NHL Rumor Mill – October 4, 2018

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Latest on William Nylander and Jeff Skinner in your NHL rumor mill.


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY: cites NHL insider Darren Dreger telling Winnipeg’s TSN 1290 there’s been no progress on contract talks between restricted free agent William Nylander and the Toronto Maple Leafs. Dreger also noted Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas had received calls from rival clubs about Nylander. While Dubas said he’s not trading the young forward, Dreger speculated maybe that might change if this contract impasse drags on into late-October or early-November.

TSN: Pierre LeBrun gave his opinion regarding Leafs president Brendan Shanahan’s comments on the Leafs young core. He believes there’s some frustration among the front office over how Nylander’s negotiations have gone. The feeling seems to be the Leafs cannot afford to re-sign Nylander, Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner and perhaps Jake Gardiner at full market value, but if they’ll accept a little less, the Leafs could be a team that can win for many years.

Contract talks between William Nylander and the Toronto Maple Leafs remain deadlocked. (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Now that the regular season has started, expect Nylander to become the hot topic in the rumor mill for as long as his contract standoff continues. He has to be under contract by Dec. 1 or risk being ineligible to play for the remainder of the regular season. He’s losing money every day that he’s not in the lineup.

I believe Dubas is sincere when he says he has no intention of trading Nylander. That won’t stop teams from inquiring but it’ll take a significant offer to change Dubas’ mind. 


THE BUFFALO NEWS: Mike Harrington wonders if the Sabres will be “interested and able to work out a long-term deal” with Jeff Skinner and if the left winger will be willing to stay. The Sabres acquired Skinner in August from the Carolina Hurricanes for a prospect and two draft picks, in part because he’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent next July. 

“What happens at the trade deadline?”, asks Harrington. “Does Skinner accept a deal to a contender if the Sabres are out of the race and look to move him? Botterill could conceivably get several assets back in exchange for a prolific goal scorer.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Skinner’s situation will be worth following this season. If he meshes well alongside center Jack Eichel on the Sabres’ top line I expect they’ll do all they can to re-sign him to a lucrative new contract. If the Sabres are wallowing at the bottom of the standings again, perhaps Skinner becomes reluctant to re-sign, forcing management to put him on the block before the February trade deadline. 



  1. I don’t see a problem resigning Skinner…he accepted coming here on a NMC, I think it will depend on how Skinner feels he fits in with Eichel and Reinhart. Buffalo loses some big contracts next year plus having 3 first rounders in next years draft will enable Botterill to possibly acquire more talent in a trade(s). Botterill is still cleaning up the mess he came into but next year it should be an easier time to make deals. Any takers for Bogosian? lol

    • I’ll give you Marian Gaborik for him!

    • Len

      Was typing my post (slowly — single finger on iPhone) at same time as you … see below re my comments on Skin

      Sorry … I’m thinking Bogosian might be a tough one to trade …. LOL

    • The Sabres will have Matt Moulson and Pomminville off the books next year that will save them about $10 million and they have no really big signings with anyone else after Skinner…it really depends on what he wants to do …he will probably be asking around the $7 million to $8 million mark as is Nylander for term at this point …he is at $5.7 million all ready so I say he signs for $7 (ish) he too is not an
      $8 million dollar man ..IMO
      Someone will over pay as its not a deep UFA pool and team needs will have them shelling out more cash for the UFA as trades are harder to come by with players like this.
      Sabres need to shed the Okposo deal …

      Tired of commenting on Nylander…I dont see him as a core piece at his asking price to be a guy who the Leafs ABSOLUTELY need to win cups or make playoffs ..he is just one minimal piece on this team and I hope he is traded for a Big Body Winger… they are in need of someone who hits…

      I am not sure what everyone else is watching but Jake Gardiner is a give away machine terrible in the corners and even worse in front of his own net…let him walk at seasons end, can not afford him on the Leafs and it will only hurt the leafs worse long term $$$…they have Dermott Sandin and Liljergen to replace him who all play like him in many ways and they will not or can not …do any worse than him for millions less!

      GREAT NIGHT OF HOCKEY …LEAGUE IS FAST AND SKILLED ….its going to come down to who has better goaltending on any given night on most teams.

      I have to say I am impressed with the Habs even without Weber …they could use a piece or 2 here and there but they are fast and have a great forecheck ..Price will have to play lights out most games…but Kotkiniemi looks really good …KUDOS!

      Love Tom, Wilson …I think his hit was borderline and combined with his past history did not work out in his favor

      …BUT …that Sundqvist kid cut into the middle with his head down …and thats pretty much a Hockey 101 NO NO for a pro forward and kids hit league for that matter …Just sayin… 20 games was to much.
      I didnt see any direct hit to the head after watching countless times…vulnerable yes …stupid by Sundqvist more of a yes.

      Have a good day guys..Cheers .. 🙂

      • I’ve been saying they should just adopt the European rules and be done with it. I know what it’s like when you got someone lined up and all you’re thinking is ‘YES, YES!!’ because you know you’re going to annihilate him. And sorry to say, it’s pretty satisfying when you hurt someone with a clean hit. But, as I get older and see how big open ice hits are causing CTE, and how disturbing CTE is, they should get that out. The players are smart, if they can stop flipping the puck over the glass, they can suppress that little monster that wants to totally wreck a guy when he’s got his head down.

      • N H L …NO HIT LEAGUE

        I agree with you on the concussion issues however if it is a legal hit its a legal hit…
        Does Brad Marchand have the right to hit Lars Eller in the face with his fists 4 times on the button just because he taunted the team in a 7 – 0 loss

        …Wilsons hit was more justified than Marchands actions …its all part of the make up of the game ….they should make soft rubber helmets for the NFL…make the NHL rinks European size and take open ice hits out of the game then…its a fine line …how about a player learns how to play with his head up in the most vulnerable place on the ice …you teach that at 11 years old !
        lets all just play nice now… where they hand out medals to all the loosing teams as well….LOL

        Iam not ignorant to the concussion issues they are serious but what is a legal (vulnerable ) hit and what is non legal hit…..the only reason this was suspension was becuase the guy had his head down …thats not a reason to not dish out a hit …but that whats it seems to be now …if you skate with your head down it means that you are vulnerable and should not be hit in the NHL ..LMAO …wow!

      • Hi Kal El

        I’m usually fairly in synch with you on most things

        That said; I can’t disagree with you more re: Wilson. He’s a head hunter and has been since he was in the GTHL as a teenager. Any angle I’ve seen on this play was to the head and was avoidable.

        You are right that Sundkwist (so?) left himself exposed. I’d be with you if Sundkwist was hit with even more speed and kenetic energy …, and even knocked out … if the hit was shoulder to shoulder or body to body … but the impact rattled his brain and gave him a concussion… I’d feel sorry for Sundkwist but I’d be with you in that it would be a clean check with unfortunate injury.

        It wasn’t though … it was a direct head shot and right through the head… same modus operandi as with ZAR in the playoffs.

        Wilson did this in Jrs, did it as a teen (GTHL) and continues to do this in the NHL.

        20 games and $1.26M better stop him. The next move by him could put someone in a Coma.

        If it happens again … IMO … he needs a full year suspension

        Kal El ,

        I love your thoughts and as I’ve said … I’m basically in synch with most of your thoughts

        Wilson is 1″ taller and 8 lbs heavier than I played at …. 3 1/2 , almost 4 decades ago (when opponents were much smaller than they are now). I played hard and hit hard. I never in my life hit from behind; hit to the head or ever sucker punched anybody. I love the hard hitting game and do not want to see it out of the NHL. I do want all intentional headshots completely removed from the game though

        We agree to disagree on this one… sorry

        I look forward to agreeing on many other topics/posts

      • No, you can still have hitting, you just can’t totally take advantage of guys when they have their head down. If Wilson didn’t follow through with that hit, if he let up enough that his momentum didn’t carry him though, he’d probably be ok. Instead he went balls to the wall, clipped him and spun around with his momentum carrying him almost to the corner. If he controlled himself, and didn’t try to hit through him like he did, he wouldn’t be suspended. He could avoid the head and ensure body contact. He didn’t, and that’s the rule.

        As for Marchand, right now that is the rule for taunting. You have to put up with someone beating on your head, those are the consequences. Because the ref isn’t going to do anything. Besides, the lightweights aren’t going to hurt eachother, maybe if they hit their head on the ice. Eller is fine. Anyone see the bruins tapping their sticks after it? yeah, that’s the rule.

      • Kal, I wholeheartedly disagree with your take on Wilson. The guy has been suspended about 4 times in the last two seasons or so, this isn’t a coincidence. Player safety and quality of life should be paramount. What happens here is Sundquist is never the same after this? How is he supporting himself? Repeat offenders should be punished and 20 games is exactly right. I believe the next suspension for him should be 50 and then out of the league – culprits need to know that such actions can constitute a lifetime ban.

        On Willie – trade if you can get full value but not for a big body forward, the real need is defense. Big body forward can always be acquired at the TDL, a true top 4 D is a lot more difficult to acquire. In other words, we need a core asset not a complimentary asset in return.

  2. Dubas … wait him out please

    Re Skinner … I expect he’ll have a great year but I project Buff not quite there yet for playoffs (see my thoughts in East below)… so likely pretty fair return at TDL

    My thoughts on East:


    TBay 1st

    2nd/3rd — close (in no particular order) : Bos / Tor

    4th FLA… will get WC spot

    Mont 5th
    Det/Buff 6th/7th … could go either way


    1A/1B in no particular order: Pit/Wsh

    Then likely CBJ but very tight on their heels (and could get in for Metro 3rd or WC or even out of playoffs) in no particular order : Car/NJ/Phi

    Then *NYR

    Finally NYI

    *Note: NYR is not as bad as many see and if the put together a string of wins in late March , could very well be in mix for last WC spot

    All speculation and I’m sure my forecast is way off from many of the posters here

    • @ Pengy

      I totally get what your saying… it is truly a fine line especially in the ( new ) NHL league…is it predatory ..MAYBE!!
      Did the guy have his head down and is that a reason NOT to hit a guy …I guess it is moving forward.
      I like the change in the game of taking those hits out for sure …or staged fights …but some hits do occur that are just open ice hits ..and that was one ..it was just poor decision on Sundqvist to skate up the middle with his head down ..I guess.

      • Hi Kal El

        No question whatsoever on my viewpoint .. Sundkwist (prob spelling his name wrong) deserved a heavy hit… had his head down and in open ice… susceptible and worthy of a big hit (if clean(

        Shoulder to shoulder ; body to body … I’m good … absolutely no issues

        To me … this was not such a hit… it was predatory. I saw him do this as a teenager in the GTHL (while all parents but his were aghast and cringing; and Wilson had a smile on his face); I saw him do it in Jr. And in 4 months I’ve seen him do it brutally , twice (ZAR and Sundkwist)

        If he comes back and never does another head shot but plays heavy and hard …. he’s back in my respect books … no question. I however remain skeptical… once bitten … twice shy

        Sorry to disagree with you on this … but I am firm in my opinion and look forward to his return w/o doing another single headshot …. fingers crossed

    • I predict that the devils finish behind NYR. Columbus misses the playoffs and Philly finishes 1st or 2nd in the division.

  3. Nylander for a d man is the way to go if they can

    Skinner, if traded, over under on Sabres getting better return at deadline than Carolina got for him?

    • Nylander for Carolinas’ Brett Pesce and Cliff Pu..


      • Gives Leafs cost certainty. Can log difficult minutes. He’s a stay at home defenceman etc..https://editorinleaf.com/2017/01/27/toronto-maple-leafs-brett-pesce/

        Cliff Pu is a London Knight alumni and played with Mitch Marner. He’s skilled and fits in the timeline of Utilizing Asset from the system.

        It’s a win win for both clubs. Too bad Nylander is getting ” bad advice ” I personally would prefer him as a TML , but I suppose it’s not meant to be..

      • Antoni …if you are trading Nylander to Carolina ..it has to be for Slavin !

        Most likely a non starter for the Canes but thats the deal… IMO

        Leafs would have to send a D man over as well…in a broader deal

    • interesting, what about Nylander + Gardiner for a D man ? Would those two fetch something decent right now ?

      • If you’re talking about a Top 4 D-man – no. Both Gardiner and Nylander have warts that exceed what both are rumored to be seeking in terms of both cap hit follars and term.

      • “dollars” – damned faded script

      • Hockey is Life

        I posted a few days ago a “way out there… but logical ” trade

        Gardner+ WW for Richie and Montour (with sundry balancing picks either side)

        That’s a swap of winger RFAs in favour of Anaheim

        With a swap of UFA D that is better now (current advantage in trade to Ana) for younger D on the rise and chePer (better for Leafs starting next year)

        With Ennis and then Ritchie coming in … I believe net production more than WW 18/19 projection

        Loss in Gardner production (to Montour) is offset by Montour better Defensive abilities and he’s at good rate 19/20 onward

        Won’t happen ‘cuz it was my idea

      • I still see a few Teams of interest for Nylander…

        Detroit Red Wings – Athansiou or Abdelkader

        2) Philly — Has tones of cap room !
        Nylander for Simmonds.

        Predators – Victor Arvidson

        4) Ducks – Manson – Ritchie

        5) Hawks – Duncan Keith
        ( add a young D prospect to Hawks )

        6) Wild – Dumba and Foligno

        Just a few scenarios worth spitballing …LOL

      • Pengy,

        Anaheim can’t fit Ritchie under the cap at the moment, (700k cap space ) is Ritchie seeking anywhere near Nylanders supposed ask? Not sure ?

        Gardiner is an UFA next year. Montour is a rfa in 2 years.

        This trade is essentially asking Anaheim to take on 8-9 million ? Additional dollars next year. And as of today…. they don’t have 1 million in cap space.

        Nothing do do with player value, but cap space . I’d say zero chance that this trade has any legs at all.

      • George O please stop commenting on Leafs players. You sound dumb. Yes no team would want a Dman who put up 50pts. last season and a 21yr old forward that can play wing or center and that has put up 50, 60pts so far in his first two seasons. If you are gonna comment take off your hater’s glasses. You seem to think like many others that share your option that if a player is was or going to be a Leaf, they suck or are over rated.

      • Golly gee Ron – did I ruffle some more long-frustrated LeafsNation by honestly thinking that a combination of Nylander – Gardiner would not bring a top 4 D simply because the receiving team would then face a headache facing the Leafs right now? Wow. I apologize for not clearing it with YOU first – the self-appointed Leafs comment monitor. You wanna know where I would suggest stuffing your comment?

      • @George – I can’t comment whether you hate the Leafs or not but can unequivocally say that you are way wrong in your assessment of the combined value.

        Gardinder is a top 4 D-man today, he has not asked for a number yet, any talk has been speculation of what he might be worth.
        How much would Gardiner go for as a UFA? 6.5M – 7.5M is my best guess.

        Nylander on all counts is a rising star and a direct comparison would be Pasternak.
        How about Nylander? What would his salary look like in 4 to 6 years? Probably a bargain for a guy projected to be in his prime. His asking price is 8M, but what if he goes to a state with low tax? Like Nevada, he may sign for 6.5M?
        Hows Patches – Stastny – Nylander looking as a second line there?

        On a separate note: I’m surprised Calgary doesn’t come up more in these discussions, goal scoring is a huge issue there.

      • After posting the above, and speaking of dumb, I thought I might qualify what I said originally, since I sincerely doubt you get my drift even now. OF COURSE there are teams that would want “a Dman who put up 50pts last season and a 21yr old forward that can play wing or center and that has put up 50, 60pts so far in his first two seasons.” Duh.

        And ”hater’s glasses” (a favorite phrase of thin-skinned Leafs fans to toss out) do not enter into what I said. Why would any other team give up a bona-fide Top 4 D (by that I mean, NOT a Top 4 on any of the bottom feeders – they sure as Hell won’t be getting Dahlin – not even if they substitute Rielly for Gardiner) for a pending RFA who, by all accounts, is seeking in the $8 mil range and a D finishing up a cap hit of $4,050,000 and who will likely be seeking somewhere around $6.5 – in other words TWO contract headaches for ostensibly a Top 4 D signed to a deal? Especially if the F is seen as “soft” – especially in the playoffs and a D with the reputation of a give-away artist? And incidentally, those are terms used by some pretty prominent Leafs fans in this site. Have you called them “dumb?”

      • Gardiner is a minus, if packaged w/ Nylander

      • NY4Life

        Yep … trade does have 0% chance of happening … but mostly due to my coming up with the idea

        An actual has almost $9M in cap room due to LTIR players… if they really wanted to (read… they don’t …. but if they did) they could do the deal

        Again …. not happening (outside of my dreams)

    • Chrisms

      Yes re: D upgrade for WW

      I do believe Skin will do well this year … so..IMO… “over” on the return (if traded)

      • Nylander will not be going anywhere. The leafs have all the power in these negotiations. The only thing Nylander can control is the length which makes it almost certain it will be a bridge contract in the 5- 6 million range. After this year the leafs can determine if they can keep him or they have to trade him. I would suspect he will be traded at the end of this year as that will provide the biggest return opportunity.

  4. Nylander situation will drag a little. If Leafs are winning especially.

    Bogosian’s career is the definition of a band-aid. Worse than Gaborik.

    Let’s see what Colin White can do. Glad Max is getting an opportunity. In the bantam draft was predicted to be a top 4 at the NHL level. Good kid and a good family.

  5. The Isles have cap room and an obvious need for scoring talent in the top 6. Nylander would be a nice fit especially considering LL knows him. There was speculation the Isles could make an offer to force a match either to get him or screw Leafs on the JT signing. I don’t see that happening but I also don’t see Leafs sitting on this guy much longer. The longer he sits the law of diminishing returns kicks in.

  6. Panarin and Ryan Murray for Nylander and a 2nd round pick or mid-level prospect. Helps both teams. Make it happen.

    • @ Paul Bowles

      It would be great to have Panarin on any team…. but you do realize that he would command more than what Nylander is asking probably $8 to 9 to 10 million AVV ???
      Leafs could not sign him …they are having a problem with a player that is half his talent ..LOL
      Pure rental …
      He is not needed on the Leafs with that line up.

    • Paul

      with Kal El on this

      Panarin I’m assuming, has very few destinations in mind (NY being one I would think) and so 90% he’d be coming over to T.O. as a rental… in that case skewed trade in offer (skewed to Clb favour).

      If somehow Leafs felt they could sign the Breadman … it’d be at greater AAV than the WW contract and Panarin is 5 years older

  7. Agree with the sentiment that the Leaves are trying to sell players on winning culture and accepting less to build a winner. Tavares bought in and they’re hoping Marner, Matthews and Nylander follow suit.

    The problem is that if Nylander (and the team) views himself as the chip that gets dealt to bring in a stud defenceman (someone who has played 400 games so we know what he is). If that’s the case then he’s going to extract what he believes is full value. He’s not going to take a discount only to get dealt.

    Just spitballing though…

    • Hi Vader

      Correct if extending then trading but at this time I think if a trade happens; it’s more likely as he is right now (unsigned RFA)

      Yes yes yes… please for D upgrade…. to me doesn’t necessarily have to have 400 games under his belt…. but has to be viewed as definitely on the rise with close to a consensus viewpoint of high upside

    • @ Vader

      I LOVE what the players did on the Jets!

      Every one of those guys who just signed in teh past year took $2 million off there contracts to sign there …each guy could have DEMANDED more …Sheifle and Wheeler for sure 100% took less money to keep a guy like Morrisey around and keep Trouba if they need to as well as left money on the table to what is now the signing of Helybucyk who IMO took less as well….each guy on this team took less money to keep this core together …plain and simple and it shows in everything they do …that’s a team !!

      Is Nylander in the same money category as Wheeler and Sheiflie ….NO WAY …

      Johnny Gudreau or Dylan Larkin …Nathan Mckinnon Brad Marchand.. Pastrnak Bo horvat …Yes for sure …and NO MORE…IMO !

      • Sorry, but IMO I don’t see how Wheeler took less with a 8.25 million cap hit.

      • @ KEV JAM

        Really ????

        On the open Market Wheeler could have been a Tavares …10000%

        $10 million dollar player for sure not even a blink of the eye !

      • Only 6 players have more points the last three years than Wheeler, but he’s getting up there. $8.25 is probably what he would get on the free market. Lots of pundits were surprised with the signing, but maybe its because his production gets overlooked.

      • Kal El,

        Not to mention the discount Stamkos gave Tampa Bay recently

    • Exactly. Tell that to Ron Moore.

  8. @Kal El

    Wheeler isn’t even close to a point per game player. Last season was a career year for him for sure but, at 32 I really can’t see him repeat that this year or any of the following 6 years the Jets have him. He is a good player and seems like a strong leader. How ever for a 32 year old 70 to 80 point guy who is going to declining in the next few years that is a huge cap hit.

  9. @ Arnie

    I disagree ..Iam sorry ..

    He is an Elite Center which are the hardest to find in the NHL they almost have to be drafted ..he would have made $10 on the open market …but he fit in (and settled ) with Jets at the $8.5 …there is no doubt in my mind he hits $10 million on the open market !
    But thats just my opinion …and we will never know..LOL

  10. Pengy,

    If he doesn’t play 400 games how will we know what the defenseman will become?

    Kidding aside, if Nylander is a trade chip then he won’t want to sign a below market value contract. And if that solid defenseman isn’t available right now then that’s problematic for Nylander signing.

  11. Shanahan wants the players to take a team discount, so the team can have sustainable competitiveness.
    Did Brendan Shanahan or Mike Babcock take a discount?
    The GM can’t handle the salary cap so the players should pay for his inabilities to maneuver around the cap.

    • It is crazy to think that the players would voluntarily take less money to fit within the salary cap forced upon them by the people paying those salaries or they are not a “team player.”
      It is easy to think of a player leaving town for more money as a bad guy, but if another company offered me 20% more for the same work I would be giving my notice right now.

      • I agree, I have no animosity towards WW the only thing that makes no sense and in my opinion he is getting bad advice from his Dad and his agent because he has absolutely no power in these negotiations. He will sign sometime before Dec 1 because he does not want to throw the season away. I would wait until he at least has Arb rights then he would have a least a fighting chance to get what he thinks he is worth in salary not in term.

      • players in hockey , basketball and the NFL have all done it…they don’t have neither should they do it….but they can and do all the time…family reasons, team reasons, personality reasons their free choice…should Leaf players do it??…only if they want to

      • the average person getting a 20% pay increase would go for it.. who wouldn’t. The question is would you really feel a difference between 6.5 million dollars or 8 million? i mean i dont think you would ever be short on change for coffee in the morning either way. Do you want to win or be like the old leafs up in Muskoka getting paid to lose like before. I would be signing that 6.5 million and have UFA rights down the road.

    • Great point Caper!

      • Not really a great point because the point is the salary cap and Babs and Shanny don’t count against it.

      • That’s exactly correct Gary. There really is no parallel here at all.

        @Double Minor – your situation is not the same as NHL players who are RFAs. All these players have agreed to operate within a framework (CBA) – they also get paid ridiculously well to do so. This isn’t basic employment, it’s a contract, a business deal/negotiation and that always includes leverage. I don’t buy the parallel you are trying to draw.

    • The real problem Caper is that players are getting paid wayyy too much. The market needs a correction.
      There is no home town discount here – Nylander is worth what he is worth and it’s not 8M.

      • Taz…no market correction is needed. That’s what the Salary cap is for. If GM’s and owners keep handing out deals that don’t make sense in a cap world well then so be it. No more senseless lockouts.

    • The best part is Shanahan trying to say he and his teammates took less to stay in Detroit to win . In a non cap world when Detroit is spending 60 million ish and other teams coming in at 16-18 million . Federov signed an offer sheet to get his ask , ridiculous comments . They are not taking discounts , Willie being the first clear example , Marner agent pulling from the table until next summer and Mathews saying that’s what the agents are for . I highly doubt the agents are interested in any form of discount .

      • I don’t get all this talk about discounts. Pasta signed at 6.67 last year, Barkov a share under 6, Scheifele a shade over 6, Ehlers 6, Gaudreau/Monahan 6.3-6.7M, the list goes on and on.
        Kucherov was bridged.

        The only players that falls anywhere close to WW demands is Draisaitl – I’d say that is the anomaly not the market price.

      • TAz it was straight out of Shanahans mouth . Will have to sacrifice financially to be a part of the group going forward . Draisaitl also signed for 8 years giving up 2 additional ufa seasons in absolute prime . What do you think pasta contrsct looks like on 8 year term with additional ufa years bought ?

      • ALso , the point was shanahans comments are Ridiculous . Who took less to stay ? Look at the spending during those years , Detroit was spending 50-60 million . Other teams were spending 16-18 , no salary cap .

      • Craig, did you copy and paste Doug Mclean’s piece last night? Nice!

  12. Matthew Tkachuk for Brady Tkachuk straight up? Who would do it?

    • Mad Mike Milbury?

    • Mike O’Connell would trade them both for Wayne Primeau, Marco Sturm and Brad Stuart.

      • Ouch.
        Just ouch.
        The Bruins did win a cup before Jumbo did though.
        So there’s that.

      • They didn’t win a cup, before him.

        They won a cup

        He didn’t/Hasn’t

        SJ would be doing more positive, for the benefit of the team, to have not re-signed him.

      • That cuts deep. I went to an Oiler Bruin game right after that and the taunts were brutal.
        Luckily the Oil traded Gretzky, so I was able to cut that off at the knees.
        But, the Cap started that year and allowed for enough cap space for Chara to sign the following off season.
        Folks are talking about Tavares being the being the best UFA signing ever. Perhaps and time will tell. Right now Chara has to be.

  13. Shanahan asking for a discount is interesting. Some teams have had players do that in the past but it’s usually on a voluntary basis, not something pushed publicly by the team.

    The Leafs are going to be in a tough spot. Their players get massively overhyped and that leads to inflated expectations. Pierre Lebrun recently tweeted that Austin Mathews would be a bargain at 12.5 mil based on one game.

    I’m sure many here love Mathews but, I’m sorry, he’s not the best player in the league. He will, however, likely get one of the highest contracts in the league next season.