NHL Rumor Mill – November 12, 2018

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Should the Canadiens consider trading Carey Price? Could the Rangers’ surprising play make them rethink moving Kevin Hayes? Find out in today’s NHL rumor mill.


MONTREAL GAZETTE: Following the Canadiens 6-5 overtime loss to Buffalo on Thursday, Brendan Kelly believed management must find a way to help struggling goaltender Carey Price or consider trading him. Price, the NHL’s highest-paid goalie,  had the worst season of his career in 2017-18 and is showing signs of collapsing again this season.

Could the Montreal Canadiens give serious thought to trading Carey Price? (Photo via NHL Images)

“First, they need to find out what’s wrong upstairs with their $84 million goalie and do everything possible to fix it. That’s to help Price, the person. But to help the team, I think you have to consider sending Price elsewhere. You might finally get that No. 1 center and, just as importantly, you’ll take so much weight off of his shoulders.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Many will scoff at the notion of the Canadiens putting Price on the trade block. After all, he’s in the first season of an eight-year, $84-million contract (much of that front-loaded) with a no-movement clause. That makes him very difficult to move, especially during the season.

Still, there’s no question Price’s play isn’t at the level that earned him that big contract in the first place. For the first time in years, the Canadiens are winning in spite of Price, not because of him.

I don’t expect the Habs will seriously entertain the notion of trading Price. However, if his problems persist some pundits might take up Kelly’s suggestion that a change of scenery might do him good. 


NEW YORK POST: Brett Cyrgalis wonders if the Rangers’ improved play of late might affect the club’s plans for pending free-agent center Kevin Hayes, who’s playing very well thus far this season. While his trade value is rising, Cyrgalis suggests his play might convince management to consider re-signing him. “Then what’s rising is the money and term the club will have to shell out to keep this Boston kid on Broadway.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hayes frequently surfaced in the rumor mill in recent weeks, with some observers suggesting he should be moved as soon as possible while his value is high rather than waiting for the trade deadline. Of late, however, some feel it’s too soon to suggest Hayes is on the block.

If the Rangers continue to improve and are a playoff contender when the calendar flips to 2019, management could face a tough choice. Do they overpay to re-sign Hayes, keep him for the rest of the season and risk losing him to free agency for nothing or stick with their rebuilding plan and trade him? 


COURIER-POST ONLINE: While the Philadelphia Flyers have dress four goaltenders for their games this season, Dave Isaac recently reported not to expect them to go shopping for help between the pipes. Injuries to Brian Elliott and Michal Neuvirth forced the Flyers to pluck Calvin Pickard off waivers.

“There’s not a whole lot of guys just laying around and there’s not a whole lot of guys you’re gonna get for less than three or four pieces if, in fact, you get a guy,” general manager Ron Hextall said. “It’s not as easy as we’d all like it to be just to parachute a player of any position in for a short period of time or you try to upgrade.”

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Hey, the Montreal Canadiens might have a goalie they’re willing to shop…Kidding! Just kidding. Settle down.

Hextall didn’t rule out upgrading his roster whenever an opportunity presents itself “within reason.” In other words, he’s not going to give up one or two good young players for short-term help.

As Hextall pointed out, there aren’t many options available to the Flyers. They’re also looking down the road for when promising Carter Hart is NHL-ready and don’t want to invest in an expensive long-term veteran option. It looks like they’re going to stick with their current goalies for the rest of this season. 



  1. Please, everybody, do not take a word that Brendan Kelly writes seriously. He is not a beat reporter and has actually been an entertainment writer, not hockey. To say nothing of the fact that he’s an attention seeking clown.

    • Plus there can’t be more than a couple of teams willing to trade for an over 30 goalie with Price’s expensive long term contract.

      • What couple? I don’t see ANY team willing to take on a fgoalie with THAT price (no pun intended) tag in the days of big contracts being sought by/handed out to RFAs – never mind UFA D and F.

    • Howard, you say Kelly is a clown. I say he is a buffoon. In the winter hot dog stands shut down and his area of expertise goes with it so the Gazette shuffles him into the sports section.

  2. Man, what is the story with Erik Karlsson? 18 gp … zero goals … seven assists … MINUS 10 … I think I need to send Pierre Dorian a bouquet of flowers …

    • Thomas Chabot 22 points in 18 games. EK does not look like Norris winning EK.

      • ds

        I expected Chabot to be a fair player this year and to develop rapidly ….. there is no waaaay I saw this coming . Good on ya TC (and Ottw as a whole doing better than most had expected).

        As George pointed out yesterday, taking all the pieces that came (and will be coming ) in the EK trade …. as at now ; severely skewed deal in favour of Ottw

        Do I think that EK will continue at this brutal pace; no. It is possible that the timing of EK turning things around synchs with huge playoff push that results in trip to WCF and then who knows from there …. just to early to tell; but possible.

        As at right now … Ottw … ” winner winner, chicken dinner “

      • Let’s wait until the season is a little more progressed before we start declaring Ottawa the winners of this trade. There are a few players playing way above their heads and one who is not playing up to his standards. Things have a way of swinging back to the mean the bigger the sample size gets. George was crowing about Boedker yesterday, and he is putting up some numbers, but he played well his first 10 or so games for the sharks too. He’s as streaky as they come.

      • What will make that trade take on an even brighter glare is if Karlsson doesn’t re-up with SJ – for whatever reason. They will look awfully dumb in that instance.

        As for Ottawa’s start – it’s still early and although they have had no trouble potting goals – will in the Top 10 so far – they are having trouble keeping the puck out of their own net (worst in the league so far). That can be traced to the young, relatively inexperienced D and lack of adequate back-up for Anderson, who is being overworked. Dorion need to address that quickly. The D will eventually learn on the job – but it’s going to get even more painful before it gets better.

      • And Deee, when does simply stating facts become “crowing” ?? It is what it is – so far. It could change. Only time will tell.

      • Guess Sens needed some good luck

        Chabot and Duchene @ a point per game

      • Deee

        Concur …. things can change …. I do expect EK numbers to turn around and some of the Ottw new acquisitions to potentially flatten out in production …. but as at now; with just past a fifth of the season; Otw has an advantage in the deal

        I’d be insane to declare them (Ottw) the overall winners of the deal this early in the season because I’d have to equally declare that Pens are not making the playoffs because they are sitting out of contention now.

        Neither is the case.

        I do expect SJ to have an excellent chance to get to WCF ….. and this may be where the addition of EK is most important and most worth it. With or without the trade I expected SJ to be top 2 in the PacDiv in reg. We’ll see come playoffs.

        I am impressed so far with the production of Ottw new acquisitions and there is more coming down the pipes

        Time will tell

        I dobelieve that Ottw’s outlook is much brighter now than what it was a few months ago

        I’m happy for everybody in Ottw except Melnyk who I’m truly not a fan of

      • George O, pretty sure trade has a clause as far as a 1st round pick going to Ottowa if he signs with SJ. You know more than anyone what EK can do. Let’s wait and see what his numbers look like at end of season. And let’s also take into account that there’s another right shot Norris winner there that he shares time with.

      • Slick, there are several conditions involved – and for the most part they favor the Sens – see this explanation from the Web

        “The picks carry far more potential; however they also each carry conditions. The earliest possible pick chronologically would be a 2019 first-round pick. The Sharks owe the Buffalo Sabres their first round pick in the next NHL Draft as a condition for re-signing winger Evander Kane, but with the additional condition that they make the playoffs. Should they miss the playoffs – a catastrophic result for a team that now has meteoric expectations – the team could opt to send that pick to Ottawa and their 2020 first-rounder to Buffalo if they so choose. If not, and the Sharks make the playoffs as expected, the Senators will land that 2020 first-round pick.

        Ottawa will still have an early pick from San Jose in June though, perhaps even earlier than expected. The condition on that pick is that it is the highest of the second-round picks owned by the Sharks: their own and the Florida Panthers’, which ironically was part of the return from the Sharks’ flip of former Ottawa forward Mike Hoffman earlier this year. Florida is expected to improve this season, but playing in the Atlantic Division with the Tampa Bay Lightning, Boston Bruins, and Toronto Maple Leafs means the Panthers face an uphill battle to make the playoffs and could easily end up with a draft slot in the first half of the second round. Whereas, the Sharks should by all accounts be a playoff team and more in the coming season.

        Speaking of Hoffman, the Senators learned from that experience with Sharks GM Doug Wilson. As Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston notes, Ottawa threw in what may as well be a “Mike Hoffman Clause”. After San Jose traded for Hoffman only to trade him hours later to one of the Senators’ division rivals, GM Pierre Dorion added a conditional future first-round pick if Karlsson is traded back to the Eastern Conference this season. The pick must be exchanged by 2022 at the latest.

        Finally, the Sharks sent a 2021 second-round pick to the Senators that carries two conditions. The pick itself is conditional upon San Jose re-signing Karlsson, whose current contract expires at the end of the season. If the Sharks both appear in the Stanley Cup Final this year and extend Karlsson, that pick becomes a first-rounder. In summary, at worst the Senators will receive a second-rounder in 2019 and the Sharks’ first-rounder in 2020 and at best they receive three first-round picks between now and 2022 and potentially a first-round and early second-round pick next year.”

      • George O, that’s a lot of conditions!! Thanks for info. I still think EK will be a force for years to come. Slow start with new team is understandable

    • Because this is what *really* matters to everyone here: EK is absolutely motherf#$%ing KILLING my hockey pool team right now…

  3. Howard

    With you on this … I don’t know Kelly; but Mon is sitting 1 point out of 2nd even with poor goalie performance AND what team is taking on that contract right now? This would have to be a substantial “take-back” offer on the table for any team to move on him.

    I can’t fathom at this time; any team willing to move a top 2 C to get CP at the level at which he is performing right now.

    After July 1st next year he will have already been paid 1/3rd of the total contract with 7 years left on it …. if there is any move out of CP …. that’s the more likely time.

    I’m not saying he will restore to super goalie status; but I do believe he will be better than his current .892 Save %’age is indicating

    NYR …. don’t let Hayes vamoose in July for nothing

  4. Price looks mentally exhausted. Karlsson looks lost in SJ. As a fan of hockey hopefully these two regain their superstar form as they were amazing to watch. Its kind of just sad at the moment.

    • Not sure the rumor of his possible availability is going to help Price either. Especially since that massive deal will be so hard to peddle at this point.

  5. I can’t wrap my head around those who think a guy making the most at his position but playing terrible could somehow bring back a number 1 center?

    • That’s exactly what I thought, “What GM in their right mind would trade a #1 Center for an aging, downside of his career Price?” Nobody, that’s who.

    • Gotta be Leaf fans?

      • No, I think he may be someone with common sense

      • When you have nothing else to say, fall back on “must be a Leaf fan.”
        Not a Leaf fan by any chance, are you?

  6. Only a idiot would say for Canadians to trade Price. At his salary there is no team out there that could possibly afford to sign him.

    • My only wonder was whether there could ever be a deal with the Hurricanes, where the Habs ship a decent pick/prospect and Price for Darling, Faulk & Rask (who they are supposedly a little fed up with his lack of progress)

      Canes would have to believe they have a goalie coach that could get Price back to all-world status, but if they believe that, then:

      Canes get rid of a horrific player & contract in Darling and actually save $2M against the cap in the deal overall. And they (theoretically!) get a massive upgrade in the one position they seem to always struggle at. Big IF they believe they can get Price back to form.

      Unlikely to happen, but that one seems at least possible.

      Flame away, people 😀

  7. Told you so about EK: he is not what he was, injuries, high mileage, lots of stress…might bounce back but he is not going to get back to earlier form.
    Any more Nylander speculations about trades? I still think LA would part with Doughty and I know all about the cap and the cost but Leafs are in short term win now mode….

    • Jon, Doughty isn’t happening. You say leafs are in short term win mode, how is getting a guy with 8.5 years left on his contract a good short term strategy.
      Just so you understand what you are proposing
      11M Tavares
      11M Doughty
      12.5M Matthews
      8.5 Marner
      6.25 Marleau
      5M Reilly
      5M Andersen
      4.5 Zaitsev
      4.5M Kadri
      4.35 Hyman and Brown

      72.6M on 11 players. Kapanen and Andreas need to be signed too, lets say the leafs get that done for 5M.

      That bring you to 77.6M
      Projected cap is 78M – 82M. How exactly are you signing 10 players for 400K – 4.4M?

      • Well you just need a 2 line team .

      • I agree with Taz, Leafs would find it extremely difficult to make room for Doughty among the the other high priced Leafs or soon to be high priced Leafs. He is exactly what they need but it won’t be happening.

        The other thing to consider is the actual trade itself, there is ZERO chance LA trades Doughty for Nylander straight up.

        The going rate for superstars is at minimum, a top young roster player, top prospect and a first. So just to get LA to answer the phone, Leafs would need to offer Nylander, Liljegren and a 1st. Now consider that Nylander is a holdout and just days away from not playing at all this season, and asking for wayyyyy too much money and you can see how his value would start to drop. So Leafs would probably have to add a bit to that package.

      • Taz

        Don’t forget Kessel’s $1.6M .. so that’s $74.2M… even Cap somehow at $84M …, 12 players at $9.8M ….averages $815 K per … League min this year is $650K.

        They could sign one single player in the $2.5 M range and then each and every one of the other 11 would have to be at League Min

        …. I concur … Doughty in T.O. all but impossible

      • Everyone knows the Leafs need a shutdown D that plays 24 minutes more than the all world Drew. I also thought Drew made sense there but no way the #s add up.

        How is the room in Toronto? Could it handle another big ego?

      • I said the same thing last week. Leafs need to aim for a young defenseman, like what Tampa Bay did when the traded with Montreal.

      • TAZ It’s tight but doable.
        Leafs are tight against the cap for 1 year only, until 2020 when marleau contract expires.

        I mentioned this yesterday, money can be managed by multiplayer/ 3 way trade and other smaller trades

        If it was a trade for $11M doughty then extra players/salary would go back to LA…ie brown/kapanan/zaitsev/kadri/whatever…

        That said, doughty is staying in LA.
        There are some vet dman going to be available soon. Not worth nylander straightup (due to age) unless there are more components involved.

    • Hi Jon

      I have to disagree with you w.r.t. Leafs being in short term win now mode.

      Outside of the potential WW cap situation; Leafs have the potential to position themselves for deep playoff runs for 5-7 years starting in the Spring of ’20…. if your positioned to be a deep contender for that span then you have a very good shot at a couple of cups over that span.

      If they can make the final 4 over a 7 year span …. 2 cups is not unreasonable to consider

      Under no prudent rationale should they be considering (as at now) just a 1-2 year window

      The hurdles as I see it w.r.t. the potential run over 5 -7 years is a need to improve D ( a trade for instance WW, could improve the D) and the Cap crunch situation . In 20-21 and beyond ; there is room to shuffle …. it’s the 19-20 season where the cap situation is almost at an impossible situation.

      If nothing changes … and they sign WW, MM & AM ; even with a similar Cap increase …. Leafs will have at best $9M to sign 9 players (to get to 23 man roster) and that is w/o re-signing/replacing Gardner…. a nightmare.

      The cog in everything as I’ve said before is the Marleau contract …. great addition for Leafs for last year and this year. Marleau ag 40 next year on a reasonable Cap hit … still very good … as of July 2nd next year (so for 2 year’s service) he will have rec’d $17.5M of his $18.75M total. He’ll only get paid $1.5 M next year but will be a very expensive $6.25M in Cap hit. In retrospect, I’d rather have his contract at 2 * $8.75M and then hope to re-sign him in the $3M range. Just sayin’

      Time will tell , but I truly believe Leafs are in a longer window approach and it is starting next year( for those who ask why not this year …. I just think it’s too hard to believe this year that they are going to get past BOTH Bos AND TBay AND then past one of Wash or Pens AND then beat Nsh Or Winn OR SJ…, just can’t envision Leaf cup in June ’19)

      • “If they can make the final 4 over a 7 year span …. 2 cups is not unreasonable to consider”

        Should have read as … if they can make the final 4 , four times over a 7 year span …..ahhh …. single finger typing on iPHONE


      • The Marleau contract TERM was always a shocker. I believe it was done @ $6.25 to manage expectations for MM, AM and WN – that clearly didn’t work.
        Its a giant mis-step, but its too big which means there is a plan B somewhere, I believe marleau doesn’t play out his last year one way or the other, not in a Leafs uniform thats for sure.

      • Taz
        We all know what Lou can and did do to circumvent the cap, loophole Lou for a reason , this would be a tough one for Lou to pull off let alone a rookie gm . They are on the hook unless Marleau suddenly also grows allergic to his hockey gear . That is really the only way the leafs don’t have that hit on the books next year . He didn’t negotiate that full Nmc for no reason , he’s not accepting a trade to finish his career with any bottom feeder , no contender/ playoff team will trade for that hit , next year who both can afford him and want him and that he wants to go to . If he retires , it stays . 1 option and it’s tough to imagine Marleau going from a career of full health to ltir .

      • Lou couldn’t have really seen Tavares and 11 million in the fold or the budget getting so tight in year 3 when he signed that deal . At the time , was probably alright with the prospect of him retiring in the 3rd year if it came to that .

      • Marleau retiring does the Leafs no good, his cap hit stays.
        Lou didn’t see Tavares happening but the long term would have involved resigning and/or replacing gardiner & Hainsey.
        Also, resigning the big three.

        If he didn’t see tavares being resigned then one of Bozak, JVR or replacement still needed to be addressed.

      • I know it does them no good , but that’s the reality of the situation . He didn’t see 11 million going in to that mix , yes he knew he had other contracts looming , didn’t know they would be as high as they are today with Willie marner and Mathews , he wouldn’t be meeting willies demands . I highly doubt he gave the full nmc with the plan to become allergic to his gear in year 3 as the way out . Would Marleau even want to end his career on that note ? To save the leafs before signing a 1 day contract and retiring with his career team ?

  8. Wrote to George O a while back that I thought Dorian was better than people here write..his owner, the arbitrary budget process he has to work with and the ability to at least make decisions and act on them….all positives

    His track record…moved up to take Karlson at 15, Taking Chabot at 22 I think…and the young D man with the French Canadian surname in the second round

    I noted to George…I would take that in a minute in Toronto

  9. Nobody is going to trade for Price. First thing is not many teams would have the cap space to take on that anchor of a contract. Price is already showing signs of becoming injury prone and his netminding is well below average.
    8 years at 10 million per season renders Price virtually untradeable. Over rated, over hyped and vastly over paid Price is the NHLs Andrew Luck.

    Yet another stellar move by the NHLs joke GM Marc Bergevin.

    • I bet hextall would take him in a heartbeat! Hextall is a terrible gm the flyers wi never when with him he gave jvr 7million! Lol

      • Hextall is a better gm than you think big Bear.he would never trade for price. Flyers have a few good goalies coming. Plus,everyone knows you have to overpay in most cases , to land a good player in free agency,or they sign elsewhere.

      • No he’s not he hasn’t changed that team for the better yet, the defense is still weak and those young d PROSPECTS cause that’s what they are aren’t looking so good! The goaltending is still weak and if those young goaltending prospects are so good why are they not up yet? Because anyone could be better than what the flyers are icing now in net

  10. Oh if only Striker was here. He could drone on with nonsensical stats about Carey Price and then play his trump card : the bounce back season, lmao.

    Striker where are youuuuuuuuuuuu?

    • Yes Ron and his was correct sometimes. What I find interesting about the people who attacked Striker and made it personal, for example calling him a pos just because his view point was different then theirs and the bully like crap that went on between Sept 25-27 as reference by NYR4life. One person made a personal attack then 3 others jumped in to make snide remarks. That I don’t get.
      If you don’t like his comments or find them long winded (like this one) don’t read them.
      I’ve often said on here I have a short attention span, I don’t read comments that are long, unless you got my interest from the beginning. As far as Striker goes if he comes back, I’m sure my opinion will be different then his sometimes especially when discussing Bruins but like his opinion mine and your and everyone else’s is correct.

      • Hi Caper

        I’m equally guilty here of being verbose and long winded.

        My opinions are not in synch with most here but I contribute/partipate because I enjoy this site and believe I quite often become more enlightened w.r.t. hockey issues than through banter with my own circle of friends who are similar in thought to me

        Striker and I often differed in opinion … both of us long winded… but I can say he offered insight that I valued

        His sayings should not be at issue … call them quirky if you want … then move on.

        Sometimes exchanges on this site get heated … I’m all for a good exchange of differing opinions …. both sides gain knowledge IMO

        … Personal attacks …. not for me thanks

        If your viewpoint is different from mine (which is more than likely for most of those here) … I’m ok with that. I’ve been wrong many times … and in my late 50’s , I expect to be wrong many many more times

        I learn more from my mistakes and failures than my successes

        I viewed this site for a very long time before posting and started contributing at a point where I had more time .

        I felt that I needed to contribute as I had been a free rider of the benefits (hockey insight); as much as I wanted to contribute.

        I’ve been more restricted in availability (to post) lately due to pressing business issues but have more time this morning as I don’t have a single meeting until 11:30.

        I valued Striker’s contributions as I do everybody else’s here.

        I challenge anybody here that feels Striker lacked knowledge or passion of hockey issues.

        Sometimes surly ; possibly too firm on some issues ; possibly quirky in the way he posted; possibly to oft using repetitive sayings… who cares really …count me equally guilty on all of those

        I rant; I’m verbose; I’m jaded in the Pens/Leaf world ; I’m surly ; I’m old …. but I’m having fun

        Over and out for rest of day

      • I also liked Striker.

      • Striker brought a lot to this board. He did say Zibenejab will have a great year and so will Hayes. His assessment on NYR was pretty spot on

      • Agreed Taz.
        I found he was right more than he was wrong.
        The guy knew hockey.

      • I hate #1 that this comes up daily. And #2 that he is painted innocent and everyone else that was involved is painted a bully. His very last comment here says quite different.

        Can we just all move on without him? Or should it just be shut down without his contributions?

        Ps…. I put out the pos comment… after this….

        Striker on September 27, 2018 at 12:05 pm
        I am a racist but only against idiots, morons & redneck hill billy’s. Unfortunately, they are everywhere. That said there is a positive for redneck hill billy’s when they get divorced they will still be brother & sister. Sorry is that wrong?

        Nyr4life on September 27, 2018 at 12:15 pm
        This….^^^^ is the same pos crying for Lyle to intervene when comments were slung at him a couple of days ago!!

      • We should light a candle, say a prayer and move on .

      • NYR4life.
        You are now 6 for 6.
        Striker has been gone for a month and he’s still in your head.

      • He really isn’t. He could live a 1000 years or fall of a cliff tomorrow. I don’t really care.

        But why continue to bring him up on a daily basis, and act lol like he was a poor helpless victim?

        Obviously, the people here are more in his head than vice versa. Hence the disappearaning act.

        This was a great place to come before him, I’m sure somehow, someway , someday … we’ll manage to move on….

        As far as his Zibanejad prediction, he had the same prediction last year, and the year before.

        He also called the idea of trading Mcdonagh “ridiculous “ when it was brought up early last year. “He’ll be re-signed to a 7-8 year deal in NY” He also said “NY was NOT rebuilding “. Weber won’t be traded, subban won’t be traded , Hall won’t be traded, Vegas would suck, Every prospect ever drafted is a “stud in the making”….. on and on and on….

        Some people hit a bullseye once, and the wall and floor 999 times out of a thousand tries and still think they’re winning…

      • All of those predictions were in his own opinion.
        Why did you always take it to heart so?
        It seemed to me that you quickly grew frustrated whenever he chimed in about your Rags.
        No one has to agree with anyone else on every team or topic, but everyone should be able to have their say free of harassment or belittling one another.
        Not saying you are guilty of that, just saying, that’s all.

      • To disagree is great! To scoff, laugh off and tell people your opinion is more valuable because you do good in fantasy is another….condescending. And I’m not the only person here to voice that opinion…. plenty of others shared that opinion.

        In the end, it had zero to do with his opinions of NY…. in the end of all that, he was wrong, …. I let it go….it had to do with a player in Ottawa being waived and a legitimate question.

        So to say he was “run off because he had opinions “ is a bit of a stretch. He chose to leave…. Again, why waste time on him? Let’s just move on!

        I’ve been coming here for years. Plenty of people come and go. It’s time to move on from the memorial.

      • It’s ok ny. My first gf stuck in my craw like a fishbone too.

    • striker is right…
      i hear it every year. this old, over paid, injury prone elite player is done & untradeable, like MAF.

      • Perhaps he was over confident but I miss Striker’s comments and hope he is all right. I learned alot from him.

      • 🤮🤮🤮

  11. Price has .892 sv%, certainly not Carey Price like. Today Montreal hold the first wild card spot. I don’t believe Price would be shopped and I don’t believe there is a market; however $13m of his contract was paid out in signing bonus this season his base salary is only $2m.
    The Habs are doing better then I thought and if Price starts playing like Price and Weber back in December, they won’t be going away.

  12. price is having his issues. but around the league, as it continues with the roller hockey -like pace,gaa’s of 3.00 and save percentages below .900 have become commonplace.

    • That may be true richard, but those with similar stats don’t cost $10 mil + off their team’s cap. If those stats are to be the norm, all a GOOD team with solid D and 4 effective lines really need is a decent goalie making $2.5 to $4 mil.

  13. Habs always start strong Oct-Nov.
    A couple of years back I believe they started 9-1and missed the playoffs

    18 days to decision Nylander .

  14. Watch Price be the Fluery of the Seattle expansion draft

  15. I’ve said since before season that Rangers has enough talent still there to be a bubble team. But, they did nothing in off season to make themselves anything of a contender. With that, I don’t think they will base any trades on their position in standings. Pretty sure they where still in playoff contention last year at deadline. Only trade I see them possibly pursuing right now, would be Nylander. Only because of his age and RFA status. Any other deals will be to unload older guys. Most likely candidates in order Zuc, Smith, Shatty, then Hayes.

    • Trade Zuccarello to Pittsburgh to reunite the 3 amigos!

      • I’d give you rust!

  16. There is nothing like a good discussion and having different views on situations and events asking as people do it with class and taste .
    I’ve been reading this stuff for along time now only once in awhile do I put in my two cents worth but never have I taken someone’s harsh critical responses to Hart this is the best place for hockey talk thanks guys for making it enjoyable

    • well said