccarello, Namestnikov, and McQuaid they probably wouldn’t hesitate to trade them. However, I don’t think there’s much of a trade market right now for those players. I’m not suggesting they don’t have any value, but teams are still evaluating their rosters at this point and there might not be as much interest in making moves.

Once we get closer to late-November, the trade market should start to improve. Still, the Rangers might prefer waiting until the calendar flips to January before shopping those guys. 



  1. Faulk (a terrible) defensmen with less than two years left on his contract, for Nylanderis just ridiculous!

    The Leafs would be better off just sitting still and letting Nylander sit out a year. Perhaps that would help give the kid a little perspective and a more reasonable ask next year. If not make him sit again. The highest paid KHL player makes 5.5. Nylander’s rights are owned by a Siberian team, I’m sure he’ll love that! He will lose way more in a lock out or two than he could ever hope to make up in a contract hold out.

    Adding Faulk to any team would only make that team even worse! When he’s on the ice his goalie’s save percentage plummets! Which is incredible considering how little D-zone starts he gets. Most sheltered, worst defender in this league or any other. Faulk should be the one playing in Siberia!

    • There is no doubt Faulk would help Toronto’s brutal defense he could be on the number one pair, nylander isn’t worth pesce on his own maybe the leafs add a pick or prospect.

      • You have literally no idea what you are talking about. You keep highlighting the Leafs defensive woes and think a one dimensional, defensively inept Faulk is the answer?

      • Compared to what the leafs have? You literally have no idea what you are talking about!

      • hey taz the bruins won another 2 whole games in the playoffs than the leafs wow are their defense ever good

      • George, I’d worry about your garbage organization more than what the Kings are doing.

        Oh and in case you missed it, Kopitar is the best two player in all of hockey not named Bergeron, and he gives him a good run for his money. So his slow start doesn’t concern me.

        As for Phaneuf, I’d still rather have him than Gaborik. How’s he working out for the Sens?

    • Bigbadbruins: Agreed on Nylander for Pesce largely due to Pesce’s favourable contract vs. Nylander’s high contract asking price. All things being equal, defenceman have more value than wingers. If I’m Carolina, I’d need to be completely blown away to trade Pesce or Slavin given their current deals.

      • Especially if it’s going to cost them $8 mil off the cap for 8 years for someone in the 60-65 point range. He might well get steadily better production … but is that worth the gamble? And as already pointed out, Carolina isn’t doing too bad so far. Perhaps if they are struggling with offense towards the end of November the talks with the Leafs will heat up. They’re not under any pressure – indeed no team is, even those bumbling out of the gate because none of those were expected to be contenders this year anyway. In their position they’ll want to get a good long look at what they have – again until at least late November.

      • My point above is, if Dubas deals Nylander now it will largely be borne out of a measure of panic, and that’s never a good time to be making trades. If one or more teams suddenly find themselves looking for improved offense – for whatever reason – towards the end of November (including any who were considered contenders), that can only be of benefit to Dubas as they might well be willing to give up more than at this stage. The loss of Matthews will hurt, but they’ve just played the one game without him, and it’s not as if they haven’t gone without him before for a bunch of games. They, do, however, need Kadri to pick it up a noth and for Kapanen to start scoring with some regularity because, as Shticky points out in the HGeadlines thread, now they need to replace the combined offense of Matthews, Nylander, Bozak and Van Riemsdyk for the better part of a month.

      • You are spot on George, most teams aren’t in panic mode. I can think of one team that should be though, which is LA.
        They have big money tied up in Carter, Doughty, Kopitar, kovalchuk, Brown, Quick and Phaneuf.
        Toffoli and Pearson haven’t turned out in what was expected from them.

        They aren’t quite a fit for Nylander because the few RFAs they do have in Kempe and Iafallo are up for renewal next year as well.
        I suppose the only thing they have going is the fact that they have all their picks and two very tradeable assets in Martinez and Muzzin.

      • I agree re L.A., Taz, although a week back someone took me to task for suggesting they may have dug themselves a hole out of which they might not be able to climb, assuring me that, “all” they need to turn things around is a 10-game winning streak. You know, just flick a switch. Anyway, I don’t think even Blake regarded his team as a legitimate contender for anything, including a playoff spot, so perhaps he’s casting an eye on a good chance at the # 1 pick and so won’t do anything that might, at best, get them to within a few points of the 8th and last spot.

      • George, quite being a drama queen. I never took you to task about anything.

        All I said was for everyone to relax regarding the play of Kopitar, Quick etc. And that it was a little early to completely write them off, you know the same way you did with the Leafs winning streak.

        Your being a tad hypocritical don’t you think George?

        An excellent 10 game stretch for the Leafs was too early to call them a legit cup contender in your eyes, but a horrible ten game stretch for LA was enough to deem them a write off and that their stars from last year all of a sudden now suck?

      • Oh dear, dear – now you’re ruined my mascara! Drama queen my ass – maybe you think that wasn’t “taking me to task” but to pass off their current position – still tied for 2nd last overall with NYR and Fla and just 1 point ahead of Detroit is not a monumental task with 7 teams to climb over just to get to 8th, but even considering this is early stuff, that still is a tough row to hoe. Yeah, Kopitar had a nice personal year last year, but it dropped off drastically after him. So far this year he isn’t lighting up much, they’re getting zilch out of Pearson – well, not quite – he has an assist – nothing from Phaneuf on the back-end except for a -7, and an old crock is their leading scorer with 8 pts.

        Hey, maybe they DO turn it around at some point, but just based on what they’ve accomplished so far and how they’ve looked doing it – slow – I wouldn’t be betting the farm on it. They looked slow last year in dropping 4 straight to Vegas.

      • George O: A little late back to the party as I was tied up at work. Another point with Carolina is they have to pay Aho next year. If they trade for Nylander and give him $8M/year long term, what do they have to pay Aho? It will be at least the same and their cap space would disappear very quickly. Teravainen is up for a big raise next year and Svechnikov likely will in a couple years too.

    • Mst, the problem isn’t the kid; it’s the kid Dad who is driving the Bus.
      Also worth noting that its been reported that several teams are interested in trading for Nylander, this can only fuel the fire for the Nylander camp who no doubt would be using this information telling the leaf camp “there is a lot of interest out there and these teams know our request and are willing to give it to us, we now need you to step up to the plate.”
      Personally I don’t think he is worth that reported request just yet but now wondering if there is a fit in Boston.

      • Definitely a fit from the Leafs side Caper. Plenty of RD that is young.
        Carlo as the main piece.
        Bruins will have their own cap issues coming up so we really don’t need another high priced winger unless we can shed Backes.

    • you are right he is terrible because the d on Toronto is out of this world this is what makes people outside Toronto dislike the team narrow minded fans the oil d is just as bad but would love to have faulk on the oil

  2. I don’t see Hayes being traded before deadline. Although he lacks ntc protection, it’s hard to imagine return would be worth it if he goes to a team where he doesn’t agree to a new contract. He’s already stated he’d like to stay in NY, and can’t sign a new deal until January. Nylander is a guy that would be a great fit in NY, depending on what kind of money he actually gets. McQuaid and Zuc are both most likely to get dealt. I think Rangers should make moving Shattenkirk a priority. Would Toronto have interest if Rangers added a player like Buchnevich? Namestikov?

    • If he is the top center at the deadline then he could garner a good return. Would depend on the market of centers at that time.

    • I can’t imagine any scenario where NY would give up young assets to acquire a guy looking for 8×8 at this stage of a rebuild.

      I’m a bit of a broken record here, but if they have 8 million burning a hole in their pockets, and feel a scoring winger is what they need or are missing… wait on Panarin.

      Imo, they don’t resemble a team at this stage that needs a scoring winger to help them. I don’t think Nylander or Panarin are turning this team around today.

      They should concentrate on moving Zuccarello, Mcquaid, Shattenkirk if they can, and continue to develop what they have while adding young pieces via the draft.

      • Nyr4life, agree it is a problem that he is looking for 8 x 8, as it signals he will be a problem long term with negotiations, but I don’t think many GM’s would ever consider paying it. Neither will the Leafs, hence the standoff.
        I still believe this turns into a bridge if he absolutely won’t sign for a reasonable # long term.
        If you trade for him you would play the same card the Leafs are, if you are a rebuilding team you may be able to pick him up and under pay with the asset back. If he sits he sits, he has to come around eventually.
        If he chooses a bridge you can then play the arbitration game for a few years and he will get what is fair. So you will have him for a while at a fair price. And can trade him down the road if he won’t sign an extension at a reasonable $. He may also mature and like the team and the place he lives. People’s perspectives can change as they get older.
        So not too big of a gamble as I simply can’t see him getting what he wants from anybody and if he sits for a year or longer he is an idiot. I just think he is getting bad advice, and that too will end once he faces a year outside the NHL.

      • As I said, if price is right. I don’t see anyone giving him 8m for 8 years. I do believe he can be bridged by right team. Obvious Toronto just looking to kick can down the road. Nylander knows money won’t be there a few years from now. No guarantee they get Panarin, although chances do look good. Worse case scenario is they have both, which shouldn’t be a problem financially if they can unload Shatty

      • Honestly, I don’t see NY pulling the trigger on any deal in the near future. Certainly not on an expensive winger. I believe NY is setting themselves up for the long term.

        I don’t believe they’ve stockpiled picks and hired Quinn to take them to the promised land in the next 2-3 years.

        I think once these players start to develop and improve, Quinn will be out the door, and they’ll bring in someone with a little more experience on the NHL level.

        Panarin would be an okay add, and not cost them picks and prospects who they’ve just acquired, and who have yet to realize their potential.

        I see nothing but stop gap UFA’s in the next year or 2. And bigger moves when these young players get some experience under their belts, Staal, Smith, Belesky, and Lundqvist are out the door.

        Nys window of competing and splashing into big trades and UFA’s is closed temporarily imo. Nothing they’ve done in the last 6-12 months says otherwise.

        This is a young team, that will do a lot of losing, and growing over the next couple of years. And I think that’s okay. They are quickly becoming a team with a future, instead of a really good team that can’t quite get over the hump.

      • Everything you just said makes sense Nyr. I think Gorton is the guy to do it as well and he definitely has the patience for a 5 year project which that approach would take. And I agree with it.
        Do the fans and ownership have the same patience? There will be plenty of lumps along the way and obviously no guarantees it works. Not saying they do or they don’t, just asking as I live in Edmonton and it wore out after approx 3 years of losing. Then they began rushing prospects, signing long term deals before they knew what they had, etc.
        Having said that I think WN could still be a player and likely will be and could be a core piece. All depends on the cost to get and keep him and right now might be the time to get him for less than market value.

      • Hey Ray,

        This entire idea stems from James Dolan , the owner. So he’s okay with it . The fans, that’s another story. I’ve already seen a lot of impatience from the fan base and they’re not even 20 games in to the rebuild.

        The fans impatience hopefully won’t mattet for the next couple of years. The 90s Ranger way of having dinosaurs (Messier, Lindros, Etc, steer the club has been dead for some time.

        I’m 100% on board for what they’re doing. I think Nylander would be a nice complimentary piece, not a core piece. but not today, and certainly not at what he’s looking for in term and dollars.
        And definitely not at the expense of the young players picks and prospects they barely know.

        I like the approach they’re taking with Andersson, I wish they’d afford the same opportunity to develop correctly to Chytl.

        They have some great pieces. Andersson, Chytl, Pionk, Day, Skjei, Kravstov, Miller, Hajek, Howden, Lindren etc. why trade them away before they even sniff their potential?

        Let these kids develop. Trade Zuccarello, Mcquaid, and Shattenkirk down the road.
        Let Kreider, Zibanejad, Fast, Skjei etc lead the way and reassess everything year to year until these kids are ready.

        They’ve been one of the best teams in the NHL in the cap era, just never able to get to the top. No shame whatsoever on a couple of years of trying it a different way.

  3. How’s that Marleau contract looking now?

    Boggles my mind how they could lose Nylander and Keaf fans get stuck with Marleau, Zaitsev and Hainsey with almost 14 million in contracts.

    That makes sense, let’s keep the overpaid underproducing group and let’s give up Nylander for Justin Faulk’s 5 million dollar contract and 1978 moustache.

    • Frank that’s the exact way i feel signing Marleau was a mistake for sure that money should have been saved for nylander leaf management should have seen this coming they knew that signing all the big three was going to be a challange now they have a real mess on there hands and may just lose nylander

      • They can’t afford to sign all 3 no matter what. they will lose 2 of the 3

    • When that contract was signed I thought it was at least 1 million to high and new it was 1 year to long.

      • Was that – the Marleau signing – a wrinkle in the carefully-laid Shanaplan, and how influential was Babcock in the signing, given his well-know affinity for veteran players?

      • I’m not sure but weren’t alot of the problem with those young Oiler teams before McDavid with all those high draft picks that got big deals instead of insulating them with a vet?Didn’t all those high draft picks just keep kindnda sputtering along with no real vet leadership in the top 2 lines and showing their young talent how to be professionals and the work it takes day in and day out? Marleau put up 27 goals and nearly 50 points in his first season and has been off to a slower start but still has 5 or 6 points so far this year despite juggling lines. Marleau is well worth the investment

      • Toronto knew or should have known that they were going to have big cap issues in 2019/2020 when Nylander, Marner and Matthews were on their second contracts. They would have been better off to give Marleau a 2-year deal at $8M/year than adding the third year to his actual deal and lowering the per year cap hit. Would Marleau have turned a 2 year/$16M deal down? Highly unlikely.

        I know Marleau’s salary next year once the signing bonus is paid on July 1 is only $1.25M and the contract may be tradable to other cost conscious teams. However, he still has a NMC next year, which was really stupid to include, and will only be traded to a team of his choice.

      • How would any team know that the guy they just drafted was going to be a 12 or 13 million dollar guy on his first contract let alone have 3 that may ask for 30 mill combined or that a player of Tavares ilk may actually consider coming he in 2 years as a UFA? no one has a crystal ball and Im pretty sure the focus was to make the younger players or at least to take the steps to make them successful, seems it worked who knows how Mathews and Marner look without adding a player like Marleau, or if Tavares chooses to stay in NY is there an issue with paying a top 6 winger to put up 25 goals and 50 points vet guy 6 mill? Marleau was a good investment and hind sight is always 20/20 no?

    • A lot of NHL teams have overpaid underperforming players. Also good teams. Bruins have Marchand and Bergeron on nice contracts but have Backes as an anchor. Tampa has Callahan as an anchor. The only Toronto player of the ones you mentioned that is currently an anchor (because of the contract length) is Zaitsev. He must pick up his play to be fully usable as a 2nd pair D.

    • Leafs don’t have a cap issue until next year.
      Nylander would be sitting with or without Marleau

  4. The tanking heads don’t know any more then us about who is trading what for what but Faulk sucks Caralina has been trying to get rid of him for 2years.not going to happen in a Nylander trade. So stop trying to push that guy in a trade. If The Leafs do trade him it will be for someone young like Nylander.

  5. I agree on Faulk; he never has shown prowess as a two way defender. Sure, get on the attack, a boomer shot oct.
    But, he isn’t gonna solidify any team’s backline defensively.

  6. He does have a booming shot and it usually ends up in the goalie’s chest, off a post, off a defenseman or misses the next completely. He’s very good on the rush but similar to Gardiner defensively. I’ve watched enough Carolina games to see a consistent pattern. Overall I’d say he is mediocre at best and to retain a 5 million dollar contract you’d be better off going with younger blueliners with upside but I can think of 85% of the Leafs roster that is expendable.

    Anyone see the game last night? It was hard to watch. If I was Leafs management I would not name a captain any time soon.

    Those of you older than Justin Faulk’s moustache might remember the Calgary Toronto trade that made the Leafs an instant contender….. in my opinion they need a fiesty center like Gilmour even without the scoring, two real defensemen in the mold of Jamie MaCoun and Ric Nattress and a few impact hitters.

    I wouldnt trade Nylander unless Brad Werenski is on the other side of that deal.

  7. Leafs are in some trouble. No team with Hainsey and Marincin in the top 6 is going to win a round in the playoffs and the loss of AM is only a part of the bigger picture. For the one hundredth time Babs says “the other team was better prepared”. If so, who is at fault for that? Last night waqs dismal and the idea that the team woluld come out liek that after Saturday, and be so listless and unstructured is baffling.Johnsson, Brown, Marleau, Leivo, Lindholm and Gauthier are merely taking up space….I would try something new which means either a trade (is it time now to pull the trigger on Nylander? Either sign or trade if there is a deal out there that helps)or call up one or two Marlies who might actually show some degree of energy and some physicality.

    • Except when Pittsburgh won the Stanley Cup…with Hainsey in the “Top 6”

      • Ya when hainsey was what 3-4 yrs younger?

    • I don’t understand the hate for Hainsey really, he’s been quite good. If you are expecting him to be Ryan Suter, then that’s something he’s not. He is playing the toughest assignments against top lines and PK.

      • People have stopped watching hockey with their peepers and watch graphs instead.

      • @bigbadbruins

        try 1 and half years. He was 36 during the 2017 Stanley Cup Players, he was 37 during the 2018 (last years) Stanley Cup Playoffs. Still 37 now, turning 38.

        So unfortunately Mr. McGill’s comment does not hold water

      • One thing Hainsey DID have in Pittsburgh was better overall D out there with him every game, better overall goaltending, and a F compliment that played two-way hockey from one line to the next and, of course, Crosby and Malkin.

      • Better two way forwards? Yes

        Better D? Nah, Letang was out that entire playoffs. I would put the Leafs current corps even with the Pens 2017 championship corps.

        Better goaltending? Perhaps, but Andersen is just as good right now as Fleury/Murray were in 2017 (maybe MAF/Murrary were SLIGHTLY superior).

        Citing Toronto’s D if they lose in the playoffs would be an excuse, not the reason. And Hainsey is not as bad as some here are making him out to be.

      • There’s a lot of bias here also. People trying to throw out the baby with the bathwater based on 10% of the team roster that is dubious. All teams have weaknesses in todays NHL. Hainsey is alright. Leafs are also. I don’t understand a lot of the criticisms put forth on here.

      • It might be misplaced Denne … but Oct-Nov hockey is a notoriously bad time to be coming to conclusions. Yes, you can dig yourself a hole in those months that might prove difficult to climb out of later, especially with the 3-point games that start to crop up more often as we get into December. You can also look better than you actually are if you’ve had a favourable schedule in those months, or been one of the teams to have gotten through them relatively unscathed, but sometimes that tends to even out and then the weaknesses become exposed as the schedule heads towards Christmas.

      • pittsburgh couldn’t have been that good 2 yrs ago heck they barely beat ottawa

  8. Yesterday comments of it’s rare or doesn’t happen that a defenseman isn’t traded unless one is coming back. Bored, I did a fact check.

    Mikhail Sergachev, Sami Vatenan, Mirco Mueller, Marco Scandella, Zach Redmond, Dalton Prout, Jamie Oleksiak, Seth Jones, Samuel Girard, Justin Schultz, Kevin Shattenkirk, Ron Hainsey, Kevin Bieksa, Kieth Yandle, Brandon Gormley, Erik Gudbranson, Jakub Kindl, James Wisniewski, Griffin Reinhart, Colin Miller, Dougie Hamilton…. These are just some of the defenseman who were involved in trades over the last 4 season were they were the only defenseman involved in a trade. Safe to say it happens more then some realize.

    • solid work Caper.
      Now we sit and wait for someone to say how you have to overpay for a defenseman like the price for Larsson…..overlooking the fact that the trade was the anomaly not the norm

      • Or underpay for some nobody like eric karlsson

      • I think, if you ask Oiler fans today about the Hall for Larsson trade, quite a few might give it a thumbs up. Larsson’s been a big part of Edmonton’s good play recently.
        That kind of trade would help the Leafs but so would Nylander back on the ice in blue and white.

      • Dark G: I didn’t like the Karlsson trade at the time, but it actually looks pretty good at the moment. Tierney has been great, DeMelo has been solid and that doesn’t even include the picks and prospects that have yet to play.

        In addition, the Hoffman trade has been much better than expected as Boedker has been a good fit and they got a decent RD prospect in Bergman. I didn’t get why everyone thought 2nd, 4th and 5th round picks for Hoffman and a 7th was better than the Boedker trade Ottawa made.

        Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised, but am by no means a big Dorion fan. Still don’t like the Duchene trade (stated this many times – got nothing for Turris or the Bowers/picks package) and the Burrows trade was terrible. However, Dorion has been much better than people give him credit for and has actually done a very good job since last trade deadline given the circus around the team. Really like the Brassard trade and he’s drafted well the last few years too (ex. Chabot, White, Formenton, Lajoie, etc.).

  9. Faulk is not the answer, unless the question is
    ” who should the leafs trade Nylander for that they will regret for the next decade?” The heart of the problem is twofold: Babcok and the second and third tier of the Leafs: Marleau, Brown, Johnsson, Lindholm, Leivo,Gauthier: at this point, they are invisible both ways and the Leafs would be better off to bring up one or two marlies who might bring some energy and physical play. How often will Babs get away with lame after game comments which seem to highlight that he is outcoached (“they were prepared and we are not”). If we do trade WN, let’s try to find something that actually improves the team? Faulk won’t and why would anyone give Leafs full value for WN when is is entirely a buyers market right now.

  10. Marleau contract is one year too long. Babcock is the one who pushed hard for Marleau it was a big mistake now they are in cap hell. Nylander is drawing a tone of interest from the league but I would not trade him unless it’s skill for skill they can’t afford to have a Hall trade happen.

  11. Just curious what people think if the Oilers offer Calib Jones and Kassian for McQuaid? I know something would have to be adjusted for the Oilers to fit McQuaid’s contract under the cap but, it is only for this season. Is this doable or is one team giving up to much?

    • Depends what you think Jones will be Kevjam. I haven’t watched any Bakersfield games. The coach was saying good things about him on 1260.
      Might want Kassian come playoff time, but agree there are better options up front today because they cost less. If he was earning $1M instead of 2 everybody would be OK with him.
      Oilers top 4 has been good but agree, need some depth.

    • I feel like Kassian alone is an overpayment for McQuad unless you have a time machine and you send McQuaid back to the time when his type of player actually had a place in the game.

  12. agree the Leafs looked lost and clueless last night….agree as well about the 3 rd and 4 th lines not strong enough, not that the 1 st two looked good…agree as well you wonder where the on ice leadership…agree as well Leaf coaching seems stubborn and without vision….maybe a part of the reason they are losing at home is that Babcock has last change and he is getting out coached

    Don’t agree now is the time to make any move for the sake of doing it….don’t agree that Muzzin,Faulk, Martinez or any one else like it is the answer, don’t agree that Nylander is an * million dollar guy and don’t know if that what he is asking for (neither does anyone else)…don’t think he will get a 1 D but he should get a real good 2 D on a good contract…

    An aside….I did enjoy the 2 brothers (about 9 or 10 years old who dressed up for Halloween one as Dubas and the other as Nylander….they signed a contract …pretty funny I thought

    Leaf fans might need a little levity in the months that come….I never believed their press clippings from the first 10 games…nor the optimism out of Las Vegas…who I think were just trying to get the punter to bet more money than really believed about the Leaf odds they published

    • I disagree about nylander getting a solid number 2, with the money he want his soft play I think a 2nd pairing dman will be the best he can get

      • what kind of D he gets ( if it is D)….we will have to wait and see

      • A bruin troll giving his opinion on Nylander lol

      • A troll leaf lover waaaay overvaluing a leaf player…….go figure

      • Why is he a “troll?” because he’s regularly uncomplimentary about the Leafs. When did this site turn into a Leafs (or name any other team) Mutual Admiration Society? Are the rules that only devoted fans of a certain team can be critical?

      • He’s about the furthest thing from a Bruin troll.
        A troll? Yes!
        Bruins? No.
        He bleeds Habs Red.

      • The concept of troll is someone who will say a statement to get a reaction, the statement isn’t based on fact and as is evident in this case, any intelligence.

        The regulars here have had healthy discussion both for and against (insert team name here). No, he isn’t being called a troll because there is a difference in opinion, he is being called a troll because his agenda is to bash the leafs without bringing anything knowledgeable to the table.

      • So, just looking at his last statement in isolation, all of you think Nylander should be able to fetch a Top 2 D-man. If thinking otherwise is being a troll, is there a label for anyone who places that high a value on him?

      • So you’re a troll taz because you way over value leaf players so bad that knowledge is throwing out the window? Leaf fans call hater or troll when people don’t agree with them

      • It’s also funny hearing shoreorr park say someone else isn’t a bruins fan! The bleeds blue and white like no other

      • A troll is not the big ugly fictional character. It comes from the fishing method of trolling with a net. You throw it in the water and you indiscriminately catch whatever ends up in the net just like a troll says controversial statements to try and catch the most outrage from a wide range of people who read it. Most of the time they don’t even believe, themselves, what they are saying.

      • I hate both the Leafs and the Habs equally.
        I just offer compliments on players and systems rather than make baseless claims and uneducated assessments as a subtle form of trolling.
        Side note: I was wrong about the Finn.
        He’s staying in Montreal, and rightly sp.

  13. I don’t care who they trade Willie for but bring in some hitting and grit this team is to soft and package some of the others and trade them to a dog food plant it’s not fair I see guys floating around doing nothing and yet you have guys on your Minor League team who would kill for the opportunity a guy I liked is Emerson Clark not big but fast and can play with some grit Justin Holl should be on this team there is nothing but joke they allow these guys like lievo marincin the goat Hainsey brown all floaters play bring up some young guys yes you might loose but at least you have effort and workmen mantelity but if I was Dumas I would look at Philly and inquire about Simmons and Sanhiem for Willie plus

  14. The Nylander holdout is becoming a side circus.

    Yes he wants to be overpaid, but he knows Matthews and Marner will be paid signficantly more (at or above market value). The problem with Willie is he wants to earn market value on his contract which could be that in its 6th, 7th and/or 8th year, but wants to be overpaid for most of it. If Dubas wants to hold his ground on that and send a message to others, let Dec 1 pass and have Nylander skate in Russia.

    However, if Dubas is going to waste two months just to save a few hundred thousand and still end up overpaying, then ship out these ridiculous contracts for the likes of Hainsey, Zaitsev, Marleau etc.

    It makes no sense to trade a player who should be part of a core that makes this team a contender and keep mediocre butterflies out there whose last hit was bumping into their bedframe in the middle of the night to get a cup of chamomile.

  15. I meant to say buttercups, but butterflies will suffice.

    • And butterflies do flit about aimlessly.

  16. It makes me very happy that the Rangers stink

    • When they finish dead last 3 years out of 5 , and the Sabres make the playoff and go deep a few times , you’ll have room to talk about it.

    • I wish the Habs stunk, especially after I was so sure they would.
      Damn Julien.

  17. First week of season a good friend of mine was comparing Reilly to Orr and Mathews to McDavid haven’t heard from him in a while. Told him hold on when Reilly wins 8 consecutive Norris trophies 2 Stanley Cups and Mathews actually plays a full season call me until than your just being annoying. Leaf fans need to stop tripping on their own tongues.

  18. Nylander is not being traded and not for Faulk, Martinez, Muzzin…basically there isn’t anyone available and if so, leafs will wait and be all in on a #1/#2 stud

    If it’s for Pesce, then Carolina will need to add assets, not the other way around.

    Soft or not, willy got 4 points in 6 games and was a +4 against boston, an elite team.

    If hes traded, I believe that he’s going to a non-playoff team.

    Additionally, for all you naysayers about leafs defense suck, wtf is babcock doing…Toronto is a very good team and if you don’t play A+ against them, you’ll lose.

    As of today, toronto is tied for first overall, that put’s them in a position of power in any trade.

    I questioned, dubas over lou, but it looks like dubas is as stubborn as lou, which is a good thing. william will sit, get traded

    • I think he will sit, and then sign last week of November. Bridge, or a long term at 6 x 6.5.

      • And yes Nylander is and will be a very good player. If I’m him it’s all about the bridge and then earn the big $$.

    • Not a chance leafs will be adding for pesce! Nylander has baggage which is a risk the team that is trading for nylander will use against the leafs, the leafs will be dealing from a disadvantage. And their record is better than what they have shown on the ice not even a die hard leaf fan can dispute that

    • Lou’s greatest accomplishments came prior to the cap era. After that he drove the NJDs into the ground.

      #1-2 studs, rarely come to market. And when and if they do, they certainly don’t come at the price of a hold out winger seeking a payday like Nylander.

      I can’t see any team thinking Nylander is the answer to their prayers at the expense of a Doughty, Paryko, Trouba , Hedman etc. Maybe a young d-man with potential. But certainly not anyone stepping in today that would be considered a 1-2 on their current team.

  19. Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not a bit of a matter of sending a message to the other 2 to let Nylander sit then to trade him under any circumstance makes for a great story and yes I understand how allowing 1 even strength goal and beating the Jets in a home and home is a very good reason to freak out about how bad the Leafs D is but I wouldn’t be surprised if it still ends up being a bridge deal unless these other teams somehow get in to a bidding war which also wouldn’t surprise me if the Dubas tour wasn’t to stoke the flame and look at it from that angle.. Either way not sure it benefits the Leafs to do anything before the last week of Nov and unless something dramatic or can’t say no to by keeping him out it may shave some of the ask from Matthews or Marner in line relative to what some are speculating..in the long run it may be in their favor to just leave it alone