NHL Morning Coffee Headlines – November 10, 2018

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Game recaps, Tomas Plekanec to retire, Tuukka Rask on leave of absence, and more in your NHL morning coffee headlines.

NHL.COM: Blake Wheeler’s five-point performance (one goal, four assists) led the Winnipeg Jets to a 5-2 victory over the Colorado Avalanche, handing the latter their five straight defeat. Mark Scheifele had a goal and two assists.

Blake Wheeler’s five-point performance carried the Winnipeg Jets to a 5-2 win over the Colorado Avalanche. (Photo via NHL Images)

Mikael Granlund scored twice and set up another as the Minnesota Wild downed the Anaheim Ducks 5-1, picking up their ninth win in their last 11 games.

Nazem Kadri and Morgan Rielly each tallied a goal and an assist and Patrick Marleau collected his 600th career NHL assist as the Toronto Maple Leafs thumped the New Jersey Devils 6-1.

Sergei Bobrovsky made 33 saves and Anthony Duclair scored the game-winning goal as the Columbus Blue Jackets edged the Washington Capitals 2-1. The Capitals were playing without top defenseman John Carlson, who’s listed as day-to-day with a lower-body injury.

Dylan Larkin’s overtime goal gave the Detroit Red Wings a 3-2 victory over the New York Rangers. Andreas Athanasiou scored the game-tying goal and added an assist.

Chad Johnson made 33 saves for the shutout as the St. Louis Blues blanked the San Jose Sharks 4-0. Jaden Schwartz and Alex Steen each had a goal and an assist.

MONTREAL GAZETTE: The Montreal Canadiens placed center Tomas Plekanec on unconditional waivers for the purpose of a mutually-agreed contract termination. The 36-year-old winger is recuperating from a back injury and was skating in practice with the team but the play of Max Domi, Jesperi Kotkaniemi, and Matthew Peca had made Plekanec redundant. Plekanec has expressed no interest in playing with another NHL club, intending to retire as a Canadien. He played 984 of his 1,001 NHL games with the Habs. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This wasn’t what was intended when the Canadiens brought Plekanec back for this season. At the time, the Habs were thin at center and needed all the help they could get. With Domi and Kotkaniemi exceeding expectations and Peca settling as a checking-line regular, there suddenly wasn’t any room for a fading veteran like Plekanec, who last month celebrated his 1,000th career NHL game in Montreal. He plans on continuing his playing career back in the Czech Republic. 

NBC SPORTS: The Boston Bruins have granted goaltender Tuukka Rask a leave of absence to deal with a personal matter. General manager Don Sweeney said the issue isn’t health-related and his absence is only expected to be for a few days. Meanwhile, defenseman Charlie McAvoy (upper-body injury) remains sidelined as it appears he’s suffered a setback dealing with what’s believed to be concussion symptoms. 

OTTAWA CITIZEN: The Senators have reportedly banned Citizen hockey reporter Ken Warren from traveling on the club’s charter after the paper published a leaked video showing several Senators mocking an assistant coach during a recent Uber ride in Arizona, The club has also banned TSN’s Brent Wallace for last fall asking team owner Eugene Melnyk about a report suggesting he withheld bonus money from his employees. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: As I said yesterday on Twitter when this report appeared, “For a team that’s supposedly moved on from this issue, they keep picking at it like a scab. Not a good look, Sens.” The thin-skinned Melnyk is morphing into a modern-day Harold Ballard with each passing month. 

ESPN.COM: A Washington Capitals fans who won $19,000.00 in a recent team 50/50 raffle is returning his winnings to the pot, which is being donated to the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh to benefit victims and families of the Tree of Life Synagogue in Squirrel Hill.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: A wonderful gesture and yet another example that, even in these trying times, there are still a lot of good people out there. 



  1. Wheeler… Kudos …. 5 points and well deserved ,

    Leafs… nice balanced scoring last night. Reilly apologizing to Kinkaid for the floater goal was a nice guesture but Kinkaid’s own players should have apologized for their full eclipse followed by a simultaneous parting of the seas…. Kinkaid had no chance on that one

    Melnyk …. WTF…. banning a reporter for asking a question? You can’t “Trump” your way out of this by “ firing” everybody that speaks negatively of you

    • This is a hockey site, not a political site…keep your personal views to yourself.

      • Hey Goalie….Trumps a meathead!

  2. What the media doesn’t get is, the days of manipulating people’s opinions – whether political or any other aspect of life – with their penchant for sensationalism in the interest of readership/viewership, personal bias or whatever, are passé. They’ve been discovering that to their chagrine in the mainstream media in the U.S., and they’re about to discover the same thing in this country. All the team asked was that the video be taken down – it had its run and I doubt there was a sports fan on the planet that didn’t see it. So what was the point in refusing the team’s request, other than the hope that it might result in a few more checking it out? The clown writing this article is also the one who recently ran an article almost demanding that the team trade Matt Duchene sooner rather than later. Why? All he did was what frustrated pro athletes have been doing since sports were invented – venting against losses by targeting a coach. Big deal. As Kypreos and Armstrong stated recently, the ONLY difference between the guts involved in this episode and THOUSANDS of others over the years, is that they were caught unknowingly on cam.

    • “guys” – not “guts” 🙂

    • As for “poor young impressionable Chabot” does Traikos not think for a split second that he has not bad-mouthed coaches with his teammates at various levels along his way to the NHL?

    • Disagree George, If Duchene wants to spout his mouth and show team leadership, instead of saying he tuned out three weeks ago, then bring your concerns to the coach! What message is he telling the young player? Have the F-ing Balls to stand up instead of talking behind someone back. I would expect more from a veteran player on the team
      I coach should have no problem having open dialogue with his players. Don’t bring me your problems bring me your solutions.

      • Fine, you have your opinion and I have mine. But clearly you have never been a part of any team in any sport and at any level for any length of time.

      • George O; how little you know; you were fine when you said we have a different of opinion. Then like always when someone disagree you become defensive.
        Duchene is a veteran player needs to take a leadership roll.
        It’s communication George, showing the way to success not encourage the youth of the team to tune out the coaches because you know better then them.
        FWIW a played for a Provincial Champs Baseball team, so yes I know what its like to be part of a team, with and without success.

      • What do you mean “defensive?” The reason I added that was because anyone who has played to any serious level in any team sport will admit that, at some point – especially when things are going south – there will be griping directed at those calling the shots, mainly as a means of trying to deflect blame in another direction rather than looking inward. Like you, FWIT I’ve played basketball, baseball, fastball, lacrosse, football (North American variety) and hockey at various stages of my life and I can recall several instances of player sniping at what they (we) perceived as coaching incompetence. It beat the hell out of inward naval fazing and assessing our own faults and weaknesses. It’s human nature. Those guys are no different than anyone else, as I said, and as Nick Kypreos and Colby Armstrong admitted, it happens ALL the time. They just happened to get caught by an unscrupulous cab driver who has since admitted it was the biggest mistake of his life to air it publicly.

        As for your baseball team that had to be the exception rather than the rule.

      • George O, take a breath and re my comment again. My comment is squarely directed at Duchene and his leadership (lack of) qualities.
        Now if you think it’s good for any team to have a veteran telling young teammates it’s ok to tune out the coach because he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Then I would suggest you never been part of any leadership group or management ever. Because if you were you would know this is not how you build a team. Duchene needs to now play hard and answer the bell on the ice.
        The sad part of all this is everyone thinks it’s ok to talk behind somewhat back and call them down and they but the blame on the cab driver, who isn’t the one having the conversation. Why be upset you got exposed for your thoughts? Because your a coward and didn’t want the person to know.
        As I said Duchene needs to be a team leader takes his concerns to the appropriate level. Now make fun of his coach to his younger teammates and thinks it’s OK.
        Yes George you’re always defensive when challenge, no different then your childish remarks to Striker. You don’t debate you try to avoid by attacking and insulting when someone dare say a negative about Ottawa.

    • Well said George, they asked to have the video removed and they said no, he is well within his rights to ban the reporter.

  3. Couldn’t agree more George. Every employee at some point vents about their bosses and every boss vents about their employees at some point. There was no need to deny the request to have the video pulled down besides the fact they wanted more views to expand upon their name. The Citizen is quickly becoming the TMZ of sports.

  4. Re. Melnyk/Ballard, “a fish rots from the head down”. The problem for Ottawa is the Sens don’t have the same resources/fanbase to survive Ballard-esque ‘leadership’. It’s not out of the question that the damage Melnyk is doing results in the demise of the franchise/relocation from Ottawa. Which would be a shame.