Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 14, 2018

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Latest on the Blue Jackets and an update on William Nylander in your Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


SPORTSNET: Nick Kypreos reports the Columbus Blue Jackets have a generous contract offer on the table for goaltender Sergei Bobrovsky, who’s slated to become an unrestricted free agent next summer. However, there’s speculation Bobrovsky could seek something comparable to Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price (eight years, $84-million). Kypreos notes the New York Islanders need a starting goalie and perhaps they could be among the bidders for Bobrovsky.

Could the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens have interest in Columbus Blue Jackets winger Josh Anderson? (Photo via NHL Images)

Kypreos also noted winger Josh Anderson has slipped to the Blue Jackets fourth line. There’s been no trade request yet from Anderson but he’s unhappy with the situation. Kypreos claims the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens have had a previous interest in the winger.

COLUMBUS DISPATCH: Brian Hedger recently suggested the Florida Panthers might be a fit for Blue Jackets winger Artemi Panarin, who remains reluctant to sign a contract extension. He would be reunited with Panthers forward Evgenii Dadonov, as the pair were former teammates in Russia.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Despite the ongoing uncertainty over the respective futures of Bobrovsky and Panarin in Columbus, the Blue Jackets aren’t expected to trade either guy as long as they remain in playoff contention. Should they tumble out of the postseason chase by February, they could entertain trade offers before the Feb. 25 trade deadline.

The Islanders have been lacking a reliable starting goaltender for years but signing Bobrovsky will be expensive. Yes, he’s the only active multiple Vezina Trophy winner, but he’s also 30 years old and doesn’t have a stellar playoff record. For now, Isles GM Lou Lamoriello will likely evaluate his current goaltending over the course of this season and consider all options before deciding if he should take a big plunge into next summer’s free-agent market.

The Panthers are frequently mentioned as a destination for Panarin but there’s no certainty he’ll land there. While he reportedly has an off-season home near Sunrise, Florida,  there’s talk he could sign with one of the New York-area clubs.

Anderson isn’t a core player like Bobrovsky and Panari but he has 20-goal potential, reaching 19 tallies in 63 games last season and 17 in 78 contests the year prior. As Kypreos noted, the 24-year-old is a big-bodied (6-foot-3, 221 pounds) versatile forward who will attract interest around the league if he becomes available.

Given the concerns over the Leafs blueline, Anderson might not be a fit on an already top-heavy roster. The rebuilding Canadiens could certainly use a forward like him. Unless Anderson and his agent force the issue, however, I don’t think he’s going anywhere for now. 


SPORTSNET: While William Nylander’s contract impasse with the Toronto Maple Leafs is sparking calls for the club to trade him for a defenseman, Nick Kypreos reports they still don’t intend to trade him while Nylander hasn’t requested a trade “as of yet.”  He adds there’s talk of a short-term bridge deal, with the Leafs having a four-year offer on the table for “well under $20 million in total”, with an annual average value close to $4 million. The Nylander camp apparently seeks more than $5 million AAV.

Elliotte Friedman suggested the bridge contracts of Tampa Bay Lightning winger Nikita Kucherov (Three years, $4.76-million AAV) and Columbus Blue Jackets left wing Artemi Panarin (two years, $6 million AAV) are comparable to what Nylander might get.

Chris Johnston said some clubs have explored what an offer sheet for Nylander might cost them but a long-term offer could be too complicated (perhaps four first-round picks) and expensive to pull off.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Given the Leafs sizzling start, they’re in no hurry to trade Nylander. That could change if they get a mind-blowing offer but I don’t think anything like that is heading their way right now. If he’s still unsigned when the calendar flips to November, both sides could start feeling the pressure to get a deal done.

What’s interesting here is it appears the two sides may be moving away from talk of a long-term deal toward a bridge contract. It may be the only way to sort this situation out. Even so, the two sides still appear far apart. While the money gap on the bridge isn’t as wide as on the long-term deal, it’s still broad enough to remain a significant sticking point. 



  1. Josh Anderson is one of the guys the Blue Jackets were happy to pay William Karlsson to Vegas to protect. That worked out well for Columbus. Another day of Nylander talk even though everything to say has already been said. The Pens dman injury happened to the wrong dman that was on the ice at the time. They are going to miss Shultz, they are actually a better team without his partner.

    • Sorry …I am not to familiar with Josh Anderson
      ..Iam a pretty astute watcher and follower of Hockey along with minor league players but this guy has eluded me ..can anyone fill me on on his style of play outside of Elite prospects or Hockey Futures….what is an NHL comparable ??
      Thanks in advance guys 🙂

      BOBS …will get paid !!

      Some front runners on teams that will go hard after Bobrovsky would be Islanders, St Louis, Avs , Sabres ,Devils but most importantly The Vancouver Canucks …If the Nucks can land this guy with th core they have built right now would be amazing for the team…and would allow the offense way more confidence to play thier type of game and take chances in the O zone when they know they have things covered on the back end …it seems as if this is a BIG missing piece in Vancouver ,,,I dont see any of the 3 Goalies they have being very significant and Demko looked really bad in pre season play !

      Why would Nylander sign at a lower pay rate when he knows he will get it elsewhere …stupid on his part at this point of a holdout …its obvious its all about the money …not about just playing in Toronto …they have no choice but to trade him now…there is no room and no need and not worth the money in Toronto ..he will get the money he seeks elsewhere !

      • If he is smart enough to know he will get it somewhere how is he stupid for holding out?

      • @ Shticky

        If his hold out is all about the money he is stupid …was my main thought process.
        The Leafs are on fire and have a legit opportunity to be a contender for the next 6 years plus … individual Leafs are breaking team and league records …if Nylander had signed a bridge he would of been involved in a lot of the upswing hence why he is stupid for holding out on this opportunity …he would have increased his own value and proved it without a shadow of a doubt had he been involved in the last 6 games.

        He obviously does not care about that aspect and he has put the emphasis on the extra money ..that he knows he has no choice but to get elsewhere now….a team always over pays at some point.

        He is not a top 10 – 20 player in the league and doesn’t deserve top 10 – 20 money…

        My remark on his ineptness to be in game play is that if he had signed a bridge deal he would have had another contract to sign anyways in a year or 2 and would have made that money for sure if he was involved in what is going on now!

        Subban had the balls to do it and it paid off and he also won a Norris doing it !

        Mitch Marner’s value has exploded with what he is doing …by not being involved in this process even at a year bridge is stupid…IMO.

        Do you think Patrick Marleau at the end of his career would give up money after making tens of millions to have won a cup instead …I think so …lots of players would…this isn’t Nylanders only deal he will sign.

        I think a person can ( take care of his future ) with $48 million as opposed to $58 million in the end …NO ??

        He will never get to live the life he could have lived in Toronto if the Leafs win A or multiple cups …and for that he is stupid !

      • I dont see the Nucks dropping a 8 year 80 million dollar contract on a 30 year old injury prone Bobvrosky. I like Bob, just dont think hes worth that type of money. Vancouver has Demko and Dipietro in the minors and they are most likely the tandem of the future. Vancouver would be best served spending their cap space upgrading their brutal defence.
        They have some very good young pieces in Pettersson, Horvat and Boeser but until Benning upgrades the defence theyre doomed to remain mired at the bottom of the West.

      • @ Shticky

        Lets just say Nylander gets traded to the Coyotes this week and he gets his $8 million there that he sooo wanted and over the next 2 years he does s**t out West and his contract becomes a David Clarkson contract where he could possibly have been the winger to arguably the best player in the world for the next 8 years !

        LMAO …Enjoy that “EXTRA” money Nylander is nothing without Matthews …Pastrnak is leaps and bounds a wayyy better player than Nylander just for arguments sake.

        Marchand could have taken way more money after a career year but he left it on the table for Pstrnak cause he won a cup and he sees the future differently now and how in order for the Bruins to be successful they need the talent and now they are the top line in Hockey ..because Marchand took a little less …LOL! Go figure !

        I tried to ask about Josh Anderson reply LMAO


      • i’d compare Anderson’s style of play to Wayne Simmonds , he’s gritty, front net prescence, likes to bang and scores some goals

      • Kal El

        I concur with Fergy 22 assessment (similar in play to WS) and provide also that Simmonds has better hands and speed but Anderson bigger, stronger, and hits harder. Anderson IMO has potential but has been streaky at times.

      • Josh Anderson is a player that Columbus was hoping would turn into what William Karlsson has become. They gave Vegas Karlsson so they could protect Anderson and one or 2 of their dmen, maybe Savard or Murray was one of them. Anderson was a hold out last year and started the season late and has not recovered development wise. Nylander is not just a product of Mathews. He is best suited as a centre but is a very effective offensive player. He could easily become a top 6 centre in the right situation. Babcock doesn’t really like playing most young guys and has been an impediment to his overall growth as a player. If he moves to a team like the Islanders and plays centre his value might be more than 8 mill in a couple of years.

    • Karlsson had more goals last year than nearly his entire career. Tell me that, if you were an NHL GM that you would have predicted such offense from a career 3rd line center.

      • I’m not sure Kal thinks like that based on some of these rants, I get that with the things are rolling for the Leafs it’s sexy to go on and on about the offence and say things about being carried by Mathews and what not but in 2 seasons of playoff hockey Matthews has 7points in 13 games a minus 2 just over 50% in the face off dot, Nylander 8points plus 10nearky 60% from the dot and had more hits, if at the beginning of the year someone started saying we should trade Matthews for a 3 or 4 D how do you think that goes? All this offense and guys shooting 50% pp clicking at 50% it’s very easy to say trade him when he isn’t playing but when those numbers come back to earth, and they will people might realize why you don’t just dump guys like Nylander and without a contract no player is worth much. Kals rants make no sense

      • Ok Shticky …your the best !!

        Here we go with all your stats and numbers again…to try and make everyone look like idiots to prove your right and everyone else just RANTS …

        The floor is yours again !! Nice to see you back !

        Go ahead do your stat rants instead !

      • @Shticky your opinion on a trade. Toronto sends Nylander and Dermott for Savard and Anderson.

      • @ Shticky

        Lots of DECENT players have GREAT STATS one year and sign a mega deal and in 2 years are bought out …explain that one to me with numbers !

      • And as greedy as some think Nylander is being yadda yadda there is no peep and taken for granted talking 10-12 mill for Matthews or Marner??? Twice the money really they have proven to be twice as good based on 6 games playing with Taveres in a top 6 and pp cake? Nutty the evaluation and difference in pay, where’s their hometown discount? It’s almost insulting really… Funny to hear Shanny talk about the financial sacrifices of the Redwings tho pre cap when they were among the highest paid teams on which he was 3rd highest player doh

      • I think Dermott maybe a top 4 D very soon so I’m not sure I see the need to progress a contract faster than the progress of the player going down the road in a year or 2 maybe Dermott is similar to Savard but his contact is controlable where Savards is not Yogi not necessarily do I think he will be better but I don’t think the Leafs need to blow their brains out over a D man I think some of the issues in their end stems from forwards blowing coverage. Alot of goals on the Leafs come from the other teams D which generally is a forward blowing coverage on a pinch or not getting to their man on the point either way the D man beat a forward

      • @shticky it`s not a matter of blowing your brains out for a defenceman. Toronto`s entered more of a win now mode and Savard fills a role of the RD and Anderson fills the role of a much needed power forward at RW. While I`m not thrilled at giving up either player Toronto has the depth to make the move. I can`t see Nylander bumping Kappy off the first line when he gets back, even at 6 mill way too much money for a 3rd line RW. I think Toronto`s needs might make this a possiblity

      • Thanks Fergy22 and Pengy ….

        So in essence another Zach Hyman for the most part??

        is he on par with a Tom Wilson type talent without the shanannigans.

        Any upside or has he just plateued?

        I see he doesn’t score much looks like a 4th line bubble player ??

        @ Paul Bowles…Interesting comment LOL ..Karlsson has more goals in one year than Anderson in 4 …hows that for scouting for you …LOL

    • Anderson missed training camp last season with his contract and already mumbling about ice time with the way of the Torts. Not a great recipe. Nice third line winger with size for sure…and Torts usually overplays those guys

      • Before everyone goes into a frenzy, let me remind one and all again that it’s OCTOBER! Oct-Nov hockey is notorious for lulling portions of a team’s fan base into high expectations. Let’s just see how things are shaking out come mid-December. Maybe they reflect the same trends in some instances – maybe they don’t.

      • Anderson is 3rd line skill wise but could play top 6 as a winger that makes sure the other two skilled players on his line are not pushed around….in the Lucic mold. When he’s on the ice the other team is aware, you keep you head up and shoulder check going into the corner. He could get better with age. Then again playing for Torts he may be mentally beat down. The Wilson comparison, ‘yes’ a bit without the Raffi Torres mentality. He’s a bit kid at 6’3″ 220

    • WHOEVER PAYS JACOB TROUBA, big bucks & term, is GOING TO REGRET IT 100 times over.

      He IS a give away machine & isn’t very astute in the Offensive zone either.

      Winnipeg SHOULD try to get a haul for him ASAP, he IS so OVERRATED.

      If he can/could fetch what people have claimed they will/would receive back for him- YOU FCK’in do it.

      He is not just the most over rated D in the league, but also the MOST over-rated player.


      He has done nothing but s**t the bed come contract time(nego’s)

      I see so much Irony in a trade involving Trouba for Nylander!

      A Stanley Cup winner, won’t have either of them, in at least the next 10 years…

    • TROUBA IS BY FAR MOST OVER-rated in the NHL.

      Not just Dmen;

      I’m talking most over-rated player in the league.

      He is a GiveAway machine & whoever pays BigBuck$ & Term to Trouba;

      They are 100% going to regret it.

      Look how much trouble he has been come contract time.

      I see so much Irony in a Trouba for Nylander swap.(no StanleyCup winner is going to have either Nylander or Trouba- play a major role.

      They’ll be lucky to be complimentary pieces of a S.C finalist team, within the next 10 years.

      Horrible attitudes w/ ME FIRST morals!

  2. nylander is a nice player but really 8 million if this is all true. maybe a 1 yr and deal with this whole mess next yr.

  3. Leave it to John Tortorella to ruin a young talented player like Anderson. He’s done it his whole coaching career. And I agree, Jack Johnson looks horrible. Rutherford would have been better served to trade for jeff Skinner, bring in Cam Ward to buffer the ever fragile Matt Murray and try to win every game 7-5.

    • Yes, Torts ruins every young player he coaches. Like Werenski, Jones, Nutivarra, Dubois, Wennberg, Korpisalo. Here’s a possibility. Anderson is on the 3rd and 4th lines because he’s not being productive and other wingers are.

    • Ed

      The JJ signing is killing me. I realize two games ago they wanted to try the new Finn out (and I like his potential) so they sat Maata to fit him in. Maata and JJ had struggled … so I get sitting Maata to give Riikola a try.

      Bringing back Maata last night with the same logic (sitting a struggling D) should have had JJ in the press box????

      Sitting Jamie O over JJ?????

      They better not play Chad instead of the big man next game

  4. Another day of ridiculous Nylander “updates”. When the situation is the same as yesterday and the day before its not an update, its filler. Outside of Toronto nobody cares about Wee Willie and his money grab.

    • Ron

      Except for Nylander Sr. sitting at home driving this whole thing… LOL

      • Lol, true that.

      • This is another nice angle being played a little by MLSE right? Ask Nick Backstrom about what a selfish guy Michael Nylander is or was?? Maybe it was a different guy that played all over the league and is a pretty respected player and guy?

      • I’m with Shticky on this one.

  5. Re: Kypers inside info; I’m jaded in opinion.

    To be fair, I’ll admit up front that I’m biased against Kyper. To me he just spouts off w/o rationale and to me, mostly to hear himself speak

    That admission out of the way…. I usually treat his “inside” knowledge with a grain of salt.

    It seems to me his prognostications and “inside trades/deals/iffers@ come to fruition much less often than they do with McKenzie , or LeBrun, or Dregs

    Rant over

    • @ Pengy

      I think your wrong about Kipper …

      After playing Junior for a bit I managed an upscale high end restaurant in downtown Toronto an Kipper would come in their often, this was years ago after he started at Sporstnet The Score … he is an amazing upfront guy… super great guy ..who loves to share his Stanley Cup ring with people and will hand it out frivolously and in kind for you to try it on if you asked or is complimented on which I had the opportunity to do as well.

      A lot of Hockey guys or sports figures would come in and out daily and hang out and would talk a lot about the on goings that were never really reported on TV,

      Kipper gives people a more REAL TIME ragged edge scenario not juts the final say like others…he gives a more ongoing analysis from talking to players and what is a process that he knows from other players and Gms from being in the room and having beers with these guys .. just as much as Bob or Dreger or Lebrun…where they need to be more mindful on the reporting and only report the final product or end say ..Kipper gives an inside former player insight of what really goes on ….Kipper played with the best in the world.. he knows everyone in the world of the NHL and has many of conversation with former players Gms and knows EXACTLY how things usually unfold without all the whip cream that Dreger and Mckenzie have to put on stuff..because they cant offend sources …

      Brian Burke made a great comment in a lengthy conversation the other day on TV about the really weird and hardcore trade talks that have happened over the years that no ones knows about….and people would be absolutely shocked at what was discussed what players were involved and how close many of those discussions came to fruition….a lot of the talk that we would think of as crazy sometimes is really being thrown around.

      We only hear 50% of what is really going on….Gms discuss trades everyday on many players.

  6. I don’t understand how Leaf fans adore and praise Nylander for 2 seasons with regards to his 200′ game and otherworldly offensive skill, and now he’s nothing without Matthew’s, yet he should be able to fetch Matty Friggin Dumba and a pick in a deal.
    Weird stuff coming outta Leaf nation.
    Great content again today guys!
    Love reading almost everyone’s thoughts.

    • Yep. He’s a friggin’ slug with visions of grandeur – but if anyone wants him we want a Top 2 D-man in return – +.

      • And by the way he’s a free agent so you need to sign him to a deal…

      • Let the bidding begin! Do I hear a prospect and a 3rd round pick? Better for everyone to sign him even if it’s 2 years @ 5-6 per see how things go and evaluate closer to the deadline or at the draft

      • @ Shticky

        I am curious to know ..where you sit if you were a GM of the Leafs and what you would do with the Nylander situation.

        Take into consideration all the real time information …Nylanders camp is dying on the hill of $8 million

        Not looking for a bunch of ideas here lets save the rants …just the final say… sign on the dotted line… or move him idea….the bottom line…
        what is it?

        What are you doing and why?

        You have cut up statements,called them rants, made stat claims with no result of conclusion of what the future may hold, have blamed the forwards for missed assignments on blown coverage as to why the Leafs D are bad …not mentioning an aged Hainsey, A Russian with 3 games under his belt in North America how terrible Gardiner and Zaitsev are on their own as a pairing and the give aways and turn overs these guys hand out like party favors at a birthday party and 1 second year player to round out the pairings with less than 50 games under his belt.

        And I will just leave you with this …

        Even after the first 6 games and the offensive out put thus far …is an
        $8 million dollar guy really needed moving forward even if things dry up here and there …with the 3 Center men they have is that guy and his cap hit really going to make things THAT MUCH BETTER…when a guy like Tavares will most likely double Nylanders offensive output and Matthews Tavares and Marner will most likely push 100 plus points each !

        The Leafs could have 3 – 4 guys with 100 plus points this year WITHOUT Nylander !

        Fire away !! What are you doing ?

        I am CURIOUS ….??

    • What 4 guys on the Leafs are getting 100 points? I think 3 may be a stretch and so far besides those 3 name a few who look like they may get 40 cause right now outside the pp no one outside 3 forwards and 1 D is on Pace for it they may actually need some scoring if God forbid 1 of those guys on that pp get hurt again you are just getting caught up in the hype. Matthews is not going to score at this pace neither is Tavares and Morgan Riely tho looking fantastic is not Bobby Or it’s inevitable that they will go thru slumps it’s not at all balanced and I’d rather not rely on Tyler Ennis and Par Lindholm Fred Gauthier and the like to play top 6 roles when it happens. I just said it probably better for the team and the player to get a deal done even if it’s a 2 year bridge and go from there the Leads are getting nothing by trading the rights to a free agent doesn’t matter what his name is he has no contract. If Nylander wants the big payday he will need to play one wins this way

  7. The Leafs don’t need WN right now: the question for me is what is the impact on the club as he sits out? Is he popular? Do they want him back to solidify a Cup contender? He is not a Babcock kind of player but the trade market is not in favor of the Leafs…hasty deals come back to haunt! If they do trade him, what is the likely return? Surely other GM’s have seen the floater aspect of Nylander and the fact that he is not the core player teams need: he is a great addition, no doubt but he is not the impact player he seems to think he is. Leafs have some time but how this plays out depends on how the team sits at the end of October….they look fine now but when the well runs dry and the scoring fades, the defence might look even worse in the harsh glare of scoring only once or twice per game. Sparks won’;t be the right back-up and Freddie will be exhausted by Xmas! Trade Nylander for McIlhenny?