Kings Ship Pearson to Penguins for Hagelin

by | Nov 14, 2018 | News, NHL, Rumors | 19 comments

The Los Angeles Kings have traded left wing Tanner Pearson to the Pittsburgh Penguins for left wing Carl Hagelin.

Tanner Pearson is now a member of the Pittsburgh Penguins. (Photo via NHL Images)

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This deal sees two struggling teams swapping players who are having difficulty scoring in hopes the change of scenery improves their performance and that of their new clubs. 

Pearson, 26, reached the 40-point plateau in 2016-17 and 2017-18 but has just one assist in 17 games with the Kings. Hagelin, 30, is the faster of the two and possesses better two-way skills but has just three points in 16 games with the Penguins.

Both have Stanley Cup experience. Pearson won a championship with the Kings in 2014 while Hagelin won consecutive Cups with the Penguins in 2016 and 2017. 

The Penguins need for secondary scoring explains why they went after Pearson. Hagelin’s speed should provide a boost for a Kings team lacking in that department this season.

It remains to be seen, of course, which club benefits from this deal. With Pearson being four years younger than Hagelin, this could end up favoring the Penguins.  



  1. This is on the same level as Josh Leivo for Milan Lucia, one fast the other slow and neither can score.

    The GMs would be better off firing themselves.

    • A little different in that the oilers would love to trade Milan for Josh but the leafs wouldn’t!

    • Not really, Lucic is older and there is a massive cap hit difference. One player isn’t an issue and the other is an anchor

      In this case the older guy is the quicker guy and the cap hit is similar

  2. Lucic.

    Damn autocorrect.

    • Josh leivo is doing his job just fine and if put in a top 6 position would score on a more regular basis.

      Milan Lucic as a top 6 forward doesn’t give you much and as a bottom six forward he is a liability.

      So it’s not fair to compare the two.

    • “Lucia” was probably more on the nose Frank. In his last 100 games for the Oilers he has contributed 11 goals and 28 assists for 39 points while accumulating a -18. If he;s not scoring and not using his 6′ 3″ 230 lb bulk to put some fear into the opposition, what the hell is he doing for that $6 mil per they’re paying him to 2022-23. And does anyone think he’s going to get faster and better as he nears 35 years of age?

  3. This trade hurts neither team or player. Both struggling players, on struggling teams. A pretty even swap all around with a slight edge to Pittsburgh.

    Pearson is younger with potential to be a 40 point player. Hagelin is what he is and has always been. A fast guy that is a good pk guy, can’t finish, and makes you wonder why he’s not a better player.

  4. Hagelin’s injuries have seemed to effect his overall game but the Kings really need his speed

    Has me curious about Zuccarello to the Pens ….

  5. Just wondering what makes you think Leivo would score “more” if put into a top 6 role? (More being a relative term). I mean, the most he ever scored as a junior was 32 in 66 games for Sudbury back in 2011-12 and he never came close to that for the rest of his junior carrer (to 2012-13), and with the Marlies his top production in any one season was 23 goals in 59 games in 2013-14. He’s had 75 games at the NHL level and has potted all of 11 goals. How much more do you think he could produce as a Top 6 and don’t you think if the coaching staff saw that he’d have been there at some point? Granted, he’d more than likely do a lot better than Lucic with that opportunity but from this vantage point he’s a plugger. Period.

    • Leivo is not very good, I think that shows in numbers but more so it shows when he is playing. He has no finishing skills.

    • Leivo is not paid like Lucic so what I’m saying is not fair to compare them. Right now Lucic is not worth a bag of pucks and if the Oilers could put him on waivers no one would touch his sorry ass. If the leafs put leivo on waivers he would get picked up in a second because he is serviceable and given the opportunity he might get you 40 points. Only thing Lucic will get you is your coach fired!

  6. Have you noticed that Leivo drifts to the middle when playing wing…as this is the path of least resistance..a speedier more skillful player could quickly get back in position…Leivo doesn’t and leaves his space open to the other team

    • How do you know that`s not the way Babs wants him to play. Are you suggesting Babcock doesn`t notice things like where a player is on the ice and if he`s missed an assignment? A couple years back Leivo got a chance to play with more offensive minded players and he put up 10 points in 10 games, then he got hurt. He has got pretty good offensive skills, not the fastest skater, but decent. He`s had to work on his defensive duties, to which Babs just gave him a thumbs up for that. Leivo would be a solid 3rd line LW on a lot of the NHL teams. He`s either a better player than you give him credit for or you think Babs doesn`t know what he`s doing by playing him.

  7. Jim Rutherford has had the magic touch with trades in Pittsburgh and don’t be surprised if Pearson suddenly catches fire with the Penguins.

  8. I sure hope so . I took Pearson in a fantasy draft. Brutal . Decent minutes and even some pp time . That has steadily declined and I think 10 minutes last night . Hagelin is a pending UFA so it gives the Kings some cap flexibility next year. Pens save a few bucks

    • I’m confused? Hagelin is an UFA, Pearson has this year and 2 additional? How does that save the pens money? That adds money.

      • Not only does Pearson have term & money left for Pitt. to pay, I believe Pitt. also agreed to paying a portion of Jagelins dollars in trade.

      • Not only do the Pens pay the term & dollars due Pearson they also agreed to pay a portion of Hagelin’s dollars to complete this deal.

  9. So far Tristan Jarry has scored more goals this season than Tanner Pearson, different leagues sure.