NHL Rumor Mill – November 13, 2018

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The latest on the Boston Bruins, Los Angeles Kings, and New York Rangers in your NHL rumor mill.


NICHOLS ON HOCKEY:  Appearing yesterday on Toronto’s TSN 1050, Darren Dreger reported the Boston Bruins are seeking “an established player” to bolster their secondary scoring. He noted they’ve got the salary-cap space and depth in young players to make this move happen. He doesn’t believe they’ll shop winger Jake DeBrusk but they could part with a young player like Anders Bjork or Danton Heinen.

Could the Los Angeles Kings consider moving Jeff Carter? (Photo via NHL Images)

Dreger also noted some talk out of Boston linking Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy to Toronto’s William Nylander but felt it was merely speculation. He thinks the Los Angeles Kings could be a fit for the Bruins and wondered about the availability of veteran center Jeff Carter.

SPORTSNET: John Shannon recently reported the Bruins believe they have too many of the same type of player among their secondary scorers.  A trade involving one of their redundant forwards could be made to bring in a young scorer.

Shannon also believes more changes are coming for the Kings in the wake of their recent coaching change. However, he said the club is going to wait until the value of some of their trade candidates improves. Those who’ve come up in the rumor mill of late include forwards Tanner Pearson and Tyler Toffoli and defenseman Alec Martinez and Jake Muzzin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If the Bruins trade one of their young players it won’t be DeBrusk or McAvoy. Heinen or Bjork appears the more likely trade candidates. Regarding the Nylander talk, Dreger was referring to the Boston’s Globe’s Kevin Paul Dupont, but Dupont was merely pointing out how much it might cost the Bruins to land the Leafs winger.

A Bruins-Kings swap might be possible. The Kings need to get younger and faster and Carter could be an intriguing option for the Bruins. Cap Friendly indicates he lacks no-trade protection but his $5.275-million annual average value through 2021-22 would take up a big chunk of the Bruins’ cap space. They might prefer a more affordable short-term option. The Kings could also be reluctant to move Carter, preferring instead to move someone like Pearson. 


TORONTO SUN: Michael Traikos recently included New York Rangers winger Chris Kreider among his list of five NHL players who could be moved. Toronto’s William Nylander, Ottawa’s Matt Duchene, Columbus’ Sergei Bobrovsky, and Los Angeles’ Tyler Toffoli were the others on his list. Regarding Kreider, Traikos noted he has a year left on his contract, “but with the Rangers in rebuild mode now might be the time to move him for a younger prospect.” He believes Kreider could attract a lot of takers. 

SPECTOR’S NOTE: We’ve already seen plenty of speculation about the others listed by Traikos but not as much about Kreider. Most of the Rangers’ trade speculation is focused on pending unrestricted free agents Kevin Hayes and Mats Zuccarello.

If the Blueshirts were mired at the bottom of the standings, perhaps they might give some consideration to moving Kreider for a promising youngster. However, the Rangers are red-hot of late, unbeaten in their last seven games (6-0-1) and sit second in the Metropolitan Division, with Kreider their leading goal scorer (eight in 18 games) and sitting second in points with 13.

If the Rangers remain in playoff contention leading up to the trade deadline in February, they’ll probably retain Kreider and perhaps attempt to re-sign him next summer. 



  1. If I am Boston, I am staying away from Carter unless they can somehow find someone to take Backes (unlikely). Carter’s cap hit could be a real problem as some of the young guys are looking for their next deals.

    If Hayes or Duchene are available as rentals I think they make way more sense.

    • Hayes to Boston is the obvious destination if he does not resign after Jan1.
      Bruins overpaid Rangers for Nash… so what would Zuc or Hayes cost them?

      Heck the pick that yielded K’Andre Miller was enough for Nash

      • I have a difficult time gauging Zuccarellos worth. I’d say he’s worth more than Nash or Grabner… They should be looking for a 1st plus… but do they get it?

      • I could see a 1st if there is a bidding war.

      • Zuc should get a 1st. If it’s a contender, it’ll end up being a late 1st rounder anyway

    • Backes is a “B” until a buyout or the end of the contract.

  2. Traikos has a real talent for overlooking the obvious. The Rangers are surprising the hell out of ALL the experts – what part of their game needs improvement by dealing away a gritty F like Kreider?

  3. The re-build is great but it’s not like Kreider and Hayes are over 30. Kreider is 27, Hayes is 26. These are two very good players just reaching their prime. I think the Rangers would be stupid to trade away the two of them unless the talent coming back was very high level. These two need to be around to supply leadership to a young team, Especially since Lundquist only has 2 more years on his contract after thie year. I love Zuccarello but he’s tradeable in my mind.

    • Kreider s not going anywhere and Hayes only leaving if they can’t get a deal done. That doesn’t mean they’ll be buyers at deadline. Zuc will be dealt, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they look to move Shatty, Smith and possibly Spooner.

  4. Nylander won’t fetch McAvoy and he is not in the mold of Bruins forwards..not a fit there. I remain convinced that he will be traded by end of next week, likely for one of the Ducks or “canes d-men..I don’t care for Montour but would take Manson. Leafs are not looking for a larger deal: if so, they could put together Nylander and other pieces for Manson and a forward but what do they do about a backup goalie, given that Sparks is not the right one?

    • Both The Leafs and the Senators need to be looking for better options at the back-up goalie position.

      • Meh both roll their starter pretty heavy I’m not sure some of the issues with the backup isnt more about getting 1 game a month and not being comfortable when getting a start as much as it is about the goalie himself. Tough to say but imo I don’t think it’s exactly wise to be trading for back up goalies more of a thing you address with a waiver wire pickup or as maybe a minor side type deal.

      • Normally I’d agree with you there Shticky when it comes to back-up goalies. But there are extenuating circumstances in both cases. Anderson is 37 and simply wears down if he has to play more than 60 games. No one Ottawa has in their system is capable of handling 22+ games. If Anderson gets a long-term injury it’s good night. And that applies in spades to the Leafs if their Andersen goes down long-term. Can you see Sparks carrying them for the bulk of a season? Or anyone else in their system?

      • Again I’d say it depends, really how can one judge? Sparks even if he was lights out has only had 3 games so far this year so who knows how he would perform with more regular reps? Andersson didn’t exactly shine in his first 3 starts the last 3 seasons either. Sparks was goalie of the year in the American league and won a Calder last year not that it means anything 100% or translates to mean he is great but I’m not sure a backup who is 2-1 in 3 games isn’t good enough or means you start beating the bushes looking to up grade just in case. Let’s see how he looks after 10-12 games at least before we pronounce how good or bad he is. It’s a quirky position and a backup makes it even tougher to define imo

      • I get what you’re saying about Sparks – but truly, how many fingers would be crossed if that ever transpired before the mid-way mark. And who then becomes the back-up behind Sparks? It could well transpire like you say and the guy becomes a Hamburglar over 20-25 games. Then again, he might not. One thing it would certainly do until Babcock becomes comfortable with him game after game is change the team defense approach.

        It is an unfair sampling, but 6 ga against Chicago on 31 shots, 1 against LA om 34 shots and 5 against Boston on 34 shots and an .879 save % could be cause for concern.

    • I think of you look at it Anderssen actually has worse numbers in his first 3 starts this year. Now I’m not saying Sparks is fantastic but pretty much same story for any team really cross your fingers for the most part if the starter goes down

      • Except for Price I guess 🙊

  5. Lyle, I can’t figure out how 6-0-1 is “unbeaten in their past seven games.” Didn’t they win six and lose one?
    What a nitpicker, eh?

      • Detroit beat them last Friday

    • Gotta love those 3 point games. Ultimately, that’s what kills some teams trying to scramble for a playoff spot every spring.

    • Here’s another nit to pick – the so-called .500 team, as in an 8-8-4 record. In my simple mind, that team played 20 games and won 8. To me, a .500 record means a team has won half of the games it has played. But this is part of the new NHL.

      • It really is .500. If you won 20 of 20 you’d get 40 points, 10 of 20 , 20 points… 8-8-4 still equals 20 points.

        I guess you need to think of an otl as a 1/2 win. I don’t particularly like this system, but it is a fair system.

  6. Lol whole lot of assumption here, I’m not at all convinced that if Nylander was dealt it wouldn’t be a bigger deal than a 1 for 1 trade in fact I doubt it could be anything else’s but given the status of the contract, also mold of the bruins forwards? I think if the reason the bruins were looking at Nylander it would be exactly for that reason. Not that I think there is a deal there but seems to me the Bruins maybe looking for a scoring forward for a bit more of a deeper balanced attack than they currently have with the majority of forwards outside the top line being more checking than scoring.in other words the only reason the B’s may have an interest in Nylander (again not saying Nylander and McAvoy makes sense but) is he isn’t in the mold of the majority of their forwards and that’s what they are looking to address

    • You know typical Bruins forward, knuckle dragging meat head that punches his way to victory? Oh wait Pastrnak. Oh wait Kreci. Seems like maybe that is a Bruin fan myth more than anything else.

      • Coming from this Bruins fan, we do not think the Bruins mold is a knuckle dragging meat head. We traded the last of those for Martin Jones, Colin Miller and a first round pick.
        Also not sure that the Jon who posted it is a B’s fan.
        Perhaps Jon could tell us what he means by Bruins mold?
        He may have meant a 200′ player who doesn’t cheat for his offense?
        As far as Nylander, would love him in Boston, just not for McAvoy. Carlo plus ??

  7. I think Toffoli could be the main piece in a Willie deal just as easily as pesce or possibly montour . Those are my top 3 guesses at this point as the starters , what’s attached and which way is up in the air with Salaries and picks . Carolina LA Anaheim in that order. I still don’t believe dubas is willing to wait , there will be reasonable offers but no jaw droppers at this stage of the game imo . All three mentioned above fit in that group for me , under normal circumstances dubas probably doesn’t even strongly consider these deals , but we are safely past that stage .

    • I just don’t see the Kings trading Tyler Toffoli – just does not make sense. Any trade has to include there older players, if anyone wants them and their contracts.

  8. Jeff Carter? The guy is 34 years old and has 3 more years in his deal, any GM who even thinks about trading for him is a fool. It’s a young mans game.

  9. Kreider fits nicely into the rebuild. He won’t be a UFA for 2 years. Zuccarello comes off the books either way next year, and Girardis buy out drops by 2.5 million the year he’s up. Giving him a 4 or 5 year deal won’t hurt this team.

    Especially considering an additional 18.5 comes off the books the following year with Lundqvist, Smith and Staal all expiring.

    What he should get???? If he hits 60 this year he’ll be looking at 6-6.5 per.

    • Talk me down from the ledge…final playoff spot or competitive til the end yields a top 15 pick AND panarin signing?
      is that better than a top 5 pick?

      • As strange as this is going to sound, I don’t really want them making the playoffs this year.

        I think they’d be one and done. And I’d rather not see them confuse the rebuild by giving up young assets in hope for a longer run.

        Last time they tore it down, they had instant success which lead to trading picks and prospects .

        I really like what they’re doing. I just fear they won’t stick with it.

      • Nyr4life-thats my ledge. Cannot see them lasting long in a playoff series with tampa, boston, leafs, caps… The D is just not built for it yet. Sure the kids could develop and build chemistry with a decent 3 line attack like Vegas had last season.
        A first round bow out vs a top ten pick. I’d prefer the pick plus 2 other 1sts for Zuc and….

      • Smith? Lmao

  10. About what Nylander is worth.

  11. McAvoy for Nylander not happening, this isn’t a knock on Nylander, but Charlie upside is high.

    Carter after this season his actual salary is $3, $2, and $2 over the next three season, he would be an easy move, he fits what the Bruins need but the cost be to high.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Boston make a trade with Toronto but the player I want may surprise you. I would love for the Bruins to add Kadri. However he has a fordable contract and there is no reason for the leafs to move him unless your going to over pay.

    • Kadri works. But like you say it would cost a lot. My guess is one of the B’s young D.

    • cannot see boston and toronto do any deals that can help the other especially with the 1st round rematch very possible

    • Pretty high praise coming from you guys, Kadri has come along way, I think would be a fan favorite in Boston

      • We have a big need for a 3C Shticky. And down the road it would give Sweeney the ability to trade Krecji if required for cap reasons and get younger at 2C. Right now C is our weakest position in terms of depth and prospects.
        It is a luv hate thing with Kadri for sure. But gotta hand it to him, he sticks his nose into the tough places and keeps coming back for more.
        The guy can play up and down the ice.

    • Absolutely love Kadri as a Bruin!

  12. I said two months ago Nylander is what Boston needs young fast forward problem is if he wants 8 million how is Bergeron Marchand and Pastrnak going to accept that when they are all better. Secondly what do you give up Charlie for me would be a no but Carlo and someone would be a go.

    • Hey Obe, I don’t think Nylander will get $8M wherever he ends up.
      But to your point I don’t think a playoff team trades for him as he may end up sitting for the season.
      He is a free agent so aren’t other teams free to speak to him?

      • He is an RFA nd stays an RFA till 27 or 7 years of pro hockey. if he sits out this year it will be the former

  13. The only way Toronto should trade Nylander is if you get a forward of his calibre or better even if you add to the deal. Trading him for top four defenseman like Pesce or Faulk or Muzzin or Martinez will never replace the offense you’ll lose by pulling a Peter Chiarelli.

    I know some Toronto fans really believe this crew of buttercups can score 4-7 goals on any given night but the truth is most of them come from three on the roster, and one gets injured for long periods of time.

    Apart from Reilly and Dermott, the rest of the blueliners are overpaid blow average players who don’t hit. Gardiner will want a payday Toronto can’t offer, Zaitsev will have a protection clause kick in starting next year and then their stuck with him and that gold chain around his nexk.

    The right offer is Nylander, Gardiner, Zaitsev and Leivo for someone at or better level than Nylander who has term and affordable contract.

    Unless you get this return you either pay him and keep him to upgrade the existing offense, or you play hardball and make him sit and he can watch the leafs on satellite tv with his father.

  14. I have come full circle and I think Nylander gets moved- just too much acrimony there already- really too bad- bc would have been a great run in To…
    My money is on Anaheim- just a hunch-now that Kase is back- perhaps there is a Montour or Manson and Kase for Nylander Zaitsev type deal brewing..

    I think it is pretty safe to assume there is more at play here than just money- I think he wants his own show somewhere else

  15. Tom Wilson’s suspension has been reduced to 14 games which means he’s back in action the Craps next game. Meanwhile Nate Schmidt is still suspended even though he didn’t do anything wrong. Wow what a joke that that human trash dumpster Wilson is back to try and ruin more players careers.

  16. Good morning guys
    My money is on a Phillie trade Nylander for Sanheim and Simmonds
    As for Kadri it would cost the Bruins a boat load for him I don’t think it would happen but yes along side Marchand that would be one hell of a line it would be who does the opponent hate more line

    • Toronto will not trade with Boston and vice versa. In fact, if the Leafs move Nylander, my money would be on a Western Conference team. He’d look good in Vancouver, that’s for sure. Tanev plus??

      • Noooo not Tanev. If you’re looking to trade Nylander, you trade for equal value. If you want Tanev offer a second round pick that’s about all he’s worth. Way too fragile

  17. I don’t think Nylander is a fit either in Boston, but the obvious trade candidate that the leafs ask for is Donato. Everyone assumes the Leaf D need to get better – everyone but the Leafs. With Morgan Rielly being compared to number “4” himself and the Toronto media gushing all over Gardiner and Hainsey maybe it’s only we rumor folk who the think the Leaf D is suspect.

    And for those who claim these two would never deal with each other…I would have agree until I saw Phaneouf go to the Sens. Stranger things have happened.

    • Toronto and Ottawa, maybe. Toronto and Montreal or Boston, never.

    • You can have 3 Donato’s for Nylander. Sold.
      Agree Toronto to Boston trade is unlikely, but there is a fit there when you just consider rosters.
      I think it is the fear of losing the deal to a rival.
      It has happened before Rask – Raycroft. Kessel for 2 firsts.

  18. I’m surprised there’s not more talk about the Canadiens. I think they are willing to ship a forward (ex: Hudon or Shaw) to a team for a D man. They also probably would’nt mind giving up a depth player like Benn and a round pick that isn’t a first rounder. If they seriously beleive in Price and think Lindgren is their next number one goalie, they can also ship Mcnivven or Primeau.
    What do you guys think Habs could get for package like Hudon or Shaw + Benn + 2nd or 3rd rnder + Mcnivven or Primeau

    • A return collection of ho-hum right back at em?

    • you already know….quality vs quantity….5 times nothing is nothing…

      by the way ….same applies to the Leafs…if you read X and Y for Nylander it is fair to assume they lose the trade

  19. Mega trade is not more a big deal into nhl. We should have rumors about arena leak or unhappy player.

    • Hearing that me taking a leak at the arena tonight is imminent.

      • I used to play senior with a guy who leaked on your leg while he spoke to you in the shower.
        The payback was worse.

      • I don’t understand

      • Chrisms
        I laughed so hard at your comment it made me leak

  20. Nylander, Gardiner, Zaitsev, Leivo and !st rounder for Pastrnak, Carlo and DeBrusk

    Toronto calls up Borgman and Liljegren to replace the two buttercup defensemen going the other way

    Any thoughts?

    • Yes, who will be the new gm in Boston when Sweeney gets fired 8 minutes after that trade?

      Why are the two buttercup d-men getting that return attached to Nylander?

      In all seriousness….

      There is so much wrong with this trade, and it’s so one sided I don’t even know where to begin..

    • My thoughts are that this proposal is ridiculous on many levels